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ruben231hi guys i have Temporary failure resolving ‘gb.archive.ubuntu.com’ <-----------on my ubuntu server 12.04 LTS- any idea please00:27
sarnoldhrm, from two hosts I have easy access to, I get six ipv4 addresses and one ipv6 address..00:30
ruben231hi guys where do i configure00:34
ruben231the nameserver for 12.04 LTS..?00:35
sarnoldruben231: /etc/resolv.conf or the resolvconf stuff if you're using resolvconf...00:38
ruben231sarnold: i see resolvconf and under resolv.conf.d and i edit base but when done it still empty and tried apt-get update i get temporarly failure00:40
ruben231sarnold:..? any idea please00:43
sarnoldruben231: you probably have to kick off a run of resolvconf to get it to propagate those changes to /etc/resolv.conf -- i'd just manually add those to /etc/resolv.conf too00:43
ruben231sarnold: resolv.conf - says------------------> # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)#     DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN00:51
sarnoldyeah, well, you made the chances to resolvconf to ensure that it'll be overwritten with the right data when that eventually happens00:52
ruben231so i cannot edit from there00:52
sarnoldin the meantime you might as well fix the problem directly. :)00:52
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lvmerDoes someone have an example file: $ /etc/pastebin.d  ? I'd like to change a few default settings like author / website / etc. & it appears I can do it in the global file, but I'd like to know the /etc/ file.02:35
lvmer/etc/pastebinit.d   **02:36
lvmernvm it appears to be like html code02:42
hilarieOkay, could someone point me in the right direction? I setup 12.10 server, have eth0 as external, eth1 as internal, installed webmin. managed to get squid going, which is how I was able to get here... I can ping eth0 eth1, and the modem from my netbook, but not an outside ip address03:03
hilarieI can't figure out how to make it a gateway03:03
hilarieAny idea where to look?03:10
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.03:43
ScottKqman__: It's not a webmin question.03:44
jotterbot1234Hey guys, can someone look at my error I posted on server fault?03:44
qman__ScottK, doesn't make it any less relevant or true03:46
ScottKqman__: It's completely orthogonal to the question.03:47
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pmatulishilarie: what address are you trying to ping?03:55
hilarieI found a tutorial04:01
qman__that tutorial does not apply to ubuntu04:06
qman__it's redhat-based04:06
qman__at least, the configs at the top04:06
qman__and from the comments it's apparently very bad, I only skimmed it04:09
fleishjotterbot1234: why are you trying to put 2 addresses on the same subnet split across 2 physical interfaces? I can't imagine that's going to work04:09
qman__yeah, that's not going to work04:10
qman__you need to bridge or bond instead04:10
fleishcan someone help me translate this EDAC info into a which DIMM is actually reporting errors? EDAC MC1: CE row 1, channel 0, label "CPU#1Channel#0_DIMM#1": Corrected error (Socket=1 channel=0 dimm=1) ... my manual/board labels the  DIMMs P1_DIMM{1,2,3}{A,B,C} & P0_DIMM{1,2,3}{A,B,C}04:11
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bearly230Hey all, looking for a good walk through for turning 12.04 lts server into an Internet router. Any suggestions?04:48
patdk-lapinstall bare minimal install04:50
patdk-lapinstall quagga04:50
patdk-lapmaybe install the bridge/vlan packages?04:51
lvmerdns too?04:51
patdk-laphe said router04:51
patdk-laprouter != dns04:51
lvmeryah probably not worth it to cache stuff04:51
patdk-lapa router shouldn't cache anything04:51
patdk-lapit routes ip level traffic :)04:51
lvmerI'm not talking about the router :/04:52
patdk-lapor do you mean one of them home router/firewall/accesspoint devices?04:52
bearly230Home router local dns etc05:12
lvmerty for clarifying I didn't feel like explaining it lol05:20
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alex88hi guys, I need the libtiff5 package in ubuntu 12.0411:47
alex88is that available somewhere?11:47
Kartagisapt-get install libtiff511:51
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b0otcan someone recommend what they feel is the best distributed chat program with great clustering ability?14:14
stgraberjjohansen: hey, can you take a look at the last comment on bug 969299?14:21
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 969299 in apparmor "apparmor prevents dpkg-divert and localedef from working in a container" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96929914:21
stgraberhallyn: ^14:21
Davieyjamespage: do you have views on rsyslog from experimental ?14:24
jamespageDaviey, I think if we want it do it now14:26
