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[twisti]hello, im working on my own upstart job because theres nothing decent for mysql out there, and i got it working with start and stop, but when i do restart job, it just stops it, and doesnt start it, what could cause that ? how could i debug that ?17:51
SpamapS[twisti]: you don't like the official ubuntu mysql upstart job?18:46
[twisti]no, of course not, it starts a raw mysqld instead of the proper mysqld_safe, so a bunch of options are outright ignored18:46
SpamapS[twisti]: such as?18:48
SpamapS[twisti]: I'm in charge of maintenance of that package, so I'm definitely interested to hear your thoughts18:49
SpamapS[twisti]: tho I also triage the bugs and I haven't seen any complaints of that nature come by18:49
[twisti]all of those18:49
[twisti]though of course some settings are duplicates18:49
* SpamapS skips forward to 5.5 .. 5.0 is so.. 200618:49
[twisti]for me the biggest issue was nice level18:50
[twisti]oh yeah, sorry, wrong link18:50
SpamapSnice level is built into upstart18:50
SpamapS[twisti]: as in, add a line 'nice X'18:51
SpamapS[twisti]: you can even do it in a non-intrusive way by putting that in /etc/init/mysql.override instead of mysql.conf18:51
[twisti]ill keep that in mind for next time18:51
[twisti]in any case, ignoring the actual mysql setting and doing it a different, proprietary way does not seem like a good way to me18:52
SpamapS[twisti]: I suspect the reason you might be seeing problems with restart is that after stopping you need to wait for mysqld_safe to actually exit, or it will complain about conflicting pidfiles or something like that.18:53
[twisti]ill look into that18:53
[twisti]thanks for the tip18:53
SpamapS[twisti]: upstart's job file syntax is meant to replace all of the complexity of shell scripts like mysqld_safe18:53
SpamapS[twisti]: I wouldn't call something using published unix API's like "nice" as "proprietary"18:54
[twisti]i understand that, but considering that when you google for mysql nice info, you will get the official "niceness = 0" or whatever the setting is, which then wont work, i dont think this is an appropriate case18:54
[twisti]but im not using published unix APIs, im using a flag in a config file for upstart18:55
SpamapS[twisti]: I do see your point. Perhaps we should issue log warnings if we find mysqld_safe only configs in my.cnf18:55
[twisti]it would be one thing if you were transitioning away from ubuntu specific things, but mysqld_safe is part of mysql18:56
[twisti]that would be a good compromise i suppose18:56
SpamapS[twisti]: its part of mysql that we're not using because it is redundant with upstart.18:56
SpamapSSuch is the burden we bear to have a more tightly integrated system. :-/18:57

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