Quelpunit193: Sorry for bothering you, but does the thunderbird messaging integration work for you with the packages you posted before?00:13
Unit193Haven't opened it, but it is installed and was in the menu, so let me check.00:15
Unit193Quelp: Yep.00:16
QuelpThere is the mail, new mail and contacts button but new mails won't get shown for me00:16
Unit193Doesn't seem to light up, though.00:16
Unit193I lied, it does.00:17
puffI'm trying to instal a package that depends on libxprintapputil1 and libxprintutil1, but they're not found.  But google turns up this page which seems to suggest I *should* be finding it: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/libxprintutil100:24
puffOh, I'm on xubuntu 11.10 apparently (dunno how that happened, I *was* on 11.4... unless it was the safe-upgrade I just did last night).00:25
QuelpAnyway, with the thunderbird package from precise it works fine.00:27
QuelpBut i hope the packages will be maintained for xubuntu 12.10 soon :)00:28
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craigbass1976I'm trying to boot to a livecd.  I see the little man logo, and a keyboard, then nothing.  I'm assuming it eventually lands on the "run livecd or install" screen, but I can't see anything.  Any ideas?01:43
GridCubewhen you see that little man logo, press any key on the keyboard01:44
GridCubeyou should see the pre-boot menu, it gives you more options to boot01:45
Shirakawasunaanyone know how to get the thunderbird mail indicator back? My googling is not working out aside from rumors of the messaging indicator being gone - though it tends to not mention thunderbird / any fixes02:04
Unit193Messaging indicator does include thunderbird.02:06
ShirakawasunaCool. The messages I saw said that 12.10 didn't have that indicator any more, though02:12
Shirakawasunamaybe they're wrong?02:12
ManiacTwisterUnfortunately they aren't02:13
Unit193If you like unsupported methods, you can get it to work by installing a few packages from precise and setting a hold. :P02:13
ShirakawasunaI like being able to see if new mail is in :/. Maybe there's a thunderbird extension that does the job02:25
vitinahi folks, I just installed xubuntu 11.04 on my k55 asus laptop and I can't make the fn keys to work02:30
vitinatried a lot of solutions from the forums02:30
vitinabut still can't set the brightness and my eyes are burning02:30
vitinacan anybdy help me, please?02:31
kcxzerovitina, is there something else besides the brightness you test the fn keys with? Like the volume for example. I ask because it may be working and it may just be the brightness that's not working02:37
kcxzeroOtherwise check to make sure you have the right keyboard layout in settings manager > keyboard > layout02:37
Unit193Shirakawasuna: As I said, all depends on how much you want it. :P02:37
vitinanone of the fn combinations work except for turning screen off02:38
vitinaI tested the key and it seems it doesn't have a scan code02:38
vitinaso yes, it's not only a problem with the brightness02:38
vitinait's the fn key02:39
kcxzerook, so the keyboard layout probably isn't set to the right one.02:39
vitinamaybe, I'll check on the forums which layout might be the correct for my laptop02:40
vitinait is curently set to generi 105 key (intl) pc02:40
kcxzeroyeah. that's the default. I'm using a desktop and that's what mines even set to.02:41
kcxzerowhy don't you try the "asus laptop" one.02:42
kcxzerodo you have "use system defaults" ticked?02:43
vitinayep, tried that, still doesn't work02:43
vitinashould I reboot first?02:43
vitinait's unticked02:43
kcxzerowas it unticked before you changed anything?02:43
vitinabrb, I'm gonna reboot02:44
kcxzerook, just asking because "use system defaults" usually works for most system. So I just wanted to make sure that was already tried.02:44
vitinaI'm sorry, I missed the last you said already pressed reboot02:46
vitina(still doesn't work :( )02:46
kcxzeroI just said "ok, just asking because "use system defaults" usually works for most system. So I just wanted to make sure that was already tried."02:47
kcxzerodefinitely seems like a common issue, I found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/53507/fn-keys-f9-f12-do-not-work-on-an-asus-u30sd Unfortunately, I besides the key layout I don't really have anymore advice. I'd go with sticking around here see if anyone else can help and posting on the forum.02:49
vitinahey, thank you for your time, much appreciated02:50
vitinaI'll check that link02:50
vitinaand also some say it might be a problem with asus' bios02:50
vitinaI'll look into that too02:51
vitinathanks again :D02:51
jrzabottUnit193: Hello... just to thank you... mt xcfe is working perfectly... I've used the 'install xcfe' feature... everythjing runs smooth now. :)02:52
Unit193Great, glad we could help.02:53
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jrzabottUnit193:  My plasure. =)02:54
Guest66773in my xubuntu touchpad settings revert to default after reboot whic disables touchpad tapping, does anyone know how to fix this?02:54
