jjesseevening :)01:33
jjessesounds like it02:36
rick_hyea, something like that02:37
snap-lMan, realized I didin't have Festival installed on this machine02:38
snap-l which means all of the efforts for installing the voices will need to be duplicated02:39
jjessei agree it is too loud here14:58
widoxrick_h: got my nexus 715:14
rick_hwidox: awesome!15:14
jjessel0ve my nexus 715:15
jjesserooting it was pretty easy15:15
widoxdoing the android update as we speak15:27
widoxpretty much don't want to work  now :)15:27
rick_hjust say you're browser testing15:27
widoxgesh- like 3 updates here. 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2 -> 4.215:36
rick_hwarning, 4.2 had some issues15:53
rick_hI can't wait for 4.2.1, especially the BT issues...and I guess December is important15:53
snap-lI agreed to be JoDee's graduate student, so now I have homework. :)15:53
rick_hCHC night is a good night for homework15:54
rick_hask derekv15:54
snap-lYeah, that's why I got the "homework"15:54
widoxrick_h: what issues did you have?16:07
rick_hbluetooth, lack of december in the calendar16:08
rick_hI use it to stream podcasts and books and such over a bluetooth headphones/speaker and it gets choppy if the audio app isn't in the foreground16:08
rick_hthat's the big one driving me nuts currently16:08
widoxhaha, no Decemeber. that's great16:33
brouschscrew december!16:43
snap-lYeah, I think that's one of my favorite bugs. :)17:09
rick_hIt is a kind of fun big bug. Then again I don't usually do tests that ever month appears when I have stuff like that17:27
Blazeixman, if it weren't for a 3:30pm meeting, i'd consider just calling it a day and leaving work.19:42
Blazeixday before thanksgiving is brutal. no will to work19:42
widoxa few on my team are leaving at 319:46
widoxso tempting...19:46
rick_hdone here... see ya tonight19:52
Blazeixurgh, jealous20:09
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=== spence_ is now known as spence
derekvIf I cut (kill) a line in emacs, then without moving the cursor, paste (yank) that line, nothing changes23:21
derekvIf I do that in vi, the lines are switched23:21
derekvweird editor is weird.23:21
Blazeixi actually like that. swapping lines is a somewhat common task23:33
Blazeixif i realize i didn't want to delete the line, i'll just undo23:33

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