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sabdflhello hello10:01
sabdflhow are you all?10:02
JoseeAntonioRhey, sabdfl, ready?10:03
sabdflall set10:04
JoseeAntonioRok, so let me give a quick tips10:04
JoseeAntonioRHello, everyone! For the Ask Mark! session, you can ask all your questions at #ubuntu-classroom-chat. Make sure you prefix them with "QUESTION:", no quotes.10:04
JoseeAntonioRI'll also skip all support-like questions that may fit in #ubuntu.10:05
JoseeAntonioRNow, let's start!10:05
JoseeAntonioRsabdfl: can you introduce yourself? :)10:05
sabdflhi everyone, i'm mark shuttleworth, chair the cc and lead canonical strategy10:05
sabdflwrists are all warmed up for your questions :)10:06
sabdfland looking forward to UDS next week in Copenhagen10:06
JoseeAntonioRlet's go!10:06
sabdflfire away10:06
ClassBotd0od asked: I hear rumours about Ubuntu on a nexus 7.. can you tell us about that?10:06
sabdflwe've said that the driver of unity was to build an experience that spans phones, tablets, desktops and tv10:06
sabdfli think we can do that by 14.0410:06
sabdflso in 13.04 we're focused on tuning the performance of the base system in mobile settings10:07
sabdflmemory footprint, boot performance, battery life10:07
sabdflwe've ported ubuntu to the nexus 7 (it's just the desktop)10:07
sabdfland will all be focused on that for 13.0410:08
ClassBotdavmor2 asked: Out of all the things that you've done with Ubuntu what are you most proud of and why?10:08
sabdflthis community10:08
sabdflit's diverse both in culture and contribution10:08
sabdflmembership in ubuntu has meaning and reflects well on the member10:08
sabdflthat's not been easy, but i think it's the thing we've done very well that makes us more than just another company that does linux10:09
sabdflwe catch a lot of flack for making decisions10:09
sabdflbut its amazing how many decisions are entirely lead by people who are the best people, no matter what their affiliation, in the project10:09
sabdfland i'd like to keep it that way10:09
sabdflthere are some things that we can do best10:09
sabdflbut it's the partnership with likeminded people outside which gives it all meaning10:10
ClassBotAlanBell asked: how is the honey production going?10:10
sabdflit's been a rough year to be a bee in northern europe10:10
sabdflso we have some honey in the supers, but i'll leave it to them for the winter10:10
sabdflstarted the year with 3 colonies, finish the year with 410:11
sabdflwill be interesting to see how they overwinter10:11
sabdflit's a great hobby10:11
ClassBotcielak asked: Mark, concerning your blog post about opening up some of the development processes  to community members: How can one know if he is appropriate for participating? You are looking for a variety of interested people, how can I tell if I might be useful?10:11
sabdflcielak, just ping michael and tell him what you're interested in and what you've done inside ubuntu, and elsewhere10:11
sabdfli really screwed up that blog10:12
sabdflit never even occurred to me that people would interpret as aiming to be MORE CLOSED10:12
sabdflwhen the obvious intent was to open everything up, while still preserving the delight of the reveal10:12
sabdflanyhow, thanks for your interest and ping michael10:12
ClassBotValtam asked: Any plans to return to space?10:12
sabdflValtam, not soon, but in due course it would be great10:13
ClassBotdavmor2 asked: For Ubuntu's future what are you most excited about?10:13
sabdflam torn between the cloud and the mobile world10:14
sabdfljuju is like magic for the cloud10:14
sabdflit's very exciting to see what people are doing with it, and how it's changing their practices and expectations10:14
sabdfland on the mobile front, we'll find out by 14.04 if the world wants ubuntu on phones and tablets10:15
sabdflif you'd like to see that, come to UDS or put Ubuntu on your nexus 7 to help us get it into shape10:15
sabdflthe design work is *amazing*, even if its my baby, i've seen independents react to it, and they love it10:15
ClassBotd0od asked: Users have complained that 12.04/12.10 crashes more than previous releases (thanks to the new whoopsie dialog). What have you learned from that new feature?10:15
sabdflgreat question but i don't have a great answer10:16
sabdfli think the most useful thing is that it gives us a clear data-driven approach to prioritising problems10:16
sabdflwe can focus on the crashers that affect the most people10:16
sabdflbut i agree, there was a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff happening previously on ubuntu (and rhel and debian... ) that was invisible before whoopsie10:17
ClassBotd0od asked: I'm sure you get tired of being asked every six months, but are there any plans for theme, icon, sound etc changes in the coming cycle?10:17
sabdflwe have hired the amazing matthieu, which means we can start the icon project10:17
sabdflwe will work with a university team10:17
sabdflthat are global leaders / experts in typography, design and iconography10:17
sabdflso it has a rigorous approach10:18
sabdfland artistically, we have been exploring the full theme story beyond ambiance / radiance10:18
JoseeAntonioRlet's wait a couple minutes for people to ask questions again - looks like they're frozen :)10:19
ClassBotnigelb asked: LDS came to Asia last year. When do we see a UDS in Asia? :)10:19
sabdflnigelb, it would be great to do singapore or hong kong10:19
sabdflbut i don't know that there are any plans to do so10:20
ClassBotd0od asked: A question which comes up frequently is that of the tight 6-month release cycle. Clearly 12.10 had some issues with things landing late in the cycle. Are there plans to move to a longer cycle - or maybe rolling releases?10:20
sabdflrick rolling releases :)10:21
sabdflyeah, i missed a good line in the R announcement!10:21
sabdflthe team is passionate about "daily quality"10:21
sabdflso that the development release is always usable10:22
sabdflthey have done amazing stuff, and it continues to get better10:22
sabdflwe run tests on hundreds of packages when any of them change, for example10:22
sabdflwhich is catching a lot of breakages quickly10:22
sabdflso, that gets us very close to a rolling release10:22
sabdflwith the advantage of actual releases for ISVs to target10:22
sabdflwe will reduce the number of milestone releases to get more development time in each cycle10:23
sabdfland see how that feels10:23
ClassBotAlanBell asked: what phones/tablets/laptops do you have?10:23
sabdfli use an iphone, have an ipad that i don't use very often, and also have a collection of android phones and tablets for various r&d purposes10:24
ClassBotsmartboyhw asked: Since this is Ubuntu Open Week, what do you think you can do to strengthen the relationship between Canonical and the community?10:24
sabdflwell, first i would say that relationships between large groups are always complex10:24
sabdfli don't know any two large groups of people where there aren't points of friction10:25
sabdflthink of a university and a company, or two universities, or debian and ubuntu10:25
sabdflyou can ALWAYS find examples of things you don't like10:25
sabdfli can find plenty of examples of things I don't like in both the ubuntu community and in canonical10:25
sabdflwe could wail and gnash our teeth and berate those examples10:25
sabdflor we could calmly continue to build good relationships and faith10:26
sabdflsometimes, stuff happens that is worth berating10:26
sabdflthe launch banner for quantal ("Avoid the pain of Windows 8") was terrible, very un-ubuntu, totally inappropriate10:26
sabdflworth berating10:26
sabdflthe folks responsible have apologised, they got carried away and made a mistake10:27
sabdflbut mostly, it serves us all better to lead by positive example and not make heroes out of the problems10:27
sabdflbasically, it's important for everyone to realise that the people "on the other side" are smart, good hearted people who want the best for each other10:28
sabdflwhich is actually true in the case of ubuntu+canonical10:28
sabdflneither side should take the other for granted10:28
sabdflthis gig doesn't work without both10:28
sabdfland neither is perfect10:28
sabdflwe should not allow histrionics to derail us10:28
sabdflmaking celebrities of mistakes and disagreements will just poison the living room10:29
