chilicuilhi philipballew o/05:06
dholbachgood morning07:47
nigelbmorning dholbach07:56
dholbachhi nigelb07:56
smartboyhwGood afternoon09:01
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jo-erlendWhen you register an account at LP, then that's now also used as Ubuntu SSO, right? You don't need to do anything else?13:27
jcastro_hey dholbach14:22
jcastro_dholbach: http://www.omfgdogs.com/14:22
head_victimThank you, I think you've scarred me for life. No more clicking random IRC links for me.14:23
mhall119jcastro_: my wife found that the other day14:23
mhall119from some website that takes you to random, useless websites14:24
jcastro_the music on this one is awesome14:24
popeyreminds me of the music from the game Nikki & The Robots14:25
popeywhich is an _awesome_ game14:25
dholbachI call it a day - see you all tomorrow :)17:09
IdleOnejcastro_: I almost had a seizure17:30
jcastro_popey: hah19:03
jcastro_everyone is talking about the USC and update manager icons19:03
jcastro_to me it's the 007 ubuntu swirl BFB that is awesome19:03
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bkerensaMmm... Ham and Turkey tomorrow and all the fixings20:17
mhall119I'm going to stuff myself silly20:17
bkerensamhall119: yeah idk i will have leftovers till christmas :P we got a turkey and ham no idea what we were thinking since its just the two of us20:19
mhall119one for each?20:21
mhall119we're going to parents/in-laws tomorrow, but doing a big Lasagna dinner for all of our friends this weekend20:21
mhall119because, lasagna always makes sense20:22
czajkowskimhall119: strange!20:35
mhall119czajkowski: but delicious :)20:36
czajkowskiso one of the girls Rosie was from Boston and lived in Ireland for about 6 years during her undergraduate20:37
czajkowskiand she used to cook for us on thanks giving20:37
dakerif anyone has any explanation to that https://plus.google.com/u/0/101694416703170881163/posts/AASYXtAMuYW20:38
czajkowskiwe had lots of apple pie and turkey and the stuffing is very different from the stuff we were used to but nice20:38
mhall119daker: Thunderbird?20:39
dakermhall119: what ?20:39
dakernothing is opened20:40
mhall119at least, that's what always does it to me20:40
mhall119daker: oh, then I don't know20:40
dakerjust turned the laptop on, then no wifi, brightness is ~15%20:41
mhall119daker: it's probably either you CPU or your backlight20:41
dakerno :(20:41
dakeron windows7 the battery takes about 2,5hours to discharge, on ubuntu is 1h45 max20:42
mhall119daker: ok, if the brightness isn't changing, watch the CPU usage, see if something it periodically spiking it20:44
dakerczajkowski: pix.ie have changed their api http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie :(20:59
czajkowskioh noes21:00
czajkowskidaker: anything we can do to fix it ?21:00
dakeri can't push anything to prod until we have finished the design iteration :(21:01
czajkowskiah ok21:02
bkerensadaker: http://www.howtogeek.com/55185/how-to-maximize-the-battery-life-on-your-linux-laptop/21:43
bkerensadaker: there is also a way to tune down backlight or completely disable21:43
dakerbkerensa: thanks21:48

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