jrzabottGood night everybody..02:54
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xubuntu167I need help!03:36
NaruI have an HP Pavilion DV8000. I just installed the latest Xubuntu version on it. I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS (Wired or wireless). My wifi does not turn on and I can not access any wifi signals (nor see them). Please help!03:38
NaruI have an HP Pavilion DV8000. I just installed the latest Xubuntu version on it. I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS (Wired or wireless). My wifi does not turn on and I can not access any wifi signals (nor see them). Please help!03:40
holsteinNaru: lets talk about what device you have03:42
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:42
holsteini bet its broadcom... you can check from that site ^^ there are instructions for "no internet access"03:43
QuelpDoes anyone here use sublime-text2 under Quantal? For some reason the view "hangs" up as soon as i click/scroll/write in the window. Look here: http://imagebin.org/232689  The lines gets repeated and the scrollbar too..06:23
QuelpFor the record: Activating Compositing in the Window Settings of Xfce fixed it.06:40
Yotsonhi all. trying to replace thunar with pcmanfm here. First question would be, is it possible to get rid of thunar while still automounting volumes and so on?08:32
baizonYotson: yes08:39
baizonjust remove thunar08:39
Yotsoncool. thanks baizon. did that, in software center. installed pcmanfm as well. some hickups remain.08:40
Yotsonin the menu -> accessories, 2 entries of 'filemanager'. On the desktop, trash, file system, Home and external volumes 'don't work'. "Folder could not be opened. The name org.xfce.FileManager was not provided by any .service files."08:44
Yotsonhow would i get rid of one of those 2 entries of 'filemanager'? And what to do about those desktop shortcuts that throw the error?08:45
baizonSettings-Settings Manager-Preferred Applications-Utilities and change File Manager section from the menu08:50
baizonYotson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DefaultFileManager#Changing_Your_Default_File_Manager08:51
Yotsonyup. got that set to pcmanfm.08:51
Yotsonah nice. linky. thanks again baizon08:51
baizonhi hi09:24
baizon!hi | xubuntu41809:24
ubottuxubuntu418: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!09:24
Yotsonok, at least some progress. managed to remove one of the 2 file manager entries from the menu. still no luck with the home/filesystem/trash/volume shortcuts on the desktop though.09:43
Yotsonspits out "The name org.xfce.FileManager was not provided by any .service files "09:43
suttiwithi there09:59
baizonhi hi09:59
suttiwitwhat are the bug fixes of ubuntu 12.10?10:00
schreberHas anyone been experiencing numerous application crashes or odd behaviors in xubuntu 12.10?10:03
suttiwitnothing is stopping me from working my way writing over 100 lines of C Code. schreber10:04
Yotson /not/ caused by me, the user? nope. :)10:04
baizonschreber: for example?10:04
schrebersuttiwit: It's not stopping me either but I thought it strange that I don't recall any random crashes in 12.04 nor did I experience a disappear trashcan10:05
schreberlike yesterday it was there then the next gone, log out then log in again and it's back or logging in an hour or so back the first thing that happened was appfinder crashed10:05
schreberI'll admit I'm nit picking but the behavior is an usual one for me.10:07
overheadhello guise, I want to say that I have been using Xubuntu for a while and I am not so happy with the support for certain audio devices. Therefore, I will use an other distro but just wanted to say it was a good time using Xubuntu. Bye10:38
* Kagee moves his audio streams from the bluetooth headset to the SP/DIF and on to the USB headset10:43
* Kagee shakes his head10:43
Yotsonany ideas/new keywords for this "The name org.xfce.FileManager was not provided by any .service files " thingy? my searching/google comes up with loads of 'almost working' solutions.10:53
suttiwithey yotson, mind a pm?11:23
Yotsonwhy not in here?11:23
suttiwituh.. ok, fine11:23
suttiwitdo you think yo can pastebin me your /etc/apt/sources.list ?11:24
Yotsonnot sure why but sure.11:25
suttiwitwhy: because I am making a kind of tweak tool to convert IPv4 repo to IPv6 repo.11:25
suttiwiti need yours as a sample...11:26
Yotsonhttp://pastebin.com/0hCX0AMe there you go.11:27
suttiwitthank you, Yotson.11:27
Yotsonnp. :)11:28
Yotsonstill no luck here with that filemanager stuff. i did manage to break/nuke the desktop though. lol11:32
nantouI need to copy ALL the information of my laptop, with all symlinks, respecting tree structure and hidden files, etc, to a new 1 TB HDD. Then I will take the 360 GB out of the laptop, put in the 1TB HDD and use it as the regular HDD, can that be done? please paste links or suggest search terms11:53
nantouGRUB too11:53
nantou2 windows virtualizations...11:55
TheSheepnantou: suggested search terms: dd, tar12:05
