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janimoapw, are there any scripts or docs to help me get started with a config syncup for the nexus7? I am hoping there is a cleverer way than going through the file line by line11:54
apwjanimo, what are you going to sync it to, its a completely different version11:59
janimoapw, I was hoping to get an answer to that to :)11:59
apwjanimo, but in answer, there are scripts to compare configs indeed and highlight relevant changes; if you have something to compare to11:59
janimowould a 3.1 based previous Ubuntu mainline kernel be much different from Raring's?11:59
apwjanimo, we use them for our cycle configuration reviews12:00
apwjanimo, yeah, tons different12:00
apwthey change configuration options all the time12:00
apwi guess you should compare to 3.2 as that is at least close, but that is before we did a lot of the harmonisation work12:00
janimoso mostly name changes but in spirit our configs are similar across relelases?12:00
janimoI feel this harmonisation will be painful12:01
apwin spirit yes, in implementation less so, it has taken us 4-5 cycles to get our configs in good order12:01
apwjanimo, though i think if i was doing it i would only be caring about the common options12:02
janimosomething I hope can be leveraged fir the nexus7 task as I don't think we want to spend quite so much time on it12:02
janimoapw, common as in those kept in ubuntu.config.common?12:02
apwjanimo, no, as in those pulled out as particularly interesting in the config review: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/configs/raring/reviews/UDS.html12:02
janimoI was thinking if we had some higer level description like : LXC support, Overlay support, All Webcams Ever, etc. Which would then be used as a source to generate actual config options for various kernels12:03
janimodoes that sound implausible?12:03
apwwe do not have that12:03
apwwe have some slightly lower level rules12:03
ogra-cb_hmm, did we update the nexus kernel to something newer ?12:04
janimowould that be something worth having or it was considered and abandoned?12:04
janimoogra-cb_, 4.2 android branch12:04
ogra-cb_there seem to be tons of issues with the latest kernel12:04
janimortg did it12:04
ogra-cb_under android that is 12:04
apwwe are working towards that, but we do not have it yet12:04
apwwe have components of it, but its not in any useful form you can apply to a system12:05
ogra-cb_(draining your battery fast, several kernel oppses etc)12:05
apwogra-cb_, sounds awsome12:05
janimoogra-cb_, you mean Android 4.2 on the nexus has issues because of the new kernel?12:05
ogra-cb_well, it has issues12:05
ogra-cb_and if there are ioopses i would blame the kernel, yeah12:05
janimothere were very few changes in the kernel - not that they could not be invasive12:06
ogra-cb_well, i guess we'll see12:06
apwogra-cb_, is that with the android build, or with ours12:06
ogra-cb_but a battery life cut in half sounds a bit scary12:06
janimoogra-cb_, well userland or firmware can cause oopses no?12:06
apwjanimo, anyhow if you get me a config i can get a basic report done for it12:07
janimoif it manifests on the ubuntu images we should worry I agree12:07
ogra-cb_apw, android kernel under android 4.2, the google error tracker is ful of nexus7 and 10 probs 12:07
ogra-cb_i guess a lot are userspace as well12:07
apwogra-cb_, nasty nasty12:07
janimoapw, so if I get you a config file (the current say) you can make a report highlighting what may need to be added?12:07
apwi can make a report, we can then see if it is useful12:07
ogra-cb_well, i just flashed mz first raring image to the nexus7, lets see if the even boots at all12:07
janimoogra-cb_, since nexus 10 is a different SoC it may indeed be userland12:07
ogra-cb_janimo, yeah, thats why i mentioned that12:08
janimoapw, thanks, I'll paste you a config shortly12:08
ogra-cb_it boots !12:08
* ogra-cb_ is in initrd, tarball is being verified12:08
ogra-cb_heh, and flashing from the chromebook is possible :)12:09
janimoapw this is the current config http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-nexus7.git;a=blob_plain;f=debian.linaro/config/config.common.ubuntu;h=b4f6b5b5cbf53b8188bb90c3c0d5cceff79362c4;hb=HEAD12:25
apwsmb, cking, ogasawara, a new toy for you: https://launchpad.net/~/+upcomingwork12:44
apwa _live_ indication of your milestoned workitems and bugs12:45
ckingnice, that's more helpful than burndowns12:45
smbapw, Damn, that is too useful and makes it kind of hard to claim one did not know...12:45
apwthe only wrinkle is blueprings need to be milestoned correctly for it to show them12:46
apwi am working through ours now to fix them12:46
cking+1 for apw12:46
apwcking, ok your list looks much less well :)13:01
ckingmuch less?13:01
apwyou have a lot more stuff now13:01
ckingsad trombone sound applies13:02
janimoapw, is the link I pasted enough?13:02
apwjanimo, i will sort it out13:02
janimook thanks13:03
apwogasawara, oh and for you as owner of blueprints see all of the work items you are responsible for even if you arn't the assignee, nice13:30
Kanohi, why is kernel-wedge not in sync with sid for raring?13:45
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Kanoi thought you rebase the system every 6 month on sid13:46
ogra-cb_janimo, apw, FYI the nexus kernel from teh archive works fine 13:47
apwogra-cb_, heh ... thats something13:47
apwKano, things which have delta do not automatically sync13:48