ClassBotSuperMatt asked: You mentioned the excitement of the 'big reveal' in your recent blog post. Are there any plans to reveal exciting things at UDS-R, or is it just business as usual?10:29
sabdflcan't answer that10:29
sabdflof course10:29
sabdflit wouldn't be a big reveal if I did!10:29
sabdflwe get a lot of attention for free software when we show sexy stuff10:30
sabdflit's healthy and good10:30
sabdfland people who make the loudest noise against that are the people who would rather we didn't have anything sexy to show10:30
ClassBotJoseeAntonioR asked: What do you think is your marketing strategy with MS now that 8 has been released?10:30
sabdflmake ubuntu as great as we can10:31
sabdflencourage all of us, who are passionate about it, to make the case10:31
sabdfloffer to help oems ship ubuntu as an alternative10:31
sabdflthis is not about "microsoft hate", it's about having good ideas, shared development and easy access10:32
ClassBotAlanBell asked: Are you expecting there will be different technologies used for phone/embedded type products or GTK/Compiz like the desktop?10:32
sabdflwe're an open platform, developers are welcome to use the tools of their choice10:33
sabdflfor mobile, qml2 and html5 work really well10:34
sabdflyou can do stuff in gtk, but it's much harder10:34
sabdflnevertheless, we're not ideological about what developers should use10:34
ClassBotphilballew asked: What drives you to work with the Ubuntu project still? You have been spearheading it since you started it with project “no name yet”, Is it still the same reasons for wanting to keep going, or is it different reasons you find yourself getting up in the morning to make Ubuntu better?10:34
sabdfltwo things10:34
sabdflone, we are working on some groundbreak innovation10:35
sabdflunity is achieving something nobody else has managed, and many had actively said was impossible: to build a coherent family of interfaces from end to end in the personal computing arena10:35
sabdfland it's extraordinary that we have exactly the same libraries, the same VERSIONS of the same libraries, running on phones and on supercomputers in the cloud10:36
sabdflso, that's worth getting up for10:36
sabdflthat's changing the world10:36
sabdfland then there's the idea that, if we can be successful, we will be the second wave of success for free software10:36
sabdflred hat, credit to them, pioneered the idea of shrink-wrapped free software10:36
sabdflwhich worked, and we should respect and appreciate that10:36
sabdflbut i think free software can have an even bigger economic and social impact in the world10:37
sabdfland it's achieving that that is the ultimate challenge10:37
sabdflandroid is close10:37
sabdflcan we do better?10:37
sabdflwith your help, perhaps10:37
sabdflthat's also worth getting up for10:37
ClassBotTm_T asked: what is the biggest fun factor for you? Linus Torvalds often says he's doing the kernel because it's fun, is it the driving force with Ubuntu for you?10:37
sabdfli love the design process10:38
sabdflexploring alternatives, weighing up subtle, deep, difficult tradeoffs10:38
sabdflseeing things for the first time10:38
sabdflit's like a very deeeeeep board game10:38
sabdflthat's easy to play badly10:38
sabdfland really, really hard to play well10:39
sabdfland then do that live on stage with lots of people with rotten tomatoes in the audience ;)10:39
ClassBotcielak asked: Some longer time ago you blogged about ambitious plans to incorporate Wayland as the display server for Ubuntu and Unity, but since few years there were no news in that matter: do you know if there is some progress on that?10:39
sabdflyes and no10:39
sabdflit's still clear that the display stack is broken10:39
sabdflbut we've not yet got confidence in the alternatives, though we continue to explore what's possible10:40
ClassBotJasnaBencic asked: Since you have mentioned that you are going to cooperate with university considering typography if I remember well, are there any plans to work with universities considering other areas e.g. development?10:40
sabdflthere are lots of universities that encourage students to work on free software10:40
sabdflit's tougher to do that at the distro level10:40
sabdflbecause the work is very inter-connected10:40
sabdflit's not like making a patch for a single piece10:41
sabdflyou have to think about how all the pieces are put together10:41
sabdflwhich requires longer timespans, deeper insights, more awareness of both history and possibility, and social skills10:41
ClassBotd0od asked: If you wanted to re-do the shopping lens release / announce / implementation, what would you do differently, or would you do the same again?10:41
sabdflfunny thing about that10:42
sabdflthe dash has sent data on the wire since the beginning!10:42
sabdflnot secretly10:42
sabdflbut how else do you search videos and online music?10:42
sabdflwe did studies and came to the conclusion that most people think of stuff "there" and "here" in exactly the same way10:43
sabdflso we made that the default10:43
sabdflthere was an announcement on u-devel10:43
sabdflit was apparently all cool for a few days10:43
sabdflthen we had some mobbing over the weekend, and needed to calm the mood10:43
sabdflwe did some things badly10:43
sabdflcrypto should have been there in the first drop10:44
sabdflit was always, obviously, a requirement10:44
sabdflbut the team got caught between feature freeze and crypto, between "release early" and "wait till it's done"10:44
sabdfland erred on the wrong side on that one10:44
sabdflthe mid-sentence-keyword-nsfw issue was unexpected10:45
sabdflbut that was addressed in 24 hours by the team, quite elegantly10:45
sabdflyou have to really WANT to get something to get it ;)10:45
sabdfland it continues to be refined10:45
sabdfli don't think we search amazon for gedit any more :)10:46
sabdflif i look into the future, the dash today is closer to the future than anything else on the market10:46
sabdfli'm proud of that10:46
sabdfland the way forward is forward, not back10:46
sabdflthe testing we've done supports that10:46
sabdflit involves a lot of responsibility for us, because the future is that platforms are services, and services are platforms10:47
sabdflbut we can't shy away from that future10:47
sabdflwe learned after the brouhaha that both microsoft and google have been doing exactly the same r&d around bringing the outside world to the desktop10:47
sabdfli'd rather be leading, and figuring out how to do it well, as free software10:48
sabdflthan sitting on the sidelines throwing comments at the people who actually carry the responsibility10:48
sabdfleasy to throw peanuts10:48
sabdflhard to innovate and do so responsibly10:48
sabdfli think that's what we're here to do10:48
ClassBotoscailt asked: Is there any plans for Ubuntu to join the Google Summer of Code project again?10:48
sabdflnot sure, jono would be the best person to ask10:49
ClassBotphilballew asked: How is Ubuntu doing with getting OEM's to ship Ubuntu. You talked about it Oakland, where we will be on 5 percent of machines in the near future. What is being done to make this a reality?10:49
sabdfllots of looooong booooooring meeeeeeetings10:49
sabdflit's hard work10:49
sabdflwe have (contrary to what you might have heard from the competition) tens of kernel engineers10:49
sabdflwho are totally focused on making linux work on laptops and desktops10:50
sabdflthe good news is we will see some major OEMs shipping in the USA soon10:50
sabdflalbeit in small volume10:50
sabdflbut high end machines, which they have never done before10:50
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.10:50
sabdflin emerging markets, generally, we continue to ship more and more10:50
ClassBotphilballew asked: I see we have been putting a lot of effort to bring gaming to Ubuntu. Can you expend on why this is being done, and how it is getting accomplished?10:50
sabdflthis is being driven by the gaming companies10:52
sabdflwho see ubuntu as an interesting platform10:52
sabdfland are actively finding ways to explore the opportunity10:52
sabdflwe're supporting them10:52
JoseeAntonioRso, guys, any more questions for the last 10 minutes?10:53
ClassBotdavmor2 asked: If you were starting the Ubuntu Project now is there anything you would of done differently?10:53
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.10:55
