* TaraLS waves.03:55
TaraLSI have an update03:55
TaraLSIronically, involving updates.03:55
TaraLSsuperfly: *wave*03:58
TaraLSinetpro: confluency *wave*03:59
TaraLSSo, I saw that my computer's 'cores' (They actually say 'core 0' and 'core 1' on Hardware Sensor Detector) were getting up to 53c and showing a red bar for super-hot when I was trying to convert URL from Youtube into MP4 on VLC.04:01
TaraLSThat was in normal, installed-Ubuntu mode. So I got the hardware detector on Live-Ubuntu to see if maybe the temperatures weren't getting as high in live mode.04:02
TaraLSI managed to convert a vdeo without it freezing, and then I went to convert another one, left my comp on the ubuntu Live desktop while I waited for the conversion to finish, and the comp froze.04:02
TaraLSOnly now have I remembered that, in order to get hardware sensor detector, you have to do a 'sudo get-update' on terminal. 04:03
TaraLSThat's the only thing I did differently between using Live this time, and using Live for that full day where the comp didn't freeze.04:03
TaraLSI got Hardware Sensor Detector and used 'sudo apt-get update'04:03
TaraLSSo... Update-related?04:03
Kiloshi TaraLS and others05:11
Kiloswhats news05:11
Kilosour power off from around 805:12
mazalMore oom Kilos 05:12
mazalSjoe hoekom is die krag so baie af daar ?05:12
Kilosmôre mazal 05:13
Kiloshulle bou nuwe lyne met drade vertikaal05:13
Kilosmoeielikker om uit te short en steel as dit getrip het05:14
mazalAh ok05:14
mazalEk gaan ook stil wees vandag , het baie veld werk saam kontrakteur05:14
Kiloshiya kbmonkey gonna rain05:16
mazalMorning kbmonkey 05:16
Kilosty for helping my brat last night you guys05:17
Kilosoh my goodness05:18
Kiloshiya nlsthzn 05:18
Kilosgood to see you again so soon05:18
psydroidhi Kilos05:19
Kiloshi psydroid 05:19
psydroidhi nlsthzn05:19
nlsthznAlo uncle Kilos ... quick change to night shift so off for a few hours now :)05:19
nlsthznalo psydroid 05:19
psydroidhi mazal and kbmonkey05:19
Kilosah ok05:19
psydroidyou guys wake up earlier and earlier05:20
Kilosmethinks everyone wants to know if the brats pc froze again05:20
KilosMaaz, tell superfly good morning have a good day. see you when power returns05:21
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell superfly on freenode05:21
mazalpsydroid, I have no choice , start to work at 6:45 hehehehe05:24
psydroidmazal, wow, that's early05:25
psydroidhi drussell05:25
drussellpsydroid: yo!05:25
mazalMorning psydroid 05:26
Kiloshi deegee05:26
Kilosgot mail from brat  http://slexy.org/view/s2bHsniKDI05:26
Kilospc freezes from live too after doing apt-get update05:27
Kilosso might be that other thing05:27
mazalWhat means regresion ?05:28
Kilosif she comes on while im ofline tell her there is a way to lock updates and use whats installed from cd05:28
Kilosjust need to know which one05:28
Kilosmazal, im not sure but had it once before and locked that app in synaptic05:29
Kilosthe cd version runs but first update brings a bug with05:29
Kilosregressions they require to fix bugs methinks05:33
Kilosget high priority05:33
Kilosnot so drussell 05:33
Kilosshe will just need help to get the logs while running live. i dunno how that gonna work but anyway.05:36
Kilosso once that prob app is identified it can be locked to current version in synaptic05:38
Kilosafter a clean install05:38
Kiloshehe she will cry05:38
mazalAt least we now know what to look for hey05:39
nlsthznFor great success... just played a game of TF2 on Steam for linux... weeeeeeee05:40
Kilosits something that comes with first update/upgrade05:40
Kilossteam sounds good nlsthzn they getting more and more games for us05:41
nlsthznYup... since Valve ported steam I have heard of so many other companies planning on porting... finally :)05:42
Kilosyay thats good news05:42
Kiloswas linuxes weak point gaming05:42
Kiloshmm the monkey battling05:44
barrydkGood morning Linux people05:52
Kiloshi barrydk 05:53
barrydkHow are you that side05:54
mazalLo B05:56
barrydkMore w05:57
Kilosall good ty and there05:59
Kilospower off anytime now05:59
mazalAi that's frustrating Kilos 05:59
Maazsuperfly: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell superfly good morning have a good day. see you when power returns" 38 minutes and 14 seconds ago05:59
superflyhi Kilos06:00
superflyyo mazal!06:00
Kiloshi superfly 06:00
superflyhello, barrydk06:00
mazalMonrning superfly 06:00
Kilosregression superfly 06:01
Kilosno worry now06:01
Kiloshave a good day all of you. gonna be 36°c here06:01
mazalLekker dag oom Kilos 06:02
Kilosdankie seun06:02
Kiloswill stay till power goes06:02
barrydkMore Superfly06:10
inetprogoeie more Kilos06:10
inetprooh and hi TaraLS06:11
Kiloshiya inetpro 06:11
barrydkGet a genertor Kilos06:11
Kiloskos pond06:11
Kilosbut once they have made the lines more thief proof it will be better06:12
Kilosthey steal like 200 metres at at time06:13
barrydkIm also thinking in that direction. My bill for last month was 3k. I'm tired of escom ripping me off. I use the same equipment lst month and the previous month and my bill increased with a thousand bucks06:13
Kilosthrow cahin over all three wires and that trips it at power station the quickly cut them off06:14
Kilosis that right inetpro 06:15
inetproKilos: I don't know how they do it06:15
barrydkWe did and they said it is correct. I think i'm paying for a lot of people who dont06:16
Kilosno man the spelling repair06:16
inetproKilos: s/cahin/chain/s06:16
Kiloshehe ek sukkel met my volk06:16
Kilosoh my06:16
inetproKilos: s/cahin/chain/06:16
inetpronog 'n slash aan die einde06:16
barrydkProbeer afrikaans06:17
Kilosok ok will try member ty sir06:17
Kiloseskom says it must touch all three wires to trip it06:17
inetproKilos: gaan help daai ouens dat hulle jou krag gou weer kan aansit06:17
Kilosso vertical is an option to try stop them06:18
Kiloslol hulle nie haastig nie. selle pay einde van die maand06:18
inetprosê vir hulle jy verloor besigheid06:19
inetprodis nie aanvaarbaar nie06:19
inetproso baie kere af06:19
Kiloshulle voel vere06:19
Kilosthe brat must be asleep. got bad flu06:19
Kilosand pc stress dont help06:20
Kilosthey both had swine flu coupla years back06:20
Kilosand im not a pork fan. so musta been blind when young06:22
Kilossee they said 8 am but still got power06:23
inetproKilos: talk to the Mayoral Spokesperson in the City of Tshwane06:25
Kiloshe will say its work that needs to be done to curb theft06:25
Kilosthey getting it done at least , dunno how far to go still06:26
Kiloscopper theft is serious06:26
Kilosthere power gone. have a good day all06:26
inetprobye Kilos06:27
barrydkBye Kilos06:27
confluencyTaraLS: apt-get update doesn't change anything on your system -- it just fetches information about what packages are available. ("upgrade" is the command for upgrading all the packages).06:59
confluencyTaraLS: my current working theory is that your computer overheats, and it's just a coincidence that it didn't overheat that one time on Live.07:00
confluencyI vaguely remember my old desktop freezing because of overheating.07:00
confluencyOMG, dude. Did you say someone put in a new hard drive for you?07:00
confluencyI think my desktop started having heat problems because of the arrangement of the hard drives and how close together they were.07:01
confluencyTaraLS: new debugging plan: run your desktop with the case off, and see if it freezes. If it freezes, feel around the hard drives (and various other places) to see if they're getting hot.  Maybe try positioning the drives differently in the case.  Maybe get additional fans and put them near the drives.  I think I eventually fixed my problem by getting more fans.07:03
confluencyIf you have a big desk fan in your house, you could try running with the case off and the fan pointed into the computer, to see if that prevents freezes.  Having the case off might help the heat to dissipate enough by itself, though -- I think it did in my case.07:06
nlsthzncould install lmsensors to check temps...07:09
inetproconfluency, nlsthzn: we've gone there 07:10
inetprothat's why she's able to check the temperature07:10
nlsthznkk, sorry I am not up to speed... was just commenting about the posts above mine :p07:11
confluencyI would seriously recommend the physical hardware sensor called no case + fingers. ;)07:11
inetproconfluency: she's even done that07:12
confluencyStill crashes? No obvious hot areas?07:12
confluencyWell, at least now that it's happened on all OSes it looks more like a hardware issue.07:13
* inetpro agrees that it seems like a hardware issue07:16
nlsthznmemtest ran?07:16
inetprobut what exactly, I don't know07:16