nantouis backing up the entire list what I have to do TheSheep ?12:08
TheSheepnantou: list?12:08
nantouis backing up the entire HD what I have to do TheSheep ?12:09
nantoudd if=/dev/hda of=/server_mount/hda.dd12:09
TheSheepnantou: except I would write it to the new disk directly12:10
TheSheepnantou: the problem is with the parition table, it would be the wrong size12:10
nantouok, im starting a thread12:10
TheSheepnantou: so I guess a better approach would be to create partitions of the same sizes on the new disk, and dd-ing them separately12:10
nantouthis looks like its going to involve a series of cimplicated steps12:11
TheSheepbut personally, I would just tar up my home directory and any data I need, install new system on the new hdd and untar it there12:11
nantougtg now, but ill be back with more questions12:12
josy1982how i can configure automatic updates?12:21
suttiwitI didn't know the media player on xubuntu can play a tracker music... :P12:44
suttiwitWell, I've got schism tracker though :p12:44
xubuntuInstallatI was wondering if someone can help me. I am currently installing Xubuntu 12.10 and it is stuck for a while at "Restoring previous installed packages". Should I continue to wait?12:54
recon_lapxubuntuInstallat: no, I'd skip it if it get stuck, probably not really important13:13
xubuntuInstallatrecon_lap: thanks but I could not skip it. I waited and now it seems like it skipped it on its own.13:23
nantouplease confirm that I can make an exact copy of my hard drive with http://www.aboutdebian.com/tar-backup.htm, target directory will be in a brand new 1TB HD that will be, in the end, be inserted in lieu of the present 360GB HD14:03
nantouthat will copy absolutely everything present in my HD, right? torrent files, hidden ones, permissions...14:06
Mathiasdidn't read your whole question14:07
Mathiasbut you can clone it perfectly with dd14:07
nantouwhat about http://www.tuxradar.com/content/how-clone-hard-drives-clonezilla?14:11
innotI upgraded from 12.04 to 12.10 and now I have two shortcuts for one hard drive. Is there any way to delete the other?14:11
nantoudrop the ?14:11
nantouin dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=64k , =/dev/sda is the original HD and dev/sdb is where I want the clone to be written, correct?14:19
Diegonguihello all14:34
DiegonguiI'm downloading xubuntu last version for the first time14:35
Diegonguito my notebook or laptop specs, hp dv 2222la 1.6ghz 3.5 gb ram14:36
Diegonguido you think it will fly there?14:36
blackgatonegrobe sure to install enabling online updates, and install restricted drivers14:36
MathiasDiegongui: should work perfectly14:37
blackgatonegroDiegongui well, that hardware will work for xubuntu, yes14:37
blackgatonegrogtg now14:37
Diegonguibecause I tried ubuntu 12.10 but very slow to me14:37
Diegonguifrom the beginin14:37
Mathiasmight be unity14:37
Mathiastoo much action for your gpu14:38
Diegonguiyes a couple of years ago tried version 8 but didn't used it so much14:38
DiegonguiI tried linux puppy also (I have it on my pendrive)14:39
Diegonguibut couldn't make it to save my profile14:39
Mathiaswhen you run it from a pendrive it's kind of sluggish14:39
Diegonguiand what about xubuntu from a pendrive?14:40
Mathiasthat would also be sluggish, but it14:40
Mathiasit's because the read-speed isn't that fast14:41
Diegonguithe thing is that my cd/dvd player doesn't work, I think the laser life is over14:41
Diegonguixubuntu uses gnome 3? I read that many users don't like it because instability or slow or some14:43
Mathiasxubuntu uses xfce14:43
Diegonguioh I knew that but didn't know that were similar14:44
DiegonguiI mean the same job14:44
Diegonguianyway I'll find out soon, I have other question14:45
Diegonguiwhat distro do you think will work very fast on an old pc running 256mb ram sempron 2ghz14:46
Diegonguifast and stable14:47
Diegonguithe onboard video card must be very slow too14:47
NeoXhi all14:48
NeoXou salut à tous14:48
drcDiegongui: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=puppy14:53
MathiasDiegongui: lubuntu maybe?14:54
DiegonguiI'll try lubuntu14:54
Diegonguiand see14:54
Diegonguiwell, I have to leave, thanks all14:54
longerhi guys, I have small problem15:39
longerafter ssh localhost I can see15:40
longerCannot open display ""15:40
longerError opening display!15:40
longerhow to solve this?15:41
TheSheeplonger: "solve"?15:41
TheSheeplonger: what are you trying to do in the first place?15:42
longerI meant how to get rid of that issue?15:42
recon_lapseems like he's trying to use GUI through a SSH connection15:42
TheSheeplonger: What is the issue exactly? What are you trying to do, what is the expected outcome?15:42
longernot ssh -X localhost, but ssh localhost15:42
longerok, from other side - where those errors came from?15:43
KageeSound like a gui program may be in your .bashrc or profile and is run on every login15:44
TheSheeplonger: we can keep guessing all day15:44
longerI didn't think about that15:44
longerI will check that15:45