sabdflyes, of course we've learned a few things10:56
sabdfli would have started on u1 earlier!10:56
sabdflbut broadly, i think we've done well10:56
JoseeAntonioRwell, I think that's all questions for now, plus we have to wrap-up this session :)10:57
sabdflthank you all10:57
JoseeAntonioRsabdfl: thanks so much for being here, it's a pleasure as always10:57
sabdflthanks for the hospitality10:57
JoseeAntonioRany last words?10:57
sabdflyou all rock10:57
sabdflhope to see some of you next week10:57
sabdfllet's have a great UDS and 13.0410:57
JoseeAntonioRthanks! for those of you  who have just arrived, logs will be linked in the wiki in the next couple minutes. make sure you come back at 13 UTC for more sessions, starting with the Translations team one!10:59
JoseeAntonioRand tomorrow, don't forget we'll be at www.ubuntuonair.com11:00
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philballewWelcome to open week day 213:00
philballewLoks of fiun13:00
philballewWe;; Here we go13:00
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hannieWelcome to the Open Week session Ubuntu Translations team13:00
ClassBotLogs for this session will be available at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/10/25/%23ubuntu-classroom.html following the conclusion of the session.13:00
hannieIn this session Trijntje and I, members of Ubuntu Dutch Translators, will talk about what to translate, how to contribute as a translator, how translations teams work and how to join them.13:01
trijntjeHi everybody ;)13:01
hannieIf you have any questions during the session, feel free to ask in #ubuntu-classroom-chat in the following format:13:01
hannieQUESTION: <question>13:02
hannieHere we go:13:02
hannieWhat to translate?13:02
hannieWhen we talk about translating Ubuntu, we usually mean the GUI, that is everything you see on your desktop, in the menu's/indicators/Dash/Launcher, during installation etc.13:03
hannieApart from this, we also have what we call UPSTREAM (trijntje will talk about this later) and documentation.13:03
hannieWhere to translate?13:06
hannieThis is where translations are done. We call this "online" translating.13:06
hannieYou have to create a Launchpad account before you can start translating.13:06
hannieI will give you a few minutes to create a LP account13:07
hannieHow does Launchpad work?13:08
hannieAfter chosing the language to translate into, you see all the translatable templates.13:09
hanniePart of them are translated elsewhere (Upstream), trijntje will explain this later.13:09
hannieI see no questions so far. Do you all understand what I have said so far?13:10
hannieIn the column Status you see how much of the package is translated already (green=Translated, Red=Untranslated)13:11
hannieClicking on a template name with untranslated strings takes you to the package.13:13
hannieHere you see the English string, the translation (if it exists) and a text field "New translation".13:13
hannieJust type your suggestion in this field.13:14
hannieYour suggestions will be reviewed/accepted or corrected by translators with full rights.13:14
hannieIf a language already has a translation team, it is for the team to decide if the quality is good enough to make you a team member with full rights.13:15
hannieIf a language does not have a translation team, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations > Create a new translation team13:15
hannieHow do translation teams work?13:17
hannieMost teams have information on Launchpad, for example https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-nl13:17
hannieand their own web pages like http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/community/Vertaalteam13:18
hannieYou can always contact someone from the team to get more information.13:18
hannieOur Dutch wiki has a lot of information like:13:18
hannieHow to become a member, translation tools, reference material, status page (where translators can see what needs to be translated), how to communicate etc.13:18
hannieHow to communicate?13:19
hannieIf a team has its own mailing list, this is where team members exchange useful information, ask each other questions, inform about events, etc.13:19
hannieFor details, go to the web pages of the team you are interested in.13:20
hannieSome teams have an irc channel which they can use to chat with other members of the team.13:21
hannieFor general translation questions, subscribe to the mailing list of Ubuntu Translators:13:21
hanniedpm asked: Could you tell us a bit how you got involved in translations? -- There are 0 additional questions in the queue.13:24
hannieWell, just after I started using Ubuntu I contacted the Dutch translation team to see if I could help13:25
hannieI got a lot of information on how to join from Cumulus, who was owner of the team at the time.13:26
hannieOur team has expanded greatly in the past two years. Most of the GUI is translated into Dutch now.13:27
hanniesorry, wrong command13:28
ClassBotdpm asked: Could you tell us a bit how you got involved in translations?13:28
hanniesee my answer above ;)13:28
hannieIf there are no more questions about the general part, I let trijntje continue. He will talk about upstream translations13:29
hannietrijntje, the stage is yours13:29
trijntjeThanks hannie!13:30
trijntjeas hannie said, I'll be talking about upstream translations, and how to get them into ubuntu13:30
trijntjeAs many of you will know, most programs included in ubuntu are not written specifically for ubuntu, but are imported from their respective projects, which are collectively called 'upstream'.13:31
trijntjeFor example, firefox is taken from mozilla, which means the mozilla project is the upstream for firefox in ubuntu.13:31
trijntjeJust as most programs in ubuntu are not written by members of the ubuntu community, most translations used in ubuntu are not made by ubuntu translators, but by upstream translation teams.13:32
trijntjeSo, before diving into launchpad to start work on our favorite program, we better check if upstream has translations we can use, to prevent duplicate effort13:33
trijntjeUnfortunately, it is not very straigthforward to find out which upstream project a program comes from.13:34
trijntjeUsually gnome is a good bet, since it is the upstream for most programs included in ubuntu. Otherwise I usually just check the projects homepage, which often includes a page on how to contribute translations.13:34
trijntjeSo, lets say we want to complete translations for evolution in ubuntu: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/evolution/+pots/evolution13:35
trijntjeFirst thing to do is to get both the ubuntu and upstream translations on your computer.13:36
trijntjeTo do this you have to download the po-files, which is what launchpad and most other projects use behind the scenes. You can work on these translations offline using a po editor such as gtranslator, poedit or even gedit.13:36
trijntjeTo get translations from launchpad, click on your language in the list, and then choose 'download translation'. In a few minutes, you will get an email from launchpad with a link where you can download the po file.13:37
trijntjeThis is the link for Dutch, which I will use in this example: launchpadlibrarian.net/121067426/po_evolution-3.6-nl.po13:37
trijntje(if you are reading the log, that link has probably expired)13:38
trijntjeThen we have to get the upstream translations from gnome http://l10n.gnome.org/languages/nl/all/ui/13:38
trijntjeReplace nl with your language code to get the templates in your language.13:39
trijntjeFind evolution in the list, and download the 'master' version, which should have the latest translations. http://l10n.gnome.org/POT/evolution.master/evolution.master.nl.po13:39
trijntjeto merge the translations from upstream into the template for ubuntu, you can use the following terminal command:msgmerge evolution.master.nl.po po_evolution-3.6-nl.po -o merged.po13:40
trijntjeWhat this does is that for each translation in po_evolution-3.6-nl.po, it checks if it is also present in evolution.master.nl.po. If this is the case, it will copy the translation from master into the ubuntu template, and write the output to merged.po13:40
trijntjeWhen a translation cannot be found in master, it will simply keep the translation already present in the ubuntu template, so no work gets lost13:41