inetpronlsthzn: not 100% sure about the memory test but she's even tried stresslinux07:18
inetproand if I remember correctly that ran for hours without hanging07:19
nlsthznwell I would suggest running memtest86 for random system lockups...07:19
* nlsthzn doesn't know stress linux07:19
inetprome neither07:19
nlsthznknows stress by linux but that is something else07:19
inetprowb Vince-007:56
inetproyou still at sea?07:56
Vince-0ha no07:56
Vince-0at work07:56
inetproahh ok07:58
* TaraLS grumbles.08:15
TaraLSconfluency: Hard drive case has been off for about a week (one side, anyway). Desk fan has been on it for twoish days, which took my motherboard temp down from 43c to 32c in about ten minutes. I have not changed this setup. My computer was blue-screening and freezing even when I had my previous HDD. 08:18
TaraLSconfluency:  I was thinking that maybe it was overheating in HDD mode but not Live mode for some reason, which is why I go tthe sensors. The sensors read the same temps in Live mode. Now that I know this, I'm not going to get Hardware Sensors or do any apt-get upgrade/update. I managed to convert one video successfully just now and have got the second one going - and I did this without getting the hardware sensors. We will see what08:18
TaraLSconfluency:  Ah. Well. It just froze.... Heh. I guess I'll just take it to the shop and hope they can fix it. My fear is "It's fixed! Pay up!" And I do, and then I get it home and it freezes.08:20
Vince-0_aaargh! stupid nick08:22
=== Vince-0_ is now known as Vince-0
inetproVince-0: you can kill the ghost before it times out and disconnects itself08:26
Vince-0I used the ghost command08:27
inetproahh, ok08:28
Vince-0sometimes this dsl flaps08:28
Vince-0like a leaf in the frikin wind08:28
inetprosounds worse than wireless08:28
Vince-0the copper in this place is corroded08:38
Vince-0and Telkom says its because its the coast08:39
KerberoVince-0, where is this "the coast"?08:58
Kilosboem boem09:22
Kilosi love that sound09:22
Kiloshiya maiatoday 09:22
maiatodayhi Kilos09:22
* Kilos greets everyone else. power has returned early w000t09:24
TaraLSI was trying again to convert that second video in live mode, and got this screen: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v211/Krice_Verta/phpRhKHMgAM.jpg09:28
Kilosinetpro, superfly nuvolari and whoever else has ideas please think about stuff to add to our re-approval page.09:29
Kiloslo TaraLS 09:29
TaraLSKilos:  Yo.09:29
Kilosmailed you some09:29
Kilosoh my that ugly09:30
Kilosyou on live again TaraLS ?09:30
TaraLSI was. Computer is off now.09:31
Kilosswitched off or dead off09:31
TaraLSI switched it off09:31
TaraLSIf it was dead, I'd say that it's dead.09:31
Kiloshows the flu brat\09:31
Kilosstay strong09:32
Kiloslotsa onion09:32
Kiloson sarmies and all09:32
Kiloshmm family advice column on ubuntu-za09:33
* Kilos hides09:33
* TaraLS goes back to sleep, to dream of better days, when her computer actually friggn; worked with no friggin' issues.09:33
Kilosleep loose09:34
Kiloswe will get there09:34
* TaraLS waves. And mopes.09:35
Kilosconfluency, ty for the help last night , was nice to see you involved again09:37
KilosMaaz, coffee on09:39
* Maaz starts grinding coffee09:39
KilosMaaz, large09:39
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos09:39
KilosMaaz, botsnack09:39
MaazWhat do you want Kilos Trying to butter me up or something?09:39
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!09:43
KilosMaaz, danke09:43
Banlammaaz sprecht deutsch?10:24
MaazBanlam: What?10:24
Kilosyo Banlam hoezit10:25
Banlamhoezit mah bru10:25
Kiloscool en daar10:25
bakumanHI oom Kilos. Banlam verstaan nie meer hierdie hoezit taal nie10:25
Banlamlol, my china whatchu saying?10:26
Kilosshould be rovl10:26
Banlamkilos, no complaints10:26
bakumanBanlam tab complete duidelik nie10:26
Banlamek tik vinniger as die tab complete10:27
Banlamen kilos is so n kort naam10:27
bakumanpif leuens10:27
Banlamwie kort n hoofletter10:27
bakumanwel mentions kor die hoofletter10:27
Banlamnet in slegte clients10:27
Banlamkan ek myself highlight?10:28
Kiloslo bakuman 10:28
Banlamnee ek kan nie10:28
* bakuman also has photoshop10:31
Kiloslo Vince-0 i see you following us on the twit place now10:31
bakumanwhat a loafer. irc + facebook + reddit10:31
Vince-0Kilos, yep! And G+ which is my primary social network10:32
Banlam40 seconds to photoshop and upload10:32
Banlamif i had skillz like that10:32
Banlambakuman, en thesis!10:32
Kilosthere are only messages related to #ubuntu-za posted there such as meetings etc10:33
Kiloshi magespawn 11:15
Kiloshey clever okeys how do i make an xp install see a sata drive11:48
Kilosweird because millenium and 98 and win7 see it11:49
Kilosxp says Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer11:49
Kilosdont tell me to go to a windows channel11:50
Kilosthat would be below the belt11:50
magespawnhey Kilos11:52
Kiloshows things magespawn 11:52
magespawnwindows xp needs drivers to be installed to see the the sata drive11:52
magespawngood and you11:52
Kilosoh ya that rat poison be kiff because neither the cat or dogs die after eating dead rats11:53
magespawnthere is a section during the setup where the win xp asks if you want to install 3rd party sata drivers11:53
Kilosoh my how do you install drivers to a xp cd or a clean drive11:54
Kilosseen that ja11:54
magespawnthere is also a way to make a windows install disk with the sata drivers included but i forget how11:54
Kilosnp if that third party thing works thats good ty magespawn 11:54
Kiloswill try it11:54
Kiloshad me baffled cause the others see the drive11:55
Kilosstupid ms11:55
magespawnstill not sure why they do that?11:57
Kiloslol i hit the f6 when it said but dunno if it still going to decide12:00
Kilosreally had me boggled. tried 3 different cds12:01
Kiloseish now it asks for the device maufacturer disk to be put in12:03
Kilosother option is going somewhere12:04
Kilosall good there magespawn ?12:05
magespawnyup Kilos12:06
magespawnmaybe you can get the drivers from the manufacturers websit12:06
magespawnwebsite evne12:06
Kiloslol how do you install a driver before you even install the os12:08
Kilosnope that option didnt work12:09
Kilosneed to find out from ian i think he used an ide/sata adapter in an ide slot12:12
Kiloseveryday ones sees more of how bad ms actually is12:13
Kiloswas is and always will be12:14
mazalarme ms :)12:15
magespawnhey mazal12:15
magespawndid not see you lurking there12:15
mazalHey guys12:15
Kilosi hate them but other peeps need it to be able to do their work 12:15
mazalNew router in , so now have proper inet at work again12:16
mazalNo more sharing 1mb line with 200 pc's12:17
magespawnmazal what speed you running there?12:17
mazalWork line is 1mb , our "private" one is 384k , but the 384k is only me and Barry's laptop on it so is way better than the other one12:18
Kiloslol thats good12:18
Kilos384k works fine12:18
Kilosits like good 3g12:18
magespawni usually have a 1 meg to myself unless there are people in the internet cafe12:18
Kilosspoilt magespawn 12:18
magespawnindeed and am looking in to getting the 2 meg upgrade12:19
* magespawn must have more speed12:19
magespawnmore and more\12:19
Kilosi dunno if there is fibre up to hulehule12:20
mazalThis 384 is a smokkeled one hehehehehe12:20
Kilosbut if there is try get them to run fibre to you12:20
magespawnthinking of bonding multiple lines12:21
Kilosthat might help magespawn ask Symmetria 12:22
magespawnit does you bond say two 4 meg line and get 8 meg but you also double your upload rate, which is actually what i want12:23
magespawnmazal where do you work? if it is okay to ask12:24
mazalZonderwater oom12:25
mazalAg , sorry magespawn , thought it was Kilo's asking lol12:25
mazalWe are about 40km east of PTA12:26
magespawnno worries, but I meant the company12:26
mazalCorrectional Services12:26
magespawnohh okay that is unexpected12:32
mazalHow so magespawn ? 12:39
magespawni always tend to forget that people who come here are from all over12:41
Kilosyip even geeks12:42
barrydkfortunately hes not inside 12:43
mazalYeah , on the right side of the bars at least lol12:43
inetprohmm... who knows?12:44
Kiloswill tell you a story one day12:44
Kiloslo inetpro 12:44
inetprowb Kilos12:44
Kilosty 12:45
Kilosone should tell govt depts to use motivating tactics12:45
Kiloswhen work done you can go home12:45
barrydki like that idea12:45
Kilosive seens miracles under those conditions12:45
barrydkunfortunately if you work with id10t's the work doesn't get done12:46
Kiloslike trench digging peeps do what normally takes 3 days before 3pm12:46