Kageelonger: those error (or simmilar) come from GUI programs started from shells/terminals where the DISAPLAY-variable is not set. Thus the program does not know what X-screen to appear on.15:45
KageeDISPLAY, even15:46
longerxbacklight and numlockx causes those messages15:48
longerin .profile15:48
longerso now how to set DISPLAY variable?15:49
Kageesounds correct.15:49
Kageewell, the answer to you question is to add something like "DISPLAY=:0" before those commands in your .profile, but then those programs will be run (ran?) every time you login with ssh ...15:51
longeryou are my man :)15:52
longerexport DISPLAY=:0 helped :)15:52
longerthanks for help :)15:54
xubuntuAskis ther someone here ? please?15:56
TheSheep!hi | xubuntuAsk15:57
ubottuxubuntuAsk: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:57
xubuntuAski installed 64 bit version (release version not the beta ) and i see some bugs   _ many drives on the desktop _ wifi problems15:58
xubuntuAskhave you the same errors ?15:58
TheSheepI don't have wifi problems, and I don't display anything on my desktop, so no.15:59
xubuntuAskproblem when reconnecting wifi , it ask me the wifi key even if it is reconnecting , and problems with gnome disk utility15:59
xubuntuAskyou are using 32b or 64 b ?15:59
TheSheep64 bit15:59
xubuntuAskoh ok so i'll try a reinstallation  _ may be there were a problem during the installation16:03
xubuntuAskthank you TheSheep16:03
nantouim looking for 2.5'' 2TB external HD, id appreciate brands or links16:20
nantounot 3.5''16:20
Mathiasnantou: wrong channel16:20
bazhang##hardware nantou16:25
wonderworldhey, is there a way to make thunar remember sftp:// bookmarks?16:42
G__81hi i am using xubuntu 12.10 and everything works more or less flawlessly. The one issue that i find is that xfrun4 takes quite a lot of time to startup16:55
G__81i am using xubuntu 12.10 in 2 machines and i find the same problem with 32 and 64 bit versions16:55
G__81when i tried running xfrun4 in a terminal i get the following message16:55
G__81anyone else facing this problem ?16:57
n2diy_is there a way to release some swap memory without rebooting?17:03
n2diy_actually, I'd like to free up both ram and swap.17:05
Mathiaskill stuff?17:05
G__81hi Mathias17:06
G__81can you help me with my problem?17:06
Mathiasdon't know :s17:11
wonderworldG__81: swapoff17:13
G__81wonderworld, swapoff ?17:13
G__81my question is not related to swap :)17:13
wonderworldthat would turn off swap17:13
W8KWAHi I got a question about full disk / home folder and paths in programs like Libre-office and other software, anyone able to answer?17:13
wonderworldohh sorry17:14
W8KWAencryption specificaly17:14
G__81wonderworld, just have a look @ the pastebin link. I see that problem and hence i see a startup delay in xfrun417:14
wonderworldsorry, i tried to help n2diy_ ...17:15
wonderworldgot the wrong line17:15
n2diy_wonderworld, ok, and swapon will restart it?17:16
wonderworldyes, but i think this will not free your swap17:16
wonderworldin general you don't have to tak care of it17:17
wonderworldthe kernel does automatically17:17
n2diy_wonderworld, well, we'll find out in a second.17:17
wonderworldwhy do you need to clear your swap?17:17
G__81n2diy_, When paging happens the pages gets moved in and out of the swap. You dont have to clear it manually to be precise17:18
wonderworldis there a way to make thunar remember sftp:// bookmarks?17:20
* W8KWA is trying to work out why LibreOffice & Guayadeue keeps trunkating paths to /home/$user and yanking the rest of it out17:22
n2diy_wonderworld, because nearly all of it is in use, and the HD is doing a lot of thrashing. Swapoff -a reduced my swap usage from 300m to 150m, out of 500m, so I'd say it worked?17:22
* W8KWA thinks it has something to do with his OS drive & home folder being encrypted17:22
wonderworldn2diy_: you can set "swapiness" to decrease the amount of swapping in your system17:24
n2diy_W8KWA, Hi OM, I read awhile ago that folks were having problems restoring their encrypted directories due to the encryption keys being encrypted inside /home, or something to that effect?17:25
W8KWAI can get into the dirctory's no problems.  Its when I tell programs like 'LibreOffice' use the /home/$user/Documents/templates folder it truncates it to /home/$user then crashes17:27
jaminwonderworld, afaik gigolo is the suggested way to have thunar remember the sftp bookmarks17:28
n2diy_W8KWA,  roger that, I don't use Libreoffice, so just guessing, could it be something in prefrences?17:28
W8KWAI thought it might be something else cause Guaydeque my music player does the same thing17:29
G__81hi i am using xubuntu 12.10 and everything works more or less flawlessly. The one issue that i find is that xfrun4 takes quite a lot of time to startup17:29
G__81when i tried running xfrun4 in a terminal i get the following message17:29
G__81can someone help me out ?17:31
n2diy_W8KWA, could you create another user without an encrypted /home, and test with him?17:31
