linuxman410anyone here00:20
linuxman410anyone here20:51
chris4585I can't help but get the feeling if he stays more than 10mins someone might notice him20:58
wrstchris4585: i think you have a point :)22:03
chris4585I don't think he approaches IRC as an always on anyway because he is always like that22:04
chris4585how are you wrst?22:04
wrstgood chris4585 how about you?23:03
wrstand I agree irc conversations can take days23:04
chris4585awesome, waiting for tuesday for a call to find out where I'm (hopefully) regular, and waiting for friday for that beefy check...23:04
chris4585ideally I'd check irc every 5mins but lately not much is going on so I check whenever I get a highlight lol23:05
wrsti know the feeling and sounds like everything is working out well on the job front?23:21
chris4585wrst, yeah, just a little frustrated they haven't got to me yet on where I will be.. everyone else knows, I just feel like I'm in the dark23:55

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