jribJimster480-L: nah, the service is called apache200:00
itatitatis not running, so I tried to purge apache2, but during the execution I have this: warning: ignoring request to remove apache2-common which isn't installed00:02
jribitatitat: well if you want to use apache2, you should install it00:02
itatitatwait wait (i believe I installed it; i made many tries, so maybe)00:03
jribitatitat: so you have apache2 running now?00:03
Jimster480-Lapache2 on what though jrib? it makes no senes00:03
alketHi, Im on ubuntu 12.10 , the wireless shows full signal but It wont connect, it connects only when I am very near to router  ? Why ? Thank you00:04
faLUCExbmc media center is using this driver for the video card:  Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0x209)  . However, I have a cedar trail gpu and I made it work good (I can see video very well with other programs). Where could be the problem?00:04
faLUCE[01:58] <faLUCE> [01:57] <faLUCE> I can't check xorg.conf (I don't have this file)00:05
jribJimster480-L: well we're talking about service names at the moment.  The name for the service corresponding to apache's http server is "apache2".  Its init script is /etc/init.d/apache200:05
itatitatjrib: really I dont know, I had some error trying to install, and removing, Im trying with autoremove (that was in the message)00:05
jribitatitat: you should pastebin what you are doing and the full output00:05
somethinginteresActionParsnip: md5sum.exe response http://pastebin.com/b4tuiR1500:05
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ahmadHi guys00:06
itatitatjrib: okok, I'll paste, its very strange00:07
ahmadI am looking for some guidance and mentoring on working with Ubuntu on OpenStack and Hadoop for commercial cloud deployment00:07
jribitatitat: ok, use a pastebin like http://paste.ubuntu.com for example00:07
ahmadIf anyone can help with some resources and perhaps teaching please msg me :)00:07
benccwhen installing postgresql it defaults to ascii locale instead of utf8. how do I make the package use utf8?00:09
ahmadanyone here available for distributed networking solutions help?00:09
itatitatjrib: as you can see, look that its installed fine, but later, when I try to run apache2 doesnt find httpd.conf00:09
jribitatitat: do you have /etc/apache2/httpd.conf ?00:10
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itatitatjrib: yes, right now I made a locate, is in /etc/apache2/conf.d/httpd.conf00:11
loconuti have a set of packages (namely Zend Server) that were making apache segfault after upgrading to 12.04 from 10.04 so I did a purge on all the zend + php packages and toasted /usr/local/zend but now when I try to reinstall it seems to think some of that filesystem should be there like its not doing all the setup scripts. how do I make it forget its ever had those?00:11
ActionParsnipsomethinginteres: why not use gui: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=winMD5Sum.png00:11
IdleOneahmad: you might find some useful info here http://www.ubuntu.com/cloud/insights00:12
jribitatitat: so that's "no".  Umm, do you have configuration that you want to keep or is it ok to purge your apache configuration?00:12
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itatitatjrib: Im going to purge it00:12
somethinginteresActionParsnip: Went ahead and used GUI says the md5 checksums are the same00:12
jribitatitat: tell me the result of this command: grep httpd.conf /var/lib/dpkg/info/apache2*00:12
itatitatjrib: https://gist.github.com/3925306#comments00:13
jribitatitat: sudo apt-get purge apache2.2-common00:14
zak_i am trying to install my wifi driver but i got errors while compiling http://pastebin.com/Ak9cJD3n00:14
computa_mikegot a real quick packaging question : Imagine I developed ( or am in the process of developing ) an application, and i want to package it - surely I don't need to create an orig tarball just to package it - i mean I have all the code there with a debian folder...am I missing something (all the guides assume you are packaging an upstream tarball)00:14
ActionParsnipsomethinginteres: cool, the file is good then :). Please MD5 sum in future00:14
somethinginteresActionParsnip: will do.00:14
jribcomputa_mike: #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-packaging00:15
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ActionParsnipcomputa_mike: if you have a make file then you can use checkinstall to make a deb file00:15
itatitatjrib: done. Now I reinstall?00:15
jribitatitat: now: sudo apt-get install apache200:15
zykotick9computa_mike: fyi, checkinstall is NOT suitable for creating distributable DEBs :(00:16
alexfpmszak, 12.10 ?00:16
itatitatjrib: running, buff...............really I didnt know how to solf this situation, thanks a lot jrib00:16
computa_mikezykotick9: ahh - ok...Might try the MOTU - thanks for the heads up...00:17
alexfpmszak_, 12.10 ?00:17
jribitatitat: it was because you kept your old apache2.conf.  The old one expected a /etc/apache2/httpd.conf but the new packaging deleted /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and moved it to /etc/apache2/conf.d/httpd.conf (I think)00:17
computa_mikeActionParsnip: Thanks for the advice  - I'll read up on it - something I was not aware of.00:17
itatitataaaaaaaaah, wow...........sure00:18
ActionParsnipcomputa_mike: instead of running: sudo make install    just run:  checkinstall     (may need sudo)00:18
alexfpmszak_, there is no more recent drivers ?00:19
alexfpmszak_, i see ... usb_linux_v2.6.6.0 ...00:19
alexfpmszak_, 12.10 uses 3.5.x kernel00:21
computa_mikeActionParsnip: I'll give it a go - I'm writing a package that 'compiles' an epub  so if you install the package you get a epub file, but if you get the source package you can see the source that made that epub.  Compilation in this context is more like joining and zipping of content to make a solution.00:21
Jordan_Ualexfpms: What are you trying to do / what problem are you having?00:21
[_-S1L3NC3-_]How do i extract files under .tcl.gz00:21
zak__alexfpms: ?00:21
alexfpmsJordan_U, i have no problem00:22
Jordan_Ualexfpms: Ahh, that explains why I couldn't figure out what it was. Ignore me then :)00:22
alexfpmszak__, the driver you seem try to compile is for 2.6.x kernel version00:22
Nyko[Fr]hey :)00:22
alexfpmszak__, 12.10 now uses 3.5.x kernel version00:23
alexfpmszak__, headers was changed since00:23
Jordan_Uzak__: What happens when you try to use wireless with the default drivers?00:23
zak__Jordan_U: default driver ?i can't even connect or configure it00:24
alexfpmsJordan_U, i recall, effectively i have one problem. Do you know how to make work vmware 5 under 12.10 ???00:25
alexfpmszak__, what is your wifi card ?00:26
[_-S1L3NC3-_]How Do i Extract a .tcl.gz file ? anyone00:26
zak__alexfpms: Bus 001 Device 011: ID 0bda:8176 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188CUS 802.11n WLAN00:26
ardchoille[_-S1L3NC3-_]: right click the file and choose "extract here"?00:27
[_-S1L3NC3-_]Im on a virtual machine00:27
[_-S1L3NC3-_]not physical00:27
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], it changes nothing00:27
[_-S1L3NC3-_]there are no right clicks00:27
ardchoille[_-S1L3NC3-_]: tar xf file.tcl.gz00:27
[_-S1L3NC3-_]all i see is command line00:27
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], so you have to be more precise, i have a virtual machin with ubuntu 12.10 and i have graphical interface00:29
[_-S1L3NC3-_]no graphic interface Ubbuntu version 11.1000:29
zykotick9ardchoille: fyi you'd need "tar zxf ... " for a gz file00:29
[_-S1L3NC3-_]tar -xf "tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247"          i know it's a tar file tho00:29
ardchoillezykotick9: tar is smart enough to figure that out00:29
altinanyone had this problem with cheese before ?? http://pastebin.com/aEVZYmx000:29
[_-S1L3NC3-_]well it's not working00:29
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: or install unp and use it for every archive you can name00:30
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], lol, there was graphical interface since the begining00:30
[_-S1L3NC3-_]well a command line00:30
[_-S1L3NC3-_]if that counts00:30
Jordan_U[_-S1L3NC3-_]: gunzip /path/to/file.gz00:30
puffI'm in 11.10, trying to instal a package that depends on libxprintapputil1 and libxprintutil1, but they're not found.  But google turns up this page which seems to suggest I *should* be finding it: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/libxprintutil100:30
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: unp is cli, it looks at the file then works out how to extract it00:30
ardchoillewell, tar used to be smart enough to figure that out guess it's changed00:30
ActionParsnip!info libxprintutil1 oneiric00:31
ubottuPackage libxprintutil1 does not exist in oneiric00:31
crazydipon the dist upgrade gui, when on the "installing the upgrades" step, how can i check how many more packages are left to install?00:31
ActionParsnip!find libxprint00:31
ubottuPackage/file libxprint does not exist in quantal00:31
Jordan_Uardchoille: Even if it works, it's a little odd to use tar to decompress something that isn't even a tar file.00:31
brianjcohenLooking for help:  I attempted a dist-upgrade via the Update Manager gui from precise to quantal. I left it for a few hours to run and when I came back, I found a dialog telling me the process had crashed. I clicked 'Continue'. I attempted an 'apt-get install -f' but got a dpkg error about 'mixed non-coinstallable and coinstallable package instances present'.  Not sure what to do now.00:31
ardchoilleJordan_U: true00:31
ActionParsnippuff: you could grab the debs yourself for your arch and install them manually00:31
[_-S1L3NC3-_]i keep getting ailed to FORK00:33
[_-S1L3NC3-_]must be ram runnng low : /00:33
[_-S1L3NC3-_]Failed *00:33
puffActionParsnip: Doh, I just realized, that page says "Status: Deleted"00:33
crazydiphow can i check number of packages left to install when doing dist upgrade via update manager?00:34
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puffActionParsnip: "Deleted, see this debian bug... written in russian"00:35
puffActionParsnip: My CPU is a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2720QM CPU @ 2.20GHz, so that would be i386?00:35
ActionParsnippuff: run:  uname -m00:37
ActionParsnippuff: a 64bit CPU can run both 64bit and 32bit OS00:37
ActionParsnippuff: so stating the CPU is only half useful :)00:37
puffActionParsnip: I seem to recall some confusing strangeness with the architectures, back when I installed this thing.00:37
puffLinux redbitter 3.0.0-26-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 25 17:19:22 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:37
wastrelso i get a pop-up that a system program problem was detected and do i want to report it00:37
wastrelbut nowhere does it say what the problem was00:37
ActionParsnippuff: your OS is 64bit00:37
wastrelor what the program was for that matter00:37
zykotick9ActionParsnip: and amd64 cpu can run both 32&64 bit ;)00:37
puffActionParsnip: Yup.00:37
puffActionParsnip: ISTR some weirdness where despite it being intel I had to use an amd64 downlaod of some sort :-)00:38
ActionParsnippuff: so you'll want a 64bit deb of the package00:38
ActionParsnippuff: its just an old name that stuck00:38
ActionParsnippuff: it's like 'IDE hard drive' and so forth00:38
puffActionParsnip: Yes, but still confusing.  So the question is, where/how do I *find* the 64bit deb of that package?  I'm here:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/libxprintapputil1/1:1.0.1.xsf1-300:39
alexfpmspuff, amd64 It is because AMD was the first to introduce 64bit architecture00:39
ActionParsnippuff: not sure really, you may need to build it00:40
alexfpmspuff, so intel has to follow00:40
EuropaCarI am currently in the middle of upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10. It is currently installing upgrades but I am quickly running out of space on the disk... Is this going to cause a problem or did the upgrader already ensure that I won't run out of space?00:40
puffalexfpms: Ah yeah, now I remember....00:40
Jordan_UEuropaCar: That could definitely cause problems.00:40
alexfpmspuff, they had to follow them for compatibility reasons00:40
Jordan_UEuropaCar: If there is anything big that you can safely delete it would definitly be good to do so before you run out of space and the upgrade fails.00:41
alexfpmspuff, so they are 100% compatible00:41
wastrelmaybe remove some old kernels from /boot/00:41
ActionParsnipalexfpms: I dunno, I think it may have been DEC or MIPS (checking)00:41
puffActionParsnip: Hm, so I just tweaked the URL, subbed amd64 for i386:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/amd64/libxprintapputil1/1:1.0.1.xsf1-300:41
brianjcohen(repeating -- didn't get an answer before) Looking for help:  I attempted a dist-upgrade via the Update Manager gui from precise to quantal. I left it for a few hours to run and when I came back, I found a dialog telling me the process had crashed. I clicked 'Continue'. I attempted an 'apt-get install -f' but got a dpkg error about 'mixed non-coinstallable and coinstallable package instances present'.  Not sure what to do now.00:41
puffActionParsnip: It says there it's a binary from the natty release... think that'll matter?00:42
EuropaCarI don't have any personal files on the ubuntu partition.. is there any way to manually free disk space during an upgrade?00:42
ActionParsnip!aptfix | brianjcohen00:43
ubottubrianjcohen: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »00:43
Jordan_UEuropaCar: First, how long would you estimate you have before you run out of space?00:43
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puffActionParsnip: And the other package, libxprintutil1, says it's a build from maverick.00:43
ajacomis it ok to use an exFAT partition for shared data between linux - windows ?00:43
puffEuropaCar: clean up log files, clear out caches...00:43
Jordan_Uajacom: No, support for exFAT in GNU/Linux still isn't great.00:44
EuropaCarJordan_U: it's hard to say but I started the upgrade with 2GB free space. And right now it's half way through the installation portion (after downloading packages) and down to 200mb00:44
brianjcohenActionParsnip: didn't work. Got this:  dpkg: error: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 62535 package 'cndrvcups-common': mixed non-coinstallable and coinstallable package instances present00:44
wilee-nileeajacom, I use a ntfs00:44
ActionParsnipalexfpms: yep, MIPS in 1991 make the R4000 which is the first 64bit CPU followed by DEC in 199200:44
ajacomwilee-nilee, you don't have writing problems ?00:44
puffEuropaCar: You can also relocate some bulky stuff off the ubuntu partition00:44
alexfpmsActionParsnip, we are speeking here about 64bit x86 compatible: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X86-6400:44
wilee-nileeajacom, It is just a share you don't want to write to a windows set up persay.00:45
ActionParsnipbrianjcohen: wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/fixpackage; chmod +x ./fixpackage; sudo ./fixpackage00:45
Jordan_UEuropaCar: How big is your root partition, do you have separate /home or other partitions or is it all in one root partition?00:45
wilee-nileeother then data storage.00:45
ActionParsnipalexfpms: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/64-bit_computing00:45
alexfpmsActionParsnip,  The original specification was created by AMD, and has been implemented by AMD, Intel, VIA, and others. It is fully backwards compatible with 16-bit and 32-bit x86 code.[1](p13-14) Because the full x86 16-bit and 32-bit instruction sets remains implemented in hardware without any intervening emulation, existing x86 executables run with no compatibility or performance penalties,[00:45
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ajacomwilee-nilee, I see, so the recommendation against using NTFS is not really because of damaging the files, but because of potentially breaking the windows install00:45
puffEuropaCar: These are short-term measures, of course, but you could relocate /var/log, /var/cache, temporarily delete somee reallbulky packages ( theJDKs are a good candidate :-)00:45
ActionParsnipalexfpms: 'first to introduce 64bit architecture'00:46
wilee-nileeajacom, Basically as I know it you don't want to change any code for windows in linux generally.00:46
alexfpmsActionParsnip, i was talking about PC00:46
puffEuropaCar: install localpurge and run it to purge some excess locale files.00:46
ActionParsnipalexfpms: then you need to narrow it a little00:46
goddardshould I update to 12.10?00:46
infectedorganismwhenever i launch an application from terminal, the application closes whenever I close terminal. using & to make it a background process doesn't help, nor does using nohup00:47
alexfpmsActionParsnip, I was talking why it is called amd6400:47
wilee-nileegoddard, Your asking the channel. ;)00:47
goddardinfectedorganism: tried & ?00:47
jribinfectedorganism: how did you use nohup?00:47
alexfpmsActionParsnip, but you're right next time i'll be more specific00:47
goddardwilee-nilee: yeah who else00:47
ActionParsnipalexfpms: you said they were first, and they weren't00:47
EuropaCarJordan_U: root partition is 11GB and everythjing is on that one root partition00:47
wilee-nileegoddard, How about yourself.00:47
infectedorganismjrib, for instace.. nohup mplayer Videos/movies/movie.avi00:47
ActionParsnipalexfpms: its cool, just tweaked in my brain :)00:48
jribinfectedorganism: that will work00:48
EuropaCarpuff: i'll try that! but for example i can't seem to uninstall packages while the upgade is running00:48
ActionParsnipalexfpms: one of those 'oh man....who was it...' sorta pub quiz moments where you know it :)00:48
alexfpmsActionParsnip, x86-64 compatible specification was created by AMD00:48
Chauncellorhi, I have a user upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10 via the update manager. Is there a way to tail the process via terminal as I have access via ssh?00:48
alexfpmsActionParsnip, lol00:48
ActionParsnipalexfpms: oh totally, there are a few amd instructions in intel cpus to make OS development a tonne easier :)00:48
crazydipwhat moron made the dist-upgrade file diff keep/replace window non-resizable? the diff is like 200 lines but the window shows only 2 at a time! :(00:49
goddardwilee-nilee: your asking my question back at me?00:49
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Jordan_UEuropaCar: What does "du -chs /var/log" say about how much space /var/log is taking?00:49
alexfpmsActionParsnip, off course00:49
wilee-nileegoddard, I'm suggeting two things asking the channel is offtopic, gthe second is that this is your decision, not ours. ;)00:49
trismcrazydip: bug 106580600:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1065806 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Quantal) "diff window is too small on upgrade" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106580600:50
EuropaCarJordan_U: 17MB :-/00:50
crazydiptrism: good thing i have meld installed and working :D00:50
mca4444i need help00:50
goddardwilee-nilee: i dont see how it is off topic it is a technical question and yes all decisions are mine but I would rather hear from people that are running 12.04 and upgraded and any issues they had00:50
Jordan_UEuropaCar: And "du -chs /boot"?00:50
puffHm... this thumb drive wouldn't eject, kept saying wait (for ~30 minutes), so finally I yanked it.  Now I reinserted it and it shows up in the file browser but when I click it a popup says "Failed to mount "thumbdrivename".  A job is pending on /dev/sdb1".  How do I find this job and clear it?00:50
EuropaCarJordan_U: 477MB00:51
Jordan_Upuff: What filesystem is on this thumb drive?00:51
puffJordan_U: vfat.00:51
ActionParsnipbrianjcohen: thats just a script with the 'synaptic fix package' commands in, dead useful00:51
Jordan_UEuropaCar: OK, are you confident enough that you know how to move just your old kernels to another drive/partition (or delete them entirely if you have to)?00:52
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alusionThere's a strange startup program called umf that runs a shell script called dbus-session-addr-save.sh00:53
puffJordan_U: And when I try to right-click eject it, I get Failed to Eject etc, DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending.00:53
alusionwhat is it?00:53
XMLnewbiI on a win7 nivida, I installed 12.10  did it a couple times, redownloaded and tried again. Every time I install its very unstable, Mouse wont click on things, but keyboard always works. However it become unable to navagate because i cant close windows or anything00:53
ActionParsnipalusion: if you open the script, you may be able to work out what it does00:53
XMLnewbii installed amd64 btw00:54
puffJordan_U: Oddly, the thumb drive shows up in the file browser and in mount output, but when I do "ls /media/" it doesn't show up there.00:54
ActionParsnipXMLnewbi: do you use a switchable video chip?00:54
Jordan_UEuropaCar: You may not be able to do this during an upgrade, but try running "sudo apt-get clean".00:54
ActionParsnipXMLnewbi: did you fully update?00:54
XMLnewbifully updated00:54
EuropaCarJordan_U: so before i started the upgrade i uninstalled old kernels, except for 1 older one, but i guess i it's my only option.. could you help me?00:54
ActionParsnipXMLnewbi: do you use a switchable video chip?00:54
XMLnewbii have twin 550 nivida cards SLI00:54
EuropaCarJordan_U: I was wondering whether functions like apt-get clean would affect the installation00:55
XMLnewbinot sure what that is00:55
Xethronanyone here use backup software? Looking for something that will backup my files automatically00:55
ActionParsnipXMLnewbi: did you install the nvidia-current package to get the nvidia proprietary video driver?00:55
Jordan_UEuropaCar: Sure, but try "sudo apt-get clean" first as it's completely safe. If it can't be safely done during the upgrade it will simply refuse to do it (and print an error message).00:55
ActionParsnip!backup | Xethron00:55
ubottuXethron: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:55
alusionActionParsnip, echo ${DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS} > /tmp/.umf_alusion00:55
brianjcohenActionParsnip: still no dice. Ran that, got back a whole list of unmet dependencies and another suggestion to run apt-get install -f. Ran that, got the same parse error for /var/lib/dpkg/status and mixed non-coinstallable and coinstallable package instances present.00:56
wilee-nileeXethron, There is a backup app installed I use grsync persoanally00:56
ActionParsnipalusion: that's it?00:56
XMLnewbiI was able to get to command line and apt install install nivida drivers, didnt seem to work00:56
crazydipEuropaCar: i would not apt-get clean during install/upgrade that seems crazy since it will remove all packages from cache -- packages that you need for the install/upgrade... chances are apt-get won't even let you do it though00:56
ActionParsnipalusion: what is the output of: echo ${DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS}00:56
ActionParsnipalusion: maybe the file is used by something00:56
XMLnewbiI reinstalled windows and going to try to VMware00:56
Xethronthanks ActionParsnip and wilee-nilee00:56
EuropaCari just did apt-get clean..00:56
faLUCEHi, I installed drivers for my cedar trail mobo (atom n2800) on ubuntu 12.04 . They work good with mplayer-vaapi, but I can't enable vaapi support for xbmc. In addition, when I execute "glxinfo" I can see that llvmpipe render is in use (and not the intel gpu renderer) why?00:56
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, lspci -nn | grep VGA00:56
EuropaCaram I fucked00:56
Jordan_UEuropaCar: No. You're fine (though please watch your language).00:57
crazydipEuropaCar: wait and see... guess no choice now :D00:57
bjrohanHey there. I have a successful ssh between computers behind my modem/router. I also have a dyndns hostname which I had working before I reinstalled linux on my machines, so I presume my modem/router is set up okay, what may I be missing?00:57
ActionParsnipbjrohan: is openssh-server installed on the system?00:57
ActionParsnipbjrohan: is the IP of the sytstem the same as the one you are forwarding to in the router config?00:57
crazydipJordan_U: are you saying that apt-get knows what packages are needed for the install/upgrade and does not clean them when doing apt-get clean? how does it know what's needed?00:58
Jordan_UEuropaCar: apt and dpkg setup locks to prevent one operation from interfering with another. Since apt-get let you do it, it was a safe thing to do at that time. Does it appear to have freed a signifigant amount of space?00:58
bdcsIf anyone could help me with my question on AskUbuntu I would greatly appreciate it! http://askubuntu.com/questions/203872/unable-to-connect-to-wifi-with-broadcom-bcm431200:58
ActionParsnipbrianjcohen: do you have PPAs enabled?00:58
ActionParsnip!broadcom | bdcs00:58
ubottubdcs: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:58
bjrohanActionParsnip: yes openssh server is installed, on the computer I am on, which is also NOT port redirected00:59
EuropaCarJordan_U: well apt-get clean freed up plenty of space, so it worked on that end, but i should note that the upgrade was paused at a certain point00:59
brianjcohenActionParsnip: I believe I had some, but I know that one of the early steps in the dist-upgrade process is to disable third-party sources...00:59
bjrohanActionParsnip: What are PPAs?00:59
ActionParsnipbjrohan: 3rd party sources for packages00:59
bdcsActionParsnip, thank you for the reply. I have followed that guide for my particular card to no avail =(00:59
crazydipwhat kernel version is in 12.10?00:59
zykotick9!info linux-image00:59
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 31 kB00:59
EuropaCarJordan_U: the upgrade had paused to ask me if i wanted to make changes to a certain file.. and while it still awaited my input I did apt-get clean.. hope that doesn't affect things00:59
bjrohanActionParsnip: yes00:59
Jordan_UEuropaCar: No, that doesn't affect things at all.01:00
crazydipzykotick9: thanks!01:00
ActionParsnipbdcs: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan eth3    do you see a lot of devices on the same channel?01:01
ActionParsnipbjrohan: i suggest you disable them then and retry01:01
hualethello everybody, i'm using Linux Deepin, a distribution derived from ubuntu, my question is why my grub can fullscreen?01:01
Jordan_UEuropaCar: How much free space do you have now?01:01
ActionParsnipbdcs: does the system have a switch or shortcut to enable / disable the wifi?01:02
EuropaCarJordan_U: 1.2GB now01:02
bjrohanActionParsnip: disable the 3rd party then retry SSH though the internet?01:02
bdcsActionParsnip, It does have a switch and it is on. I can see WifI networks01:02
jribhualet: this channel is only for support with official ubuntu versions; you should seek support with Linux Deepin in Linux Deepin's official support channels01:02
ActionParsniphualet: spinoff distributions aren't supported here01:02
bdcsActionParsnip, regarding iwlist, do you mean  sudo iwlist eth3 scan   ?01:02
hualetjrib, ok01:02
bdcsThere are 3 cells01:02
mca4444i am on ubuntu 12.10. i need to change my login keyring password01:03
Jordan_UEuropaCar: That's probably enough, but I'd still keep an eye on it.01:03
bjrohanActionParsnip: When you said 3rd party sources for packages, I took it to mean in my ubuntu package manager. If so, how will that effect getting ssh to work from the internet vs my intranet?01:03
ActionParsniphualet: try #linuxdeepin01:03
bdcsActionParsnip, iwlist output, http://pastebin.com/sbD1aBuX01:04
wilee-nileemca4444, You on the desktop and do you know the password that is there now?01:04
brianjcohenActionParsnip: whattya think?01:04
Jordan_UEuropaCar: Just to be sure, what is the output of "du -sh /home/"?01:04
[_-S1L3NC3-_]even unp dont work01:04
[_-S1L3NC3-_]i need to extract tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=24701:04
EuropaCarJordan_U: it says 2.2GB01:05
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if you have 3rd party sources, it can cause issues with the package system. The official packages wil work together, if you throw in some random package versions with who knows what dependancies, you may get issues01:05
Jordan_UEuropaCar: Ok, so there is definitely space that can be saved from your home directory.01:05
hualetActionParsnip, are you a linuxdeepin user? can you get my question solved?01:05
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: what does:  file tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247      output?01:05
ActionParsniphualet: I don't use it. Sorry01:06
hualetActionParsnip, ok...01:06
EuropaCarJordan_U: hmm do you think you could explain what you mean/how you deduced that?01:06
[_-S1L3NC3-_]tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247: gzip compressed data, was "noversions1.05.tcl", from Unix, last modified: Wed Aug  2 17:52:10 200001:06
Jordan_Uhualet: You can also try ##linux, or if it's a grub specific question (and if linuxdeepin uses grub2) you can try asking in #grub.01:06
wilee-nilee!pm > mca444401:06
ubottumca4444, please see my private message01:06
WeThePeoplehow do i uninstall wine 1.2.201:06
wilee-nileemca4444, I don't pm, the channel is best for help. ;)01:07
hualetJordan_U, ok, i'll try01:07
blackshirtwethepeople, apt-get purge wine01:07
bjrohanActionParsnip: Gotcha, thank you for taking the time to explain it to me01:07
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: if you can find a deb for it you can install it01:07
ActionParsnipbjrohan: no worries dude :)01:07
bjrohanActionParsnip: I just diable them and then restart?01:07
ActionParsnipbjrohan: if people are cool, I have all the time in the world01:07
[_-S1L3NC3-_]so how can i extract this file ?01:08
ActionParsnipbjrohan: yes just disable them then rerun the upgrade / whatever it was01:08
WeThePeopleblackshirt, i typed sudo apt-get remove --purge wine it didnt owrk01:08
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: gunzip ./tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=24701:08
mca4444please help01:08
[_-S1L3NC3-_]didnt work01:08
xanguaWeThePeople: why don't you start by saying how did you install it¿01:09
XMLnewbiok, im in VMware, There is a black line though the Ubuntu start screen and a terminal curser. It doesnt seem to want to boot, its stuck at "installing VMware tools. Is there a command in termincal to start the grafical interface?01:09
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: can you pastebin the output of the command please, its slightly more useful than 'nope didn't work'01:09
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alexfpmsXMLnewbi, startx01:09
bdcsActionParsnip, any more ideas on my broadcom issue?01:09
mca4444i need help01:09
xangua!ask | mca444401:10
ubottumca4444: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:10
bjrohanActionParsnip: I have a google PPA disable that as well?01:10
XMLnewbinice that worked thanks01:10
XMLnewbinow Im at a desktop with no menu bars01:10
EuropaCarJordan_U: upgrade is at cleaning up stage so it will restart soon, hope all went well. if i don't return then something messed up! thanks for all your help01:10
[_-S1L3NC3-_]~    http://pastebin.com/RNZdEnjE01:11
XMLnewbialt f4?01:11
Jordan_UEuropaCar: You're welcome :)01:11
[_-S1L3NC3-_]tar no work unzip dont01:11
XMLnewbihmm, thats not working01:11
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, what OS?01:11
XMLnewbi12.10 32bit01:11
mca4444I need to change the login keyring01:12
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Jordan_U[_-S1L3NC3-_]: The filename contains special characters, so you need to enclose it in single quotes.01:12
XMLnewbiis there a hotkey to bring me to the menu bar?01:12
[_-S1L3NC3-_]i thought i did01:12
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], that's a file ? ./tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=24701:12
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], rename it01:12
[_-S1L3NC3-_]i tried that too01:13
Jordan_U[_-S1L3NC3-_]: gunzip './tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247'01:13
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[_-S1L3NC3-_]gzip: ./tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247: unknown suffix -- ignored01:13
Zambzhey guys01:13
OerHeksmca4444, goto "Passwords And Encryption Keys " , it is stored there01:13
alexfpmsJordan_U, first of all file name cannot contain /01:13
mca4444then what01:13
Zambzall of a sudden my Ubuntu Server won't boot (in VMware Workstation), I'm getting the "unknown command" messages in GRUB, any ideas why this could have happened?01:13
alexfpmsJordan_U, it is not possible01:14
OerHeksmca4444, then change it ?01:14
Jordan_Ualexfpms: Good thinh the filename doesn't contain a '/' then :)01:14
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, login and logout01:14
[_-S1L3NC3-_] !  gzip: ./tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247: unknown suffix -- ignored01:14
ubottu[_-S1L3NC3-_]: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:14
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mca4444i get this message GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.Secret.Error.NoSuchObject: The collection does not exist01:15
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], ls -l01:15
[_-S1L3NC3-_]total 801:15
[_-S1L3NC3-_]drwx------ 11 smokeyspark smokeyspark 4096 2012-10-21 05:00 eggdrop01:15
[_-S1L3NC3-_]-rw-rw-r--  1 smokeyspark smokeyspark 1993 2005-10-07 04:58 tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=24701:15
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], mv tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247 tcl_archive01:16
[_-S1L3NC3-_]now ?01:16
crazydipdist upgrade reset my compiz config without asking! is there a way to get my settings back?01:16
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], mv tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247 tcl_archive.tcl.gz01:17
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], sorry01:17
[_-S1L3NC3-_]let me rename it again?01:17
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: try:  mv ./tcl_archive.tcl?mode=download&id=247 ./tcl_archive.tcl.gz01:17
[_-S1L3NC3-_]ok done01:17
[_-S1L3NC3-_]it's currently tcl_archive.tcl.gz01:18
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: unp ./tcl_archive.tcl.gz01:18
alexfpms[_-S1L3NC3-_], sudo apt-get install p7zip-full01:18
[_-S1L3NC3-_]goti t01:18
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: sweet01:18
XMLnewbiwhat is the hotkey to get to terminal? alt 4 then search for terminal? not working for me....01:18
[_-S1L3NC3-_]yes but weird lol01:18
zykotick9crazydip: do you know what distupgrade means?  i don't think you are clear on it.  see "/msg ubottu distupgrade" for details.  best of luck.01:18
brianjcohenUgh :(01:18
ActionParsnip[_-S1L3NC3-_]: very, usually the extension means nothing01:18
[_-S1L3NC3-_]and even in quotes oh well01:19
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mca4444i got this error GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.Secret.Error.NoSuchObject: The collection does not exist01:19
XMLnewbianyone know how to get to terminal from searching the files system?01:19
jribXMLnewbi: I don't understand what you want to do01:20
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, ctrl+alt+t01:20
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, ctrl+alt+Fx01:20
crazydipzykotick9: i know what it means... done it for a very long time - since before ubuntu even existed... normally when config is to be overwritten you get a keep/overwrite diff but with compiz nothing... also, last dist-upgrade 11.10 -> 12.04 did not reset my compiz settings (although it did add a few new things)01:20
XMLnewbithanks, going to update now01:20
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ActionParsnipjrib: yeah I read it like 5 times and was still head scratching01:21
crazydipzykotick9: i'm talking about it reset everything, not just the unity plugin settings but EVERYTHING01:21
zykotick9crazydip: if you expect ubuntu to upgrade sucessfully from version to version.  you are probably expecting too much.  why do experienced ubuntu users fresh install with each version?01:21
crazydipzykotick9: because they are'nt really experience that's why01:22
wilee-nileethat's specious crazydip01:22
ActionParsnipzykotick9: its a tonne easier, fewer issues and no fluff from the old installs01:22
zykotick9crazydip: best of luck.  (don't reply to me further)01:22
ActionParsnipcrazydip: ^01:22
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zykotick9ActionParsnip: agree 100%01:23
ActionParsnipmaybe because I install at alpha 2 too, so its a better test if I clean install so I can report efectively on bugs in the OS rather than the old stuff messing up the install :D01:24
zykotick9ActionParsnip: all i have to say in reply.  that was a very good answer.01:24
wilee-nilee4 hours upgrade 1 hour fresh install with all the packages, and a clean setup.01:25
zykotick9ActionParsnip: development = release right now correct?  you must miss +1.  ;)01:25
ActionParsnipzykotick9: I'm masochistic like that :). Plus my hardware is super linux friendly01:26
zykotick9ActionParsnip: +1 on gnu/linux friendly h/w01:26
crazydipdoes gsettings-data-convert leave a log anywhere? i think i know what happened: gsettings-data-convert crashed when trying to convert settings :/01:27
alexfpmscrazydip, that'is why people do clean install01:28
ActionParsnipzykotick9: its not fast, but it works :)01:29
sasquatch7Hi, is it possible to detect the position of a terminal/app on the screen?01:35
alexfpmssasquatch7, what do you mean ?01:36
ahmadhi guys01:36
vetchanyone possibly able to help me with an install of ubuntustudio ?01:36
ahmadanyone here familar with distributed data services and openstack, hadoop, etc?01:37
sasquatch7alexfpms: I'm attempting to create a tool to save all current processes (terminals and apps) and their positions on the screen, so that they will restart after a reboot.01:37
alexfpmssasquatch7, xwininfo01:37
clooksasori: xprop -id01:38
sasquatch7alexfpms: thanks I'll look into it!01:38
ahmadvtech: go to ubuntu software center and search for it and install01:38
ahmadanyone here familiar with distributed data services and openstack, hadoop, etc?01:38
wonmin82can i ask something ?01:40
vetchahmad, i'm talking about the full distro not just applying the packages01:40
ahmadvetch: ahh sorry i haven't had any experience with installing it so01:40
alexfpmswonmin82, no you can't01:41
vetchah no worries, i could just add the packages to ubuntu but i wanted it preconfigured rather than doing it manually01:41
alexfpmswonmin82, ask your question01:41
wonmin82I am installing ubuntu 12.10, and i found that the dialog box of installer is too big, so i can not click the next button in dialog box.01:42
wonmin82is it the bug of installer? how can i fix this?01:42
ActionParsnipworkcjk: hold ALT and drag the window up from anywhere on the app01:42
alexfpmswonmin82, here you ask your question and if someone can help you get helped01:42
cgtdkwonmin82: You could also use the netinstaller. Then you won't have to worry about GUIs getting in your way.01:43
cgtdk!mini wonmin8201:44
wastrelcould try double clicking the dialog titlebar to maximize01:44
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD01:44
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wastreldoes the minimal cd dump you into dselect after installing the base system ?01:44
Guest79164aftee installing 12.0401:44
wonmin82ok i understand, i'm going to  try to maximize dialog window, if it doesn't work, i will try to use minimal cd01:45
wonmin82thank you very much01:45
wastrelwonmin82: also hold alt and click and drag01:45
wastreltry that too, you can click anywhere on the window while holding alt01:45
Guest79164what command i have to give in grub customizer for booting01:45
VbitzI'm installing ubuntu server 12.10 on a hp proliant DL380 G5 with raid configured. This is rebuilding the server from vmware esxi. I'm nearly done with the install though coming to the install bootloader step installing it on the first harddrive results in a fatal error01:46
Vbitzwhere do I install the bootloader01:46
Jordan_UVbitz: Is this FakeRAID or true hardware RAID?01:47
Vbitzhp smart array01:47
cgtdkwastrel: The net installer will allow you to select packages (such as ubuntu-desktop) in a menu. I've never encountered dselect so I cannot tell you if it is what you're "dumped into", but using the net installer should be straight forward. If you've ever used the alternative installer with the old releases, you'll know the net installer.01:47
Guest79164help me for boot with updated 12.0401:47
VbitzJordan_U: HP Smart Array01:48
