philipballewbkerensa, nice pictures on fbook05:41
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=== bkerensa changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-or to: ★Welcome to the Ubuntu Oregon Local Community Team!★ | ► Webpage: http://ubuntu-oregon.org | ► IRC Meeting: None Scheduled | ► Events: TBD | ► Contribute to Ubuntu - http://j.mp/LskTNG | Gobble Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving!
bkerensaHappy Turkey Day Eve! adam_g bdmurray  bkero blkperl Brian_H c_smith cy1 kees mbarnett Odysimus philballew sbeattie shirgall slangasek tgm4883 thefinn93 TRAVISg wendar zoggj21:47
Odysimusbkerensa: same to you21:48
blkperlbkerensa: thank buddy!21:49
bkerensaBest to say now :P tomorrow I will be cooking21:49
shirgallbkerensa: same toy ou!21:59
wendarbkerensa: you to!22:01
bkerensaslangasek: I see you last uploaded gnu-efi .... I just submitted a MP with the latest from debian unstable23:46
bkerensadedis14: hello23:46

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