barrydkja and when the wisstle blows they leave the tools hanging in the air12:48
Kilosmotivation is the name of the game12:48
Kilosdit storm hier inetpro 12:48
Kilosof net oor na kerk straat se kant12:48
mazalKilos then I won't be able to go home , doing 5 peoples work :(12:50
magespawnthat is how the pineapple farmers work here12:50
Kiloslol @ magespawn 12:50
Kilostask work ya12:50
Kilostask done and tools away bye12:51
Kilosonly cant work with IT stuff methinks12:51
mazalgtg , will see maybe tomorrow or maybe later12:52
mazalIf I look at the weather it will be tommorrow12:52
mazalEnjoy your evening gents12:52
magespawncheers mazal12:53
barrydkLekker slaap almal gaan ook nou bietjie by die huis werk12:53
magespawnKilos i am busy checking all the ide drives i have lying around12:53
magespawnlater barrydk12:53
Kilosmooi loop maz12:53
Kilosjy ook barrydk 12:54
Kilosexciting magespawn 12:54
Kilosi love playing with drives othewrs have scrapped12:54
magespawnsome are pretty small storage12:54
Kiloslol like 2g12:55
Kilosgot some here from ian too12:55
Kilosnot worth worry about methinks12:55
Kilosbut fun to play with12:55
Kilosonly no good using linux to zero because you cant install to it12:56
magespawnusuful for back ups and for storing the viruses that i find12:56
Kiloswhy you storing virii12:56
magespawni wanted to see if i could reverse engineer them12:57
KilosKOM groot reen12:57
Kilosyou aint got time12:57
magespawna project for later then, besides i need to know how to program properly first12:58
Kilosthat also needs time12:58
Kiloshow far are you with python?12:59
magespawnnot too far, i have been concentrating on my A+, N+ and MCITP13:03
magespawnand the wife is busy with her Bcom exams, so i have less time at night13:04
magespawnshe finishes tomorrow13:04
Kilostell her good luck13:04
magespawnwill do ty13:04
Kilosaw too late13:04
Kilosbut all the best anyway13:04
magespawngot 3 working 40 gig so far13:05
Kilosgreat. lotsa peeps dont need more than that13:05
Kiloslike the older crowd that just want email etc13:05
magespawnto run the os you do not need more, and with external storage you can keep all the really big stuff there13:06
Kilosand 2X 40g makes a nice pc13:06
Kilosi still got a working 12.04 on a 6g13:07
Kilosshoulda kept maverick on it though13:07
Kilosif i can find what unity did with the right click format function i would be happy13:08
Kilosgreat for formatting spare drives etc with a name on not 10 GB Filesystem13:09
Kilos10G so much better13:09
Kiloshey magespawn idea13:17
Kiloshas a mb cd got the sata drivers xp is looking for13:17
magespawnyes even13:17
Kiloshmm i go try that when it asks for the installation cd for it13:18
Kilosamazing how a bit of rain and wind cools everything down13:19
Kiloswas 36c here now about 2513:19
Kilosnot even 1mm rain13:19
magespawncooled down here nicely today13:21
Kilosi think its coming up the coast to you and to us as well13:22
Kiloswe need lotsa rain. weeds are even wilted13:22
magespawni think we have been having most of it13:22
magespawngot a 12.7gb drive13:23
Kilosthats good13:23
magespawnwas a win 95 upgraded to win 9813:23
Kilosstrange size though13:23
Kilosmusta cost a fortune back then13:24
Kilosi paid 450 i think for a second hand 6g13:24
Kilosthey saw me coming13:24
Kilos350 or 450 slips my mind now13:25
magespawnthat is pretty steep13:26
Kilosya but i was used to 1.2g and when he saw my surprise at how massive the 6g was to me he musta thought got him13:27
Kilosnow im much wiser. got a 2 TB thats crashed bad13:29
Kilosreally gonna try everything to get that going13:29
magespawngood way to learn if nothing else13:30
Kilosyeah i have learned so much in four years of struggling with pcs13:30
Kilossince 8.04 time or a year earlier13:31
Kilosya the years before 8.0413:31
magespawnmaybe do a course?13:36
Kiloscourse on what13:40
Kilosi dont member things easy man13:40
Kiloswhat i know i have thumped in over and over and still forget 13:40
magespawnso do we all13:41
Kilosno man13:41
Kilosaw power gone13:41
Kilossee you later13:41
Kilosonly probs with storms13:41
magespawnlater Kilos13:43
superflyKilos: is jy terug?15:00
Kilosya oom15:02
Kilosyou may address me in english as well superfly 15:02
Kilosyou onna train15:02
superflyWaiting, again.15:03
Kiloswaiting ?15:03
superflyNot sure what the issue is. Seems the previous train may have had an issue.15:04
superflyPerhaps we're waiting for it to be moved out the way?15:04
Kilosthem you not onna train but atta station15:04
superflyNo, on the train.15:04
Kilosonna train but train waiting?15:05
superflyWaiting usually resolves the issue.15:05
Kiloswhew and time is so precious nowadays15:09
Kiloshey drussell 15:13
Kilosall good in the uk15:13
Kilosexcept for being the uk that is15:14
drussellKilos: hehehe, yeah, been in the office for a change the last two days, trying to head back home now but we've got heavy rains and flooding in places, so not sure when I'll get home today!15:15
Kiloswhy you and the fly got train probs15:16
Kilosyou at different places together?15:16
drussellKilos: maybe! ;o)15:17
Kiloshome time maiatoday 15:26
superflyNo, apparently our train was broken. Waiting for another one. A not-so-full and not-so-express one15:26
Kilosoh my that sucks superfly 15:27
Kiloshows your progress at meeting the deadline15:27
superfly*shrug* nothing I can do about it, so I might as well not get uptight about it.15:28
Kilosoh my15:28
superflyKilos: good. The really important stuff is coming along nicely, and the not-so-important stuff will just have to wait.15:29
Kilosthats nice15:29
Kilosdeadlines suck15:29
Kilosand the flahh fan uses up time too15:30
superflyKilos: it is a postponed, self-inflicted deadline.15:30
Kilosbut flu got her down for a bit now15:30
Kilosoh thats ok15:30
Kilosthats like peeps that complian about feeling bad with a barby after a night inna pub15:31
superflyKilos: yes, it is a good thing15:31
Kilosinetpro, go home15:32
Kilosbakuman, how we supposed to skinner about you if you lurk in away mode??15:35
Kilosdaai ding15:35
Kiloswb mazal 15:35
superflyYo mazal15:36
mazalHey superfly 15:36
superflyExpectations are a curious thing...15:36
superflyLater, it's a bit of a long story15:37
bakumanwel oom Kilos. jy moet nie!15:46
Kilosha ha ha15:46
Kiloshey superfly am i an ubuntu member?15:49
Kilosive signed the code of conduct thing but dunno if thats it15:50
Kilosoh its that ~launchpad thing15:51
superflyKilos: if you're part of the team on Lunchpad then you're a member of the LoCo. An Ubuntu member is something slightly different, I think.15:53
Kilosi dont think im part of any team15:54
mazalag nee16:11
mazalDaar is my playlist weg :(16:11
Kilosai hoe?16:13
mazalHet my rythmbox music location reggemaak16:16
Kilosah i use vlc16:17
mazalOne probably can't select a bunch of mp3's in Nautilus and send them to a rhythmbox playlist no ?16:17
Kiloswith vlc you can put all your music inna folder and run the folder16:18
mazalAg is ok , I'll redo it , wasn't very far , only started yesterday16:22
Kilosvlc plays all videos as well without wanting to look for stuff16:26
Kilossudo aptitude install vlc16:26
mazal**note to self** DONT change rhythmbox location lol16:26
mazalI use vlc for my videos16:27
mazalI'm off16:28
mazalEnjoy the evening everyone16:28
Kilosmagespawn, you aint gone home yet?16:28
Squirmlong day16:38
magespawnevening all16:39
Kiloshi Squirm magespawn 16:39
magespawnyour power on my power off16:39
magtieHi Kilos & All16:49
Kiloshi there magtie 16:49
Kiloshows you16:49
Kilosyou beat me again16:50
Kilosmust be getting old16:50
magtievery good just busy16:50
magtieolder too...16:50
Kilosi go eat now16:59
magespawnlooks like my server is back up17:14
magespawnstill can't seem to log remotely17:18
magespawnsomething for tomorrow then17:25
Kiloshi Kerbero 17:25
Kilosoh my something killing peeps17:32
Kilos4 at a time17:32
magtieLuckily 2 heros save them & bring them back17:35
magtieonce anyway17:36
Kilosthe internet really sucks17:37
Kilosone would think it would be stable by now17:37
Kilosthey in the cape most of them i think17:38
Kilosmountains in the way17:38
Kilosor cape weather17:38
Kilosnuvolari, ping17:39
=== Kerbero[afk] is now known as Kerbero
magespawnyeah but we all use international servers on this network17:48
Kilosmagespawn, you got some time17:48
Kilostaras pc rebooted on its own17:49
Kilosis it the firewall stopping bugs?17:49
Kilosah hiya17:49
TaraLSAfter changing my CPU overclocking thingy to 'manual', and it being set at 200 (valid input values between 200-600), I watched Youtube to see if it would freeze.17:49
TaraLSThe temps are staying down, which is a first.17:49
