bobweaverGandalfB,  sudo modprob nvidia00:00
GandalfBmodprob: command not found00:01
bobweaveroh woops try this    sudo modprob  nvidia_current00:01
bobweaverthanks three18ti  !00:01
bobweaverthat is it forgot the e00:01
bobweaverGandalfB,  ^^00:02
bobweaversudo modprobe nvidia00:02
GandalfBBobweaver, gotchat00:02
* bobweaver feels silly 00:02
three18tiyea, I hate it when linux does what I say instead of what I want...00:02
GandalfBBobweaver, it says fatal: Module nvidia_current not found.00:02
bobweaversudo modprobe nvidia00:03
sssilverAnyone here using Openbox and having an issue where alt-shift-tab doesn't work?00:03
bobweaverGabrieleV,  should just go to the next line if so run     lsmod | pastebinit00:04
GandalfBBobweaver, it says fatal: Module nvidia_current not found.00:04
bobweaverer wrong person ^^00:04
bobweaverGandalfB,  sudo modprobe nvidia          said that ?00:04
GandalfBBobweaver, it sure did00:04
GandalfBBobweaver, I can turn on webcam if that helps :D00:05
bobweaverGandalfB,  sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`00:05
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bobweaverare they installed ?00:05
jeeves_mossis there a way to extract the e-mail that Thunderbird has cached?  I lost the main drive my e-mail server was living on, and it looks like the ONLY copy I have is the cached copy in Thunderbird00:05
AkivaMan I hate installing linux for old people, because chances are, they have paid for some stupid cisco based web application that only works in ie600:06
Akivawebex, I hate you00:06
AkivaNow I have to do a dual boot00:06
GandalfBBobweaver, what are teh characters after "linux-headers-'uname -r'"  is that correct00:06
bobweaversudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`00:07
bobweaverthat is it00:07
GandalfBBobweaver what key is 'uname -r'  as it saying "E: Unable to locate package linux-headers-uname -r"00:08
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_r00t_GandalfB: just do this sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates && apt-get update && apt-get install nvidia-current00:09
GandalfBroot, ok00:09
bobweaverthat is not supported ^^00:09
bobweaverbut should work00:09
GandalfBBobweaver.... ok safe to do?00:10
_r00t_GandalfB: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nvidia-current00:10
dooml0rddoes ubuntu2d have a hotkey to make a window undecorated+fullscreen00:10
bobweaverbut if you add beta software you might get beta output though that is a good repo00:10
ActionParsnipGandalfB: i use it. i need it so my gpu can run urban terror00:10
_r00t_bobweaver: is it beta ? really ?00:10
bobweaverbleeding edge / beta / whatever you want to call it00:11
fdidhhey all00:11
_r00t_bobweaver: it's current 'latest stable'00:12
bobweaverand nvidia-current is already installed so I guess that one would want to upgrade only00:12
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bobweaver_r00t_,  you are correct it is not beta00:13
ActionParsnipthe beta is 310 if memory serves00:13
icerootWeThePeople: apache and mysql will be started automaticly after they are installed00:14
NetbusGuake Terminal is AWESOME00:16
GandalfBBobweaver, btw should I of mentioned that I'm running 64bit earlier?00:17
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GandalfBBobweaver, rebooting00:17
bobweaverGandalfB,  need to get that mod(driver) loaded00:17
GandalfBhow do I do that :O00:18
bobweavershould be loading auto not sure why not . I would file a bug on that . but that is just me.00:19
GandalfBwhats teh pannel in ui were you set the driver00:19
GandalfBis there anyway I can force display that pannel?00:19
GandalfBBobweaver, I can seem to get a file exporer up by creating a folder on desktop00:20
GandalfBBobweaver, can I run it form there?00:20
bobweaverGandalfB,  by adding the ppa that _r00t_  suggested that will then upgrading it should do it,   GandalfB   modprobe loads drivers00:21
GandalfBI think I set something doddy in one of the display panels settings, from the ui tho.. there was a window (before i had the problem) which listed 5 odd drivers for nvidia.. do what know what pannel that is?00:22
bobweaveryou can reconfigure nvidia_current00:22
bobweaversudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current00:23
bobweaveror if you can open terminal with ctrl+alt+t   then try  sudo nvidia-xconfig00:23
GandalfBBobweaver, should I reboot arfter reconfigure current?00:24
brandon420I need to know how to get my internet working... I had this problem the other day, and reset the router. I am at someone elses house and reset the router.00:24
GandalfBBobweaver, rebooting00:24
GandalfBBobweaver, ok what should I see when I type "sudo nivdia-xconfig"00:27
mgoresorry..just joined this chat...how far are we on the QA verification point?00:28
GandalfBBobweaver, sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current and reboot seemed to make my desktop resoluotion even smaller :P00:28