wastrelcgtdk: sorry it was a joke on v. old debian installers which would dump you into dselect, a legendarily difficult ncurses based package manager01:49
cgtdkI'm not good with jokes01:50
Random832oh god dselect01:50
* Random832 has flashbacks01:50
ActionParsnipwastrel: sounds like aptitude a little :)01:50
cgtdkActionParsnip: What's wrong with aptitude?01:50
blackshirtaptitude was great tools01:51
VbitzThe hardware is certified for ubuntu01:51
Jordan_UVbitz: From quick searches it appears that's FakeRAID, and if in fact Ubuntu's installer lists the individual member drives at all then it's definitely FakeRAID.01:52
blackshirtThey just was lack a little features01:52
Random832so, how do you control what packages are considered manually installed for the purpose of apt-get autoremove01:52
Random832dpkg --{get,set}-selections doesn't seem to do it01:52
gabrielukhi, can I do sudo apt-get install exim4 , or do i need a ppa? ubuntu 10.0401:52
VbitzJordan_U: the system it's self is installed and /target is filled it's just the bootloader01:52
Jordan_UVbitz: What options is the installer presenting you for where to install grub's boot sector?01:53
wastreldselect still available in the repos if you're interested in checking it out01:53
ActionParsnipcgtdk: it doesn't handle multiarch so well01:53
ActionParsnip!aptitude | cgtdk01:53
ubottucgtdk: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.01:53
blackshirtyes, they just lack support of multiarch...01:54
VbitzJordan_U: It tried to install it automatically to /dev/cciss/c0d0 which is first entire disk01:54
ActionParsnipI use apt-fast it's badass01:54
blackshirtbut, the others side, aptitude was great tools01:54
Jordan_UVbitz: Does it give you an option to chose anything else? If so, what are the other options?01:54
VbitzJordan_U: If I select no to installing it to first drive then I can enter another point in /dev01:55
XMLnewbiWhat is the derictory apps are installed in? ect?01:55
blackshirtxmlnewbie, use dpkg -L to list of installed files01:56
Jordan_UVbitz: Does it give you a list of options or is it a text entry box where you have to type the path yourself?01:56
VbitzJordan_U: Text entry box which I'm on right now01:57
ActionParsnipXMLnewbi: they get installed all over, not just in one folder, only configs go in /etc01:57
Jordan_UVbitz: Wow, that's surprising. Can you get to a terminal?01:58
XMLnewbiuser/share/armory       im trying to add a pyton files to the "Copy both of those into the Armory execution directory"01:58
VbitzJordan_U Ctrl-Alt-F2 brings up busybox01:58
ActionParsnipVbitz: use ctrl+alt+t01:58
Jordan_UVbitz: So you're using the Server install CD, correct?01:58
VbitzJordan_U: yeah01:58
Jordan_UVbitz: Unfortunately you're probably going to have to copy a very long device name...01:59
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, execution dir has nothing todo with dinsall dir01:59
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, *install dir01:59
VbitzJordan_U yeah there are about 12 items in /dev/cciss01:59
Jordan_UVbitz: None of which you want. You want one of the much longer names in /dev/mapper/ :)02:00
korbengoodmorning y'all02:00
VbitzJordan_U: /dev/mapper has 1 item control02:00
Jordan_UVbitz: Odd. I wasn't expecting that. What device does "mount" say is mounted to /target/?02:01
nshbrownI can't seem to get these ports/hosts correct. I'm trying to setup ssh forwarding on the remote server port 4800 to a local port 80 so that I can visit remote:4800 and get the contents of the local webserver.02:02
VbitzJordan_U:  /dev/cciss/c0d2p102:02
nshbrownI am using: ssh example.com -R 4800:localhost:80 -i my.pem -l ubuntu but it doesn't seem to do the trick02:02
Jordan_UVbitz: Then it sounds like your RAID isn't being used, Ubuntu simply installed to one of the drives (c0d2).02:02
vetchI am trying to install ubuntu studio, but after booting the cd and being presented with the live/install menu my computer just reboots after selecting either option, any idea why or a possible fix?02:03
sqwishyI'm looking for a libssl1.0.0 package for lucid, it doesn't appear to be in the main repo or backports. Is there some other place I could check for it?02:03
VbitzJordan_U: the raid looks to be in use, there are 3 "whole" drives where the server has 7 physical drives02:04
Vbitzthe 8th failed a little earlier due to age02:04
Jordan_UVbitz: Ok, then it's true hardware RAID.02:04
Jordan_UVbitz: What happens if you enter /dev/cciss/c0d2 as the device for grub's boot sector to be installed to?02:05
robertzaccourI'm using recordmydesktop to record and its recording 1920x1072p instead of 1920x1080. Anyone know how to get it to record the 1080 part right?02:06
VbitzJordan_U: It worked02:06
Jordan_UVbitz: Great. It seems like that's probably where you wanted grub's boot sector anyway, correct?02:06
VbitzJordan_U: As I said before I'm rebuilding this server from esxi, esxi was installed on /dev/cciss/c0d0.02:07
Jordan_UVbitz: By the way, I'm no longer certain that it's true hardware RAID, but hardware RAID or not that was the correct place for grub's boot sector to go.02:08
VbitzJordan_U: It's now trying to boot into esxi02:08
VbitzI guess I'm better off installing ubuntu on the first drive02:11
Jordan_UVbitz: You can't configure the machine to boot off the second drive?02:11
VbitzYeah I'll go for that02:11
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Regretfulonehello all, I have been searching the internet for hours and tried many things but have finally resorted to asking for some help02:16
Fullbustgot a question. i just read i have to activate canonical partners for proprietary software like skype. but i installed skype without activating it i think. im using ubuntu 12.04. thanks.02:16
bylzzis there any harm in removing the command-not-found thingy in ubuntu?02:17
lolcatswhat is xampp equivalent for ubuntu02:17
blackshirtbylzz, no ...02:17
vetchI am trying to install ubuntu studio, but after booting the cd and being presented with the live/install menu my computer just reboots after selecting either option, any idea why or a possible fix?02:17
RegretfuloneHas anyone successfully booted Ubuntu from a partitioned USB drive in VirtualBox? I can not seem to make it work02:17
robertzaccourI'm using recordmydesktop to record and its recording 1920x1072p instead of 1920x1080. Anyone know how to get it to record the 1080 part right?02:17
[deXter]Regretfulone, yes I have02:18
[deXter]Regretfulone, But you'll have to map the drive to a vmdk first02:18
bylzzblackshirt: sweet, thanks02:18
Regretfulone[deXter]: yeah I did read that, the only trouble I am having is the actual mapping part02:18
blackshirtblyzz, they just artistical made by ubuntu02:18
[deXter]Regretfulone, What's the issue?02:19
[deXter]Regretfulone, You might have to add your user to the "disk" group and the log off/log on02:20
lolcatsblackshirt thanks dude02:20
Regretfulone[deXter]: I am using Mac OS X terminal and I tried following the commands that were given for Linux (because I couldn't find any instructions specifically for Mac)02:20
bylzzblackshirt: just damn annoying to get a wall of text everytime I do a typo :D02:20
[deXter]Regretfulone, ah, well your path to the disk may be called differently.. confirm it using fdisk -l02:20
blackshirtblyzz, thats depends on your need02:20
RegretfuloneVirtualBox user$ VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename /Users/samgalizia/Desktop/usb.vmdk-rawdisk /dev/disk1s102:21
RegretfuloneVBoxManage: error: Cannot open the raw disk '/dev/disk1s1': VERR_ACCESS_DENIED02:21
RegretfuloneVBoxManage: error: The raw disk vmdk file was not created02:21
Regretfulonesorry for the spam ><02:21
Regretfulone[deXter]: thats the error I got02:21
blackshirt!pastebin | regretfulone02:22
ubotturegretfulone: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:22
Jordan_URegretfulone: What OS are you running VirtualBox under?02:22
Regretfuloneblackshirt: sorry ><02:22
RegretfuloneMac OS X02:22
[deXter]Regretfulone, you will have to do it as root02:23
Jordan_URegretfulone: Then #vbox or ##apple would be better places to ask, as this particular problem has nothing to do with Ubuntu.02:23
[deXter]Regretfulone, I agree ^, #vbox is a more appropriate channel02:24
bylzzRegretfulone: you could umount the disk and give permissions to your user02:24
Regretfuloneyeah sorry guys! I will switch to the vbox and see if I can get some help :)02:24
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robertzaccourI'm using recordmydesktop to record and its recording 1920x1072p instead of 1920x1080. Anyone know how to get it to record the 1080 part right?02:26
Haswellprobe a reinstall ;)02:27
Jordan_Urobertzaccour: Are you sure that your actual resolution isn't 1920x1072? With overscan being what it is, especially if you're using HDMI for output it might be 1920x1072.02:27
robertzaccourjordan, yes I'm sure, it even says so in display02:28
Haswellbut your conection is from hdmi?02:29
Jordan_Urobertzaccour: Could you upload a very short example capture so I could see it?02:29
robertzaccourHaswell, yes my connection is hdmi02:29
robertzaccourJordan_U, upload to where?02:29
Haswellrobertzaccour, probe it using dvi, or displayport02:30
bylzzI've read lots of bug reports with recordmydesktop and resolutions maybe its broken02:30
robertzaccourHaswell, how?02:30
robertzaccourmaybe I should uninstall and reinstall first02:30
Haswellrobertzaccour, how, what?02:31
bylzzrobertzaccour: have you tried passing the resolution to it in terminal and see if it records correct then?02:31
robertzaccourHaswell, what do you mean probe it?02:31
robertzaccourbylzz, how do I do that?02:32
Haswellrobertzaccour, sorry my english, with "probe" i want to say "try it"02:33
robertzaccourHaswell, my monitor is hdmi input02:33
bylzzrobertzaccour: 'recordmydesktop -o ~/video.ogv --fps 8 -x 80 -y 80 --width 1920 --height 1080 --channels 1 -freq 22050 --v_quality 63 --s_quality 10 --workdir /tmp --on-the-fly-encoding' for example looking at the manual02:34
Haswellthen, nothing02:34
robertzaccourbylzz, Error when parsing `-freq': libpopt error: -1102:35
bylzzrobertzaccour: typo by me its supposed to have two --02:35
XMLnewbiare there hidden files in ubuntu? do I need to set folder options?    looking for something in  home/user/.armory02:36
Regretfulone#vbox is dead haha I don't think I will get this to work tonight. I was really pumped to try out Ubuntu for the first time too!02:36
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, all files/folders begining with .02:36
zykotick9XMLnewbi: use "ls -a" to show All files02:36
zykotick9alexfpms: s/all/hidden/02:36
robertzaccourXMLnewbi, Ctrl+H in nautilus02:36
ShylowGood evening... i go to change /etc/motd with a custom motd i log out and the dam thing resets itself... any ideas why02:37
robertzaccourbylzz, Window size specification out of bounds!(current resolution:1920x1080)02:37
trismShylow: use /etc/motd.tail02:37
Shylowthanks :)02:38
Shylowwish me luck :)02:38
trismShylow: the motd is generated by the scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/, and no problem02:38
alexfpmszykotick9, nice02:38
zykotick9Shylow: is motd.custom or something an option?  i don't know... but see your issue.02:38
Shylowoh for showing the uptime i can do uptime : `uptime` right?02:38
zykotick9alexfpms: ;)02:38
bylzzShylow: yes02:38
Shylowokay :)02:39
alexfpmsXMLnewbi, hidden files/folders begin with .02:39
trismShylow: not in /etc/motd.tail, it is just cat'd02:39
trismShylow: but you could add an uptime script to /etc/update-motd.d/02:39
=== xangua1 is now known as xangua
robertzaccourI'm gonna boot the live usb and see if maybe there was an installation error02:39
Shylowso how do i save my motd then...02:39
zykotick9Shylow: follow trism above.  you need the controlling script sorta thing.02:39
sirbladehaving probs with wxwidgets 2.8 in ubiquity / precise02:40
sirbladeiz it supposed to work?02:40
Shylowthis motd script thing is new :(02:40
spupuser2Does puppy use yum?02:41
Shylowuse to use debian and all i had to do was edit /etc/motd02:41
zykotick9spupuser2: see "/msg ubottu ot"02:41
vivid!info nvidia-experimental-31002:41
ubottuPackage nvidia-experimental-310 does not exist in quantal02:41
bylzzrobertzaccour: if you cant get recordmydesktop to work Istanbul works great out of the box for me to record the desktop02:41
vivid!info nvidia-current-updates02:41
ubottunvidia-current-updates (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-updates): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.43-0ubuntu4 (quantal), package size 37198 kB, installed size 105643 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)02:41
bindihey, I have a video file that seems to be corrupted, my video players (on windows, vlc and mpc-hc) show no duration and won't let me seek. i tried playing over both SMB and sshfs, no go. other files work fine. confirmed with other user that the same file isn't corrupt (md5sums match)02:41
vividfunny the new operating system has older drivers than the old operating system...02:42
bindii'm running ubuntu 12.04 as the host, and using zfsonlinux.. other video files using the same setup work - any idea where to start looking for the issue?02:42
Shylowwow this shit looks hard lol02:42
xangua!language | Shylow02:42
ubottuShylow: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:42
zykotick9bindi: zfsonlinux... lol  good luck.02:42
bindizykotick9: such a helpful comment02:42
trismShylow: it really isn't, if you wanted to add the uptime, add a script: /etc/update-motd.d/97-uptime , with #!/bin/sh newline uptime, then chmod +x that file and you are good02:43
Shylowit is when all i had to do before was edit /etc/motd02:43
zykotick9Shylow: ubuntu != debian ;) at all.02:43
bindia guy suggested that the file might be locked - but i get the file to partially play anyway, how can I confirm that it isn't locked?02:44
vivid!info nvidia-current-updates proposed02:44
ubottu'proposed' is not a valid distribution: extras, hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, stable, testing, unstable02:44
james843can anyone here please tell me why Bing Video doesnt work in the dash?02:44
Shylowthen why do i need stupid scripts to do a simple motd?02:44
vivid!info nvidia-current-updates quantal-proposed02:44
ubottuPackage nvidia-current-updates does not exist in quantal-proposed02:44
zykotick9Shylow: in ubuntu you aren't expected to customize things...02:44
trismShylow: you can use /etc/motd.tail for static stuff02:44
Shylowwhat does echo -e "\nserver : `cat /root/.mdg 2>/dev/null`" do?02:45
brightsparksHi. If I make a data cd using ubuntu 12.04 will it be readable on a Windows or Mac machine?02:45
zykotick9Shylow: i'll present evidence of my-ubuntu (or whatever) being removed from 12.10.  and proff ;)02:45
zykotick9myunity? maybe?02:45
donpdonpbrightsparks: yes, data CDs all use the same filesystem02:46
Jordan_UShylow: Prints a newline, then 'server : ' then the contents of /root/.mdg.02:46
trismzykotick9: that was mostly removed because nobody wanted to port it to gsettings (it was there for most of the cycle but broken)02:46
Shylowit looks so ugly nothing lines up :(02:47
brightsparksdonpdonp: Hi. So no problem to read a linux made cd on a windows or mac machine?02:47
Shylowis there a way to remove the scripts and just use a standard /etc/motd?02:48
=== qos is now known as qos|away
brightsparksdonpdonp: I would confirm it on my windows xp machine except it's refusing to recognise the cd/dvd drive - xp I mean.. Ok I believe you. ha ha . THanks.02:49
vetchok i have a very generic question here... i am having trouble booting from cd/dvd on my computer, i have set the boot order to usb dvd drive, the dvd boots but then just reboots my computer02:50
=== levin is now known as Guest15086
vetchi have tried ubuntu studio and ubuntu (which i previously installed on this computer with the same setup)02:50
Guest15086in xubuntu 12.10 laptop touchpad settings revert to dfault after reboot which disables touchpad tapping,does anyone know how to overcome this behaviour?02:51
sudharakahelp: I am using ubuntu 10.04 and it works for me more than two years with out any trouble. But yesterday I got an issue. each time entering the correct credentials it redirects to the login page again. But when i enter a wrong credentials it tells me that the password i incorrect02:52
sudharakawhat might me the issue.02:52
=== levin_ is now known as Guest66773
zykotick9sudharaka: your DE/WM is failing.  what do you use.  check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for any EE lines - i doubt you'll get any!02:53
sudharakazykotick9 : I will check it. thanks02:56
zykotick9sudharaka: change what DE/WM you use at login and see if that works...02:56
FlynsarmyIn my list of 12.10 applications i have one called 'Amazon' and one called 'Ubuntu one music' - pretty much adware. how do I remove those apps? I've already removed ubuntuone-* and unity-lens-shopping02:57
zykotick9sudharaka: can you log in from ctrl+alt+f1 [called a virtual terminal (or vt)]02:57
zykotick9sudharaka: alt+f7 to get back to X02:57
sudharakazykotick9 : thanks. I was just about to log off and try it. You saved me :)02:58
gccsterguys i'm asking a php question here because i get no answer in #php so:  i get a pixel color with $pixel = $myimage->getImagePixelColor and then $pixel->getColorValue but how is it possible to set a pixel color in the image, after $pixel->setColorValue theres not method setImagePixelColor, ?02:59
* Shylow yawns03:01
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: did you log off and on?03:04
FlynsarmyActionParsnip i right clicked on them, hit uninstall. they didn't disappear. restarting now03:05
=== captiankirk is now known as orion
trismFlynsarmy: they are stuck in with the new webapps stuff, my workaround is to copy ubuntu-amazon-default.desktop and UbuntuOneMusiconeubuntucom.desktop from /usr/share/applications/ to ~/.local/share/applications and add OnlyShowIn= to the end03:05
=== orion is now known as Guest99335
Dratongccster: I'm no php expert but I assume there's docs?03:06
trismFlynsarmy: they aren't really easy to uninstall otherwise without removing all the other webapps stuff (and you could delete them, but they will come back next upgrade)03:06
Flynsarmytrism most promising option yet. thanks for the info03:07
Dratongccster: you using this class http://www.php.net/manual/en/class.imagick.php03:07
=== Guest99335 is now known as orionsbelt
gccsterDraton, i told u theres no method to do that!03:08
blackshirtwhat to do?03:09
Dratongccster: yeah, so more than likely it's going to be a bit more complicated :) you may have to play w/ the stream, or whatever php's equivalent is03:10
gccsterDraton, i se03:11
Dratongccster: $image->floodfillPaintIMage($color, $fuzz, $pixelRef, $x, $y, false)03:13
Dratongccster: http://www.php.net/manual/en/imagick.getimagepixelcolor.php03:13
Dratongccster: sample below the description03:13
booh-Hi, how to "upgrade" from 11.10 to 12.04 and 12.10 with a server in ssh ?03:25
RichardRaseleyI am trying to install the "Nuvola Player" application from https://launchpad.net/~nuvola-player-builders/+archive/stable03:26
RichardRaseleyI added the PPA, but an apt-get install nuvola03:26
RichardRaseleyReturns no results - am I missing something?03:26
=== bashking__ is now known as bashking_
RichardRaseleyOh jeeze - my bad. I thought for some reason that apt-get automatically matched partial names, but it does require a wildcard. =X03:28
cowsquadhi everyone, I have a question. I just delete my partition with opensuse and now my ubuntu grub is all mess up. How do i fix my grub03:31
ActionParsnipRichardRaseley: did you run: sudo apt-get update03:32
cowsquadi am able to boot into my ubuntu 12.10 but I have like 6 choice in the boot promp. One is like ubuntu --class--gnu and so on03:32
RichardRaseleyActionParsnip: Yes, sorry this was caused by my own ignorance. I thought apt-get would return partial matches - but it does require a * to do so.03:32
RichardRaseleyThank you for the reply though.03:32
PeanutPowerhello anyone here :) ?03:33
=== `Optichip is now known as Optichip
wastrelRichardRaseley: apt-cache search does a partial match when searching packages03:33
blackshirtyes,a lot op people here,peanutpower03:34
cbeustdo other people use ubuntu or debian to do java development?  what is your favorite ide/envorionment ?03:34
blackshirtlot of03:34
zykotick9cowsquad: chroot into your ubuntu install and run "sudo update-grub" and hope that works... it might not for a couple of reasons.03:34
=== Transfusion is now known as Transfuta
blackshirtcbeust, they not different too much, you can do development both on them03:35
zykotick9cowsquad: actually, see "/msg ubottu fixgrub"03:35
cbeustblackshirt: both of what?03:35
blackshirtcbeust, debian or ubuntu03:35
cbeustblackshirt: yeah, i know.  i mean what to use in debian or ubuntu03:35
PeanutPowercan anyone advise on where to start when investigating an "attacked" ubuntu vps. i'm seeing alot of stuff in /var/mqueue and loads of fail auths in auth.log my vps seems to have very little memory and some processes are now prefixed with S2003:36
cowsquadzykotick9 What do you mean to see /msg ubottu fixgrub03:36
blackshirtcbeust, what do you want ? Some ide ?03:36
cbeusti dunno. i can do emacs or vim.  I know there is other stuff out there like eclipse and idea,  i don't know if some are particularly bad or good in this environment or if I am missing something03:37
blackshirtpeanutpower, like bruteforce attacks ?03:37
CiscoNinjafolks what do you use to connect to windows terminal server please ? any suggestion and opinion will be highly appreciated03:38
PeanutPower@blackshirt i'm not exactly sure whats happened the symptoms are that ejabberd and nginx aren't starting up properly03:38
bylzzCiscoNinja: rdesktop03:38
PeanutPowertried restarting a few times :P03:38
blackshirtcbeust, yes, eclipse, netbeans ide or other ide was available for debian/ubuntu03:38
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator03:39
cbeustblackshirt: are you a java developer?03:39
booh-is it possible to update from 32bits to 64bits?  And how to know if I can run 64bits?03:39
cowsquadubotty, Do you know how to fix grub03:39
ActionParsnipCiscoNinja: tsclient03:39
cbeusti'm actually interested in alternative jvm languages too like scala/kotlin/groovy/clojure/whatever03:39
blackshirtcbeust, no....03:39
ActionParsnipCiscoNinja: remmina03:40
PeanutPowerthe ip address that has been trying to bruteforce ssh is in beijing :P03:40
OerHeksbooh-, no, reinstall is the only way to 'upgrade', check the specs of your CPU03:40
Flynsarmyi'm trying to install acpi_call so i can disable my nvidia gpu. the script requires /lib/modules/3.5.0-17-generic/build directory but the build subdirectory doesn't exist. which package to i install for it?03:40
zykotick9cheez0r: emacs OR vim.  wow, that's an ambidextrous i don't hear of often ;)03:40
zykotick9cbeust: tab fail - see above03:40
cbeustzykotick9: i don't understand what you mean03:41
CiscoNinjaActionParsnip, remmina doesn't work for some reason widows ts close the connection right away , when i try it from windows it works fine!!03:41
=== captiankirk is now known as orionsbelt
CiscoNinjaActionParsnip, i will try tsclient03:41
blackshirtpeanutpower, you have successfully identified your probkem03:41
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`03:42
CiscoNinjaActionParsnip, no match for tsclient ?!03:43
ActionParsnip!info tsclient03:43
ubottuPackage tsclient does not exist in quantal03:44
ActionParsnip!find tsclient03:44
ubottuFile tsclient found in dockmanager, elementary-icon-theme, gnome-brave-icon-theme, gnome-dust-icon-theme, gnome-human-icon-theme, gnome-icon-theme-gartoon, gnome-icon-theme-gartoon-redux, gnome-icon-theme-gperfection2, gnome-icon-theme-yasis, gnome-illustrious-icon-theme (and 6 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=tsclient&mode=&suite=quantal&arch=any03:44
zykotick9ActionParsnip: msgthebot ;)03:44
ActionParsnipCiscoNinja: seems its gone, try rdesktop03:44
CiscoNinjaActionParsnip, yeah it didn't work for me either03:45
apoplecticis ubuntu a linux distributioin>03:45
ActionParsnip!info gnome-rdp03:45
ubottugnome-rdp (source: gnome-rdp): remote desktop client for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 71 kB, installed size 291 kB03:45
zykotick9!ubuntu | apoplectic03:46
ubottuapoplectic: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:46
PeanutPower@blackshirt any ideas why the server isn't working anymore :) ?03:46
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
apoplecticWhy Ubuntu over another Linux-based OS?03:46
zykotick9apoplectic: ask in ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic03:47
ActionParsniptsclinet: Deleted in oneiric-release (Reason: (From Debian) ROM: unmaintained, better alternatives; Deb...)03:47
bretoliusI have a question about the grub2 implentation in Ubuntu 12.04.  I have a dual boot system with windows 7, ubuntu us the primary OS.  When I have #GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true in my /etc/default file, grub boots to ubuntu whout showing a menu, and shows the menu when I hold down shift, however, the menu does not have my Windows 7 boot drive.  If I have #GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false, Windows 7 shows up in the grub menu, but the menu is always shown, even tho03:47
ActionParsnipapoplectic: why not?03:47
apoplecticbecause the learning curve?03:47
bretoliusapoplectic: the best way to know is to try some distros out and it will be clear which one you like03:48
zykotick9ActionParsnip: do you want me to answer "why not" -- i don't think so.... why ask?03:48
bretoliusits all about preference03:48
ActionParsnipapoplectic: over any other distro?03:48
ActionParsnipzykotick9: was aimed at apoplectic03:49
zykotick9ActionParsnip: thanks.  i just learned a new word!03:49
hualetmy computer always goes dead , how can i find out the problem?03:49
ActionParsnipapoplectic: if you want learning curve, give Gentoo a whirl03:49
mih1406Hi, Can I use Ubuntu One to host my website files instead of using Hotfile?03:50
ActionParsniphualet: good to test RAM first. There is Memtest86+ in Grub in a default Ubuntu install03:50
apoplecticwho said i WANT a learning curve? ActionParsnip03:50
ActionParsnipapoplectic: yes, configuring config files and spending hours compiling from source, teaches you a lot but its far from easy03:50
mih1406User's of this website download MP3 files from the site and these are huge number and storage of MP3 files.03:51
mih1406I mean Direct link.03:51
ActionParsnipapoplectic: Ubuntu is massively simple03:51
zykotick9mih1406: IF you don't get an answer here, in a reasonable time.  try #ubuntuone (or similar, use "/msg ubottu alis" for searching instructions)03:51
ActionParsnipapoplectic:  you are the one mentioning learning curve, over other linux distros03:51
ActionParsnipapoplectic: i'm giving an example of a harder distro to setup to contrast with Ubuntu's simplicity03:51
hualetActionParsnip, ok , i'll try03:52
ActionParsnipapoplectic: do you see what I mean03:52
ActionParsnipapoplectic: I never said you wanted a learning curve. When did I say that?03:52
ahmadanyone here familiar with distributed data services and openstack, hadoop, etc?03:52
ActionParsnipahmad: tried in #ubuntu-server03:52
apoplecticgentoo has  more of a learning curve, youre saying?03:52
ActionParsnipapoplectic: yes, tahts all. I never said YOU wanted it. did I?03:53
apoplecticso why did you suggest Gentoo?03:53
ActionParsnipapoplectic: s I said earlier, You mentioned learning curve. Ubuntu is one of the eeasiest to setup and use. I was giving an example of a very hard distro to setup for the average user03:54
ahmadcan anyone suggest the best utility for creating a ubuntu 12.10 amd64 start up disk from within ubuntu 12.04 ?03:54
bretoliusright click the image and use the disk burner software?03:55
ahmadi tried usb start disk creator but it failed03:55
OerHeksahmad, usb-creator works fine, standard installed03:55
zykotick9ahmad: cat.  no joke ;)03:55
ActionParsnipahmad: I suggest unetbootin03:55
ahmadoh i need it for dual boot with windows boot manager03:55
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iFlipDoes any one here have any experience loading ubuntu 10.04 server with LAMP on an 80gb HDD along with a 500gb HDD and a RAID 0 3TB/3TB HDD's03:56
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
bretoliusmy Grub2 in ubuntu question was ignored, but for anyone with any insight feel free to check out http://askubuntu.com/questions/203912/how-do-i-get-grub-hidden-timeout-0-behavior-when-grub-disable-os-prober-false03:56
ActionParsnipapoplectic: do you feel the learning curve in ubuntu is greater than other distributions?03:56
iFlipI'm having issues after the install the OS never loads!03:56
ActionParsnipiFlip: have you tried precise?03:56
cowsquadbretolius, what was your question03:56
ahmadi am going to try unebootin03:56
bretoliuscowsquad: it was long see 20:5103:56
bretoliusor that link03:57
ahmadi tried it within windows last time and it failed :| but03:57
ActionParsnipahmad: be sure to MD5 test the ISO you download03:57
nicekiwihow do I test if hardware acceleration is working?03:57
bretoliusahmad: doing the consistancy check is super important... I have wasted a lot of time trying to install off of a bad disk03:58
ahmadi know what md5 is but i haven't particularly tested a file before via cli before so if you can walk me through it i can try03:58
ActionParsnip!md5 | ahmad03:58
ubottuahmad: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:58
iFlipActionParsnip what do mean precise?03:58
ahmadyour right bretolius i have wasted some time before because of that still i haven't done that test yet03:58
ActionParsnipiFlip: its version 12.04 of Ubuntu and is also LTS03:59
ahmadso if you can walk me through it i would be happy to do it bretolius03:59
bretoliusiFlip: he means 12.0403:59
bretoliusits the code name03:59
ActionParsnipahmad: see the first link ubottu gave03:59
iFlipI really like Lucid - and the LAMP built in installer. I had it loaded once but I'm rebuilding the server to change the RAID 1 prior config to RAID 003:59
bretoliusahmad: I dont know how to do it on the graphical install, but usually there is an option to just test it03:59
ShawnIf you were a potato you would be a sweet potato.  If I was a potato I would be a baked potato.04:00
Flynsarmygod dammit Ubuntu is hard to start up on an xps15z. 75% of the time I just get a black screen04:00
iFlipI don't need a full gnome install04:00
bretoliuslike in the pre-boot menu04:00
ahmadthank you ActionParsnip i will look that up :)04:00
iFlipjust the basics04:00
ActionParsnipiFlip: then why are you installing server?04:00
Nach0zpotatos :D04:00
ahmadbretolius, perhaps in gParted there is a way or fstab.. i will investigate :D04:00
ActionParsnipiFlip: If you install the Gnome desktop on Lucid, it will only be supported til April next year04:00
Caliopeset up RAID and info shows two 1TB drives and 1 "NVIDA RAID" --- how to auto boot the RAID??04:00
ActionParsnipapoplectic: do you feel the learning curve in ubuntu is greater than other distributions?04:01
bretoliusahmad: i know in the text installer for 12.04 you can just test it right in the first menu you are shown, I would look around the live CD for 12.10 if thats the version you are using (since there is not text based installer for that version)04:01
ActionParsnipiFlip: installing Precise will give an OS supported til April 201704:01
apoplecticnot sure ActionParsnip, never used it04:01
iFlipActionParsnip what extent of the support will be lost?04:01
iFlipActionParsnip all support as in never again?04:01
apoplecticor any linux distro for that matter.04:01
iFlipDoes precise have a quick LAMP installer built in?04:02
ActionParsnipiFlip: no support here or anywhere else and zero updates04:02
ActionParsnipapoplectic: then Ubuntu is a good start, it does a lot of hand holding04:02
apoplectichow about fedora?04:02
blackshirtapoplectic, what do you want ?04:03
iFlipActionParsnip does Precise have a LAMP installer? Or do I have to do it manually through ter04:03
bretoliusapoplectic: typically, if you dont understand the differences between distros of linux (pros cons) ubuntu is a really good choice04:03
ValyrymHello everyone, I am having an annoying issue with adobe flash04:03
ahmadanyone here familiar with distributed data services and openstack, hadoop, etc?04:03
ActionParsnipapoplectic: thats a good one too, as is suse. They all have strengths and weaknesses04:03
blackshirtahmad, maybe someone..04:03
ActionParsnipValyrym: what is the issue04:03
nicekiwianyone have any experience getting the android emulater to work in ubuntu?04:03
apoplecticbodhi? ActionParsnip04:03
blackshirt!ask | ahmad04:03
ubottuahmad: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:03
apoplecticis that built on ubuntu?04:03
ActionParsnipiFlip: there is an installer for Lamp, yes04:03
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
ActionParsnipapoplectic: yes, but its support is entirely separate to Ubuntu's04:04
ActionParsnipapoplectic: Bodhi has its own IRC channel and forums04:04
ValyrymActionParsnip: oh hey, whats up parsnip, i came on here as Eyes Only a while ago, seems that flash player freezes my entire browser when i move my mouse or click inside the flash window04:04
ahmadblackshirt, I am trying to learn about open stack and how hadoop works. I would like to start by installing OpenStack on a machine.. al though I need some guidance04:04
ActionParsnipValyrym: can you run:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'04:05
apoplectici've heard bodhi is the best distro for speed ActionParsnip04:05
apoplecticthat sound right?04:05
apoplecticis that plausible?04:05
iFlipActionParsnip that is very disappointing - I love Lucid!04:05
ActionParsnipapoplectic: for speed you can get a lot faster04:05
ValyrymActionParsnip: one moment. would you like pastebin link?04:05
ahmadso far i have been reading a lot of tutorials but having someone helping me with the process will be greatly appreciated and welcomed04:05
apoplecticany suggestions, for speed, ActionParsnip04:05
ActionParsnipapoplectic: installing Ubuntu minimal then installing openbox will give a much faster OS04:05
ActionParsnipValyrym: please04:05
apoplecticthanks ActionParsnip04:05
ActionParsnipapoplectic: the less stuff you run, the faster it will run04:06
OerHeksnicekiwi, maybe this answer is any help >>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/118903/what-android-emulators-are-available04:06
ValyrymActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/vKFyrU6904:06
bretoliusahmad: I dont know anything about those programs, but given the fact that what they do is not trivially explained in their wikipedia page, I suspect they are quite complex.  I would look for a good tutorial and introductory resources via google04:06
bretoliusor a good book04:07
ActionParsnipValyrym: sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-installer     then enable the partner repo and install adobe-flashplugin04:07
iFlipActionParsnip How do I install a SofRaid on 12.0404:07
bretoliusfor example wtf is a "cloud computing fabric controller"?04:08
iFlipI've been looking and can't find anything on it04:08
ActionParsnipapoplectic: Ubuntu+Bootloader+Xorg+OpenBox is about 1.2Gb installed as far as I remember04:08
iFlipActionParsnip Does it support SofRaid04:08
ValyrymActionParsnip: affirmative04:08
ActionParsnipiFlip: I've not used it but I know it's around04:08
apoplecticwhy do you suggest opnebox as well?04:08
ActionParsnipapoplectic: its a nice light window manager which doesn't need a desktop to run :)04:08
zykotick9ActionParsnip: ubuntu+lightdm+xorg+openbox?04:09
ActionParsnipapoplectic: fluxbox can do similar too :)04:09
ahmadbretolius, thnx.. i have been doing that and gotten very good at it so far just wish i had someone to help me with my deployment.. np though google and i are lovers :P lol04:09
wastrelbretolius: what's the name of this cloud computing fabric controller04:09
ActionParsnipzykotick9: lightdm is a nice to have, I'd go for slim for lightness :)04:09
wastreloic openstack and hadoop04:09
zykotick9ActionParsnip: lol, as would i.  but i wouldn't recommend slim to anyone in #ubuntu04:09
bretoliusOpenstack Nova, wastrel.  Im just referencing how little this description actually says about what this peice of software does04:10
ValyrymActionParsnip: already had partner repos enabled, reinstall flashplugin04:10
ValyrymActionParsnip: ?04:10
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ahmadopenstack is the cloud deployment, fault tolerance, rapid scalability and block level io solution04:10
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ActionParsnipValyrym: install the adobe-flashplugin package04:11
wastrelbretolius: i always like to google a technology and find the shiny webpage for the technology and read about the technology and learn that it's a "framework"04:11
HackerIIwhy do you guys change nicks every time the wind blows04:11
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ActionParsnipapoplectic: as a new user, I'd install the full whack til you get used to the OS04:11
iFlipActionParsnip Where can I find documents on the termination of support for 10.0404:11
ahmadhadoop is more big data analysis and hdfs clustering system based on mapreduce04:11
zykotick9HackerII: i don't see nick changes - so if that happens, i'm unaware </OT>04:12
bretoliususually cloud is just a euphemism for "Pay us to use our server behind some non-standard software layer :v  v:  "04:12
ValyrymActionParsnip: right, flashplugin-installer is NOT adobe-flashplugin, derp.04:12
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)04:12
ActionParsnipiFlip: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases04:12
ValyrymActionParsnip: restarting firefox, brb04:13
HackerIIzykotick9-  they do it about 3-4 times when they enter04:13
zykotick9HackerII: s/if/when/04:13
bretoliusahmad: So much jargon, so little practical example of what it all means (Not what you are saying, but how those projects talk about themselves).04:13
ActionParsnipiFlip: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:14
iFlipActionParsnip I've never been so close to an end date... last question, what happens if I'm still running server side at the end of 2015? Will I just stop receiving updates...? Will I ever be able to re-install it if need be after 2015?04:14
ActionParsnipiFlip: yes, no updates but the OS will continue to run. You will be able to upgrade to the next LTS in between04:15
ValyrymActionParsnip: restarted firefox, same issue. video proceeds to freeze with mouse input04:15
ahmadbretolius, yes thats why this research is hard.. the release of the openstack folsom confuses me even more :s04:16
ValyrymActionParsnip: i can pause anything by moving the mouse in a circle anywhere in most applets04:16
iFlipActionParsnip Ahhh, ok - do you know if they are planning on releasing a newer version of a server release for Ubuntu?04:17
ActionParsnipValyrym: you could remove the package and install it manually by putting the .so file in ~/.mozilla/plugins04:17
ActionParsnipValyrym: i dont use firefox so am not too sure04:17
ActionParsnipiFlip: sure, Quantal was released a few days ago (not LTS)04:17
ValyrymActionParsnip: so extract the shared object to firefox's plugin dir04:18
ValyrymActionParsnip: ill give that a shot04:18
ahmadi am creating a bash script to copy most of my configurations from one distribution to another.. besides ~/.gconf  are there any files you would suggest backing up?04:18
iFlipActionParsnip Thank you04:18
zykotick9ActionParsnip: did yo see Eben Moglen's interviews on /. the last two days?  he calls chrome by a different name ;)04:19
ahmadi have already included compiz config, vimrc, and other locations04:19
cowsquaddoes anybody know how to change the default colors for files in terminal?04:19
Arivazhaganhi people04:19
ahmadcowsquad, ~/.bashrc04:19
Arivazhaganhow is ubuntu 12.10 is it worth a upgrade r stay with 12.04??04:20
ActionParsnipzykotick9: who is "Eben Moglen"?04:20
bretoliusI found a few show stopping bugs I didnt care to work out and rolled back myself04:20
ActionParsnipArivazhagan: depends if you like LTS-ness04:20
ahmadthere are examples of some custom ones on the web plus you can easily configure these things yourself using the PS1 variable04:20
bretoliusI would test out a live CD first Arivazhagan04:20
wastrelbretolius: what bugs04:21
zykotick9ActionParsnip: doesn't matter.  (actually he's a better representative of the "free" software movement then RMS)04:21
bretoliusI will eventually jump, but only after it can see BOTH my cd drives without me having to do a lot of work04:21
ArivazhaganActionParsnip, i am not a big fan of LTS04:21
ActionParsnipzykotick9: i don't listen toall the politics stuff that goes into linux. I just get on with using it04:21