trijntjeWhat is perhaps even more important, is what happens when the english original is not exactly the same in both templates13:41
trijntjeWhen this is the case, msgmerge will still copy the translation from master into the ubuntu template, but will add a flag to the translation to indicate it isn't sure these translations are really the same13:42
trijntjeWhen this happens, the translation is marked as 'fuzzy'13:42
trijntjeNormally when a typo is fixed in the original English, the translations for that string will be discarded13:43
trijntjeHowever, with msmgerge that translation will be marked as fuzzy, and you don't have to redo the whole translation, you just have to check if the fuzzy translation is correct13:43
trijntjeso it can even be helpfull to merge translations for precise into quantal, just to get the fuzzys13:44
trijntjeSo, after we have merged the file it is time to review all the fuzzys, to see if the suggestions are correct or not13:45
trijntjeAfter that, we are almost ready to upload the merged translations back to launchpad again (this is only possible for people who are member of a translation team)13:45
trijntjefirst, we have to make sure the “X-Launchpad-Export-Date” header is present in the merged file, or else you will not be able to import it back into launchpad13:46
trijntjeto do this, just open the file from launchpad and the merged file in gedit, and simply copy the header if it is missing13:47
trijntjethen choose 'Upload translation” in the apropriate template in launchpad (https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/evolution/+pots/evolution/nl/+translate) , and after a few hours you should get an email confirming the translations were imported13:47
trijntjeNow, if the upstream translations are not complete there might still be work to do after importing the merged translations. If this is the case, please consider dropping upstream a message that you will be working on those translations for ubuntu, and ask if they would be interested in reusing your translations.13:48
trijntjeThat way, more people will be using your great translations, and upstream can focus on other programs, which will also result in less work for you down the line. Everybody wins ;)13:48
ClassBotsmartboyhw asked: When is the deadline for translating languages and how do you form a translations team?13:49
hannietrijntje, shall I answer this one?13:49
hanniethe first of the 2 questions?13:49
hanniefor each version, we check the version's release schedule13:50
hannieAs for the second part of your question: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations > Create a new translation team13:50
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.13:50
hannietrijntje, will you continue with the following question?13:51
ClassBotTimo asked: Are the upstream translations of programs automatically merged with the downstream ones?13:51
trijntjeFor gnome, translations should be imported from upstream automatically13:52
trijntjefor other upstreams this is not the case. Furthermore, fuzzy's are discarded when translations are imported into launchpad, so even with automatic imports enabled it could save a lot of work to merge translations manually13:53
ClassBotTimo asked: And for KDE?13:53
trijntjeafaik, KDE translations are not imported automatically13:54
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.13:55
trijntjeAny other questions?13:55
trijntjeif not, I guess that is the end of the session13:57
ClassBotcommandoline asked: What's the nicest thing about translating Ubuntu, in your opinion(s)?13:58
hannieI guess so. I would like to thank everyone who was present for being here. I hope you got enough information from us and hopefully we see each other either on IRC or in a team13:58
trijntjeIt's nice to know that people who do not speak English will be able to use ubuntu thanks to our work (and the work of upstream)13:59
hannieThe nicest thing about translating is the contact with hard working people all over the world who make Ubuntu a success!13:59
hannieThank you all for being here.14:00
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trijntjeIf there are any more questions, the ubuntu translators mailinglist always has people who are ready to help you out!14:00
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smartboyhwOK guys welcome to Ubuntu Open Week!14:01
smartboyhwThanks hannie and trijntje for their session on translations:D14:01
smartboyhwFirst of all, a brief intro of myself14:02
smartboyhwMy name's Howard Chan, a 14-year-old (yes) student from Hong Kong.14:02
smartboyhwOn the other hand I'm the QA contact for Ubuntu Studio, and I work my computer time a lot on testing.14:02
smartboyhwSo today I will tell you what is testing, how to do it, some important tools, and accept questions14:03
smartboyhwLet's start!14:03
smartboyhwSo what is Quality Assurance?14:03
smartboyhwQuality Assurance means that to try to make the software as bug-free as possible.14:04
smartboyhwIn our case that means: Testing!14:04
smartboyhwThe Ubuntu QA Team ensures Ubuntu is a high-quality product14:05
smartboyhwAnd that means we need to make sure that no bugs are in it.14:05
smartboyhwSo what types of activities do we do?14:06
smartboyhwSo the first type is know as ISO Testing.14:06
smartboyhwThere are normally three types of ISO testing, depending on how much you want to participate14:06
smartboyhwThe first type is known as daily testing, where you do actually download an ISO every day and test it.14:07
smartboyhwThis will normally fit in a Virtual Machine or a test machine apart from your main computer14:07
ClassBotTheLordOfTime asked: In regards to your comment on making sure "that no bugs are in it", how do you deal with the sheer number of bugs in the software used in Ubuntu?14:08
smartboyhwTheLordOfTime, quite interesting14:08
smartboyhwThe QA Team's main job is to find out bugs, to make sure that no hidden bugs are in it14:09
smartboyhwAfter we find out a bug one of the guys from bugsquad or bugcontrol teams change their importance to either low, medium, high or critical14:10
smartboyhwOne of the developers of the package (for example if ubiquity has a bug, the Ubuntu Installer Team will be responsible)14:11
smartboyhwwill have to fix the bug and release a new version14:11
smartboyhwIf there is any bug that you find blocking your installation you must report it through the ISO QA Tracker. I will talk about the trackers later on.14:12
smartboyhwThen there is "cadence" testing14:12
smartboyhwThe testing happens every two weeks, where we try to spot critical bugs that cuts into the way of installation14:13
smartboyhwSorry guys14:23
smartboyhwInternet connection got haywire14:23
smartboyhwAnyway go to iso.qa.ubuntu.com14:23
smartboyhwDon't click Raring daily yet, there are no images there (except netboot)14:23
smartboyhwso instead we will try Precise Daily images14:23
smartboyhwSo for this time click Ubuntu Desktop i38614:24
smartboyhwYou will see loads of testcases14:25
smartboyhwbefore testing we need to get the image. But how?14:25
smartboyhwClick "Link to the download information" at the top of the page14:25
smartboyhwTo sync (or download) an ISO I recommend to use zsync14:26
smartboyhwSo in a terminal, type zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/precise/daily-live/20121025/precise-desktop-i386.iso.zsync14:26
smartboyhwIt would download it for you14:26
smartboyhwthen go back to the page where it lists the testcases, and click "Install (auto-resize)"14:27
smartboyhwOpen the testcase tab14:27
smartboyhwThere you will see a list of instructions on how to run a testcase14:28
smartboyhwFor Precise it is still the old legacy ones14:29
smartboyhwBut when you test Quantal or Raring you get to see them in the Tracker itself14:30
smartboyhwBy the Testcase Admins Team14:30
smartboyhwSo either use a VM or test machine to boot into the ISO14:30
smartboyhwfollow the testcase instructions14:30
smartboyhwIf you spotted any bugs, you have to report it14:31
smartboyhwFor example I spotted a bug in ubiquity14:31
smartboyhwI will first type "ubuntu-bug ubiquity" in the terminal of the test machine14:32
smartboyhwReport the bug to Launchpad14:32
smartboyhwThen go back to the "Install (auto-resize) page14:32