W8KWAOnly two differences than what i ran before, and thats the move to Xubuntu 12.10, and full drive encryption, and home folder encription.  Thought it might have something to with the double encryption layers17:31
W8KWAah, ok havent tried that yet17:31
jaminW8KWA, you're doing full drive AND home encryption?17:32
W8KWAIt offered it so... yeah.  I figured worst case I loose about a days worth of effort17:32
n2diy_W8KWA, I believe the problems I read about were solved in a couple of releases ago?17:32
jamineven if it works, that will likely have a non-trivial performance impact17:33
wonderworldW8KWA: it should work, if LibreOffice is run by the same user who owns the home directory17:37
W8KWAJust tested it, same issue on non encrypted home folder but incrypted drive17:38
W8KWASo it must be an issue with an 'encrypted drive' for some bizzare reason17:38
jaminW8KWA, what issue is that?  I've been using full disk encryption under 12.04 for some time...17:39
recon_lapwhy would you encrypt your drive but nit your home folder?17:39
wonderworldcan you access data on your encrypted drive with thunar?17:39
jaminrecon_lap, because if you have your drive encrypted, your home folder is by definition already encrypted17:39
jaminwonderworld, yes17:40
W8KWAyep i can get to it with Thunar, and concolse, just LibreOffice, and Guada~ wont let me set a path in any of their preferences17:40
jaminkeep in mind that is with 12.0417:40
W8KWAI can even open folders and files in the programs but they wont let me set paths with out tuncating it to /home/$user and nothing afterwords17:41
jaminW8KWA, checking the same on my 12.04 box...17:42
wonderworldok, so its about saving files?17:42
W8KWAFor LibreOffice I use custom file templates17:42
wonderworldyou can open /home/user/file.txt but not /home/user/dir/file.txt ?17:42
W8KWAI use /user/charles/Documents/Templates to store the templates in17:43
W8KWAWhen i set the path to that in LibreOffice it only shows /home/charles17:43
wonderworldit crashes......17:43
wonderworldi'll try it with mine....wait a second17:44
W8KWAIn Guay~ my music program, I set the sourse for one my collectsions to a folder on the secound drive where multipal collections are on, its doing the same thing, truncateing the path to /home/charles and nothing after that17:44
W8KWAMusic is symlinked out but the templates isnt17:44
wonderworldsounds like it has nothing to do with the encryption17:45
wonderworldthat should be fully transparent to all applications17:45
jaminW8KWA, yes I see the same issue on full disk encryption with 12.04 any new paths added are truncated to the top level of the user's homedir17:46
W8KWAit worked fine with it not being encrypted in Ubuntu 12.0417:46
jaminI take that back... I just got it to work... I can add any directory within my user's home directory17:47
jaminjust have to make sure that you're actually in the target directory within the selection dialog, rather than simply having it selected...17:48
jaminand I'm using full disk encryption here on 12.0417:48
W8KWAwith Libre?17:48
jaminW8KWA, yes17:48
W8KWAI'll re-test it17:49
W8KWAnope still des the same thing. truncates it to /home/charles17:50
W8KWAI even see the files and everything.  I click ok and the path goes to /home/charles17:51
W8KWADont supposes theres a Quick way to unencrypt a drive/home folder17:52
wonderworldW8KWA: https://kororaa.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44117:55
wonderworldhe solved it by configuring it with KDE17:55
wonderworldi have the same problem btw17:55
wonderworldsomeone filed a bug already17:56
W8KWAah ok...18:01
W8KWAthe other one is Gua... but its one of thoes one man jobs unfortunatly18:02
W8KWAI want to keep my main login as a one DE, and avoid a big mess18:03
W8KWAI wonder if theres a text file to manualy add it in somewhere18:03
wonderworldyou could just link your templates directory to the directory where libreoffice expects the files18:04
wonderworldin it's default setting18:04
W8KWAThat would work18:07
Arizonaso uh anyone using weechat on xubuntu atm18:08
Raytrayirssi here18:10
ArizonaRaytray: really?18:11
Arizonado u use multiple18:11
Arizonanetworks on irssi18:11
RaytrayFreenode and a local bitlbee one. Yeah, why?18:11
RaytrayIf you do /connect instead of /network it will add another network connection rather than dropping the first and then connecting.18:14
ArizonaI don't really know hot to configure it so it will save oth18:15
Arizonaer networks, Raytray18:15
RaytrayArizona, http://irssi.org/documentation/startup#c3 the documentation here should help.18:15
ArizonaI don't know how to switch networks18:15
RaytrayYou define networks, then attach servers to them18:15
Raytrayctrl-x on the server tab.18:16
Arizonathank you18:16
ArizonaI use weechat and xchat18:16
Arizonabut I wanted to try out18:16
Raytraynp, weechat is also a fine client, I've never really used it though.18:16
ArizonaI know its fine, I've used it for years18:16
* W8KWA uses X-chat, but I love kvirc just dont like the overhead :)18:34
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wonderworldi love konversation18:43
