flacostelifeless: o/00:46
StevenKwallyworld: Your rev is qa-bad. It doesn't work, but it doesn't hurt either.02:53
lifelessStevenK: isn't that qa-ok02:55
StevenKWell, I'll be marking it as such02:55
StevenKWe need a tag for failed QA but safe to deploy02:56
wgrantStevenK: That's qa-ok02:56
wgrantqa-FOO refers to deployment safety02:56
wgrantNothing about functionality of the change itself02:56
adeuringgood morning09:11
czajkowskiDoes anyonek know anything about loggerhead bugs ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/loggerhead/+bug/107590709:20
_mup_Bug #1075907: Loggerhead - serving two directories from parent <loggerhead:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1075907 >09:20
mgzczajkowski: not really.09:28
czajkowskimgz: nobody seems to be :(10:05
rick_hczajkowski: so I'll confirm the bug as abently and I hit it when working on helping the guy with loggerhead JS stuff back on wed11:33
rick_hczajkowski: but no idea tbh as to the fix11:33
rick_hczajkowski: I can say the whole profile thing is just a side show. It's a tool to help debug performance and it's not that, just isn't working atm11:33
czajkowskirick_h: ahhh11:36
czajkowskithank you11:36
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jcsackettmorning, all.13:45
rick_hmorning jcsackett14:02
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bachi jcsackett14:04
rick_hderyck: abentley just want to make sure this encapsulates/makes sense to others https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/1076540/comments/114:58
_mup_Bug #1076540: branch +edit doesn't load picker JS for pretty UI elements <javascript> <ui> <ui-debt> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1076540 >14:58
deryckrick_h, fine with me.  just meant to capture the idea, so it works for that.14:59
abentleyrick_h: +1.14:59
abentleyrick_h: Just had a thought that maybe we could add that functionality to the base template, instead.15:00
rick_habentley: ah ok, and do a conditional if the attribute is defined add the YUI block?15:00
abentleyrick_h: Right.15:00
abentleyrick_h: For ultra-mega-consistency.15:01
rick_habentley: yea, that makes sense and makes for even less new code/changes15:01
rick_hnoted in a follow up comment15:01
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abentleybac: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/lp-dev-utils/cs-test/+merge/133712 ?16:52
bacabentley: i'll be glad too after this meeting and lunch16:54
abentleybac: Thanks.16:54
sinzuibac, do you have time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/poimport-typeerror/+merge/13371316:56
bacsinzui: i'll be glad too after this meeting and lunch16:56
sinzuithank you16:56
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bacabentley: how long do these tests take on canonistack?17:49
sinzuithanka bac18:03
sinzuiI think I want enails. With programmable nails I could change the colour or pattern in seconds18:03
jcsackettsinzui: ooh! you could have fractals at that point. :-P18:09
abentleybac: ~391 minutes.18:16
abentleyso 6:3118:17
bacabentley: i guess lpsetup takes a long time too since it has to fetch the whole lp branch.  ie it isn't preseeded in the ami like our ec2 runs, correct18:19
abentleyWell, the whole install takes about 10 minutes.18:20
abentleySo it's not a big percentage, so far.18:20
abentleyBut m1.small are multi-core, so parallel-testing should be possible in theory.18:21
abentleyUsing a larger instance type would also help.18:23
bacabentley: i guess since we're in the data center the fetch of the branch is fast18:25
abentleybac: I checkout, rather than fetch the branch, so it's just creating the working tree.  It's about a minute.18:25
bacabentley: are you providing instructions for use anywhere?  perhaps with reference to canonistack setup page.18:27
abentleybac: I just wanted to get the code out there, to start, so that we can iterate on it.18:27
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bacabentley: ok.18:28
bacabentley: done18:29
abentleybac: Thanks you!18:30
abentleybac: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/launchpad/optimize-spec-query/+merge/133716 ?18:31
abentleybac: The code isn't actually obsolete yet.  I haven't moved every get_specification_privacy_filter call over to visible_specification_query yet.18:41
bacabentley: ok.  then please DO NOT remove it after QA.  :)18:41
bacsorry for the misread18:42
abentleybac: roger.18:42
abentleybac: Thanks for the review.18:42
