c_smithso, I take it the release party went well?01:00
c_smithphilballew, I take it you're Phil from the Ubuntu Hours? sorry, memory isn't serving me terribly well atm01:04
c_smithif not, then sorry to have taken your time01:04
c_smithguess not looking at the wiki01:05
philballewc_smith, If you live in San Diego then yeah01:14
philballewc_smith, You are not taking any of my time!01:14
slangasekbkerensa: hmm, seems the plum cake I brought to the party was forgotten there.  If the Puppet people are wondering why there's food left behind in a tupperware container next to the pizza, that's why. :)01:16
bkerensaslangasek: ahh01:28
bkerensac_smith: no he is a different Phill01:28
bkerensaBut I did see the Oregon Phill today01:28
bkerensac_smith: jvlb will be bringing a shirt for you01:28
slangasekbkerensa: so whoever wound up with it is welcome to it, it was meant to be shared01:28
bkerensaslangasek: was it a ubuntu cake?01:43
bkerensaslangasek: I need to bring meat and veggies next time btw... totally spaced it this time01:43
slangasekit was not an ubuntu cake02:37
slangasekit had purple in it, but it was plum, not aubergine02:37
donpdonpthanks for the release party today02:46
c_smithbkerensa, alright. sorry, was playing Rochard02:46
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tgm4883bkerensa, can you email me that list you gathered from the presentation16:13
goddardso none of the gnome shell extensions work with 3.6?18:30
tgm4883goddard, I don't use gnome shell, but when I did the extensions had to explicitly set what versions they worked with19:02
tgm4883if 3.6 was released recently, I'd bet the developers haven't tested them yet19:02

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