lilstevieptl, is sound working in general?00:02
ptllilstevie: no. The only sound I ever heard in nexus7 ubuntu was the sound or the changing volume00:14
ptland even then the volume always starts muted and I have to raise it up00:14
ptlthen, it doesn't work00:14
ptltried with the bare minimun... gst123, a console program that uses regular gstreamer00:14
ptlfirst time: reboot00:15
ptlsecond time: says it's playing. Does not produce any sound!00:15
lilstevieptl, you did read the thing that says sound only works after suspend/resume yes?00:15
vanhoofogra-cb_: ah you're awake, just sent you some bits to check out00:31
vanhoofogra-cb_: thats much easier btw versus what I sent over abootimg wise00:31
ptllilstevie: good call. I think I read that, but I forgot.01:17
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dholbachgood morning07:47
ogra_look, images ! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/20121121/10:32
ogra_(not the slightest idea if anything works with them though)10:32
dholbachogra_, when are the images moving over to raring? ;-)10:40
ogra_these are raring ones ;)10:40
dholbachoh wow10:41
ogra_they are unlikely to work yet, just downloading one to test10:41
dholbachis this stock raring? or are there modifications which still need to get into the archive?10:41
ogra_the nexus7 settings package10:41
dholbachthat's all? awesome10:42
dholbachgo go go!10:42
ogra_but first of all i need to get oem-config to work10:42
ogra_(it might already, cant say until i have tested one :) )10:42
ogra_download will still take 45min or so10:43
dholbachcool - let me know how it goes :)10:43
ogra_will do10:43
ogra_i will actually blog once they are usable :)10:43
ogra_though i guess the nux patch is still missing10:44
ogra_until thats there the desktop will be a mess10:44
ogra_(but the installer part up to teh desktop should work at least)10:44
dayogra_: is the ubuntu-arm branch officially supported?10:44
ogra_ubuntu-arm branch ?10:45
ogra_rmhf is an official arch if you mean that10:45
ogra_the nexus image is built from universe using a universe kernel ....10:46
dayogra_: i guess i mixed things up quite a bit :P10:46
ogra_so there is no official canonical commitment to security of the kernel etc ... i.e. its "community supported"10:46
dayogra_: ty10:46
ogra_we have officially supported arches like the panda, highbank (calxeda) and armadaxp (marvell)10:47
ogra_btw panda ...10:47
ogra_ppisati, what are your kernel plans for raring wrt panda ?10:48
ogra_to support the GLES stuff we will still need the ton of patches10:48
ogra_(unless that changed since quantal)10:49
ogra_victorp, fyi http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/ (untested and likely not working yet)10:50
victorpogra_, \o/10:50
ogra_victorp, no blogging yet ! :)10:51
victorpdoes it mean that at least I can ask vanhoof to point his super installer to it ? :)10:51
ogra_(not before we at least know the installer part works)10:51
* victorp puts down wp10:51
ogra_nothing in these images has been tested yet, its all new code so give me a bit to make sure it works10:52
victorpogra_, I know that you are getting the USB creator to work with this, but what does that actually mean for the user?10:52
ogra_additionally the rootfs img is still to big10:52
victorpogra_, at least something is being spitted out! thanks10:52
ogra_for the user it means that usb-creator pops up offering him an install as soon as he attaches a nexus7 in flash mode to a raring ubuntu PC10:53
ogra_fotr pre-raring i guess chris should just go on maintaining the zenity installer10:53
ogra_i doubt the changes to usb-creator will be easily backportable ( xnox may correct me :here ) )10:54
xnoxogra_: in a ppa, why not =)10:54
ogra_heh, k10:55
ppisatiogra_: my hope was to fold the omap4 branch into master10:55
ppisatiogra_: and import only: dvfs + patches to make pvr-omap work10:56
ogra_ppisati, please talk to robclark if the GLES bits can workj with that10:56
ppisatiogra_: i'll do10:56
dholbachogra_, the nux fix might be https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/nux/nux.depth-texture-detection-support/+merge/134729 (which hopefully lands soon)10:56