TaraLSBut then I got this weird beep, and then the comp restarted17:50
TaraLSDidn't even freeze.17:50
TaraLSWell, not "but then". It was about thirty mins I think17:50
Kilosthat link is cat /var/log/syslog17:51
Kiloshere is tail17:51
Kilosi would say the firewall blocked something in youre ethernet connection and rebooted to stop it getting in17:53
Kilosbut im a noob17:53
TaraLSWell that's crap17:53
TaraLSI can't have my comp rebooting randomly. lol17:53
Kilosif it stops virri getting in what apleasure17:53
Kilosbetter than formatting drive and reinstalling17:54
TaraLSIt's still not normal for a comp to reboot itself17:54
Kilosbut lets here what the experts read in there17:54
TaraLSI wonder what the weird beep was17:54
TaraLSThe beep, btw, was  through the headphones, not from the computer tower.17:54
Kiloswarning beep17:54
magespawnthey do not generally reboot to stop virii17:55
nuvolario/ g'evening 17:55
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 17:55
nuvolarilo TaraLS 17:55
TaraLSnuvolari,  Yo.17:55
nuvolarilo magespawn 17:55
Kiloslo nuvolari 17:55
Kiloswat betekin daai links17:56
magespawnthey do not that to stop hardware from being damaged usually17:56
Kilosof wat se dit vir jou17:56
magespawnhey nuvolari 17:56
magespawnsorry ignoremthat lasr on from me17:56
nuvolariwaai links oom?17:56
magespawncann not type tonight17:56
nuvolariek sien daai, maar wat daarvan oom?17:57
nuvolariverstaan sy Afrikaans oom? :P17:57
* nuvolari gossips about TaraLS17:57
Kiloseerste is tail en tweede cat /var/log/syslog17:57
TaraLSI no speak Afrikaans17:57
Kilosoh no sorry17:57
Kiloswe talking bout you not too you brat17:58
TaraLSShup old man17:58
Kilosha ha ha17:58
nuvolarikan ek haar trou oom? :P17:58
nuvolariek var oom mos eers *kug*17:58
TaraLSSo anyway, when streaming video, or converting on VLC, the Core temps would get up to 53c. Be in the red. Now that I've set the CPU clocking to 'manual', and it is at 200 (of between 200-600), the Core temps are staying at a nice, green, 37c17:59
Kiloskyk daai lienks eers17:59
KilosTaraLS, nuvolari asking me if he can marry you17:59
Kilostell him when he has made his third million18:00
* TaraLS not interested in getting married.18:00
* TaraLS only interested in fixing computer and making music.18:00
* nuvolari 's dreams are shattered now18:01
TaraLSnuvolari,  Sides, if you and I wanted to marry, we wouldn't need Kilos' permission :P We'd just do it anyway.18:01
* TaraLS CACKLES.18:01
nuvolarioom Kilos, praat oom van "Nov 22 04:44:43 taralynn-System-Product-Name kernel: [  102.470113] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=00:24:8c:e9:8e:b5:90:f6:52:48:f6:4d:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=117 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=53 ID=60483 PROTO=TCP SPT=9119 DPT=57526 WINDOW=16 RES=0x00 ACK PSH URGP=0" ?18:01
Kilosyes nuvolari 18:01
Kilospc just rebooted on its own18:02
nuvolarisounds like heating problems18:02
nuvolarimy laptop started doing that18:02
TaraLSBut the temps on Hardware Sensor Detector were fine18:02
TaraLSBetter than they've been before18:02
nuvolarithen stopped when I cleaned out the dust from the vents18:02
Kilosall temps were good according to the sensors18:02
TaraLSMB was showing red, but it was 31c.18:02
TaraLSI was watching Youtube. Temps climbed in CPU and MB from 27cish to 31c but stabilized at 31c.18:03
TaraLSCPU now 25c, and MB 29c.18:03
nuvolarihowdy smile4ever 18:04
* TaraLS waves to smile4ever 18:04
nuvolarihmm, I'm not accustomed to desktops any more18:04
nuvolarioom Kilos has mine :P18:04
Kiloshi smile4ever 18:05
magespawnhey smile4ever 18:05
Kiloswe wait then for an explanation18:05
TaraLSAn explanation from what?18:05
nuvolarithe thing about the network lines... I don't know, I have it when connecting to 8ta, but not vodacom18:05
nuvolariso I guess it's network related18:06
magespawnsorry Kilos but i cannot see anything obviously wrong18:06
nuvolariwell, something similar18:06
Kilosfrom the logs girl18:06
TaraLSmagespawn,  Of course not.18:06
TaraLSmagespawn,  Because that would be too easy.18:06
smile4everhoi :p18:06
magespawnmaybe ask inetpro or superfly18:06
* smile4ever waves back to TaraLS18:06
TaraLSmagespawn,  and NORMAL.18:06
* TaraLS hates PC.18:06
smile4ever& says hi to nuvolari & Kilos & magespawn18:06
Kilosoh my18:06
smile4everall happy? :D18:06
TaraLSNope lol18:07
magespawni also do not have enough experince with linux yet18:07
nuvolariall happy yes, it's Mittwoch :D18:08
* TaraLS is converting video now, from Youtube, using VLC. We will see what happens.18:09
nuvolarigeez, it's very hot here18:10
nuvolariok, bbl18:11
Kiloswhen debs and i used to chat on msn in pidgin either pidgin hing or pc rebooted at times18:11
Kilosand i was told scrap msn they fulla bugs18:11
Kilosnuvolari, and inetpro told me not to use msn18:15
Kilosand dunno who else18:15
Kiloswas near 3 years ago and you old peeps wont member either18:15
=== PieceofYuckyComp is now known as TaraLS
* TaraLS siiiighs.18:18
TaraLSNov 22 05:20:04 taralynn-System-Product-Name kernel: [  299.988019] [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged18:22
TaraLSGAZP. 'Hardware error'.18:22
TaraLSWhich piieeeeece18:22
TaraLSThat was cat. Here is tail:18:23
Kiloswhere did you see the hardware error message kiddo18:23
TaraLSIn those syslogs18:24
inetprogood evening18:24
TaraLSinetpro, Yo18:24
smile4everTaraLS: why not happy :(18:24
TaraLSsmile4ever, Because my computer is a piece of... 8D18:25
Kilosnow we wait for someone to tell how to see them events thing18:25
Kiloslo inetpro 18:25
kbmonkeyhi hi18:25
TaraLSkbmonkey,  Sup18:25
* inetpro just stepped in18:25
Kiloshi kbmonkey 18:25
smile4everTaraLS: lol :p18:25
inetprohow much reading today?18:25
Kiloswhere be the hardware error18:26
Kiloswhere do we see events18:26
inetprowhat does uncle google have to say about it?18:27
Kilosthe one site say open another port in router thing18:27
Kilos Wow! Google couldn't find anything18:29
TaraLS"You could try reading this <http://www.halobates.de/mce.pdf>18:30
inetproKilos: hmm... you and google are not friends18:30
TaraLSand <http://www.halobates.de/supp-mce.pdf>18:30
TaraLSThey're rather old but probably still describe the basics. In particular18:30
TaraLSyou could check /var/log/mcelog and maybe /dev/mcelog"18:30
TaraLSWhassa mcelog stuff?18:30
TaraLSHow do I do it?18:30
Kiloslol you know that inetpro 18:30
smile4everI haven't seen charlvn for a while :(18:30
inetproTaraLS: that would be unrelated18:30
inetproI think18:30
inetprothen again, maybe not18:31
* inetpro reading18:31
inetpromcelog seems to be a separate application and all18:32
Kiloswe just need to pinpoint the faulty component18:32
inetprox86 Machine Check Exceptions collector and decoder18:32
TaraLSHe used mcelog and it showed him stuff18:32
Kiloswe need more than stuff18:33
TaraLSAnd then someone else was like "That looks like a CPU error"18:33
Kilosas in cpu psu ram etc etc18:33
TaraLSSo I need something that will show me specifics so someone can be like "Yeah, that's CPU alright." or something else.18:33
* inetpro reading http://mcelog.org/README.html18:34
inetpromcelog is in the repositories, but I don't know what it does and whether it's even a good idea to install it18:35
Kilosoh my18:35
kbmonkeyusing my pc without the X GUI today :p18:36
Kilosin text mode?18:36
Kiloseish bally keyboardmonkey18:37
* inetpro lagging 18:38
Kilosor is your pc sick too18:38
smile4everSome guys have all the luck! :D18:39
smile4everSome guys have all the luck, Some guys have all the pain, Some guys get all the breaks, Some guys do nothing but complain 18:39
inetproand some guys just keep smiling?18:39
inetprohi smile4ever :-)18:40
Kilospeer got the monkey18:40
TaraLSOh well.18:40
TaraLSI guess I'll just take it to the comp shop18:40
kbmonkeyhang on, got to copy my irssi config over18:40
Kilosthey will be lost with ubuntu on it18:40
kbmonkeyhardware issues, TaraLS?18:40
TaraLSI think it pretty much is, yeah. 18:40
TaraLSI can't fix it.18:40
TaraLSNot even all you brilliant brains can fix it18:40
* inetpro agrees18:41
inetpromust be a hardware issue18:41
kbmonkeythese things happen18:41
inetproquestions is just what part of it18:41
TaraLSIt has to be something obvious at this point, because there's NO way it's something SO complicated that NO ONE is seeing it18:41
TaraLSinetpro,  Yes.18:41
smile4everhi inetpro :D18:41
smile4everinetpro: yes I'll keep smiling :D18:41
TaraLSsmile4ever,  You'll smile forever, hey? :D18:42
smile4everof c I do :p18:42
Kiloslol he isnt old enough to have probs yet18:42
smile4everI do have some :p but I try to solve them in a good and quick way :p18:43
