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likesnovemberHEY GUYS07:10
Noskcajoh wait, he left lol07:17
* OutOfControl has probably missed the meeting.09:47
head_victimNo, by my reckoning it should be in 10 minutes or so09:48
OutOfControlO.o Ah, time zones has messed me up...09:49
jeaHi everyone10:00
jeaWell, he was here10:00
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jea#chair head_victim 10:03
meetingologyCurrent chairs: head_victim jea10:03
head_victimEvening all10:03
jeaAgenda http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/396/detail/10:03
jeaHi everyone10:03
jeaNot too much on the agenda tonight10:04
head_victimNope, not much at all10:05
jea#topic Review of past meetings10:05
jeaThe main topics have been to do with customisation for Australia10:06
jeaIn September we discussed modifying the installer slideshow10:06
jeaI don't think we have done anything towards this yet, but I will have more time to investigate after this week is over10:08
jeaHi md_5 10:08
head_victimI'm not sure but I thought sagaci was attending a meeting at UDS about it10:08
head_victimEvening md_5 10:08
head_victimI've had a few requests for the DVDs so they've been shipped, if anyone else have any other ideas for distribution let me know10:12
jeaIn October we discussed briefly the localisation package, which is something else to aim to finish soon10:12
jea#topic Revitalising Ubuntu-AU10:13
jeaI think we need to come up with a plan to get more people involved, and run more events10:13
jeaReapproval is in 2013 (I think), so we need to get moving to ensure we can be approved again10:14
* ben0nsoftware nods.10:14
head_victimFor mine, people need to understand the events don't have to start out as more than 2 or 3 people getting together on a semi regularl basis10:14
md_5yeah, thats going to be scary10:14
jeaI listened to the Loco session at UDS-R, which sagaci attended in person10:15
jeaSome of the american teams were saying how they had regular meetings, which were sponsored by various industry people10:16
jeaI think that could be harder in Australia, but might be something to look into10:16
jeaCertainly the Market Day that head_victim ran was quite successful, so maybe another of these would be good10:16
head_victimjea: my understanding is the sponsorship was just about a place to be with maybe some refreshments10:18
jeaYes, that is what it sounded like10:19
head_victimSo for example someone's boss letting them use a boardroom as a meeting area, a local coffee shop allowing use of wifi and some coffee, that sort of thign10:19
head_victimJust clarifying  in case some people thought it meant full on contracts and large overheads10:19
jeagood idea. probably should have done that10:19
head_victimFor example, the Brisbane City Council Library sponsored us a place to hold our installfest and blahdeblah's company sponsored the refreshments. It was by no means large amounts of formality10:20
head_victimIt just meant that attendees could come along, get a cup of coffee and a cake and didn't have to pay anythign.10:21
jeaThat is all you really need for an event like that10:21
head_victimCanonical chip in with merchandise to give away and raffle off like we did10:21
jeaWhen is Linux Conf?10:22
jeaand where is it this time?10:22
head_victimJanuary, I believe it's in Canberra10:22
jeaIs there anyone in Ubuntu-AU who will be going to that?10:24
jeaThat is always a good place to hold a booth10:25
head_victimNot sure, I'll not be there due to funding and study commitments10:25
head_victimThere is going to be an open day apparently - http://linux.conf.au/programme/saturday10:25
jeaI also won't be there10:26
head_victimIf some people were willing to put their hands up to run a stand there I"d be willing to post down the posters we used up here but also if I get enough notice I can organise a conference pack from Canonical10:27
jeaI will definitely be holding a linux related session through the UQ Computing Society in Semester 2 next year (or end of Semester 1)10:27
jeato coincide with a linux based subject10:27
head_victimjea: give us all some notice and we can probably organise some help :)10:28
jeaYep, I will do that10:28
jeaHello simplechat_ 10:29
jeaWell, I plan on finishing much of the localisation stuff over the next couple of months, so we can use it for 13.0410:35
jeamaybe we could also make a 12.04 localised version, seeing as it is LTS10:35
head_victimUse 13.04 and 13.10 as a test for the next LTS10:40
jeathat sounds like a good idea10:41
head_victimI'm assuming the next LTS is 14.0410:41
jeaI would say so10:42
jeasagaci mentioned it as LTS, but I haven't checked10:42
head_victimSo we seem to be at a standstill,a nyone else have anything to mention?10:55
jeaI don't have anything else10:56
jeaI think we may as well end the meeting10:57
head_victimSounds good, thanks to those who popped in.10:57
jeaThe next meeting will be on December 910:57
jeaSee you all then10:58
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Nov 11 10:58:06 2012 UTC.  10:58
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head_victimjea: thanks for organising and running the meeting10:58
jeathat is alright10:58
jeahopefully we will pick up a bit more in the coming months10:58
head_victimEven just making sure we have them means there is an outlet for new people to come along10:58
jeaYes, I think so10:59
jeaI will try to revitalise the wiki, make it a bit easier to understand10:59
jeaand also see if the website can be improved (I haven't looked for a while)10:59
head_victimGo for it, the main component missing on the website is content.11:00

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