RAOFIf you check out the diff between what's in precise and the x11proto-randr in the precise-proposed queue, it drops protocol definitions.00:00
RAOFBecause we had a snapshot which had the per-crtc pixmap stuff in it that got dropped.00:00
mlankhorstthat won't affect abi though will it?00:03
soreauIf I am reading the site correctly, xorg-edgers only packages the core wayland library, no compositors or clients?00:03
mlankhorstI mean I doubt there's any x server that used it..00:05
mlankhorstand libxrandr builds just fine with new one00:07
RAOFmlankhorst: Technically it breaks API; code which compiled on precise will fail to compile with
mlankhorstexcept that it would already break api in a lot worse way if something used it..00:08
RAOFWhether or not there's any code which *uses* that is a different question; the server obviously doesn't.00:08
mlankhorstlibxrandr doesn't either00:08
mlankhorstand those are the only useful cases00:08
mlankhorsthm maybe libxcb *checks*00:08
mlankhorstnope builds just fine00:09
RAOFOh, yeah.00:12
RAOFI don't expect this to be a *practical* problem.00:12
RAOFBut maybe some crazy loon has written something directly against the xrandr protocol headers in precise, and it'll break :)00:12
mlankhorstI will hunt them down, apply an industrial size magnet to their hard disk, then take it with me for physical destruction00:13
mlankhorstany code that does depend on it would just get a badrequest anyway00:13
RAOFActually, no it wouldn't.00:13
RAOF...or maybe it would.00:14
* mlankhorst did his homework on that one!00:14
RAOFIt'd certainly error out, though.00:14
RAOFThe request structs are different sizes :)00:14
mlankhorstin any case that would only be a problem when talking to a NEW xserver00:15
RAOFBut these are the things you learn to think about on the SRU team :)00:15
mlankhorstdon't try to drag me into the sru team! :P00:16
mlankhorstbut that should be enough to start uploading most of the quantal stack at least00:26
brycehum.  the fglrx-experimental-9 integration work looks a bit flaky. but the driver itself appears to be working ok.00:27
mlankhorstRAOF: oh right, missing llvm-3.1 too, not sure how you want to approach that?00:28
RAOFmlankhorst: I'll talk with the rest of the SRU team.00:29
RAOFtjaalton: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/804109 is missing the SRU information; specifically a test case and regression potential.00:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 804109 in acpi-support (Ubuntu Precise) "drop synaptics from racy /etc/acpi/asus-touchpad.sh" [Undecided,In progress]00:30
mlankhorstRAOF: btw for quantal, mesa 9.0.1 updated to new wayland 0.99 which unsurprisingly wasn't compatible with the old one from quantal..00:36
RAOFThen we can't have mesa 9.0.1 in quantal :(00:36
mlankhorstfortunately can be reverted00:37
RAOFWhy were those commits in the stable tree? Gah!00:37
mlankhorsthey I did qa for nouveau in mesa9!00:38
mlankhorstwhich seems to be more than it usually receives..00:38
mlankhorstwell qa = check if game finally ran in wine with renamed stack and wayland from raring..00:39
soreauIs there an official channel for xorg-edgers repo or is this unofficially it?00:41
RAOFsoreau: This is where everyone who can upload to xorg-edgers hangs out, yes.00:42
soreauIf I am reading the site correctly, xorg-edgers only packages the core wayland library, no compositors or clients?00:42
mlankhorstwe only use it to satisfy mesa build-depends afaict00:43
mlankhorstSarvatt: ^00:43
soreauok thanks00:43
Sarvattweston is in there too00:43
soreauSarvatt: What branch does it build wayland and weston from, master?00:44
soreauand still doesn't install weston clients since they're not installed by weston build system00:44
Sarvatti have no clue what its installing these days, ricotz does that00:45
* soreau now sees weston listed after clicking the next button on the website00:45
soreauSarvatt: thanks00:46
Sarvattlist of all the files it installs are at the end of https://launchpadlibrarian.net/121088081/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-amd64.weston_1.0.0%2Bgit20121025.00fbbe6b-0ubuntu0ricotz_BUILDING.txt.gz00:46
soreauIs there a page that shows the build status of all the packages?00:47
soreauSarvatt: cool00:49
DandelSarvatt: is there a possibility of readding libwaffle to the piglit requirements on quantinal, also, i think there might be a build failure in the works.01:56
tjaaltonRAOF: oh, indeed it does05:56
tjaaltonSarvatt: do you have mesa master in edgers? if yes, any surprises in the packaging?06:17
mlankhorstohai new steam update09:39
mlankhorstguess first time steam loaded succesfully here \o/09:40
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mlankhorstI'll play some more games later, found a nice way to reduce cpu use on nouveau14:08
