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vibhavCan I get a ubuntu member cloak?13:38
AlanBellwhat is your launchpad id vibhav?13:38
AlanBellhmm, you don't appear to be a member as far as I can see13:40
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership13:40
smartboyhwAlanBell, he just got approved few minutes ago13:41
vibhavAlanBell: Just got approved. Ii think I need to wait to get added to the team13:41
AlanBellah right13:41
smartboyhwAlanBell, http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-11-21-12.02.moin.txt13:41
vibhavsmartboyhw: thanks!13:41
AlanBellin that case, congratulations and give us a shout when you get added by the membership board13:41
vibhavsure, thanks13:41
* smartboyhw trys to say it's not "board";P13:42
mitya57AlanBell: are you able to add a cloak? I requested one yesterday, but it seems I've been forgotten about...13:42
AlanBellmitya57: not forgotten, but you were not here when someone got round to sorting it out :)13:43
mitya57I'm not able to be here for long periods of time :(13:43
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AlanBellthat is fine13:44
vibhavPricey: pm?13:44
Priceyvibhav: Sure.13:44
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/mitya57 cloak please13:44
PriceyAlanBell: On who?13:44
AlanBellon mitya5713:44
AlanBelland an ubuntu/member/vibhav cloak for vibhav please13:45
mitya57should cloak names match launchpad ids?13:46
vibhavI think they shoud match your nic13:46
mitya57ah, ok13:46
AlanBellyeah, nickserv account, which is normally the same as your nick, and quite often the same as launchpad13:48
AlanBelland your nick should be listed on your launchpad page so we can associate the two later without too much trouble13:49
PriceyAlanBell: Both done, hoping they look ok?13:49
AlanBelllook great, thanks Pricey13:49
mitya57wow, it works! thanks a lot!13:49
Priceymitya57: vibhav: As always, remember to identify before joining channels! Use sasl, cerftp, server passwords (ask me for the format) or a nickserv login script... in roughly that order of preference :)13:51
Tm_Tvibhav: who are you and what did you do to vibhav?13:52
mitya57is specifying a nickserv password in xchat settings fine?13:52
vibhavTm_T: :D13:52
Priceymitya57: Count that as a "nickserv login script" in my order of preference above :p13:52
Tm_TPricey: danke sehr13:53
vibhavPricey: How do I enable sasl?13:53
* mitya57 will now set a server password then13:53
Priceyvibhav: Check out https://freenode.net/sasl/13:53
Priceymitya57: Use the form "nickname:password" without quotes.13:53
Priceymitya57: That'll ensure you identify to the correct account regardless of what nick you connect with.13:54
mitya57I know that :)13:54
PriceySorry, "accountname:password"13:54
vibhavPricey: I connect via ZNC.13:54
vibhavSo no connects or disconnects13:55
Priceyvibhav: You can get ZNC (versions >= 0.208) to use sasl when connecting to freenode. See the link :)13:55
mitya57seems working now, thanks again13:58
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HaffeHi. I was looking into turning a Odroid-X or similar into a PVR. Is it somehow possible to get dvb usb-tuners to work under arm ubuntu?17:21
k1l_Haffe: this is not a technical support channel. better try #ubuntu for that issue or #ubuntu-arm while this is more arm related17:22
k1l_no problem17:22
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ZicHi, I just expired yesterday from Launchpad ~ubuntu-irc-members, can someone reapprove me or it's lost?20:06
Tm_TZic: launchpad account?20:07
Tm_TZic: aah, found ya20:09
Zic~zic, simply :)20:10
ZicTm_T: thanks a lot20:10

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