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cjaecan I make konqueror have a proper tool bar?01:53
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mujihello fellas/ and femmas, i tried to do apt-get update, and i got this error: http://pastie.org/540966702:39
melvincvomg I can't set a password for a user in kubuntu!04:09
melvincveven sudo passwd *username is not working!04:10
melvincvsomeone plz help me asap04:11
RamchandraAptemelvincv: elaborate please04:12
RamchandraAptewhy did sudo passwd username fail?04:12
melvincvI'n not able to login04:18
melvincvWhen I try to login as the user, I get a terminal black screen and then the login prompt again.04:20
melvincvtrying again...04:20
melvincvthere is no 'switch user' ?04:21
melvincvok, got it04:21
melvincvgreat. had to enter my pass 2 times to get back to my session.04:23
melvincvshould be some lock feature...04:23
melvincvstill no go...04:25
melvincvnot able to login as a new user. That's a show stopper. Going back to Ubuntu and Unity then.04:25
melvincvOr log in automatically and use Kubuntu as a internet kiosk ;)04:27
melvincvThe fastest way to get to the Internet?04:27
tsheringhow to format usb pendrive in kubuntu 12.10 64 bit07:17
bazhangtshering, with the cli? the gui?07:18
tsheringgui if there is ..:)07:18
tsheringgui if there is one...07:18
bazhangwell gnome has gparted, not entirely sure about kde/qt07:19
tsheringyes ..thats what i was searching for but couldn't find one07:20
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TygartI usually use KDE partition manager.07:23
Tygartits allready installed07:24
Shift_kubuntu should make chrome as the default browser07:39
tsimpsonyou mean chromium, chrome is non-free07:40
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tsheringDoes the formatting in KDE Partition Manager is done via the properties tab ?08:28
Torchtshering: if you just want to re-create a file system, yes09:16
tsheringthank you09:16
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tsheringtwo more questions - problems with sox in k3b in 12.10 and bluetooth problems in the same OS..09:19
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Mmikewhat font am I changing to change the appearance (font) in the taskbar?09:58
Mmikeit's barely readable with the font I have now09:58
tsimpsonMmike: I'd guess Taskbar under System Settings -> Application Appearance -> Fonts10:00
Mmike<- blind man10:01
MmikeTheDrums, tsimpson10:01
tsimpsonno problem10:01
Mmikehm, it looks like there is some bug or something...10:03
Mmikeit looks awfull10:03
Mmikethere is some weird shaddow10:06
jd46you ey you10:23
jd46set room is place10:33
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Jarriswhat is responsible for the screen when the LUKS passphrase is asked. there i have ugly pixel graphics and messages about what started are popping up in the password promt. any hints for me? thx in advance12:41
Jarrisall happaning at boot, befor lightdm is started12:43
BluesKajHi folks12:52
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markithi, anyone with the home in a NFS share?12:58
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Jarrisit's Plymouth, isn't it?13:13
RamchandraApteJarris: why do you have a dialog asking for passphrase before ldm?13:20
RamchandraApteJarris: do you encrypted disk or something?13:20
RamchandraApteJarris: ?13:21
JarrisRamchandraApte: i have a encrypte disk, but /boot. so there will be a luks prompt at boot13:22
RamchandraApteJarris: is it in GRUB?13:25
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JarrisRamchandraApte: GRUB ofc version 2, what else LILO? :)13:28
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hateballHmmm, is there a way to 'diff' on two open files in Kate?13:35
hateballI have them side by side13:35
OerHekshateball try Kompare, you need to save those 2 files first.13:40
hateballOerHeks: I was hoping to not have to, otherwise I could just have used diff in the first place. Thanks tho :)13:40
OerHeksKompare is graphical13:41
hateballOerHeks: Graphical or not is not really an issue to me, for some reason I just had two cutouts side by side in Kate and it got me curious :)13:45
OerHekskate shuld have a diff option :-)13:46
hateballI'll just go back to bash :p13:48