jamespagesounds like it could be quite wide impacting in terms of change14:27
jamespageDaviey, and I think its probably a good idea - sounds like it has some nice new features...14:27
Davieyjamespage: 5.x -> 7.x14:28
koolhead17hola zul14:28
jamespageDaviey, yep14:28
hallynstgraber: drat14:29
zulkoolhead17: hi14:30
koolhead17zul: how have you been sir?14:31
zulkoolhead17: busy you?14:32
koolhead17zul: same this side sir!!14:33
roaksoaxhaha :)14:34
* koolhead17 gives hi5 to roaksoax 14:38
* koolhead17 wondering if smoser `s work on zulfan site is still on14:38
roaksoaxkoolhead17: o/14:41
alex88koolhead17, oh, same here? :)14:42
alex88btw, is normal that using md + high I/O creates an high load?14:42
hallynstgraber: but why is localdef running under lxc-start profile, not container profile?14:43
stgraberhallyn: no idea :)14:47
koolhead17alex88: :)14:47
hallynhm, no utlemming :(15:12
hggdhrbasak: there? Question on armadaxp15:16
rbasakhggdh: go ahead15:34
hggdhrbasak: I am trying to automate installations on the armada, and found that I have to pre-set some env variables, and call pxe manually. This sort of breaks automation15:37
rbasakhggdh: we have an expect script that does it15:38
hggdhrbasak: ah15:38
hggdhrbasak: can I have it also?15:38
rbasakhggdh: pandakit supports arbitrary expect scripts :)15:38
hggdhrbasak: so I could get it installed on magners, and use it?15:39
rbasakhggdh: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~racb/junk/pandakit/view/head:/armadaxp.expect15:39
bitfury_hello, I compiled OpenSSL from source but would like to remove it now. I still have the source directory but when I try 'make uninstall' it gives me *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.15:40
hggdhrbasak: yeah. Do you have a package for PK?15:40
eagles0513875hey guys does anyone have any good documentation to setup postfix + dovecot on a server for multiple domains?15:41
rbasakhggdh: you should be able to build one out of that junk directory. There's a debian/ directory in there already.15:42
rbasakhggdh: it does depend on cobbler still though. I never spent the time to remove that dependency. So it should probably go on a separate machine so that pandakit can own the cobbler installation.15:43
hggdhrbasak: OK, will do. My setup also has issues with cobbler, so no biggie, I think. Thank you, and if I get stuck can I call you?15:44
rbasakhggdh: sure15:44
rbasakhggdh: sorry it's not better maintained. You know my reasons!15:44
hggdhrbasak: indeed I do :-)15:45
eagles0513875hey rbasak  :)15:45
rbasakeagles0513875: erm, hello. Have we met?15:46
eagles0513875no but you are the only one alive in the channel atm lol15:46
eagles0513875rbasak: do you know of any good documentation in regards to setting up a server with multiple domains for emails using postfix + dovecot15:53
* hggdh builds a PK...15:58
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eagles0513875hggdh: ?16:01
hggdheagles0513875: sorry, I do not use postfix or dovecot16:01
* hggdh has not had a local email domain for ages...16:02
eagles0513875i wasn't putting the ? for that but you building a pk16:02
eagles0513875i can get them setup for a single domain16:02
eagles0513875but not multiple domains16:02
hggdheagles0513875: a special test package for something I have to do, quite arcane, sorry16:03
eagles0513875its ok16:03
eagles0513875wish i could get my hands dirty with packaging would be able to package newer versions of stuff for my servers and patching things i still have tons to learn16:03
ikoniaeagles0513875: why are you STILL trying to run before you can walk16:05
eagles0513875I'm not I'm just saying is all16:06
ikoniait's so tedious to see you ask for yet ANOTHER guide on how to setup postfix/dovecot with multiple domains16:06
ikoniayou say you've done this many times and it's not a problem16:06
eagles0513875i have setup single domains just fine16:06
eagles0513875never setup multiple domains16:06
eagles0513875this is for a client16:07
ikoniaooh there we go16:07
streulmaeagles0514875: I use postfix, dovecot, mysql, postfixadmin and roundcube :)16:07
* eagles0513875 goes back to googling16:07
ikoniaanother paid for client where you have promised stuff you can't do and now expect the IRC community do it for you again16:07
urthmoverHow do I best test the read/write reliability of a questionable hard disk?  I have created a 1.3TB file using dd almost filling the drive.  Now I'm dd if=bigfile of=/dev/null in  hopes that I'll get some console output if it fails to read.  Is my approach to this effective and/or  valid?16:07
urthmoversmartctl short and long tests are ok....but about 3000 hours ago  the y smartctl used to fail16:08
rbasakurthmover: look into the badblocks and dd_rescue commands. Probably the former is more useful for you.16:08
rbasakI've had lots of drives fail that smart says nothing about16:08