smile4everAnd some aren't solvable :p18:43
Kiloseverything is solvable18:44
Kilosjust to find the prob part is the trick18:44
inetprowb Vince-018:44
Vince-0oh hi!18:44
Kiloslo Vince-0 18:44
inetproVince-0: did ou sort out your rusted cables?18:45
smile4everKilos: :)18:45
smile4everhttps://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/556377_367423073332379_1800904965_n.jpg <- cute! :D18:45
* TaraLS sniffs.18:46
Vince-0inetpro, nope hopefully the rain holds out18:46
Kiloswb Kerbero 18:46
Kiloswhew nets messy tonight18:48
Kilosinetpro, shouldnt she install that mce thing18:49
magespawngood night all18:49
smile4everTaraLS: big hug :)18:49
Kilosnight magespawn 18:49
Kilossleep tight18:49
inetprogood night magespawn18:49
kbmonkeygn magespawn 18:49
TaraLSToo slow.18:49
inetproTaraLS: the more I read that kind of stuff the more I get impressed by developers18:50
inetproclever dudes18:50
TaraLSinetpro,  Yeah18:50
inetprojust amazing how far they go with testing and analysis18:51
TaraLSinetpro,  Well, they should come -my- way and help me for free.18:51
TaraLSOr maybe I'll make them dinner.18:51
TaraLSOr sing for them.18:51
inetproTaraLS: your local pc shop will have to employ you18:52
kbmonkeydinner and serenades, sounds epic!18:52
smile4everTaraLS: has your car overheated? :o18:52
TaraLSsmile4ever,  ... Eh? I said nothing about a car.18:53
TaraLSinetpro,  I know. lol.18:53
TaraLSkbmonkey,  I said dinner OR sing. Not both. :P18:53
smile4everTaraLS: but I did :p18:53
smile4everTaraLS: there is help on the way :p18:54
Kilosfixing that pc is worth both18:54
Kilosat least18:54
inetproTaraLS: anyway, I guess the best method would be to go swap out each piece of hardware in your machine18:54
TaraLSKilos,  lol18:54
kbmonkeyFair enough! I enjoy working the kitchen myself :>18:54
TaraLSinetpro, Well... I only have access to another PSU. Which is 240V (I have no idea how many watts)18:54
TaraLSMy current one is 250v.18:55
TaraLSAnd the wattage is18:55
Kilosthats fine18:55
inetproI don't think it's the PSU18:55
* TaraLS shrugs!18:55
TaraLSAt a loss.18:55
inetproyou'll see PSU errors18:55
Kilosah where will you see them18:55
Kiloswhat if the reboot was the psu switching mb off18:56
inetproKilos: in syslog18:56
Kilosthen back on18:56
inetproif it's a clever PSU, which I actually doubt18:56
Kilosoh good18:56
TaraLSOkay so18:56
TaraLSIsn' t there something more specific than cat or tail /var/log/syslog ?18:57
inetproanyway, I would guess the cpu being the problem18:57
inetproyou did swap out memory?18:57
TaraLSIt's not a memory problem18:57
TaraLSI didn't swap them with other memory sticks, but I did take one out, used the other, and vice versa.18:57
inetproTaraLS: what do you want to do with syslog?18:57
TaraLSAnd I've done a memtest18:57
TaraLSinetpro,  Find out more specifically what the problem is.18:58
SquirmMaaz: sherry please18:58
MaazSquirm: Go get it yourself!18:58
inetprosyslog is just a log file18:58
TaraLSI'm talking about something better and more detailed than syslog18:58
TaraLSIs there anything?18:58
TaraLSThis mcelog seems like a good bet, but it looks a bit... 'root'ish18:59
TaraLSAnd, therefore, is mildly intimidating18:59
inetproand cat is just a command to concatenate files and print on the standard output18:59
SquirmTaraLS: I think the next step up is to submit a kernel dump to Ubuntu/wherever18:59
kbmonkeyawre, I did not realize the time. shower and dinner time18:59
TaraLSSquirm,  What's a kernel dump?18:59
inetprowhile tail just gives you the tail end of a file18:59
Squirmpretty raw information on why a program crashes19:00
TaraLSSquirm,  Well blah! How do I do that?19:00
Squirmbut listen to inetpro, he knows more than me19:00
TaraLSIt's not program-related, anyway.19:00
SquirmTaraLS: dunno, I can't seem to get it right19:00
TaraLSIt's computer-related. The whole thing freezes, not just a program crashing19:00
inetproTaraLS: I don't think you will get much more than what you already have in the syslog19:00
SquirmTaraLS: it will be. something will crash which makes your system hang19:00
inetprobut might be worth a try19:00
TaraLSI think I'm just gonna get it taken in19:01
TaraLSOtherwise we're gonna go in circles19:01
Squirminetpro: problem with a kernel dump, is she'll have to submit it to somewhere high up for analysis19:01
Kilosyou will have to go with the pc19:01
Kiloslotsa pc shops dunno ubuntu19:02
TaraLSKilos,  Obviously.19:02
TaraLSKilos,  So I can explain whassup.19:02
TaraLSKilos,  I could just reinstall Windows.19:02
SquirmTaraLS: I think you need to try ram in there that you know is working.19:02
TaraLSBe like "Here. Have at it."19:02
TaraLSSquirm,  Dude, I did a memtest86. There are no RAM issues.19:02
Squirmhdd test?19:02
Kilosthe prob is the shops charge heavy19:02
inetproTaraLS: with what you have already the guy will think that you're a genius from Mars19:02
TaraLSWhy does no one seem interested in the fact that my problems started when I pulled out two flash drives at the same time without unmounting them?19:02
Kiloswhat do cpus cost there19:02
TaraLSSquirm,  HDD is fine. Did the disk check or whatever it is.19:03
TaraLSinetpro,  Yeah.19:03
TaraLSKilos,  Well Kilos, I can't avoid a shop at this point.19:03
SquirmTaraLS: cause that doesn't effect anything other than the data being copied to.from the disks19:03
Kiloshaha @ the pro19:03
SquirmTaraLS: windows disk check? or run something like Victoria on it?19:03
inetproTaraLS: unlikely the flash drives that caused it19:03
TaraLSI did all the troubleshooting on Windows, and then switched to Ubuntu19:04
Kilosno man the hdd is fine19:04
TaraLSI did the Ubuntu disk check where you can select the HDD19:04
TaraLSI can't remember what it's called exactly19:04
SquirmKilos: my question is, how do you know?19:04
TaraLSOr how to get back to it19:04
Kilosubuntu shows quickly if drive is unhappy19:04
TaraLSYeah. My HDD is fine.19:04
TaraLSPlus, I've had two different ones since my problems began19:04
inetproisolation is the key here19:04
SquirmKilos: Ubuntu shows if S.M.A.R.T is happy19:04
Kilosi have seen a few times when ubuntu warns of drive failure19:04
Kilosand imminent drive failure19:04
SquirmKilos: and I've had drives with no warning that are dead19:05
Kilosand lotsa bad sectors19:05
inetproI agree that a HDD will report many issues19:05
Squirminetpro: yep. but not all :/19:05
inetproSquirm: true19:05
SquirmTaraLS: right. we don't know whats wrong. that's why I'm asking if you've done all this. I think the memtest86 is decent enough. but I don't trust windows disk check.19:05
Kilosya but this one is working Squirm  so will show when probs show up19:05
Squirmor smart for that matter :/\19:06
Kilosi dont even trust windows time19:06
TaraLSSquirm,  I told you, I did a Ubuntu disk check as well.19:06
Kilosmethinks cpu19:07
Kilosyeah i got her to touch /forcefsck19:07
inetproI think either cpu or motherboard19:07
TaraLSPer someone's suggestion via a forum19:07
TaraLS"You may want to check your hard drive in case it is failing. To do so, run "Disk Utility," select your drive on the right, and then click "SMART Data" and then "Run Self-Test.""19:07
TaraLSThat's what I did.19:07
TaraLSDisk Utility19:07
TaraLSEven without doing that, I could tell you that it's not my HDD, because I've had two DIFFERENT HDDs since my problems began.19:08
TaraLSThey can't -both- be screwed.19:08
TaraLSUnless something is screwing them up as soon as they're installed.19:08
inetpromost likely the cpu19:08
TaraLSHow do I know if my mom's comp's CPU will work in mine?19:08
TaraLSHow do I check that, I mean19:08
Kiloswhat um19:09
SquirmTaraLS: does it only freeze watching videos?19:09
TaraLSMine's a dual-core, though. I very much doubt that hers is.19:09
Kiloslga i think19:09
TaraLSA refurbished, 225mb RAM, horizontal PC lol19:09
inetproSquirm: anything that requires a lot of CPU19:09
SquirmTaraLS: if the socket size is the same, the cpu will work19:09
inetproI guess a game of chess will freeze it up very quickly19:09
SquirmLGA 77519:09
TaraLSSquirm,  In Windows, it froze when I used Windows Movie Maker, Avid Pro Tools SE, Cakewalk Home Studio, Photoshop (after about two/three hours, clicking save made it freeze), and streaming video.19:09
Kilosubuntu will cry if it runs at all with 225 mB ram19:10
TaraLSSquirm,  I stress - STREAMING video. Watching video on my hard drive is fine.19:10
inetproI guess streaming video requires a lot of decoding19:10
TaraLSAnd also converting video from URL on VLC19:10
SquirmTaraLS: what is your moms processor? what is yours?19:11
TaraLSSquirm,  I don't know what hers is. How do I check what mine is?19:11
