bob2aquarius, with a hook01:24
aquariusbob2: I couldn't find anything about running hooks on the server -- client hooks I understand, but server hooks didn't seem to be documented anywhere I could find -- but that likely means I just didn't find it :)01:25
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jelmerhey mgz :)09:50
LarstiQaquarius: they work basically the same way as local hooks11:06
LarstiQaquarius: they're just configured on the server11:06
LarstiQaquarius: (also note separately there is bzr-upload which can be nice for deployments)11:07
aquariusLarstiQ: I'm not sure *how* to configure a hook on the server; perhaps I'm just stupid :( Hooks are configured in plugins; plugins go in my ~/.bazaar folder. The server's a server: it doesn't have a home directory.11:22
LarstiQaquarius: it does :)11:23
LarstiQaquarius: are you using bzr+ssh or something else?11:23
aquariusbzr+ssh, yep11:23
LarstiQaquarius: then it sets up an ssh connection and runs the bzr on the other side, as the user you're logging in with11:23
aquariusright. So I can install the plugin which runs the hook in server:/home/myuserid/.bazaar but then it'll only run the plugin when *I* push to trunk.11:24
aquariusI would like the plugin to run when a new rev is pushed to trunk, regardless of who does it, without having to have every user on the server install the plugin.11:24
aquarius(and without having to do magic sshness to make everyone on teh server actually ssh in as some sort of "bazaar" user)11:25
LarstiQaquarius: or you could install it in bzrlib/plugins/ for example, and (iirc), set the config in .bzr/branch/branch.conf11:25
aquariusaha, set the config in .bzr/branch/branch.conf, that sounds like the sort of thing I want. I didn't find any references to that at all, although I'm probably just looking in the wrong place!11:26
* aquarius googles :)11:27
LarstiQiirc there are also inotify watchers, which saves you from having to create a new .bzr/branch/branch.conf for new branches11:28
LarstiQof course, if you are in full control you could also handle it in the plugin11:29
LarstiQaquarius: unfortunately things are a bit more complex than with say svn :/11:29
* LarstiQ back to math11:29
aquariusLarstiQ: ah, I'm OK without the inotify stuff; what I specifically want to do is, when a new rev hits trunk, bzr export it into a folder (this is to deploy our staging server direct from trunk). I don't need to do that for many different branches.11:30
aquariusThis looks like the right approach. Thanks!11:30
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