ilivmotd says there are 10 packages to be upgraded, when I run apt-get -s upgrade to see what those packages are some of them are being held back. I need those held back package to appear as Inst ready for scripting purposes. I know apt-check somehow does that, but after readying the corresponind ...16:09
urthmoverah ok I forgot about those commands... I'll try them...and thanks for sharing about your smart experience16:09
iliv... python script I'm still clueless (python is all Greek to me). Tips?16:09
rbasakiliv: have you tried dist-upgrade?16:09
ranjanHi all anyone who have tried Ubuntu Cloud Live?16:09
ilivrbasak, no, I haven't16:09
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Raziquehey there :)16:18
ilivupdate-mot.d related question, distro version 12.04.1, motd doesn't say anything about available updates, whether normal or security, only states that the system needs to be restarted, but I can see with apt-get that there are 13 upgrades available. Why is that information not in motd message?16:37
* iliv is looking at checkrestart and shakes his head16:46
ilivthat thing isn't realiable at all16:46
ilivunless you run it in verbose mode and read the output very closely16:46
ilivdpkg: /var/lib/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_xlog/000000010000000100000072 (deleted) not found.16:47
iliva reason to restart postgresql? really?16:47
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zuljamespage: whee http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375343/18:06
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lvmerI've got a minor samba problem with my smb.conf ... I'm having trouble accessing a directory with 'spaces'. Write-able shared folder is at bottom: here is entire smb.conf: http://paste.kde.org/61236818:54
lvmerctrl+f  for : addfileshere18:54
lvmeror:  'comment = add files here'    to find it faster18:54
lvmerI should've just posted my problem:   path = /mnt/lv1/public/pictures\ \&\ videos/organize        $ instead of the whole file.18:55
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RoyKlvmer: add quotes around it18:56
* lvmer is stuck with spaces 'path-name-spaces'18:56
lvmerroyk: ty will do18:56
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lvmerroyk: no dice18:58
lvmerroyk: error: probably misspelled file name     (is returned to me)18:58
RoyKlvmer: don't escape the path inside the quotes18:58
lvmer "path = /mnt/lv1/public/pictures\ \&\ videos/organize"18:59
lvmerfolder no longer shows up in win7 explore18:59
lvmero I should probably take out the back slashes... wow I'm an idiot19:01
sarnold.. and move the " a bit19:01
sarnoldpath = "/ugly/ path here"19:02
lvmersarnold: yah... I was just attempting to not escape the path for a 2nd test19:02
lvmerroyk: works perfect now, thanks for the help.19:02
lvmersarnold: works :)19:02
sarnoldwoo :)19:03
* lvmer shall prefect user = security someday, but for now he is off to hang a 7ft tall christmas star 100ft up in a Poplar tree in his backyard. :) 19:03
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mikeeyI may just be stupid, but how do I get the messages telling me about updating in my MOTD in ssh?19:11
mikeeyTalking about these messages: http://puu.sh/1sLmI/11226059e9a50a0ab2438d96c848434819:12
mikeeyIt seems to work on some servers, but not on all the ones I'm administering19:12
sarnoldmikeey: I believe that message is added by one of the landscape packages..19:14
sarnoldI've seen a similar, less informative, message on my non-landscape systems; I think it's handled via update-motd(5)19:15
mikeeyah found it19:20
mikeeyits handled by the update-notifier-common package19:20
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sarnoldmikeey: thanks :)19:24
mikeeyalso if you want the sysinfo sarnold, you install landscape-common I think it was19:28
sarnoldmikeey: thanks ;) I always like getting answers about what worked19:37
mikeeyay. i've been looking for a solution for this problem for a long time now19:37
mikeeyso finally sorted it :)=19:37
zuladam_g:  for cloud-archive update http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375578/19:46
adam_gzul: ah, cool! lgtm19:50
zuladam_g: next http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375636/20:09
adam_gzul: looks good20:17
zuladam_g: finally http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375674/20:27
adam_gzul: what about "Security fix for the Ubuntu Cloud Archive" ?20:30
zuladam_g: ill fix that up and upload20:33
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stgraberhighvoltage, hallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375746/21:04
highvoltagestgraber: nice21:06
highvoltageipv6 won't fit in that small field though :)21:06
highvoltage(I guess it expands or something)21:06
ajmitchlooks nice :)21:06