bretoliuswastrel: I got a lot of shutdown errors, and the boot sequence seemed off.  Also, my CD drives were not working right.  Lots of things were crashing too04:21
bretoliuswastrel: where 12.04 was basically smooth sailing04:22
ActionParsnipArivazhagan: then if you upgrade you'll get all the latest gumf with all the whizzy new bells and stuff (assuming you use Unity)04:22
zykotick9ActionParsnip: i know.  that i can see repect you in the morning ;)04:22
ActionParsnipzykotick9: hehe04:22
ArivazhaganActionParsnip, i am using Unity how is the performance some people saying it's slow04:22
zykotick9ActionParsnip: s/that/and/ ;)04:23
bretoliuswastrel: also Unity seemed really sluggish on a fairly decent machine that runs perfectly under 12.0404:23
ActionParsnipArivazhagan: all I can say is try it. It's ok here but I clean install each new release04:23
bretoliusArivazhagan: its great on 12.04, I had a bad 12.10 experience, though I dont know if I am a minority or not04:23
ahmadstrange i haven't noticed any performance issues with unity, although i do have a good ultrabook04:23
ActionParsnipArivazhagan: it seems to be pretty individual04:23
ArivazhaganActionParsnip, ya me too always do clean install04:24
OerHeksArivazhagan, bretolius get a SSD, that boost up performance04:24
bretoliusOerHeks: I have an SSD, boot times are great04:24
ArivazhaganOerHeks, ya SSD always super fast04:24
cowsquad_anybody knows how to change the terminal colors for files?04:24
ahmadcowsquad_, please refer to i said a while back regarding ~/.bashrc and PS1 variable04:25
ActionParsnipbretolius: try xpud, boots in 3 seconds on PATA HDD with single core CPU and 2Gb DDR2 RAM04:25
pclov3rIs it ture that ubuntu has poor AHCI support?04:25
OerHekspclov3r, no.04:26
ActionParsnipThe Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is a technical standard defined by Intel that specifies the operation of Serial ATA (SATA) host bus adapters in a non-implementation-specific manner.04:26
bretoliusActionParsnip: my startup times are fine! :v04:26
ActionParsnippclov3r: never had an issue04:26
zykotick9OerHeks: does 12.10 still have hibernate diabled by default?04:26
pclov3rI know what it is04:26
Arivazhagancowsquad, Edit->ProfilePreference->Color04:26
ActionParsnippclov3r: never said you didn't04:26
bretoliuspclov3r: I had some trouble in 12.10 with some AHCI deveies, but I have no idea if its due to the AHCI support or not04:26
OerHekszykotick9, yes, i thought so, cannot check it here, i am on Kubuntu.04:27
bretoliuspclov3r: best to try a live CD or USB to see if your device is supported or has trouble04:27
ValyrymActionParsnip: it seems like a rendering issue, for example in soundcloud, audio plays, but the browser freezes graphically, and from input if i continue to move the mouse04:27
pclov3rtired to install but had major issues04:27
ActionParsnipValyrym: you may need an older flash, I've seen people with certain CPUs (I think it was CPU) that needed to use the older flash version04:28
bretoliuspclov3r: can you tell from what?04:28
ActionParsnipValyrym: have you tried chrome?04:28
robertzaccourmy monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop records in 1920x1072. Anyone know how to fix this?04:28
pclov3ri believe AHCI04:28
ValyrymActionParsnip: firefox jumps to 60% cpu and X jumps to 40% cpu04:28
ValyrymActionParsnip: when i move my mouse in a flash window04:29
OerHekszykotick9, you can test if your machine is capable > http://ubuntuportal.com/2012/05/simply-way-to-enable-hibernate-feature-in-ubuntu-precise.html  >> sudo pm-hibernate04:29
pclov3rnot booting corretly to the cd drive umonuting itself04:29
bretoliuspclov3r: can you try your controller in SATA Mode?04:29
zykotick9OerHeks: thanks!  but i don't use ubuntu.04:29
bretoliuspclov3r: also, did you do a consistancy check on the CD you were using?04:29
pclov3rcd was fine04:29
ValyrymActionParsnip: its a little less so outside of a flash window04:29
pclov3ri use UEFI tho04:29
wastrelcowsquad: seems to be related to dircolors, try man dir_colors04:29
bretoliuspclov3r: you did a consistancy check on the contents of the disk?  the download can get messed up too04:30
OerHekszykotick9, it is disabled by default, too many machines doesn't support it properly04:30
pclov3rthe disk was fiine04:30
pclov3rmatched hashes04:30
pclov3rit was fine04:30
pclov3rbut i installed debain without any problems04:30
bretoliussorry was unclear, because simply verifying a disk after burn tells you little about the cotents, had to check :)04:30
ActionParsnipValyrym: thats all I can recommend, maybe others can help04:30
pclov3rwhich uses much older packages04:30
zykotick9OerHeks: thanks!  sorry i didn't really mean to signal you out on that question!  MY bad!  sorry!04:31
bretoliuspclov3r: did the live CD enviroment work right?04:31
bretoliussee all your drives etc?04:31
ValyrymActionParsnip: doing more research into this seems to be a kernel issue04:32
pclov3rit did yes04:32
bretoliusit seems odd that it would not install then04:32
pclov3ri have to use AHCI04:32
pclov3ri refuse to use IDE or lagency mode04:32
bretoliusi understand, but as a way to troubleshoot04:33
bretoliusit can be a way to help isolate and issue04:33
pclov3rjust was curious but it's ok as i'm on debian04:33
robertzaccourmy monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop records in 1920x1072. Anyone know how to fix this?04:33
chid2how can I find out what OS my server is running?04:35
chid2uname -o just says GNU/Linux04:35
zykotick9pclov3r: "lsb_release -a" might give you more detail04:36
robertzaccourI plugged my pc into my tv and it says its a dvi connection, but its an hdmi cable. could this be causing the 1920x1072 outputs from recordmydesktop?04:36
ahmadanyone has any good resources for cloud computing and in particular openstack, hadoop? any book suggestions would also be very appreciated :)04:37
zykotick9pclov3r: fyi debian is supported in #debian or freenode or OFTC #debian officially04:37
F^3Good evening04:38
bretoliusahmad: have you tried over at the #openstack channel?04:38
OerHeksahmad, open stack > http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-compute/admin/content/ch_getting-started-with-openstack.html04:38
bretoliusor #hadoop for that matter?04:38
F^3Does anyone have any recommendations on a tile based WM I can setup easily on Ubuntu 12.04?04:38
ahmadbretolius, no :D ty i will do that right now!04:38
F^3Window Manager04:38
bretoliusF^3: like xmonad?04:39
robertzaccourmy monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop records in 1920x1072. Anyone know how to fix this? I have a DVI connection if that helps04:39
dengpan_there seems not to be 1920x107204:39
zykotick9F^3: awesome is a tiling WM - but i wouldn't recommend that to my worst enemy ;)  it's what i use BTW.04:39
dengpan_1920x1080 is best04:40
ahmadbretolius, lol it honestly did not occur to me.. ty (its a bit late here i have been up for a while)04:40
F^3zykotick9, Why not recommend it to anyone?04:40
ahmadty so much04:40
bretoliusahmad: yeah, np I understand04:40
bretoliusahmad: glhf :)04:40
ahmadsmoke break, afk04:40
zykotick9F^3: it's the most difficult WM i've ever used.  but the rewards are high - if that's what you are looking for...04:40
bretoliusF^3: would you count xmonad a windowing WM?04:41
bretoliuserr you know what I mean04:41
F^3bretolius, Yes.04:41
robertzaccourdengpan_, I know, my monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop outputs video 1920x1072, making it impossible to edit04:41
bretoliusF^3: people seem to really like that one, I for one, cant remember all the keyboard shortcuts04:42
bretoliusplus those people run arch, at least the ones I know04:42
Hilikusi'm trying to copy files to my phone using rsync but it's failing because one of the files has a ? in the name. is there any way to tell rsync to replace it? i can't find anyuthing in the manual04:43
bretoliusHow is it failing?04:43
zykotick9Hilikus: i'd try using "foo" or 'foo' and see if it makes a difference... good luck.04:44
Hilikuswhat do yo mean zykotick9 ?04:44
Hilikusfailed: Invalid argument (22)04:45
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robertzaccourmy monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop records in 1920x1072. Anyone know how to fix this?04:48
slackerboyanyone knows how to configure checkpoint vpn client with RSA securid?04:49
lasherI'm interested to know if I can turn a desktop edition into server edition without too much hassle?04:52
lasher is it a simple case of selecting the server kernel in synaptic?04:52
Jordan_Ubindi: Can you pastebin the output of "mplayer /path/to/file"?04:53
Jordan_Ubindi: Also, out of curiosity, why zfs rather than btrfs?04:54
SultansElephantlasher: you mean running a GUI on a server?04:54
=== cbeust is now known as zedshaw
lasherSultansElephant: what I mean is: Holding on to 10.04 for as long as possible, and yes04:55
Flynsarmyin 12.10 if i have a nautilus window open (any directory) and i right click on teh nautilus icon in unity sidebar and click 'home folder', instead of opening the side folder it just focuses on the nautilus window that's already open. there a fix for this?04:55
SultansElephantlasher: you can dual boot i guess but for what purpose do you need the server04:56
Jordan_Ulasher: It's the GUI packages which aren't supported for as long, not the kernel.04:56
lasherI thought my main concern were security patches which would be included in the server edition04:57
pgdacShould i stick to 12.04 or just go for 12.10?04:57
SultansElephantpgdac: stick to 12.04 if youre not willing to do a fresh install imo04:57
Space-DuckIs antivirus needed for linux? If you are NOT downloading random files from the web and all your software comes from trusted repos. Are you relatively safe?04:58
Jordan_Ulasher: And there won't be security patches to GNOME, Firefox, X, etc.04:58
pgdacSultansElephant:  I have no problem installing fresh  os, but the thing is that is it stable or giving problem ?04:58
Jordan_U!virus | Space-Duck04:58
ubottuSpace-Duck: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:58
SultansElephantpgdac: its fine, ya04:58
SultansElephantits stable04:58
Jordan_Ulasher: Why not upgrade to 12.04?04:58
pgdacSultansElephant:  Thanks! One more question. Is there any super OS available for 12.10, i have no net connection  always ?04:59
SultansElephantpgdac: i do not understand "super OS"04:59
chroothi, i want to learn php, is there good suggestions04:59
Flynsarmychroot #php04:59
lasherJordan_U: I am dual booting 10.04 and 12.04... 10.04 is still, imo, the greatest. I cannot suspend 12.04, plus the UI of Gnome 2 is so snappy and stable04:59
chrootok, thanks Flynsarmy05:00
pgdacSultansElephant:  I mean to say that is there any ubuntu 12.10 OS  that has packages already installed in it05:00
lasherI want to stick with it as long as possible05:00
Jordan_Upgdac: If you download the DVD image you can use it as a repository (all of main IIRC).05:00
pgdacJordan_U:  Please share the dvd image link05:00
Jordan_Ulasher: Have you tried Xubuntu or Lubuntu? Barring hardware issues Lubuntu 12.04 should be considerably more "snappy" than Ubuntu 10.04.05:01
Jordan_Upgdac: I'm on my phone at the moment, otherwise I would.05:02
SultansElephantpgdac: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads05:02
pgdacSultansElephant:  Thanks05:02
Space-DuckJordan_U: Thanks! So you are relatively safe unless you're an idiot and run kaiten.c as root05:02
pgdacJordan_U:  Thanks !05:02
Dragonster82Hello everybody! What's going on?05:03
Jordan_Upgdac: You're welcome.05:03
chrootwhat what the...05:03
Jordan_USpace-Duck: Pretty much, yes.05:04
chrootFlynsarmy: #php dosen't work05:04
chrootI can't join it05:04
pgdacSultansElephant: There is no dvd download option :(05:04
Flynsarmychroot try ##php05:04
SultansElephantpgdac: he meant dvd/cd05:04
robertzaccourmy monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop records in 1920x1072. Anyone know how to fix this?05:04
SultansElephantpgdac: how dont you have internet btw, youre here now05:05
PhilD41Just installed 12.10 and gnome-shell.  When I go to the gnome extension site is says I am not running the latest and I can't install extension.05:05
pgdacSultansElephant:  Oh man ! I am in lab05:05
pgdacSultansElephant:  And to use ubuntu propeerly after installation i need internet connection to update it several packages05:06
slackerboyanyone have insights on how to configure checkpoint vpn with rsa securid ?05:06
chrootFlynsarmy: unfortunately, not working.05:06
SultansElephantpgdac: oh05:07
chrootFlynsarmy: I just want to know the good sources to learn php05:07
bettermani installed vuze but it didn't take over my default catch for magnet files.  anyone know how i can repair it?05:08
lasherThe issues I have with 12.04 and 12.10 (which I have tried also) are beyond the DE05:11
rhizmoewhat determines whether "copy" is ctrl-c or ctrl-shift c?05:11
lobhaterPlease assist if possible.  I SSHed into my server, started a process in the background. Logged out to let the process do its job in the background.  Now I have logged back in, executed the command ps -e to locate my process thinking i could just "fg 5553" to bring up the output again but no luck.  How do I get access to the output of that command again?05:11
rhizmoehow did you bg the process?05:11
lobhater& at the ends05:11
rhizmoeit probably finished or crashed05:11
rhizmoefg is for jobs though: ctrl-z05:12
lobhaterits still running, the process shows usage from the process and the ps -e shows it is still running too05:12
lasherPhilD41: I'd look into the Ubuntu Gnome Remix05:12
robertzaccourmy monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop records in 1920x1072. Anyone know how to fix this?05:12
rhizmoelobhater: & takes the tty away05:12
lobhateris there a better way for me to do it? I hate to kill it to start over but can if need be05:12
lobhatercan i assign it to a tty again so I can view it?05:13
slackerboyanyone have insights on how to configure checkpoint vpn with rsa securid ?05:13
rhizmoeno, i don't think so. ctrl-z will freeze execution, & backgrounds, and if you want to maintain terminal then screen or tmux05:13
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bettermananyone know why when i installed vuze it didn't become the default program05:14
rhizmoeslackerboy: that all depends on what you mean by "configure," but #checkpoint i'm sure05:14
bettermanthis is my bud's comptuer and he even reinstalled twice05:14
lobhatertmux? is a program I assume?  I would like to be able to start my process, log out and then ssh back in to the server in the morning and see the output05:14
lobhateri dont wanna maintain tty i want to close the shell entoirely and come back later05:15
lobhaterwell that process has been running for two hours is there no way to get the output again?05:16
robertzaccourmy monitor is 1920x1080, but recordmydesktop records in 1920x1072. Anyone know how to fix this?05:16
lobhaterseems strange that the process is orphaned???  I had come across screen while searching for a solution but it didnt seem to fit me needs05:17
slackerboythanks rhizmoe05:17
PhilD41lasher, I saw that after I had already installed and had issues.  Seems like it should work with 12.10 as well though.05:17
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: tried a different screen recoder?05:18
lobhatercan i not associate a process with a pts?05:18
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: like kazam05:18
robertzaccourActionParsnip, Kazam doesn't even work for some reason. tried it, nothing.05:19
lasherPhilD41: I'm pretty sure there's a spin of 12.10 Gnome out now, I saw it posted on WebUpD8 but I haven't tried it personally05:19
Jordan_Ulobhater: Not after the fact, no05:19
lasherI am using Gnome12.04 now05:19
sushemsuwhere is the equiv of /etc/sysconfig/iptables for ubuntu05:19
lasherbut the standard, not latest05:19
lobhateris there anyway when i start the process that i can set it up so i can close the shell and later come back and "fg" it.  I know fg wont work but something similar?05:19
Random832lobhater: screen or tmux05:20
lobhaterJordan_U: so that process is lost and I have no way of ever viewing its output again?05:20
lobhaterRandom832: thanks ill try looking that05:20
=== gvim is now known as Guest81525
rchilsomy dell 2650 wont recognize the keyboard or touchpad with the battery installed is there a workaround for this other then leaving the battery out during boot up?05:22
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196910705:22
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161302305:23
ActionParsnip!info istanbul05:23
ubottuistanbul (source: istanbul): Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.2-9 (quantal), package size 67 kB, installed size 492 kB05:23
PhilD41lasher, never mind... it just dawned on me.  Chrome doesn't support that site.  It works fine in FF.05:23
lasherPhilD41: Cool man.05:23
lobhaterspid question but would i install tmux on the server or the ssh client?05:24
lobhaterto be able to run a process on the server, log out and come back later to view its output, i assume the server but just wanna make sure05:25
rhizmoelobhater: http://stackoverflow.com/a/285109/13584505:25
rhizmoei don't think you can arbitrarily reconnect to it otherwise05:25
infectedorganismi know lubuntu 12.04 is only supported for 18 months.. is that including security updates?05:26
Flannelinfectedorganism: Any lubuntu-specific security things will only be 18 months, yes.  The Kernel and a lot of the low level stuff (things Lubuntu shares with Ubuntu) will be a full LTS.05:28
ActionParsnipinfectedorganism: you'll still get updates as it uses the same repos05:28
lobhaterrhizmoe: Thanks, that should keep me busy till I find something that works05:29
infectedorganismthank you both05:29
ch405Hi does ubuntu use kernel 3.6?05:29
robertzaccourActionParsnip, gonna try istanbul. kazam and recorditnow don't work well on my end05:30
ch405I mean the latest LTS version05:30
ActionParsniprobertzaccour: could try ffmpeg in CLI05:30
Random832Linux nagato-yuki 3.2.0-29-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 27 17:04:05 UTC 2012 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux05:30
ActionParsnipch405: Precise doesn't use the 3.6 kernel05:30
Random832I haven't upgraded in a while, but I don't think they'd make a major change like that05:31
robertzaccourActionParsnip, I know how to record video in ffmpeg, problem is I don't know how to record the audio with it. I'm stuck at ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1024x768 -i :0.0 -vcodec huffyuv -sameq screencast.avi so now I gotta figure out how to record audio from mic and audio from pc05:31
ch405ActionParsnip: is it possible to upgrade to 3.6?05:31
Random832ActionParsnip: actually it looks like even uqantal is on 3.5 not 3.605:31
ActionParsnipch405: yes but it won't be supported here as its an unofficial kernel05:31
ActionParsnipRandom832: indeed05:32
Random832heh, I remember building kernels05:32
Random832back when you wanted to have the stuff you need built into the kernel because no initrd, so going through a massive menu process05:32
ActionParsnipRandom832: yep:   emerge -u world or emerge -u system   ;)05:32
Random832now everything's in modules05:32
Random832my freaking ext2 fs is a module05:33
Random832when did that happen? everything's on initrd and everyone's got a "generic" kernel05:33
ActionParsnipRandom832: makes sense imho :)05:33
ActionParsnipRandom832: its to accommodate as much stuff as possible05:34
Random832and spending 30 minutes going through the menu to turn off all the modules you don't need would save you enough time to be worth it05:34
ESphynxActionParsnip: yet it still epically fails =(05:34
Random832because compiling a kernel took like half a day05:34
SwedeMikeRandom832: that happened in the late 90ties as far as I remember, that's when I stopped compiling kernels.05:36
ActionParsnipRandom832: indded, and the rest :)05:36
ActionParsnipRandom832: then compiling Xorg, and your DE05:36
confuzleddoes anyone here run xbmc05:36
Flynsarmy12.10 is generating a lot of heat :s05:37
confuzledi am having an issue where i can not get the application to minimize once started05:37
confuzled(disclaimer: i am running mint 13 but there channel is a bunch of weirdos05:38
rhizmoethose weirdos. what a bunch of weirdos they are.05:38
confuzledif its a mint issue i do not mind switching, but i would like to just figure out what the issue is05:39
SwedeMikeconfuzled: there is an #xbmc-linux channel.05:39
ActionParsnipconfuzled:  mint isn't supported here05:39
confuzledthank you very much.05:40
confuzledActionParsnip: i didnt ask anyone to support it.  i simply asked if anyone runs the softwrae05:40
confuzledbut thank you05:40
ActionParsnipconfuzled: thats not a support question05:40
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confuzleddoes ubuntu have middle click drag scrolling?05:45
robertzaccourActionParsnip, I've got ffmpeg figured out with i-pulse and x11grab, now just gotta capture my analog audio. Might you be able to help me figure it out? Right now I'm at ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1440x900 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec huffyuv -sameq Screencast.avi05:46
robertzaccourconfuzled, yes05:47
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confuzledok...well thats that, switching to ubuntu05:49
yogeshthegeniusits the best OS ever05:49
yogeshthegeniusUbuntu Rocks!!!!!!!!!05:50
bretoliusI am not seeing both of my DVD drives after installing 12.10 or on the live USB drive (consistency check is fine)05:50
bretoliusI am scrolling through /var/log/dmesg and /var/log/kern.log but I dont know what to look for05:51
yogeshthegeniusI vish I was a programmer to help u out with that05:51
bretoliusAnyone have an idea?05:51
crimsonmanebretolius: file a bug on launchpad.05:51
varadharajanIn an EXT4 FS, how does mounting with data=writeback make it more performant? Will it impact read performance?05:51
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bretoliuscrimsonmane: I am new at ubuntu, should I just report at the ubuntu launchpad project?05:53
yogeshthegeniusfirst look up at google and various forums if u don't find an answer than ask at ubuntuforums or ask ubuntu05:54
yogeshthegeniusand if that doesn't work out report a detailed bug report at launchpad05:54
crimsonmanefirst of all, you should only use the latest release if you're willing to experience problem and submit reports so they can fix bugs. secondly, this forum has limits the view, so you absolutely should report it to the forums. perhaps someone finds a solution while you are sleeping.05:54
crimsonmanei meant this IRC has limited view05:55
crimsonmanewow @ typos.05:55
ActionParsnipvaradharajan: you can add the option:  noatime    to make it a little faster05:55
varadharajanActionParsnip: Yeah.. I've included it, but i'm not sure how data=writeback will have an impact on throughput05:56
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robertzaccourCould someone help me figure out how to record from my speakers? I already got my screen and mic with ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec huffyuv -sameq Screencast.avi just gotta get my speakers in there and I'm set.06:00
ix_how do I make a bootable Linux usb drive for a mac, from Linux?06:05
htrakiSkype does not show up in the systray,Who do I put it there?06:06
Jordan_Uix_: How much work are you willing to put into it?06:09
VbitzI ran sudo halt on my server ( sitting right next to me right now ) and after the network interface is down and the display is off yet it's still on06:09
zykotick9Vbitz: try "sudo shutdown -h now"06:11
VbitzI can't connect to it right now, as I said the screen is off06:11
Jordan_U!sysrq | Vbitz06:11
ubottuVbitz: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key06:11
ix_Jordan_U, very much work06:14
Jordan_Uix_: Great. Will you be able to access a mac to test things?06:14
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ix_Jordan_U, yes06:15
Jordan_Uix_: Are you working from Ubuntu 12.10?06:15
ix_Jordan_U, I have a macbook pro here, but I erased everything on the HDD06:15
ix_Jordan_U, I have Lubuntu 12.10 installed here06:15
insomniac_lemonCan someone here recommend good software that I can use to migrate my Windows drive onto a VM? Everything theat needs to be on windows to run freezes, and Clonezilla freezes in the VM when I try to use it to restore the image to it.06:16
ix_Jordan_U, so, basically, I have my laptop with Debian and Lubuntu and I have a Macbook pro which does not boot06:17
htrakiinsomniac_lemon: Virtualbox06:17
ActionParsnipinsomniac_lemon: you can use vmware based tools to make a virtual system out of a physical system. Its called a P2V06:17
VbitzJordan_U: That trick did not work06:17
Flynsarmytrying to boot 12.10 with acpi=noirq (which works fine occasionally but often doesnt). this particular boot stopped here: http://www.imgur.com/pPxUB.jpeg any ideas why?06:18
bulletrulzhow to change my login maneger to light dm from lxdm?06:18
insomniac_lemonI don't want to have to sign up to get VMware's software06:18
Jordan_Uix_: First, use GParted to create a new GPT label on the USB drive you want to use (which will wipe all the data currently on the drive) and create one EFI System Partition.06:19
ix_Jordan_U, would it be easier to make a cd with ubuntu and boot it on that macbook pro? I have a few linux cds around but they don't boot on the thing and I thought the optical drive might have a problem06:19
saotomeCan't seem to get the new webapps feature to work in chromium. I have installed both chromium and the unity related extension. Are there any extra steps involved?06:19
insomniac_lemonsaotome, maybe try actual Chrome? You can install it on Linux.06:20
Flynsarmysigh. can't even boot anymore06:20
saotomeinsomniac_lemon, would love to use chrome. however, as I have read, only chromium and firefox support the webapp integration feature.06:20
ix_Jordan_U, I've formatted it with gpt partition table, but what is that about efi?06:21
insomniac_lemonOh, I see06:21
insomniac_lemonsaotome, wait "So far, most of the engineers' efforts have focused on Firefox, but Pete Goodall (a product manager at Canonical) said Chrome and Chromium support is also in the works."06:22
insomniac_lemonSo, maybe just not yet?06:22
Jordan_Uix_: For a USB drive to be bootable via EFI it needs to have an EFI System Partition, which is a FAT32 partition with a GUID of C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B (though GParted probably has a name for it rather than having you enter that GUID).06:23
saotomeinsomniac_lemon, hhmm... ok, I have read all over the place saying that chromium was supported. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for the tip.06:23
VbitzJordan_U: The Magic SysRq Key trick did not work06:24
Flynsarmyhttp://www.imgur.com/pPxUB.jpeg anyone know why my boot would stop after reaching this point?06:25
ix_Jordan_U, I can't figure out how to make that efi system partition06:26
magn3tsFlynsarmy: because you touch yourself at night06:26
Flynsarmyother times when I boot it shows ata2.00: revalidation failed (errno=-5) after a whole lot of lines of end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector xxxxxx06:26
magn3tsFlynsarmy: in all seriousness, ata errors are related to your hard drive and should likely be of moderate->severe concern06:27
magn3tsespecially if your system isn't booting, though obviously the drives not dead since it's booting at all... what's your HDD setup?06:27
Jordan_Uix_: I can't find an option in GParted to do it. Just create a FAT32 partition in GParted and then I'll tell you how to set its GUID properly via gdisk ("sudo apt-get install gdisk").06:27
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: I've had that, i replaced the HDD06:28
ix_Jordan_U, ok, fat32 partition created06:28
Flynsarmymagn3ts teh hdd is fine. it's a dell xps 15z (nvidia optimus) laptop. dual booting with with windows. windows is fine, my old ubuntu install was fine. it's just the new 12.10 install that's scrwing up06:28
magn3tswait, wait, he shouldn't have to make the partition manually, just initializing the disk with a new GPT table should do that if the tool is worth its wait.06:28
magn3tsFlynsarmy: :/ hm06:29
insomniac_lemonI've already tried Disk2vhd and similar software, but it freezes windows probably because it doesn't like that it's trying to access partitions it is using. I'm definitely interested in software for Linux that can make a drive usable on a VM06:29
ix_Jordan_U, I've installed gdisk06:29
Jordan_Uix_: t06:30
Jordan_Uix_: Sorry, "sudo gdisk /dev/sdX" then type 't' and hit enter.06:30
ix_Jordan_U, no t06:31
ix_Jordan_U, http://i.imgur.com/iNEVy.png06:32
Flynsarmymagn3ts got it working by removing quiet splash from teh grub options. no idea why that worked06:32
VbitzJordan_U: If the sysrq key combo does not work what's the next step06:33
magn3tsFlynsarmy: you using straight up ubuntu or any... major modifications?06:33
Jordan_Uix_: You should have run "sudo gdisk /dev/sdb" not /dev/sdb1. 'q' to quit.06:33
magn3tsFlynsarmy: I had something recently muck with my boot. 95% of the time booting would fail and it was due to a pkg that had been installed06:33
robertzaccourCould someone help me figure out how to record from my speakers? I already got my screen and mic with ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec huffyuv -sameq Screencast.avi just gotta get my speakers in there and I'm set.06:33
Jordan_UVbitz: You'll probably need to pull the plug then unfortunately.06:33
VbitzCan I just hold in the power button06:34
Flynsarmymagn3ts it's a clean install of 12.10. no modifications. all i've been doign is copying files from my backups folder into my home folder. my laptop has overheated a few times and shut down. i believe it's because i'm not killing the nvidia gpu so it's generating alot of heat06:34
Jordan_UVbitz: It depends on your hardware. It's certainly worth trying.06:34
ix_Jordan_U, ok, I did that06:34
magn3tsFlynsarmy: o_0 weird. good luck with that06:35
Jordan_Uix_: Good, is it asking for a "hex code or UID"?06:35
ix_Jordan_U, oops, yes it did06:35
Jordan_Uix_: 'ef00' then enter.06:35
ix_Jordan_U, ok, I did that, it still asks for a command06:36
Jordan_Uix_: It should then report "Changed type of partition to 'EFI System'". If it does, then type 'w' and enter to write (after confirming with 'y' most likely).06:36
ix_Jordan_U, yes, it did that06:37
Jordan_Uix_: Ok, gdkisk should have quit and you should now have an EFI System Partition.06:37
ix_Jordan_U, I typed q06:37
VbitzJordan_U: Systems fine after rebooting06:37
ix_Jordan_U, now what?06:38
sapMorning. I got a problem: I got a partition with ntfs and fdisk says the total allocated sectors are greater than the maximum06:38
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Jordan_Uix_: sudo apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-bin06:38
ix_Jordan_U, I'm on a 32 bit laptop, does it matter?06:39
sapit doesnt show me a proper partition table (verify in fdisk says invalid) and gparted wont show the partitions...and the live usb stick wont install because of that06:39
somanHi all. How can I add a created link to executable to left side panel in Ubuntu 12.04?06:39
Jordan_Uix_: The mac is 32 bit?06:39
somandrag and drop doesn't work06:39
ix_Jordan_U, the macbook pro has a core 2 duo cpu06:39
ix_Jordan_U, it's 64 bit06:40
ix_Jordan_U, ok, I've installed grub-efi-amd64-bin06:41
Jordan_Uix_: Try "sudo apt-get install grub-efi-amd64-bin", the package should be available even for 32 bit systems (for situations exactly like this). If it's not available then I'm a little dissapointed in the Ubuntu/Debian packagers :)06:41
ix_Jordan_U, it installed fine06:42
Jordan_Uix_: Just as a check, what is the output of "grub-install --version"?06:42
ix_Jordan_U, 1.99-23, should I go to Lubuntu? it has grub 206:43
Jordan_Uix_: Yes, you should go to Lubuntu (12.10), grub 2.00 has better EFI support.06:43
ix_Jordan_U, ok, wait until I reboot06:44
insomniac_lemonIs there something like clonezilla that works better/is more efficient?06:45
ix_ok, I'm on lubuntu 12.10, I've installed grub-efi-amd64-bin06:47
Jordan_Uix_: Mount the EFI System Partition to /mnt/.06:47
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ix_Jordan_U, sudo mount /dev/sdb /mnt ???06:48
Jordan_Uix_: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/06:48
ix_Jordan_U, ok06:49
Error404NotFoundI keep getting http://pastie.org/5092183 on all of my machines on weekly basis. Rebooting system and re-running xapian works. I have also added the output of running it manually to paste.06:49
Jordan_Uix_: A device like "sdb" is the entire drive, a device like "sdb1" is a partition. You might have been confused by the fact that we ran "sudo gdisk /dev/sdb", but that's because while we were changing information about a partition, that information is stored in the partition table, and there is only one of those per device.06:49
ix_Jordan_U, darn it, it was already mounted on media06:49
ix_lubuntu mounts automatically06:50
ix_ok, I've unmounted them and remounted on /mnt06:51
Jordan_Uix_: Great. Now run "sudo grub-install --removable --target=x86_64-efi --boot-directory=/mnt/boot/ --efi-directory=/mnt/"06:51
ix_Jordan_U, installation finished, ni error reported06:52
robertzaccourCould someone help me figure out how to record from my speakers? I already got my screen and mic with ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec huffyuv -sameq Screencast.avi just gotta get my speakers in there and I'm set.06:53
Jordan_Uix_: Great. Now unmount the drive and try to boot from it.06:53
lucy_I can not understand you06:54
ix_Jordan_U, hm, I've opened the macbook and pressed alt, but nothing appeared to be booted from06:54
ix_Jordan_U, with the usb stick in, obviously06:55
ix_Jordan_U, maybe the macbook has a problem06:55
lucy_where is here06:57
Jordan_Uix_: Can you put the USB drive back in the Ubuntu machine and run "sudo gdisk -l /dev/sdb" and mount /dev/sdb1 and run "find /path/to/mountpoint" and pastebin the output of both?06:57
GVRVG'day everyone! Can someone please help me sort out my dependency issues while I've detailed at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2073770 ? I have no clue how I ended up with that mess06:58
Jordan_U!cn | lucy_06:59
ubottulucy_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:59
ix_Jordan_U, http://i.imgur.com/ulllr.png07:00
ix_Jordan_U, sorry, I made a typo07:02
ix_Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/WShg2Z6807:02
raymondI have webapps working, but they won't integrate with the HUD, and I'm not getting notifications for new E-mails from gmail.  I upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10, and I previously had the webapps preview installed (which I removed and believe to have purged some time before installing 12.10)07:02
Jordan_Uix_: The problem there is that we didn't actually successfully change the UID of the partition to make it a System Partition.07:03
GVRVanyone ?07:03
ix_Jordan_U, and why is that?07:03
Jordan_Uix_: Run "sudo gdisk /dev/sdb" and pastebin the output (I'd prefer http://pastebin.ubuntu.com to an image screenshot if it's not too difficult for you).07:04
ix_Jordan_U, LOL, no, it's not difficult07:04
Jordan_Uix_: My guess is that you quit before issuing the 'w' command to write.07:04
robertzaccourCould someone help me figure out how to record from my speakers? I already got my screen and mic with ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec huffyuv -sameq Screencast.avi just gotta get my speakers in there and I'm set.07:05
ix_Jordan_U, this changes everything07:05
ix_Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/1Snb4rNz07:05
Jordan_Uix_: Looks good. Now try booting from the USB drive again.07:06
ix_Jordan_U, ok07:06
ix_Jordan_U, still nothing, I think I should start from scratch07:07
GVRVsomeone, a little help, please? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207377007:08
effigyhey... just finished upgrading to the new release. i guess i have a question. is there no more like toolbar with folders organizing the installed programs? i can start them through the terminal... but am i missing something? i see shortcuts for firefox, settings, etc.. in the new menu bar on the left07:13
Jordan_Uix_: Everything looks correct at the moment though.07:13
ix_well, I made the gpt partition table again, created a fat32 partition, sudo gdisk /dev/sdb, sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/, sudo grub-install --removable --target=x86_64-efi --boot-directory=/mnt/boot/ --efi-directory=/mnt/07:15
ix_unmounted /mnt, tried the usb stick in the macbook, but it did not take it07:16
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Jordan_Uix_: OK, how old is this macbook? There was a short period of time a few years back where Apple was shipping 64 bit machines with 32 bit EFI firmware.07:17
ix_Jordan_U, it's from 200607:17
arunkumar413the ubuntu dash doesn't show when i move the mouse to the left edge of the screen07:17
foobArrrI have problems with distorted sound and echo with vlc. Often sound is only distorted for the first few seconds or a minute of a file, then sound is normal. when I skip to the next song/video, sound is distorted again. I tried recording it with Sound Recorder, but I can't get that to work.07:20
Jordan_Uix_: Then you might have a machine with that odd combination.07:21
ix_Jordan_U, so what should I do?07:22
ix_Jordan_U, I see there is a grub-efi-ia3207:23
Jordan_Uix_: Try "sudo apt-get install grub-efi-ia32-bin" and running "sudo grub-install --removable --target=i386-efi --boot-directory=/mnt/boot/ --efi-directory=/mnt/"07:23
Jordan_Uix_: And the really nice thing is that since you've run both commands, this USB will (hopefully) be bootable from both 32 bit and 64 bit [U]EFI firmware.07:24
robertzaccourCould someone help me figure out how to record from my speakers? I already got my screen and mic with ffmpeg -f alsa -i pulse -f x11grab -r 25 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec huffyuv -sameq Screencast.avi just gotta get my speakers in there and I'm set.07:25
effigycan anyone tell me how to access a list of installed applications to run on the new release? i'm clueless, did they take that away? i'm running xchat by typing 'xchat' in the terminal.. but where is the list of programs to use?07:25
ix_Jordan_U, and I was thinking about deleting the old files :)07:25
ix_Jordan_U, ok, I did that07:25
Jordan_Uix_: Great now try booting from the USB.07:25
ix_Jordan_U, it still does not work, I think this thing is broken07:26
Jordan_Uix_: Please pastebin the gdisk -l and find output again.07:27
afro1hi guys, i'm trying to use webapps but no integration of gmail, do you have idea where is problem? i did install unity-webapps-*, chromium can't ask me on gmail..07:27
LafiirIs there a name or official description for the list of devices to play/record from shown in the Sound Settings window?07:28
ix_Jordan_U, you were right about the efi32, the model of this macbook pro is a121207:29
ix_Jordan_U, http://pastebin.com/02KMAddV07:29
Jordan_Uix_: That all looks right :(07:30
ix_Jordan_U, I thought so07:30
gabkdllyeffigy, hit the super key, also known as the windows key, or click on the Ubuntu logo in the top left hand corner07:31
ix_Jordan_U, thank you for your effort, if you have any more ideas, I'm all ears :)07:31
GVRVAnyone, help with http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2073770 please?07:31
gabkdllyeffigy, the new interface is called Unity http://unity.ubuntu.com/07:32
effigygabkdlly: i see that, but it's a search... are you supposed to type in the program you want to run? there's no collected organized list?07:32
bird_hi body :)07:32
swex_can anybody explain me why my ubuntu ignoring module blacklist setting?07:32
bird_I had got some trouble07:32
Jordan_Uix_: Try asking in #grub. Include in your question the exact grub-install command you ran, the model of mac, and that most recent pastebin link. Be patient though, #grub is low traffic but grub developers will often chime in if they're around so it's high quality.07:33
Jordan_Uix_: And if you don't get an answer today try again tomorrow.07:33
NathHello all, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a TV tuner card install??07:33
bird_When I installed the Ubuntu I move the part of windows's C:07:33
gabkdllyeffigy, There might be a list somewhere that I am not aware of, but the idea is to be able to find and start programs with few keystrokes.07:34
bird_and now I can't enter my windows07:34
bird_does anyone can help me ?07:35
