skellatGood morning all13:40
skellatApparently we've expired out as being an approved team13:41
skellatMembers of the High Council should contact me as soon as possible with statements for The Burning Circle.13:42
paultagskellat: they're undergoing re-approval now, I doubt that's anything but something that needs to be fixed by the LC in short order13:43
paultagskellat: and it's LC policy to keep teams approved until they vote13:43
paultagso if it expired, it's likely a mistake.13:43
skellatLet us hope13:44
skellatIn that case, I'm just going to suspend the Burning Circle until we hear either way from the LC13:44
skellatOr maybe I should keep going13:44
paultagI know the Ohio team is going through re-app now13:44
paultagthis is likely a non-event13:44
skellatLets hope13:45
skellatI still proceed with the original plan for BC88 then13:45
paultagalright, bbl, gotta find some coffee in this hotel13:45
skellatWhich was going to be a discussion of what the SABDFL said and why it might actually be a good thing for opening up some of these skunkworks projects13:45
skellatWhich, frankly, the Amazon lens was one of13:46
skellatpaultag: Go get your coffee...I still gotta get ready for church13:46
skellatLater all13:46
thafreakso, im at a preschool bday party w/one of my kids17:42
thafreakfree coffee and wifi, so can't complain too much17:43
thafreakthey know how to please parents....lots of people with ipads17:44
thafreaki think i'm the only one on IRC over a vpn from an android tablet ;)17:44
thafreakso, even if weget deactivated, we still get to keep this chat room right?17:47
thafreakwell, think my kid's about done...later all17:48
drkokandywhy would we get deactivated?17:49
drkokandysorry, I'm new :-/17:49
skellatitsafork Cheri703 gilbert -- PING -- Please read this: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-us-ohio@lists.launchpad.net/msg01182.html20:55
Cheri703thafreak: we're in process on reapproval20:57
Cheri703waiting on the LC actually, so...we've done our part, waiting on them.20:58
Cheri703sent to mailing list, pasting here as well:21:16
Cheri703The re-approval process is in progress. Gilbert submitted the application, we got a round of questions from one of the LoCo Council members, Gilbert replied, and now we're just waiting for any signs of life to continue the process.. The delay is not on the part of U-Ohio. It is not the end of the world. I've spoken with Laura Czajkowski of the LoCo Council who mentioned that this week was the new release, so things are pretty crazy, and that21:16
Cheri703 is part of why there's been a bit of a delay. She is going to follow up with people and make sure that it gets dealt with this week. This is not a huge deal. The mailing list, IRC room, forums, all stay intact even as we've "expired" from the approved teams list. Everything is totally fine.21:16
=== darkwing is now known as Darkwing

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