Squirmin terminal, cat /proc/cpuinfo19:11
Squirmor check system monitor19:11
Squirmsorry, terminal has become my first train of thought :/19:12
TaraLSI like using the terminal19:12
TaraLSI just don't know the commands19:12
Squirmyours will probably be LGA 77519:12
Squirmbout 4/5 years old?19:13
TaraLSI dunno19:13
TaraLSI've had the comp for 319:13
TaraLSI saw a date somewhere that was 2005, though19:13
TaraLSThe BIOS is from 200719:13
inetproTaraLS: you're a very quick learner19:13
SquirmSockets SupportedLGA77519:14
Squirmyeah, 77519:14
SquirmI googled Intel E530019:14
TaraLSinetpro,  I am. I just wish I could figure out this stupid computer.19:14
Squirmso as long as your mothers socket is also LGA 775, it will work with no issues19:14
TaraLSSquirm,  Well, I don't imagine the peeps who built the comp would have put it in a socket that was NOT matching the CPU, right? I'd be so annoyed if that was the case.19:15
Kilosbut she cant get the cover open19:15
SquirmTaraLS: you can't do that19:15
TaraLSOh. lol... I had a blonde moment19:15
Kilosit wont work with wrong cpu19:15
Kilosat all19:15
TaraLSYou said 'mothers' and I assumed 'motherboard'19:15
Squirmthey change the shape19:15
* TaraLS whistles.19:15
TaraLSSo a CPU cannot fit into a motherboard that it doesn't work with? As in, if it DOES fit, it will work? Or?19:16
Squirmyou won't need to force it in19:16
Squirmit should sit bery nicely19:16
TaraLSHow do I check what my mother's is?19:16
TaraLSIs that msconfig or something?19:16
Kilosin the info on moms pc you sent me years ago it will give the info on cpu type19:17
inetproTaraLS: boot up with the live cd19:17
Squirmmaybe in task manager, it may have her cpu model number19:17
TaraLSKilos,  I'm not even sure what you're talking about.19:17
Squirmlike yours is E530019:17
SquirmI mean19:17
Squirmright click on My Computer, select properties19:17
Squirmin there19:17
TaraLSinetpro,  Boot up with live CD? Why?19:17
inetprocat /proc/cpuinfo19:18
TaraLSinetpro,  You lost me.19:18
Squirmor do what I said ;)19:18
Kilosmoms pc he means19:18
Kilosfrom live cd19:18
TaraLSOh. Bahaha19:18
inetproTaraLS: on your mothers PC, with live cd, cat /proc/cpuinfo19:19
TaraLSNot a bad idea, but it might not even work on mom's PC. It's so... weak.19:19
inetproone way19:19
TaraLSI'll do it the normal, doable way.19:19
SquirmTaraLS: if it's slow, is one thing. if it crashes, it's another19:19
TaraLSWait one. Gotta go plug it back in etc19:19
Squirmjust for the record. ever want to test a computer. Hirens boot cd ftw19:20
Kilossize of download Squirm 19:21
inetprowb Banlam19:21
Squirmlooking around 700mb19:21
* Squirm finds isop19:21
Squirm-rw-r--r-- 1 sinjin sinjin 501M Dec  7  2011 Hiren's.BootCD.15.1.iso19:21
Kilosi think i got debs pc info on maverick still19:22
inetproSquirm: most if not all of those tools are available for ubuntu as well19:25
inetprojust need to get each one individually19:25
Squirminetpro: yeah19:25
Squirmit's just handy when you're working with many windows pcs19:26
Squirmand it's kind of hard to scan a pc that isn't booting if you have the software on that pc ;)19:26
TaraLSAllow me a moment to lol19:26
TaraLSAnd perhaps be happy19:26
TaraLSNot sure about the happy, yet.19:26
inetproSquirm: true19:26
TaraLSMom's is19:26
inetproTaraLS: why?19:26
TaraLSIntel 4 CPU 2.80 GHz19:27
SquirmP4 are usually LGA775 though19:27
Kilos468 or 77519:27
TaraLSI'm very cold19:28
inetprowe need the processor number, I think19:28
SquirmTaraLS: does it have a model number?19:28
TaraLSMy fingers may fall off19:28
TaraLSinetpro,  Squirm,  Where do I find that?19:28
TaraLSProcessor number is the E5300?19:28
Squirmfound this on a website19:28
TaraLSOkay, wait one19:28
SquirmP4s use the following sockets:19:28
SquirmSocket 43219:28
SquirmSocket 47819:28
SquirmYou will need to know the model number of the chip to determine the socket it uses.19:28
inetproif you look at that the processor number is E530019:30
=== timkeller_ is now known as timkeller
TaraLSon device manager19:31
TaraLSthe processor is shown as19:31
inetprocat /proc/cpuinfo should tell more19:32
TaraLSBlah. Okay. I will try that.19:32
SquirmTaraLS: wait19:32
* TaraLS senses a Windows/Ubuntu war afoot...19:32
Kilosif its E5300 its same as yours19:32
TaraLSKilos,  Well yes, Kilos.19:32
Kilosthen its also lga 77519:33
Kilosbut maybe single core and your dual19:33
Kilosbut will work19:33
TaraLSWell... In device manager, it's got two separate cores.19:33
TaraLSEven though it doesn't say it's dual-core or anything19:33
smile4everbyee :)19:33
SquirmThe simplest, just under Windows, is to display the properties system.19:33
inetproKilos: but she didn't say that it is E530019:33
SquirmLeft-click on Menu "Start", left-click on "Control Panel" ... Opening the Control Panel.19:33
SquirmIn this window (Panel), a list of icons displayed, and one of these icons, you will find an icon called "System" in which you double-click it.19:33
SquirmThe properties are displayed Systems and the first tab is called "General".19:33
SquirmOn this tab is the name of your processor, its operating frequency type and its actual incidence.19:33
Kilostoods smile4ever 19:33
SquirmAlso included in the information below is the total memory (RAM) installed on your computer.19:33
TaraLSLike, there are two separate selectable options for the processor on device manager.19:33
Squirmsorry for the paste19:34
smile4evertot morgen :)19:34
TaraLSOkay, brb19:34
inetproSquirm: np19:34
TaraLSsmile4ever,  *wave*19:34
smile4everwave back! :D19:34
SquirmTaraLS: that just means it's dual core. your system essentially thinks there is 2 processors19:34
TaraLSYeah. Mom has 504mb of RAM19:34
Squirmor has hyper threading. where your mother board essentially makes 2 cores19:34
TaraLSSquirm,  So mom's is dual-core too, then?19:34
Kilosah sorry inetpro saw that come up again so thought it was the other one19:34
TaraLSK brb19:35
Squirmpentium 4 isnt dual core. so your motherboard has hyper threading19:35
Kilosyeah hyper can be enabled when you upgrade to dual core or core219:36
Kilosbut the function is there in bios19:36
SquirmKilos: I don't think so. It is always there if your motherboard supports it. or it's enabled by default19:36
TaraLSThat's where I was before19:36
TaraLSIt only shows what I told you19:37
TaraLSNo number or whatever19:37
Squirmmaybe the bios tells you?19:37
TaraLSNo e5300 etc19:37
Kilosi have the hyperthreading option in nuvos pc but the cpu info says it a single core cpu19:37
TaraLSbrb. I go xchat on mom's comp so I don't have to go back and forth19:37
KilosTaraLS, you once gave me a link to what moms pc had going for it19:37
SquirmKilos: if you `cat /proc/cpuinfo` it should say you have 2 processors19:38
Kilosi cant find it now19:38
TaraLSKilos,  I already said I don't know what you're talking about. And I don't remember.19:38
Kilosok i check Squirm 19:38
Kilosnope 1 core19:39
Kilosshe forgets more than me19:39
inetproKilos: don't tell her that :-)19:40
Kilosbaie parmantig19:41
inetproooooO (0 ^ 0) Ooooo19:42
inetproshe's back19:44
TaraLSWhat am I doing? lol19:46
inetprocat /proc/cpuinfo19:46
TaraLSBah. Okay.19:46
TaraLSbrb. 19:46
Kilosone should never tidy up a desktop19:46
Kilosnothing can be found again19:46
inetproTaraLS: and paste at http://slexy.org/19:47
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inetproKilos: I put slexy in there ^^ for you19:49
Kilosare we accepting the meet date inetpro 19:49
Kilosyay ty my friend19:49
inetproKilos: well, let that be until everyone agrees on another date19:49
Kilosmuch better than ubuntu bin19:49
Kilosyou so clever19:49
Kilosmaybe ill tweet for comments on that date hey?19:50
Kilosits hard to get peeps here at once to discuss it19:50
inetproKilos: do that19:50
inetprobut not now19:51
inetprotomorrow when most are awake19:51
inetproshe be gone again19:51
Kilossomething hung19:51
Kiloswow my modem light went rewd19:51
Kilosam i still here19:52
KilosMaaz, hi19:52
MaazHowzit Kilos19:52
Kiloswonder what that means19:52
Kilosback to green19:52
inetprosyslog should tell you19:53
Kilosdont understand this modem19:53
Kilosits a saudi modem remember19:53
inetprotail -f /var/log/syslog19:53
Kiloscat or tail19:53
Kilostell the brat about the -f too19:53
inetproKilos: man tail19:53
Kiloswhat does -f do19:53
Kilosnee man19:53
inetproahh, you remember :-)19:53
* inetpro once had an alias for that19:54
bakumanKilos, it means follow19:55
inetproalias msglog='tail -f /var/log/syslog'19:55
KilosNov 21 16:45:53 P4 AptDaemon.Worker: INFO: Processing transaction /org/debian/apt/transaction/5eada3ccf48a4942b8d49ea4a510a1dc19:55
