slangasekeep, python-support trying to sneak back in00:19
infinityslangasek: Can't we just rid Debian of it and not fight this fight every 3 weeks? :/00:24
slangasekinfinity: I'm surprised we're having to fight it again00:24
slangaseker, especially since this is an Ubuntu-specific change00:24
xnoxsome pythons cannot change their spots....00:25
infinityOh, the issue is that something started depending on libffdao?00:25
slangasekinfinity: no, the issue is that libffado now depends on python-support in Ubuntu where it doesn't in Debian00:25
slangasekone sec, still sharpening my pitchfork00:26
infinityslangasek: Oh, apt-get source got me an old version from Q...00:26
infinitydoko just messed up the merge, s'all.00:26
infinityOh, no.  Not even that.00:27
infinityCurrent source is fine (except for the FTBFS).00:27
slangasekhmm, so there's a britney bug here?00:28
slangaseklibffado source was updated in raring, all binaries are out of date00:28
infinityslangasek: The "issue" is that someone did the silly "sync, then merge" thing, and component-mismatches is reporting on the synced one.00:28
infinitySince the synced one made it through.00:29
slangasekfurthermore, they synced to raring00:29
infinityOr that.00:29
infinitydoko: Update your copy of ubuntu-dev-tools.00:29
infinitydoko: To one that syncs to -proposed by default, since you're an AA and bypass the reject.00:30
slangasekdoko: unless you want us to consider main open for python-support dependencies ;)00:30
infinityslangasek: Oh, same thing to you, if you haven't already, you had a direct sync or two on -changes as well. :P00:30
* infinity goes to eat.00:30
slangasekinfinity: ack, pulling now00:30
jbichainfinity: can you sponsor http://paste.ubuntu.com/1344064/ for me?00:33
xnoxjbicha: infinity: done.00:49
jbichainfinity: I've never seen that "hyphen at the end of a package to mark it for removal" feature01:00
infinityjbicha: You can also do the inverse, which is wildly confusing: "apt-get remove foo+"01:04
infinityjbicha: And yeahp, sponsoring away.01:04
jbichainfinity: xnox already sponsored it01:05
infinityjbicha: Oh, so he did.01:05
infinityslangasek: Any clue about the dh_python2 vomit in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/122410716/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-i386.libffado_2.0.99%2Bsvn2171-2ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?01:06
ScottKinfinity: ffado-mixer-qt4 isn't actually made of Python is it?01:09
infinityScottK: Probably not.  But shouldn't dh_python2 -i DTRT?01:09
infinityLike any other dh_ thingee...01:09
infinityThough this would explain why it only fails on i386.01:09
ScottKAt a glance it's a dh_python2 bug to not handle that gracefully, but -Xffado-mixer-qt4 should at least work around it.01:09
infinityScottK: Check.  Let me give that a whirl.01:10
ScottKinfinity: Please file a bug against python-defaults in Debian too.01:10
infinityOh, wait, it's being called explicitle on -pffado-mixer-qt401:12
infinityexplicitly, too.01:12
ScottKUnless it's made of Python, just don't do that then.01:12
ScottKBogus dh_python2 transitions FTL.01:12
infinityWell, doko was just doing s/dh_pysupport/dh_python2/01:12
infinitySo, this may warrant a bit of looking at.01:13
infinityScottK: Yeah, it's definitely python.01:14
* ScottK looks.01:15
infinityOr, at least, support/mixer-qt4/ffado/ is full of python...01:16
infinityYeah, and so is ./support/mixer-qt4/ffado-mixer.in01:16
ScottKRight.  And the whole thing is full of CDBS.01:17
infinityIt sure is.01:17
ScottKThe best thing about meeting Jonas at UDS was the chance to abuse him in person about CDBS.01:17
infinityThat shouldn't matter at this point, though.01:17
infinitySince the build log clearly shows dh_install and friends happening before dh_python2, we should be out of potential CDBS hell by then.01:18
xnoxinfinity: ScottK: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/121157920/urwid_1.0.1-2_1.0.1-2ubuntu1.diff.gz01:18
ScottKI have this suspicion that somehow by the time we get there, the python versions is unset somehow.01:18
infinityxnox: Eww, for the "literary" reference.01:18
infinityxnox: But if you know what's broken, feel free to fix it. :P01:19
infinityAlthough, it's 1am there.01:19
infinityMaybe this should be a python/cdbs learning experience for me.01:19
jbichayay! cogl migrated01:24
infinityjbicha: Thanks for fixing -gst. :)01:25
xnoxwill upload the other half of boost1.49 tomorrow01:26
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* cjwatson tries to work around an LP timeout in kernel-overrides09:17
cjwatson(i.e. please don't process those kernel binaries in NEW as I have a nice test case right now)09:17
infinityHeh, I won't.09:18
infinity(Though, since kernels went all-main, I can't say I ever used fancy scripts)09:19
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cjwatsoninfinity: also helps that I believe the default binary override bug has been fixed09:52
