Ahmuckhi hi03:41
Ahmucki would like to turn off certian features of my pad mouse on my laptop03:41
th3pun15h3rdoes anyone here play games on steam using wine/playonlinux with lubuntu?04:10
Ahmuckseen geeqie?04:39
leviathannI'm trying to install a game as per the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnemyTerritory however when I input sudo sh 'game'.run I get this, './setup.sh: 192: ./setup.sh: /home/leviathann/.setup5509: not found'05:02
PantelisHi, which versions of Lubuntu have a 5 - year support?10:53
PantelisHi, which versions of Lubuntu have a 5 - year support?12:05
JohnDoe_71Rusno one12:15
JohnDoe_71Ruslubuntu no lts12:15
Pantelisso only ubuntu for LTS?12:27
Tm_Tall others except Lubuntu I believe12:30
massyhello everybody12:34
blup1got problem14:24
blup1I have 62 processor14:24
blup1now, if I download regnum online, in 32bit version it works14:24
blup1but if I download it in 64bit version, it says graphic card error....14:25
TheSnackistLooking for some help booting a live CD to a PowerPC iMac G415:59
TheSnackistAnybody had experience with that?16:04
carmelo___hello !16:42
carmelo___I want to use gnome-applets to add the cpu speed change, so I installed gnome-applets, but I can't find how launch it ?16:43
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