puskyHi I am pasquale and need help with Ubuntu Studio on a motherboor with nvidia chihset01:21
pusky!motherboard with Nvidia Chipset01:22
ubottupusky: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:22
puskyhow can you help me ubottu01:23
puskyanyone have any experience with motherboard that have MCP55 SATA Controller01:31
puskynot sure if I am doing this right, is there anyone here?01:33
puskyOK found my answer NVIDIA Corporation MCP55 SATA Controller seems to be only supported under 10.04 LTS01:56
pusky8.04 LTS01:56
puskyok bye01:57
millerthegorillahey guys just installed studio 12.10 and its looking great.  2 things tho, does anyone know if there's any way to get multiple clients working in gladish (specifically guitarix) or if there's any work going into that, and also the menu editor doesn't seem to work.  I tried installing gufw firewall and it hasn't shown up in the menu and also I tried adding clam chordata (check it out if you're a guitarist/singer/songwriter) to the audio secti10:03
millerthegorillaon and it refuses to put it there.10:03
zequencemillerthegorilla: You might need to logout and login again to see changes in the menu10:04
zequenceGuruPilgrim: The whole purpose of ladish is to be able save sessions where you have multiple clients running at the same time10:05
zequenceThat was meant for millerthegorilla10:05
millerthegorillayh, I know that and its great but guitarix is a multiple client app, it has a separate amp and effects client.  The amp has a mono input and the effects have a stereo output and so it is necessary to be able to see both clients for connections in gladish.  Since I want to use guitarix for live work at some point, I would like to be able to have different gladish rooms with different guitarix setups for the different venues/songs etc.10:07
zequencemillerthegorilla: I don't use guitarix much, but if you can't find a way to do that, please add a post about it on LAU10:08
zequencemillerthegorilla: Or contact the developer directly10:09
zequenceI'm sure the developer(s) and other people as well might be interested in such features to be implemented, if not already existing10:09
zequencemillerthegorilla: LAU = linux audio user mail list10:09
millerthegorillaI saw something on the internet but it was a hack.  I haven't started to look yet since I installed but as soon as I find it I'll post it on lau.10:09
millerthegorillaIs there a studio dev channel for the menu issue?10:10
zequencemillerthegorilla: Did you logout and login again to check if it changed?10:10
zequencemillerthegorilla: Yes, there's a -dev mail list. But you can post anywhere. Here is fine too10:10
zequenceor, -devel rather10:10
millerthegorillaI tried putting the clam chordata into the audio section and it created the shortcut in the 'Other' section instead.10:11
millerthegorillaI tried it with another program as well and it doesn't seem to be working.10:12
zequencemillerthegorilla: I guess none of use have tried using the menu editor. We do the editing from a config file10:12
zequenceWe should look into that10:12
millerthegorillaCan you remind me where the menu config file is?  Is it xdg?10:12
zequenceJust as I was about to say something..10:19
gaetano_hello eveyone, i got ubuntustudio 12.10 and enabling the 3d cube in compiz, it doesnt work. why?12:56
gaetano_does anyone knows if in ubuntustudio is possible to enabling compiz effects like 3d cube ect..???13:02
zequencegaetano_: Personally, I haven't been using Compiz for a while. So, can't give you any advice on that13:06
zequenceYou could ask on some other channels as well13:07
zequencegaetano_: I googled a bit, and found this http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/how-to-set-up-compiz-in-xubuntu-1210-or.html13:08
gaetano_zequence: thanks!!13:08
gaetano_does anyone use compiz effects? because i have some questions..14:33
holsteingaetano_: i have15:17
holsteingaetano_: i dont consider it worth it these days.. not in xfce15:17
holsteinim using xcompmgr on my netbook15:17
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millerthegorillahey, I've been using ubuntu for a couple of years now and am becoming reasonably proficient at using it.  Can I ask, does anyone know why the ubuntu repositories in the software centre are always so outdated?15:30
holsteinmillerthegorilla: ?15:33
holsteinmillerthegorilla: they are just the default repos for that release15:33
holsteinmillerthegorilla: packages get updates, but mostly security fixes15:33
holsteinbackporting can happen, to get a newer version of ardour to an older LTS version or ubuntu, for example15:34
holsteinmillerthegorilla: what you might be tryig to ask is, why is ubuntu not a rolling release?15:35
holsteinsince there are so many different versions and distros available, you might want to identify what you are looking for, and try and get the version that fits your needs15:35
