skulltipis unity 2d going away?02:23
dufluskulltip: I think you will find Unity2D will always be an installable package just as Gnome is. However starting in Ubuntu 12.10 it is not installed by default.03:33
dufluAlso, Unity2D is not being enhanced any more. Only some bug fixes.03:34
dufluOops, too late03:34
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timetopatHello all.  Yesterday I asked a question about ubuntu and nux.  I left abruptly due to class at my university.  I wanted to apologize to those who might have answered the question.  And if possible restate what was said.12:49
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mhr3Trevinho, larsu, btw i was thinking that it might be good idea to break some parts of libunity api, particularly the launcher stuff, i'd really want to get rid of dbusmenu, thoughts?13:10
larsumhr3, \o/13:11
larsumhr3, really, the launcher stuff should be in GApplication (I think desrt has already ideas for that)13:12
mhr3was also thinking that some G* api would be better for it13:12
mhr3but i just want to get rid of DbusMenu for now :)13:13
larsuis there a reason why the right click menu on the launcher is separate from GtkApplication's appmenu?13:13
larsu(other than historical)13:13
mhr3none that i'm aware of13:14
larsuoh wait: it pulls its actions from the desktop file so that they're available when the app is not running13:14
mhr3still, perhaps they should be just appended13:15
Trevinhomhr3: agree13:16
Trevinhomhr3: I'm available for doing the launcher part, if you want13:16
mhr3Trevinho, cool, atm i'm mostly interested whether there's will to get rid of it13:17
mhr3and it seems there is13:17
Trevinhomhr3: yeah... of course... I'm always ok to move to more standard things, when thei're available13:17
seb128larsu, mhr3, Trevinho: yeah, don't forget about the .desktop action group stuff for the launcher lists13:18
seb128those menus are different from appmenus13:18
larsuseb128, right - the question is if you want to merge them when an app is running (by appending for example)13:19
mhr3yes, but unity does that directly13:19
larsumhr3, how does it work now? Do the dynamic menus replace the actions from the desktop file?13:19
seb128they are both listed iirc13:19
mhr3larsu, i think they'd be just appended13:19
mhr3but is anyone using it even? :)13:19
seb128mhr3, using what?13:20
Trevinhoseb128: yeah, these are handled by libindicator...13:20
mhr3seb128, dynamic menus13:20
larsuI don't know, if not I'd be in favor of removing dynamic menus altogether13:20
larsuthat's what I did in messaging menu, much simpler that way!13:20
seb128update-manager has stuff like "update index" and "install upgrades" when running13:20
larsuand gets people to port to single-instance app (except for seb128 :P)13:20
mhr3not surprising that removing functionality makes stuff simpler :)13:20
larsumy point is that no functionality got removed13:21
larsuit's all expressable in desktop actions if you have a single instance application13:21
seb128larsu, no, nautilus has e.g bookmarks in there13:21
mhr3ah, ok13:21
seb128that's a dynamic list13:21
larsuseb128, right, those wouldn't work13:21
seb128they are useful though...13:22
larsuyes, I agree13:22
larsuit was just a thought :)13:22
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didrockshey mterry! around?15:52
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didrockshey mterry! around?16:13
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didrocks(3rd time) hey mterry! around?16:23
vpovirkis it possible to create a menu that will apply to an entire app in Unity, rather than just one window in the app?17:18
vpovirkas an app developer17:18
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