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GeochrHi all, in Ubuntu Greece we release a new issue of our magazine, is there any process which can follow in order to speed up the puplish the issue ? The magazine had been uploaded a week ago, but it isn't still available in software center.17:54
GeochrThe magazine is only a pdf file.17:54
GeochrCan someone help us ?17:58
JanCGeochr: maybe there should be implemented a fast-track procedure for such type of packages...18:47
JanCI suppose you can file a bug about that somewhere ☺18:49
GeochrJanC, thanks for the advice but now can i do something in order to publish the magazine ?18:58
JanCI can't do anything about it, but maybe somebody from the team who handles this will see your question later18:59
JanCGeochr: if you have a PPA, you could maybe instruct people how to add that...19:01
Geochrok thanks JanC. I hope someone help in my/our questition.19:01
JanCI'm not sure the current USC & its associated process is the best solution to publish magazines anyway19:02
JanCactually, I'm sure it is not the best solution ☺19:02
JanCit's just that there is no alternative built into the OS right now...19:03
Geochrno we haven't a ppa, we have a web site for the magazine but we want everyone can find our magazine in ubuntu software center.19:04
GeochrJanC, What process do you suggest us ?19:05
JanCit's not "software", so IMO it doesn't really belong there19:05
JanCbut OTOH, there is no alternative19:05
GeochrWe have already add the two previous magazines19:06
JanCand so have others been doing19:07
JanCI just think it's the wrong way/place to distribute them19:07
GeochrWhich is the best way to add the magazine on the ubuntu software center ?19:08
JanCI don't know19:09
JanCif it would be up to me, we would get something outside USC to download/buy magazines, books, music, etc.19:10
JanCsoftware package management is really more than a bit overkill for publishing a magazine19:11
GeochrI think that this is another subject...19:11
JanCwell, yes and no19:12
JanCthere is only one way to do it right now, but it is clearly flawed19:12
Geochrthere are many magazines on ubuntu software center, so the Ubuntistas isn't the only one!19:12
JanCand I'd rather things get fixed properly somewhere in the near future19:13
JanCas the current process clearly doesn't work19:13
JanCwell, doesn't work well19:14
JanCso my proposal is not a solution for your current problem, but could make things much easier in the future if implemented  ☺19:14
GeochrDo you know if i can sent an email to someone or in a team ?19:15
JanCI think wendar and probably some others in here are members of the team that reviews submitted packages19:17
JanCGeochr: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/app-review-board seems to be their mailing list19:18
wendarGeochr: there are magazines going through now19:18
Geochrthanks JanC19:18
wendarGeochr: it's true that packaging isn't ideal for magazine/book content, but it's currently the best way to get them through19:19
wendar(and the packaging is very light for simple content)19:19
JanCanother reason why packaging is the wrong solution is that it excludes users who aren't administrators on their system...19:21
Geochrwendar, yes but it seems to be the only way (for now)19:21
wendarGeochr: aye19:22
JanCimagine all the music in the U1MS being distributed using package management in USC...  ;)19:22
GeochrJanC, we are talking about a magazine which is from an ubuntu community and not my personal magazine!19:24
GeochrThe magazine called Ubuntistas and it belongs in ubuntu-gr (Ubuntu Greece)19:25
JanCGeochr: I understand that19:36
wendarGeochr: so, the other Ubuntu magazines are handled through the commercial queue, where they do the packaging for you (and quickly)19:59
wendarGeochr: I asked if they'd take Ubuntistas, and they agreed19:59
wendarGeochr: so, don't be surprised to see the category change on your submission20:00
Geochrwendar, is there something which ca we do for that ?20:03
wendarGeochr: the PDF you submitted should be fine, but they'll contact you if they have any problems (using whatever email address you submitted it with)20:04
wendarGeochr: also, watch for comments and status updates in MyApps20:04
Geochrthanks wendar20:06

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