holsteinOR, utilizing the open-ness of ubuntu, you can always provide newer packages via ppa's.. or maintain your own repositories15:36
millerthegorillaerm, most of the versions available in the software centre are out of date by at least one major version.  Its just an observation but I've started to go through the homepages of software when I 've been installing packages and downloading them from the internet as either debs or by adding the ppa.  All my games come from playdeb and a few apps from getdeb.com for instance, and these are all 1 version in advance.  The ubuntu software centre15:36
millerthegorillais famous for being at least 6 months out of date.  I just wondered if anyone knew why this was.  The launchpad ppa system updates to the latest stable release automatically and I thoought the software centre would as well since it's such an integral part of the system.15:36
holsteinmillerthegorilla: they *will* be behing15:36
holsteinmillerthegorilla: they will be the version that was stable when that version of ubuntu released15:37
holstein12.04... in april of 2012.. whatever versions were stable then, those are the versions that are "locked" in the repos15:37
holsteinand recieve security upgrades15:37
millerthegorillaso users have to wait for the next stable release of the os before getting the latest stable versions of apps?15:37
holsteinmillerthegorilla: you dont have to do anything15:37
holsteinmillerthegorilla: you can choose to upgrade to the lateset version15:38
holsteinmillerthegorilla: you can buid your own applications15:38
holsteinyou can search for, or create your own ppa's15:38
holsteinyou can use a distro that is more of a rolling release15:38
holsteinlinux mind debian edition was trying to scratch that itch... not sure how well it it doing.. last i looked it was still new15:39
holsteinmillerthegorilla: i would start this way.. what are you looking for?15:39
holsteinif you want a newer version than what is in the default repos.. what are you looking for?15:39
holsteinone of the benifits of a frozen release like ubuntu does is stability.. that is the trade off15:40
millerthegorillathat's cool.  Thanks, I'm a developer anyway, but I thought that one of the major advantages of the software center was that it could tunnel to the canonical server and there would be less or even minimal chance of man in the middle attacks, which are becoming more frequent.15:40
millerthegorillaNow I'm downloading all of my stuff from the internet I am equivalent to windows with regards to that benefit of the linux repo system15:41
holsteini wouldnt be any more concerned about a mim attack for package management.. i rarely do that off my home network anyways...15:41
holsteinfor the 12.04 LTS release.. security upgrades and provided for 5 years... that system will be as stable as possible for 5 years15:43
holsteinthose applications will likely be out of date and old by then15:43
holsteinBUT, if you deploy in a buisness environment, that might be a good trade off for you15:43
holsteina stable system for 5 years without any big changes to applications15:43
millerthegorillathanks.  Does anyone know if there are any good tutorials on hydrogen available or if there are any other good drum sequencers available.  I am about to record an album with ubu studio and I am a singer songwriter who plays guitar, harmonica, didjeridoo along with a couple of other instruments including bass but don't have any drums.  A couple of my songs require full arrangements so I could do with drums but I don't have the first clue on h15:44
millerthegorillaow to set it up.15:44
holsteinits pretty self explanitory.. i would ask in #opensourcemusicians .. or just get a specific question about how to use it15:44
holsteini just fired up jack and tested h2 a few times.. it just worked... i tested a few "big mono" drum kits as well15:45
gaetano_holstein: enabling the effects like 3d cube, the effect doesnt work. do u know what could it be?15:51
holsteingaetano_: settings.. config15:51
holsteingaetano_: i messed around for about 4 hours once, and got all the gnome2 compiz stuff working in 12.04 under xfce15:51
holsteinall i can say is, it was 'hacky' and unstable.. and not worth it15:52
holsteingaetano_: you have to set the desktop settings different places15:52
holsteingaetano_: also, you have to see what has been changed to make unity work with compiz and change those settings back.. like allowing for the dock on the left side15:52
holsteingaetano_: the days of cubes and fire were great! i miss them.. but those days are over15:53
holsteingaetano_: can you? sure.. but you'll need to *really* get into the config... and it wont ever be gnome215:53

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