ogra_its just important that these bits work as long as we go on to provide desktop images for pandas10:56
ppisatirobclark: ^10:56
ogra_(i wouldnt mind dropping them though, but we need one reference platform and nexus is not fully supported)10:57
ppisatirobclark: we where wondering what it takes to make pvr-omap4 work with vanila upstream10:57
ppisatirobclark: do you have a bare minimum amount of patches that we need to take into account?10:57
ogra_dholbach, yeah, thats the one10:58
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lilsteviedholbach, ogra_, will that land in quantal or raring?11:04
dholbachlilstevie, I don't know - the folks in #ubuntu-unity should know though11:05
ogra_well, definitely in raring11:06
ogra_no idea if any backport SRUs are planned11:06
ogra_(you could ask on the merge request)11:06
lilstevieogra_, ok, not a major thing, I think TheMuso and I decided we were going to build tf201 images with gnome anyway for the time being, it can wait until raring for unity I guess :p11:07
lilstevieoh btw ogra_ have you tried using the brcmfmac firmware for the bcm4330 rather than the android one?11:08
ogra_yes, i didnt try very hard though and couldnt get it to work11:08
lilsteviehm ok11:11
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ogra-cb_yay, it boots and seems to unpack the tarball12:11
* ogra-cb_ waits in awe12:11
ogra-cb_*twiddle thumbs*12:16
dholbachogra-cb_, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wi8Fv0AJA412:17
ogra-cb_hmm, k, seems the unpacking finished ... no X yet though12:19
ogra-cb_doesnt seem to come up :(12:20
ogra-cb_and rebooting gets me into an endless reboot loop12:24
ogra-cb_hmm, k looks like thats the old plymouth issue12:40
ogra-cb_whee !12:40
lilstevieogra-cb_, I find it odd that you have an issue with plymouth12:40
ogra-cb_well, the bootloader sets console=none12:41
ogra-cb_plymouth picks that up12:41
lilstevieah, I override that12:41
ogra-cb_i cant12:41
ogra-cb_it comes hardcoded from the bootloader12:42
ogra-cb_we set a second console= arg, but plymouth only picks up the first12:42
lilstevieyou could hardcode the command line in the boot.img :p12:42
ogra-cb_thats exactly what i do12:43
lilsteviethen the bootloader set cmdline should vanish 0.o12:43
ogra-cb_the bootloader still prefixes it with its own stuff12:43
lilsteviethe hell12:43
ogra-cb_k, so there is no touchscreen support at all, X comes up in portrait but beyond that it looks ok12:45
ogra-cb_i'm nearly through oem-config ... using a kbd/mouse12:46
ogra-cb_suddenly the touchscreen works12:46
ogra-cb_completely inverted though12:46
* ogra-cb_ sees a desktop ... garbled unity elements indeed12:52
ogra-cb_corrupt filesystem12:56
ogra-cb_ok, so most of this will be fixed by the settings package12:58
* ogra-cb_ re-flashes again12:58
diwicHi, I'm having a side project (fluidsynth) where it would be interesting to see if NEON optimisations would speed things up. Assuming those tests are successful, how do we enable those optimisations by default?13:05
diwicI mean, we can't just compile with fpu=neon for the standard armhf build, can we?13:05
* lilstevie needs to stop procrastinating and finish his project for the tf20113:05
lilsteviediwic, not all armv7 hardware includes NEON13:05
diwiclilstevie, exactly, so what is the standard/recommended way of doing this?13:06
diwicso NEON is used automatically where available, and fallback code otherwise13:06
ogra-cb_diwic, there should be a way to do a runtime check13:08
ogra-cb_so you can switch code paths at runtime if your code supports it13:08
ogra-cb_alternatively you can build the binary twice and create a -neon binary (or package)13:09
diwicogra-cb_, hmm, that sounds interesting13:09
ogra-cb_by default all armhf packages should not be neonized13:09
ogra-cb_since there are still many a7 SoCs that dont support neon13:10
lilsteviewhich is sad13:10
diwicogra-cb_, I was hoping there was a wiki page or something about how to best deal with this13:11
ogra-cb_there might be a linaro page for it, not sure13:12
ogra-cb_iirc the runtime selection had to do with using /proc/self/auxv13:13