effigygabkdlly: well, for example i don't know what audio programs are installed... how can i find out to listen to music? i know how to run a few programs from the terminal... but i don't remember everything that's installed.07:35
gabkdllyeffigy, So if I want to set up my printer, and I don't know what the program is called that manages that, I start typing 'printer' and within a few key strokes the application that I was looking for pops up07:35
GVRVbird_, Try moving that part back, or I'm afraid to say, nothing much can be done07:35
bird_GBRV,thank you ,but I had installed ubuntu after the windows' loader partion07:37
gabkdllyeffigy, doing a search for 'music' worked pretty well for me, gave me rhythmbox, and a couple others07:37
effigygabkdlly: wow, really? okay, i see what you're saying. that's a big leap. i haven't upgraded releases in a few years. do people like this? i think it's crappy.07:37
bird_is there any tool or method to update the windows bootmbr now ?07:38
gabkdllyeffigy, some people like it, some don't, but it looks like it is going to stay the default for a while07:38
ix_Jordan_U, my internet died and I'm back in Debian, it seems to work here for some odd reason07:38
gabkdllyeffigy, gnome-shell serves a similar purpose, which I hear is now the default in Gnome 3 and up07:39
effigygabkdlly: is there any sort of shortcut i can make to launch programs? this is kinda annoying.07:39
Jordan_Uix_: Try asking in #grub. Include in your question the exact grub-install command you ran, the model of mac, and that most recent pastebin link. Be patient though, #grub is low traffic but grub developers will often chime in if they're around so it's high quality. And if you don't get an answer today, try again tomorrow.07:39
ix_Jordan_U, ok, thank you07:40
Jordan_Uix_: One last test. Can you pastebin the output of "sudo blkid"?07:40
ix_Jordan_U, /dev/sdb1: UUID="FF09-D509" TYPE="vfat"07:40
effigyJordan_U is a trooper, he really wants to help, god speed Jordan_U07:41
kracekumarI have a liveusb runs ubuntu, I am able to boot in normal pc, but in macbook when I hit alt/option and try to boot, I get missing operating system error07:41
gabkdllyeffigy, if you want to keep using unity, you can make the applications that you use often 'sticky' in the menu.  When you have the application started, right click on its icon on the left of your screen, and choose "Lock to launcher"07:41
Jordan_Uix_: That precludes the theory that it was the wrong filesystem then :(07:41
effigygabkdlly: that's the best i can do? can i at least make folders on the launcher? i can't believe there has been such a drastic change.07:42
LafiirWhich part of Ubuntu is responsible for detecting sound devices, as shown in the Sound Settings window? Said devices are rapidly changing/updating: the Speakers (analogue stereo)  alternates with Headphones and LineIn does with Microphone. This breaks my sound down to a constant crackling noise several times per second. It was fine with 12.04 so updating to 12.10 broke something, I just don't know what.07:42
NathHello all, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a TV tuner card install??07:43
robertzaccouranyone here familiar with ffmpeg commands?07:44
wormrobertzaccour: Yes? What do you want to do?07:44
Nathhow do i check to see if ubuntu can see my hardware07:45
gabkdllyeffigy, there are some other desktops available if this is a dealbreaker for you. Off the top of my head: xubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop07:45
robertzaccourworm, so far I've got it set up to where I can record the screen and from my mic, all that is left is the analog speakers. Here's where I'm at as of now ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i plughw:1,0 -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -threads 0 output.mkv07:45
gabkdllyeffigy, I gotta split, best of luck to you, bye07:46
effigygabkdlly: yeah i'm probably going to switch distros, but thanks... before you go recommend a new distro!07:46
wormrobertzaccour: Then, what's your question?07:47
robertzaccourworm, What do I need to do with that in order to get my analog speakers recorded directly?07:47
Nathis there a device manager in ububtu07:48
Flynsarmynath system monitor07:48
CalinouNath: ubuntu doesn't have any eyes, although you can use system monitor07:48
Flynsarmynm not what you were asking for07:48
Calinouno operating system can see...07:48
gabkdllyeffigy, all packages I just listed are full blown Ubuntu derivatives/siblings, so a lot of what you already know about Ubuntu will transfer, plus since they are in the repos you can switch back and forth without having to reinstall07:49
arunkumar413i'm unable to mark this package for installation in ubuntu 12.10:  nvidia-17307:50
Nathso how do i install drivers07:50
gabkdllyeffigy, If I had to switch right know, I would probably go with xubuntu, I have used it before and like it pretty well07:50
ASHER1i need please help about install php in ubuntu 8.0407:51
effigygabkdlly: i know you said you're leaving so feel free to go... but how are you guys dealing with this new structure? there's no program list and you're expected to basically google your computer for applications?07:51
effigyi think i'm missing something, or i hope i am.07:51
ASHER1i try install something in ubuntu but i have error someone can please help me07:51
gabkdllyeffigy, some people really like Linux Mint, but I know very little about it. It is also an Ubuntu derivative, comes in several flavors, I am unsure what they ended up doing with/without Unity07:51
ASHER1this my error07:51
ASHER1PHP version07:51
ASHER1    version 5.2.8 is required and you are running 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.2607:51
crizisgabkdlly, there's zero reason to install badly supported mint as you can install cinnamon on ubuntu if you really want to use that07:52
Jimster480-Laptogabkdlly: it doesnt have unity07:52
Jimster480-Laptothey use a desktop called cinamon i believe07:52
Jimster480-Laptoidk i have several friends that use it without a issue crizis07:52
Jimster480-Laptoi mean if you take a look at the 12.10 release and the current issues...07:53
Jimster480-Laptono distro is perfect.07:53
gabkdllyeffigy, I find Unity makes me less dependent on my mouse, which for me is a really good thing since I suffer a little from repetitive strain, and I much prefer my ergonomic keyboard to my mouse07:53
gabkdllyeffigy, over and out07:54
wormrobertzaccour: Do you have oss or alsa-oss?07:54
crizisnever upgrade - always do clean install - save yourself from problems07:55
nunneHaving problems with prop. nvidia drivers after I updated to 12.10. I have read about the missing deps (so I have installed linux-source and the headers), but I'm still getting the error where I get wrong resoluton, no unity taskbar, no window decoration and so on. Anyone have any ideas??? I have tried nvidia-current, nvidia-current-updates and nvidia-experimental-30407:55
wormrobertzaccour: Or have you tried just to record the voice by ffmpeg?07:55
crizisand better yet, stick to the LTS releases07:55
arunkumar41312.10 is buggy and slow07:55
criziswhat did you expect from non-lts release? :)07:55
crizisevery non-lts has been a disaster07:55
DaemonicApathyAt first, anyway.07:56
insomniac_lemonarunkumar413, maybe it's just Unity that makes it seem like it?07:56
FlyingElvisnunne: i have an nvidia card also and had the same probs with a clean install07:56
FlyingElvisthis is how i fixed it07:56
ASHER1someone tell me please how i install PHP version07:56
ASHER1<ASHER1>     version 5.2.8 is required and you are running 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.2607:56
FlyingElvisinstall a clean 12.04, install the nvidia drivers, make sure theyre working in 12.04 and then do a upgrade from 12.04 to 12.1007:56
robertzaccourworm, what do you mean?07:57
arunkumar413insomniac_lemon, yes, its the unity07:57
sdollinsASHER1: what version of Ubuntu do you have?07:57
Swamptsup ppl07:57
nunneFlyingElvis, I'm coming from 12.04 actually. and had working nvidia-drivers (nvidia-current) :(07:57
bretoliuscrizis: I have seen this advice a lot.  IS there any way to preserve the software you have installed or at least have them re-installed in some automated fashon?  I already keep /home on a separate drive07:57
FlyingElvisand you did the upgrade?07:57
arunkumar413insomniac_lemon, i system has 4gb ram and a dedicated nvidia geforce graphic card, dual core processor, still the unity is slow07:57
insomniac_lemonarunkumar413, maybe try cinnamon?  http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/?page_id=6107:57
crizisbretolius, yes, you can dump out installed package lists with dpkg07:58
insomniac_lemonCinnamon is Gnome 3 adapted to be more like Gnome 207:58
nunneFlyingElvis, yeah. I upgrade through Update Manager07:58
arunkumar413insomniac_lemon, previously i had 12.04 which was good07:58
FlyingElvisnunne: i am running kubuntu tho....i frickin hate unity07:58
crizisbretolius, just a minute07:58
bretoliuscrizis: ill check it out07:58
bretoliuscrizis: ok07:58
Jimster480-LaptoClean install really sucks crizis. Who the hell wants to repeatedly install their OS? Thats worse than Windows XP LOL07:58
nunneI even had the buggy wrong colors in youtube, so i know the nvidia drivers where "working" hahaha07:58
FlyingElvisunity is an abortion of a desktop UI IMO07:58
sdollinsASHER1: It looks like you're running Hardy. That's the latest version available. You would either need to manually install a later version or upgrade your OS.07:58
crizisbretolius, "dpkg --get-selections > mypackages.log" and to restore again, "dpkg --set-selections < mypackages.log"07:59
krababbelnunne: I upgraded to quantal about a month ago, no nvidia problems, I used aptitude and have no gnome or kde though07:59
nunneFlyingElvis, I actually like Unity ;) But what buggers me is that installing the source and headers seems to have helped most people.. but not me :(07:59
bretoliuscrizis: awsome advice!  Ill take note07:59
Jimster480-LaptoFlyingElvis:  youare completely correct when you say that.07:59
crizisJimster480-Lapto, considering installing ubuntu takes 15 minutes, and if you dump out package lists with dpkg and have /home on separate partition, this is 20 minute process every 6 months08:00
FlyingElviskde is just so much more complete and you have total control over the computer, with unity, i cant say that08:00
bretoliusFlyingElvis: yeah, coming to 12.04 after windows 7 and os x for a long long time, Unity Is quite swell08:00
Nathi type this "apt-get install get patchutils lsdiff libproc-processtable-perl build-essential"08:00
crizisJimster480-Lapto, and my recommendation still is to SKIP every non-lts release and STICK TO THE LTS and not to upgrade to these broken mid-releases08:00
Naththen :08:01
bretoliusFlyingElvis: I dont want total control so it works well for me.  total controll sounds like a lot of busy work08:01
NathReading package lists... Done08:01
NathBuilding dependency tree08:01
NathReading state information... Done08:01
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: I guess. But i mean if you look at 10.04 that was a broken LTS release.08:01
FloodBot1Nath: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:01
NathE: Unable to locate package get08:01
NathE: Unable to locate package lsdiff08:01
FlyingElvisbretolius: i am a recent win7 to buntu convert, and i tried ubuntu12.04 and now 12.10...and kde rules it08:01
crizisJimster480-Lapto, bull, it's a fantastic release and still running it at ton of servers08:01
ASHER1sdollins you can please tell me how i install php version 5.2.8?08:01
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: thast the version that i came from. Now i am on 10.10. And I patch it myself and have my own custom kernel with optimized code aswell. Which I am currrently trying to get put into the official kernel.08:01
sdollinsASHER1: My suggestion would be to upgrade your OS.08:02
sdollinsI'm sure a lot of the software you have is outdated.08:02
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: who uses Ubuntu servers?08:02
bretoliusFlyingElvis: to be fair, I have never tried KDE.  It does not look as visually appealing, but I have heard good things from smart trustworthy people08:02
Nathcan anyone explain why i get that?08:02
crizisidiotic question tbh08:02
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: Also it had seriuos issues with Sleep and hibernate.08:02
bretoliusFlyingElvis: i should give it a shot08:02
crizisquite a many and ubuntu server is nowadays more deployed than RHEL08:02
sdollinsHardy is still supported but it was released in 2008.08:02
GVRVCan anyone tell me why I'd be getting dependency errors like http://dpaste.com/816191/ using apt ?08:02
krababbelbretolius: it is a lot of work if you need every feature provided by desktop suites08:02
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: idk why you would ever pick a bloated release like ubuntu for a server lol08:02
sdollinsJimster480-Lapto: My work has hundreds of Ubuntu servers in production.08:02
=== arashOio is now known as arashO|o
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: its just fail all around08:02
FlyingElvisbretolius: go look up vids of kde and kubuntu on yotube, compare them to unity, and come back and tell me that08:03
crizisyou're really clueless it seems08:03
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: you can simply run CentOS or a Fedora server.08:03
crizisminimalistic server install is something around 100mbit08:03
nunneFlyingElvis, will try to purge the nvidia packages and see if it makes any difference installing them again after that :P08:03
FlyingElvisok nunne08:03
sdollinsWe use CentOS and Ubuntu. Mostly Ubuntu these days.08:03
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: Ive been running linux servers since FC 3.1.208:03
crizisand ubuntu is just way better. rhel-variants are nightmare to maintain08:03
wormrobertzaccour: Which kind of sound card driver are you using? ALSA/OSS/PULSE08:03
sdollinsSome software we use requires RHEL-variant which is why we still use it.08:03
bretoliusFlyingElvis: Ok, ill check them out.  By no means do i disagree with the powers of KDE, just saying Unity works well for me.  I dont see the common criticism against it08:03
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: RHEL is a nightmare to maintain? Why? Because you dont know how to use Yum?08:04
robertzaccourworm, I think alsa. got the ffmpeg command from a youtuber08:04
FlyingElvisbretolius: use what works for you08:04
sdollinsI know another company in the same industry who runs Ubuntu on all of their production servers.08:04
insomniac_lemonJimster480-Lapto, why are you still running 10.10? If it's because of Unity, you could always try 11.04, Natty Narwhal, the last version before that used Gnome 2 and not Unity08:04
wormrobertzaccour: then you need to install alsa-oss08:04
crizisbecause of lack of automation, lack of up to date packages, and having to script tons of tasks manually which ubuntu does automatically08:04
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: Because it cant get any simpler. And CentOS is so quick stable and secure, and the Yum is so easy to use.08:04
robertzaccourworm, ok just did08:04
crizisnow please stop trolling08:05
bretoliuscrizis:  this dkpg advice looks exactly like what I am looking for combined with the preserved /home on a separate drive.  Do you have any adivce about PPDs?  They all get disabled on re-install08:05
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: Its not trolling I really don't understand your fanboyism with this distro for servers.08:05
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: please explain to me what makes you such a fan of their servers?08:05
crizis!ot Jimster480-Lapto08:05
bretoliusUse what works best for you Jimster480-Lapto08:05
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: yea i dont like Unity at all so I never upgraded08:05
robertzaccourworm, ok now what? it didn't run using with 'alsa-oss'08:05
sdollinsASHER1: Did you see my messages?08:06
bretoliusadvice we can all take easily08:06
insomniac_lemonJimster480-Lapto, so try 11.04, it uses Gnome 2, not Unity08:06
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: I just patch things that I need to. And build myself new kernels as time goes on.08:06
crizisbretolius, you can try to enable them one by one, but generally it's just safer to disable them08:06
wormrobertzaccour: Because it makes a change on drivers, you need to reboot, then look at /dev and check if there is "/dev/dsp"08:06
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: I'll think about it. I was pretty sure it was on Unity though.08:06
bretoliuscrizis: if the ppa eventually brings support to the new OS, will the entries already be configured for that?08:06
robertzaccourworm, ok brb08:06
bretoliuscrizis: or will I need to re-add them08:07
wormrobertzaccour: /dev/dsp is your microphone. You'll then be able to use it as input08:07
crizisyou'll need to re-add them08:07
bretoliusbleh that sucks08:07
bretoliusI guess I should just accept out of date software or keep better traack of which ppa does what08:07
crizishow much software you possibly can need from ppa's, anyway08:08
insomniac_lemonJimster480-Lapto, actually, it has both Unity and Gnome 208:08
Jimster480-Laptocrizis: depends on what you are doing08:08
insomniac_lemonSo you just change what you log into08:08
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: So its not Unity with the session fallback crap?08:08
insomniac_lemonno need to install anything08:08
insomniac_lemonI don't know08:08
wormrobertzaccour: /dev/dsp is your microphone. You'll then be able to use it as input08:09
robertzaccourworm, I'm back08:09
insomniac_lemonIt's not like Gnome Fallback on the never versions08:09
wormrobertzaccour: wish it works08:09
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: oh ok08:09
Jimster480-LaptoI'm just afraid of breaking my version that I have now08:09
insomniac_lemonJimster480-Lapto, try it on a VM or something08:09
robertzaccourworm, my mic works just fine, I need to know how to record from my speakers08:09
wormrobertzaccour: -f oss  -i  /dev/dsp08:09
robertzaccourworm, where do I put that in the command at?08:10
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: yea Ill make a VM on my Windows desktop and check it out, its usually what i do with most releases these days08:10
Jimster480-Lapto11.04 is supported until when?08:10
insomniac_lemonIs it still supported?08:10
robertzaccourworm, what do I need to change in this? ffmpeg -f alsa -ac 2 -i plughw:1,0 -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920x1080 -i :0.0 -acodec pcm_s16le -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -threads 0 output.mkv08:11
robertzaccour with that?08:11
wormrobertzaccour: A moment please. I am checking it.08:11
robertzaccourworm, I want to record with my mic and analog speakers directly at the same time08:11
robertzaccourworm, ok thanks08:11
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: yea its LTS so it should be supported still08:12
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: not that i care that much, if i really have to patch something i can just build it most of the time.08:13
Jimster480-LaptoMESA 7.10.108:13
facusomeone can help me?08:14
Jimster480-Laptohmm maybe I will try it out because that would let me get my hardware accel back. Because MESA is one of the things that i havent upgraded.08:14
Jimster480-Laptofacu: what is the issue?08:14
facuI have just already installed Java but the other softs doesn't found it08:14
facufor example08:15
wormrobertzaccour: How about do some test on your computer? ffmpeg -f alsa -i hw:0,0 -acodec libmp3lame outfile.mp3 Wish that can record the sound that plays in your speakers.08:15
Jimster480-Laptohow did you install it?08:15
FlyingElvisfacu  did you install actual java or icedtea08:15
facuwith the packages that I found in the web of microsystems08:15
facuthe official page of Java08:15
facuI learn all the wiki08:15
FlyingElvisr u using ubuntu?08:15
wormrobertzaccour: If that can record your speaker's sound, you may be able to add that as an input of your ffmpeg.08:16
FlyingElvisgo to the ubuntu software app and download icedtea 708:16
Jimster480-Laptofacu: so did you patch the files into your folder?08:16
facuyes I did but nothing happen08:16
crosswybhello there08:16
=== scouts is now known as seascoutcam
Jimster480-Laptofacu: follow the link i just pasted, it will explain everything to you. Your java should work fine after.08:17
Jimster480-Laptohi crosswyb08:17
FlyingElvisive never had luck with java on linux...but icedtead, which is a java replacement/clone works fine08:17
facuif I cant08:17
facucan you help me via team viwer?08:17
robertzaccourworm, very scratchy08:17
Jimster480-LaptoFlyingElvis: well the link i pasted has a full tut that shows how to do it.08:17
Jimster480-Laptofacu: idk08:17
facuOk bro08:17
Jimster480-Laptofacu: i do have TV but idk i mean its not that difficult to do to follow those instructions08:18
robertzaccourworm, its just a high pitch scratchy sound08:18
Jimster480-Laptofacu: pm me if u really get stuck08:18
facuOkay bro08:18
=== scouts is now known as gbf
insomniac_lemonWait, was there even an LTS version of 11.04?08:19
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: all .04 's are LTS08:19
Jimster480-Laptoatleast as far as i know08:19
Jimster480-Laptooh wait nvm actually its only every 2 years.08:19
insomniac_lemonAre they? Then why does support end this month?08:19
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: yea i forgot lol.08:19
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: in that case ill just stick to my 10.1008:20
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: not a issue really08:20
=== gvim is now known as Guest41662
insomniac_lemonLTS versions are supposed to be 5 years, aren't they? But Natty ends (or has ended) this month.08:20
Calinouinsomniac_lemon: RIP natty, yes08:20
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: yea its not LTS. They support for 3 years not 5. The 10.04 ends on the day of the release of 13.0408:21
Calinou2 years = non-lts now08:21
Calinou5 years = lts now08:21
Jimster480-LaptoCalinou: oh they changed it?08:21
Calinoukubuntu has 5 years lts, xubuntu 3 years, lubuntu no lts08:21
insomniac_lemonJimster480-Lapto, from 12.04 LTS description: " While it lacks some new features, it will receive guaranteed support for five years from April 2012"08:22
insomniac_lemonBut I don't think there was a Natty LTS version08:22
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: ah I see. Man being stuck on 12.04 for 5 years LOL08:22
Jimster480-Laptoinsomniac_lemon: 5 years of unity would mean that person would be dead xD08:22
facuHow Can I check if it's installed?08:23
DaemonicApathyJimster480-Lapto: Having 12.04 doesn't necessitate Unity.08:24
Calinounatty wasn't a lts08:24
insomniac_lemonJimster480-Lapto, I'm thinking of using 12.04 LTS with Cinnamon instead of Unity. It's made by the makers of Linux Mint because they liked Gnome 208:24
Jimster480-LaptoDaemonicApathy: yea Cinnamon is interesting. It kind of reminds me of KDE08:24
wormrobertzaccour: I am not sure what's up then... It works well in mine. Maybe ask others? or check here http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/using-ffmpeg-to-record-sound-from-speakers-4175412930/08:24
Jimster480-LaptoDaemonicApathy: its really like Gnome meets KDE08:24
Jimster480-LaptoDaemonicApathy: I've used it quite a few times on my LUG's machines08:25
hoeggerr_Hi,  I tried to use the new Lubuntu and Ubuntu 12.10 . with  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/    md5 is ok of AMD64 and i386 Ubuntu, (and Lubuntus isos) but it will not find the isos when it is time to make the live /installer USB.  any ideas what i Do wrong?08:25
insomniac_lemonI was the one who mentioned cinnamon08:25
DaemonicApathyJimster480-Lapto: I just use Cairo-Dock when I want menus or indicators. My system is built mostly around kb shortcuts, though.08:25
=== SeoZ is now known as SeoZ-work[AWAY]
LafiirDetecting sound devices, as shown in the Sound Settings window, broke for me with the update from 12.04 to 12.10: Said devices are rapidly changing/updating: the Speakers (analogue stereo)  alternates with Headphones and LineIn does with Microphone. This breaks my sound down to a constant crackling noise several times per second even when muted. Ideas how to fix that?08:26
Jimster480-LaptoDaemonicApathy: I use alot of KB shortcuts on my Win7 desktop, I really like them. But for some reason I never bothered to do it here in my linux on my laptop08:26
=== Jimster480-Lapto is now known as Jimster480-L
insomniac_lemonI need some way to back up drives for VMs or just backing up, so if I want to upgrade Ubuntu, if I don't like it, I don't have to redo all of my settings.08:27
=== stefan_ is now known as sb1980
DaemonicApathyJimster480-L: Between Compiz and the Ubuntu settings (Keyboard), there's quite a lot of potential for them.08:27
=== scouts is now known as seascoutcam
IdleOneJimster480-L DaemonicApathy: This conversation would be perfect for #ubuntu-offtopic08:28
Jimster480-LDaemonicApathy: oh i Know08:28
Jimster480-LIdleOne: you are right, and I am in that channel lol08:28
IdleOneJimster480-L: fantastic, please keep the chit chat in there and support in here :)08:29
DaemonicApathyIdleOne: I only brought it up as a feature of Ubuntu, because of a comment about Unity. I understand the concern, thoguh, and I'm finished. :-)08:30
Jimster480-LDaemonicApathy: And I think im giong to go to sleep anyway now08:30
IdleOneDaemonicApathy: Appreciated.08:30
=== adrianrly|OFF is now known as adrianrly
insomniac_lemonI never got an answer on what I should use to get my windows drive onto a VM. Windows programs freeze up when I try to make the clone, clonezilla freezes when trying to restore, and I can't find any Linux apps to do the job, which would be the best if I could.08:33
Calinouinsomniac_lemon: what job?08:35
afidegnumhi all,08:35
Calinouinsomniac_lemon: I advise not using cinnamon btw. it's buggy and slow08:35
afidegnumpls how do I make an image of my current ubuntu installation?08:36
bazhangafidegnum,  aclone?08:36
bazhangafidegnum, or a restore point? what08:36
afidegnuma system clone08:36
robertzaccourworm, oh ok. thanks anyhow08:37
afidegnumdo I need to install it? or it's already there?08:37
bazhangafidegnum, you mean with dd? clonezilla or something else08:37
=== kirk is now known as Guest33535
afidegnumyea, does clonezilla work on ubuntu?08:38
afidegnumI think it work on windows only08:38
afidegnumwhich one is dd?08:38
bazhangafidegnum, check their homepage.08:38
insomniac_lemonNo, I think it works on any OS08:38
afidegnumwhich one do I choose? between clonezilla and dd?08:38
insomniac_lemonIsn't dd more of a manual tool?08:38
bazhangafidegnum, choose whichever suits you best, how can we know that08:39
insomniac_lemonLike something you use in terminal?08:39
bazhang!who | insomniac_lemon08:40
ubottuinsomniac_lemon: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)08:40
NtdHey guys, anyone know how to connect a samsung galaxy SII to kubuntu 12.04? kioexec keeps giving errors08:42
hoeggerr_Any one that knows where to fint md5 sum of the latest Lubuntu ?08:42
robertzaccoursomethin strange here I couldn't even believe it08:43
blackshirtrobertzaccour, what strange guys?08:44
robertzaccourrecordmydesktop outputs in 1080 in gnome-shell but in 1072 in unity08:44
insomniac_lemonbazhang, I was talking about anyone mentioning dd08:44
robertzaccourI was troubleshooting this for hours08:44
robertzaccourthen just tried it after booting into gnome-shell and tada08:45
insomniac_lemon*talking to08:45
robertzaccouroutputs 1072 in kde also08:45
blackshirti have no play with this tool before this08:45
robertzaccourHow come recordmydesktop outputs 1920x1080 in gnome-shell and 1920x1072 in unity? makes no sense to me08:46
robertzaccouris this not bizzare?08:47
islandmonkeyWell, the time is 09:48 in the UK08:48
=== Youri is now known as YBook
blackshirthaha... Thats differs six hours from my place08:49
WalterNhmm... I seem to have serious Xorg issues with my AMD HD6870 video card... here is pastebin of xorg.0.log   http://pastebin.com/kZnPCWxQ08:50
WalterNseems anything done with 3D is extremely sluggish.. 2D related stuff seems to work fine08:51
hoeggerr_https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/CheckISO_CD    The MD5 sums is not yet on the help pages!  As faar as I can see.   Am I in the wrong place?  Very new to Linux..08:51
WalterNmind you, this is with ubuntu 12.10 64bit live disk08:51
islandmonkeyWalterN: Perhaps you should install first and then see what happens then08:52
Jordan_Urobertzaccour: Are you using Unity2D or Unity3D? Either way Unity and GNOME Shell will use a different window manager than, but if you're using Unity2D then you're not even using a composited Window Manger. Not that I can see directly how that would cause the symptoms you're seeing, but it might be relevant.08:52
WalterNislandmonkey: I kinda dont want to if video is going to be this issue-y.. heh08:53
robertzaccourJordan_U, I assume unity 3d. I can move the icons around on the panel08:53
islandmonkeyWalterN: Well, there is only one way to find out, because you can't really do much while on the live disk08:53
islandmonkeythat's the problem08:54
he22 days ago i started the upgrade to 12.10 but i send my notebook to standby and after that the upgrade was not complete08:54
WalterNislandmonkey: is it a commonish issue though in general with 12.10?08:54
islandmonkeyWalterN: Not on my NVIDIA GT540M08:54
he2i restarted and now there is oinly my wallpaper but no taskbar or any thing08:54
WalterNthats NVIDIA though08:55
he2what can i do?08:55
aeon-ltdhe2: have you tried ti complete it since?08:55
islandmonkeyWalterN: Well, all I can say is install and go from there, try using fglrx08:56
he2aeon-ltd: i tried to complete update and it told me to reboot because of the update08:56
he2but at the login screen it says 12.0408:56
he2aeon-ltd: i rebooted and since then i can login but not use my acc08:57
WalterNislandmonkey: thats something I really would rather not do (use the AMD drivers...)08:57
aeon-ltdif you try to update what happens? i wouldn't try anything in case of corruption though08:57
he2aeon-ltd: the updater crashed some times but installed some packages about 1000 i think08:58
WalterNscrew it... install all the things, break all the things, fix all the things08:58
islandmonkeyhe2: I would advise doing a clean install. My upgrade was fine (except for apt thinking that nvidia-settings was an un-used package).08:59
hoeggerr_Foud it, it is not in the download links.., it is at another page,  md5 was hiden here:    http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/12.10/release/08:59
robertzaccourgotta go. thanks, later yall08:59
robertzaccourhave fun08:59
robertzaccourbe good08:59
islandmonkeyWalterN: Well then there is not much you can do. Sometimes, you need to take risks :)09:00
he2islandmonkey: is there no way to downgrade and redo the upgrade?09:00
WalterNislandmonkey: its just when I want to get things done, I do it on linux.. ubuntu is my main desktop OS09:00
icerootis it possible to resize / when there is a encrypted /home inside /? (home is not an extra partition) does encryption use checksum for the partition size or something like that which will make a resize failing?09:01
hoeggerr_But here the MD5 sums is not updated:   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/CheckISO_CD09:01
islandmonkeyhe2: Can't downgrade.09:02
islandmonkeyLast time I checked09:02
islandmonkeyWalterN: Then, you will be stuck09:02
iceroothe2: not possible09:02
WalterNislandmonkey: hay, should I go with btrfs? :309:02
islandmonkeyWalterN: No, ext409:03
=== PS is now known as Guest85840
WalterNwell... there it goes09:04
he2i just tried to update via console09:05
he2but it does not install all the packages09:05
spacebarbariandoes the ubuntu openvpn bbuild allow user/pass file by default  ?09:06
WalterNyay for solid state drives and fast installing <309:08
WalterNcheers... I may or may not be back after rebooting.. if video card actually works or not09:09
LiquidDemocracyHow can I upgrade on Kubuntu to the latest version?09:09
iceroot!upgrade | LiquidDemocracy09:11
ubottuLiquidDemocracy: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:11
LiquidDemocracysudo do-release-upgrade says no new release found09:14
icerootLiquidDemocracy: because your settings are set to "only upgrade to the next lts version"09:15
icerootLiquidDemocracy: read the link from ubottu09:15
crizisprepare mentally for breakage on upgrade09:16
LiquidDemocracyiceroot, thx. I fixed it.09:16
kracekumarI followed http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx and once dd command completed, mac displayed dialog box stating "Unable to recognize the disk", then I retsarted the Mac & selected to boot from USB, "Missing Operating system " message is displayed09:26
icerootkracekumar: which ubuntu version you used? dd is only working with 11.10 and higher09:28
kracekumariceroot, 12.0409:28
Halexander9000Could someone please let me know what the new "Install RELEASE" icon on my dash does? Because all it's done so far is cause me trouble.09:28
kracekumariceroot, Mac doesn't book liveusb too but toshibha boots liveusb09:29
icerootkracekumar: luckily i never touched apple products so i dont know what that jail can do and what not, sorry cant help you further with that09:30
Halexander9000Hello? I could really use some help here, please?09:31
kracekumariceroot, this is the first time I got a mac, I don't want to use osx, '09:31
DionysusGonewildis this the tech support server?09:31
kracekumarDionysusGonewild, I don't think so09:32
=== scouts is now known as queen
DionysusGonewildwell then what is it?09:32
blackshirthi queen09:33
=== queen is now known as Guest86447
LafiirDetecting sound devices, as shown in the Sound Settings window, broke for me with the update from 12.04 to 12.10: Said devices are rapidly changing/updating: the Speakers (analogue stereo)  alternates with Headphones and LineIn does with Microphone. This breaks my sound down to a constant crackling noise several times per second even when muted. Ideas how to fix that?09:34
=== Sp00kan is now known as Spookan
AdamantusI tried to create a lense using this tutorial: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/unity/creating-a-wikipedia-unity-lens/09:34
AdamantusIt was a total disaster but now there is a broken lense, how do I remove it?09:35
icerootDionysusGonewild: you mean if this channel is supporting "ubuntu server"?09:37
DionysusGonewildiceroot I just have some general questions about how to do things09:38
icerootDionysusGonewild: like?09:38
WalterNsooo... same problem.. heh09:39
DionysusGonewildis this or is this not the support channel?09:39
islandmonkeyDionysusGonewild: Yes it is the ubuntu support channel09:39
icerootDionysusGonewild: this is the ubuntu support channel09:40
blackshirtnothing cool,09:40
judahlionHey! I have installed openbox on Ubuntu 12.10 and I want to remove the openbox/gnome entry and the unity entry from lightdm. does anyone knows a safe way to do this?09:40
blackshirtThats very common sense09:40
islandmonkeyWalterN: OK, tried using fglrx?09:40
Halexander9000Good morning everyone. Could someone please let me know what the new "Install RELEASE" icon on my dash does? Because all it's done so far is cause me trouble.09:41
WalterNislandmonkey: no... but hold on.. I dont see the error in the log files09:41
blackshirthalexander900m, new release was available09:42
islandmonkeyWalterN: But try it anyway if the sluggishness is still evident09:42
WalterNsomething is screwed up though09:42
GVRVA little help, please? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207377009:42
blackshirtgvrv,could you describe it here ?09:43
Halexander9000blackshirt: And... it's not anymore? Because whenever I run the installer it's always stuck at "Detecting file systems..." and it doesn't go any further than that. And on top of that, I think it's broken, since it displays "Unable to load pageProblem occurred while loading the URL file:///usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow/slides/index.htmlError opening file: No such file or directory". Just before, it asked me if it should unmount 09:43
Flynsarmyso its cine down to this...sitting my laptop in the fridge while it does a lot of work to stop it overheating...09:44
Halexander9000Go to the comema!09:44
blackshirthalexander9000, something gets bigger chance to break if you upgrading from full blown system09:44
GVRVblackshirt, APT dependency hell involving libc6, libc-i386, libc-bin and libc-dev. APT is completely broken at the moment, can't install any packages, install -f doesn't fix it, neither does manually grabbing the .deb files09:44
Halexander9000Watch some movies while it does work.09:44
Halexander9000Well... that's just great... should I burn a new iso with the new release?09:45
dogweatherFlynsarmy: I just picked up my second one of these: http://www.adorama.com/MACECOFANPRO.html?gclid=CPOw3LfpkbMCFcN_QgoddEEAHA09:45
Halexander9000blackshirt: Should I burn a new iso with the new release?09:45
GVRVblackshirt, output of dpkg --configure -a http://dpaste.com/816191/09:46
blackshirtgvrv, apt system was smart enough to solve the problem...but if you mixing some repository with others,maybe can harm your system09:46
pranavSystem Program Detected Problem, always its related to GPU lockup or like that. Recently I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 from 10.0409:46
pranavPlease guide09:47
GVRVblackshirt, disabled every PPA except precise-updates, still can't do anything09:47
LafiirIs there a way to safely downgrade to 12.04?09:47
blackshirtgvrv, i can't fo to your link given, i'm on handheld devices... But, i'm experienced with simikar oroblems09:47
islandmonkeypranav: Ignore it, it's harmless09:47
islandmonkeyWait no don't09:47
pranavislandmonkey: it keeps on giving options to report problem09:48
islandmonkey*should read things properly next time*09:48
pranavwith a dialogue09:48
blackshirthalexander9000, i have play bit a deep with apt system, i think apt was best for binary package management...09:48
GVRVblackshirt, what you you suggest I do then?09:48
islandmonkeypranav: Sorry gotta go09:48
pranavislandmonkey: ok09:48
=== pranav is now known as trap24
blackshirtHalexander9000, if you can connect to internet network with minimal system installed, thats great step to make you avoid the problems09:49
blackshirtgvrv, are you mixing some sources.list ?09:50
trap24anyone else have idea of popping of System program problem detected, related to gpu-intel after ungrade to 12.04 ?09:50
trap24my system freezes at times with unity09:50
blackshirtgvrv, can you connect to internet even if you on console single mode ?09:50
GVRVblackshirt, I probably did, but I've since commented them out, updated and tried to fix-missing, still no luck09:51
bekksblackshirt: Whats "console single mode"?09:51
GVRVblackshirt, do I need to purge them?09:52
blackshirtbekks,'i mean single mode, you should know it09:52
Yngve I have a strange problem after upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10, I have sound in headphones but not on the build in speakers. I have checked alsamixer and pulseaudio and everything seems to be working (I can see the volum indicater jumping up and down while playing music) but no sound on the speakers. It works when I use the 12.04 live CD. Macbook air 1.1. Does someone have an idea what could be wrong?09:52
bekksblackshirt: Since upstart, there is no single mode anymore.09:52
blackshirtgvrv, purge that packages causing troubles09:52
GVRVblackshirt, purge libc6? sure?09:52
trap24Setting up flashplugin-installer (
trap24update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for mozilla-flashplugin.09:52
blackshirtbekss, you can bring the system without gui09:53
bekksblackshirt: GUI has nothing to do with it :)09:53
blackshirtupstart does the job very well ...09:53
Tatrancawww. jizzday .com09:53
judahlionYngve: maybe your pulse uses the headphone as default?09:53
trap24all my apt-get install/remove stucks on :  update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for mozilla-flashplugin.09:54
Onixsnot sure if this is off topic.... is there a way to contol MC via web borwser instead of SSH09:54
trap24i upgraded to ubuntu 12.04 recently.09:54
bekksOnixs: Whats "MC"?09:54
crizismidnight commander09:55
Onixsmidnight commander09:55
bekksOr MineCraft? ;)09:55
bekksOnixs: No, there is no way to control mc using a webbrowser.09:55
bekksmc is a console-only tool.09:55
Yngvejudahlion Yes I was thinking that to, but i pulsemixer everything seems fine09:55
judahlionYngve: you can check that in pavucontrol.09:56
blackshirtupgrading in gui was bit a hazard ... And more bigger chance to break in09:56
