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inetproGood morning 05:05
* inetpro just got the first response from Tshwane People now about our power failure we reported on Friday05:07
Kilosmorning all06:13
kbmonkeykilos I found that event photos link08:52
kbmonkeyI cannot find any way to batch-download them for reduction08:52
kbmonkeybut the front page shows them as thumbs, so i hope that is okay :)08:52
Kilosohi kbmonkey nice to see you here08:54
kbmonkeylet us have a celebratory java08:54
Kilosill ask not found08:54
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:55
* Maaz washes some mugs08:55
Kilosneil will tell us what he needs08:55
Kilosi dunno enough about such things08:58
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:59
KilosMaaz, thanks man08:59
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)08:59
kbmonkeyah ha ha. i missed asking Maaz for coffee while i made real coffee :p09:00
Kiloshow you been kbmonkey ?09:03
kbmonkeyfine. fine. how you been Kilos ?09:05
Kilosgood ty even using unity and kde09:06
kbmonkeyokay :]09:06
Kiloskbmonkey, whats a PCI input device on winsucks09:23
kbmonkeyMaaz, what is PCI09:25
Maazkbmonkey: I'm afraid I have no idea09:25
kbmonkeyPCI is the hardware interface that your addon cards use on your motherboard09:25
Kilosstupid thing keeps with the found new hardwarejunk09:26
kbmonkeylike your graphics card.09:26
Kilosand wanting to go look o the net09:26
kbmonkey(legacy ones, of course)09:26
Kilosoh is that one of them things09:26
kbmonkeydoes it say what the card name is?09:26
Kilosall i wanna do is play AOE but it cant even find a file on the third cd09:27
Kilosno thats the prob09:27
Kilosit wants to do things on its own09:27
kbmonkeyyou a) need the right driver, or b) the hardware is poked and fails to detect properly09:27
kbmonkeyIIRC, in your device manager you can "Disable" the unknown device09:28
kbmonkeyso it wont detect anymore09:28
Kilosah will check that out ty09:28
kbmonkeydo you know how to get to device manager, Kilos 09:29
kbmonkeyyes. the "unknown" thingy will have a yellow question mark icon. that will be the one you want to disable09:30
Kilosty will look see09:30
Kilosso lekker having 2 pcs09:31
Kiloscan stay pure here on maverick and pollute me on other one09:31
kbmonkeyhe he09:31
kbmonkeymaybe ill go for that haircut soon.09:40
kbmonkeyhave a nice day Kilos 09:40
Kilosty kbmonkey  you too laddy09:40
Kilosgo safe09:40
kbmonkeydont worry, no viruses here ;)09:41
zerefhmmmmm, 12:05
Kiloshi zeref 12:06
zerefhi Kilos 12:07
zerefthink its time to upgrade my computer.12:07
zerefit's 6 years old today :D12:08
Kiloswhatpc is it zeref 12:10
zerefintel pent 4, 1.8GHZ  dual core, 2GB memory DDr2, nvidia 9500GT 1GB, 500GB HDD12:13
Kiloswhew thats a nice pc12:14
Kilosmaybe just a faster cpu12:15
Kilosand more ram12:15
Kiloswhat socket cpu 775?12:16
Kilossaw a nice ECS mb other day takes ddr3 rams12:17
zerefhmmm, have never checked the socket.....12:18
zerefBut thinnking of getting a motherboard which supports DDR312:18
zerefSince At matrix warehouse they are selling DR# 4GB for R20012:19
Kilosyeah ddr3 prices are good and so much more ram12:19
zerefand maybe get i5 or i7, then upgrade again in other 6 years 12:20
Kilosbut when you add up mb and ram and cpu its lotsa bucks12:20
Kilosgo like Symmetria and spend 40k12:20
Kilosthen you can have 68 gig of ram12:21
Kilosi would be happy just with 4g ram12:22
zerefthats why the talk about tablets and smartpnes replacing pc's is incorrect12:22
zerefsince if you own a PC, you only upgrade once in 5 years as compared to tablets12:23
zerefwhich is about eey 2 years12:23
Kilosi could never enjoy a tablet or so as much as a desktop12:23
Kiloshow do you see how old a pc is12:24
zerefno idea hey12:24
Kilosi think using linux you can stretch a pc a long way12:25
zerefwill alays need tablets, especially in the work place12:25