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rick_hjcsackett: or sinzui I've got a series of very JS branches coming for the updated banner work and would love to get some more UI special reviews for these if you don't mind. https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/launchpad/add_new_banner/+merge/133736 is the first branch that adds the new code19:10
jcsackettrick_h, sinzui: i can take it, as long as about 30 min delay is alright.19:10
rick_hyea definitely. No rush.19:11
rick_hthanks jcsackett19:11
sinzuirick_h, I think you would enjoy this when you get a break. It's David Mitchells rant on modern furniture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syii9DKnb2M19:13
rick_hsinzui: <3 on all accounts19:31
jcsackettrick_h: is this still going to work with the static html version for no javascript browsers? To my knowledge we still have to support that case.19:48
rick_hjcsackett: no, it doesn't currently render w/o JS19:49
rick_hjcsackett: didn't realize that was a requirement for the banner since it would fail to work on the informatino type change w/o JS19:49
jcsackettrick_h: yeah, we accepted just at least having the banner on reload, since no one expects on the fly change when there's no JS.19:51
rick_hk, thinking of how to try to incorperate that without duplicating the html template and such in multiple places19:52
rick_hand ugh :P19:52
jcsackettsinzui: do we still have a limited case for needing the banner on no-js browsers?19:52
jcsackettrick_h: i'm sorry i didn't notice this in your last sanity check--i wasn't thinking then. :-/19:52
jcsackettthat was emphatic. :-p19:52
sinzuiLTS headless requires it19:52
rick_hheh, so that corrects my misconception that there was a limited set of features for non-js such as filing a bug and such which banners wouldn't get involved with19:53
abentleyrick_h: You could use mustache-- I added it specifically so we could use the same template for HTML and js.19:53
rick_hsinzui: LTS headless?19:53
rick_habentley: yea, the tempalte was small enough I didn't use mustache so will look that route perhaps19:53
jcsackettrick_h: the banners don't need to do hot updates or even be totally accurate to infotype. i think a banner of "information on this page is restricted by info type" that never changes or the like satisfies the need.19:53
rick_hbut you still end up with collisions of message text generatoin and such19:53
jcsackettsinzui, that sound right? ^19:53
rick_hjcsackett: yea, that makes sense. I noticed they have more vague default messages19:54
sinzuiprecise will live for years with old browsers, and browsers from servers that need to do a confidential actions need to know the action is trusted19:54
rick_hbut yea, didn't think banners were in any way functional and required to work non-js19:54
jcsackettrick_h: yeah, the "stuff here is hidden, somehow".19:54
jcsacketti *think* the boring html version is already there; you may be fine.19:54
jcsackettat least this branch may be--the wiring just needs to not kill it.19:55
rick_hjcsackett: well I rip it out in order to remove duplication and making it easier to edit/adjust19:55
rick_hjcsackett: so yea, it's something I'll have to hea back with and think on for a minute19:55
jcsackettrick_h: right, i think you can not rip it out and make sure the banners use the built in HTML_PREPROCESSOR so your other stuff works.19:55
jcsackett*this* branch though i don't believe is impacted.19:55
rick_hjcsackett: true, this branch is totally unconnected atm19:56
jcsackettagain: i'm sorry i didn't notice this when i last looked.19:56
rick_hbut if I move to mustache then the generation here will alter19:56
rick_hthough not in any killer way19:56
jcsackettrick_h: i'm approving this branch, at least. you may need to do further changes against it in wiring, but the new modules are all good.19:58
jcsackettso r=me on the first one.19:58
rick_hjcsackett: ok, thanks19:59
jcsackettrick_h: no problem.19:59
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abentleyderyck: starting to work on bug #1076412.  Quick pre-imp?20:23
_mup_Bug #1076412: Proprietary projects should only allow proprietary policies on its artifacts <private-projects> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by abentley> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1076412 >20:23
deryckabentley, I have a couple things I'm trying to finish before EOD.  Wanna wait until Monday? Or maybe chat with rick_h about it?20:24
abentleyderyck: The basic thing is we're going to draw a line between Poprietary and Embargoed and Public types, WRT sharing and product info type.20:25
abentleyderyck: So Embargoed product with proprietary bugs is okay, and vice versa.20:26
deryckabentley, right.20:26
abentleyderyck: Great.20:27

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