bakumanit does not just get the last 10 messages, but also waits for new ones19:55
Kiloswhats that demon doing19:55
inetproor better19:55
inetproalias tailsyslog='tail -f /var/log/syslog'19:55
Kilosno matter the modem didnt drop me when it went red19:57
Kilosyoure alias is broken19:57
inetproKilos: hoekom sê jy so?19:58
Kilosdo i have to install alias first19:59
Kilosgot no output19:59
inetproif you set it then tailsyslog is like a program on its own19:59
inetpronow you just type tailsyslog and ENTER19:59
Kilosoh so only starting now19:59
inetproyebo yes20:00
Kiloswow that clever20:00
inetproctrl+c to break out of it20:00
Kilosalways wondered what aliases were20:00
bakumanI have seen some weird aliases20:00
bakumanit's almost as bad as #defines20:00
inetprojust don't give your alias a name of a command that you already have on the system20:00
Kilosi wont play with it20:01
inetproKilos: hmm... no need to be afraid like that20:01
Kiloscan remember tail and cat /var/log/syslog20:01
Kilosno will try member the -f20:01
inetprocat = concatenate20:01
Kilosthats an ugly word20:02
inetproeasy to remember an ugly word20:02
Kilosi wonder if she pulled the cpu now20:03
Kilosim falling asleep here20:03
bakumanKilos, you do not need to remember that, all you need to remember is 'man'20:03
inetproor she went to the shop to get a new cpu20:03
Kilosshe aint got bucks20:03
Kilosmonths of no work because of pc20:04
inetprowell she's learned a lot in the process, sadly that may not have helped20:05
inetpromaybe one day the knowledge will come in handy20:05
Kilosyeah but the good thing is she has come to ubuntu20:06
Kilostried for last 3 years and got shot down20:07
inetpromaybe she can compose a song for sabdfl20:07
Kilosi dont think she writes songs20:08
Kiloswhats sabdfl20:08
inetprohmm... not yet20:08
inetproKilos: ai20:08
inetprosabdfl = Mark Shuttleworth20:08
Kilosi didnt see that inna book20:08
Kilosdid you read my pm today20:09
Kilosinetpro, 20:09
inetproMaaz: sabdfl20:10
MaazMark Shuttleworth calls himself the "Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator for Life", or SABDFL, and the Ubuntu community often uses this name to refer to him20:10
inetproKilos: oh yes20:10
inetpronice book it seems20:10
Kiloslekker hey20:10
Kilosthere modem red again20:10
Kilosgreat book20:10
Kilosyou can have it next20:11
inetproyou can't give books like that away20:11
Kilosi can20:11
inetproTaraLS: wb20:11
TaraLSMom's PC won't run Ubuntu20:11
Kiloswont fit inna grave20:11
Kiloswhat it says love20:11
TaraLSNot enough RAM I guess20:11
TaraLSIt doesn't say anything20:11
TaraLSI set it up to run from the usb20:12
TaraLSLike my comp20:12
Kilosdoes it try20:12
TaraLSAnd then goes to the black screen with the little cursor that shows that it's about to go into Ubuntu20:12
TaraLSBut it never finishes20:12
Kilossome pcs have different bios20:12
TaraLSOh Kilos20:12
TaraLSIt's not about the BIOS, lol20:12
Kilosi have to use the usb um20:12
TaraLSThe comp just doesn't want to run Ubuntu20:12
TaraLSIt's not powerful enough, I guess.20:12
TaraLSinetpro:  What do you want to know? I'll google it. "How to find processor.... on XP"20:13
TaraLSWhat about the processor?20:13
Kilosthe lga number20:13
Kilos478 or 77520:13
Kilossocket number20:14
Kilosif its a 775 you can use it in yours to see if freezing stops20:15
Kilospc will just be a bit slower20:15
TaraLSYes I know20:15
TaraLSIn BIOS20:15
TaraLSHere, on mom's comp20:15
TaraLSIt says that hyperthreading is enabled20:15
Kilosmine was too20:15
TaraLSIt doesn't matter if yours was. :P20:16
Kilosbut the cpu command says only 1 core20:16
TaraLSWe're trying to sort out compatabilities between these two comps20:16
TaraLSI'm not sure.20:16
TaraLSI dunno how to find what the socket is20:16
Kilosyou wont find compatabilities in bios20:16
TaraLSI know20:16
TaraLSI'm not talking about looking in BIOS20:16
TaraLSI was just saying... The BIOS said that hyperthreading was enabled.20:17
Kilosso what20:17
TaraLSNothing I guess.20:17
TaraLSWait one. Googling.20:17
inetproa very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution that should boot up just to test the basics20:19
Kilosdoes it do 3g inetpro 20:19
inetprohmm... 20:19
inetprois 3g required?20:19
Kiloslike tinycorelinux needs cable to get the software for 3g20:19
Kilosno by her its cable but by me man20:20
Kiloswhew ek sukkel20:20
inetproKilos: am not sure20:20
Kilosi also had probs with ubuntu with 512mB ram20:20
Kilosbut live cd ran20:21
inetproprobably doesn't have many fancy things20:21
Kilosonce on 640mB ram it installed20:21
Kilos512 too min20:21
Kilosmost likely her moms is ddr not ddr220:22
inetprodidn't she have that other iso already?20:22
inetprowhat was that called again?20:22
inetprofrom the fly20:22
inetproblah blah blah20:23
Kiloswhat other iso inetpro ?20:24
inetprojy word oud20:24
inetprodoesn't that have a cli?20:25
Kilosoh ya but thats no good in her moms pc20:25
Kilosit works20:25
Kiloswe dont wanna stress it20:25
inetprowhy not?20:25
TaraLSBecause it's the only comp I have to work on20:25
inetproyou just want the cli20:26
Kilosbecause it works20:26
TaraLSONe that, sure, lags like hell, but at least I can do art on it20:26
Kilosoh to do the cpu thing20:26
Kiloswho knows20:26
inetprobut thinking about it even the ubuntu cd should still fall back to the cli if you press CTRL+ALT+F120:27
inetproor CTRL+ALT+F220:27
inetproF1-F6 actually20:28
inetproor just to F520:28
TaraLSYou're completely confusing me now :P20:28
KilosTaraLS, doesnt you stick even boot there20:29
Kilosto got the try ubuntu option20:29
inetproTaraLS: if you can boot to the cli you can do cat /proc/cpuinfo20:29
inetprothen just take a snapshot20:29
TaraLSKilos:  I already told you that it doesn't boot.... :|20:29
TaraLSinetpro:  What is the cli?20:29
inetprocommandline interface20:29
TaraLSWait one20:30
inetproactually less is more20:30
inetproless /proc/cpuinfo20:30
inetprowith that you can go up and down20:30
inetproand press q to exit less20:31
TaraLSMaybe I should get this damn small linux20:32
TaraLSIt can run from inside windows20:33
* inetpro has never tried that20:33
inetprosounds real interesting20:33
TaraLSYou're the one who gave me the link20:33
TaraLSOh bugger20:33
TaraLSHave to pay20:33
Kilosand runs from cd20:34
Kilosno install20:34
Kilosand can use terminal20:34
inetproTaraLS: nee man20:35
Kilos12mB if i member right20:35
inetproIf you like Damn Small Linux, please consider donating; even small contributions will help fund its continued development.20:35
TaraLSinetpro:  I would love to donate, and will do so when I'm actually able.20:35
inetpropaying is optional20:36
Kilosthey dont say you have to20:36
TaraLSNot if you wanna get DSL on flash drive20:36
Kilosno cd iso20:36
TaraLSI'd prefer USB20:36
TaraLSWhere do I go to download it?20:37
TaraLS3.x Supports Application launching from limited icons. Application centric. Menu driven. Current 3.x version 3.4.12, screenshots: 1 2 Older Screenshots20:37
TaraLSDo I click the "3.4.12"?20:37
TaraLSExcellent. ty20:38
inetproahh but hang on20:38
TaraLS4 hours left to download 49mbs20:38
TaraLSStupid internet.20:38
inetproyou need the embedded version for booting into windows20:39
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kilosyo Trix[a]r_za 20:40
inetproTaraLS: hmm... 4 hours to download 50MB ?20:41
inetproeven Kilos can download faster than that20:41
Kilosthats a bad connection20:42
inetproblaheh: NOTE: you need the embedded version for booting into windows, see http://www.pendrivelinux.com/run-damn-small-linux-in-windows/20:43
Kiloshi blaheh 20:44
=== blaheh is now known as TaraLS
* TaraLS fumes.20:44
TaraLSEvery time I click 'download', it says 'not found'20:44
TaraLSThat explains why it's so slow.20:44
inetproTaraLS: try http://distro.ibiblio.org/damnsmall/current/dsl-4.4.10-embedded.zip20:45
TaraLSShould I set it to open with Archive Manager?20:45
TaraLS(which is the default)20:45
inetproDownload the dsl-embedded.zip and extract its contents to your Flash Drive.20:45
inetproClick dsl-base.bat to launch Damn Small Linux inside Windows20:45
inetprocould not be simpler than that20:46
TaraLSI guess I'll just select 'save' then20:46
TaraLSbrb. Must go get flash driver. Says 13 mins remaining of download20:46
inetproI'm just not sure how this will play out on the windows box though20:47
inetprowill be very interesting20:47
TaraLSMe neither20:47
TaraLSlol Kilos20:47
TaraLSYou slow. <320:47
Kilosi know20:47
TaraLSokay, brb in about 8 mins20:48
Kilostara how do you install xp onto a sata drive20:49
inetprounfortunately I can not even test it here20:49
Kilosit doesnt even see a drive here20:49
