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chris4585wrst, this is sort of good news for gnome, http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/gnome-shell-38-to-get-classic-mode.html22:27
vychunedo yall know how to install a keyboard layout?23:06
chris4585hey vychune23:07
chris4585uh, not really but I'm sure google would lol23:07
vychunegoogle has no idea23:08
vychunehow you been dude?23:10
chris4585I'm good vychune thanks, how are you?23:15
vychuneok besides th fact that this netbook is getting on my nerves23:16
chris4585which netbook?23:16
vychunehp 210 mini23:17
vychuneand im not a fan of unity23:17
chris4585I don't think anyone really is in here23:18
chris4585vychune, are the fn keys inverted or something like that?23:20
vychunethats not the issue23:21
vychunesome keys arent working23:21
chris4585vychune, does this help any? http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=dk&lc=da&dlc=da&docname=c0203510823:25
chris4585I can't seem to find a real solution23:25
chris4585dude there seems to be a lot of issues on that laptop23:27
chris4585that is why I don't ever buy hp :/ especially for laptops23:27
vychunei wont23:27
chris4585fixing it for a friend or something?23:29
chris4585gotcha, can't say I didn't look :/23:31
vychuneyou probably saw every i did23:33
chris4585yeah no solution without really hunting it down yourself23:34
vychunethanks for trying23:34
vychuneim gonna use an onscreen  keyboard23:55

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