smartboyhwYou will see a box to add a test result14:33
smartboyhwIf you are successful on your installation you choose Passed14:33
smartboyhwUnsucessful= Failed14:33
smartboyhwIf a bug stops you from installing it correctly, fill in the bug number in the "Critical bugs" field. You should have a failed result for that14:34
smartboyhwIf the installation is OK but you spotted a tiny bug that won't hurt the installation itself, type the bug number in the "Bugs" field14:35
smartboyhwAdd comments if you like, then click "Submit result"14:35
smartboyhwThat is the first testcase you have completed!14:36
smartboyhwOK now away from ISO testing into packages testing14:36
smartboyhwSometimes we needed to test specific new features, like a new Unity version14:37
smartboyhwThat is when Package testing kicks in14:37
smartboyhwthe QA Tracker for packages is in packages.qa.ubuntu.com14:38
smartboyhwFor example you see "12.10 kernel on 12.04 userspace", that is for 12.04 users who want to test new kernels14:38
smartboyhwSo when you see http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/223/builds/25321/testcases/1306/results14:39
smartboyhwYou can see links to the installation instructions, the testcase and the bug reporting instructions14:39
smartboyhwFollow them and test a new kernel14:39
smartboyhwMoving on now to notebook testing:D14:40
smartboyhwLaptop testing is quite an interesting thing to test14:40
smartboyhwYou install Ubuntu 12.10 into a lapop14:41
smartboyhwAnd then test whether your hardware works14:41
smartboyhwOne good thing to do when you are doing laptop testing is to create a hardware profile14:41
smartboyhwLike this14:43
smartboyhwAlbeit a difficult one to decode:P14:43
smartboyhwThen you go to laptop.qa.ubuntu.com14:44
smartboyhwChoose "Quantal Final"14:44
smartboyhwthen your architecture14:44
smartboyhwRun through all the testcases and report bugs14:44
smartboyhwMake sure you add your laptop hardware profile on the "Hardware profile" field14:45
smartboyhwAnd that's all for the laptop testing14:45
smartboyhwThere is also some other testing methods like automated testing and sru testing, but not enough time here14:46
smartboyhwSo anyone have any questions?14:46
smartboyhwOK some critical answers to some important questions:D14:48
smartboyhw1. Do I need any programming knowledge to do testing?14:49
smartboyhwA: No. I only know very novice C, C++ and Visual Basic14:50
smartboyhwYet I can do good in the QA Team14:50
smartboyhw2. Who do you contact?14:50
smartboyhwActually where/14:50
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.14:50
smartboyhwTo find us come to #ubuntu-testing14:51
smartboyhwPlease also subscribe this mailing list14:51
smartboyhwand join the ubuntu-testing team on launchpad14:51
smartboyhwOn normal circumstances you can ping any of us in #ubuntu-testing, but if balloons (Canonical QA Community Supervisor) is online it is the best to ping him14:52
smartboyhwIf you want to test for a specific flavour, contact the flavour's QA Lead14:53
smartboyhwFor example:14:53
smartboyhwXubuntu: elf14:53
smartboyhwUbuntu Studio: me14:53
smartboyhwLubuntu: philballew14:53
smartboyhwOops tab error14:53
smartboyhwLubuntu: phillw14:53
smartboyhwSorry guys:D14:54
smartboyhw3. Must I run the development release to do testing?14:55
smartboyhwA: No. Laptop testing can be done on Quantal and Precise14:55
smartboyhwSRU testing is also available14:55
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.14:55
smartboyhwSo finally if you want to have a guide on how to do QA, go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam14:55
smartboyhwYou will find what to do, how does the team work, etc. there14:56
smartboyhwSo I hope you enjoy this Ubuntu Open Week14:57
smartboyhwAnd also come to help us on QA!14:57
smartboyhwDon't forget: If you want help: Come to #ubuntu-testing !14:57
smartboyhwThank you for attending this session14:57
smartboyhwNext up: czajkowski on Ubuntu LoCo Teams!14:58
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czajkowskiand welcome to todays session on LoCo Teams15:01
czajkowskiif you have questions please just ask and Ill try and answer them as best i can15:01
czajkowski*What are loco teams*15:02
czajkowskiWith the incredible success of Ubuntu around the world, the LoCo project is here to help groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu - Learn more http://loco.ubuntu.com/about-loco/15:02
czajkowski*How many of them are*15:02
czajkowski191 :-)15:02
czajkowski Each team does things differently in their area, there is no right or wrong way to do things in a locoteams.15:03
czajkowskiIf you're looking for one to join have a look at the list on - http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/15:03
czajkowski*What happens if there is no Loco Near me*15:03
czajkowskiAnyone can set up a loco team but there are some guidelines to follow http://loco.ubuntu.com/about-loco/setup/15:04
czajkowskiLoCo teams are there to help support users and spread Ubuntu news15:04
czajkowskiget feedback on Ubuntu15:04
czajkowskiget more people involved15:04
czajkowskithere are many ways and like I say there is no one thing every team has to do15:04
czajkowskiSo I'm here representing the LoCo  council15:04
czajkowskiThe Ubuntu LoCo Council is comprised of elected, dedicated members of the Ubuntu Community.15:05
czajkowskiThey have diverse backgrounds, but have a firm understanding of what makes up successful LoCos. The LoCo Council was set up to govern Ubuntu LoCo teams, and utilizing their past experiences, provide guidance and help when needed to these teams and lead them by example.15:05
czajkowskiThere are currently 6 of elected for 2 years to help locoteams15:05
czajkowskiczajkowski itnet7 huats SergioMeneses Shankar bhavi Efraín Valles15:05
czajkowskiWe help  make decisions on resource allocation, deals with conflict resolution and make decisions about where the project should move forward.15:06
czajkowskiany questions so far ?15:06
czajkowskiok shall move on15:07
czajkowskiIf anyone wants to contact the council please feel free to drop us a mail - loco-council<at>lists.ubuntu.com  many of us also idle on irc in #ubuntu-locoteams, if we're not about please just mail us15:08
czajkowskimore information on http://loco.ubuntu.com/loco-council/15:08
czajkowskiTHere are two types of LoCo teams15:09
czajkowskiwhich means they've gone through a process of documenting their work what they do, how they do it, and been around for some time.  They also promote Ubuntu and are different from a LUG for example.15:09
czajkowskibeing approved does mean you get some small perks like DVD allocation from Canonical at the time of release.15:10
czajkowskithere is also a welcome banner and cloth as a once off gift15:10
czajkowskiIt also comes in handy when getting conference packs15:10
czajkowskithats not to say being approved is the be all and end all, it's not it's  just a nice thing to have15:10
czajkowskiyou still have the same stuff like irc mailing list and wiki etc as other teams.15:11
czajkowskiEvery 2 years teams have to be reapproved15:11
czajkowskithe loco coucil has done this via creating bugs in the past and assigning them to the team contact and giving them lots of notice to get their work documented, I find it's easier if you keep track of this through blog posts of team reports then it's easy ;)15:12
czajkowskiUnapproved teams15:12
czajkowskiis more than likely a new team just been set up and is just finding their feet15:12
czajkowskiQUESTION: You said "They also promote Ubuntu and are different from a LUG for example." Sorry what does LUG mean?15:13
czajkowskiLUG - Linux User Group15:13
czajkowskiso a loco promote Ubuntu and that's its main focus15:13
czajkowskiother user groups might dabble in lots of other Linux projects15:13
czajkowskihope that helps15:13
czajkowskiif you're unapproved and want help from the council please ask and we'll give yo ideas on how to documetn your work, get more people involved in your group15:14
czajkowskiand help get your tools in order, and get you talking to the right people if you need things like getting bots put into channels15:15
czajkowskiany other questions ?15:15
czajkowskimight help.15:16
czajkowskiI would say to all locoteams adding your events to the loco team portal is of great benefit to you15:17