diwichmm, the code for pulseaudio reads /proc/cpuinfo13:17
ogra-cb_that might work as well13:21
ogra-cb_just grepping fpr neon i guess13:21
diwicbut long story short, this is just something every new project has to invent the wheel again13:22
ogra-cb_yeah, a bit annoying13:23
ogra-cb_thats why i think there is some better linaro solution13:23
ogra-cb_xnox, we shoould really look at the startyup time of ubiquty-dm ... not sure if it is so slow in non oem-config mode, but running oem-config i nearly sit a minute at a localhos login prompt before X even starts13:33
xnoxogra-cb_: *sigh*13:34
ogra-cb_it might be less odd if there is a splash13:34
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xnoxogra-cb_: do these comments mean you have an image with oem-config for me play around with?13:34
ogra-cb_xnox, a broken one but yeah13:35
xnoxogra-cb_: define broken =)13:35
xnoxa little, a lot, not enough?13:35
ogra-cb_the tarball installer accidentially unmounts /root after unpacking13:35
ogra-cb_which leaves you with a black screen13:35
ogra-cb_rebooting at the point where you are sure it is done gets you into a normal boot though13:36
ogra-cb_xnox, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/13:36
ogra-cb_grab both files13:36
ogra-cb_edit the bootimg with abootimg to point to tty0 instead of tty113:37
ogra-cb_gunzip the img.gz13:37
ogra-cb_fastboot erase boot13:37
ogra-cb_fastboot erase userdata13:37
ogra-cb_fastboot flash boot /path/to/*.bootimg13:37
ogra-cb_fastboot -S 630M flash userdata /path/to/*.img13:38
ogra-cb_thats how i flash here13:38
ogra-cb_and after that: fastboot reboot13:38
ogra-cb_oh, all of that needs sudo atm13:38
Tassadarwhat does the "-S" param mean? Oo13:39
ogra-cb_transfer in chunks13:39
ogra-cb_xnox, note that the touchscreen is completely broken, you need kbd and mouse13:40
ogra-cb_well, not broken but inverted13:41
ogra-cb_fix for the tarball stuff is uploaded already13:42
ogra-cb_next image wont have the issue anymore13:42
ogra-cb_for the rest we need the default-settings package now13:42
ogra-cb_new image build running14:00
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ppisatido you know if there's a place where i can find a maverick armel image?14:58
ogra-cb_ppisati, theoretically on http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/15:02
ogra-cb_but that doesnt have any arm stuff it seems15:02
ppisatidoesn't arm maverick stuff15:02
ogra-cb_so probably a cjwatson or infinity question15:02
ppisatiis there a script to recreate an image?15:03
ppisatisince the archives are still there15:03
ogra-cb_well, there should also be images somewhere15:03
ogra-cb_i'm pretty sure they havent been thrown away15:03
achiangbrendand: um, daniel *is* working on fixing the button1 bug15:04
ppisatiinfinity: ^15:05
brendandachiang, ok - but In Progress -> Confirmed is not a correct transition then15:05
ogra-cb_achiang, well, he did set it from in progress to confirmed15:05
brendandachiang, In Progress -> Confirmed says something like 'I was working on it, but I give up and can't figure it out'15:06
achiangmight be better to ask than to accuse15:06
brendandit wasn't intended to sound accusatory, probably would have been better phrased as a question15:12
ppisatiogra-cb_: ah! i found an obscrure mirror that still had it :)15:14
ogra-cb_well, i know GrueMaster had a complete mirror carrying all arm images ever built15:14
ppisatifrom Bangkok15:14
ogra-cb_but he's gone15:14
vanhoofogra-cb_: lol15:18
vanhoofogra-cb_: /me curses15:18
achiangbrendand: ok, fair enough. it might be nice to follow up with daniel and explain that you were just asking him a question.15:18
ogra-cb_vanhoof, heh15:20
brendandachiang, ok followed up on the bug (hopefully politely :) )15:21
ogra-cb_vanhoof, achiang .... in case you missed the backlog http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/15:21
achiangbrendand: thanks. :)15:21
ogra-cb_not working yet, fixes are uploaded and a new build is running15:21
achiangwoo hoo!15:22
brendandachiang, and apologies again. in my experience it's very common to see people misusing bug states - but i agree that there's no need to be blunt in response15:22