stgraberhighvoltage: it expands21:07
stgraberhalf the code I have in the script is to figure out the column width :)21:07
hallynnice :)21:08
hallynall right i've now wasted an hour or two messing around with pkg version numbers.  driving me up the wall.21:08
hallyni was sure z would be > -.  but nope.21:08
Davieyroaksoax: did you see MAAS failed to migrate to release pocket?21:31
Davieyauto package test failed21:31
* roaksoax looks21:33
roaksoaxDaviey: can't find it, can you provide link please?21:34
Davieyroaksoax: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Raring/view/AutoPkgTest/job/raring-adt-maas/lastFailedBuild/ARCH=amd64,label=albali/console21:34
tonyyarussoHi, I'm having some trouble with my SSH config and DNS search domains.  I'm trying to put public keys in different known_hosts files for certain domains so that if I have to delete one and start over I don't lose them for other domains.  So, I'm using for instance a "Host *.ties2.net" declaration, with "UserKnownHostsFile ~/.ssh/known_hosts.ties2.net".  However, I also have ties2.net set as a DNS search domain, so when I just do ...21:35
tonyyarusso... 'ssh aurora', DNS properly resolves it as aurora.ties2.net, but SSH sees the host as just being 'aurora', and doesn't honor the separate known_hosts file.  Thoughts?21:35
roaksoaxDaviey: seems apache2 issue: apache2: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for autopkgtest21:36
roaksoaxDaviey: related to ServerName21:36
sarnoldtonyyarusso: if it were me, I'd probably remove the dns search domains and rely upon tab completion in bash to fill in the full hostnames21:37
tonyyarussosarnold: How would I set up bash to do that?21:37
tonyyarussosarnold: (Note:  There are several domains here - one of the issues is I don't want to remember whether a host is on ties2.net, 1667-hq.ties2.net, or me.ties2.net, for example.)21:38
sarnoldtonyyarusso: funny thing is, bash just 'knows' all my hostnames, I didn't have to go any lengths to teach it...21:39
Davieyroaksoax: erm21:40
sarnoldtonyyarusso: the place to start looking for that, if it doesn't already work, is perhaps /etc/bash_completion.d/ssh, 'shopt -u hostcomplete && complete -F _ssh ssh slogin autossh'21:40
Davieyroaksoax: Setting up tgt (1:1.0.17-1ubuntu3) ...21:40
Davieystart: Job failed to start21:40
Davieyinvoke-rc.d: initscript tgt, action "start" failed.21:40
Davieyroaksoax: I'm pretty sure the apache thing is a noisey warning.21:41
roaksoaxDaviey: ack, I'll look into that21:45
roaksoaxDaviey: is it possible to get access to the machine where that test happened?21:46
Davieyroaksoax: you should be able to reproduce locally?21:49
Davieyroaksoax: run-adt-test -s maas21:50
roaksoaxDaviey: that's what i'm doing21:50
Davieyroaksoax: hmm21:51
Davieyzul: can nova-compute-xen switch to the xen metapackage, rather than the versioned one please?21:52
zulDaviey: did it yesterday21:52
Daviey(raring bumped the minor version number, but for consistency (and backportability)), we should use the metapackage for xen21:52
Davieyzul: thanks! :)21:52
DavieySeems you chaps are way ahead of me, i might aswell go home21:53
zulsounds like a plan21:55
zulback later21:56
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roaksoaxDaviey: so I have just installed raring, and i don't see the issue22:21
roaksoaxDaviey: seems to only be on the jenkings instance22:21
roaksoaxDaviey: i' wondering if this relates to what i'm seeing with rabbitmq on canonistack too22:21
roaksoaxwhich sometimes simply fails to start22:21
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tjaaltonanyone here running cobbler on quantal?22:24
tjaaltonthought so, since it doesn't work :)22:27
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tjaaltongot cobbler working on quantal, filing SRU22:56
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tjaaltonnope, CSRF error after login.. sigh23:24
* lvmer wonders if sarnold is here.23:44
sarnoldhey lvmer :)23:45
lvmergot another question xD23:45
lvmerhow do I get smb.conf to show capitals in windows explore folder name?  ie: http://paste.kde.org/612554/23:45
sarnoldlvmer: rename the directory to have capital letters?23:46
lvmershows up as 'add--files--here'   but if I use quotes it doesn't work xD23:46
lvmerdirectory = capitals?23:46
lvmerfolder name in windows explore... except it's lowercase :/ xD23:47
sarnoldHow about just [Add Files Here]?23:47
lvmerthat works23:47
lvmershows up as 'Add Files Here'23:47
lvmerbut when I turn it all caps - it goes lowercase xD23:47
lvmernot a big deal lol if this is blasting your mind23:48
sarnoldI bet that's to work around HORRI.BLE old DOS.23:48
lvmerI bet. xD23:48
* lvmer shall brb to take pictures of giant light star23:50
janet_Any body home23:56
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