bobweaverafkb 20 min00:29
[_-S1L3NC3-_]How can i do a swap?00:29
[_-S1L3NC3-_]i get  swapon failed: Operation not permitted00:29
brandon420I need to know how to get my internet working... I had this problem the other day, and reset the router. I am at someone elses house and reset the router.00:29
_r00t_[_-S1L3NC3-_]: sudo swapon -a00:30
[_-S1L3NC3-_]swapon: /swapfile1: skipping - it appears to have holes.00:31
_r00t_[_-S1L3NC3-_]: swapfile ? Should it not be a partition ?00:32
Akivahow do I mount the cd rom from a live environment? I mounted my ubuntu usb drive, and now I want to burn an iso, but I can't access the cdrom00:32
[_-S1L3NC3-_]how can i swap?00:33
[_-S1L3NC3-_]i was trying an alternative mthod00:33
_r00t_[_-S1L3NC3-_]: Fair enough .... you followed a procedure like this http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-add-a-swap-file-howto/00:33
mercury00what's the best way to get gpg-agent to cache password?00:33
[_-S1L3NC3-_]yes somewhat _r00t_00:33
[_-S1L3NC3-_]what is the easiest way?00:34
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mercury00[_-S1L3NC3-_], probably creating a swap partition is best, IF you have a disk with empty space,00:35
[_-S1L3NC3-_]im in a VPS00:36
ar9whats the metapackage to install basic x server called?00:36
_r00t_[_-S1L3NC3-_]: Should work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=516004 ....... Ahhhhh IC - you're in a vps :)00:36
mercury00[_-S1L3NC3-_], hmm, I thought in a VPS you wouldn't need swap at all?00:36
_r00t_[_-S1L3NC3-_]: Welcome to Jail .... your turn to throw the dice00:37
mercury00[_-S1L3NC3-_], I mean, isn't that for the host env?00:37
willbeelerhi everyone... I installed ubuntu on another new harddrive and the left the previous installation on the first hard drive alone. Nothing has changed on the grub list of ubuntu installations.. It just has that first "Ubuntu" entry00:37
[_-S1L3NC3-_]umm idk00:37
[_-S1L3NC3-_]but i have a ram limit00:37
willbeelerwhen i click on it, it goes to the first instllation00:37
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
willbeelerhow do i fix that?00:37
QS81evening all. I seem to have lost my files after an upgrade to 12.10 but they seem to be under a folder called .ecryptfs and I can't retrieve them. can anyone help me out?00:37
mercury00[_-S1L3NC3-_], I woulnd't worry about swap unless I was running bare metal00:38
[_-S1L3NC3-_]i need a i need a swap because im getting ram errors on a pkg im trying to config00:38
[_-S1L3NC3-_]_r00t_ didnt work00:38
mercury00willbeeler, you probably just need to run update-grub, typically it finds all ubuntu installs and adds them to grub,00:38
GandalfB_root_, is there are way I can just re-install ubunto without using usbkey or cdrom (as I don't have either option) to correct my problem.  as it was fairly clearn install?00:39
[_-S1L3NC3-_]_r00t_ am i supposed to rename "./swap.virtual.disk" ?00:39
ar9what package do i need for a basic Xsession?00:39
blacknessGandalfB, without a media source, you cant really do much..00:39
_r00t_willbeeler:  sudo update-grub00:39
mercury00willbeeler, assuming you would like to add the installation on the second disk to the grub menu on the first disk, anyway,00:40
dooml0rdis there a way to compare two directory trees. e.g: something like rsync reporting what it would do if you invoked it00:40
GandalfBblackness, well I have the media,  I just can't boot from cd (as I dont have one) and the motherboard is to crapy to boot from usb00:40
_r00t_dooml0rd: diff -r00:40
GandalfBso is there an equiviant to the windows installer?00:41
blacknessGandalfB, i'd go buy a single CD-r00:41
willbeelerim sorry i must have lost connection... does anyone know what to do about my question? I have 2 installations of ubuntu, but only one grub entry00:41
mercury00doomlord, yes, rsync has an option that will do nothing, it's, -n i think00:41
_r00t_dooml0rd: or run the rsyn with -n option ie --dry-run00:41
willbeelerand the grub entry goes to the older one00:41
GandalfBblackness, no I have no cd-r drive :)00:41
blacknessno CDRom period?00:41
GandalfBI have the cd-r ;D00:41
blacknessi believe there is a way to use grub to install from a iso.00:41
GandalfBwell, correct,  actually no ide cable to connect it :S00:42
mercury00doomlord, or --dry-run, so something like rsync --update /first/dir /second/dir --dry-run, maybe00:42
blacknessGandalfB, can you borrow one from another device? like a slave HD..00:42
blacknessGandalfB, wait, you said IDE right?00:42
dooml0rdrsync -nr perhaps (recursive/dry run)00:42
GandalfBnot really00:42
mercury00willbeeler, assuming you would like to add the installation on the second disk to the grub menu on the first disk, anyway, use 'sudo update-grub00:42
GandalfBblackness, yup00:42
