coolbhavihey dpm13:40
coolbhavipostman pushed :)13:40
dpmhey coolbhavi, thanks a lot that, I saw it :)13:40
coolbhavi:) no mention13:41
dpmcoolbhavi, I haven't looked at the build yet, so you might have already done it. Would it be possible to push it to 12.10 too?13:41
coolbhavidpm, yes ll place a request for forward copy on lp13:43
dpmcoolbhavi, excellent, thanks :)13:43
coolbhavidpm, requested. I hope it works13:46
coolbhavidpm, its copied now and waiting to be published on ppa13:48
coolbhavibut the problem is it got built with the same version number13:49
coolbhaviwill have to see how extras work13:50
dpmis this a problem? (sorry if it's an obvious question, I'm not an expert in Debian versioning)13:50
coolbhavidpm, same version numbers different pockets might not be a problem as its targeting two different releases (as in case of a sync as an example where we copy the same  sources in debian release pocket to ubuntu release pocket)13:52
dpmah, so it's probably not going to be a problem?13:53
coolbhavimostly yes. but let me figure out how extras repos handle it13:53
coolbhaviits published from lp ppa now and cron does take some time to run and sync it across. will update you :-)13:58
coolbhavihey cwayne :-)14:16
cwayneheya coolbhavi, hows it goin :)14:16
coolbhavicwayne, its fine :-) how about you?14:17
coolbhavimaybe ajmitch is just waiting on an icon change14:17
coolbhavito give a +1 :-)14:17
cwaynecoolbhavi: im fine thanks :)14:18
cwaynecoolbhavi: it's been changed :)14:18
coolbhavicwayne, oh cool! link please...14:18
cwaynecoolbhavi: heres the updated myapps stuff: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/apps/1690/14:19
cwayneand the codes been updated here:  lp:~cwayne18/ubuntu-app-reviews/unity-lens-github14:19
coolbhavicwayne, thanks! I'll have a look and update it on the list14:19
cwaynecoolbhavi: thanks!14:20
coolbhavicwayne, no mention.. I'll have a look and update in a while14:21
coolbhavidpm, firstly sorry for that because it happened due to me. Instead of targeting postman to quantal I left it as precise14:22
* coolbhavi head-bangs 14:23
dpmcoolbhavi, hey, no need to apologize, thanks for getting it published in the first place!14:30
coolbhavidpm, it was sort of routinised last cycle to target to precise while uploading apps. Will make a note to change it this cycle :)14:32
dpmcoolbhavi, cool. Let me know how the quantal build works. Once Postman is in Quantal, I'll put the banner up14:33
coolbhavidpm, quantal is built fine now in PPA14:34
coolbhavill do some testing now14:34
coolbhaviah it just directly copies the binaries in LP14:37
coolbhavidpm, well it works fine from PPA but I am curious how extras handles it14:41
dpmcoolbhavi, what do you mean by how extras handles it?14:42
coolbhavidpm, the forward copy to quantal since the binaries have been copied exactly with the same version number14:43
dpmcoolbhavi, in which way is then extras different from the main archive? Do you think different releases need different version numbers?14:44
coolbhavidpm, nopes m just curious that when the sync happens it gets updated here: http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/14:48
* coolbhavi hopes that dpm inst confused now14:52
coolbhavidpm, I'm sorry if I dwelled in too much on versioning :)14:56
dpmno worries, I like learning new things :)14:57
dpmIIRC the sync from the PPA to extras is hourly, right?14:57
coolbhavicwayne, the new icon is simple and nice :)15:08
cwaynecoolbhavi: thanks :)  im thinking ill keep that theme for my icons from now on15:08
coolbhavicwayne, seems great for a lens :)15:09
coolbhavibrb dinner15:09
coolbhavicwayne, it looks perfect now :)16:17
cwaynecoolbhavi: thanks :)  i kept the result items as that icon, which is ok becuase they are links to that those peoples github repos :)16:18
cwaynecoolbhavi: do i still need to wait for another +1?  i know theres been a change in voting16:18
coolbhavicwayne, yes thats fine. I'll just ping andrew on list and wait for a while as he was interested in icon change16:19
cwaynecoolbhavi: great, thanks!  is there any way to mark it to release to both precise and quantal?16:20
coolbhavicwayne, If I get a chance to upload ll target to quantal since its the current stable release and backward copy to precise16:22
cwaynecoolbhavi: great, thanks!16:22
coolbhavidpm, yep postman has been synced to quantal release in extras :-)16:26
coolbhaviSo please upload the banner lets see :-)16:26
dpmcoolbhavi, excellent, thanks!16:28
coolbhavidpm, download the gz from here and look at <fdopen> file: http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz16:29
coolbhaviyou ll see postman as installed there16:29
* cwayne still thinks we need a lens section of usc16:30
coolbhavidpm, cwayne good night!16:32
cwayneyou too coolbhavi16:32
coolbhaviciao take care!16:33

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