ogra-cb_you can manually work around the issues though, xnox is just guineapiggin :)15:22
achiangbrendand: sure, no worries. i just didn't want to demotivate the guy who is fixing one of our hardest bugs. ;)15:22
achiangogra-cb_: so with that, i believe the nux bug is our only remaining issue15:24
vanhoofogra-cb_: nice!15:25
ogra-cb_achiang, well, i need to get to the settings, currently you pretty well notice that they are missing15:25
ogra-cb_and it is still to big until we did the seed change15:25
ogra-cb_so it wont work for everyone (fastboot -S works fine for me here)15:26
ogra-cb_i would also like to look into rersizext2fs instead of having to produce a bunch of differently sized images15:27
achiangbrendand: now it's my turn to apologize to you. guess daniel *did* move on to other things :-/15:28
vanhoofogra-cb_: +1 there15:28
xnoxogra-cb_: is that image one size fits all?15:32
xnoxogra-cb_: or which size is it currently for?15:33
ogra_xnox, nope, currently its the smalles common denominator ...15:34
ogra_we have two options, one is to provide three images ... and the other is to grow the rootfs on the fly15:34
ogra_i fear the latter will not work properly though15:34
ogra_by experience i had with the fastboot ext4 version15:35
Tassadarwhat about providing just update.zip for recovery?15:37
ogra_feel free to work on something like that15:38
ogra_for raring the plan is to just to replicate what we did in quantal and improve that ... there are no plans to develop new image types from scratch in the ubuntu infrastructure atm15:39
Tassadarit should be simple, just erase everything and extract boot.img and rootfs.tar.gz15:40
ogra_well, the files are there now :)15:40
ogra_feel free to play with them15:40
TassadarI think I'll do that15:41
ogra_(though probably wait for the next build, so that you at least get through into the installer)15:41
ogra_that one *should* get you into oem-config15:41
TassadarI have to make something so that my multi-boot thing can edit the update-initramfs files15:41
ogra_that sounds very ugly15:42
Tassadarbut well, I don't really feel like distributing modified ubuntu image15:42
ogra_do you know that there is initiative for getting grub running under arm ?15:42
ogra_in linaro15:42
ogra_that will just get ou multiboot for free15:42
Tassadarthat sounds...complicated to do Oo15:43
ogra_as complicated as on x86 :)15:43
Tassadarwell, on hard drive you can mess with partitions15:43
ogra_well, you dont need to mess with them15:44
TassadarI need to separate OS-es somehow15:44
ogra_no, you just need to be able to switch between boot images15:45
ogra_the only issue that leaves is that boith OSes want to upgrade the kernel in the same place if it comes to that15:45
ogra_and thats something thats not easily fixable ... but you will hit that issue in all variants of dial booting15:46
Tassadarhmm, still seeems a bit complicated to do15:46
ogra_which is why i suggest since day one to put the ubuntu bootimg into recovery and be done15:46
Tassadarswitch between boot images == flash new ones?15:46
ogra_just switch15:46
Tassadarso...they, like, wanna change the bootloader?15:46
ogra_they update mmcblk0p2 if a new kernel shows up (or in case of ubuntu even if a package that ships initramfs bits gets ionstalled)15:47
RaYmAnogra_: kexec or similar? :P Sadly, that's the most promising option atm..You can't replace bootloader, even if you had a working u-boot.15:51
TassadarI still dont really get how they switch between kernels15:52
ogra_RaYmAn, either kexec or just use what the bootloader offers already (keep android in boot and flash ubuntu to recovery)15:52
Tassadarlike, where is the grub stored?15:52
RaYmAnther'es no..grub15:52
ogra_the grub would be your bootimg15:52
RaYmAnogra_: yeah..but then you lose recovery :) though, not much of an issue with fastboot available15:53
ogra_the bootloader would chainload it15:53
ogra_RaYmAn, right15:53
ogra_it is the price you have to pay for dual boot15:53
RaYmAnindeed. It's such a pity they locked down bootloader changes.15:53
ogra_ask the linaro guys about details for grub on arm :)15:54