stella_austinHi folks. Can someone suggest reasons why the update process quits a few minutes after it starts, without updating anything. The notification says there are 36 updates ready to install.18:47
recon_lapstella_austin: are you using the update icon and select "install updates" because if they are new packages you need to enter a password, so select view update first18:53
craigbass1976What are some of the options I should try when booting a livecd?  I can't see anything and haven't run across a solution yet to Xubuntu related AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series on board graphics cards.18:54
recon_lapcraigbass1976: what sort of problem are you running into?18:55
craigbass1976recon_lap, when I try to boot from the cd, I see nothing.  I hear the cd spinning, so I know it's eventually landing on the "tyr it or install it" screen.18:56
craigbass1976I do see the screen where I can hit any key and land at the boot screen (F6 for more options, etc)18:57
recon_lapcraigbass1976: try this http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-to-set-nomodeset-for-installation18:57
stella_austinrecon_lap, yes, using the update icon, then selecting view updates. I think it prompted for a pwd but I don't think I got to that stage before I quit. I'll try it. Thanks!18:57
Belserusk Hi. How do I reset xfce4 panel from the terminal?19:04
craigbass1976recon_lap, thanks.  Now, once I install Xubuntu and make the permanent fix, what are the chances of it getting wiped after an update?  This won't be my box, so I've going to have to either fix it remotely somehow or take a road trip if nomodeset get's unset.19:04
recon_lapcraigbass1976: you gone passed my pay grade, never had this problem myself, I would think once you update your grub that the fix is not likely to get overwritten easily. but I don't know that for a fact. also I'm not even to sure what nomodeset does, I think it disables detection of property graphics drivers, but not sure of that :)19:09
kcxzeroBelserusk, you mean restore to default or just restart?19:10
BelseruskHi kcxzero, restart19:10
BelseruskBTW, what does this do? $  xfce4-panel --exit19:10
kcxzerokill it19:10
kcxzeroto start it back up xfce4-panel19:11
recon_lapcraigbass1976: if you have ssh setup fixing it remotely should be possible, as long as someone is able to boot machine to command line19:11
kcxzerodid it start back up Belserusk?19:12
Belseruskkcxzero, Yes. I used $ killall xfce4-panel; xfce4-panel19:13
kcxzerooh ok, cool then.19:13
BelseruskThanks kcxzero19:13
kcxzeronp, glad it helped19:13
WalterNneeds more people in here20:48
zzillezzneeds more online people :)20:49
WalterNanyway.. yay for question/issues time20:49
WalterNI did a normal Ubuntu 12.10 install... unity was fail (as normal) so installed Xfce.. everything is happy except for icons20:50
WalterNhttp://www.zimagez.com/zimage/capturedcran-02032012-171039.php is what it looks like20:50
zzillezzwhat's wrong with them?20:50
WalterNjust missing20:51
GridCubeWalterN, what do you mean by "installed xfce"?20:51
zzillezzthat's not the standard xubuntu layout20:51
GridCubedid you properly installed the xubuntu-desktop metapackage?20:51
GridCubeor just installed "xfce4"20:52
WalterNI installed the Xfce4 metapackage20:52
zzillezzthat's not the right thing20:52
WalterNwhich branched out to a bunch of other xfce things20:52
GridCubeyou need the xubuntu-desktop20:52
GridCubedo sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop20:52
WalterNinteresting... why did it not install that package?20:53
WalterNcause its not 'xfce' :P20:53
WalterNwhat is the difference?20:54
GridCubexubuntu-desktop comes with icons20:54
GridCubexfce dont20:54
GridCubefor starters20:54
apm1WalterN, it is xfce with xubuntu specific tweaks20:54
zzillezzxubuntu is a spin of xfce on top of ubuntu20:54
WalterNwoah, thats a lot more packages to be installed20:55
GridCubeit should20:55
GridCubethat might be just a standard update20:56
GridCubesee if it saying "this packages are waiting to be updated"20:56
WalterNI... just checked for updates today though20:56
apm1wow you guys are on 3.5 :p20:56
apm1i am using 2.6 and 3.2 yet :)20:57
WalterNI'm looking at what synaptic is saying.. not using the terminal at the moment20:57
GridCube3.2.0-32 on 12.0420:57
WalterNlets see what are updates20:57
GridCubei know that for 12.04 we shipped a different kernel because of PAE support, but i dont think thats the case anymore20:58
WalterNthats what I thought... its all up to date20:58
apm1GridCube, i haven't even looked at a screenshot of 12.1020:58
GridCubeapm1, im pretty sure its exactly equal to the one of 12.04 :P20:58
GridCubexubuntu == stability20:58
apm1debian = stability rock solid :p ,20:59
apm1lets switch to Off topic ?20:59
GridCubeubuntu == debian make better20:59
GridCube:P ok20:59
GridCubesay mister WalterN20:59
WalterNinstalling xubuntu-desktop20:59
WalterNsir GridCube?21:00
GridCube:) good luck, after that we can actually give you some support :D21:00
GridCube:P nothing i was just saying you to say your anyway21:00