czajkowskiit helps show others what you're doing15:17
czajkowskibut also encourages new teams to try stuff you've done15:17
czajkowskiit's about sharing knowledge.15:17
czajkowskiyou can add any type of event your loco runs under your team page15:18
czajkowskifrom a meet and greet15:18
czajkowskito an install fest15:18
czajkowskipiza night15:18
czajkowskigiving a talk15:18
czajkowskiit's up to you15:18
czajkowskithe benefit of putting them on there means also whe it comes to your approval or reapproval we can see the events you run15:18
czajkowskiif you take photos they appear there also which is great as it's glimpse into you loco :)15:19
czajkowskiphotos tend to make people happy :-)15:19
czajkowskiany questions15:19
czajkowski16:20 < IdleOne> QUESTION: Do Ubuntu hours run by individual members of a loco count as a loco event?15:21
czajkowskiyup they sure do!15:21
czajkowskianyone in the team can run an event!15:21
czajkowskiif I decide I'm going to run an Ubuntu hour here in Limerick/Ireland that's great I'll add it under the Irish team events15:21
czajkowskiwe want people to feel empowered to run their own events and add it there as it encourages others to do similar15:22
czajkowskifor those who've not heard of the Ubuntu hours15:22
czajkowskithey are a great way to meet people informally15:22
czajkowskiwhat I've done in the past is pick a place - bar /cafe/hotel15:22
czajkowskitold people I'll be there from 5-6 and if people want to come along we chat15:23
czajkowskiI might show them something cool I've found on my desktop15:23
czajkowskisomeone else my just chat about installing Ubuntu on a machine15:23
czajkowskibut it's bacailly just being sociable and chatting to your community members15:23
czajkowskihttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1444/detail/  you can see we have over 181 of them :)15:24
czajkowskiso they are successful15:24
czajkowskiI will say, do try and make sure your information is up to date on LP as it's pulled into the LTP http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie15:25
czajkowskiany questions15:25
czajkowskiif locoteams do need the council to help with issues internally, don't worry it does happen from time to time15:27
czajkowskino team are judged on this15:27
czajkowskiwe have been known to get involved in some teams from time to time, where we're needed to help mediate a situation. there is nothing wrong wit this and we do encourage people to come to us so we can work with them15:28
czajkowskias I said earlier there are 6 of us on the council15:28
czajkowskiall coming from diverse backgrounds15:28
czajkowskiso we do have experience and will always work with people to help locos15:28
czajkowski< IdleOne> QUESTION: How much activity is normally required for a team to become approved?15:30
czajkowskigreat question!15:30
czajkowskiso we do ask people to show a sustained amount, few months or a cycle and a bit is a good judge to be honest15:31
czajkowskigiven it takes some time to get a loco off the ground15:31
czajkowskiit take time to get people involved15:31
czajkowskihave a few events15:31
czajkowskiif you have team reports showing your work it's really good!15:31
czajkowskihaving monthly irc meetings is a good way to keep in contact with one another15:32
czajkowskiand also a good way to do a health check on the loco15:32
czajkowskiyou dont have to go for approval on your 8th month of being active15:32
czajkowskimany dont do it for a year or more tbh15:32
czajkowskithere is no rush :)15:32
czajkowskiTHere is also the loco contacts list15:35
czajkowskiand I'd love to see more discussion happening on there15:35
czajkowskiit would be nice to see more people shaing their ideas15:36
czajkowskitheir events15:36
czajkowskion there and might encourage other teams to get some ideas off it15:36
czajkowskiif there any more questions please shout15:36
czajkowskior I'll finish up early15:36
czajkowskiok thanks for coming folks15:38
czajkowskiand hope this information helps15:38
czajkowskias I said we do idle in ubuntu-locoteams but if we're not there do just email us15:38
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Deindre Hi everyone, welcome to the Ubuntu Open Week session about the Ubuntu Women Project!16:02
DeindreI'm Flavia Weisghizzi, I'm Italian, and I work as journalist.16:03
DeindreI led in Italy the Media Relations project and recently I have been elected  to the leadership of Ubuntu Women Project along with Cheri Francis, Silvia Bindelli and Elizabeth Krumbach.16:03
DeindreThank you very much to be here today, I'm very excited to be here!16:04
DeindreIn this session I'll be covering some of our recent projects and plans for the future.16:04
Deindre First of all.16:04
DeindreWhat is Ubuntu Women Project?16:05
DeindreA crochet club. :)16:05
DeindreA crochet club ???16:05
Deindre Well if someone thought I was serious, maybe Ubuntu Women project makes sense. Still. Unfortunately.16:05
DeindreI was sarcastic, of course16:05
DeindreNo, we aren't a crochet club of course, and it's really boring still hear something like that16:06
Deindre but we aren't here to explain why Ubuntu Women project has its reasons to being, or to debate about feminism,  16:06
Deindrenor about the challenges that many women face in open source, tech or geek communities in general.16:06
DeindreSome documentation about this issues could be found to http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Issues  16:07
Deindre or http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_incidents16:07
Deindre What I want to underline here is that Ubuntu Women Project is made to welcome, in the pure spirit of open source, whoever would like to participate.16:07
Deindre And, of course, to try to give menthoring and be source of inspiration16:08
Deindre Ubuntu Women team counts about 320 active members,16:09
Deindre318, counts Launchpad16:09
DeindreAt the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland for the Quantal cycle we put together a blueprint outlining some of our goals:here you can read the projects regarding q-cicle16:09
Deindrehere instead https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-women.org/+spec/community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals are gathered goals we'd like to reach next months.16:10
DeindreAt moment is still rather empty, but we're having a intense brainstorming, and the result will be registered here in our Road map http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Roadmap-R16:11
DeindreMoreover, several of us will be meeting in person next week at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) in Copenhagen, Denmark  16:11
Deindre we'll had a session during UDS on Thursday 15:00- 16:00, and this will be the perfect date to plan some of our work for the next cycle,16:12
Deindreso I'll hope our roadmap will be soon fill!16:12
DeindreWe're trying to organize a dinner too, so, if you are in the neighbourhood, turn up,16:13
Deindrewe'll be very happy to meet you.16:13
DeindreThere will be an audio feed and an IRC channel associated with it for remote attendees, more information about attending remotely can be found here:16:13
Deindre http://uds.ubuntu.com/community/remote-participation/16:14
DeindreFresh perspectives from other women are vital to projects like ours, so please don't be shy when offering suggestions which may help women like you (or like your sister, girlfriend, mother) get involved :)16:14
Deindre Next UDS will be my first one, but I believe that have the opportunity to meet new people is really vital to have new ideas and let them grow strong.   16:15
DeindreFor this reason , I believe this session could be a great occasion to gather suggestions to discuss together in UDS, so questions and purposes are welcome at any time.16:15
DeindreJust ask and prefix it with QUESTION:16:16
DeindreOur first goal is always, to increase the female participation in free Software.16:17
DeindreNow, one of the really interesting matter is always how teams should move about treating, recruiting and keeping women in their projects16:17
DeindreBut how?16:17
Deindrethe first answer is always looking for new members, in IRC, in forum, in every community16:18
Deindrenew members probably are waiting for a warm welcome, and something to feel themselves helpful.16:18