Tassadaranyway, it's not like I'll stop now, when it's already working, I am just working on the UI and installation process15:54
* ogra_ only heard of it third hand, i havent seen it or anything15:54
Tassadarit's a pitty I can't get kexec working, though :/15:55
ogra_well, then you would still have the issue that an android kernel update would overwrite it15:55
Tassadarcustom kernels have "AnyKernel" installer, which changes only kernel (and leaves ramdisk as-is), and if you mean OTAs, well, then the user will have to go to recovery and select "inject boot.img"15:57
RaYmAnTassadar: look at kexec-hardboot15:58
RaYmAnthat'll definitely work. (I have it working on my TF201)15:58
RaYmAnIt puts some requirements on the 'target' kernel, but it's minor.15:58
Tassadaryes, I did, and I got stuck on "how the hell should I reboot tegra3 via watchdog"15:58
RaYmAnyou don't need to use watchdog to do it15:59
ogra_watchdog is disabled in ubuntu kernels iirc15:59
ogra_caused suspend issues15:59
xnoxI am simply getting Google white logo =/15:59
xnoxwith the unlocked padlock15:59
vagabonhi all, I'm trying to install ubunutu on a N7. I used the ubuntu installer and it installed fine. But now I'm wondering if wifi is supposed to work ?15:59
ogra_xnox, hmm, that doesnt sound like you flashed bootimg properly15:59
Tassadarvagabon: yes, it is15:59
Tassadarworks for me16:00
Tassadarwell..using one of the ooold images)16:00
vagabonTassadar: hmm how am I supposed to enter the key ?16:00
ogra_vagabon, with the keyboard16:00
ogra_that pops up on your screen16:00
vagabonhmm it doesn't for me16:00
Tassadartry reboot16:01
ogra_it should as soon as the focus goes into the text input field16:01
Tassadarit glitches sometimes16:01
RaYmAnTassadar: volatile u32* reg = (u32*)(0x7000E400); reg |= 0x10; - that should reboot instantly (even from within android or linux)16:01
Tassadarokay, I'll look to that again once I finish this, thanks16:01
ogra_RaYmAn, instantly as in ... it will take care for syncing your open files etc and flush the memory to disk and properly unmount it ? or instantly like pulling out AC and battery at the same time ?16:02
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RaYmAnogra_: instantly as in, instantly.. The idea is that you execute it in the kexec shutdown sequency, so only once it's already almost turned off16:03
Tassadarpulling the battery I guess)16:03
RaYmAnit's the same effect as if the watchdog timed out16:03
RaYmAnit resets the main clock controller iirc16:03
RaYmAnTassadar: my kexechardboot for n7 is here: https://github.com/EnJens/kernel_tf201_stock/tree/android-tegra-nv-3.1-kexec16:04
RaYmAnnot n716:04
TassadarI was just writing "could you send me a link..." :D16:05
Tassadarbecause all I could find was hardboot for ...atrix I think16:05
vagabonotherwise can I add a static config file in the rootfs somewhere so I can init the wifi connection ?16:05
ogra_vagabon, you can use /etc7network/interfaces16:05
ogra_vagabon, http://wiki.debian.org/WiFi/HowToUse#WPA-PSK_and_WPA2-PSK16:06
ogra_the question is how you will access the rootfs :)16:07
vagabonunpack it on my host, hack it, repack, reflash... I gues16:08
vagabonubuntu installer seems to download the images from somewhere16:08
ogra_well, wifi works for all of us16:09
ogra_there are plenty of nexus7 with ubuntu out in the wild and we havent had a single bug report yet16:09
vagabonok I'm reflashing the images and give it a new test16:09
ogra_repacking is quite a task16:09
vagabonogra_: does Network manager handle the wireless connection?16:10
Tassadarhmm, is it possible to just add some files into that tgz file, or do I have to unpack it and then pack again?16:10
ogra_you might be able to add16:10
ogra_not sure16:10
Tassadarhmm I hope I will16:10
Tassadarit's like 2 files only16:11
ogra_as long as you use the same optiuons that were used for tarring it up it should all be fine16:11
vagabonogra_: cool this time the virtual kb pop up :)16:12
ogra_ah, thats how it sould be :)16:12
vagabonogra_: does a sshd is running on the tablet ?16:13
vagabonogra_: is a sshd  running on the tablet ?16:13
ogra_sudo apt-get install openssh-server16:13