Kiloslike the small ones happy on P2's still12:25
charlvnwb Kilos 12:46
Kilosty charlvn 12:46
charlvnhi sakhi 13:30
Kilosyo sakhi 13:32
hubxhi there13:52
hubxhey there are there any 2nd-hand platforms like ebay in SA? I found gumtree.co.za. Are they more?14:12
hubxI want to buy a new set of earphones 14:12
Kerberobut that is only new stuff14:13
Kiloshubx, you in pta hey14:36
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Kiloshi Trixar_za 14:38
Trixar_zaHey Kilos14:38
hubxKilos, huh?14:39
Kilosare you in pretoria?14:39
Kilossec im trying to find you a phone number14:40
Kilosi found a cheap pc shop14:40
Trixar_zaRight, now to add those missing questions to the bot14:40
Kilos072 361 111814:41
zerefyour number Kilos ;)14:41
Kiloscorner centre street and van der hoff road14:41
Kilosno the pc shop14:41
Kiloshave a fax number too14:41
Kilos086 238 832914:42
Kilosthey add the 012 above but i thing those are cellphone numbers14:42
Kilosyo AndChat|338289 14:47
Kerberoyo iemand met 'n android op scn14:48
Kerberoof matieswifi14:48
Kiloshubx, ^^14:48
AndChat|338289Sup kilos. Any idea what my nick used to be?14:48
Kerberowhat's your real name AndChat|338289?14:48
KerberoKilos: dis nie magespawn nie14:49
AndChat|338289Don't think it was that on here...14:50
Kiloshows things14:50
Kiloslong time no see14:50
Kerberocan't remember any other nick for you bob14:50
Kerberomake it Bobbert[smartie]14:50
Kilosjy slim ne Kerbero 14:50
AndChat|338289Good, yeah, my netbook died, but now I have tablet to go on IEC with... drubin?14:50
Kerberodrubin is drubion here14:51
Kiloswow drubin great to see you14:51
KerberoKerbero aka Merlin here14:51
Kilosoh my14:51
hubxKilos, do they have an online catalog?14:51
AndChat|338289Merlin.... oh, lol14:51
Kiloshubx lemme see14:51
KerberoAndChat|338289: coffee?14:51
Kerberoor my flat14:52
Kerberoyou haven't been here before14:52
Kerberoand i'm bored as the internet is broken14:52
Kilosits called Bright Star Sc Tradings14:52
AndChat|338289True... but so far...14:52
Kilosno online link14:52
Kerberonot so far14:52
Kerberoopposite metanoia14:52
Kerberobut i can do a neelsie expedition too14:53
AndChat|338289Going now14:53
Kerberosee you there14:53
Kilospuuuk puk puk puk14:54
Kiloswb AndChat|338289 14:54
KilosKerbero, do you have an idea what area he is in14:59
Kiloshe is struggling with that tablet thing14:59
Kiloswb AndChat|338289 15:02
Kiloskom groot reen15:07
KilosMaaz, coffee time15:12
MaazIt is always coffee time!15:12
KilosMaaz, coffee on15:12
* Maaz washes some mugs15:12
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:16
KilosMaaz, ty15:16
MaazYou are welcome Kilos15:16
zerefummmm, how do you get the operating system name?15:33
zerefuname -o shows GNU/linux15:33
Kiloshey you clever guys how to you verify that a file exists on xp and that you can access it15:47
Kilosi can see the file15:47
* Kilos hates windows15:48
Kiloswin7 has issues with AOE3 and xp cant find a file it has coppied into its place15:48
Trixar_zaBtw Kilos, been reading up on something called ConnMan - interesting and lightweight alternative to network manager15:50
Trixar_zaIt even has a 3G modem plugin. I want to check out how it works15:50
Kilossounds good Trixar_za 15:50
Kilosbut i found a script that fixes nm in 12.04 unity and kde15:51
Kilosis it in the repos?15:51
Trixar_zaProbably not15:54
Trixar_zaWell, not the script. ConnMan probably, but not up to date.15:55
Trixar_zaIt seems to update almost twice a month15:55
Kilosbut if it works it would be good to keep around metyhinks15:55
Trixar_zaLaunchpad has a repository for it though15:56
Trixar_zaSo you can probably use that to stay up to date15:56
Kilossounds good but 6 months late15:58
Kilosi dunno if 12.10 gonna have same probs15:58
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smileE17bye :)18:30

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