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ali1234so i tested out mate 1.4... that's not going to work12:35
ali1234why they decided to fork *everything in gnome* just so they could have a panel is frankly beyond me12:36
ali1234also indicators don't work properly with it unless they've been written in gtk212:38
ali1234s/properly/at all/12:39
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xan_IThi to all, anyone have problem to see pdf using ubuntu gnome 12.10??22:01
atrusxan_IT: no problem here22:26
xan_ITonly for some pdf22:28
xan_ITi link one22:28
xan_ITatrus ok?22:28
atrusnot here.22:28
atrusif you have a pdf you can supply that doesn't work, you may want to file a bug.22:29
xan_ITyes but before i need a confirmation22:29
xan_ITtry this pdf22:29
xan_ITi can open this but i can see only first page22:29
xan_ITand console tell "Internal Error: cairo context error: invalid matrix (not invertible)"22:30
xan_ITatrus so?22:52
atrusyeah, same problem22:52
trismxan_IT: I see https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52634 which is fairly recent, maybe related?22:53
ubot5Freedesktop bug 52634 in cairo backend "cairo: invalid matrix for PDFs with UU CS LaTeX beamer theme" [Normal,New]22:53
xan_ITi suppose yes, but is possible that for this very big error in launchpad there is no mention in launchpad?22:54
trismxan_IT: in fact I think it is absolutely related, because it links to a pdf from the same cs.uu.nl site22:56
atrusit's not neccesarilly a big error, if it only comes up with rare pdfs.22:56
xan_ITi use pdf from this site, i have other pdf22:57
xan_ITall pdf with image in background like presentation22:57
trismI have tons of pdf and haven't hit it once, so it probably isn't very widespread, which is why there doesn't seem to be a launchpad bug22:57
trismxan_IT: you can of course file one though22:59
xan_ITtrism you dont have problem with pdf like presentation? image in background and selectable text upper image?23:02
trismxan_IT: I can reproduce the issue with the pdf linked from that site, I only have a couple pdf that are similar, don't think any have an image in the background23:06
trismxan_IT: as a workaround, I will note the pdf works perfectly with the built-in pdf in google-chrome23:07

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