fiscohola alguien habla espaƱol spanihs14:01
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Yusuphola fisco, english please14:16
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Riddellkubuntu meeting in 5 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting16:55
xixorRiddell: what's on the agenda?16:56
Riddellagenda https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings16:56
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WineQQ_hi guys i need your help :)  I installed debian squeeze fileserver on vmware player and smb.conf works fine with user = share + guest ok = yes ....17:56
WineQQ_now i wanted to use the security = user option with smbpasswd -a user  but when im trying to enter a directory set with chmod 777 he doesnt accept the user/passwd  :(17:56
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notze_hi there18:19
notze_actually my kubuntu runns very well except 2 things! kde doesnt auto recognize if i attach a monitor and the settings are never saved18:19
notze_does anybody have help for this topic?18:19
notze_i think thats very basic18:20
genii-aroundnotze_: For the desktop to load up next time with the same settings as when you shut down... System Settings...System Administration... Startup and Shutdown... Session Management18:22
genii-aroundAnd check off "Restore previous session"18:23
notze_okay thats done18:23
notze_already thx18:23
notze_but that cannot be the solution since! you never know if i start the monitor attached or not18:23
genii-aroundnotze_:  The detection of monitors after bootup is a tricky one. A lot of video cards made by ATI/AMD for instance have this problem where if one is not there at boot it never bothers to look again.18:27
notze_genii-around: look-> the monitor connections is recognized and it asks for opening the dialog18:28
notze_but thats not perfect18:29
notze_it should safe the settings18:29
genii-aroundnotze_: But how can it know you will be plugging the same monitor in every time? etc18:33
notze_look i love linux i love kde. i have a system on the left with kubuntu on the left windows. same monitors. if i detach the windows machine it works perfectly18:35
notze_not with kubuntu18:35
notze_now i want to improve linux with discussing it with you guys :=18:35
Torchnotze_: so? what's your point? windows and linux/kde are not the same?18:35
notze_windows can do it18:35
Torchnotze_: then use windows.18:35
notze_so we need to be able to do it as well18:35
notze_i dotn want18:35
Torchnotze_: if it's so important to you18:35
notze_Torch dont talk to me18:36
Torchnotze_: patches welcome18:36
notze_yes as soon as i found that one is needed18:36
notze_i would do it18:36
notze_but i will exclude you from the user list since you'Re a destructive person18:36
WineQQ_hi guys i just installed debian fileserver and configured smb.conf  with security = share18:57
WineQQ_i also added 2 new user with password  with smbpasswd ... but when it comes to authorizing over network it doesnt work for me18:57
WineQQ_pls help :)18:57
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lordievaderWineQQ_: Ask around in #debian, this is #kubuntu only Kubuntu is supported here.19:17
noaXesshey all19:24
noaXessdoes anybody works on laptop with nvidia ?19:24
noaXesssince latest kde and lightdm i have a lot grafic usage problem.. if effects are on, after minutes, i can't work.. and xorg uses to much cpu so i need to disable effects with SHIFT+ALT+F12..19:25
noaXessi have moved /etc/X11/xorg.conf so kubuntu should auto use the correct driver19:26
noaXessare there any settings that can optimize grafic for 12.10, nvidia, and xorg?19:26
genii-aroundnoaXess: I'm not having problems with native KDE apps currently, but firefox sitting on pages with flash content will suddenly make X climb to 90-99% cpu until flash crashes then it goes back to normal.19:28
noaXessjep... it is also mine prob.. if i work in firefox then xorg cpu usage is horrible19:28
noaXessineed to work with no effect.. but also this is sometimes uses a lot of cpu usage.19:31
ozzzy_firefox isn't good19:31
noaXessbut it also happens in other programms.. w/o ff opend19:31
genii-aroundnoaXess: gtk programs?19:32
noaXesshm.. too19:34