DeindreIf nobody give trust to you, probably neither you trust yourself :)16:19
DeindreAnother very interesting channel for the recruiting is to knock to the doors of other female or FLOSS community,  16:19
Deindrecommunities, sorry :)16:19
Deindrebuild networks among communities whose aims or interests are similar.16:20
DeindreFor instance in Italy , with the local branch of Ubuntu Women, we drawn up a link  with Girls Geek Dinners16:20
DeindreBoth me and Silvia Bindelli, and many of the women following the Italian branch of Ubuntu Women project have participated to their speechs and have written articles about Ubuntu on their on line magazine.16:21
Deindreanother word: be social :)16:21
Deindreworld :)16:22
DeindreWhen is possible, be open to new opportunities for friendships and networking. Sit with new people during break, introduce yourself, go out for pizza and beer with a group.  16:22
DeindreBut a good participation needs a good menthoring.  16:22
DeindreOne of the really interesting things we've learned during these years was that while there was some value to large, formalized mentor-mentee programs, the best way to really gain contributors and keep them was by more casual mentoring16:23
DeindreAnother keyword of the success of a team is the capability to organize the work in bite-tasks16:23
Deindreeasy to comprehend and to be completed.16:23
DeindrePages to translate, documents to write, tests to do, code to write, artwork to draw... just choose the field more fit to oneself!16:23
DeindreAnd finally: inspiration16:24
DeindreInspiration is very important16:25
DeindreCheri Francis has ad this great idea the idea of "Career Days" which we've been hosting in Ubuntu Classroom every month16:25
DeindreIt was inspired by her own experiences in tech and studies which continue to show that women lack female role models and exposure to tech career opportunities16:25
DeindreDuring a Career Days session we have a woman with a career related to technology join us in IRC to talk about her career path and what her job looks like.16:26
DeindreLast session, Dolasilla talked about her work of  Software Release Coordinator,  16:26
Deindreshe explained how she like to improve people's life through technology.16:26
DeindreIn April Emma Marshall instead presented on being a Media Liaison.16:26
Deindre These lessons have been very valuable for our community and it's been fascinating to hear how all of these women have become so involved with open source because of where their careers have taken them16:27
Deindre Mainly because they came from different backgrounds  16:28
Deindre their experiences has to remember that FLOSS is not only coding16:29
Deindreit is made by code and ideas, people able to write and people able to speech16:29
Deindre and so every skill are welcome.16:29
Deindre Tasks may help people in finding the correct approach for everyone to FLOSS, and offer the opportunity to feel immediately involved depending on personal skill and inclinations.16:30
Deindre(if you want to take a look, here there are other career days... :) http://blog.ubuntu-women.org/category/career-days/ )16:30
Deindreagain: communication16:31
Deindrerecently we launched a bunch of social networking outlets last year (twitter/identica feeds, Facebook and Google+ all linked on blog.ubuntu-women.org) and it's really started to extend our reach beyond the open source world16:31
Deindre maintaining them all has been an adventure :) but getting into touch with a broader audience has made it worth it16:32
DeindreMoreover we try to give relevance to women activities, as possible:16:32
Deindrelast year there  were the month of making, our way to celebrate Ada Lovelace day16:32
Deindrebut we also continue in writing articles for an Ubuntu Women column in Full Circle Magazine, and could always use ideas for more articles and women to interview16:33
DeindreOur FCM wiki page links to details about our column past articles:16:33
DeindreSo you can get some idea of what we've written in the past, who we've interviewed16:33
Deindreand if you're interested in writing something there is also some information about the basics of what we're looking for and some style guidelines16:34
DeindreThe situation regarding women in FLOSS is generally still hard,16:34
DeindreOpen source projects have the unique opportunity to reach wide audiences16:35
Deindre but while women make up 25% of those who work in the tech industry and generally in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)16:36
Deindrewe comprise about only 1% of those in open source16:36
Deindreeven in projects that don't ask a specific technical skills as Wikipedia, the percent is about 13%.16:37
DeindreA research made by OpEd Project ( http://www.theopedproject.org/)16:37
Deindreshows that many women feel ashamed to give their opinion because it's still a minority point of view16:37
DeindreI dare to say that  genderdiversity is still a gap16:38
Deindreok, it's true16:38
DeindreOn the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog16:38
Deindrebut the involvement that we'd like to reach is more than just “on-line”16:39
Deindrenobody knows you're a women, but should we hide for this?16:40
DeindreWe need advocacy, we need  be present and help other women to be present,  16:40
DeindreFor instance the involvement we need is to  share news and notice about fairs or events in which is possible to meet or to be present as speaker, or panelist or simple guest16:41
Deindre Sometimes the hope to meet someone we just have known by mailing list could be enough to persuade to go16:41
DeindreMany women I've met accuse a coarse language, that one you're not used to listen in a “mixed company”16:42
DeindreThe presence of a plenty of women could help in easily changing things like this16:42
DeindreI personally have been very happy in reading that some members of Ubuntu Women project gave their time in helping other women to fight bureaucracy to submit a sponsorship request for UDS  16:42
DeindreI believe Ubuntu community has always made this best to avoid diversity gap16:43
Deindrelike for instance anti-harrasment policy, and Code of conduct16:43
DeindreIt's important to remind that16:43
DeindreUbuntu Women is not about segregation of women, rather its goal is to integrate women as equals within the mainstream development going on in the Ubuntu world.16:44
DeindreRemember, membership is open to all and not based on gender.16:44
DeindreSo the question we could get asked is . "What does it take to become an Ubuntu Women?"16:44
Deindre Probably just want it and do it :)16:45
DeindreThank you :)16:45
Deindre !q16:46
Deindre !y16:47
ClassBotmikhas asked: Have you considered that parity regarding female/male participation in F/OSS projects is unlikely to be achieved simply because male generally have more "time to waste" in their youth and early twenties?16:48
Deindreok, very good question16:48
Deindreit's sure that there is social question behind the lack of female participation16:49
Deindrebut as I told, women in closed source projects are about 25%16:50
Deindrethere is something wrong in this :)16:50
DeindreWhat I (personally) have found16:50
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.16:50
Deindreit's that many women and especially young women fear to lost their "charm"? Many women prefer be considered "geek"16:51
Deindrethis is the reason why I talked about inspiring16:52
Deindreevery women I meet are definetely women, but this is something to show16:52
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.16:55
DeindreOk, if there aren't any other question, let me thanks everyone who has been here16:56
cielakAlright, thanks Flavia, that was an interesting session ;)17:00
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cielakWelcome everyone, my name is Rafał Cieślak, and I am from Ubuntu Accomplishments Team17:01
cielakIn this session, I am going to explain who we are, what the Ubuntu Accomplishments project is, and how you can join us regardless of your programming skills17:02
cielakRemember that you are very welcome to ask me questions, please ask them in #ubuntu-classroom-chat, and remember to prefix them with "QUESTION: "17:02
cielakProbably some of you are familiar with Ubuntu Accomplishments System, but since some are not, let me briefly explain what it actually is17:03
