derekvlike, i want a sit-stand workstations setup00:11
derekvi don't care about haveing an entire desk that raises up00:12
derekvi hardly even need a desk00:12
derekvi find it silly00:12
derekvi just need a place for keyboard, mouse, monitors00:12
rick_h_derekv: the other thing to think about is the fold up table top01:38
rick_h_I almost did that before I bought my geekdesk01:38
rick_h_or even something like http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mcpace/the-stand-up-desk-kit01:38
rick_h_http://www.ergotron.com/ProductsDetails/tabid/65/PRDID/379/language/en-US/Default.aspx are kind of cool01:39
rick_h_http://www.squidoo.com/folding-wall-mounted-desk is kidn of the flip wall mount I mean01:40
rick_h_but I will say I consider my geekdesk worth every penny01:41
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, the release party was tonight02:35
snap-lthought you were busy, so didn't make too many noises about it02:35
rick_h_droidyea didn't get back from baptism party until 7pm02:36
rick_h_droidI just thought the party was tomorrow02:36
rick_h_droidtold jcastro I thought it was doh02:36
snap-ljcastro_ and Jill made it out02:37
snap-ljcastro_: Dude, did not realize what happened with Queensryche. Apparently there's now two bands under that moniker?02:38
rick_h_droidah that's good then. Would have hated to mess it up for them02:38
tony-smlrThe Sunday Morning Linux Review Podcast is Live!  http://www.youtube.com/user/tbemus?v=IZKUSyj_wqY11:31
snap-lgood morning13:58
derekvrick_h_droid: so on the desk thing yea I found geekdesk a bit later it is at least priced better relative to another company i was looking at17:24
rick_h_droidderekv yea and if you just get the legs you save a bunch. I just out s solid core door on top17:24
rick_h_droidcuts over 100 off of it17:25
derekvI have a vision of a system that mounts on a pole, the wall or the ceiling and you can move it around, tilt it etc, with keyboard, mouse trays on independant arms and a decent number of monitors17:25
derekvthere's a company tnat makes a system that is a pole then you buy monitor mounts and keyboard mounts etc for it17:26
derekvnot cheap though ... its not like having a desk surface is a problem, it just seems unneeded17:27
rick_h_droidyea once I got mi17:28
rick_h_droidmonitors on arms it's nice to have dual displays and sucj17:29
rick_h_droidjust stand up and sit down easy without changing or moving things on the desk17:29
derekvyea so I thought the easy thing is to get the geekdesk and then some monitor arms for dual monitors17:29
derekvany monitor past 2 can just sit on its own stand17:30
derekvthe arms could give any extra height and some tilt if I want it17:30
rick_h_droidyea true. just they clear the desk, make room for the dock under them etc17:31
derekvgary bernhardt's tweet that the entire process model, kernel, and language (all of them) is broken for distributed systems17:35
derekvthen he tweets that fist thing is to replace everything with bytcode17:35
derekvand i threw up a little17:36
rick_h_yea, gary you have to follow with a salt-lick of salt17:36
rick_h_<3 usb317:36
rick_h_backing up the system to prepare for reinstall wheee17:36
rick_h_can backup my whole system faster than download that iso17:37
derekvdo you think he's not serious or just into bad ideas?  ive never watched his screencasts but i saw him at strangeloop17:38
derekvhe was advocating for disruptive change17:38
derekvso i was curious what his ideas might be17:38
derekvi'm finding likely that while perhaps disruptive change is good, he's not the right guy to direct it17:41
rick_h_he's just ecentric17:42
rick_h_he has good ideas, but is also in an ideal world17:42
rick_h_and has lots of time to do this kind of researchy idealogical type stuff17:42
derekvlets build the second system, lets make it ... perfect17:46
rick_h_man, are there any good movies :/17:46
rick_h_right, and make it my vision of perfect17:46
rick_h_I mean the guy's spent time ripping apart the ruby language to fix things that bug him17:46
rick_h_it takes a special person to go into that17:46
rick_h_smart, crazy, etc17:47
derekvfrankly i'd like to be in that position17:48
rick_h_yea, it's cool in some ways17:48
derekvthats one career outcome i'd call santisfactory17:48
rick_h_but I honestly like building things17:48
derekvyou need a mix of both17:49
rick_h_so I don't think I could spend that much time in the low levels of that stuff without going a little nuts17:49
derekvyea .. afk17:49
rick_h_but yea, I'd love to have time to really just tinker and see what comes of certain things more than the 'what's required to get x project done' way17:49
derekva lot of time gets waisted by people getting overly idealistic or academic18:04
derekvbut it is insignificant compaired to the time waisted by all the times people put up with something thats wrong because fixing it isn't required to get x project done18:04
derekvi need some chow18:06
derekvi love it19:28
derekvi'm afriad I'm going to have to give it up at some point, I can tell it effects me differently then it used to19:29
rick_h_I go through waves with it19:35
rick_h_and the delivery mechanism19:35
derekvyea maybe i should just stop mainlining it19:37
derekvpeople get the wrong idea when they see all the tracer marks19:37
brouschI am off it19:47
brouschNow it makes me sweaty and gives me angina19:47
derekvhttp://superuser.com/questions/124336/mac-os-x-keyboard-shortcuts-for-terminal <- derek makes another mark on the "to not buy macbook again" column19:50
derekvits hypocritcal coming from me because i've never been able to settle with one eviroment long enought to really learn its full potiental , like shortcuts etc19:51
derekvand customize it19:51
derekvbut with the work , pair programming thing19:52
derekvmakes it impossible19:52
derekvthe obvious solution if it were not for having to deal with work computers would be to customize all my stuff19:53
derekvso I could mess with terminal on mac, or just not use mac, or install zsh and customize that19:53
derekvi don't know what my point is19:54
derekvI think it was that I'm frustrated by the three way trade off between working with others, customizing and optimizing your enviroment, and working in different enviroments19:58
derekvAnother aspect is the desire to fix up my home work space19:59
derekvbut I probably won't spend more than 5 or 10 hours a week using it19:59
rick_h_meh, script and git repos and customize your crap to be effecient20:14
brouschIf everyone would just use Eclipse this wouldn't be a problem21:08
brouschDamn Detroit http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/10/21/michigan-police-investigate-series-shootings-involving-cars-on-busy-roads/?test=latestnews21:18
brouschrick_h_: It may be my imagination, but the ubuntu-michigan membership I just approved seemed to go much faster than before21:28
rick_h_brousch: must be a good day :P22:26
brouschI haven't done it in months, so I will blame you for the new speed22:26
rick_h_brousch: excellent, send a message to my boss please22:27
rick_h_he'll wonder how my UI work on private projects effected user approval, but I'll take it22:28

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