vagabonwhy not install it by default ?16:13
ogra_we used to have it preinstalled, but during UDS there were some 100s of devices around, all using our image with the same user and password16:13
ogra_so that wouldnt have been clever16:14
ogra_and after all its just an apt-get away :)16:14
vagabonusing a virtual kb is a PITA :)16:14
ogra_well, i used the nexus7 for three weeks as my main machine while developing the image16:14
ogra_you get used to it after a while16:14
Tassadarby the way, I didn't find default root password mentioned anywhere on the nexus 7 wiki16:15
ogra_its annoying in the beginning, i agree :)16:15
vagabonyou're more skilled than I am :)16:15
Tassadarand, not even the "ubuntu" password, for that matter)16:15
ogra_Tassadar, thats because there is none ... its ubuntu16:15
vagabonentering a WPA key is just a nightmare for me16:15
ogra_the ubuntu password is ubuntu and i'm sure it at least was once mentioned on the wiki16:15
vagabonjust out of curiosity, is the virtual kbd part of unity ?16:17
xnoxvagabon: package onboard16:20
xnoxit's part of ubuntu a11y packages =)16:20
TassadarRaYmAn: when calling the kexec userspace tool, what parameters do I have to load? I mean it allows to specify ramdisk and command line, what if I specify none of these?16:21
Tassadarwill it you ramdisk and cmd line from current kernel?16:21
RaYmAnnot afaik16:22
RaYmAnI assume you use the patched kexec tool, right?16:22
vagabonxnox: which one ?16:23
vagabona11y ?16:23
xnoxvagabon: $ apt-get install onboard16:23
vagabonok thanks16:23
vagabonxnox: actually I'm wondering how the kbd is started automagically...16:24
ogra_it detects input field focus16:24
ogra_as soon as an input fiel is focused, it will pop up16:24
ogra_i think it asks the window manager16:24
xnoxvagabon: it has been around for a while as our on-screen keyboard as accessibility feature for those who cannot use a regular keyboard.16:25
vagabonxnox: ok, but I'm just starting to discover ubuntu.16:25
vagabonxnox: does that mean that the package should work with any DEs ?16:25
vagabonI'will try to use it here (xfce4)16:26
xnoxvagabon: the same way cursor | flashes when you need to input text =))))))16:26
xnoxI am not having joy with the daily: either I am dropped into initramfs shell or it doesn't boot.16:33
ogra-cb_xnox, did you see it unpacking the tarball ?16:36
ogra-cb_hmm, that sounds very wrong16:37
ogra-cb_it definitely did that here16:37
ogra-cb_did you do the fastboot erase steps before flashing ?16:37
ogra-cb_it should clear the screen and then start verifying the tarball structure ... after that it will unpack and tell you that it takes a few min16:39
Nekorsalveti, nudge? have any idea on why I might get some XPutImage BadMatch running glmark2?16:39
xnoxi am getting mounting /dev/mmcblk0p9 on /root failed: Invalid argument16:39
ogra-cb_the next step was broken for me ... but up to there everything worked as expected16:39
xnoxbut the tarball unpack was not shown....16:39
ogra-cb_right, thats the broken step16:39
vagabonxnox: the kbd doesn't pop up when the application search input field is selected16:40
ogra-cb_xnox,  the quantal image worked for you, right ?16:40
xnoxogra-cb_: yeah.16:40
ogra-cb_vagabon, yep, known bug16:40
xnoxvagabon: is onboard running in the background?16:40
xnoxah, known bug. ok.16:40
Tassadarby the way, what will you use to determine the /data partition in tarball-installer?16:41
ogra-cb_you can go to the onboard settings and switch on "show a floating button"16:41
vagabonthen where can I find a terminal launcher ?16:41
ogra-cb_then you can force it on if you need it16:41
ogra-cb_even if the input field detection doesnt work16:41
ogra-cb_vagabon, press ctrl+alt+t16:41
ogra-cb_xnox, so i guess you should wait for the next build16:42
vanhoofogra-cb_: should it fail?16:42
ogra-cb_theoretically that shoudl fix the mount issues ... but i'm not really sure whats going on there if you dont see it unpack16:42
vanhoofogra-cb_: sounds similar to what we saw using -S before if not16:43
ogra-cb_vanhoof, oh, hmm16:43
vanhoofogra-cb_: I believe some folks saw that on 16gb n7's16:43
ogra-cb_xnox, you could trz without the -S option16:43