tjaaltonbryce: the bug-graphs for released versions don't seem to update?14:37
mlankhorstI think that's on purpose16:57
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tjaaltonme too, but I like them :)17:01
brycetjaalton, it's on purpose, but I also would prefer if they kept updating.  Some day when I get time I'll investigate why they don't.18:35
soreauHey guys, is there a webcam program that doesn't suck? Trying cheese here, can't even figure out how to get out of fullscreen :P18:36
mlankhorstwrong channel for that18:36
soreauyou are right below my luser ubuntu channel18:37
soreauwrong click18:37
soreaubut just for the record, cheese is kinda cheesy18:37
soreaumlankhorst: thanks for the reminder ;)18:40
tjaaltonbryce: ah, thanks18:40
DandelRAOF: i spotted a minor patch that might be worth pulling in and testing on the piglit packaging... care to take a look?18:45
tjaaltonbryce: hum, the quantal xserver has the broken barrier commit in it23:03
tjaaltonthat you pushed23:03
brycetjaalton, oh dear did I break the non-functional multihead on nexus7?23:04
tjaaltonwell did you upload it to quantal ?-)23:04
tjaaltonthe branch looks like it23:05
tjaaltonjust a warning..23:05
brycetjaalton, nope, just to the ppa23:06
tjaaltonwhich ppa?23:07
tjaaltonubuntu-quantal, not ubuntu-quantal-nexus723:07
mlankhorstRAOF: bug bug llvm-3.1 ;P23:10
RAOFmlankhorst: Thanks for the ping :)23:11
mlankhorstalso might do a new xorg upload for precise soon23:11
mlankhorstbut that could be part of the entire rename x push23:11
tjaaltonbryce: just verifying; you didn't upload xserver ubuntu-quantal branch to quantal-proposed, but somewhere else?23:20
brycetjaalton, no I did not upload it23:21
tjaaltonok good, then it should be marked back UNRELEASED?23:22
brycewell let's see23:22
tjaaltonbecause it needs the revert from raring23:22
bryceyep, you're right.23:23
mlankhorstbut I think the lts stack is mostly ready for upload now, so when llvm-3.1 is ready I should be able to do a massive upload to precise after doing 1 more verification23:24
tjaaltonnot sure how much mesa/llvmpipe actually 'needs' the latest llvm..23:25
tjaaltonbut less work to have it23:25
mlankhorsttjaalton: It's completely untested on the old stack, and later mesa's will probably run into more and more troubles as you try it..23:26
brycetjaalton, ah actually what I pushed to the tree *was* uploaded 5 days ago.  I'm guessing when we caught the original problem we pulled the package from -proposed (at least, it's not there now)23:26
tjaaltonbryce: oh ok :)23:27
brycetjaalton, I'm guessing you fixed only the raring upload, not the quantal one?23:27
tjaaltondidn't know that existed23:27
bryceyeah, was mentioned on bug 106903123:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1069031 in X.Org X server "intel gma3600: X unable to start" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106903123:28
tjaaltonah, yeah missed that one23:28
tjaaltonI can fix it tomorrow and push 6.223:29
tjaaltonno, 6.123:30
tjaaltoncan reuse the version since it didn't get through23:30
brycewow, this is interesting23:30
tjaaltonuploaded -intel 2.20.13 btw23:31
brycelooks like you'd attempted a 6.1 upload last month, and it got rejected23:31
tjaaltonon purpose23:31
tjaaltonit's a bad number :)23:31
bryceso... maybe the reason I'm not seeing my 6.1 upload didn't show up was because that earlier upload already used up 6.1?23:31
tjaaltonno, it got dropped before it went past the queue23:32
brycebad as in cursed?  ;-)23:32
tjaaltonsomething like that..23:32
bryceanyway, sure thanks for taking care of it.  :-)23:32
tjaaltonthe reason was that it had some extra cruft on it that I had on the tree (git status ftw)23:33
tjaaltonand also one of the patches was a bit so-so, but confirmed later on23:33
tjaaltonso with the revert added it should be good23:33
bryceI've a feeling that patch 237 may be an important one to fix up more input rotation hijinks, but couldn't verify it beyond the vm use case mentioned in the bug23:33
tjaaltonoh there it is23:33
tjaaltonalso, now that the xserver patches have been divided into categories, it's time to drop the nonsense numbers, at least from new patches :)23:38
tjaaltonaltogether when doing 1.1423:38
tjaaltonhoping that we'd be able to drop most by then23:39
brycehmm, I still find the numbers handy personally but whatever23:42
mlankhorstthe numbers, what do they mean ;)23:42
tjaaltonthey make it easier to refer to a patch, but then again the numbers are getting reused..23:44
brycetrue, noticing that a bit with some SRUs.  Of course, this won't fix that23:46
brycewell, not right away.23:48
tjaaltonyeah it'll take some time23:50
tjaaltonmaybe start the no-number scheme with 1.1423:51
tjaaltonand use whatever for 1.1323:51
tjaaltonanyway, night all23:54

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