* inetpro don't have windows in this house20:49
Kiloswell done inetpro 20:49
Kilosi gotta install for ian on a few drives20:50
Kilosfor customers20:50
inetproKilos: illegally? 20:50
TaraLSWhat's a sata drive?20:51
Kilospcs that have virii that killed mbr20:51
Kilossame as your 1 TB drive20:51
TaraLSI don't ever see options like sata drive or whatever when installing Windows20:51
Kilosthe thin red cabvle20:51
Kiloswow xp goes straight in20:51
TaraLSI guess? I just follow the prompts on the install disc20:52
Kilosi tried 3 here and none see the sata drive at all20:52
Kilosi dont even get to partition20:52
TaraLSWell, that comp sounds truly stuffed.20:52
TaraLSOtherwise, I dunno.20:52
Kilosit says no drive in your pc20:52
Kilosits my pc and his drives20:53
* inetpro lost it somewhere20:53
inetprowho's talking about what?20:53
Kilosmagespawn, said you have to install extra drivers20:53
KilosF6 on booting20:53
* inetpro confused20:54
Kilosbut then it wants a manufacturers cd fot the drivers20:54
Kilosxp inetpro 20:54
inetproKilos: on her moms pc?20:54
Kilosno man here20:54
Kilosi asked how to install to sata20:54
Kilosher moms has xp on20:55
inetproKilos: why you ask tara that?20:55
Kiloswell she done it ten times20:55
inetproai, ai, ai20:56
inetproall this time just to find some cpu info?20:56
Kilosbut im helping ian do stuff he hasnt got time to do so will sukkel with ms a bit20:56
TaraLSTen times? Lol bit of an exaggeration20:57
TaraLSMore like... five-ish.20:57
TaraLS40 secoooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnds20:58
Kilosoh well even after fivish you should know how20:58
inetprosounds almost as bad as me spending the day installing all kinds of dependancies on me freebsd box after upgrading to 9.0 just because I had the freebsd-doc installed20:58
inetprosomething that is not even needed20:59
Kilosi dont understand ms20:59
TaraLSExtracted to my usb20:59
Kilosmillenium and win7 install fine but xp says no drive in your pc20:59
inetproKilos: xp should go to file 1320:59
inetpronot worth calling that an OS these days21:00
Kilosits better than 7 inetpro 21:00
inetproKilos: it is so damn old!21:00
inetprorather install ubuntu21:00
inetproor dsl21:01
Kilos7 wont even let the gigabyte mb cd install with out you first go turn off security stuff21:01
Kilosits for his clients man i used ubuntu to fix them21:01
inetproKilos: set the theme to XP and tell them it's all fixed21:02
Kilosthey want xp back again21:02
inetprothey won't notice21:02
Kilosha ha ha21:02
inetproTaraLS2: wb21:03
TaraLS2ALright um21:03
TaraLS2Well it worked, but it doesn't look like normal ubuntu of course21:03
inetproit is not ubuntu21:03
inetproand it is damn small21:03
TaraLS2Right. lol21:04
* inetpro lol21:04
inetprosomewhere you should be able to find a cli21:05
inetproterminal / konsole21:05
Kiloswhat gui inetpro 21:06
inetproKilos: Fluxbox based on the famous BlackBox21:06
superflyI think it uses openbox or one of those21:06
inetprobut with some really nice enhancements21:07
Kilosah the monkey uses openbox21:07
inetprowb superfly21:07
TaraLS2Whew this be confusing21:07
inetprowhere you been?21:07
superflyhi inetpro21:07
superflyBible study21:07
inetproTaraLS2: http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/frequently_asked_questions.html21:09
inetproinside windows it runs in the Qemu Virtual Machine21:10
Kilosi go sleep now. night all sleep tight21:11
TaraLS2Whew stupid slow net.21:11
TaraLS2Kilos:  Night night21:11
inetproai... weg is hy21:12
inetproTaraLS2: what's wrong?21:13
inetproyou can't find the terminal?21:13
TaraLS2I can't find the terminal21:13
inetproTaraLS2: click on "ATerminal" on the DSL desktop21:15
TaraLS2There's no 'Aterminal"21:16
TaraLS2I clicked that and can select all sorts like the home folder21:17
TaraLS2Is 'console' the same as terminal?21:17
inetprosounds right yep21:17
TaraLS2Okay 21:17
TaraLS2So I selected console21:17
TaraLS2And it keeps me in the window in which you can select those folders21:18
TaraLS2And is asking for "filename/extension"?21:18
TaraLS2Would that be like... command line?21:18
TaraLS2Such as cat /var/etc?21:18
superflytumbleweed: when you have a bit more time, I have some questions surrounding using the Debian package of OpenLP for a PPA on Launchpad21:19
inetproTaraLS2: what happens if you right-click on the desktop21:21
TaraLS2It opens up menus21:21
inetprogo to applications21:21
inetproterminal emulators21:21
TaraLS2Apps, myDSL, games, Tools, etc21:21
inetproxterminal or such?21:22
TaraLS2I can't find anything that says terminal21:27
TaraLS2Just give me the command you want to find out info of the cpu?21:27
TaraLS2I'll put it into this gfxGUI thing21:27
inetprocat /proc/cpuinfo21:28
inetproI'm just not sure whether you'll get valid info from  that21:28
inetproas it's running in a VM21:28
inetproinside windows, nogal21:28
TaraLS2That didn't work anyway21:29
TaraLS2Since my interwebs is almost dead, can you please see if that FAQ tells you how to find the terminal in this linux?21:29
TaraLS2Well, there's 'run command' and then it says 'launch application' and I have to type something in21:30
* inetpro is searching 21:30
inetprotype xterm21:30
TaraLS2Okay, one sec.21:31
TaraLS2OH MY WORD21:31
TaraLS2That worked.21:31
superflyinetpro: why is TaraLS2 using DSL?21:31
inetproxterm is as old as the mountains21:32
inetprosuperfly: heh21:32
inetproshe could not boot into ubuntu on her moms pc21:32
superflyinetpro: too little ram?21:32
inetprostruggling to get detail cpu info from windows21:32
inetproI just thought it would be real quick to boot into DSL21:33
inetproof course it took way longer than expected21:33
TaraLS2lol... rofl*21:34
TaraLS2That still isn't saying what the socket is21:34
inetprosuperfly: anyway, she got the embedded version of DSL running inside windows on her moms xp21:34
superflyinetpro: steering far left of the Ubuntu family, especially for someone new to Linux, is not really something I would recommend...21:35
inetproTaraLS2: post what you got for us on slexy21:35
TaraLS2I'm still working out how to successfully copy from DSL21:35
inetprosuperfly: ha, she is way past new now21:35
TaraLS2Hiyo supahflaaahhhhh21:38
TaraLS2Trying to save the cpu info to text file to my USB from DSL21:38
inetproTaraLS2: can you browse the web inside DSL?21:39
inetproshould have Firefox on there21:39
inetprosuperfly: oh and I remember even you asking her to run stresslinux a few days ago already21:41
superflyinetpro: no, I just jumped on the bandwagon :-P21:42
inetprooi 21:42
TaraLS2Yeh it does21:43
TaraLS2Just omg, this interwebs is so slow.21:43
inetproTaraLS2: you can just go to http://slexy.org/ and post it there21:44
inetprothen just type the url21:44
inetprothe last part after slexy.org/21:44
TaraLS2Yeah but it doesn't even load lol21:45
inetprosuperfly: anyway, I'm sure tara is enjoying the exposure21:45
TaraLS2I need to restart this comp. One sec.21:45
TaraLS2Sorry. I know it's super late there.21:45
* inetpro can go another 5 minutes or so21:46
inetprosuperfly: I don't think it will help us but she's trying to get details of her moms cpu, to see whether it may fit on her pc21:47
inetprobut I don't thnk it will work21:47
inetproI have a suspicion that her cpu is no longer healthy21:48
inetprobut obviously I could be totally wrong, again21:49
superflyinetpro: with your track record so far.... :-P21:50
inetproeh, I'm just trying to help21:51
inetproproblem is not solved yet21:51
inetproeven with help from so many others21:52
inetproTaraLS_: wb21:54
TaraLS_Whewwwthis comp is laggy21:54
TaraLS_But at least the web works now21:54
TaraLS_What was that command again? Sorry. D:21:54
inetprocat /proc/cpuinfo21:54
inetproTaraLS2: post to http://slexy.org/ 21:55
inetprohmm... interesting21:57
inetpronot sure whether that is right though21:57
inetpronow where are the cpu experts?21:58
inetproall gone sleepy?21:58
inetproTaraLS_: it would be interesting to see whether you get the same info if you boot into DSL rather than from inside windows22:01
inetproanyway, you've come a long way22:01
inetpronot sure whether all that even helps22:01
TaraLS_It hurts my brain.22:02
inetprounfortunately I don't have many more options22:03
TaraLS_Well, thanks very much for your help anyway.22:03
inetproa visit to the pc doc might be the best22:03
inetproit's a pleasure, really22:04
inetproat least you now have many ways to troubleshoot22:04
inetprogood night, and good luck22:05
TaraLS_Yes. :) Night now.22:05
TaraLS_Whew I'm gonna head off for now. Toodles all.22:11
TaraLS_superfly: *wave*22:11

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