Tassadarxnox: which nexus 7 do you have? I mean wifi/3g 8/16/32gb?16:43
vanhoofand we yanked -S out of the installer16:43
ogra-cb_vanhoof, i know16:43
ogra-cb_but the current image is 750M16:44
xnoxi have 16G and without -S it doesn't flash.16:44
ogra-cb_wont work without -S until the ubuntu seeds have been split16:44
ogra-cb_yeah, it exhausts the ram16:44
vanhoofogra-cb_: im trying on a 8gb now16:44
xnoxblimey, the vol up/down in the bootloader have shutdown option.16:44
ogra-cb_my 8G here worked fine with -S16:44
* xnox was stuck in restart loop for a second here.16:45
ogra-cb_getting it started up is sometimes a pain16:45
ogra-cb_after such a loop16:45
RaYmAnogra-cb_: cat ubuntu.img|adb shell dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p10 while in recovery? ;)16:45
RaYmAnpoor mans fastboot, heh.16:45
ogra-cb_no adb :P16:45
ogra-cb_we discussed that in advance :) neither update.zip nor any adb way are an option for the official images16:46
Tassadarand it's event funnier when you accidentally press volUp when holding power-up)16:46
RaYmAnfastboot boot an image that sets up mmcblk0p10 as UMS?16:46
ogra-cb_well, fix -S woudl eb the best option16:46
RaYmAnI suppose16:47
ogra-cb_or alternatively just dont use oversized images as we do atm :)16:47
ogra-cb_i was actually pondering to use bzip2 for the tarball16:47
ogra-cb_but that will break rsync/zsync abilities16:48
RaYmAnwouldn't a fastboot boot'ed image work for offline resizing after write? I'm not sure how much actual data is in the .img16:48
RaYmAnah, nevermind then16:49
ogra-cb_ah, i lied16:49
ogra-cb_2-3G actually16:50
ogra-cb_the pint with resizing is that when i tried any of the ext2fs tools in the past it resulted in an unbootable corrupt fs16:50
ogra-cb_fastboot does anything to the ext416:51
ogra-cb_else a simple resizext2fs would do16:51
RaYmAnhave you tried doing it iwth an ext3 image?16:52
ogra-cb_i havent even tried it with ext4 yet :)16:54
ogra-cb_i'll get to that next16:54
ogra-cb_i know that a mkfs.ext4 definitely produces something the kernel cant boot16:54
RaYmAnthe nvidia bootloaders support for ext4 has been...spotty at best16:54
ogra-cb_its the kernel16:55
ogra-cb_the bootloader is long gone at that point16:55
ogra-cb_i'm usually operating from an initrd shell when trying such stuff16:55
RaYmAnso what you're saying is that if you do mkfs.ext4 on a device, it refuses to mount it after reboot?16:55
ogra-cb_it mounts redonly and there is no way to get it properly out of that state16:56
ogra-cb_you can force it into RW but it will always be recognized as having errors on boot16:57
vanhoofogra-cb_: what size are you specifying for -S, /me finally finished download16:58
ogra-cb_i took 630M iirc16:59
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vanhoofcool, yeah didnt have scrollback just wanted to confirm17:03
vanhoofrebooting now :)17:03
ogra-cb_it will fail with a black screen after untarring, a reboot makes it work though17:04
ogra-cb_at least that worked for me17:04
vanhoofcool, determining structure now17:04
ogra-cb_yeah, thats definitely further than xnox got17:04
ogra-cb_i actually wonder if we can drop the structure check now17:05
ogra-cb_it takes a lot of time and we dont have any subdirs in the official tarballs ... so there is nothing to strip17:05
* vanhoof waits17:09
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vanhoofogra-cb_: flashed, then dumped me to busybox after a few mount errors17:17
ogra-cb_great, a reboot should get you onto oem-config17:17
vanhoofogra-cb_: rebooted, not it looks like its attempting to boot but rebooting itself when it looks like plymouth would kick in17:17
ogra-cb_oh, k17:18
ogra-cb_well, i changed the cmdline to point to tty0 instead of tty117:18
ogra-cb_that helped here17:18
ogra-cb_(for console= that is)17:19
vanhoofin the boot.img thats on the daily page?17:19
* vanhoof checks17:19
ogra-cb_the next image will have that and an umount fix17:19
vanhoofah lemme try that, im still tty1 here17:19
ogra-cb_i used the bootimg modified, added a break=bottom, chrooted into the rootfs and updated the initrd from there17:19
