karniIs there a way to search mail archive on launchpad?00:53
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gmbDoes anyone remember how to prevent a branch from being directly committed to in LP (i.e. I only want to allow merges)? I know wgrant told me once...12:16
mgzgmb: you make it owned by a specific person and pipe all landings through them12:20
mgzthat's often an auto-landing bot as per pqm and tarmac12:20
mgzeg, lp:bzr is really lp:~bzr-pqm/bzr/bzr.dev12:21
gmbmgz: That's one way, but ISTR that there was some sftp-some-bzr-settings-file-into-lp dance that one could do.12:21
gmbBut your suggestion is easier to remember and easier to execute.12:21
mgzthere's append_revisions_only which you can set on the branch to stop people pushing and rearranging the graph12:21
mgzbut that doesn't stop normal pushes12:21
gmbAh, right.12:22
gmbmgz:  Screw it, then, I'll do your thing :)12:22
wgrantgmb: what mgz said12:31
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diogobaederHi guys, LP stopped processing source diff in one of my merge proposals: https://code.launchpad.net/~diogobaeder/ubuntuone-amqp/update-sourcedeps/+merge/13541814:18
diogobaederAny ideas?14:18
czajkowskisinzui: any idea14:22
sinzuicursed branch maybe14:22
diogobaederSo... what should I do to bless it again? :D14:23
sinzuidiogobaeder, I will ask the web ops to unscan you branch to see if that addresses the issue14:24
diogobaedersinzui, thanks14:24
sinzuidiogobaeder, did you uncommit in that branch or are you using pipes?14:25
diogobaedersinzui, neither. It's a 1-commit-only branch, just committed, pushed, proposed, and that's all. I don't use the pipeline plugin.14:26
diogobaedersinzui, it's back, diff is there :-)14:32
sinzuioh, we didn't compete the unscan. so it was just slow14:36
jo-erlendIs it possible to setup a general welcome message that is sent by email when people are accepted into a project/team? We have a project for our Norwegian LoCo. I'd like everyone who is accepted to receive a welcome message containing links to all our stuff, such as our loco-u-c page, wiki, etc.14:43
czajkowskijo-erlend: no just add the information to the team description14:47
jo-erlendczajkowski, ok. Thanks.14:48
jamesfhi - I'm looking for assistance.  I can't access my launchpad account (~jamesf).  I recently left Canonical, but before I did I changed my associated email address to be my personal email address.  Now I can't log in using that address and my old password, and if I try to recover the password for my new email address it says it has no record of that address...  (even though I'm getting bugmail on it)15:05
czajkowskijamesf: you'll need to ask in #canonical-isd on freenode sounds like the SS / 2fa issue we get from people leaving15:06
jamesfczajkowski: thanks15:07
ScottKHow do I remove a branch from lp?  I typo'ed when I pushed the first time, so I've got a misnamed one that needs to go?15:07
mgzScottK: there's a delete option on the branch's webpage15:08
czajkowskiwhat mgz said15:08
czajkowskibut there will always be a reference to it15:08
ScottKWay to easy.15:09
ScottKThat's not a problem.  I see it's gone from the U/I, so people won't be confused.15:09
czajkowskigrand job15:09
czajkowskisee lP can be easy :)15:09
ScottKWell, my opinion of the U/I has improved now that it's not changing every few months.15:10
* ScottK actually has time to get adjusted to it.15:10
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SpamapSHi, I'm trying to use the django python openid auth module to provide access for only certain launchpad teams to a django app...17:19
SpamapSI get sent to login.launchpad.net, but the redirect back to my app results in an 'Unknown User' error.. even though the user is created in the db (as per OPENID_CREATE_USERS)17:20
SpamapSanybody have experience with using the team extension and django openid in general can maybe take a look at what I'm trying to do at lp:~clint-fewbar/+junk/team-content17:21
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SpamapSaha! was missing AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS18:46
mspencerHi, where can I get icons for Bazaar, Translations, and Bugs? I need them for a program I'm working on in Ubuntu.23:47
mspencerHere's the spec for what I'm working on: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributorConsole23:53
czajkowskimspencer: cant you just taken them off their sites http://bazaar.canonical.com/en/23:54
czajkowskicant really see an icon for translations https://translations.launchpad.net/23:54
mspencerczajkowski: that helps with the bazaar icon.23:58

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