cjwatsonok, fallback now in kernel-overrides - at least it might help with kernels other than the mainline one09:53
ScottKxnox: Did you get libffado sorted?10:21
xnoxScottK: didn't even look at it.10:23
dokoScottK, infinity did upload10:27
ScottKdoko: Thanks.10:27
ScottKinfinity: Please file a bug against python-defaults since whatever was wrong in the package, dh_python2 should do something more friendly than a traceback.10:28
dokoScottK, it did work before, not sure what I did do wrong in the patch10:29
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seb128cjwatson, do you know why boost1.49 is not moving to raring?10:56
seb128it's a simple patch upload (e.g no packaging, abi, shlib, etc change) and it built on all arches10:56
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Laneyit seems entangled with swig2.010:59
cjwatsonseb128: boost-mpi-source1.49 produces binaries with exact-version dependencies on libboost1.49-dev10:59
cjwatsonlooks like that needs to be updated in sync10:59
cjwatsonwant me to take care of that or will you?11:00
seb128cjwatson, if you want to do it please feel free11:00
seb128I will have a look in a bit otherwise (just finishing something else first)11:01
cjwatsonI'll sort it out11:01
seb128cjwatson, thanks11:01
seb128cjwatson, btw how did you find the issue? going through the binaries listed on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt?11:02
cjwatsonI used chdist11:02
cjwatson'chdist apt-get raring-proposed-i386 install dolfin-dev' as ubuntu-archive@lillypilly and then repeatedly added the binaries it was complaining about until apt gave me a useful error11:02
cjwatsonsame way I'd have debugged any uninstallability problem in the past11:03
seb128ok, thanks for the hint11:03
cjwatsonnow, Laney's correct that it's also tied up with swig2.0, so I'll have a look at that too in a bit if nobody else does11:04
cjwatson(you can find that part by starting with dolfin-bin)11:04
cjwatsonthat might not actually be a blocker for boost1.49 absent the boost-mpi-source1.49 problem11:04
Laneynot sure if boost couldn't migrate on its own though11:05
cjwatsonyeah, I think it probably could11:05
cjwatsoneasiest to fix mpi and then find out :)11:05
xnoxcjwatson: me was thinking to do do boost1.49 today, or did you match it already?11:11
cjwatsonboost-mpi-source1.49 you mean?  I'm working on it now11:11
xnoxcjwatson: ok. go ahead.11:12
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plars #newark19:20
plarspoo irc client19:21
micahg #hades ?19:21
ogra-cb #jfk19:27
xnox #luton   <--- probably the most unfriendly airport I have ever been to.19:31
ogra-cbxnox, well, micahg's suggestion sounds even more unpleasant to fly to :)19:32
xnoxogra-cb: ha =) it's the weekend, and I don't know what to do =)19:33
ogra-cboh you poor workaholic19:34
* ogra-cb pets xnox 19:34
xnoxogra-cb: funny you should say that, I'm not sure when to take my holidays =)19:35
ogra-cbheh, same here19:35
micahgxnox: port the rest of main to python3? :)19:35
ogra-cbi guess the december will be silent this year19:35
xnoxmicahg: well, I want to setup a local mirror first. I guess I can do that now....19:36
ogra-cbthat doesnt require much work though19:37
ogra-cbmore of a test of our patiency and yous bandwith19:38
* xnox has 100 MBps line....19:39
* micahg guesses xnox is paying less for his 100Mbps than /me is paying for 25Mbps19:39
ogra-cbyou are so spoiled19:40
* ogra-cb still is on 2M SDSL19:40
slangasekogra-cb: not ISDN? ;)20:13
ogra-cbhaha, to expensive :)20:13
* stgraber is on symetric 1000Mbps at the moment ;)20:17
stgraberand that's on my laptop, not some remote server :)20:17
* iulian is on asymmetric rubbish Mbps.20:22
iulianThat's what happens when one is miles away from the telephone exchange.20:22
* tumbleweed sees armel has gone. Britney will need to be told to stop caring about it21:09
infinitytumbleweed: We'll get there.21:10
* tumbleweed waves goodbye to it, and goes to bed21:11
xnoxthanks for accepting debtags python3, now I uploaded python3-pyasn1 ;-)22:13
infinityxnox: http://amzn.to/lC4jhe22:15
xnoxinfinity: coming from you, it is a bit ironic =)22:17
infinityxnox: Just because I'm illeterate doesn't give you the right to make fu-- oh, you mean because I don't sleep?  Right.22:18
infinityilliterate, even.  There's some irony...22:18
infinityxnox: But I'm "sleeping" right now.  I took a sick day and went back to bed, remember?22:18
xnoxinfinity: as in you don't always sleep on schedule. not making any fun of anybody =)22:20
cjwatsonDo we need to wait for things like libreoffice/armel to finish before killing the DAS?22:22
cjwatsonOh, that's in quantal anyway22:22
cjwatsonRunning builds, in any case22:22
cjwatsonEr, and echan22:22
infinityYeah, probably.22:22
xnoxDON'T PANIC23:52
* xnox got an armel reject email ;-)23:52

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