Onixsis there such tool bekks ?09:56
bekksOnixs: None that I know of.09:57
Onixsok. thanks :)09:57
trap24how to remove redundant libs, packages after upgrading to Ubuntu12.0409:57
trap24i did cancel, i want to do it manually now09:58
bekksblackshirt: Upgrading in the GUI has no higher chance of breaking things.09:58
bekkstrap24: "apt-get autoremove"09:58
judahlionDoes someone knows a tool to change the default icons in openbox? I used lxappearence but that doesn't work :s09:58
Yngvejudahlion have had a look, but cant see how to change the defaults?09:59
trap24bekks: ok, i thought the installation was trying to do more than that.09:59
bekkstrap24: Nope.09:59
trap24bekks: it crashed like all apt-get events10:00
trap24bekks: Setting up flashplugin-installer ( ...10:00
trap24update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for mozilla-flashplugin.10:00
trap24dpkg: error processing flashplugin-installer (--configure)10:00
bekkstrap24: Then uninstall that package in first place, and innstall it later.10:01
dr_willisjudahlion: what icons exactly?10:01
blackshirtbekks, with more a lot of packages installed, more bigger chance...thats why i'm said10:01
bekksblackshirt: "more package installed" has nothing to do with "upgrading in the gui".10:01
dyrerjoin #drupal10:02
bekksblackshirt: You can have very few packages even with a GUI - and quite a lot packages without a GUI.10:02
trap24bekks: there is no package or anything starting with "flash"10:02
bekkstrap24: How did you check?10:02
trap24bekks: flash<tab>10:03
iceroottrap24: that is not the way to find packagenames10:03
wolstrap24: pacakges show when you tabcomplete?10:03
bekkstrap24: That will not show you any installed packages.10:03
blackshirtbekks, yes i know this .... Thats very common system with gui has more packages installed10:03
trap24wols: no10:03
wolstrap24: I suggest you try "dpkg -l |grep flash"10:03
wolstrap24: then why did you do it?10:03
GVRVWhat do these apt-get error messages mean? http://dpaste.com/hold/816213/10:03
iceroottrap24: dpkg -l flash*10:03
dr_willisapt-get install foo<tab>10:04
dr_willisi recall working10:04
icerootGVRV: that you installed a deb package by hand and not using apt-get or that you mixed repos10:04
icerootGVRV: libc6 errors are serios when you mess up the packages for libc10:04
GVRViceroot, course for correction?10:05
icerootGVRV: what you did exactly?10:05
icerootGVRV: mixing repos?10:05
icerootGVRV: or downloading something by hand?10:05
hoeggerr_The error was the usb installer have standard naming, and it is wrong name. Ubuntu dont use a new standard now(?) so it will not find the downloaded iso." [10:25] <hoeggerr_> Hi,  I tried to use the new Lubuntu and Ubuntu 12.10 . with  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/    md5 is ok of AMD64 and i386 Ubuntu, (and Lubuntus isos) but it will not find the isos when it is time to make the live /installer10:05
GVRViceroot, I don't even know exactly. You can read entire issue at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207377010:05
GVRViceroot, but you're right, I did try to manually install libc610:06
trap24iceroot: iF  flashplugin-in Adobe Flash Player plugin installer10:06
hoeggerr_And _also_  Win7 download ti an admin account "downloaded files" when in user account, and later when pendrive linux try to find the file it looks in the user account..10:06
icerootGVRV: installing libc6 by hand is always!! a bad idea and will break the system normally10:06
blackshirtgvrv, that was bad step10:07
nunneAnyone having problems with nvidia drivers on x64?? Been following what has been written online about installing linux source+headers.. But still no unity task bar or borders... I'm stuck at using the noveaou driver which is the suckiest thing on eart.. cant even move around windows / playback video without hugh lagg... running nvidia-settings after installing the nvidia drivers just says that no nvidia drivers are loade10:07
iceroottrap24: means installed and failed10:07
nunned. i have also tried running nvidia-xconfig. no luck, same error :(10:07
WalterNalright, so, played around with my computer screen configuration, and it seems to work fine if the three computer screens are mirrored, or if two of them are turned off10:07
GVRViceroot, it was suggested by someone on ubuntuforums :/ I really didn't know what I was getting myself into10:07
icerootGVRV: libc6 is the most important package on the system, when that gets broken you are in serious problems10:07
nunne(after updating to 12.10 that is)10:07
WalterNbut if two or all three computer screens are turned on, then video is extremely sluggish10:07
wolsnunne: why would you want to install it via source and headers?10:07
WalterNfor 3D things10:07
icerootGVRV: what is the output of "apt-cache policy libc6"10:07
iceroot!paste | GVRV10:08
nunnewols, i know headers are required for building the nvidia-driver module10:08
ubottuGVRV: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:08
=== adrianrly is now known as adrianrly|OFF
wolsnunne: install it as normal prorpietary driver as ubuntu provides10:08
wolsnunne: the question is why do you want to build it?10:08
nunnewols, exactly what i am doin10:08
nunneit's not working.. and im not the only one with this problem10:08
wols!doesn't work10:08
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:08
nunnewols, the ubuntu package builds the kernel module for my kernel (default). this is the normal behaviour.10:08
nunneotherwise it would need a new package for every kernel update10:09
GVRViceroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294483/10:09
wols!errors | nunne10:09
ubottununne: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message10:09
icerootGVRV: output of "sudo apt-get install -f"10:09
trap24iceroot: 1 of the package them is, all others are un.10:10
trap24what should i do now..10:10
wolstrap24: uninstall it with dpkg10:10
GVRViceroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294485/10:10
icerootGVRV: you installed libc6 i386 version on amd64?10:11
icerootGVRV: ah sorry its just multiarch, everything fine with that10:11
=== adrianrly|OFF is now known as adrianrly
nunnewols, I have described my errors? i'm not the only one having problems with nvidia prop. drivers in 12.10 it seems. just that what works for most doesnt work for me.10:11
icerootGVRV: can you try "sudo apt-get install libc6" and paste the output10:12
wolsnunne: you wrote "doesn't work". that's no description10:12
trap24iceroot: sudo dpkg -P flashplugin-in brings no installed package matching.10:12
trap24that is my actual problem10:12
GVRViceroot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294487/10:12
bekkstrap24: The package name is "flashplugin-installer".10:13
iceroottrap24: its flashplugin-installer10:13
enqis it possible to point all requests to *.dev to localhost apache server?10:13
bekksenq: sure, just edit you /etc/hosts10:14
enqi write *.dev to it?10:14
WalterNmy video is fine with the AMD HD6870 if the screens are mirrored or only one turned on. but if two or all three are turned on its extremely sluggish10:14
icerootGVRV: is it a fresh install?10:14
GVRViceroot, dunno what is erroring in the pre-installation scripts exactly, but I've been going in circles the whole day10:14
enqok, going to look other errors, thanks :)10:14
WalterNxorg.0.log does not indicate any errors...10:14
icerootGVRV: where was the libc6 package coming from?10:14
wolsGVRV: apt-cache clean to remove the libc deb package from /var/cache10:14
GVRViceroot, nope, was working fine for months, ubuntu 12.0410:15
trap24iceroot: the name was truncated in the list that  dpkg -l flash* brought. Anyway thanks :)10:15
dr_willishosts file dosent support wildcards enq10:15
nunnewols, if you follow whats allready been written on the nvidia driver problems i think it was a good description..10:15
insomniac_lemontrap24, what do you need flash for? (what browser)10:15
icerootGVRV: where was the libc6 package coming from?10:15
icerootGVRV: the one you downloaded10:15
trap24insomniac_lemon: google chrome has preinstalled. i was using problem with other apt-get commands.10:15
enqwell then what should i use, or is it good if i write ServerName something.dev to apache server?10:16
GVRViceroot, packages.ubuntu.com10:16
EaglemanCan i use the truecrypt bootloader with ubuntu?10:16
trap24now, where are the panels in 12.04 when i boot using gnome selection ?10:16
icerootGVRV: and the package was designed for 12.04?10:16
blackshirtgvrv, if you want download and install it, you should install dependenies too10:17
WalterNwoah... there are the errors.. just popped up in the log file10:17
dr_willisenq you can set servername.dev  to point to localhost.10:17
GVRVwols, still no luck http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294497/10:17
enqbut dr_willis i will have to do it for each *.dev, dont i?10:17
GVRViceroot, yep, certain about that10:17
icerootGVRV: hm, you have aptitude installed? maybe that can rescue the issue10:18
dr_willisenq: yes10:18
GVRVblackshirt, really didn't think I'd need to :/ I thought it'd fetch the needed dependencies10:18
trap24now, does anyone still use cairodock with unity ? it freezes often. i think its redundant. there is already a nice panel on the left. right ?10:18
GVRViceroot, nope :(10:18
wolsGVRV: are you out of room on your / ?10:18
enqhmm... any other solutions? ofc i dont add alot of extra names, but still10:18
wolsiceroot: it's a dpkg error message. aptitude won't do anything10:19
dr_willistrap24: it has a different featureset. not tried cairodock here in ages10:19
wolsiceroot: and the dpkg error message is crap and useless :(10:19
GVRVwols, nope plenty of space available10:19
trap24dr_willis: hehe.. ok10:19
icerootwols: my hope was aptitude will pick up the current libc6 , he installed an older version and the repo is holding a newer one10:19
wolsGVRV: go to /tmp and run dpkg --unpack <path to var cache file of libc6> there10:19
blackshirtgvrv, if you download it from different repository, ?10:20
wolsiceroot: he tries to install a newer one and it fails. unless you know a newer one than mentioned in his paste. at which point aptitude won't help but only a different repo would10:20
bazhang!aptitude | iceroot10:20
ubottuiceroot: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.10:20
icerootwols: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294483/10:20
icerootbazhang: thought that bug is fixed in 12.0410:21
bazhangiceroot, aptitude wont help here10:21
wolsiceroot: do you know a newer one than http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294483/10:21
EaglemanCan i use the truecrypt bootloader with ubuntu?10:21
wolssorry. do you know a newer one than  2.15-0ubuntu10.3 ?10:21
GVRVwols, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294511/10:21
icerootwols: he was 2.15-0ubuntu10.2 0 the repo has 2.15-0ubuntu10.310:21
enqok thanks for help10:21
icerootwols: the installed 10.2 with dpkg -i10:22
GVRVblackshirt, nope, downloaded it from precise-updates10:22
wolsiceroot: he tries to install 10.3 which causes the error, duh10:22
icerootwols: because the 10.2 fails which je installed with dpkg -i10:22
WalterNok, so, with my AMD radeon HD6870 I'm getting extremely sluggish video response, and a bunch of nasty error things showing in xorg.0.log   http://pastebin.com/1rxcHM5y10:23
wolsiceroot: please stop talking to me until you make sense. have a niec day10:23
icerootwols: ... whatever..10:23
WalterNbut it seems to work fine if I have two of my three computer screens turned off10:23
wolsGVRV: run apt-cache clean again and switch to a different repo. looks like you cannot unpack the libc6 in.archive delivers to you10:24
icerootwols: the old one from the repo was 10.0, he installed 10.2 with dpkg -i which failed on the depenendcies and now he is trying to install 10.3 from the repos but the 10.2 one is still broken10:24
icerootwols: but i guess you are the guru, so good luck with that10:25
blackshirtgvrv, commonly, the newer libc installed was for upgrading process10:25
bazhangiceroot, wols lets be civil please10:25
GVRVwols, switch to a different repo? which one?10:25
GVRVblackshirt, yes, everything broke during an upgrade. Problems didn't start with libc6 broken at all, they started with flashplugin-installer and man-db (FOR SOME REASON) were broken one morning, I couldn't re-install them, so I just removed them. Then I tried upgrading and libc was suddenly broken as I've been following the advice on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2073770 thread :(10:27
WalterNwell.. I'm going to bed... guess I'll try to figure it out in the morning10:28
aptosidis it possible to update upgrade an installed ubuntu 12.10 which is broken and cant boot while i run another distro?10:30
GVRVblackshirt, iceroot, wols, I guess I've royally effed my system, what would the best way to restore it back to normality?10:32
janisozaurhi! I'm using netvibes as my default rss reader, but for some time I'm willing to try out other options. What is a deal-breaker for me is ability to synchronize feeds list and (un)read status of items in each feed between multiple computers. Do you know of any program capable of doing so? (and yes, i've already asked BestBot)10:32
bekksGVRV: Grabbing your backup and restore it from there.10:32
wolsGVRV: dpkg -l |grep libc610:32
wolsaptosid: it's possible. you boot the other distro and chroot to ubuntu (all console). then you can fix your ubuntu10:33
GVRVwols, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1294551/10:33
Flynsarmyhey i'm trying to install acpi_call from https://github.com/mkottman/acpi_call but when I attempt to modprobe acpi_call I get: FATAL: Module acpi_call not found.10:33
GVRVbekks, yep, bracing for the worst now :(10:33
aptosidwols do u ve a link to further explanation? would be great10:34
Flynsarmyand yet when i do a sudo insmod acpi_call.ko I get insmod: error inserting 'acpi_call.ko': -1 File exists10:34
wolsaptosid: what exactly do you need to fix? is it grub2 that is broken or what?10:34
aptosidwols http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2072957 that is my problem10:35
wolsFlynsarmy: is acpi_call already loaded?10:35
bekksFlynsarmy: lsmod | grep acpi10:35
bekksFlynsarmy: That will show you wether it is already loaded.10:35
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gaojiethe Ubuntu 12.10  running vmware9  then system crash10:35
Flynsarmyahh yes, it's already loaded10:36
bekksFlynsarmy: Then it cant be loaded again.10:36
SharyariHi.I have a problem with kworker eating all my CPU power. This started suddently, without me changing anything. Does anyone know what I can do?10:36
bekks!details | gaojie10:36
ubottugaojie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:36
gaojieim chinese10:38
gaojiei look dmesg10:38
GVRVwols, blackshirt, iceroot Any further input?10:39
ozhan_where is the trip plugin in ccsm?10:39
wolsaptosid: you mount your ubuntu and then you run as root "chroot /mountpoint/bin/bash" and you are inside your ubuntu with a terminal.10:40
aptosidwols thx a lot10:40
aptosidwols mountpoint is the /media/discxy ?10:41
slackerboyanyone uses checkpoint vpn with RSA securID?10:42
aptosidaptosid is debian... so same mounting as ubuntu i think... just to be sure10:42
ozhanWhere is  the Trip plugin in CCSM10:42
slackerboyi am struggling to comnnect to checkpoint vpn10:42
bazhangozhan, try in #compiz10:43
blissfulHi all, im not sure if this is the right place to ask for help on vpn's but i am having trouble with connecting to HMA vpn service (Hide My Ass)10:43
gaojieBlack screen, display the the cpu registers information and the system call stack10:45
GVRVwols, blackshirt, iceroot Thanks for your help guys! Much appreciated.10:45
ozhannobody answers in ^compiz10:48
ozhancan't anyone tell me how to find the TRIP plugin in ccsm?10:48
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MonkeyDustozhan  maybe nobody has ever heard of it, what is it supposed to do10:51
blissful..... <.<10:51
blissfulAny one want to point meh in the right direction. I need help with my vpn "Hide My Ass"10:51
FloodBot1blissful: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:51
dr_willisor the plugin is not installed by default. but is in the repos.10:52
MonkeyDustozhan  there's this -- mind: i don't like/use compiz myself  http://wiki.compiz.org/plugins10:53
pranav1which is the best application for time tracking of different application in ubuntu..10:53
dr_willisblissful: details would help us help you.10:53
bekks!best | pranav110:53
ubottupranav1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:53
blissfulwow ubuntu irc servers, sooooo helpful >:{10:53
Billowe12.10 server download going at a snail's pace and then boom, "network error"10:53
dr_willistime trackig mean?10:54
Billoweanyone know of a mirror for the 12.10 server iso?10:54
pranav1i spend how many minutes on focused application10:54
spy6does anybody have an idea how to rotate lightdm to protrait mode (or even the terminal console)?10:55
pranav1anyway, i wanted to actually know.. which is the best browsing statistics analyzing extension for chrome ? :P10:55
dr_willispranav1: that zetgiest thing sort of does that for some apps. i belive10:55
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spy6rotating within X isn't the problem but rotating the head for logging is not really comfortable10:56
ozhanyeah there is not such a plugin accorfing to this site10:57
dr_willisspy6: i have seen sites show how to login as the lightdm user.. then run the monitor or displays setting tool to tweak the lihtdm login screen10:57
pranav1which extension do you guys use for browsing statistics analyzing for chrome ? :P its offtopic :/10:58
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MonkeyDustpranav1  i use ghostery to disable analyzing tools while surfing10:59
trap24do those extension steal my browsing history privacy ? but they present me with cool graphs11:00
judahlionhow can you remove entries from lightdm in ubuntu 12.10? I installed openbox and I want to remove the unity and openbox/gnome entries. How do I remove the entries, or how do I remove unity without ruining the whole system?11:01
icohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/OmapDesktopInstall - "Quantal Quetzal (12.10) Installation Instructions" - aren't the instructions weird? I mean what is the logic behind that? The OMAP4 installer crashes when I get to partitioning. 12.04 was the best.11:01
icojust dd to SD card and it used to handle everything itself.11:02
bekksico: Then just stick with the LTS :)11:02
icobekks: yup that's what I am doing. :p11:03
trap24did the #ubuntu-offtopic closed ?11:03
dr_willisjudahlion: find the whatever.desktop file in the sessiins directory  and move it out.11:03
trap24is dr_willis a single person :P :D11:03
bekksActually, we're all bots.11:04
judahliondr_willis: thanks for the answer! where can I find that file exactly?11:04
dr_willisjudahlion: use the locate command11:04
trap24nope, i remember him 2/3 years back.. helping me a lot :D.. ok, no more11:04
dr_willislocate ubuntu.desktop11:05
dr_willistheres a xsessions or simiallary named directory.11:05
piglitanyone here ever tried something like a cheap ip camera like this one: http://dx.com/p/300kp-wireless-wifi-wlan-network-surveillance-ip-camera-w-10-led-night-vision-microphone-white-105212?item=2911:06
piglitwonder if it works on a linux system11:06
dr_willisoones ive seen piglit  use their own little webserver.  you just ned a browser11:08
judahliondr_williss: can I delete the gnome.desktop11:09
dr_willisjudahlion:  its your system.. id move the file somewhere safe..11:10
piglitsr_willis: well the comment with one of those cams was it did not work on wine.....11:11
dr_willissounds like m11:12
judahlionyou dr_willis: thank you for the help,I will check if it worked11:16
mikeconceptsin order to boot Ubuntu 12.10 upgraded from 12.04 I have to add nomodeset acpi=off, is there a way to fix that11:24
mikeconceptsDell D-41011:24
mikeconceptsin order to boot Ubuntu 12.10 upgraded from 12.04 I have to add nomodeset acpi=off, is there a way to fix that11:30
MonkeyDustmikeconcepts  looks like acpi=off is the fix11:35
spy6dr_willis: hmm .. sounds wired ;)11:36
MerisHow do I fsck an external USB drive (Ext4 formatted?)11:37
h7rMeris, should simply need to fsck.ext4 /dev/sdxy with the device unmounted.11:39
Flynsarmyhow do i call a sudo insmod /path/to/file each boot?11:39
muh2000is it possible to undo -T largefile on an ext4 partition?11:39
wolsFlynsarmy: you don't. your put it into /etc/modules11:40
Flynsarmywols /etc/modules currently doesnt' exist. do i just create the folder and drop the .ko file in there?11:40
dr_williswhre did this. ko come from Flynsarmy11:41
ubottuTo compile modules and drivers that are not bundled with the standard kernel,  for more info /msg ubottu kernel  , install the relevant package, usually called "<modulename>-source", and run « sudo module-assistant » (you will have to do this again after kernel updates). To prevent specific modules from loading, see /msg ubottu blacklist11:41
h7rFlynsarmy, weird not having /etc/modules, but yes, one module per line, without the .ko part11:42
Flynsarmydr_willis: it's acpi_call which lets me disable my nvidia gpu11:42
Flynsarmyh7r: oh it's a file. thought you meant drop the file in a /etc/modules folder.11:42
dr_willisso you just downoladed a whaterver.ko file?11:43
Merish7r, thanks11:43
Flynsarmydr_willis: no, i compiled it from here https://github.com/mkottman/acpi_call11:43
Flynsarmydr_willis: it's an nvidia optimus machine. the nvidia gpu generates stupid amounts of heat s i just disable it. stupid ubuntu11:43
dr_willismore like stupid nvudia...11:44
Flynsarmydo i put the full filepath in /etc/modules? /home/username/file.ko ?11:44
h7ranyone with some bluez-alsa experience? i'm having some trouble configuring an outpout to a bluetooth device11:46
spy6dr_willis: running "gnome-control-center" as lightdm and looking into monitor setting shows my screen rotated11:46
dr_willisweird that when you compiled/installed thee module - it dident install to the proper place where you could just    modpeobe modulename11:46
spy6dr_willis: this settings seems to be global11:47
dr_willisspy6:  never had to rotate stuff so no idea spy. askubuntu.com may have some info on the topic11:47
dr_willisive used the control-center trick to do other tweaks to lightdm11:47
AricI did apt-get remove vsftpd and then reinstalled it and now i cant even start it does anyone have any articles or help to provide/11:49
blackshirtaric, some error or warning appears?11:50
Aricit installs fine11:50
Aricbut there is no .conf file and other files do not install11:50
spy6dr_willis: this is where i looked first :/11:51
Aricand if i create the conf file manually then i cant connect at all to the ftp server11:51
spy6.oO(this desktop stuff sucks)11:51
blackshirtremove was not remove your config files.they still on your config dir11:51
Chris-MagentiumHow are my fellow Ubuntu users doing on this fine day?11:52
liquidstonewhat do you think about this news: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2012759/shuttleworth-ruffles-feathers-with-ubuntu-linux-13-04-raring-ringtail-plans.html11:55
Amenofishsomeone can remember me the combination of keys to enter Grub config menu in Ubuntu 12.04?11:55
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vikashhi everybody...11:56
Chris-Magentiumsup vikash11:56
auronandaceAmenofish: shift11:56
blackshirthi vikash11:56
Amenofishjust Shift?11:56
vikashPl tell me how i can install LEX and YACC in Ubuntu 12.0411:57
inflexJust upgraded from 12.04 -> 12.10,  now Pidgin won't fire up;  ERROR: Could not load classifier cascade /usr/share/opencv/haarcascades/haarcascade_frontalface_alt2.xml11:57
blackshirtvikash, bison was your choices11:57
inflexvikash: apt-get install bison11:57
vikashbison is for both or only for LEX11:57
Amenofishthx auronandace11:58
wolsvikash: bison is the GNU version of yacc, obviously11:58
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
wolsthe GNU version of lex is called flex11:59
Chris-Magentiuminflex, i found that upgrade is badddddddd, try a fresh install11:59
inflexChris-Magentium: as in, a apt-get remove --purge pidgin?11:59
JeffryToobzIs there a good source for Ubuntu and Linux games in general? A news site, a mailing list?11:59
Chris-Magentiumnoooo, as in re=install 12.10...fresh12:00
Chris-MagentiumJeffryToobz, getdeb12:00
yeatsinflex: you might try moving your ~/.purple folder to see if that helps?12:00
inflexyeats: ja, was going to be the next attempt.12:00
DX099hello all, how can I solve this ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/201309/was-there-media-mount-point-location-or-planned-change12:01
yeatsinflex: fwiw I had a very successful 12.04 -> 12.10 upgrade with working pidgin afterwards12:01
JeffryToobzChris-Magentium: cool resource for files. But is there a news and scene site?12:01
inflexyeats: ja, probably just an install-specific setup on my side, everything else seems fine; this system has been upgraded right from 7.1012:01
inflex( collectively over the years )12:01
yeatsinflex: wow - impressive!12:01
Chris-MagentiumJeffryToobz, not that i know if, i am looking for something like that as well. Have not seen anything just yet12:01
Chris-MagentiumJeffryToobz, you know what, im going to MAKE ONE!!!!12:02
inflexyeats: well, bad news; even with .purple moved out of the way, still dies;  I'll try a purge-reinstall option12:02
JeffryToobzChris-Magentium: I'd totally dig that12:02
yeatsinflex: hope that does it12:02
Chris-MagentiumJeffryToobz, already on it :P12:02
Chris-Magentiumwill be live in an hour or so12:03
SouravAJhey anyone know how to block torrent traffic in network??12:03
inflexyeats: I'm sure I'll find the problem eventually.  Not like I'm going to go back to Slackware for my desktop again :D12:03
DX099SouravAJ, #network12:03
DX099SouravAJ, #networking (sorry)12:04
SouravAJmeans in lan12:04
SouravAJor u can say in router12:04
DX099LAN = local area NETWORK12:04
DX099you can still block common ports12:04
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SouravAJhow can u please tell?12:05
DX099you should read your router's user manual12:05
SouravAJok can we do with iptables??12:06
Chris-MagentiumTorrents will always be difficult to block, because you can just randomize the port.12:06
bindiSouravAJ: why do you want to block torrents?12:06
DX099SouravAJ, of course, but check what Chris-Magentium said12:06
Chris-MagentiumThe only way to truly block them is to completely block all ports, and then enable only the ones you know you need. Problem being..there are ways to encrypt it over Port 80...block that port and you get on Browser internet....12:07
SouravAJactually my wi-fi is using in many computers in my family and everyone download torrent so i cant surf12:07
bekksChris-Magentium: Then setup deep packet inspection and filter out those packages.12:07
DX099SouravAJ, talk with them12:07
josy1982first place12:08
Chris-MagentiumYes of course. Good call bekks, but the fact that SouravAJ is asking how to do it, means that me / she probably is not that much into networking, would be difficult for them (it was difficult for me), not offence to anyone of course.12:08
SouravAJok if i block all ports can i download local things from a website like mp3 pdf etc?12:08
bekksChris-Magentium: ack :)12:08
DX099bekks, DPI is a pretty highly aggressive thing to do for such matter. If it was business maybe but even then...12:09
TJ-SouravAJ: You will need to use layer-7 filtering to detect and block P2P connections. See http://l7-filter.sourceforge.net/12:09
bekksSouravAJ: No. When blocking all ports, all ports are blocked. You have to open the ports you need.12:09
h7risn't there some packet filtering kernel modules that can be used with iptables and would make it at least in theory possible to block torrents? i never did it myself, but remember seeing something like that a few years ago...12:09
insomniac_lemonHas anyone here actually gotten VLC to play Bluray discs in Ubuntu?12:09
bekksh7r: l7filter. :)12:09
h7rgood to know that i'm not going senile ;)12:09
TJ-insomniac_lemon: Yes, I did recently whilst testing a new BD drive. I tested it with the movie "Saving Private Ryan" which I assume was a copy-protected disc.12:10
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insomniac_lemonTJ-, where did you put the Libaacs file? It doesn't go in the same place in Ubuntu as other Linux distros12:11
TJ-insomniac_lemon: I had to install the known keys to a directory in the user's home, but VLC looked there and used them12:11
TJ-insomniac_lemon: All the packages used were from the Ubuntu archives.12:11
ment0sI have two interfaces configured on ubuntu server, eth0 and virbr0 (KVM NAT), I'm trying to forward udp port for openvpn 1194 but cannot get it to work,could anyone advice?12:11
insomniac_lemonTJ-, didn't you need to put in a file for the AACS dynamic library, too?12:12
ment0s iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p udp -i virbr0 -d --dport 1194 -j DNAT --to #######################    iptables -A FORWARD -p udp -i eth0 -d --dport 1194 -j ACCEPT  trying to get it working by this commands12:12
TJ-insomniac_lemon: No, just the key files. I'm trying to find the document I used ... give me a mo, got to search back a month or more in browser history12:13
bipulment0s,  what you are trying to do  ?12:13
ment0sbipul: open port 1194 on eth0  from source virbr012:14
joseph^hi everyone12:14
ment0si mean forward12:14
=== Guest3202 is now known as Aranel
joseph^is there a way to install widgets in ubuntu desktop?12:14
bipulment0s,  so you want to forward the port 119412:14
TJ-insomniac_lemon: Here it is! http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/12:14
joseph^i'd like to have the weather display and also my system information12:14
insomniac_lemonTJ-, actually, you just made me realize, I'll try doing that, too. On my VM which I tested it on, I tried using the file on the site, but didn't think to install the AACS packages.12:14
BluesKajHey all12:14
ardchoillehi BluesKaj12:15
TJ-insomniac_lemon: yeah, using 12.04 libaacs was already installed12:15
Chris-MagentiumUbuntu.Magentium.com JeffryToobz12:15
insomniac_lemonTJ-, yeah, that's what I was going by. Installed the keys, but the site had the AACS stuff to install, too.12:15
ment0sbipul: yes12:15
BluesKajhi ardchoille12:15
insomniac_lemonTJ-, wait, what? Then it should've worked for me.12:16
bipulment0s,  so whear is the problem ?12:16
h7rwhere are the usual places for alsa configuration files on an ubuntu server (i.e. there's no /etc/asound.conf nor ~/.asoundrc around)?12:16
TJ-insomniac_lemon: Yes, I'd assume so. Mine shows "apt-cache policy libaacs0 ... libaacs0:  Installed: 0.3.0-4"12:16
ment0sbipul: the problem is,  the port is not opening and not forwarding12:16
TJ-insomniac_lemon: And "ls -l ~/.config/aacs/  ...   -rw-rw-r-- 1 tj tj 3006 Apr 20  2012 KEYDB.cfg"12:17
bipulment0s,  humm let me see give me a time12:17
joseph^ment0s, do you have a router?12:17
ment0sbipul: I've installed rinetd and it opened tcp, and I need UDP12:17
ment0sjoseph^: all gotta work on ubuntu host, forwarding KVM nat to eth012:18
joseph^oh i see12:18
BluesKajh7r, /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf12:18
ment0swas trying to use ufw but could find anything whats working12:18
inflexyeats: seems the frei0r-plugins are the issue12:19
joseph^so does anyone know if there is a way to install widgets in ubuntu desktop?12:19
h7rBluesKaj, i was thinking more about where the devices/outputs are configured12:21
bipulment0s,  pm ?12:21
BluesKajh7r, what are you trying to do in alsa?12:23
FloodBot1alexandr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:23
h7rBluesKaj, define a bluetooth output12:23
BluesKaj!ru | alexandr12:23
ubottualexandr: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:23
BluesKajwhat kind of bluetooth device , h7r?12:24
insomniac_lemonTJ-, I've got Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, home/.comfig/aacs/KEYDB.cfg, and VLC that supports blu-ray playing, but if I try it tells me "Your system AACS decoding library does not work. Missing keys?" (testing with the movie Wall-E, which is fairly old)12:24
h7rBluesKaj, on my server, an usb/bluetooth adapter paired/connected to an receiver (logitech).12:25
h7rBluesKaj, pairing/connecting is ok already. i'm not sure if this answers your question12:26
hatgorhy everybody12:26
hatgordoes anyone hear me?12:26
mariusz__yes  me  :)12:26
h7ryes we do.12:26
hatgorgreat =)12:27
mariusz__anyone does using ubuntu 12.1012:27
hatgorDid anyone use ubuntu studios?12:27
BluesKajh7r, what does the bluetooth device do ,why do you need to configure alsa and audio?12:27
vibhavmariusz__: yes?12:27
hatgorfoxes, I have a question about ubuntu studios 12.10.12:28
mariusz__how to remove bar from left side ??12:28
mangozyhatgor: post your Q12:28
vibhavmariusz__: the dash bar?12:28
SupermanintightsHi..  I think I may have messed up (denial), and just lost 700mb of data on my external.  My external drives keep changing it's partition format to Fat32 or something other than NTFS (which is what I always set it to), and I just tried to change it back, and basically it deleted all my stuff.  While I admit this is probably my fault, is there a way to undo/recover my information - I changed it via gparted.12:28
vibhavmariusz__: What do you want to do after removing it?12:29
hatgor<mangozy>, what should i post?12:29
mariusz__am using cairo dock up to now12:29
hatgormariusz, use xfce with cairo dock12:30
DX099hey, can someone help me reverting the mount points policy in 12.10 ?12:30
mariusz__i just want move all icons (shortcut) in to the desktop12:30
insomniac_lemonSupermanintights, yes, you can recover the data as long as it has not been overwritten yet.12:30
vibhavmariusz__: You can hide the bar, but not disable12:30
h7rBluesKaj, this host is an audio streaming server using mpd -> alsa, connected through the regular audio connector to a mixer. now i'm in the process of getting rid of some cables and want to stream the audio through bluetooth. the whole setup is already testes (receiver side). what's missing is making alsa be able to send audio through bluetooth.12:30
mongiHey guys. Is there any software that I can use to share my wi-fi internet in Ubuntu? Like Connectfy for Windows...12:30
mangozyhatgor: its your Q12:30
mariusz__so how to make shortcut of other aplications ??12:30
theadminmongi: It's built-in and is called networkmanager ;) Wireless -> New -> Shared12:31
vibhavmariusz__: If you want to move them to the desktop, just search for them in the dash and drag them to the desktop12:31
h7rBluesKaj, i'm using (or trying to) bluez-alsa12:31
muelliSupermanintights: I would create a bit by bit backup at first. So you can experiment with that image instead of on the real harddrive. You can use smth like "dd if=/dev/sdc of=/media/otherdrive/bitbackup.dd bs=4M"12:31
h7rBluesKaj, and am stuck to 11.1012:31
Supermanintightsinsomniac_lemon, other than screaming, shedding a few tears and closing my eyes and counting to ten - I haven't touched it since I changed it.  I'm relatively new to ubuntu - I tend to stick with it for my media centre and a few other things - do you have any useful guides/resources?12:31
mariusz__hahahaah  thanks for that :D12:31
insomniac_lemonSupermanintights, because when you "delete" files, it doesn't truly delete them, just makes it not be visible/accessible, but certain tools can recover deleted files. Just don't put anything on the drive, and definitely don't fill the drive.12:31
vibhavmariusz__: example, search for home folder in the dash and then drag its icon to the desktop12:31
mongitheadmin: but I was looking in google, it seems the one built-in can only share a wired internet trought the wi-fi...12:32
_PanzerSajtHy! I have accidentally deleted the partition table on my external hd. I would like to get it back. I 've already managed to get back one partition (fat32) but there's still one left (ntfs)12:32
mongitheadmin: is that correct?12:32
Supermanintightsmuelli, I'm new to ubuntu - can you just expand on what you wrote a bit? How would that work?12:32
theadminmongi: Well you can't have the same device working both as the receiver and the broadcaster.12:32
theadminmongi: So yes, that's right, I'm not sure if you'll find anything that can12:32
muelliSupermanintights: If you have only changed the type of the partition (and maybe even brought a new filesystem onto the partition) you might have luck with "testdisk".12:32
josy1982how can i configure automatic updates?12:32
muelliSupermanintights: do you have another medium that is big enough to hold the old one?12:33
mongitheadmin: I can do it in windows, with the intel driver =/12:33
wabHi, can someone give me a little help, please?12:33
vibhavwab: yes?12:33
mongitheadmin: but thanks, anyway =)12:33
josy1982fuck irc12:34
muelliSupermanintights: cf. http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/10/dd-command-examples/ or http://www.debianhelp.co.uk/ddcommand.htm12:34
muelli!anyone | wab12:34
ubottuwab: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:34
mangozywab: post your Q12:34
theadminmongi: Hm... Let me try in a second12:34
insomniac_lemonSupermanintights, here is a useful (windows) piece of software that you can use to recover deleted files: http://www.remosoftware.com/remo-recover-windows . Not sure if you can find a tool like this for Linux, though.12:34
mongitheadmin: that would be very nice of you, thanks =D hehe12:34
DX099mongi, what do you mean by "sharing" ?  you have Internet through wifi and then you want to share that connection through wifi as well ?12:35
DX099hey, can someone help me reverting the mount points policy in 12.10 ?12:35
mongiDX099: correct12:35
theadminmongi: Oh, never mind, I have no way of checking as Android can't connect to adhoc networks :/12:35
wabi'm getting a "network is unreachable" error, can anyone give me a little help with this, please?12:36
defekt!fstab | DX09912:36
ubottuDX099: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:36
mongitheadmin: oh, i see. no prob the. thanks man ;D12:36
TJ-insomniac_lemon: If the path you pasted in was correctly pasted - it's wrong. It should be "/home/$USER/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg" not "home/.comfig/aacs/KEYDB.cfg"12:36
vibhavwab: How are you connected?12:36
mongiDX009: is it possible? hehe12:36
DX099defekt, I saw those but it doesn't cover automatic mouting like by nautilus12:37
insomniac_lemonTJ- ".comfig" and lack of / in front of home were just errors on my part, not the actual path12:37
TJ-insomniac_lemon: OK. Have you started vlc from a terminal with verbose logging running? That may give a clue12:37
DX099mongi, I never thought that a wifi device could operate in two modes at the same time12:38
theadminDX099: And it can't %)12:38
insomniac_lemonTJ-, where does VLC output its error logs in Ubuntu to?12:38
wabvibhav what do you mean? normal connection, I think12:38
mongitheadmin DX099: but i'm doing right now on my windows with connectfy and intel my wifi hehe12:39
theadminmongi: What's the point of sharing a wi-fi connection over wi-fi anyway?12:39
theadminmongi: Can't you just connect to the primary network?12:39
defektDX099: they are just temp mounts that get mounted in /media/ , df output not enough?12:39
mongitheadmin: the notebook gets stroger signal, where my phone gets any =/12:39
hatgorGuys, did anyone use an ubuntu studios 12.10?12:40
theadminmongi: Oh...12:40
mongiso doing this i'm able to connect on my phone where i'm hehe12:40
theadminmongi: Check out "hostapd"12:40
mongitheadmin: ok ;D12:40
insomniac_lemonmongi: Maybe you can creat a wireless networ with Ubuntu, and find out if there is something like "Internet Connection Sharing" in Ubuntu.12:40
DX099defekt, yes i'm talking about those12:40
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DX099defekt, this is the problem : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bug/106827712:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1068277 in ubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "New /media/$user mounting in 12.10 is poorly dcumented" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:41
wabvibhav i was reading and following an tutorial, and I successfully done it all, except for this part that I cant solve no matter what, i've googled it but no luck at all12:41
TJ-insomniac_lemon: to the launching terminal "vlc -v 10" or something similar, and you can capture to a log-file with "vlc -v 10 2>&1 | tee vlc.log"12:42
vibhavwab: What was the tutorial on?12:42
insomniac_lemonTJ-, well VLC has already made error logs, I just don't know where they are.12:43