WalterNguess I'll have to restart, because kernal21:00
GridCubenot really needed21:00
WalterNso... log out and back in?21:01
WalterNanyway, done installing21:01
GridCubeWalterN, that should do21:01
GridCubeWalterN, rememeber to choose xubuntu as you session21:01
WalterNand icons are showing21:02
WalterNalright... brb then21:02
WalterNscrew it, full restart21:02
WalterNbecause ponies21:02
GridCubeWalterN, as you please21:02
WalterNdef. have icons now... but no window boarders XD21:08
* WalterN pokes GridCube21:09
GridCubealt-f2: xfwm4 --replace21:09
WalterNthat works21:10
* apm1 high fives GridCube :)21:11
WalterNoh... for some reason the far right screen is.. funky transitioning between the left two screens and the right screen21:12
WalterNran into this earlier with just Xfce21:13
GridCubefar right?21:14
WalterNthe edge between the left two screens and the right screen21:14
GridCubeno idea what that means21:15
apm1i think by screens he means virtual workspaces ?21:15
* WalterN flails21:15
WalterNI dont know how to explain it21:15
apm1flails ?21:15
apm1WalterN, screenshot ?21:15
WalterNits like there is a 4th computer screen there that windows can get lost in21:16
apm1ah , he is indeed talking about a workspace21:16
apm1WalterN, can you give us a screenshot ?21:17
WalterNit might be because of the way I had it set up with Xfce21:18
WalterNso I'm doing21:19
WalterNxrandr --output DisplayPort-0 --right-of DVI-021:19
WalterNxrandr --output DVI-1 --left-of DVI-021:19
zzillezzanyone knows why my windows partition is mounted with 2 icons on my desktop?21:19
zzillezzdidn't have that in earlier xubuntu versions21:19
GridCubezzillezz, know bug21:19
zzillezzalright then :)21:19
GridCubeWalterN, install arandr and set stuff visually21:20
apm1!info arandr21:20
ubottuarandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.6-1 (quantal), package size 62 kB, installed size 456 kB21:20
WalterNthat orientates them correctly... and was working with just Xfce21:20
WalterNtime for some screen shots I guess21:21
GridCubezzillezz, read the known issues: http://xubuntu.org/news/12-10-release/21:21
recon_lapwhy I always wait before upgrading :) give the dev's a chance to finx the problems so I dont have to deal with them :)21:21
WalterNand that would be why21:22
WalterNscreen shot is showing a computer screen in between my actual computer screens... lol21:22
WalterNlemme put it up21:23
apm1WalterN, that is an unreal resolution 7000x#### :p21:25
apm1man i haven't seen such a monitor setup ever :p21:25
WalterNthe three blue desktop backgrounds map to my actual screens21:26
WalterNthe middle right section I dont actually see21:26
apm1i have to leave , fellow neckbeards :p21:26
GridCubeyour setup scares me WalterN21:27
GridCubethats a huge monitor you must have21:27
WalterNno... just three 1080p screens :P21:28
WalterNand for some reason its inserting a 4th in there as you can see in the screen shot21:28
GridCuberemove it21:28
WalterNin the settings, its not showing more than three screens21:29
GridCuberight clic on the virtual desktop selection thingy on your panel21:29
GridCubeit shows 4 desktops21:30
WalterNright click where?21:30
GridCubeWalterN, http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/capturadepantalla-211012-183037.php21:31
WalterNI cant comprehend :-x21:32
GridCubethe work areas selection, on your panel21:32
GridCubewhere your work areas are shown21:32
WalterNoh that21:33
WalterNit is still doing it21:33
WalterNchange it to one and same issue, change it to 5 same issue21:34
GridCubeWalterN, install arandr and see visually what is going on with your setups21:34
WalterNit thinks the other display port is active21:36
WalterNbut I cant select or deselect it, the box is grayed out21:36
WalterNits doing the same for HDMI?21:37
WalterNI donno...21:37
aoxiif someone could look that over and offer any suggestions, id be very thankful21:37
aoxithis didnt occur after an upgrade. im running xubuntu 12.0421:37
WalterNGridCube: http://tiwake.com/screenie2.png21:38
GridCubeWalterN, this goes beyond my paygrade, no idea whats going on there, sorrys21:39
WalterNlets try something21:40
GridCubeaoxi, you log in and then it send you back to the lightdm greeter?21:40
aoxiGridCube → no, see the symptoms section21:42
aoxiwhen i put no change, it means the same symptoms occur:21:42
aoxiThe 'mice' splash screen comes up, with a 'loading' pointer. The mouse logo itself is flickering into view every few seconds, like XFCE failing to load.21:42
WalterNwell... displays are mirrored again21:43
GridCubeaoxi, yes, but it just stays like that or it sends you back to the user/password selection stage?21:43
aoxiit stays like that21:43
GridCubedo you have a different user on that machine?21:44
GridCubecan you login as guest?21:44
aoxii get what youre implying. im sure if i creat another user it will work just fine21:45
GridCubethis is just to see if this is just a missconfiguration somewhere on your user files21:45
WalterNwell thats fixed.. I think21:45
