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Tygartis there a channel for *Kubuntu Bugs*01:08
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TheLordOfTimeTygart, KDE specific bugs still fall under the purview of bugcontrol and  bugsquad, but you may ask in #kubuntu what to do with those bugs specifically related to KDE01:18
TheLordOfTimesince their people are a separate dev team01:18
TygartTheLordOfTime: Ok thanks.01:18
TheLordOfTimei'm there too, though, so...01:18
* TheLordOfTime double checks the triage guide01:20
TygartTheLordOfTime: I was just there. I should have looked.01:21
TheLordOfTimeTygart, hang here for  asec01:21
TygartTheLordOfTime: Thanks for the info.01:31
TheLordOfTimeScottK knows his stuff :P01:35
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mspencerI'm working on LP #657275. Are there any special rules because it is marked 'wishlist'?13:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 657275 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-bug should save reports offline automatically rather than giving a cryptic error message" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65727513:57
mspencerIs working on it affected by any feature freezes? I'm new to bug fixing so I'm not very familiar with this stuff.13:59
hggdhmspencer: wishlist means it would be nice to have, one day14:22
hggdhmspencer: there are no freezes any time soon, so you are free to work on it if you wish14:23
mspencerhggdh: thanks14:23
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TygartI want to see my battery discharge rate using powertop but it does not show it. I was about to download batmon.app is this correct?21:04
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