Supermanintightsmuelli, RE: medium - my current harddrive can hold the 750mb there was.  I do have a second harddrive that corrupted itself (2tb - NOT MY FAULT THIS TIME), but that's out of use til I can get another 2tb drive or larger to recover it.  So in short, yes I should.  Sorry for delay had to do work stuff quickly.  back now.12:43
oalI have two monitors. How can I remove the title bar / systray / clock from one of them?12:44
wabvibhav about surfing safely and anonymous12:44
muelliSupermanintights: k. So you do have a medium that's big enough to hold the old one. So as I've said, I would use "dd" to backup the corrupt drive to not risk any further data modification12:44
BluesKajh7r, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothAudio12:44
mongithe thing is that on windows those softs create a virtual card12:44
h7rBluesKaj, been there12:45
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dr_willisoal thereas a check box/setting  somewhere to enable/disable the  panel on both or 1 monitor. i just recall it being at the bottom of some  settings toom, displays perhaps?12:46
* dr_willis hides from the !list zombies12:47
TJ-insomniac_lemon: Without a specific path they'll be in the directory where vlc starts from; usually $HOME I think12:47
Supermanintightsdo i just copy paste "dd if=/dev/sdc of=/media/otherdrive/bitbackup.dd bs=4M" into terminal - do I need to change any text to get it to choose the correct drive? on gparted it's showing as /dev/sdb12:47
BluesKaj h7r , you could make an ~/.asoundrc file and configure it yourself , but i have no experience with bluetooth headsets and drivers.12:48
theadminSupermanintights: Well then make it sdb12:48
defektDX099: looks like you will have to create a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d/ Check this out it might be what you are looking for http://askubuntu.com/questions/149922/how-to-make-nautilus-to-mount-at-drivename-instead-of-media-drivename. Otherwise you might have to wait for the bug to be solved12:48
muelliSupermanintights: yeah, replace /dev/sdc with the correct drive. And of course, of= shall hold the correct output location. Maybe ~/backup.dd or so12:48
=== Youri is now known as YBook
h7rBluesKaj, i tried to no effect. should i restart something after editing ~/.asoundrc? alsa's services here are only alsa-restore/alsa-store.12:49
SupermanintightsI'll try that now, thanks12:49
gaetanomy 3d drivers dont work, and i cant open 3d programs and i cant customize my dekstop...i got ubuntu studio12:49
gaetanosomeone can help me!??12:49
theadmingaetano: Search for "Additional Drivers" in the menus and run that.12:50
gaetanotheadmin: wich menus!!??12:51
AceKingI want to buy a mobile device for my laptop, and was wondering if anyone knows one that will work out of the box. I was looking at the T-mobile Rocket, and was wondering if anyone here used one?12:51
DX099defekt, thanks ! It's quite confusing though... is there any justification for this ? FHS didn't change...12:51
h7rBluesKaj, additionally, according to the guide (from the link you sent) i should edit /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf, which i don't have under that directory12:51
theadmingaetano: I have no idea what desktop Ubuntu Studio uses.12:51
theadmingaetano: You can as well open a terminal and start "gksudo jockey-gtk", if you prefer.12:51
h7rBluesKaj, i really think, so far, my problem is not really bluetooth related, but some misunderstanding of the what to configure under alsa (specially where)12:51
defektDX099: I agree, I don't think they needed to change it12:52
Supermanintightsmuelli - do I still need that 'bs=4m'?12:52
muh2000are there stats of what ubuntu version is used more often? i386 vs. amd6412:52
gaetanotheadmin: ok im gonna tried it! thanx12:52
McPelsI've installed Ubuntu  12.04 in nomodeset12:52
oaldr_willis: hmm, cant find it12:52
muelliSupermanintights: no. but it's probably smart for performance reasons. You can check "man dd" to see the options and their meaning12:52
McPelsKnow my computer hangs when splash runs12:53
Supermanintightsok great thanks, appreciate the patience - I know stupid questions can seem irritating12:53
McPelssomeone know what shall i do>?12:53
ardchoilleSupermanintights: the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked :)12:54
BluesKajh7r,  is the output device listed in alsamixer ?12:54
h7rBluesKaj, no, neither that nor with aplay -l nor aplay -L12:55
Supermanintightswell terminal seems to be doing something, although it's just flashing the little box12:55
BluesKajh7r, what about lsusb , I assume it's connected via usb12:55
suttiwithelo all12:56
wabvibhav can you help me, please?12:57
suttiwitwho is running 12.10 x86_64 with IPv6?12:57
h7rBluesKaj, there it is. under hciconfig as well and is connected already, as i can check with hcitool con. the connection was established with bluez's tools12:57
suttiwitplease pm me ..12:58
h7rBluesKaj, in my understanding the bluetooth stack setup is complete.12:58
=== Ex0deus is now known as Guest54991
TheMainsomeone here uses python and GTK for GUI applications?12:59
gaetanotheadmin: it says : this is an unstable beta driver...is it ok? am i activate it?13:00
theadmingaetano: Which one did you select?13:00
theadminTheMain: #python is a better bet13:00
BluesKajh7r, since you set it up have you rebooted , and what about phonon , does the bluetooth device show up there as an audio device ?13:01
TheMainthanks theadmin13:01
h7rBluesKaj, phonon?13:01
h7rBluesKaj, i have rebooted (though it wasn't needed for the device to pair/connect). what is phonon?13:02
gaetanotheadmin: experimental nvidia binary xorg driver, kernel module and vdpau library13:03
wabanyone can help me with the "network is unreachable" error, please?13:03
fred_1I can install programs I downloaded13:03
BluesKaj!phonon | h7r13:04
BluesKaj!info phonon | h7r13:04
ubottuh7r: phonon (source: phonon): multimedia framework from KDE - metapackage. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.0really4.6.0-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 7 kB, installed size 53 kB13:04
theadmingaetano: Isn't there another stable one?13:05
gaetanono, it showd me only this one13:05
BluesKajoh sorry h7r , I thought phonon was default on ubuntu ..I use KDE13:05
gaetanowriting on terminal what u told to me13:05
h7rBluesKaj, np. i guess it wouldn't help. its ubuntu server without X, let alone kde...13:06
fred_1I can not install programs I downloaded13:06
gaetanotheadmin: what happen if i activate this one?13:06
wabanyone can help me with the "network is unreachable" error please?13:07
BluesKajI thought phonon was being used in the audio settings in ubuntu13:07
theadmingaetano: Well... Nothing too bad will happen, likely. You can try.13:07
h7rwab what exactly are you trying to do?13:07
azerahow to search image file on ubuntu machine using through command line ?13:07
gaetanotheadmin: did u quit?13:08
azeraYES ?13:08
clookazera   find / -name the-name-of-the-file.png13:08
azerai don't know the name of the file13:09
azeranor its extension13:09
wabh7restablish a tunnel for TOR data to flow from our Ubuntu machine,13:09
wabthrough the Firewall, into your Windows guest machine13:09
azerathat's why i m tellling an image file13:09
kaddycan't get fullscreen to work on ubuntu 12.10 in virtualbox with guest additions etc.... anybody got any tips?13:10
wabups, sorry.. h7r I was saying I'm trying to establish a tunnel for TOR data to flow from our Ubuntu machine,13:10
wabthrough the Firewall, into your Windows guest machine13:10
azerano geek there ?13:11
azerahow to find an image over cli ?13:12
shahroozHello guys, I have a problem and I"m sure you're tired of hearing it but my search didn't get me a result, I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 and two graphic cards, one Intel HD integerated and another one Nvidia, Ubuntu is using the Intel one by default and I need to switch it or force it to use Nvidia. what is a working solution ?13:12
azerahow to find a picture file over cli ?13:12
h7razera, try something like find -exec file {} \;| grep -i image13:12
azerai don't know the name of the image file13:13
shahroozcan anyone help me with my problem ?13:14
BluesKajshahrooz, you should decide if you want to use the Nvidia card as default then gfo into the bios and make it (pci) the default or auto on some bios'13:14
azerano one know ?13:15
h7razera, i answered your question.13:15
azeranot working13:15
Dratonshahrooz: do you need both  gfx cards?13:15
shahroozno I just need to use the nvidia one13:15
azerai said i don't know the name of the file13:15
azeranor its extension13:15
Dratonshahrooz: you can always disable the onboard :)13:16
h7razera, the command i sent you does not require knowledge of the name of the file nor it's extension.13:16
Dratonshahrooz: but let me see if i can't find how to specify one sec13:16
bashking_well azera13:16
bashking_you could use locate *.jpg13:16
azerai got something like find: file: No such file or directory13:17
azerafind: file: No such file or directory13:17
azerafind: file: No such file or directory13:17
azerafind: file: No such file or directory13:17
FloodBot1azera: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:17
Dratonshahrooz: i assume your monitor is plugged into the discrete card?13:17
crosswybhow could I download something more quickly?13:17
shahroozDraton: I believe so13:17
bashking_crosswyb what do you mean13:17
h7razera, install file.13:17
=== Harry is now known as Guest97238
azerawhat file ?13:18
shahroozDraton: do you need my output of  lshw -c display ?13:18
Dratonshahrooz: make sure - make sure the dvi/vga cable from the monitor is plugged into your nvidia card :)13:18
crosswybsomething like a movie13:18
=== matt_ is now known as Guest62675
shahroozits a laptop :)13:19
bashking_crosswyb uh deluge bittorent should be good13:19
crosswybdeluge bittorent?13:19
bashking_crosswyb yes the program deluge13:20
shahroozDraton: I forget to type names :P its a laptop13:20
Dratonshahrooz: oh interesting, k let me see what i can find, never done this myself tbh but i'm sure  someone has13:20
Guest62675hey, i want to make switching desktops in KDE 'totally', i mean with panel bar also.Is this possible?13:20
h7razera, file is a program that attempts to identify the type of a file.13:20
shahroozDraton: thanks a lot :) I'll wait here13:20
=== Guest62675 is now known as ciomcia
bashking_crosswyb what is your bandwidth speed13:20
azeraok boring13:20
h7r!file | azera13:21
ubottuazera: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier13:21
Supermanintightsmuello - http://pastebin.com/buSNq70K  Is that a good sign or bad - the data was approx 750gb before I acted like an idiot and changed format13:22
BluesKajshahrooz, is your laptop using the "Optimus" graphics system with 2 gpus one for low level graphics and the nvidia for the heavier loads13:22
new2netWith Ubuntu 12.04: do I need dnsmasq (which I assume was put there by default)? It's making writing iptables rules rather difficult, can I get rid of this service and still use DHCP and DNS?13:22
user82hi. how i can i remove the behaviour of mounting everything to /media/myusername/partition to the old way /media/partition13:22
jabba_can anyone tell me how to pass through a usb2serial (ftdi) from Dom0 to a PVM?13:23
shahroozblueskaj: yes it does13:23
BluesKaj!bumblebee | shahrooz13:23
Supermanintightsmuelli,  - http://pastebin.com/buSNq70K  Is that a good sign or bad - the data was approx 750gb before I acted like an idiot and changed format13:23
BluesKaj!info bumblebee | shahrooz13:23
ubottushahrooz: Package bumblebee does not exist in quantal13:23
jabba_xm tells me usb is not enabled for the machine if i do "xm usb-add ..." , where do i enable this feature?13:23
shahroozblueskaj: I thought it costs money13:23
BluesKajbumblebee is open source m, shahrooz13:24
shahroozblueskaj I think I already tried that13:24
shahroozits two days I'm on this problem :\13:25
BluesKajshahrooz,  you should have explained all this before asking your question13:26
markovhi reinstalled ubuntu 12.04 and installed plasma-desktop (kde), not too sure where it went but i'm missing the audio controller on the system tray.13:26
shahroozI did didn't I?13:26
maevergood morning13:26
markovhfew oddities including konsole wasn't installed by default (the original install had it o.O). I literally did the first install yesterday and i'm 100% sure i didn't have to install kmix and konsole manually13:26
BluesKajshahrooz, well ,if bumblebee doesn't work , I'm out of ideas13:27
maeverso I have this tiny thing here known as a FIT-PC, it has a mini-SD slot and Im actually trying to boot ubuntu off of it13:27
matthias_hi i make my sudo modprobe b44 on terminal and i get ethernet connectivity but how do i make this permanent ...13:27
maeverI can prep the SD card with unetbootin and it does actually "boot" but once you get the splash screen it gives stdin error 0 : /dev/sda not found13:28
matthias_since at startup i have no internet conectivity and need to do this all the time ...13:28
ozhantrip plugin is missing in my plugin list although i have compiz-plugins13:29
ozhanwhat can be the reason ?13:30
gaetanoi have installed additional drivers like experimental nvidia binary xorg driver , kernel module and vdpau library...anyone knows if these are the right drivers to enable 3d programs to run, and to get 3d effects on desktop!!!???13:30
=== Breadflour is now known as Dreadtower
alexis_kanas elinas ?13:32
nsahooI have been trying to get my sound to work, but, can't seem to figureout what is wrong. the 2 sound cards are recognized, modules loaded. I can even see them in the xfce sound controller applet. But, no sound. Can someone help me troubleshoot?13:33
Dratonnsahoo: shot in the dark, you don't have a z77 motherboard with onboard audio do you?13:34
=== DeviantSOP is now known as Killeroid
nsahooumm, no . in fact here is the aplay -l info: http://pastebin.com/2DaA202513:36
suttiwithi there, I am making a repository transporter. If you want to, can you please pastebin me the /etc/apt/sources.list for the distribution, architecture, version, internet protocol version that you have and says "not available" here: http://pastebin.com/qxua8Pza , please?13:36
nsahooIt's a dell inspiron 530 desktop with a DIAMOND XtremeSound XS71 pci card13:37
matthias_why in ubuntu software center the is 2 identical ndiswrapper ?13:38
nsahooThe problem is neither the onboard sound or the sound card sound are working13:38
martyn_tHello all.  I am having a 'problem' with sudo and root access.  I have noticed recently that I cannot perform updates or anything through the GUI which normally requires me to add my own password (as a sudoer).  After actually reading what is being asked for, it is requesting the root password.  This has never been set up on my system so I am concerned there might be a security breach.  Has...13:40
martyn_t...anyone any experience of this?13:40
matthias_seems identical to me but at installing the 1:st one the other one is not installed, is it an extra copy or why ???13:40
tyrogDoes anybody use the Ubuntu gnome remix 12.10?13:41
matthias_martyn_t, the password should be the one setup at installation at least for me it works fine ...13:42
* wab is now away, auto away after 15mins idle (log\on pager\on)13:42
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Tm_T!away > wab13:42
ubottuwab, please see my private message13:42
* wab is away, auto away after 15mins idle (log\on pager\on) (22secs ago)13:42
* wab has returned from auto away after 15mins idle, was gone for 53secs13:43
martyn_tmatthias_ thanks for the reply.  The system works fine (I have used it for many years).  It is only within the last week that it is requesting root password.  When I use my own the password box wobbles and tells me I have it wrong. I don't have root password and it has never been set up.  I can perform the tasks through Terminal but was concerned why this has changed recently.13:44
matthias_martyn_t, haw you tried to reinstall the program itself ?13:44
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ubottuPlease do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»13:44
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Tm_Tsuttiwit: you can /msg ubottu to get factoids without triggering them in the channel (:13:45
amendes265hey everyone guess what i have sound problems in ubuntu 10.04 :D13:45
martyn_tmatthias_ I suspect it is the Ubuntu OS itself - is that where security policy is 'kept'?  It isn't a single program either, it is anything that I try and run through the GUI which would normally required SUDO privileges.13:46
matthias_martyn_t, okey so it ask for password but do not remeber it like ..., try changing it with hold on let me see how it is made and see if that way can re-activate the password, hold on ...13:46
amendes265my master volume seems to work independent from browser volume???13:46
matthias_have you tried the command line to change password ?13:46
harryrfTm_T: I'm sure he was probably trying to set an away message :p13:46
nsahooany help with troubleshooting the sound?13:47
martyn_tmatthias_ Yeah I tried changing my own password but it isn't asking for my own - it is wanting the root password (which is my concern as it (root) isn't supposed to be activated in Ubuntu).13:48
=== quake is now known as Guest57818
martyn_tmattias_ I can successfully change my own password through Terminal (and do anything else required using sudo or gksudo).  It is if I open a program through GUI.  For example if you go to DASH and type gparted you will be prompted for your own account password.  My OS is now asking for root password instead.13:49
=== chicognu_ is now known as tufao
amendes265weird thing is anytime a sound issue comes up, theres a different type of troubleshooting13:51
gaetanoanyone knows why my 3d drivers dont work?13:52
gaetanoi cant open blender and can get 3d effect on my desktop13:52
amendes265i have alsamixer, alsa mixer, alsamixergui, gnome alsa mixer and pulseaudio volume control13:52
matthias_martyn_t,  Ubuntu version ?13:52
martyn_tmatthias_ 12.04 with all security updates.  It is a recent (1 week or so) issue.13:53
matthias_by default there is no root, it is disabled but can be enables in this way, have an look at this page might help you to set a new one...13:54
ASHER1someone in here know where i can find guide install mojoPortal?13:54
matthias_martyn_t, http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/07/question-what-is-the-root-default-password-in-ubuntu-12-04/?ModPagespeed=noscript13:55
gaetanoanyone knows how can i customize my desktop with 3d effect and to make 3d programs run on my ubuntu studio???13:55
riverlessmartyn_t, have you put your name in the sudoers file? Simply run command visudo in shell and put martyn ALL=(ALL) ALL at last line13:55
martyn_tmatthias_ thanks so much for your help.  I will read that page.  Best regards.13:55
crazydipadding a webapp in firefox by clicking "install" just closes the dialog - no webapp is installed - and I no longer can trigger the "install" dialog. What to do?13:55
matthias_martyn_t,  if you get an shorter and better answer, let me know okey, hope it works out ...13:56
ASHER1i cant find guide install mojoPortal :\13:56
martyn_triverless - thanks - I can perform tasks using gksudo or sudo via the Terminal so I must be in that file.13:56
martyn_tmattias_ - will do ta.13:56
gaetanomartyn_t: whats gksudo??13:58
ardchoillegksu - GTK+ frontend for su and sudo13:58
Fizzikgaetano: gksudo is the same as sudo excepts it prompts for the password via a gui window instead of in the terminal13:58
ardchoillegaetano: type this in a terminal: gksudo13:58
=== Youri is now known as YBook
ardchoilleFizzik: gksudo also allows you to type in the app you want to run and choose from a list of users13:59
riverlessHow come I've got this problem with locale. If I run locale -a sv_SE.utf8 shows in the end. Ive edited /etc/enviroment and put LC_CTYPE,LANG,LANGUAGE, and LC_ALL to ="sv_SE.UTF-8". I did put sv_SE.UTF8 UTF-8 in top of /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and also put LANG="sv_SE.UTF-8" in /etc/default/locale. Cant see wht i've missed here?14:00
WeepJeremiahis ubuntu 12.10 a good ubuntu version over Linux Mint? been thinking about switching back to Linux from WIn 7.14:00
riverlessdate = sön 21 okt 2012 16.00.21 CEST14:00
gaetanomartyn_t: i typed "gksudo jockey-gtk " in the terminal to get drivers to enable 3d programs run...but it didnt work14:00
gaetanomartyn_t: and i''d like to get 3d effects on the desktop..do u know what i gotta do?14:01
IdleOneASHER1: ask on www.mojoportal.com/Forums14:02
ardchoillegaetano: jockey-gtk is the additional drivers gui app, you should have that menu entry in the Administration menu14:03
carroarmato0are you running 12.10 gaetano ?14:03
gaetanomartyn_t: no, i run ubuntu studio14:03
uosiuHi all, I am unable to upgrade my ubuntu to 12.10. I am even unable to list installed pkgs. http://pastebin.com/pjzBU75r ← Do You have any ideas how to debug that problem?14:04
ardchoilleI didn't think Ubuntu studio was supported here14:04
gaetanomartyn_t: what do u suggest to run 3d programs on my ubuntu studio??14:05
IdleOnegaetano: there is a #ubuntustudio14:05
gaetanoidleone: yes!14:06
BluesKaja 3D TV ?14:07
squaregoldfishDoes anyone know where I can get hold of syscall-template.S for debugging? apt-file search turns up nothing.14:07
gaetanocarroarmato0: no, i run ubuntu studio!14:08
gaetanocarroarmato0 : do u have any idea!!???14:09
ardchoillegaetano: you might get better help in #ubuntustudio14:09
lasherI can use paintbrush, pen or eraser in gimp, nothing happens. Other tools like fill and gradient work fin14:10
BaribalHi. I'm trying to extract a tar file, and the FS doesn't seem to like some file names: Cannot open: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character14:11
BaribalIs there an easy fix? And if there isn't, what'd be a good regex to match those characters?14:11
lasherBaribal: tried redownloading the file?14:11
Bariballasher, it's not a download, and file corruption isn't the problem.14:12
yeatsBaribal: seen this? http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/tar-fails-to-extract-archive-containing-special-characters-884672/14:13
carroarmato0gaetano: I've never used ubuntustudio I'm afraid :(14:13
Baribalyeats, that seems to describe the problem. It doesn't give a solution, though. I'm trying --xform 's/\\//g' at the moment, but for whatever reason now no extraction happens.14:15
amendes365hello everyone, my master volume is not syncing with the browsers volume. Any suggestions? ubuntu 10.0414:15
e\ectroanyone use icecast?14:15
cfhowlettcarroarmato0: afraid?  really?14:15
yeatsBaribal: are you trying to do so on a FAT or NTFS partition?14:15
ardchoilleBaribal: are you trying to extract it to a fat32 or ntf partition?14:15
vickytomar__hi to all14:16
ardchoilleyeats: lol14:16
yeatsardchoille: :-D14:16
BaribalI think so. mount says it's of type fuseblk, but as it's an out-of-the-box external HD, it probably is NTFS.14:16
matthias_martyn_t,  have you installed ndiswrapper ...14:16
ardchoilleBaribal: try extracting to an extX partiton and then upload/transfer?14:16
vickytomar__any one plz help me i can't create/delete files from home folder... it freezes my ubuntu 12.0414:16
ikoniavickytomar__: that sounds very unusual14:17
ikoniavickytomar__: can you give a little more detail ?14:17
Baribalardchoille, I'm afraid I don't have the HD space for that.14:17
ardchoilleikonia: could that be caused by root owning files in $USER home?14:17
dzuphow can i disable  the ask keyring for passwd everytime i need to access a website that requires password?14:17
ikoniaardchoille: that should just be permission denied, not crash the machine, lets wait for more details14:18
User123vickytomar__, what do you mean by "freezes"?14:18
ardchoilleah, ok14:18
vickytomar__ikonia: previously every thing working fine after last day update ... however i am not sure about the reason .... not what's happening is when ever i try to create/del any file .txt or etc. my ubuntu 12.04 simply hangs an i need a restart every time14:19
gaetanoardchille: is there an unbuntu studio chat u mean!??!14:19
vickytomar__ikonia: previously every thing working fine after last day update ... however i am not sure about the reason .... not what's happening is when ever i try to create/del any file .txt or etc. my ubuntu 12.04 simply hangs an i need a restart every time14:19
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, is this a "normal" ubuntu 12.04 install, no wubi or anything like that14:19
ardchoillegaetano: yes, it's #ubuntustudio14:19
amendes365dzup: what kind of password is the website asking for14:19
vickytomar__ikonia: yes14:19
gaetanocarroarmato0: thank u anyway :)14:19
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, can you please open a terminal and show me the output of the cmomand "mount" in a pastebin (not in the channel)14:20
gaetanoardchoille: i click on it but nothing happen!14:20
ardchoillegaetano: /join #ubuntustudio14:20
vickytomar__ikonia: yes14:20
dzupamendes365, before any password ask me for a password my box askme for a keyring password and i dont like it14:20
gaetanoardcholle: do i find it in the chat list!!?14:21
dzupamendes365, before any *website ask me for a password*14:21
ardchoillegaetano: no, in your text input box for your irc client type this14:21
ardchoille/join #ubuntustudio14:21
gaetanoardchoille: lol ok! sorry but im totally new with ubuntu! thank u a lot!!14:22
amendes365dzup: have you changed your password recently?14:22
gaetanoardchoille: now i git it! :)14:22
vickytomar__ikonia: http://pastebin.com/KiYj2ui914:22
ardchoillegaetano: no worries, we were all new at one time :)14:22
gaetanoardchoille: get it14:22
ikoniavickytomar__: thank you14:22
vickytomar__ikonia : http://pastebin.com/KiYj2ui9 please check14:22
evgen hello. How to run gui apllication fullscreen mode, -kios mode not work in xterm, or launch application use flag -geometry not use number in command14:23
evgen<evgen> or launch fullscreen leafpad14:23
humboltI screwed up grub on my server14:23
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, can you please show me again in a pastebin, the output of "ls -la /home/vickytomar" please.14:23
humboltluckily I have access through IPMI14:23
judahlionHi people! I use ubuntu 12.10 + bumblebee + openbox But I have screen tearing in vlc, how can I solve this?14:23
humbolthowever, I need to get it to boot14:24
vickytomar__ikonia : why not in a moment14:24
humbolthow do I investigate this14:24
amendes365judahlion: are you trying to stream something?14:24
judahlionno, I'm just trying to play avi and mkv files14:25
bloodlifehello, need help here..!!!14:25
ikoniabloodlife need more info ..!!!!14:26
gaetanoardchoille: theres only one person on ubuntustudio chat! lol how is it pssible! here is a lot mor crowded!!14:26
bloodlifei'm trying to install a package, but i'm unable to..14:26
ikoniabloodlife need more info ..!!!!14:26
fred_1can anyone help me, I cant install programs I downloaded14:26
strangerrHello. Wich driver is better to use for BCM43225 on 12.10? I just installed some updates, afair there were kernel update, and my wifi stopped working. T__T14:26
ardchoillegaetano: oh, ok, I was just thinking about getting you to some better support.. I didn't know there was only one person there14:26
vickytomar__ikonia : http://pastebin.com/xrbghntt please have a look14:26
ikoniavickytomar__: thank you14:26
bloodlife@ikonia okie, I want to install honeyd14:26
vickytomar__ikonia : pleasure is mine big bro.. i guess14:27
cfhowlettjudahlion: do other vids play?14:27
slackerboy /exit14:27
bloodlifeso downloaded the package to /usr/src14:27
BaribalOkay, I got sed-expressions for tar to work; is there a good regex to match multibyte characters?14:27
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, looking at that output, there looks like there is nothing wrong with your home directory, or it's permissions14:27
bloodlifeun tar'd it.. cd /honeyd-1.5c14:28
ikoniavickytomar__: I'm going to ask you to run a test for me in a moment, it will make your machine hang, is that ok ?14:28
bloodlifeafter using ./configure got to create a make file.. which i'm unable to..14:28
fred_1I think there is something wrong with the bunt I installed14:28
vickytomar__ikonia : ya sure14:28
rymate1234fred_1, what's up withn it?14:29
gaetanoardchoille: what kind of better support?!14:29
jribbloodlife: honeyd is in the repositories.  Use APT, not your tar file14:29
vickytomar__ikonia: ya sure please suggest me..14:29
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, can you open two terminals,14:29
fred_1I get errors at the end14:29
rymate1234fred_1, the error is...?14:29
vickytomar__ikonis : opened14:29
judahlioncfhowlett: I have tearing in every video file with vlc and totem. I ran optirun nvidia-settings -c :8 but I don't have this option: X Server XVideo Settings -> Sync to VBlank14:29
bloodlifejrib: i need the latest one.. so had to download it..14:29
fred_1I have it in an document14:29
ardchoillegaetano: well that is the channel for ubuntu studio support so I was thinking that you might have better help there since it's their distro14:29
bloodlifei'm unable to compile the binary..14:30
jribbloodlife: why, what's different in the latest one?14:30
rymate1234paste the error at pastebin.com14:30
ikoniavickytomar__: in 1, I'd like you to type "vmstat 5", you should see data start scrolling14:30
fred_1ok I will14:30
judahlioncfhowlett: in unity I have that option but not in openbox14:30
bloodlifethe repo dosen't show the version, the current one which i've downloaded is 1.5c..14:30
=== tux is now known as Guest48056
jribbloodlife: 1.5c was released in 2007.  It's the version available in the repositories.14:31
vickytomar__ikonia : done ya i can see some data scrolling14:31
jribBaribal: what filesystem are you extracting to?14:31
ikoniavickytomar__: are you chatting from this machine now ?14:31
ikoniavickytomar__: or are you on a different one14:31
vickytomar__:( yes14:31
vickytomar__ikonia :from the same mc14:32
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, I'll give you instructions, don't do them until you have them all as obviously your machine will hang14:32
t4nkhello everyone14:32
ikoniavickytomar__: in the second window type "touch /home/vickytomar/breakfile"14:32
bloodlifejrib: so when installing from the repo does it install all the dependencies like libevent, libdnet, and libpcap ?14:32
ikoniavickytomar__: that should (according to you) hang your machine14:32
strangerrwhat is the difference between bcmwl-kernel-source and broadcom-sta-common drivers?14:32
ikoniavickytomar__: once that happens look at the folling14:32
vickytomar__ikonia : yes14:32
jribbloodlife: yes14:32
vickytomar__ikonia : ok14:32
ikoniavickytomar__: is the window running vmstat still scrolling or has it just locked14:33
ikoniavickytomar__: press the numlock/capslock keyboard buttons,14:33
bloodlifejrib: pls wait while i try it now.. ty14:33
t4nkafter my ubuntu 10.04 lts is no longer supported, do I have to upgrade for security purpose's?14:33
ikoniavickytomar__: does the light on your keyboard go on/off when you press them14:33
jribbloodlife: that's one of the main benefits of using a package system14:33
Baribaljrib, probably NTFS.14:33
jribt4nk: yes14:33
ikoniavickytomar__: then reboot the machine and do "ls -la /home/vickytomar/breakfile" and report the info back in this channel14:33
jribBaribal: have you tried instead trying to extract to your HOME (presumably ext4)?14:33
ikoniavickytomar__: that's it, can you do that ok ?14:33
t4nkjrib: that was simple enough, lol.14:33
jribt4nk: heh14:34
t4nkjrib: thanks14:34
jribt4nk: keep in mind, you can upgrade 10.04 directly to the next LTS (12.04)14:34
Baribaljrib, I don't have the neccessary space there.14:34
jribBaribal: I see14:34
t4nkjrib: yeah, it was just something that was wandering around in my head, just needed to be sure. thanks again.14:35
bloodlifejrib: what's the package name?14:36
jribbloodlife: honeyd14:36
bloodlifejrib: but i get here as honeyd's honeypot documentation and scripts14:37
jribbloodlife: what?14:37
=== qos is now known as qos|away
yeatsBaribal: seems like your options are 1) create the necessary space or 2) format your external drive to ext3/414:37
bloodlifejrib: i don't find it..14:38
jribmy guess is there's a way to manipulate the file names though I don't know how offhand14:38
jribbloodlife: what ubuntu version?  How are you looking for it?14:38
yeatsBaribal: if you're only using your external HD for linux, then you can format it to extX without any problems14:38
fred_1I put it in pastebin           http://pastebin.com/TaMPdFzx14:39
infectedorganismwould anyone happen to have a monochrome xchat icon?!14:39
Baribalyeats, sadly, no other drive I have is big enough to hold the tars temporarily, so I can't even reformat it without losing the archive.14:39
bloodlifejrib: i'm using 10.04LTS14:39
yeatsBaribal: maybe use gparted to partition the external HD?14:40
bitbaudanyone know why I cant see chat msgs in the #drupal-support chan?14:40
BaribalGood point, yeats, I guess that's the last straw to grasp...14:40
ikoniabitbaud: ask in #freenode for help with the network14:40
bitbaudanyone know why I cant see chat msgs in the #drupal-support chan? i doubt all users are away14:40
jribbloodlife: honeyd is available there as well14:40
DX099does someone know what part of udevd configuration manage other partitions mounting points in Ubuntu 12.10 ?14:41
=== qos|away is now known as qos
bloodlifejrib: here's what it show's http://tinypic.com/r/352lnk7/614:43
judahlionCan anyone help me with my problem: I have tearing when I play videofiles in vlc or totem. I use ubuntu 12.10 + bumblebee + openbox  And I don't have the option Sync to VBlank in X Server XVideo Settings Anyone knows why?14:43
jribbloodlife: why don't you search for "honeyd"?14:44
ardchoilleinfectedorganism: I can teach you how to make one. May I pm you?14:44
wab7060anyone can help me with the "network is unreachable" error, please?14:44
bloodlifejrib: here's for honeyd - http://tinypic.com/r/2jaxfo6/614:45
infectedorganismardchoille, i really appreciate the help, but i'm sure I can find a tutorial on how to make one.14:45
KishlayHi All,14:45
jribbloodlife: so you want the first one, yes?14:45
infectedorganismI wanted to avoid that, but may be back later if I am stuck. need to get some rest; just got off of work.14:45
infectedorganismagain, thanks.14:45
ardchoilleinfectedorganism: ok14:46
pitlimitis there any way to run a script that keeps running even if i log off? without screen, that is14:46
bloodlifejrib: where to find the config files of honeyd..?14:46
DX099does someone know what part of udevd configuration manage other partitions mounting points in Ubuntu 12.10 ?14:46
wab7060alguém pt?14:46
DJones!pt | wab706014:46
ubottuwab7060: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:46
KishlayIs there anyway to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 offline14:47
jribbloodlife: check its documentation.  Probably in /etc?  Use « dpkg -L honeyd » for hints14:47
wab7060thanks DJones14:47
DX099Kishlay, download the ISO, burn it or dd it to USB14:47
judahlionwab7060: sim :)14:47
DX099the boot it14:47
KishlayThanks for that DX099 but i want to keep my current files and settings is that possible??14:48
DX099Kishlay, either way, you have to download the ISO before hand somehow14:48
DJonespitlimit: Have a look at the nohup command http://serverfault.com/questions/76875/how-to-run-script-via-ssh-that-doesnt-end-when-i-close-connection14:49
DX099Kishlay, yes the ubiquity installer now allows you to upgrade from Live session without reinstalling the whole thing14:49
vickytomar__ikonia : hi are you still there?14:49
KishlayOK, Thanks a lot DX09914:49
KishlayI will download and try now..14:49
vickytomar__ikonia : there ?14:49
DX099Kishlay, you'll just have to choose "Upgrade existing installation" at some point. You're welcome.14:49
josy1982hello how can i configure automatic updates?14:50
KishlayOk sure I will do that !!14:50
bloodlifejrib: thanks a lot..!!! wht does make followed by ./configure do..?14:51
ikoniavickytomar__: yes14:51
fred_1I did some info on pastebin.com  what will happen now?14:51
vickytomar__ikonia : thanks bro14:51
vickytomar__ikonia : i ran those tests14:51
jribbloodlife: well those are the first steps in building the software if you don't want to use the packages in APT.  If you're using APT, then you don't need to do any of that14:51
vickytomar__ikonia : vmstat was not scrolling data but keybord's caps lock light could be turn on and off14:52
pitlimitoh wow DJones  that is awesome14:52
ikoniavickytomar__: is your keyboard wired or wireless ?14:52
vickytomar__ikonia : wired i an using toshiba satellite L30514:53
vickytomar__ikonia : lappy14:53
ikoniavickytomar__: ahh perfect.14:53
ikoniavickytomar__: does the mouse pointer move at all ?14:53
vickytomar__ikonia: ya mouse pointer could still move.14:53
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, is the file "breakfile" you created for the test there ?14:54
vickytomar__ikonia : i am afraid of reinstalling ubuntu 12.04.... yes that file is been created14:54
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, so this doesn't sound like a true system freeze14:55
vickytomar__ikona : me too suppose that but how to fix it.....14:55
ikoniavickytomar__: if you click on anything does the machine respond ?14:55
vickytomar__ikonia : no mc. was not responding on clicks14:55
ikoniavickytomar__: forget midnight commander, I'm talking about the machine, can you open nautilus, a terminal, anything else14:56
subichanhow can I get the number of cores of an ubuntu machine?14:56
ikonialscpu ???14:57
wolssubichan: /proc/cpuinfo  is a possibility, but it might count HT "cores" too14:57
superthomasopen a terminal and type: lscpu14:57
bashiebarshFor subichab14:57
vickytomar__ikonia: ya i can open nautilus terminal any thing i want i can open now ...but at that time while mc. was hanged i was not able to do any thing ....14:57
ikoniavickytomar__: right, so the machine is not hanging, just the midnight commander application ?14:57
subichanwols: HT standing for?14:57
bashiebarshHyper thread14:58
=== K[a]rtagis is now known as Kartagis
vickytomar__you are talking about "midnight commander application" what is this ?14:58
DX099does someone know what part of udevd configuration manage other partitions mounting points in Ubuntu 12.10 ?14:58
ikoniavickytomar__: when you say "mc" what do you mean by "mc"14:58
vickytomar__ikonia : you are talking about "midnight commander application" what is this ?14:58
kostkonvickytomar__, a clone of notron commander14:58
vickytomar__machine my lappy14:59
vickytomar__ikonia: machine my lappy14:59
ikoniavickytomar__: well, your machine is not hanging then is it ?? you can open new windows, you can still do things14:59
fred_1rymate1234:   I put the data in pastebin           http://pastebin.com/TaMPdFzx14:59
ikoniavickytomar__: what do you mean it's "freezing" when it's not, you say you can still open new applications / do things14:59
ikoniaI don't understand how you can think it's freezing, but still doing things ?14:59
vickytomar__ikonia : no i can open windows and any thing now not then...15:00
subichanlscpu counts HT cores as well under CPU, right?15:00
ikoniavickytomar__: so when I asked you about caps lock, and you said it worked, was that when it was frozen, or after ?15:00
elwoodhi all15:00
vickytomar__ikonia : ya i even now saying same caps lock worked15:00
bashiebarshI guess, in that case divide the cores by twi15:00
ikoniavickytomar__ no - please listen to what I'm asking and answer clearly15:00
vickytomar__ikonia: mouse pointer was moving along15:01
kostkonsubichan, cat /proc/cpuinfo does, so lscpu does it too15:01
vickytomar__ikonia : ya i am here please go a head15:01
ikoniavickytomar__: when I asked you to test capslock and you said it worked, did you test it when the machine was "frozen" or after you unfroze it with a reboot15:01
elwoodthere is anything to apply a different theme to unity?15:01
subichanlscpu is available on all linux distros? I mean is it portale enough to be used in a script?15:01
kostkonsubichan, see above, better substitute it with: cat /proc/cpuinfo15:01
bashiebarshIts a bash command for the terminal15:01
wolssubichan: it's part of util-linux, yes15:01
vickytomar__ikonia : you said "test capslock" yes i tested it was working while machine was hanged.15:02
subichankoston: I'd have to parse that, which is a pita15:02
ikoniavickytomar__: do you know how to switch to different VT terminals ?15:02
bashiebarshYou mean ttys15:02
nina666hi... I have a text file of list of some URLs, is it possible that I send the list somehow from command line to any browser to open them all in tabs or separate window? Instead of manually copy and paste one by one...?15:03