HaffeHi, I am looking to buy an arm system to turn into a PVR. Can I get a usb DVB-T2stick to work in ubuntu under ARM?17:24
vanhoofogra-cb_: I should read sooner ;)17:26
vanhoofogra-cb_: just updated boot.img, flashed that and reflashed userdata ;)17:26
vanhoofogra-cb_: now I wish I was in CPH and got that screen from ya w/ all this fun as of late :)17:27
vanhoofogra-cb_: much further!17:40
vanhoofogra-cb_: in oem-config now, although with a heavily distorted background17:41
ogra-cb_yeah, thats not arm specific i think17:41
ogra-cb_i saw an x86 bug about that yesterday or so17:41
vanhoofogra-cb_: and portrait by default which comes with its own fun but the update to tty0 got me running, though no actual splash17:42
TassadarRaYmAn: I applied the kexec-harboot patches, tried to do "kexec --load-harboot /tmp/zImage --mem-min=0x50000000 && kexec -e"17:43
Tassadarbut it just reboots17:43
RaYmAnI assume the flashed image on boot partition has the patches?17:44
RaYmAnand that the target kernel /tmp/zImage at least has the decompressor patches?17:44
Tassadarwait, I used fastboot boot17:45
* Tassadar slaps Tassadar17:45
RaYmAnit needs to be on flash, because the whole point of hardboot is that it does a full reset, then kernel detects a kexec kernel in memory and jumps to that :P17:45
Tassadardoesnt it use the kernel from recovery?17:46
Tassadarhm, now it's stuck on the google logo, let's see what ramconsole says17:50
Tassadar[  121.854978] Starting new kernel17:50
Tassadar[  121.855128] Bye!17:50
Tassadarwell, that's disappointing)17:51
RaYmAnTassadar: the value for min-memory can be quite important..I think i used 0xa0000000 or similar17:59
Tassadarhonestly, I have no idea what does it mean, so..)18:00
ogra-cb_next round18:00
ogra-cb_vanhoof, ^^^18:01
vanhoofogra-cb_: heh18:01
* vanhoof grabs18:01
ogra-cb_that should get you completely through to oem-config18:01
vanhoofogra-cb_: cool, i'll give it a spin18:02
ogra-cb_and indeed the rootfs is now zsyncable18:03
ogra-cb_that should speed up downloading a lot18:04
RaYmAnTassadar: stuck on logo is progress though :P18:04
Tassadarit definitely is, but I also have no debug info :/18:05
Tassadar..and I really wonder what is it doing, it does not even open the ramconsole18:06
mahmohrobher: ping, what's ripal's nick?18:07
TassadarRaYmAn: does normal kexec work on TF201? I mean, on nexus7, it does not even restart the device18:15
Tassadarits bootin18:24
* Tassadar waits for adb18:24
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
Tassadar..but it is the same kernel18:24
vanhoofogra-cb_: looks good20:52
vanhoofogra-cb_: flashed booted right up to oem-config20:52
* achiang makes an upload of unity-6.12.0 to staging ppa21:25
achianghope it doesn't FTBFS21:25
infinityachiang: After the issues you had with diffs to tarballs, I'm thinking that's not actually very 6.12 at all. :P21:27
achianginfinity: it's ... "something"21:27
achiangprobably closer to 7.0 than anything else21:28
achiangoh, but... i heard it might FTBFS on armhf21:28
achiangle sigh21:28
* achiang cries. FTBFS due to bamf API change21:58
lilstevietassadar_, you should keep an eye on mem-min, that is the minimum memory that it uses to put the zImage and initrd in. I know with the tf201 0x50000000 is outside of real memory so wouldn't work23:09
tassadar_lilstevie: can I somehow find out the memory layout of nexus7? Like, at least what is the "end" address?23:23
tassadar_aah, cat /proc/iomem i believe :รบ23:28
lilstevietassadar_, iomem, but also one of the very first things dmesg will should you is a basic mem map :p23:28
tassadar_and the kexec should load the kernel and initrd somewhere to system ram, preferably outside kernel, yes?23:30
lilsteviewell of course, what good would it be loading into the kernel :p23:32
tassadar_hmm, I think I also have to change the hardboot page address, now it is in framebuffer23:33
lilsteviehah yes you probably will23:35
lilstevieI know in the first revision RaYmAn accidentally put it in the framebuffer23:36
tassadar_yes, well, the second put it precisely into nexus 7's frambuffer :D23:36

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