mhall119sweet, we got a G+ vanity URL: google.com/+UbuntuTV03:37
mhall119http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/20/3670940/michael-powell-fcc-chariman-cable-companies-mercy-contet you guys mind find that article interesting04:02
tgm4883mhall119, what does it take to get one of those?04:14
tgm4883verified status?04:14
mhall119tgm4883: I don't know, I just got an email from Google saying it was available and pre-approveed for the UbuntuTV page04:28
mhall119all I had to do was accept it04:28
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bobweaverer I got called into work again =( looks like I am going to have to push back code until friday or sat that is if I do not get called in again17:40
mhall119bobweaver: no worries, enjoy some holiday time and come back refreshed on Monday17:44
bobweaverwhat do you all think to the point enough ?    http://imagebin.org/23672218:20
tgm4883looks good18:22
* bobweaver is thinking about calling in sick today 18:24
bobweaverI dont feel like ripping up a bunch of marley18:24
mhall119bobweaver: nice warning19:49
mhall119tgm4883: does Myth have any way of suggesting things to watch based on past viewing?19:49
mhall119even if it's just something else in you database19:49
tgm4883mhall119, yes/no19:50
tgm4883mhall119, there is a watched list19:50
tgm4883err, watch list19:51
mhall119tgm4883: does it record a history of watching activity?19:51
tgm4883which is an ordered list of things you should watch, based on your previous viewing habits (eg. How long after something was recorded that you watched it)19:51
mhall119ah, ok19:51
tgm4883mhall119, outside of that, mythtv has plugin support. There is a plugin for an older version of mythtv called mythmagic19:52
tgm4883I've not used it, but it's a recommendation engine19:52
tgm4883it's for mythtv 0.25, and apparently the author doesn't feel the need to update it for future versions. IDK what work would be required to do so19:53
mhall119so something I'd like us to think about is how to provide the following experience:19:54
mhall119The user turns on the TV, and it is immediately showing something of interest to them, at such a point into the program that they can decide if they want to watch it or watch something else (if they want to watch it, obviously we can let them start from the beginning)19:55
tgm4883spoiler alert?19:55
mhall119not a tip priority, but keep it in the back of your mind, because I think that would set us apart from other smart TV offerings19:55
* bobweaver calls in sick 19:55
mhall119tgm4883: maybe, but only if they watch too much before deciding19:56
tgm4883mhall119, theres two issues with that I see19:56
tgm48831) you'll need a way to figure out what they want to see for future programs19:56
tgm48832) you'll need to dedicated a tuner for that19:56
tgm4883mhall119, unless you are specifically talking about already recorded content19:57
mhall119tgm4883: I'm talking about already recorded19:57
tgm4883ok, so where does " at such a point into the program that they can decide if they want to watch it" come into it?19:58
tgm4883if it's already recorded, why start in the middle when they turn on the TV?19:58
tgm4883just to give the illusion of livetv?19:58
mhall119tgm4883: for most stuff, there's nothing at all worth watching in the first couple minutes, nothing to let the person decide "Yeah, that looks interesting"20:00
mhall119so not so much to give the illusion of livetv, but to give the same decision-making ability/experience as livetv20:00
tgm4883I'm not a fan of live TV ;)20:00
tgm4883I see two ways of handling this20:01
tgm48831) we start playing the top of the watch list at 1.5 minutes into the show20:01
tgm48832) we popup a preview with a screenshot 1.5 minutes in (or use trailer playback for video) with episode info20:02
mhall119I like #120:03
tgm4883mhall119, 3rd issue, this is only going to work for people with HDMI/Display Port20:03
tgm4883otherwise how do we detect the tv is turned on?20:03
mhall119though instead of a fixed time, maybe a % time, since a 2-hour movie generally has a longer lead in than a 30 minute program20:03
tgm48832% then20:03
mhall119tgm4883: when I said "TV" I really meant "Device running UbuntuTV"20:03
tgm4883this may only reliably work in the US20:04
mhall119why is that?20:04
tgm4883mhall119, ask Australians how on time their TV shows are20:05
mhall119why, do they get theirs on time? Because we don't20:05
tgm4883mhall119, they sometimes have to buffer shows to start/end +/- 15 minutes20:05
mhall119yeah, I've seen a bunch of DVRs in the US do the same20:06
mhall119though usualy only +/- 5 minutes, not 1520:06
tgm4883mhall119, actually ours is pretty good if you have good guide data20:06
bobweavertgm4883,  I was just thinking of something. has to do with other langs  say that I am german and I need german xml is the tags in  english still ?20:06
tgm4883looking in the guide, shows don't start on the hour/half hour, they are listed as when they start (eg. 8:03 PM)20:07
tgm4883bobweaver, I believe the tags are in english still, but I'm not going to be parsing XML anymore20:07
tgm4883I just learned that the services API will return JSON20:07
tgm4883which i've not worked with, but am told it's much easier to work with in python20:07
tgm4883(eg. it makes lists and dicts for me)20:08
tgm4883but IIRC, yea it should be fine in other languages20:08
tgm4883mhall119, IMO, file a wishlist bug. That sounds like the proper place for things we aren't currently working on20:09
mhall119tgm4883: yeah, JSON is easy in python20:11
bobweaverwhatever's clever20:12
bobweaveras long as you can pass data in the lens and scope20:12
bobweaverRight now I am trying to get raring going but lets just say that things are though ;)20:13
bobweaverI need more ram !20:15
bobweaver4 gigs is not cutting it for the work that I am doing20:15
mhall119bobweaver: just so you know, I'm still working on getting information about being able to pass more data between scopes and the dash, it looks like they're already planning on something that should work for us20:16
bobweaversweet !20:17
bobweaverGezz after 7 builds of Unity 2d I finally realized that I am spelling sensors wrong !20:20
bobweaversensor vs sensors20:21
mhall119another interesting article: http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/12/3633984/future-of-tv-over-the-top20:25
bobweaverOk I think that MockUP PPA is done I need to test But I *think* that it is done22:04
bobweaverpackages are still building on LP22:05

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