noaXessgenii-around: and java progs.. also thunderbird.. normal usage19:34
genii-aroundI don't think thunderbird is a Qt app.19:35
noaXessyea.. but all those apps are working great on 12.04.. and now.. problems.. does the problem com e from lightdm?19:37
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notze_if i boot the kubuntu from the cd like trial edition my UMTS device is found and works. if i install it its not working but found by lsusb what can it be20:34
munnyhi all20:34
notze_the mobile_broadband is greyed out20:34
munnyanyone can help me with kubuntuforums.net? from this mornig i can't access with 403 Forbidden message :(20:36
munnySpammer tolerant host network (hn-103) :(20:36
genii-aroundnotze: You probably need the firmware loaded. I had this with my Gobi2000 adapter20:49
genii-aroundnotze: You probably need the firmware loaded. I had this with my Gobi2000 adapter20:49
notzei have the same20:49
notzebut it works on the live system20:49
notzethat makes me wondering20:49
genii-around!info gobi-loader20:50
ubottugobi-loader (source: gobi-loader): Firmware loader for Qualcom GobiUSB chipsets. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 8 kB, installed size 80 kB20:50
genii-aroundnotze: The gobi-loader will try to load the firmware and make the wwan0 device20:50
notzeright thats not here20:51
notzegood hint20:51
genii-aroundnotze: I may still have the firmware around, if so I can put it somewhere accessible for you20:52
notzetry it! reboot20:52
notzeyeah tell me in asecond :=20:52
genii-aroundnotze: Any joy?20:58
notzemhm gobi-loader is active20:59
notzestill looking for the right firmware20:59
TygartI want to see my battery discharge rate using powertop but it does not show it. I was about to download batmon.app is this correct?20:59
genii-aroundnotze: I'll PM20:59
genii-aroundnotze: It's what I'm currently using on this box for my device: Bus 001 Device 003: ID 03f0:241d Hewlett-Packard Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem (QDL mode)21:05
genii-around( right now the firmware is not loaded and it only sees one device, after it loads it sees two devices )21:06
genii-aroundnotze: If you have those untarred and gobi-loader installed, should be good to go. I'll be here when you reboot21:08
notzecool th21:09
genii-aroundnotze: I would rather do the support in open channel and not PM unless sensitive info, like my IP21:09
notzeok :)21:09
enlonHi, is it possible in NetworkManager to enter the wpa2 key in hashed form and not the password?21:13
genii-aroundnotze: dmesg reports OK for the gobi now?21:15
notzealmost working!!! device is found21:16
notzeonly connecting doesnt21:16
notzebut pin everything works21:16
genii-aroundGood :-)21:16
notzefor some reason no connect maybee bad network or username problem21:19
genii-aroundnotze: My amss.mbn file is probably not good for your provider ( mine is for Rogers ). Let me see to find a list21:19
notzesystemname: ttyusb121:23
notzethats strange i think21:23
genii-aroundnotze: Nah. At any rate, you may find something useful to find the right set of ISP specific files here: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Talk:Qualcomm_Gobi_200021:28
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notze__but that means now that on the live cd theres the firware active?!21:42
genii-aroundnotze__: Apparently.21:44
phoenix_firebrd4.9.80 available for testing?22:03
paul_need help installing a printer...anyone there?22:38
paul_port 9100 doesn't work, what port can I use? the printer is connected via USB22:39
notze_never allow yourself to ask in another channel if no one answers, otherwise a guy called Torch becomes crazy22:42
notze_and hes like a torch in the dark he can see it in every channel22:44
paul_thx for the advice but your pretty useless at helping with printing issues22:47
paul_theres only one channel and you're the only other one here22:48
genii-aroundpaul_: Have you tried adding it from System Settings...Hardware...Printers   ?22:53
genii-aroundpaul_: Have you tried adding it from System Settings...Hardware...Printers ?23:02
genii-aroundMeh, he is gone again.23:03
notze_i try now the original fireware from windows image23:05
notze_since still problems23:05
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