ogra-cb_if only userspace would be so well too 13:48
Kanoapw: then do it manually13:48
Kanoits boring to do that everytime on my own13:48
apwor perhaps as it does what i need as it is i could not do it13:49
Kanoit is bad when the version is lower than sid13:49
Kanoand you do not even provide a patch file as it is a native package13:50
Kanoubuntu patches are often down in a very stupid way13:51
Kanoeverything in diff13:51
Kanowell in that case there is not even a diff13:51
Kanoefibootmgr is patched without quilt13:51
ckingis that "do it manually so my distro can benefit too" kinda plea?13:52
Kanono good maintainer would do that13:52
apwfor a native package like that the archive versions are the version control13:53
Kanoand for efibootmgr?13:54
apwefibootmgr only exists in debian because someone in ubuntu actually maintains it there13:56
Kanosure and without ubuntu debian would not exist13:56
Kanoor what13:57
apwmy point was more that the delta is minor and to do with the fact that we maintain it there too13:57
apwso every debian derivative benefit13:57
apwmy point was only that we do what we can to keep debian as the gold standard13:57
apwand only carry delta like that when we need to to not affect debian13:57
apwand i am struggling to find your point13:58
Kanousally the point is to make changes upstream which fix things13:58
apwright but efibootmgr is different cause we do not have the same list of architecture13:58
Kanodebian never had lpia13:59
Kanowhat you changed is pure ubuntu specific14:00
apwwell all i can say is the two packages you picked out have very active debian centric people as their maintainers14:00
Kanoso active that no patch is in debian14:01
apwfor those two packages maybe, but for the 100s of others i can assure you there ar14:02
apware, your presumption that we don't care about debian is plain unreasonable14:02
apwthe delts in kernel-wedge is a kernel related issue whering our useage and theirs does not match14:02
apwas we have differnet kernels, it is not upstreamable14:03
Kanothe -w fix is for upstream14:03
Kanoand should not be in a diff14:03
Kanowhy is there no ubuntu git shown?14:05
apwwe don't mantain the delta in version control perhaps14:06
hertonapw, can bug 1075181 can be marked verified for linux-lts-quantal? Just want to make sure the precise package was tested14:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 1075181 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) "Backport UEFI Secure Boot support for Ubuntu 12.04.2" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107518114:42
herton*precise proposed package14:42
* herton -> lunch15:12
hggdhinfinity: panda tests in progress (one done); armada depends on a bit of hacking, still looking at all the data rbasak gave me16:01
ogasawarartg: heading in now16:13
apwogasawara, rtg, heads up for the next upload, kernel-wedge has been updated -- should be benign but you never know16:59
ogasawaraapw: ack16:59
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rtgapw, I upgraded the raring chroots on gomeisa and tangerine. I noticed that kernel-wedge is still the same version as quantal. still building ?17:23
apwrtg, still briney-ing17:26
rtgapw, ah17:27
apwrtg, ogasawara, that reminds me, i have pushed the first stage of the autopkgtest tests we have been asked for by pitti17:39
rtgapw, saw that17:40
rtgapw, I'm still busily ripping out duplicate firmware17:41
apwrtg, i am loving that17:41
apwrtg, i see a heap of it is hitting mainline too, nice17:41
rtgapw, there was a surprising amount of resistance to some of those patches. go figure.17:42
apwrtg its most perlexing and no mistake17:48
* apw moans about the publisher taking _ages_ todayu18:38
apwrtg, ogasawara, ok i have just built some kernels with the new kernel-wedge, they look within the noise the same to me20:56
ogasawaraapw: ack, thanks21:07
apwrtg, ogasawara, ok just tested overlayfs and aufs on the 3.7.0-3 kernel (amd64 and i386) and all is well21:20
rtgapw, ack21:21
infinityWhoever owns /home/kernel/kteam-bugs/code/reports/auto-reports-mako on lillypilly, it desperately needs locking.  There are a dozen copies running right now.22:29
infinityherton: ^-- That something you know about?22:30
bryceinfinity, maybe brad or bdmurray?22:31
infinitybryce: I see no brad, and bdmurray isn't kernel.22:32
hertoninfinity, sorry, I don't know about this one22:50
sconklininfinity: looking. It's brad's but he's on the road, I should have perms to deal with it22:54
sconklinsomeone most have already killed them22:55
sconklininfinity, herton: I see nothing the the logs indicating a problem, and only two copies running (which is still a problem). I'm going to just remove it from the crontab and email brad, as I'm about to bail for the holiday. Probably no one will notice if it doesn't regenerate bug reports until Monday, and Brad may get to it before then22:59
hertonsconklin, ack23:00
infinitysconklin: Thanks.  I suspect a bit of trivial locking wouldn't be hard.  Or one could ask IS to install run-one on lillypilly, and wrap it with that.23:01
sconklininfinity: agreed What I suspect happened is that it runs every half hour, and it just reached a runtime of over that.23:02
infinitysconklin: Well, the desktop team had a script throwing the machine into swap death, so it handily exposed everyone else who had scripts that failed to lock. ;)23:02
sconklinhaha, ok23:02

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