vickytomar__ikonia :no i don't know15:03
kostkonsubichan, if you only want to count the number of cpus, then probably yes15:03
bashiebarshCtrl alt f1-615:03
theadminnina666: for i in $(cat your_file) ; do xdg-open $i ; done15:03
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, so ctrl+alt+function number keys15:03
nina666theadmin, thx15:03
superthomasI'm having some trouble installing 12.10 X64 on my laptop. when i get to the point where the installers checks for disk space, internet connection etc. and i click next, the whole installer freezes. is this a known bug/error?15:03
subichanutil-linux is installed by default on ubuntu?15:04
ikoniavickytomar__: I'd like you to again hang the machine and try to switch to different tty's, if you can switch check the screen contents for anything of interest, or try to execute some simple shell commands to see if the machine responds15:04
theadminsubichan: Of course15:04
subichanok thanks, I guess that bought me then15:04
subichanthanks guys15:04
vickytomar__ikonia : ok now i can switch between gui and terminal with black screen15:05
ikoniavickytomar__: please please PLEASE listen15:05
ikoniavickytomar__: I said I'd like you to hang the machine first15:05
vickytomar__ikonia : ok15:05
ikoniavickytomar__: not "now" do the test after you've hung the machine15:05
vickytomar__ikonia: yes15:05
ikoniavickytomar__: so hang the machine - you can't do anything try switching tty's15:05
vickytomar__ikonia : ok15:06
subichanby the way, is there a case in which you would want to feed an application the number of real cpu cores rather than perceived ones due to HT?15:06
vickytomar__ikonia : please stay here i'll be back in a while15:06
subichanI'm using this to speed up application that support multicores15:06
ikoniavickytomar__: I'll stay as long as possible15:06
nina666the admin, it only opens the first line url15:06
subichanI'm not using it for reporting purposes or anything informative..15:06
vickytomar__ikonia : thanks :)15:06
WeThePeoplehow would i find a file with the work book in it even if the file were named bookmarks or bookmark or books using the find command?15:06
theadminnina666: Hm... Odd. Then again I'm not too sure.15:06
nina666for i in $(cat your_file) ; do xdg-open $i ; done >>> i think somehow this loop exits after carrier return in the file15:07
=== Youri is now known as YBook
nina666does anyone else has any idea? how to open a list of URLs from a text file from command line in browser? this command only reads the first line: for i in $(cat your_file) ; do xdg-open $i ; done15:10
nina666anything I need to add to this command?15:10
feodorhi, I have ubuntu 12.04. I'm connected to the internet via wifi and on the local network there's a windows server that I need to access sometimes to view some materials for studying and etc, but samba loads the server extremely slowly or doesn't load it at all  after I've accessed it a few times (it just hangs on "loading...")15:12
feodorbut if I access it from windows then it loads everything instantly15:13
subichanis it known at what level of compression the -z option of tar operates? it's not written in man15:13
bloodlifeanybody here knw how to config a honeypot using honeyd :/15:15
ikoniabloodlife: I'd suggest doing some resarch15:15
ikoniabloodlife: you seem to be rushing into this, trying to build it for no reason15:15
ikoniabloodlife: trying to use it with no idea how to use it15:15
ikoniabloodlife: slow down and research the product a little before rushing in15:15
reufhi, how can i make icon text on desktop be fixed size so it doesnt overlap over other icons?15:15
bloodlifeikonia: i did..all i find is abstract.. all this is to complete my project "Detection of IP-Spoofing using honeypot"15:16
bloodlifeikonia: it's soo complicated.. no info provided on how to frm scratch.. :/15:17
reufthe text expands too much on icons - how to limit the size of text displayed o icons on desktop?15:18
ikoniabloodlife how can you plan to write a project on how to detect it if you don't even know how to configure it15:18
L3topnina666: I would use a while read instead of a for loop.15:18
reufthe text expands too much on icons - how to limit the size of text displayed o icons on desktop?15:18
fred_1anyone who can tell me how this place works?15:19
ikonia!guidlines | fred_115:19
nina666L3top you mean: while i in $(cat your_file) ; do xdg-open $i ; done15:19
AminosAmigos_i have multiple Iso's : kubuntu xubuntu ubuntu ... is it possible to "merge" them into 1 big iso ?15:19
ikonia!guidelines | fred_115:19
ubottufred_1: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:19
nina666L3top, but it doesnt work :D15:19
reufthe text expands too much on icons - how to limit the size of text displayed o icons on desktop?15:19
nina666:3topit say's program 'i' is currently not installed !!!?!!???15:20
bloodlifeikonia: i'm new to honeypot/honeyd.. detecting i can,knw how to use iptables..15:20
nina666L3top, it say's program 'i' is currently not installed !!!?!!???15:20
fred_1Ok, then I can understand what will happen to my pasebin data15:20
reufthe text expands too much on icons - how to limit the size of text displayed o icons on desktop?15:20
ikoniabloodlife: use the honeypot support resources then, forum, irc channel, mailing lists etc15:20
ikoniafred_1: depends on the pastebin you use, they normally document their policy15:21
lizardbraindownload manager that supports multi connections?15:21
bloodlifeikonia: irc for honeypot.. ? what's it..15:21
ikoniabloodlife: no idea, research the product you are using for their support resources15:21
fred_1One of you said  had to put my problem data there15:22
ikoniafred_1: and ?15:22
bloodlifeikonia: i'm on it..:-/15:22
ikonia!pastebin | fred_115:22
ubottufred_1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:22
AminosAmigos_i have multiple Iso's : kubuntu xubuntu ubuntu ... is it possible to "merge" them into 1 big iso ?15:22
fred_1The link is http://pastebin.com/TaMPdFzx15:23
ikoniaAminosAmigos_: no15:23
fred_1I put it on this forum15:23
AminosAmigos_thnx ikonia15:23
vickytomar__ikonia : i did that and i was able to switch b/w ttys15:23
reufAminosAmigos: why would you merge them15:23
ikoniavickytomar__: and the rest of the tests I asked for ?15:24
vickytomar__ikonia : even i could login through these VT terminals and can execute commands15:24
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, so it sounds like X11 is hanging rather than the machine15:24
ikoniavickytomar__: what video card is in your machine ?15:24
vickytomar__ikonia : ya one more thing15:24
vickytomar__ikonia : should i past that here or on pastbien15:24
L3topno nina666 like so: cat ./your_file | while read i; do xdg-open $i ; done15:24
AminosAmigos_@reuf i want to be able to boot live from one DVD to kubuntu or xubuntu or ubuntu15:24
ikoniavickytomar__: what is the one more thing15:25
vickytomar__ikonia : sending you through pastbien15:25
=== ashaszin is now known as Ogust1
=== scott_ is now known as Guest87496
vickytomar__ikonia : http://pastebin.com/pAXSP655 please check it15:27
RyanNielsonHey, I booted off the Ubuntu 12.10 DVD image in an attempt to install. But I use a logitech Bluetooth Keyboard + mouse and work via a usb bluetooth dongle. These don't seem to work in the "LiveCD"/Installer for Ubuntu. Anyonce have any idea how I could get them to work so I can install ubuntu?15:27
nina666L3top, thanks, but the funny thing is firefox opens only one at a time. meaning it opens the first one, then when I close it, it opens the second one. I need to open them all in once...15:27
ikoniavickytomar__: I don't see that as a massive problem15:28
ikoniavickytomar__: your hard disk for /home is /dev/sda5 - totally different device15:28
vickytomar__ikonia : ok so what to do next15:29
ikoniavickytomar__: what video card do you have in the laptop ?15:29
vickytomar__ikonia : don't know :(15:29
=== Fuchs is now known as Horsie
ikoniavickytomar__: ok, I'd suggest getting one of the people in here to work it out and explain how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test15:30
vickytomar__ikonia : so you don't know how to do it ... :(15:31
ikoniayes, I'm just going to now go and do other things15:31
vickytomar__ikonia : ok thanks alot big bro but if you could spare some more time we can skrew this together15:31
fred_1Can anyone look at my problem I cant install Programs in Ubuntu. The details are in http://pastebin.com/TaMPdFzx15:32
ikoniavickytomar__: I can't, I have other things to do15:32
L3topnina666: cat ./your_file | while read i; do firefox $i; done15:32
vickytomar__ikonia : can i ask your real name please15:32
vickytomar__ikonia : never mind thanks a lot ............15:33
L3topand your address... major credit card... dont forget the security code on the back...15:33
rikietjeHi, I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 and installed unity-webapps-facebookmessenger. When i'm trying to install something else now i get the following error :  dpkg: error processing unity-webapps-facebookmessenger (--configure):  Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should  reinstall it before attempting configuration. Errors were encountered while processing:  unity-webapps-facebookmessenger15:33
rikietjeWhat should I do?15:33
RyanNielsonAnyone have any idea how to get a bluetooth mouse/keyboard dongle to work in the Ubuntu installer?15:33
vickytomar__how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test15:34
AminosAmigos__i have found a software Xboot that can do the task but it runs on Windows i looked for alternatives and failed any ideas ?15:34
AminosAmigos__XBoot can combine these ISO files in to one Multiboot ISO file or create Multiboot USB in just few clicks15:34
vickytomar__any one please help "how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test"15:34
nina666L3top, only the first URL opens :(15:34
vickytomar__any one please help "how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test"15:34
=== Guest1360 is now known as Aranel
SouravAJ@aminos : u can run windows tool through wine in ubuntu15:35
vickytomar__any one please help "how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test"15:35
vickytomar__any one please help "how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test"15:37
vickytomar__please help15:37
OerHeksRyanNielson, good question, no solution AFAIK, use a wired keyboard to install.15:37
gaetanoanyone knows how can i get to ubuntustudio chat???15:37
cfhowlettgaetano: /join #ubuntustudio15:38
RobbyFvickytomar__,  I think everyone here has seen or your msg, otherwise there afk just be patient15:38
RyanNielsonOerHeks: Oh, that's annoying. I don't have a wired keyboard on hand. Sucks, because it works fine in my UEFI bios and during the Windows 8 and Windows 7 install.15:38
L3topnina666: 2 lines. firefox &   and then the line I gave you earlier. If firefox is already opened it opens them all.15:38
L3top& backgrounds the process (in this case starting firefox)15:39
L3topMight need to sleep a coulpe of seconds for firefox to be up.15:39
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djskidd_Help, I need firmware for my wireless card, where can I find it?15:40
zooppHello, while trying to move an extended partition group GParted threw an I/O error about 30GB into the process. Retrying did not help so I hit cancel, now I've mounted the partition in case and checked some files and see that they are all right. Should I assume that everything is ok?15:40
=== qos|away is now known as qos
nina666L3top, ok let me try15:41
djskidd_Somebody help15:41
zooppCan someone please answer?15:41
erik__Zoop what was the question again?15:42
L3top!patience | zoopp15:42
ubottuzoopp: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:42
=== Horsie is now known as Fuchs
zooppWhile trying to move an extended partition group GParted threw an I/O error about 30GB into the process. Retrying did not help so I hit cancel, now I've mounted the partition in case and checked some files and see that they are all right. Should I assume that everything is ok?15:43
allo_how can i install kubuntu-desktop additional without changing a lot of branding (like name in grub, splash, lightdm theme)15:43
allo_or is there some list of all relevant branding options, which need to be changed back?15:43
L3topIt could be that the disk has bad sectors. Is this a boot partition you are making?15:43
L3topzoopp: ^15:44
seednode_allo_: Assuming you already have a DE installed, you should be able to install it without anything changing.15:44
zooppNo, I tried to move a partition group not make another partition.15:44
zooppIt was actually the partiton my /home is / was.15:44
DX099how do I manage policy kit in Ubuntu ?15:44
lizardbraindownload manager that supports multi connections?15:44
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AmpersandI have a question: I have just upgraded from ubuntu 12.04 to 12.10. I use Thunderbird as my e-mail client. The problem is that when I receive a new message, the icon doesn't turn blue anymore. A notification is however displayed, but I might miss it. I was wondering if there's anything that could be done about this? (in 12.04 I didn't have this problem, it worked well)15:45
allo_seednode_: i made a fresh installation on the pc. the last installation was ubuntu classic and when i installed kubuntu-desktop there, it changed the bootsplash for example15:46
allo_seednode_: thats what i want to avoid, because i do not want to confuse the users15:46
djskidd_Somebody please help me, I need a firmware for my wireless card15:46
=== Youri is now known as YBook
bashiebarshWhat is the card?15:46
L3topzoopp: unmount it and run fsck on it15:46
mrojas6996I have a question, Do the graphical interface X.org is the same that in the 70's was used in UNIX Systems?15:47
djskidd_I don't know, how can I find it?15:47
allo_djskidd_: what kind of card?15:47
zooppL3top: on it15:47
allo_is a good resource15:47
erik__Ampersand: Is your Thunderbird window opened or minimized?15:47
L3topmrojas6996: at its core yes.15:48
djskidd_Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11bg Wireless Network Controller (rev 02)15:48
Ampersanderik__, it is opened, but minimized15:48
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:48
seednode_allo_: Which DE are you using right now?15:48
allo_OerHeks: not b43?15:48
allo_seednode_: unity, as its a fresh ubuntu quantal install15:48
wab7060anyone can help me with the "network is unreachable" error, please?15:48
erik__hmm nvm then. Thought it might have something to do with it being not minimized15:48
OerHeksdjskidd_, open terminal:  sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer   ( and reoot)15:49
erik__my icon stopped turning blue also15:49
erik__it worked before today15:49
allo_seednode_: or the other way round ... my profile is kde, and i want kde again, but without changing anything for the other users15:49
Ampersandthere's no problem with the other programs (empathy, xchat, ...), just Thunderbird15:49
erik__running 12.0415:49
seednode_Well, I've never noticed the splash screen change when adding a second DE... Anyone else have experience with this?15:49
mrojas6996L3top, Ok! thanX for answer me!15:49
djskidd_OerHerks: there's no internet connection to the computer.15:50
erik__yeah, I'm wondering why mine stopped working now. lol15:50
allo_to fix the splash is not that hard, but i think there is more stuff which gets changed, for example i do not know where grub detects if a kernel should be called ubuntu or kubuntu15:50
allo_splash is an alternative15:50
OerHeksdjskidd_, you need internet to install those packages, else you can try apt-on-cd15:50
allo_lightdm theme will be to, i guess15:50
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD15:51
Ampersandah, i see! :) anyway, i tried removing the accounts and adding them again, then I disapbled the Messaging Menu Integration plugin and enabling it again.. nothing seemed to work15:51
allo_meh, i just install and see it myself.15:51
allo_hoping for the best15:51
Ampersandbut yours doesn't work for any prgram, or just Thunderbird also?15:52
SouravAJtry to reinstall the thunderbird15:53
vickytomar__any one please help "how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test"15:53
erik__Just thunderbird. I'm guessing it might be a bug that was introduced with some update, but that's just my guess.15:53
vickytomar__any one please help "how to force X11 to use the "vesa" driver and then re-test"15:53
wabanyone can help me with the "network is unreachable" error, please?15:53
Ampersandbut could anyone confirm that the icon works indeed for Thunderbird in 12.10? If yes, then I'll uninstall and install again Thunderbird15:54
L3topvickytomar__: generate an xorg.conf if you do not already have one, in /etc/X11/  and specify vesa under Driver15:54
Ampersandotherwise, I wouldn't do that, TBH.. :)15:54
SouravAJ@vicky: y dont u google it if anyone know  answer of ur question thy will definately reply patience in imp15:54
=== captiankirk is now known as orionsbelt
vickytomar__L3top : but i don't know how to generate xrog.conf15:55
Ampersanderik__, , could be... anyway, it's good to know that I'm not alone on this one. I loved this feature of Ubuntu :)15:55
L3topvickytomar__: stop X, and type Xorg -configure and it will dump it in your ~ folder15:55
mrojas6996which means that then ubuntu used the same server X.org that unix used in the 70's, Cool!15:55
vickytomar__@SouravAj : new ppl continuesly connecting here you know15:55
=== erkan^ is now known as erkie
mrojas6996but with a lot of updates and improvements15:56
djskidd_Ubuntu Software Center won't let me install the DEB :/15:56
=== Etanol is now known as Etanolski
vickytomar__L3top : plz i am a new bee here don't now how to stop X15:57
L3topnp vickytomar__ what DE are you using? Unity?15:57
L3topWhat version of *buntu are you on vickytomar__15:58
vickytomar__L3top :yes ubuntu 12.04 unity15:58
L3topvickytomar__: sudo lightdm stop15:58
vickytomar__L3top: in terminal15:58
harryrfWhat is a good remote desktop for controlling ubuntu from windows?15:59
L3topyes vickytomar__. THis will stop your X environment... ie your desktop will go away... then you run Xorg -configure in terminal, then sudo lightdm start or startx15:59
vickytomar__L3top : Failed to use bus name org.freedesktop.DisplayManager, do you have appropriate permissions?15:59
L3topdid you type sudo?15:59
vickytomar__L3top :yes15:59
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
Fodi69hi, is there a way to highlight the lines that are written by me in Gnome-terminal? Sometimes I get multiple pages of output, and I don't know simple, where were the last command16:00
L3topvickytomar__: sudo service lightdm stop16:00
vickytomar__L3top : sudo lightdm stop16:00
vickytomar__[sudo] password for vickytomar:16:00
vickytomar__Failed to use bus name org.freedesktop.DisplayManager, do you have appropriate permissions?16:00
vickytomar__L3top : ok checking that one16:00
wabanyone can help with virtualbox, please?16:00
zooppL3top: this is what I get: ext2fs_open2: Bad magic number in super-block16:00
zooppfsck.ext4: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...16:00
zooppfsck.ext4: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda16:00
zooppI guess it's a lost cause? :|16:01
bjrohanI did a bad bad thing I think. Before my upgrade to 12.10 Java on a particular website worked. I upgraded, but installed 3rd party software web8update for java, and now said website doesn't run (says no java detected) I removed that 3rd prty PPA source and updated, how can I get the java on that website to work?16:01
fred_1Can anyone look at my problem I cant install Programs in Ubuntu. The details are in http://pastebin.com/TaMPdFzx16:01
L3topzoopp: you should use it on the partition, not the root of sda.16:01
zooppL3top: ah.. seems to be clean output: /dev/sda5: clean, 49505/24059904 files, 29984818/96238847 blocks16:02
L3topzoopp: what are you logged into? A live disk? you CANNOT run fsck on a mounted partition/root. It WILL break things.16:02
zooppI'm on a live CD16:02
L3topthen it looks clean and I would guess you are ok zoopp16:02
gabkdllyFodi69, you can edit your .bashrc to highlight the prompt16:02
zooppAlright, ty16:02
wabanyone can help with virtualbox please?16:03
L3top!anyone | wab16:03
ubottuwab: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:03
Fodi69how can I change my .bashrc to hightlight the prompt lines in gnome-terminal? where is this file located, and what should I change?16:04
SouravAJanyone knows text based email client?16:05
NewWorldFodi69:  are prompt lines the PS1 shell variable?16:05
rickbolSouravAJ: mutt16:05
SouravAJmutt can configure hotmail account?16:05
gabkdllyFodi69, .bashrc will be at  /home/yourUser/.bashrc16:06
Fodi69NewWorld: I want to highlight the lines, where I have written a command (so the input lines)16:06
wabL3top I understand, but I don't wanna flood the chan16:06
gabkdllyFodi69, open it in any text editor, it has instructions in it on how to highlight the prompt16:07
xanguaSouravAJ: hotmail has had pop3 support since a couple of years16:07
NewWorldFodi69:  oh then i'm not sure, sorry16:07
xanguahotmail. outlook mail, whatever they call today16:07
rickbolSouravAJ: I think mutt supports POP3, so probably. try googling "linux mutt hotmail"16:07
L3topFodi69: sed -i 's/\#force_color_prompt=yes/force_color_prompt=yes/' ~/.bashrc16:08
marsfligthHow to hide commercial/shareware applications in 'Ubuntu Software Center'?16:09
Fodi69I have found it, the variable is called "force_color_prompt" and I had to change it to yes, thanx L3top, NewWorld, gabkdlly16:09
L3top!details | wab16:09
ubottuwab: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:09
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.16:11
marsfligthHow to hide/filter shareware applications in 'Ubuntu Software Center'?16:13
wabL3top when I try a ssh -N -L comand, I get the "network is unreachable" error16:13
ddhow is the 12.10 doing? worth the upgrade?16:13
vickytomar__L3top : are you there16:14
wabI need hep whit that, because aparently everything it's ok, but I can tell you not16:14
vickytomar__L3top : i did what you said but ended up with some error msg16:14
rickbolIs anyone successfully using intel 4965agn (iwl4965) for wifi on 12.04?16:14
L3topvickytomar__: ls ~/xorg.conf.new16:14
MrokiiCan somebody tell me how I can activate zoom in/out (the desktop) via using the scrollweel and a key? It worked before upgrading to 12.10 but not anymore. Must be some compiz-setting I guess, but I can't find it. The "enhanced Zoom Desktop" doesn't seem to have a setting for that.16:14
vickytomar__L3top : yes i can see that16:15
vickytomar__L3top : vickytomar@vicky-Satellite-L305:~$ ls -l ~/xorg.conf.new16:16
vickytomar__-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5179 Oct 21 21:34 /home/vickytomar/xorg.conf.new16:16
vickytomar__L3top : here is the o/p16:16
L3topvickytomar__: sudo mv ~/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:16
L3topvickytomar__: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf          find the Driver              whatever              and make it vesa.16:17
ubottuSaxon___:: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:17
vickytomar__L3top: so what should i do first mv to etc or gedit16:17
L3topwhatever you want... wont make a difference until you log off and back in16:18
marsfligthHow to disable 'for purchase' applications in 'Ubuntu Software Center'?16:18
vickytomar__L3top : mv to etc sounds good for me should i do that ?16:18
phil__hello... i would like to ask if there is a way to add to the calendar of ubuntu 12.04 holidays and stuff like that, in an automated way, not by hand.. I know for example that KDE has something similar .... any suggestions?16:19
Griffin40i dont know of a way16:19
L3topvickytomar__:  you have to issue the commands I gave you the way I gave them... the order on matters because you will be changing the path of the file you are editing... You are making this way too complicated.16:19
=== seednode_ is now known as seednode
xanguaphil__: you would need to install evolution and add calendars to ir16:20
xanguato it*16:20
jakubohi is it possible to use the grub version from 12.04 in 12.10?16:20
BluesKajjakubo, why ?16:20
phil__xangua: what is ir?16:20
jakubocause i got a raid which worked in 12.04 and does not in 12.1016:21
jakubothe device mapper doesnt recognise the fakeraid anymore16:21
danslodoes using WUBI come with significant performance cost? I am assuming it works with a virtual disk on your existing NTFS drive?16:21
BluesKajhave you run sudo updtae-grub since upgrading to 12.10, jakubo ?16:22
BugariHello, does anybody knows how to add resolutions to screen, other than 800x600 -- the only I have right now? :P16:22
xanguadanslo: using wubi is more to use for test that a daily use, i recomend you to make a reall install if what you desire is the latest16:22
BluesKajer update-grub16:22
jakuboit doesnt even install well16:22
jakuboit says its not possible to write grub to the device16:22
=== erry_ is now known as erry
cfhowlettdanslo: wubi will run slower than native install.  Also, it is subject to fragmentation as it exists in a windows file.   That said, wubi is a TESTING platform - so sayeth the developers.16:23
jakubothe device mapper only sees the 2 HDs but not the raid array as such16:23
micheleubuntu italia?16:23
xangua!it | michele16:24
ubottumichele: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:24
L3top!it | michele16:24
michelethank you16:24
BugariDoes anybody knows how to add resolutions to screen, other than 800x600 -- the only I have right now? :P16:25
wabanyone can help with a vm running ubuntu please?16:25
BluesKajok jakubo , do you have a live -cd or live-usb that you can use to run a terminal on and install grub to the device16:25
jakuboyou mean to chroot in ?16:25
jakuboi do16:25
Matriks404hi I installed Ubuntu 12.10 and if I start computer the grub2 bootloader dont showing, just only after some seconds Ubuntu load, does its good? I previously use Ubuntu 12.04 dualboot with Windows XP Home and then it showed boot options, but now theres not.16:26
compdocwhy is it that root cannot browse the the network using Nautilus, but I can?16:26
jakuboi have tried to reinstall and to reconfigure with dpkg-reconfigure, but it just refuses to see the array, only the partitions16:26
jribcompdoc: 1) does root have permission?  2) why are you even doing this?16:27
Griffin40wab, What is the matter16:27
cfhowlettMatriks404: grub will show if there's more than one OS or kernel.  Otherwise this is normal behavior16:27
Matriks404cfhowlett: ok, thanks.16:27
=== root is now known as help
=== help is now known as adamsobotka
BluesKajNo, jakubo not chroot in , just open a terminal on the live cd and do , sudo grub-install /dev/sdX where X is the letter assigned to that partition.16:28
adamsobotkahello,please,when a start some game,game startup and make a black screen and after few seconds shut down.. please help how to fix this :/16:28
compdocjrib, I want to run Backup in Time (root) so I can backup a server. Im going to shut the server down and rebuild it, so I need to backup areas only root can access16:28
jribcompdoc: I'm not familiar with Backup in Time, but why is nautilus involved?16:29
jakubothe device you mean16:29
adamsobotkahello,please,when a start some game,game startup and make a black screen and after few seconds shut down.. please help how to fix this :/16:29
BluesKajjakubo, device or partition16:30
slackerboyanyone know about some cool xfce themes ?16:30
david1234Hi all. I tried upgrading my Ubuntu 12.04 installation to 12.10, but after a reboot it hangs at the purple screen with the four orange dots, and the latest command is "fsck from util-linux 2.20.1 [newline] /dev/sda1: clean, [a]/[b] files, [c]/[d] blocks" (a-d are long numbers)16:30
BluesKajjakubo, some ppl install their OS on / so that where grub has to be installed16:31
Griffin40Does anyone know how you remove the guest account?16:31
L3topdavid1234: is fsck running? It may take some time to complete if so...16:31
jakuboi thought that grub neets too install into mbr which is on the device outside partitions16:32
DJones!themes | slackerboy16:32
ubottuslackerboy: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy16:32
david1234L3top: it may be running, not sure how I can tell. Hard drive activity light on server is not flashing, and Ubuntu takes up ~10GB on a 250GB hard drive16:32
david1234L3top: rest of the hard drive is blank16:32
L3topdavid1234: cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager16:32
david1234L3top: how do I run this command? I don't seem to have a shell prompt to enter commands16:33
Giant81launch terminal16:34
BluesKajjakubo,  for what it's worth the method I described above worked for me when I had to reinstall grub16:34
L3topdavid1234: ctrl alt f216:34
Giant81nm, I'm not paying attention...lol no disply16:34
* Giant81 goes back to his corner16:35
BugariDoes anybody knows how to add resolutions to screen, other than 800x600 -- the only I have right now? :P16:35
jakubook i just tried on the device and it said, that the directory /boot/grub will not be readable by grub on startup and therefore aborting+16:35
L3topBugari: what mode do you want to add16:35
david1234L3top: after pressing ctrl alt f2, the fsck lines have disappeared. I now see a blank screen with a flashing cursor in the top left. Still cannot enter any commands.16:35
ddBugari, you can manually set your screen res in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file16:36
L3tophmmm david1234... something is hung but good16:36
Bugaridd: sounds awsome, but I have no idea how to do this ;P16:36
L3topBugari: what mode do you want to add16:36
WalterNheh, so... installed 12.10 and everything seems fine when my three displays are mirrored, or two of the three are turned off... but when running two or three screens video is extremely sluggish, and I get this nasty looking error in xorg.0.log   http://pastebin.com/1rxcHM5y16:36
ddBugari, pm me with the content of your conf file plz16:37
L3topBugari: lspci -nn | grep VGA  while we are at it16:37
BugariL3top: something around 1280x1024, or sth... hard to remember the one it was :P16:37
L3topdd: xorg.conf is depreciated... he probably doesn't have one.16:37
ddL3top ah ok16:37
david1234L3top: when I tried booting into recovery mode, I was able to get to a root shell in read-only mode, but when I attempted to mount the partition as read/write fsck automatically ran and hung in the same place.16:37
tyrogHello, is there a way to accelerate the unity interface? Even with proprietary graphics drivers it is a bit sluggish when compared to gnome shell16:37
BugariL3top: http://bugari.pastebin.pl/6752916:38
L3topdavid1234: I would boot to live cd, and run fsck on your / partition16:38
BluesKajjakubo, then try this , http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/how-to-install-grub-2-on-a-fake-raid-system.153346/16:38
L3topBugari: do you have two of those cards in there?16:38
Bugaridd: http://bugari.pastebin.pl/6752716:38
david1234L3top: OK, I'll do that. What is the fsck syntax for that? Assuming the / partition is /dev/sda116:38
[twisti]how can i restore a specific config file on ubuntu to its original content ?16:39
L3topfsck /dev/sda1   ;)16:39
david1234ok :)16:39
=== eryhp222 is now known as rephy222
BugariL3top: yes, two cards :)16:39
L3topassuming it is a normal partition... wont work for XFS  etc...16:39
jakubothats what i tried first, but the device does not appear in the list. ust the partition16:40
L3topBugari: for some reason it is not reading the EDID of your display please pastebin the output of xrandr -q16:40
L3topBugari: are you using any kind of adapter/converter? (eg dvi > vga)16:40
BugariL3top: um.. RandR extension missing...16:40
yeehiHello! Is there a quick and easy way to "get rid of" the Amazon stuff in Quantum Quetzal?16:41
BugariL3top: yes, i'm using converter16:41
bazhang!adlens | yeehi16:41
ubottuyeehi: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ16:41
yeehihello bazhang16:41
yeehiadlens? what is it16:41
L3topThat is probably why this is happening Bugari. Hmmm... RandR extension missing... thats... new.16:41
jakubobesides it seems that ubuntu12.10 has different names. while 12.04 used nvidiafgggabc or something like this (in /dev/mapper/) 12.10 is going with /dev/dm-0(the device) with dm-1 its firsst partition16:41
BugariL3top: what to do with it?16:42
bazhangunity-lens-shopping  <--- remove that yeehi16:42
=== adrianrly|OFF is now known as adrianrly
flexmIs there any way to install rootstock in order to make an ubuntu image16:42
yeehithank you bazhang - how do I remove unity-lens-shopping?16:42
bazhangyeehi, the package manager16:42
yeehiThank you :)16:43
yeehiOne more quick question, bazhang:16:43
feodorhi, I have ubuntu 12.04. I'm connected to the internet via wifi and on the local network there's a windows server that I need to access sometimes to view some materials for studying and etc, but samba loads the server extremely slowly or doesn't load it at all  after I've accessed it a few times (it just hangs on "loading...")16:43
fred_1Can anyone look at my problem I cant install Programs in Ubuntu. The details are in http://pastebin.com/TaMPdFzx16:43
feodorbut if I access it from windows then it loads everything instantly16:43
wabanyone can help with a vm running ubuntu please?16:43
flexmyeehi, you simply run sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping16:43
yeehiI want to demo how easy it is to use ubuntu - in this case by installing and setting up skype16:43
feodorany idea how to fix the slow loading in ubuntu?16:43
bazhangwab, ask the channel a detailed question16:43
L3topThe converter is preventing your display EDID from being read, so it is just giving you a basic output...  but... can you give me the output of: cvt 1280 1024 60         (assumes your display is at 60 hz)16:43
wabbazhang i've asked before.. no way to ask this without flood the chan16:44
david1234L3top: ran fsck from LiveCD. I get the same output as is displayed when attempting to boot, but it looks like the command runs successfully16:44
yeehiyou are ace, flexm -16:44
ikoniawab: then use a pastebin to put details in16:44
flexmyeehi, thanks16:44
yeehiflexm - how do I easily install skype, ideally using clicking...16:44
BugariL3top: http://pastebin.com/Dx1hsHjr16:44
ikoniayeehi: if you are going to demo something - I find it important you actually know yourself how to do it16:45
L3topdavid1234: Mount the drive and check /var/log/syslog or dmesg log to try and see what is hanging16:45
mariusz__pppp[[.[[[[[[[[[[[\ ===[[[[[[[r      nn16:45
FloodBot1mariusz__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:45
ohzieyeehi: Skype actually has a repository to make installing it even easier16:45
david1234L3top: OK. What commands should I use to mount the drive?16:45
ohzieyeehi: but you do have to do things that aren't 10016:46
ikoniamariusz__: send me a pm when you've stopped flooding the channel16:46
ohzie% clicking to get it installed.16:46
yeehiHi, i think you are right, ikonia :)16:46
yeehiI am practicing how to do it myself first...16:46
flexmyeehi, just run sudo apt-get install skype16:46
marsfligthHow to disable 'for purchase' applications in 'Ubuntu Software Center'?16:46
ikonia!skype | yeehi16:46
ubottuyeehi: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga16:46
signal0r_anyone up with the same problem? http://askubuntu.com/questions/204062/cannot-login-to-empathy-after-setting-up-google-online-account16:46
BugariL3top: any ideas how to continue? :)16:46
L3topif you are in live disk david1234 just open in nautilus... it will mount itself...16:47
jakubohas to not been said that grub will not support raid arrays doe to this efi BS?16:47
L3topBugari: yeah... got a screaming baby gimme a second16:47
L3topor _dd can give you the config you need with that last output for a modeline.16:47
BugariL3top: okay, sure, thanks :)16:47
aafawhat to do in order to dual boot freebsd with ubuntu ?16:48
jakubothats why i asked about the older version16:48
ubottucipo62: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:48
BugariL3top: I didn't understood what you want me to do...16:50
L3top_dd: you still here?16:51
L3topok... Ill do it... gimme a min.16:51
Bugarioh that dd ;P lol :P no, dd is gone for a while now16:51
plustaxQuestion. I have a windows 7 computer with 8 gigs of RAM. I was only using 2.97g however due to my having a 32-bit operating system. I then used WUBI to install ubuntu 12.10 and it seems to be running kinda slowly. It freezes frequently and I have to wait 20-30 seconds for responsiveness. Anyway to fix this, or did I do something incorrectly?16:52
dak0_Hello is there channel for windows support?16:52
=== sascha is now known as Guest25933
plustaxdak0_, ##windows16:52
aafawhat is the default bootloader in ubuntu?16:53
ikoniaaafa: grub216:53
bloom213plustax: on ubuntu you see your 8gb recognised?16:53
plustaxbloom213, I do indeed.16:53
david1234L3top: in var/log/syslog, there's a line saying "[INFO]: recovery required on readonly filesystem". Nautilus mounts the drive successfully, but the partition is read only.16:53
bloom213plustax: it shouldn't be slow at all16:53
aafaikonia: i mistakely installed grub, will it matter?16:53
plustaxit seems fine now bloom213 but a few minutes ago I would simply navigate through folders and it would freeze.16:54
ikoniaaafa: not really16:54
david1234L3top: there are also lines saying "write access will be enabled during recovery" and "recovery complete"16:54
plustaxbloom213, perhaps I spoke too soon lol. It's flying now.16:54
aafaikonia: how to remove grub? and does it affect grub2?16:54
L3topdavid1234: fsck should fix that... I am not quite sure what is going on... gimme a min16:54
bloom213plustax: ok good thats the way it should be ;)16:54
ikoniaaafa: no, it will just be there in place of grub2, if it's working, leave it alone16:54
plustaxbloom213, I installed gnome 3. Its like I just got a brand new computer. Im in love.16:54
plustaxWhat desktop environment do you prefer and use?16:55
aafaikonia: but i need grub2, to get work GPT scheme16:55
bloom213plustax: on ubuntu i use gnome, on arch i use fluxbox16:55
ikoniaaafa: shouldn't do16:55
ikoniaaafa: how did you accidentally install grub ?16:56
flexmaafa: there is no need to remove grub16:56
=== ubuntu12 is now known as dury
aafaikonia: tell me what to do now, i need grub2 back..sudo apt-get purge grub?16:56
ikoniaaafa: you don't "need" grub2 back16:56
ikoniaaafa: how did you accidentally install grub16:56
aafaflexm: but it may panic with grub? i don't get it..i need grub216:56
ikoniaaafa: stop saying "I need grub2"16:57
int19hwhy do you need grub216:57
int19his it an EFI only machine ?16:57
bekksWhy not? :)16:57
bekksIt's default on Ubuntu.16:57
BugariL3top: don't want to rush you but.. you remember me? :D16:57
flexmaafa: grub2 isn't necessary to install16:57
aafai will boot another OS installed with GPT scheme16:57
ikoniabekks: apparantly he's accidentally installed grub116:57
aafaflexm: now what do i have? grub or grub2?16:57
duryhi there all :-)16:58
flexmaafa: OK16:58
ikoniaaafa: how did you install grub1 ?16:58
ikoniaaafa: gpt will not cause you a problem16:58
L3topyes I am building you an xorg.16:58
L3topgimme a few16:58
durygreat this distro... hurra :-)16:58
duryvery configurable16:58
flexmdury: Yeah it is great16:58
aafaikonia: i think i didnt install, but typed: sudo apt-get install grub, does it install bootloader or ?16:58
ikoniaaafa: that will install the grub package,16:59
ikoniaaafa: this isn't making any sense16:59
flexmdury: Did you just installed ubuntu16:59
L3topBugari: you have 3 monitors?16:59
ikoniaaafa: if grub2 didn't install, you wouldn't have been able to boot your machine, so you couldn't have typed apt-get install grub16:59
L3topBugari: one of which is an actual CRT?16:59
aafaikonia: ah okk, so that it will be the same grub216:59
duryminimalist too If you want16:59
ikoniaaafa: what you are saying makes no sense,16:59
BugariL3top: yes, I'll tell you, gimme sec17:00
aafaikonia: no i got the sense how grub works17:00
BugariL3top: the one described with 'CRT-1'17:00
ikoniaaafa you're not listening to what I'm asking, you're just responding with random words17:00
L3topI am not doing this if you have an actual CRT attached to this system. A bad modeline can physically damage it.17:00
duryflexm: well I've been using this distro .... let's say since release 717:00
flexmIs there any way to install rootstock17:00
BugariL3top: it's not crt, its LCD, it's just recognized this way :P17:00
aafaikonia: i get what i need not what you need ;p17:01
ikoniaaafa: again, you're just saying random words, if you want help, you need to read the question and actually respond with relevant info17:01
aafaikonia: eventually im thankfull to you17:01
