smartboyhwailo, good work on the blueprints14:44
ailosmartboyhw: I try to always do my best ;)14:44
smartboyhwyesterday's logs are a bit difficult to consume to my brain 14:45
smartboyhwailo, so what's scott-work's view on the bluerints thing?14:45
ailosmartboyhw: I haven't heard from Scott. Until he reappears, me and len-dt are taking the initiative. Just keeping things running14:56
ailoIf he will have little time in the future, I suggested we take over his responsibilities as project lead for this cycle, or until he is ready to come back14:56
smartboyhwailo, wow you are quite aggressive:D14:56
len-dtNot really14:57
smartboyhwlen-dt, ok.....Just looks weird14:57
len-dtWe have a pretty good idea what Scott's vision for US is. and are trying to mostly maintain that14:57
smartboyhwActually I do think someone to at least take over scott-work's work for a bit..... He can't even come on 12.10 release day to approve the release. Hopefully we can find him on Monday...14:58
len-dtIt got done smartboyhw , not to worry. We are all volunteers and all have a real life14:59
len-dtScott does have a way of looking at the whole project overall, that I for one, lack15:00
ailoWell, I don't have problems on that area, which is why I do like to organize things15:00
smartboyhwlen-dt, yeah. But then ailo's idea of talking over as project lead for R cycle is a bit er.......what to say?15:00
ailoI didn't say we take over as project lead. Just that we handle communications and what else15:01
len-dtIts nothing less than Scott has asked15:01
smartboyhwailo, len-dt fine 15:01
* smartboyhw wants no bothering conversations after a day of concert and physics + chemistry test revision:(15:02
len-dtjust trying to reassure you there are no big army boots wandering around here :)15:04
smartboyhwlen-dt, big army boots?15:04
* smartboyhw does not understand the joke15:04
smartboyhwOr at least a half-joke15:05
ailosmartboyhw: He's painting a picture for you15:05
smartboyhwailo, LOL15:05
len-dtNo big changes. or take over15:05
smartboyhwBut clearly you two did the most in the 12.10 cycle....great job I lke to say:D15:06
len-dtYes, but most of what we did was based on the blue prints. We didn't work without direction.15:07
smartboyhwOK but anyway bye guys I got short computer time today. ailo len-dt add oil (means to give support in Cantonese):P15:08
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