BeoWulf`What will I lose in ubuntu besides the unity bar if I install another desktop environment?00:23
IronMikeDitkaI am completely new to Ubuntu and not that great with computers to begin with. I am trying to install Ubuntu  12.10 as a virtual machine in a true crypt vault. When I tried to run Ubuntu I got the following message: This Kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: pae. Unable to boot- please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.04:50
IronMikeDitkaAny ideas would be greatly appreciated.04:50
holsteinIronMikeDitka: virtualbox?04:51
IronMikeDitkaIt's made by Oracle- a virtual machine manager.04:51
holsteinsettings - system - enable PAE04:51
holsteinIronMikeDitka: in whatever software you are talking about, you can enable pae...04:52
IronMikeDitkaOk. Thanks a million. I will try that quick.04:53
hamidihi i've a question please i've a virtualbox server i've setup samba on it i changed the adapter from bridge to NAT i had to add an additional adapter with type host only adapter so that Windows host may access the ubuntu 10.10 server now samba can't access the shares i've setup on ubuntu what can i do?09:40
tsimpsonhamidi: you can ask in #ubuntu now, just be careful not to seed many messages too quickly (our flood protection bot is a little aggressive toward webchat users)09:46
tsimpsonoh, there's also the #vbox channel for virtualbox, in case no one in #ubuntu knows09:49
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yugi302hello i have terminal issue when installing a different desktop enviroment23:17
yugi302nobodys here?how do i use this stuff23:18
ms_daisybe patient yugi302 , if someone knows they will answer23:23
new_guyso... I have a few questions23:28
new_guyif i don't set a root password, can't anyone hack in, set a root password, and lock me out? And can't another user on the system (like my son) do the same?23:28
new_guyBueller... Bueller23:29
ms_daisynew_guy, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo23:29
new_guyYeah, I read that and it said the root is disabled by default, but would it be wise to enable it, set a password, and never use it? or would it be more secure to leave it be?23:31
new_guyI'm asking coming from a detailed windows background, but limited linux/unix background23:32
ms_daisyI don't think you read it thoroughly new_guy . It gives pros and cons to using a root password.23:35

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