cielakThe Ubuntu Accomplishments System is meant to provide a way to reward Ubuntu community members and casual Ubuntu users for being active in community17:04
cielakIt is also meant to encourage newcomers to explore Ubuntu, customize it, and generally have a good fun playing with it17:05
cielakThis is done by a set of applications, that recognise one's efforts, and reward them with symbolic trophies17:06
cielakInstalling the system is very easy as we have a PPA, you can find instructions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Installing17:06
cielakThe Ubuntu Accomplishments System consists of several parts:17:07
cielak * Accomplishments Viewer - that's an application which allows you to browse your trophies, learn about your opportunities on new trophies, and read details on how to be rewarded17:08
cielakThe idea is that one can start the application, found that 'Be a member of the Community Council' trophy looks interesting and read instructions on what steps have to be taken to be rewarded17:09
cielakOf course there are many other trophies you can get! For example, "Change the wallpaper", "Register on Launchpad" are pretty easy to get17:10
cielakSome are more challenging, "Blitzkrieg" requires you to win a gnomine game in less then 8 seconds17:10
cielakBut most of them are meant to encourage to be active in community17:11
cielakSo expect to be rewarded for filling bug reports, becoming an Ubuntu Member, being active on AskUbuntu etc.17:11
cielakIt is indeed inspired by the concept of 'Achievements' that are popular in many modern games17:12
cielak * Accomplishments Daemon - That's an invisible application that runs in bacground, checks if you should be rewarded with something new, and notifies you when you deserve a trophy17:13
cielak * Accompishments Collcetions - These are sets of accomplishments that define what trophies one can get17:14
cielakCurrently two are installed by default17:14
cielakThat is Ubuntu Community Accomplishments, and Ubuntu Desktop Accomplishments17:14
cielakThe whole system can be ported to other communities, so if you substitute the collections with, for example, Kubuntu Community Trophies or San Francisco Diving Club Trophies - you will be able to see your achievements that are not related to Ubuntu community!17:15
cielak * Accomplishments Validation Server - that's a server which rewards you trophies for some activities, it's purpose is to reduce your chances of cheating the system ;)17:16
cielak * Accomplishments Web Gallery - soon to be deployed on trophies.ubuntu.com - Allows you to browse your trophies online, as well as to show off with your collection to your friends!17:17
cielakSo this is basically what the system consists of17:17
cielakCurrently the project is developed by a small team of developers, but we are growing17:18
cielakKey developers here are: Jono Bacon - the original author and the inventor of the idea, Matt Fischer - who contributes lots of awesome code to the core parts of the system, and me - who loves to hack on all these pieces of the system17:20
cielakThere are also about 20 other contributors engaged17:20
cielakAnd they do lots of useful stuff17:20
cielakThat includes inventing and writing up new accomplishments, testing the application and looking for bugs, improving accomplishments documentation, translating them into their native language17:21
cielakWhile gaining trophies via Ubuntu Accomplishments System is a nice way to become gradually more and more involved in Ubuntu Community, our project itself is a GREAT place to start your contributions to Ubuntu17:23
cielakWhy is it a good choice?17:23
cielakBecause it's really simple, and because we're looking for help in many many areas17:23
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cielakalright, I am back, sorry for my connection problems17:28
cielakso I was saying that we're looking for help in many areas17:28
cielakProgrammers are always welcome17:28
cielakThe whole system is developed in Python, but you don't need to know it to work!17:29
cielakWhen I joined the project, I had never seen a single line of python code before17:29
cielakBut learning how Accomplishments work, starting to fix tiny bugs, was probably the best way to learn Python :)17:30
cielakSo if you are not familiar with it - do not be discouraged!17:30
cielakWe also need people to work on documentation17:30
cielakWhat does it mean?17:31
cielakIf you had already a chance to play with Ubuntu Accomplishments System, you must have noticed that all trophies have a detailed description on how to get it.17:31
cielakThat text is meant to explain and teach, users reading it have to be instructed in deed detail17:32
cielakFor example, "Become an Ubuntu Member" trophy explains the details of Membership, has some tips on gaining it, and warns about possible pitfals17:33
cielakMost of these descriptions are fine, but many still need improvement17:33
cielakSo if you are into writing that sort of documentation, we'll be happy to see you contribute!17:34
cielakAnother way in which you can be useful is inventing ideas for new accomplishments17:34
cielakThe collections are by no means complete17:34
cielakAnd they are lacking lots of possible rewards17:35
cielakIf you know well how Ubuntu Community works, or if you simply have a bunch of ideas on what we might do to improve our set of accomplishments, be sure to get in touch with us17:35
cielakAnd lastly, we need translators!17:36
cielakIf you speak any more language than English, you can work on translating singular (or maybe larger sets?) accomplishments into other languages17:36
cielakThis is essential, as we believe that to be encouraged by the idea of a shiny trophy for being active in community, users have to be presented with explanations in their native tongue17:37
cielakAs you see, contributing is really easy17:38
cielakIf you got interested in contributing, you may be wondering now "Okay, I want to help you with X, but what steps should I take?"17:38
cielakStep #1 is: get in touch with us, and we'll tell you the rest!17:39
cielakAlmost all the time there is at least one of us on #ubuntu-accomplishments channel17:39
cielakWe have also a mailing list we use to contact each other, see https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-accomplishments-contributors to join it17:40
cielakJust drop us an email, or ping one of us on IRC, say what sort of contributions you are interested in, and we'll give you a hand!17:40
cielakRemember - this is all very simple17:41
cielakMost of people involved in our project choose to contribute an accomplishment17:41
cielakWe have a good guide to this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Creating17:42
cielakBut if you don't understand anything - we're here to help17:42
cielakI have even personally led several contributors through the whole process of writing an accomplishment17:43
cielakAnd that's totally fine, as they learned something useful17:43
cielakSo don't hesitate and join us!17:43
cielakWe're also going to have a bunch of sessions on UDS17:44
cielakSo if you happen to be in Copenhagen next week, be sure to meet us ;)17:44
cielakAmong many interesting sessions scheduled, we're organising workshops on writing accomplishments, and you all are very welcome ;)17:45
cielakOkay, that's all I've got, let's proceed to questions!17:45
ClassBotFOAD asked: Are there any secret achievements?17:45
cielakThanks FOAD, that's a great question!17:46
cielakI have never thought about secret achievements, and it looks like a cool idea17:46
cielakBut I am pretty much sure there never will be any secret trophies17:46
cielakThis is because the system is meant to teach users and encourage them to be active in community17:47
cielakSo detailed descriptions are always needed ;)17:47
cielakA hidden trophy wouldn't do it's job, as it does not motivate to take action17:47
cielakAlso, considering the way the accomplishments system works, it would be really hard to actually hide an accomplishment ;)17:48
cielakAny more questions?17:48
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.17:50
cielakAlright, so that would be it17:51
cielakKeep in mind you can find us in #ubuntu-accomplishments in case of any further questions17:51
cielakThanks everyone for coming! :-)17:51
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