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jammgz, dimitern: /wave, just figured I'd stop by before heading out again, and see how things are going11:13
dimiternjam: hey :)11:13
dimiternjam: I'm working on the openstack client for go right now11:14
jamdimitern: sounds reasonable, certainly worth getting familiar with how everything hooks together.11:18
jamYou might try looking at some of the code mgz and I landed in goose trunk11:19
jamsee if you can pull any of the Auth code into your client work.11:19
jammgz, dimitern: anyway, I'm off to go do errands, but have a great weekend.11:19
mgzhave a good weekend!11:21
lifelessgoose ?11:21
mgzlifeless: go openstack... had to make a silly name11:22
lifelessyou guys should post to the openstack lists about that :)11:23
lifelessI'm positive they'd love to hear :)11:23
mgzmaybe when we actually start working on it, also monty trolls enough already11:23
mgzit'll just be the small amount of client code juju needs to talk to openstack that's currently in the juju.providers.openstack.client module11:24
mgzunfortunately python-novaclient is neither sufficient, nor stable or reusable enough anyway11:25
mgz(I have got some code that uses it directly, but you have to be very careful about which version of the client you run against which openstack deployments due to api changes which is more than a little annoying)11:26
mgzI should recheck if HP have updated their volume stuff yet11:26
dimiternjam: ok, same to you :)11:30
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jtvmatsubara, smoser: I see that the Quantal version doesn't import Quantal boot images, only Precise ones...  That seems to have been fixed in trunk, but how does the import script succeed on trunk given that maas-import-squashfs 404's on the Quantal image!?20:57
matsubarajtv, you mean the integration tests?20:59
matsubaraI added a workaround to not download the squashfs images21:00
jtvBut that blows up in production, right?21:00
matsubaradon't know what you mean by production but yes, maas-import-pxe-files is broken and there's a bug filed for it: bug 107416721:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1074167 in MAAS "maas-import-pxe-files fails to download squashfs ephemeral images." [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107416721:01
matsubarajtv, ^21:01
jtvAFAICT support for Quantal nodes is blocked on that.21:01
jtvThanks for the bug number — I'll annotate the other bug I'm looking into.21:02
matsubarajtv, according to rvba, not downloading the squashfs only makes things slower but shouldn't break anythign21:02
jtvRight.  It's an optimization, and I think it's slated to be replaced by some other approach.21:04
jtvNow, I've been assuming that the quantal version was supposed to support quantal nodes.  Do you know if that's the case?  Or is lack of quantal support a known limitation?21:05
matsubarajtv, last I tried quantal did work for nodes so not sure what you're referring to21:08
jtvBut the import scripts don't import Quantal boot images.21:09
jtvIn the Quantal version, that is.  They do in trunk.21:10
jtvSo two different problems:21:10
jtv1. The Quantal version doesn't import Quantal boot images.21:10
jtv2. Importing Quantal boot images fails at the maas-import-squashfs stage.21:10
matsubarajtv, I see what you mean21:32

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