thafreakcanthus13: I've failed to find an example of this "turncoat" facial hair configuration you spoke of02:49
canthus13thafreak: Fine. traitor. :P02:50
thafreakI'm confused02:57
thafreakare you calling me a turncoat/traitor for shaving?02:57
canthus13thafreak: yep.03:01
canthus13Admittedly, it's rather itchy to not shave. :P03:01
thafreakwell, pulled the trigger on some new parts to build a dedicated freenas box23:03
thafreakgot one of those amd e450 embedded boards...seems to pull like 30-45w under max load...23:04
thafreakplus, mb+cpu combined is less than the cost of just an i3...23:05
thafreaktbh, i'm actually just glad to be done spending hours every day on new egg comparing motherboards....23:08
thafreakwhen i get an idea...i can waste days...23:08
andygraybeal_thafreak, for home use?23:13
thafreakgot mb+cpu combo and 8gb of ram for ~$15023:18
thafreakdrives, well, that's another story...23:18
thafreaki was originally going to build a dedicated nas/san box, and a virtualization host...but then decided to just combine the two23:19
thafreakand run the nas as a VM23:19
thafreakbut now I'm second guessing that choice...23:19
andygraybeal_yea, sounds exciting ... will it need a fan?23:21
thafreakI'll have fans...putting it in a normal size case, since I already have one of those23:30
thafreakthe cpu doesn't NEED a fan though...23:30
andygraybeal_ah cool23:37
andygraybeal_yea, i've don't have any money for anything right now, but i will soon and i like to keep my ears out for this sort of thing23:38
andygraybeal_it might sound dumb but i'd like ot get used to using 'nas' sort of things .. and i've read about freenas and i love bsd.23:38
andygraybeal_because at home, my concern is power usage and noise23:38
andygraybeal_but i also want redundancy and it's such an oxymoron :)23:39
andygraybeal_or not oxymoron i guess. but ... like two opposites23:39
andygraybeal_having cake and eating it23:39

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