durybut the essence it's GNU/linux17:01
L3topok Bugari. That was why I asked.17:01
BugariL3top: If I see correctly, it's X screen 2, if it makes any diffrence17:01
L3topBugari: I know where it is... I am just not trying to deal with an ACTUAL CRT.17:02
aafaikonia: i've my own style, but for grub it has always been a disrty bootloader..even after uninstalling ubuntu it still remains there..but it works for linux which is cool17:02
ikoniaaafa if you are not going to answer the questions I'm asking you to try and help you and just keep answering with random noise, please don't bother responding to me again17:03
BugariL3top: I'm not saying you can't locate it, i'm just trying to get as much info as possible :P it's not crt, it's lcd, I'm sure of it :D17:03
duryflexm : rootstock?17:03
* aafa is sure about ikonia rocks! and already got his answers hehe17:04
AlexPortableEverytime I want to open a file I just downloaded used any browser, I get this message: Kon ‘/home/ubuntu/Downloads/ninite (1).deb’ niet weergeven. De locatie is geen map. (Translated: Could not show /home/ubuntu/Downloads/ninite (1).deb. The location isn't a folder).     The problem is, I understand it isn't a folder, but I want to open the file anyway..17:05
L3topBugari: backup your current xorg.conf and try this. No promises... I don't deal with xinerama17:06
BugariL3top: okay, great :)17:06
IdleOneAlexPortable: you can't just 'open" a .deb you need to extract it. dpkg-deb -x *.deb /tmp/extract/17:07
david1234L3top: tried rebooting after running fsck from the LiveCD, still have the same issue. Looks like fsck has finished running (as it took <1 second to run from the LiveCD), but it's still hanging.17:07
AlexPortableIdleOne: I can when I double click it from nautilus17:07
AlexPortableOr also applies to .txt files17:07
plustaxbloom213, how do I access my windows files from my ubuntu installation? I cant find them in my folders anywhere17:07
BugariL3top: "this"?17:07
david1234L3top: was able to write to the /dev/sda1 partition as root from the LiveCD17:07
wilee-nileeplustax, This a wubi install?17:07
plustaxwilee-nilee, it is indeed.17:07
L3tophttp://pastebin.com/9iGMrMeE  sorry Bugari17:07
IdleOneAlexPortable: when you double click a .deb in nautilus gdebi installs it.17:07
AlexPortableYes but also for .txt files17:08
AlexPortableI want them to open with gedit or something17:08
wilee-nileeplustax, hehe keep looking they are there I forget exactly where sorry.17:08
AlexPortableNot just trying to open them with nautilus17:08
plustaxah crap haha17:08
L3topThat will probably have to be altered Bugari...17:08
BugariL3top: I'm trying to set it, gimme a sec :D17:08
bloom213plustax: i'm not on 12.10 but you should be able to find it ;)17:08
wlightningis there any way to reduce the height of each contact row in Empathy chat with 12.10?17:08
drkokandyAnyone have any idea how to make battery times more accurate? I'm seeing improved battery life on 12.10... but when I boot up, it says 3 hrs available... now, 5 hours later, it's saying 1:28 remaining...17:09
plustaxbloom213, where might it be?17:09
plustaxI looked in root, usr, bin, lib17:09
plustaxeverywhere haha17:09
plustaxIm a bit of a linux noob17:09
wilee-nileeplustax, might be media or mnt you will have to look from file which is root I believe.17:09
plustaxwilee-nilee, how do I get gui root again? Whats the terminal command17:09
BugariL3top: time to reboot mdm, i'll be back soon :)17:09
=== Cormac is now known as W8KWA
david1234L3top: some further testing. From recovery mode, I chose "network". Was asked if I wanted to "remount your /filesystem in read/write mode and mount any other filesystem defined in /etc/fstab". When I chose yes, it gave me the two-line fsck status, and is now hung again.17:10
ls612I'm having an issue with my new install of 12.10. Occasionally (every fifth boot or so) the graphical load will fail and I'll be dumped into a black screen with nothing on it except for some white text at the top that say "[ OK ]". the only thing that gets me out of that is manually powering off the machine and rebooting, after which it works fine.17:10
ls612When I went into recovery mode it gave an error, saying that 'the last mount time for dev/sda5 was in the future, probably due to a miscalibrated hardware clock'17:11
ls612Any ideas about what is going on?17:11
L3topdavid1234: it seems as though something is very wrong with your install or the physcial disk. I am not really sure where to start troubleshooting... can you load a live disk and fsck it from there? Or did we do that already?17:12
fred_1Can anyone look at my problem I cant install Programs in Ubuntu. The details are in http://pastebin.com/TaMPdFzx ... please?17:12
david1234L3top: Yes, we tried fsck'ing from a LiveCD. It finished in less than 1 second and did not output any error to the terminal.17:12
plustaxwilee-nilee, I found it. Host folder then users17:13
plustaxfor future notice :D17:13
drkokandyI don't know about the [OK] issue ls612 - but you can check to see what the hardware time is in the BIOS. Enter setup the next time you boot up (the key differs by your motherboard maker, but it might be something like F2)17:13
david1234L3top: The issues started after I did the release upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10. Is there any way to roll back?17:13
drkokandyls612, and then you can adjust the time in the BIOS manually17:13
ls612drkokandy: My HW time is fine, I checked.17:13
david1234L3top: I already ran SpinRite on the whole hard drive, no errors were reported.17:14
AlexPortablewilee-nilee: IdleOne any clue?17:14
L3topno, there is no rollback david1234.17:14
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L3top!downgrade | david123417:14
ubottudavid1234: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.17:14
david1234L3top: OK, I understand. Do you have any idea what I should do next?17:15
IdleOneAlexPortable: I am not sure I understand the issue. When you try to view a .txt file by double clicking on it what happens?17:15
wilee-nileeAlexPortable, generally no, and just asking people randomly is rather a strange response.17:15
L3topdavid1234: this is why I always do fresh installs. You might consider moving your /home to a separate partition. Makes installing different versions a WHOLE lot easier. I would backup /home and reinstall.17:15
AlexPortablewilee-nilee: i'm not asking randomly. You replied to me17:16
danman1453hello all17:16
IdleOneAlexPortable: focus :)17:16
AlexPortableIdleOne: Because doubleclicking from the browser is faster than having to go to /home/alex/Downloads/file.txt17:16
david1234L3top: OK. My main concern is that I used LVM on two other hard drives to store multiple terabytes of media. How do I back up this config?17:16
david1234(so that I do not lose any media data)17:16
IdleOneAlexPortable: yes I understand that. what error are you getting when you double click on a .txt ?17:16
bugariL3top: May the one thousand vaginas find a way to your crotch this night.17:16
danman1453is there a way to use legacy video drivers in a new ubuntu version?17:17
bugariL3top: You saved the day :D17:17
=== mysam is now known as Uncle|Sam
antisocialsorry, I'm a Newbie to xubuntu, and I know stopped at 1 hitch. I can not install updates adobe flash player. the only thing I can do and save it to your desktop. help me please :)17:17
fructHello! Please help me get work Option's GTM 37817:17
bugariL3top: (it happened to be 1920x1080, but I handled that ;P)17:17
wilee-nileeAlexPortable, Not today, hehbe17:17
danman1453I have 10.10 right now, but I would like to upgrade to 12.04 and my video card is not supported in the new version17:17
gordonjcp!flash | antisocial17:17
ubottuantisocial: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash17:17
bekksdanman1453: Which card vevry exactly do you have?17:17
AlexPortablewilee-nilee: sorry i thought you nickmentioned me xd17:18
wilee-nileeAlexPortable, Honestly I can barely remember my own name. ;)17:18
ls612Does anyone have any ideas about my occasionally inability to boot 12.10?17:18
AlexPortablels612: Does your system goes on fire when it can't boot?17:19
AlexPortableOr does the pc shuts down?17:19
L3topglad you got it going... sorry if I put a bad value in there... was working off of a template which is at 1080p.17:19
AlexPortableor do you get kernel panic?17:19
jakuboanyone common with grub2?17:19
L3topbugari: ^17:19
AlexPortablejakubo: #grub17:19
AlexPortablejakubo: do you want the whole channel to answer 'yes' ?17:19
wilee-nileels612, Not without some detail, a bootscript being run would get us closer at least me.17:19
jakuboi have tried there already, but i got no response17:19
insomniac_lemonantisocial, also, if you have a problem with red/blue colors being switched in videos, that is a bug in flash on Adobe's part. A way to fix this is to use Chrome, as it has built-in flash more controlled by Google, and it doesn't have this issue, and runs better.17:19
AlexPortablethen wait for response jakubo17:19
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.17:19
IdleOneAlexPortable: chill out please.17:20
jakubono need to be offended alexportable17:20
ls612It just gets stuck on the aforementioned screen with "[ OK ]" on the top. That OK is not an operable button.17:20
danman1453bekks: working on it... is there an easy way to list installed hardware?17:20
wizard`if i have two folders with the same name, one of which has some updated files, how do i write the newer folder into older folder to add the additional files/and overwrite the older files via command line?17:20
wilee-nileels612, http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/17:20
wilee-nileerun that an post it17:20
bekksdanman1453: lspci | grep VGA17:20
bugariL3top: man,  no reason to be sorry, you saved the day, and if i remember correctly, I gave you wrong values :P screen showed message what resolusion is correct, when wrong was provided :P17:20
ls612OK. I'll get back when I reproduce it.17:21
danman1453VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device (rev 03)17:21
antisocialinsomniac_lemon and ubottu thanks for now17:21
danman1453dumb question: how do I msg a specific user a response?17:22
IdleOne!tab | danman145317:22
ubottudanman1453: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:22
danman1453bekks, did you get that?17:22
insomniac_lemonantisocial, Ubottu is a bot :) (also, when I said Chrome, I did mean Chrome, you need to go online to get it, it isn't in the software center)17:23
plustaxthe print screen button isnt working on my 12.10 I see the screenshot app but its a bit of a pain to use. Is there a way to map it to the prnt scrn button or am I pressing the wrong shortcut for screenshot?17:23
bekksdanman1453: Yes.17:23
plustaxinsomniac_lemon, chromium is no different and is available in the software center17:23
bekksdanman1453: And why do you think it is unsupported?17:23
danman1453because, if I choose to upgrade, it gives me a msg that it is not supported17:24
insomniac_lemonplustax, actually, it is different, Chrome is based on Chromium, and has more things built-in. Chromium is more bare-bones and has less features.17:24
danman1453I tried a fresh install of 12.04 from dvd, and the screen was cut off. Max resolution of 640x480.17:24
plustaxinsomniac_lemon, Ah, gotcha. I guess I havent need any of the extra chrome features.17:24
brontosaurusrexinsomniac_lemon, like what? (other than flash)17:24
plustaxanyone answer my screenshot question?17:25
danman14539.10 installed without a hitch. Then I upgraded to 10.1017:25
plustaxbrontosaurusrex, chromium has flash17:25
plustaxits a plugin17:25
insomniac_lemonbrontosaurusrex, http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome17:25
L3topCan I see the exact message danman1453? When you try and upgrade?17:25
insomniac_lemonplustax, Flash on Chrome is less buggy than the plugin version in Chromium17:26
dr_willisplustax: i thought printscn launched  the screenshot app.17:26
brontosaurusrexinsomniac_lemon, thanks17:26
dr_willisplustax:  tgeres some indicator applets to make screenahots easier also. list is  at askubuntu.com17:27
bjrohandoes anyone have experience port fowarding on a zyxel modem/router? having issues rerouting incoming 23 to port 22 of a 2nd computer I want to ssh to17:28
riverlessHow come I've got this problem with locale. If I run locale -a sv_SE.utf8 shows in the end. Ive edited /etc/enviroment and put LC_CTYPE,LANG,LANGUAGE, and LC_ALL to ="sv_SE.UTF-8". I did put sv_SE.UTF8 UTF-8 in top of /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and also put LANG="sv_SE.UTF-8" in /etc/default/locale. Cant see wht i've missed here?17:29
jribriverless: you haven't said what the problem is17:31
riverlessjrib: for example, if I ask date for printout the respons is sön 21 okt 2012 19.31.29 CEST17:31
riverlessIf I create an directory called "täst", the printout from ls is t?st17:32
jribriverless: what's the output of "env"?17:32
david1234I have a couple of 2TB hard drives mapped to multiple logical volumes using LVM. They are accessed using Ubuntu which is installed on a completely separate hard drive. How do I go about backing up / restoring the LVM configuration so that after I reinstall Ubuntu my logical volumes will be set up as before and all my data will still be there?17:32
kettererI have been having troubles with web integration, now I beleive it is my own fault, used the beta version on 12.04 for a while and It stopped working there but i didnt much care i just waited for 12.10, but now it is not working here. I have a home partition so it is still the same home folder as before17:32
ls612wilee-nilee: http://pastebin.com/wAauMCRc is the results from the bootinfoscript17:32
riverlessjrib: can I whisper you in private to not spam channel?17:32
wilee-nileethanks ls612 hold on17:32
jribriverless: use a pastebin like http://paste.ubuntu.com17:32
riverlessjrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1295550/17:32
jribriverless: is that really the full output of "env"?17:33
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riverlessso sorry, I did paste you the "etc/enviroment", ill try again.. :)17:34
david1234Does this do the job I need? http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/recipemovevgtonewsys.html17:34
riverlessjrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1295558/17:34
wilee-nileels612, Not sure how you got that but it is not the correct output, take a closer lookat the link page it gives basic instructions on running it.17:34
cgtobiHi all, I can't get Ubuntu 12.04.1 to do a fsck at boot up, neither by touching /forcefsck nor by running 'shutdown -rF now'. It always shows '*** /dev/sda1 will be checked for errors at next reboot ***' after each reboot. I also deleted motd.tail but without success. Does anyone have a hint for me?17:34
jribriverless: what context is this in?  I assume you aren't on the desktop with X logged in locally?17:35
riverlessjrib: remote access thru putty17:35
wilee-nileels612, You can also use this app click on the bootinfo summary only and it will give you a http address to post.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:36
jribriverless: it might be an issue with putty. Is it possible to test locally on the system?  Or to ssh with a terminal on ubuntu?17:36
ls612wilee-nilee: I literally copy-pasted the command, and it said in the terminal17:36
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jribriverless: http://superuser.com/questions/264363/how-can-i-use-utf-8-on-linux-from-windows-7-via-putty first answer refers to some putty setting17:36
ls612"gawk could not be found, using "busybox awk" instead. this may lead to unreliable results."17:37
riverlessjrib: yea, seems better in xsession(connecting with x11vnc)17:37
kettererI have been having troubles with web integration, now I beleive it is my own fault, used the beta version on 12.04 for a while and It stopped working there but i didnt much care i just waited for 12.10, but now it is not working here. I have a home partition so it is still the same home folder as before17:37
riverlessjrib: but the strange thing is that I can write like åäö without any problems in the shell17:37
riverlessjrib: its the response of the result that comes with wrong chars17:37
wilee-nileels612, Linux commands have to be exact there at least 4 commands shown on that page, for different setups. ;)17:38
aafaI get the grub Error 27 after typing any command, such as ls, grub --version17:38
jribriverless: try the "Window → Translation → Received data assumed to be in which character set → UTF-8" setting in Putty17:38
wabanyone can help with a vm running ubuntu, please?17:38
riverlessjrib: working17:38
riverlessjrib: thanks mate17:38
jribriverless: cool17:38
riverlessjrib: didnt even think it could be on this side17:39
wilee-nileels612, I would just use the boot repair app it is a good tool to have and generates the script when needed.prt17:39
insomniac_lemonwab, I just started using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a Virtualbox VM a few days ago, what is the issue?17:40
riverlessjrib: Ive also got a broken directory that I cant remove, you parhaps have some tricks on that one?17:40
riverlessjrib: Im running something called flexraid17:40
jribriverless: what happens when you try to remove it?17:40
jribriverless: I'll be back in 5 minutes17:40
riverlessjrib: d?????????   ? ?    ?        ?                ? t?st/17:40
riverlessjrib: ok17:41
ls612wilee-nilee: sorry, I copy-pasted the wrong thing. Here is the correct one. http://pastebin.com/U06aXSmx17:41
wat90hello folks I am installing Studio but I have this now: http://i.imgur.com/a0Ljc.png what am I supposed to do?17:41
wat90I am new to installing this, how do I install it without messing my ntfs part?17:41
wat90I have all my files put on the ntfs17:42
wat90where shall I install Studio?17:42
insomniac_lemonwat90, hmmm, that 75 GBs of free space you have there?17:43
kettererwhat are sda1 and sda2?17:43
kettererwat90: what are sda1 and sda2?17:43
wat90It doesn' t matter as long as my ntfs doesn' t get touched17:43
wat90I have no idea17:43
wat90those are of my previous Fedora installation17:43
david1234I have a couple of 2TB hard drives mapped to multiple logical volumes using LVM. They are accessed using Ubuntu which is installed on a completely separate hard drive. How do I go about backing up / restoring the LVM configuration so that after I reinstall Ubuntu my logical volumes will be set up as before and all my data will still be there?17:43
david1234Does this do the job I need? http://tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO/recipemovevgtonewsys.html17:43
luckyonehello all - I have just upgraded to 12.10 and now I can't get past the login screen, it just keeps coming back... I have read a post about how to fix this but it requires me dropping to a virtual terminal at the login screen, and crtl+alt+f<> keys don't bring me to prompts... any ideas?17:44
k1l_wat90: you cant install on ntfs. you need an ext filesystem for ubuntu17:44
wat90k1l_: no I want to install Studio on my computer without touching the ntfs part, there are all my files17:44
wat90where and how shall I install?17:44
kettererwat90: well i would select sda 1 and sda2 and  go to change, there should be a delete funtioon there, then you will have about 80 gigs free17:45
insomniac_lemonwat90, the free space within /dev/sda There's nothing there, didn't you partition that out to use?17:46
dr_willis!text | luckyone17:47
ubottuluckyone: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode17:47
jribriverless: I assume that's output from ls?17:48
kettererwat90: this will not touch your ntfs,  then i would make a 10 or 15 gig partition select it to be used and use as "/" then make the a second partition  that is like 60 gigs and then it will be set to use, then use as "/home" then finially the remaining free space can be set to be used as a swap partition17:48
wat90insomniac_lemon ketterer: I don' t know! those were already like that, do any of you have a reccomendation on how to install Studio without touching the ntfs part? I am not good at formatting Linux partitions17:48
riverlessjrib: correct17:48
riverlessjrib: its also on something called a Flexraid raid17:48
riverlessjrib: so there problably their stuff not working as well17:48
kettererwat90: this will not touch your ntfs,  then i would make a 10 or 15 gig partition select it to be used and use as "/" then make the a second partition  that is like 60 gigs and then it will be set to use, then use as "/home" then finially the remaining free space can be set to be used as a swap partition17:48
kettererwat90: well i would select sda 1 and sda2 and  go to change, there should be a delete funtioon there, then you will have about 80 gigs free this will not touch your ntfs,  then i would make a 10 or 15 gig partition select it to be used and use as "/" then make the a second partition  that is like 60 gigs and then it will be set to use, then use as "/home" then finially the remaining free space can be set to be used as a swap partition17:49
jribriverless: when I've seen output like that in the past, it's indicative of some sort of filesystem corruption and advise an fsck.  I don't know if you need to do something special because of this Flexraid raid17:49
WalterNso... installed 12.10 and everything seems fine when my three displays are mirrored, or two of the three are turned off... but when running two or three screens video is extremely sluggish, and I get this nasty looking error in xorg.0.log   http://pastebin.com/1rxcHM5y17:49
kettererwat90:  if you want step by step help pm me ok17:49
wat90I am pming you ketterer17:50
riverlessjrib: well this company says that first fix your locale problem (what I think ive done), and now its their software not working17:50
riverlessjrib: as I cant create täst properly on their partition17:50
wilee-nileels612, I'm not see any red flags in the script, it is always helpful in any problem to have details associated with it. As in what exactly happens when it does not boot.17:50
insomniac_lemonwat90, the part that has free space has nothing on it, and it is a separate partition that isn't formatted. You should format that to install the OS.17:50
Siegel-hi, i just installed xubuntu, xfce interface on ubuntu 10.10 and i cannot find the "display" icon in "system" to change the screen resolution,. this is causing many problems as i cannot log into yahoo mail and such because this is below their recommended resolution settings17:50
jribriverless: you should contact them again now that you've sorted the locale issue17:51
jrib!10.10 | Siegel-17:52
ubottuSiegel-: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.17:52
riverlessjrib: yea, one fast question, how can I get everything back in english? only the output, I dont want to read everything in swedish.17:52
Siegel-jrib: where is the display icon to change screen resolution on xfce17:52
riverlessjrib: man and such commands looks stupid in swedish..17:52
wilee-nileeSiegel-, AS a heads up 10.10 is end of life and actually not supported here. ;)17:53
wilee-nileeyou may get help but far and few between17:53
jribriverless: you can just prefix a command with the environment variable.  So for example: LANG=C apt-cache policy mplayer.  I don't remember, which takes precedence, so you may have to try LANG, LANGUAGE, and LC_ALL17:53
kettererI have been having troubles with web integration and i really would like to get it working, now I beleive it is my own fault, used the beta version on 12.04 for a while and It stopped working there but i didnt much care i just waited for 12.10, but now it is not working here. I have a home partition so it is still the same home folder as before17:53
riverlessjrib: thanks17:54
Vintotake me some other channel to chat?17:54
dr_willisketterer:  you mean the 'webapps' feature on some sites like gmail, redit and amazon?17:55
wilee-nileeketterer, web integration could mean anything, can you be more specific for the channel.17:55
Vintoi search a poland channel17:55
kettererthe webapps feature sorry for not being specific17:55
wilee-nileeone word excellent, use nicks ketterer17:56
dr_willisketterer:  from what ive seen of it.... it tends to be flakey. ;) ive had it work one day then not the next..17:56
dr_willisketterer:  you could test with a newly made user and se if it works. there may be some old settings confuseing it17:56
kettererdr_willis: ok, i have not had it work at all yet on 12.10,17:57
kettererill try that in a few mins17:57
dr_willisketterer:  from what ive seen of it.. you are not missing much. ;)17:57
dr_willisketterer:  during beta testing it was a very hit and miss feature17:58
kettererhmm ok that stinks, i really just like the facebook aand gmail notifications and google docs dash search17:58
ls612wilee-nilee: It will drop me into a black screen with some white text at the top that says "[ OK ]". That OK can not be used, the only way out is to hard restart. Sometimes before it drops me there it says it can't find a display adapter. I use Intel HD 4000 graphics.17:59
dr_willisketterer:  i dont even recall if those features worked or not.17:59
dr_willisthat online accounts thing cazn notify you of most of that stuff without the webapps feature18:00
wilee-nileels612, Ah sounds like a graphic driver problem, there I really have no exsperience all my computers have worked so I have not really worked in this area.18:00
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ls612so what can I do to fix this?18:02
clo_hi, need help on font. Need to install "comic sans". Can someone help me?18:03
kettererok thanks i may return later, i will try a new user18:03
insomniac_lemonclo_, hahaha, is that a joke?18:04
escottclo_, is comic sans not an msft core font?18:04
bjaanesclo_: install ttf-mscorefonts18:04
ls612wilee-nilee: and if it was a graphics driver problem why would it only happen when the recovery console says the system clock is off?18:04
clo_escott, yes18:04
escottclo_, yes it is a corefont or yes it is not a corefont?18:05
clo_escott, not corefont18:05
brontosaurusrexof course its corefont18:05
escottclo_, if its not a corefont then you need to get the .ttf and drop it into ~/.fonts18:06
wilee-nileels612, I'm just guessing to be honest.18:06
clo_escott, okay18:07
clo_thank you18:07
ls612Can I run something to get graphics driver diagnostics?18:07
bjaanesclo_, im pretty sure its in the ttf-mscorefonts package18:07
bjaanesOh well :P18:07
wilee-nileels612, Did you mention the clock before?18:07
wilee-nileeclo_That font is in the restricted-extras for your desktop a ms font.18:08
ls612wilee-nilee: Yes, the first post I made about this I believe I mentioned that the recovery console said that the last mount time for dev/sda5 was in the future by less than a day. And, after it fixes that it works fine the next boot.18:09
jakubohow can i make the system use the precise repo for grub (system is quantal)18:09
bjrohanI have a problem with java, one website let's me use it's plugin on one page the other says it can't be detected18:10
escottls612, that could just be clock skew18:10
wilee-nileels612, Ah you are right, my main area of any knowledge if it could be called knowledge is in grub problems, but very limited even there. I am just a regular user that has been running linux for awhile is all.18:11
ls612would it have anything to do with booting win7?18:11
ls612because that seems to trigger the issue repeatably.18:11
escottls612, yes18:11
ls612escott: so what can I do then to fix this?18:12
wilee-nileels612, I would use the ubuntu forums rather then the IRC for this if it was me.18:12
wilee-nileeat least as well.18:12
dr_willisand dont overlook askubuntu.com for help18:12
Psi|4wardHow to install and connect a umts-stick without KDE/Gnome?18:12
* dr_willis wonders what a umts-stick is18:13
escottls612, windows likes to keep the hardware clock in local instead of UTC. you might modify ubuntu to keep the hardware clock in local instead of UTC and see if that fixes things18:13
Psi|4wardinternet over cellphone network? ;)18:13
dr_willisyou maen a usb-3g modem?18:13
bjrohanwilee-nilee: I have a website I need for work who's screenrecorder says it can't detect Java, however if I go to the manufactuers site of the screenrecorder, it works just fine. Crux at the manu site if I go to get java it says it can't detect it, any clues? I found I did have a 3rd party PPA autorized :web8update18:14
dr_willisbjrohan:  could be one site wants the  offical java, not the open sourced java18:15
bjrohanwilee-nilee: The 3rd party was: http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/java/ubuntu could this have caused my problem?18:15
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wilee-nileebjrohan, Me, are you serious. ;)18:15
bjrohanwilee-nilee: yes :-) you know more than i :-)18:15
miss_ubuntu_hi Boys , I use ubuntu 11.10 to do continuous download through torrent, how can i stop ALL other processes and power consumption ? (i already have script to power off monitor)18:15
bjrohanI have installed the deb from oracle, and still no go. I also have icedtea18:16
dr_willismiss_ubuntu_:  what torrent client?18:16
ls612escott: I already have it in the Time & Date Settings to use my time zone. Is there another setting for its interface with the HW clock?18:16
bjrohanwilee-nilee: No biggie I can work around from the manu site and save to the work site :-)18:16
wilee-nileebjrohan, psychology and intercultural relations yes probably, here I doubt it.18:16
miss_ubuntu_dr_willis thanks for reply  i use Transmission Bit Torrent client18:16
bjrohanwilee-nilee: I have seen you help others like a mofo18:17
wilee-nileebjrohan, I' know my google foo.18:17
escottls612, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Multiple_Boot_Systems_Time_Conflicts18:17
fred_1When I install a program I got an Error: libGL error: failed to load driver: i915 As I understand from internet its a bug in Ubuntu. How do I solve this?18:17
bjrohanwilee-nilee: me too, that is how I have 6 versions of java on my system now and none are a go18:17
dr_willismiss_ubuntu_:  if you wanted the lightest setup you can use a non gui/console torrent client and not evn start x at all. but i doubt if you will save a lot of power no matter how much you turn off.18:18
wilee-nileebjrohan, I have never really understood java, I think I have java 7 installed what it does I have no idea, it just seemed needed.18:18
dr_willismiss_ubuntu_:  or use a very mini mal window manager for your gui client to run in18:18
miss_ubuntu_dr_willis thanks , what is minimal window manager? my cpu fan continuously make noise mens some processes are consuming cpu18:19
dr_willismiss_ubuntu_:  more likely power saveings features are not enabled on your system/mb/bios18:19
dr_willisjust the desktop 'idling' here  shows a very few % cpu used on my system.18:20
dr_willisaccording to 'htop'18:21
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humboltI am trying to boot my HP server for over 6 hours now.18:23
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
humboltI need help to get out of this grub rescue thing!18:24
sanishWhat year is it I need to know if my time machine worked?18:24
wilee-nileehumbolt, Have you modified grub?18:24
miss_ubuntu_dr_willis is there any tool out there that can tell me statistics of cpu consumption by proceses ? e.g i want to know in last 2 hours which processes got max cpu share , top only tells current snapshot18:24
bekkssanish: 2013.18:24
sanishyes it worked! i come from the year 224618:25
humboltwilee-nilee: I did not modify it at all. But it does not boot anymore after the upgrade to 12.1018:25
dr_willismiss_ubuntu_:  i just use htop18:25
humboltwilee-nilee: for some reason it wanted to reinitialize grub18:26
humboltand there I am, hanging in boot rescue for hours now.18:26
bekkshumbolt: For which reason?18:26
humboltbekks: it does not tell18:26
miss_ubuntu_dr_willis thanks let me try it18:26
lionofgod am using Ubuntu 12.10 and I for some reason the new version of compiz does not have cube or opacity plugin18:26
humboltbut I am unable to make it load the normal or the linux module18:26
lionofgodI am wondering if I have maybe installed it wrong or something, because no one else is complaining about this...18:26
bekkshumbolt: Then please start at the beginning. Whats happens when you power on your server, what do you do, what exactly is the problem?18:27
wilee-nileehumbolt, A upgrade will load the latest version, 12.10 has had at least a while back a dead boot I would chroot in and reload the mbr at the least.18:27
humboltwilee-nilee: the server is in france18:27
sanishwanadoo sucks18:27
humboltwilee-nilee: I am in austria18:27
bekkshumbolt: On a HP server, you have a remote virtual console.18:27
wilee-nileehumbolt, Ah, I can't really help then.18:28
humboltwilee-nilee: all I have is an IPMI console to at least see, what is going on18:28
kettererok so i did make a new user, and it works right away18:28
bekkshumbolt: You dont have access to the ILO?18:28
wilee-nileebekks, knows this stuff though.18:28
humbolterror: fd0 read error. error: fd1 read error. error: file not found.18:28
xangualionofgod: the cube has never payed well with unity18:28
lionofgodI was using it in 12.0418:28
humboltbekks: I do have access to iLO18:28
kettererdr_willis: ok so i did make a new user, and it works right away18:28
lionofgodBut my main concern in transparency...18:28
bekkshumbolt: Then you have access to the remote virtual console, too.18:28
humboltbekks: I can interact with grub rescue18:28
congiunhello guys :)18:28
lionofgodDOes compiz 0.9.8 not include transparency?18:29
humboltbekks: yes18:29
bekkshumbolt: Then use it, to attache a livecd and chroot into your system.18:29
lionofgodAnyone else using compiz with ubuntu 12.10?18:29
wilee-nileelionofgod, If your using unity your using compiz.18:29
|Anthony|how do i recursively set a default acl? setfacl -m -d -R isn't working18:30
humboltbekks: but I do not have an advanced pack and can not load virtual disks for that reason. the eval license they offer, does not work. the support forums say, I would have to reset iLO to factory defaults first, but then I would loose connectivity completely.18:30
lionofgodLet me reword that, has anyone opened up ccsm on ubuntu 12.1018:30
wilee-nileelionofgod, There is a #compiz channel as well if needed.18:30
bekkshumbolt: Then you are out of options. Shoot the one who did not order the Advanced iLO license.18:30
kettererdr_willis: do you know where these settings for webapps would be stored18:30
lionofgodIts dead...18:30
humboltbekks: I have already downloaded a livecd, but the eval key does not work, so I am screwed.18:30
lionofgodI jsut want to know if anyone else has desktop cube plugin on their ccsm in 12.1018:31
humboltbekks: do you have a working eval key_18:31
humboltor, can I buy that online_18:31
bekkshumbolt: HP offers you working eval keys.18:31
bekksAnd you cant buy them online, they are eval keys. :)18:31
bekkshumbolt: Call your local HP reseller, e.g., or call the HP hotline.18:31
jubeianyobody know what it means if a usb wifi dongle doesn't have a /dev/ ?18:33
lionofgodhas anyone opened up ccsm in Ubuntu 12.10?18:33
jubeior at least I can't find it18:33
wilee-nileelionofgod, Before messing with this I would install the fusion icon and make a launcher for it on the desktop this will restart compiz you will need it and know how to rm the messed up setup.18:34
bekksjubei: Then you dont have a driver loaded that supports your device.18:35
IDWMasterHi. Upgraded to 12.10 and found out that my display on my netbook no longer works18:35
IDWMasterIt's good that it's possible to hotswap drives between computers with Ubuntu.18:35
IDWMasterIs there a known workaround for this bug yet?18:36
bekksFor whih bug?18:36
wilee-nileeIDWMaster, what bug?18:36
IDWMasterIt affects my system with a GMA 3600 graphics chip18:36
lionofgodwilee-nilee: I'm not messing with anything, I just need to know if cube plugin, etc. have been removed from compiz 0.9.818:36
congiunhello guys, i have problem how to install compiz on ubuntu 12.1018:36
wilee-nileelionofgod, Can you not look?18:36
IDWMasterThe one that I just mentioned; it hasn't been reported yet though.18:36
IDWMasterNot sure which package it should be in though18:37
wilee-nileecongiun, It's already installed, do you wnat the ccsm18:37
lionofgodwilee-nilee: I have and I am wondering if I have not installed some package...because no one else is complaining or moaning about this in online community18:37
IDWMasterIntel should get the middle finger from Linux Torvalds.18:37
IDWMasterMaybe that would make Intel give us some better drivers18:37
lionofgodI would think that dropping cube and such from compiz would be pretty big18:37
lionofgodIs there anyone using ccsm?18:38
IDWMasterAnyways; it's a problem with the drivers (or in this case; lack thereof) provided by Intel18:38
wilee-nileelionofgod, I'm on precise right now I used to love unity and had a great cube setup with a script to load it that stopped working as of precise I gave up on that desktop and switched to the shell.18:38
lionofgodI see18:39
lionofgodCube worked perfectly for me on precise18:39
wilee-nileeI think it is fine but just got tired of it.18:39
IDWMasterUpgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 and am experiencing problems just booting18:39
lionofgodAny other ubuntu channels?18:40
IDWMasterIt will boot into recovery mode but no X-server support18:40
wilee-nileelionofgod, Worked fine basically as well, but the desktop lost some inherent focus when you messed with compiz enough at least for me.18:40
asd1lionofgod: #lubuntu   or   #kubuntu18:40
lionofgodasd1: ty18:41
ole__hello from denmark18:44
newbhi i just installed  12.10 ubuntu  alongside mint,  after logging in i get  a wallpaper and mouse but no icons or anything to click on , i tried right clicking but no joy18:44
IEtopole__  hello , do you have a Question ?18:45
newbwhere are the desktop icons18:45
homeplease help me to install amd 12.8 driver to ubuntu 12.1018:46
ole__IEtof  hello yes i would se my virtual ubuntu was working  thanks18:46
wilee-nileenewb, can you make the panel on the left appear?18:46
wilee-nileeis there a top panel?18:46
newbno  wilee i cant18:47
homeanyone please help me18:47
homeanyone please help me18:47
vvpalinwhat do you need ?18:47
c0de_universalhome ?18:47
newball i have is a mouse pointer an purple / yellow wallpaper18:47
wilee-nilee!help > home18:48
ubottuhome, please see my private message18:48
dlentzhome, it won't work, that's why ubuntu had to use a specially patched version of Catalyst 12-9 beta18:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:48
dlentzcatalyst 12-8 doesn't support kernel 3.5 or xserver 1.1318:48
homehow should i install it18:48
newbthis is really hard for me to read18:49
dlentzhome, you type sudo apt-get install fglrx (assuming you have a RadeonHD 5000 or newer)18:49
newbis there a terminal command to install desktop icons ?18:49
homeonce i have install grafic driver from "additional driver" in software source but after restart the unity crashed18:51
brontosaurusrexnewb, desktop icons are evil18:51
newbi just installed 12.1018:51
newbwell i have no icons after installing   ubuntu18:52
newbi login an then  just a blank  purple screen an mouse pointer18:52
erkan^have ubuntu 12.10 a alternative?18:52
DJones!alternate | erkan^18:53
ubottuerkan^: The alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD18:53
newbwell i have mint an now ubuntu18:53
newbdual boot18:53
erkan^dank U wel, dj_ryan18:54
krosonHello, can Ubuntu tweak be used with gnome 3? Thanks18:55
wilee-nileekroson, yes, it has multiple options.18:56
newbok i will try the live cd to report my issue18:56
krosonwilee-nilee: thanks xD18:56
wilee-nileekroson, Has to be on a ubuntu setup though.18:57
humboltbekks: iLO advanced license, these HP guys are funny: "shipps in 1-2 weeks". Damn it, all I need in an email from you folks and you send me a damn hardcopy.18:57
humboltHP never ever again!18:57
johnjacobjingerhis there another source i can get ubuntu server 12.04 from.. like an additional mirror18:57
johnjacobjingerhthe one on ubuntu's site is taking forever18:58
johnjacobjingerh4 hours left on downloading18:58
newbdistrowatch sells  ubuntu dvds18:58
leifmadsenhey all -- I have a USB stick that contains 12.04 and I need to convert it to an ISO. I'm going to use dd, but first time around I got the entire USB stick size (16GB). Anyone know how I can tell it to just create the ISO based on the cdrom size?18:58
johnjacobjingerhi have a 105mbps down it should not take that long18:58
krosonwilee-nilee: i installed ubuntu gnome remix, that's a valid one right?18:58
newbbout 10 dollars i think18:58
wilee-nileejohnjacobjingerh, Isn't there a torrent there still.18:58
johnjacobjingerhi dunno...18:58
wilee-nileekroson, I believe so.