aoxii was hoping maybe there was a way to reset the configs of the user21:45
GridCubeaoxi, there is, i was just trying to see if thats the case21:45
aoxiim booted into windows at the moment. id have to reboot to verify for certainty21:46
aoxibut please do explain how to do just that and ill note it down21:46
GridCubeaoxi, you can simply delete the .ICEauthority and .Xauthority files on your ~/ folder that usually does it21:47
GridCubeif its in case just a missconfiguration issue21:48
aoxibe right back then :)21:48
aoxiGridCube → guest can log in just fine, so i deleted those two files from the user's homedir, and then logged in as that user21:53
aoxithe problem still persists21:53
GridCubeso, its a configuration issue, just not the one i though21:54
GridCubeget rid of the files on ~/.gnome2/keyrings21:54
GridCubeand try again21:54
aoxiive always had that keyring error sporatically21:55
aoxii just ignored it because i dont run gnome?21:55
GridCubebut you do run the gnome keyring :)21:55
aoxino change21:57
GridCubewell, there might be better solutions to offer you, but i only know the brute force ones21:59
craigbass1976recon_lap, sorry, I went and ate.  What you said sounds great, but I don't think the network starts until someone has logged in.22:05
aoxiheres the current .xsession-errors, if it will help22:06
aoxiseems to be mostly the same22:06
aoxi'another instance already running'22:06
recon_lapcraigbass1976: you'd probably never get through the firewalls anyway22:07
recon_lapcraigbass1976: but you can boot to a cmd line and login22:07
keithclark_how do I give a user sudo access?22:08
keithclark_Actually I used to have that access, but I tried to rsync backup this machine and now I no longer have sudo access, how can that be22:09
TheSheepkeithclark_: you add them to the admin group22:11
keithclark_TheSheep, but why would rsync have taken that away?22:11
TheSheepkeithclark_: maybe you rsynced /etc/group?22:12
TheSheepkeithclark_: or /etc/sudoers?22:12
keithclark_I rsynced the whole hard drive.  This should just back everything up, no?22:13
craigbass1976recon_lap, she's on Time Warner and I can punch a hole on 22 through her router to this box I imagine.22:14
TheSheepkeithclark_: depends on the options, if the sudoers file has wrong permissions it will stop working22:15
WalterNnow its not letting me change the icons...22:16
recon_lapcraigbass1976: maybe, but how do you get an ip?  think we getting side tracked22:16
David-Akeithclark_: with not the right options to rsync, it may not preserve permission info for files, and if the user rsyncing is not root it is not able to copy all system files22:16
David-A*not root or not sudo22:16
keithclark_David-A, yes, I rsynced using sudo.  Now I have no sudo access22:16
craigbass1976recon_lap, Right.  I'm going back to smoke signals and carrier pigeons.  :)22:17
WalterNand some icons are missing again, as described before22:17
keithclark_Without sudo access, I cannot add myself back into sudoers.  I guess I'm screwed here?22:17
David-Akeithclark_: and with the -p or -a or equivalent option?22:18
craigbass1976keithclark_, can you do it from a livecd?22:18
keithclark_craigbass1976, no live cd available22:18
keithclark_I'm very surprised that rsync can screw up like this.22:19
David-Akeithclark_: have you diagnosed what happened? do the system files have the right owners and permissions? can it be that the numeric id of user or group have changed if system and home restored in different ways?22:22
keithclark_David-A, I'm not sure I understand though.  rsync should backup.  Why would it modify my system?22:22
David-Akeithclark_: rsync needs switches to preserve permission info. what switches did you use?22:24
David-Akeithclark_: cont. diagnosing, do your current user belong to admin group?22:25
keithclark_I used the information found here:  http://troy.jdmz.net/rsync/index.html22:25
keithclark_Here is the basic command I used:  rsync -avz -e ssh remoteuser@remotehost:/remote/dir /this/dir/22:26
keithclark_With / and / as the source/destination22:26
David-Akeithclark_: is the target a filesystem that preserves unix permissions? (forgive me for asking)22:29
meomichi, im not sure if i should ask here cuz im using ubuntu 12.10 x86-64 + xfce but i'll give a try, can you guys tell me if its only me that has problem with 'application finder' long wait till launch? i mean in 12.04(i had xfce 4.10 from xubuntu backports from quantal)  it was launched 1sec after i clicked a shortcut and in 12.10 it is like 10 secs... (i have an option checked 'keep in background23:34
meomic- should be fast')23:34
meomicsorry to bother you guys - found already solution - someone reported same error i get on launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-appfinder/+bug/1048805    thanks for your time :)23:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048805 in xfce4-appfinder (Ubuntu) "xfrun4 launches very slowly" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:59

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