InHisNameMorning all12:27
InHisNameJonathanD: did you see my comments from 6pm yesterday?12:27
JonathanDabout trackers?12:28
JonathanDI have no ide a:)12:28
InHisNameNo, wiping out old OS and replacing with new install?12:29
JonathanDYeah, you should be able to do that.12:30
InHisNameAny special steps to be SURE I do not mess with the /home ?12:31
JonathanDBack it up first? :12:32
JonathanDInHisName: depends on the distro.12:32
InHisNameubuntu 12.1012:32
JonathanDInHisName: without going through an install myself I can't be sure.12:33
JonathanDI mean, you can just let it configure /home on the base parition, and then fix it after, completely ignoring the existing /home.12:33
JonathanDBut there is probably a btter way.12:33
InHisNameMinimal would be to umount /home while installing then mount it back when ready to use.  Not sure when though.12:36
InHisNameOr how.  umount /home might mess up my login and may not be able to shutdown or log back in etc.  Need someone that's been-there-done-that ....12:38
JonathanDthats not me :P12:45
JonathanDtheres probably a blog post out there from someone who has done this though.12:45
teddy-dbearMorning peoples13:06
waltmanmmm, bacon14:32
ChinnoDogWho has the biggest free dropbox? Mine is 49.25gb.18:13
ChinnoDogoh wait, I miscounted. I have 51.2518:13
rmg51you win18:34
ChinnoDogDo I? I want to know how many GB I can get for free18:55
ChinnoDogPermanent GB, not temporary ones.18:56
JonathanDI don't have any gigglebytes.18:58
tacorwinHello. Does anyone have any suggestions for topics for me to discuss during my presentation?23:44

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