ChinnoDogOk, I am keeping my top level categories really simple. I'm only starting with three of them and I am not creating subcategories unless there are at least two posts to put in it.00:09
ChinnoDogSo, I have this plugin on my blog that will publish new posts to all sorts of social networks. But, I don't even know what it means when it says it will post to Foursquare. There aren't blog posts there.00:43
ChinnoDogThe safest thing to do is probably to not publish to foursquare. lol. idk what it is going to do00:48
InHisNamejedijf: I tried fixing one of the apps.  Did 'open with' and choose other applic.  NO check box.   Went thru setting it up and clicked 'select' button.     Um... on retrying with double click:   gedit STILL !    Tried right click on option, OH, remove from actives.....   OK removed gedit.    Double click zip file,  ARRaggghhh, gedit STILL starts to edit the zip file. !!!!03:53
jedijfInHisName: try right click - properties - open with tab12:24
jedijfwaltman: morning12:57
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waltmanI just spent half an hour on the phone with my brother listening to him tell me how much he hated the shiny new Galaxy S3 he just bought. What are all the cool Android kids buying these days?21:20
waltmanHe was mostly complaining about some bug where it would occasionally redownload old email that he'd already read.21:22
waltmanA secondary problem was that he hated the keyboard and had to download a new one.21:23
waltmanNeither of these would ever be an issue on iOS because things work differently, so I wasn't able to offer any suggestions.21:24
waltmanIt seems like Android vendors have taken the worst of the Windows "every vendor installs their own bloated, buggy crapware" concept and ported it to cellphones.21:26
jedijfthe good thing is he can download and install almost anything /he/ likes22:01
waltmanThat's what they told him, but he ended up returning it and going back to his old droid razr22:02
jedijfthe six week rule - try anything new for 6 weeks, then make a judgement - that's the human change threshold22:05
waltmanYeah, I really think most of this was that it was Different22:06
* jedijf nods22:07

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