skd5anerI had a simple irexec event tied to a button on the remote that used to do "killall mythfrontend" with no issues, and in the last week or 2 I realized it no longer worked00:00
superm1the notify-send you were seeing isn't the same one we ship.  it gets replaced by notify-osd for us00:02
superm1which i'm unsure if it will work in your context00:02
skd5anersuperm1: gotcha - no worries, if it worked, it worked... either way, this is way better because now mythtv comes back up in about 4 seconds, rather than ~2000:53
superm1skd5aner: cool.  you might consider documenting this somewhere on a wiki or something for people who are looking to do similar03:57
superm1skd5aner: what makes you think that backend not listening to the terminate signal is bonjour stuff?  have you looked into it any further yet?04:24
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skd5aneryay, I just deleted everyting in /root14:41

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