mercury00willbeeler, it *should* automatically see that you have kernels on the second disk, and add them to your grub menu00:43
blacknessWhy not slave your CDrom off your harddrive? or is the slave IDE slot taken by a harddrive?00:43
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
GandalfBthe harddrive is sata :P00:43
willbeelermercury00: when would I do that? On the live disc (right now) or when i get back into my first installation?00:43
mercury00dooml0rd, right, recursive too00:43
QS81I'm trying to recover my lost personal files after an upgrade and I know they're on my hard drive under an ecryptfs folder but I can't access it. can anyone point me in the right direction?00:43
blacknessHang on GandalfB ..lemme find a guide.00:43
mercury00dooml0rd, uh, also, -v or something, you want there to be output,00:43
dooml0rd-nrv ok00:44
GandalfBblackness,  yes much swearing was involved with getting the destro on there in the first place.  I pinched an IDE cable from a friend,  which I've since returned00:44
blacknessGandalfB, http://askubuntu.com/questions/141940/how-to-boot-live-iso-images00:44
GandalfBok I taka  read00:45
bc81@search Edwin Marlow00:45
blacknessGandalfB, You have to edit grub.cfg manually i believe.00:45
mercury00willeeler, only from the running instance of the first disk,00:45
blacknessbc81, this isnt a file serving channel.00:45
mercury00willeeler, when you run update-grub it'll try to update the info it has on the running kernel / current root directory unless you carefully specify otherwise,00:45
GandalfBblackness, I think thats one for the morning, my head starting to swell with pain :(  Thanks for all the help tonight and thankyyou bobweaver for trying to help00:46
mercury00willbeeler, but it's safest/easiest to boot into the first dist, run sudo update-grub, and watch the output.  It should print out some info about how it discovered an ubuntu kernel on the other disk00:46
willbeelermercury00: when i setup the second instllation, i set it to the second (new) hard drive (grub i mean)... would that be a prob?00:47
willbeelerok ill try that00:47
blacknesshaha..i know that feeling GandalfB00:47
blacknessmake sure you save it :)00:47
willbeelerhow rude... I forgot to say thank you mercury00!!!00:48
GandalfBttfn all00:48
mercury00willbeeler, it's not a probem to 'also' install grub to the second disk, it' sjust that it'll never be used unless you physically remove the first disk.  Your BIOS -> tries booting the first disk.  The first disk -> loads grub from the boot sector, gets files from the root directory00:48
willbeelerand everyone else for their help00:48
willbeelerAHhh.. that's right..00:48
willbeelerhow dumb of me00:48
willbeeleri appreciate it, now i understand00:48
mercury00willbeeler, no problem, it's not simple so there's no reason feeling dumb00:48
willbeelerhave a good night and happy thanksgiving00:48
mercury00willbeeler, night,00:49
willbeelerwell, i've been through this rodeo before, and it should have dawned on me00:49
mercury00willbeeler, yeah I just yesterday installed grub from a chroot onto a usb disk to reinstall on another computer, ha00:49
QS81I'm trying to recover my lost personal files after an upgrade and I know they're on my hard drive under an ecryptfs folder but I can't access it. can anyone point me in the right direction?00:50
blacknesswhat version ubuntu QS81 ?00:50
blacknessmoment please.00:50
QS81upgraded from 12.04 via a thumbstick.00:50
QS81thank you blackness00:51
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blacknessQS81, http://askubuntu.com/questions/38336/how-do-i-recover-my-data-from-an-encrypted-home-directory/80386#80386 give this a try.00:51
blacknessQS81, here is one with a video LOL http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html00:52
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blacknessQS81, make sure instead of 11.10, use 12.10 for your liveUSB..00:54
ZiauddinMKhey, don't forget to multiply by four.00:55
blacknessZiauddinMK, what?00:55
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willbeelerhey it worked! thanks, im logged in!00:56
mercury00willbeeler, super!00:58
QS81thank you for the help blackness but this seems like it will take a long time. I'm a very deep ubuntu newbie so a lot of this is still very foreign to me.00:58
kolaracdncan someone help me. I am running ubuntu 12.10 on my system and i want the default boot up to be tty1 instead of tty7. So i do want the gui running in the background, i just want it to boot to the virtual console first. Thanks!00:58
QS81but at least there is a way.00:58
blacknessJust take your time, and follow the steps.. and you will be fine QS8100:58
bazhang!nox | kolaracdn00:59
ubottukolaracdn: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode00:59
blacknessbazhang, i believe he wants it to goto console, and leave X running in the background. not sure if what you suggested will do that.01:00
QS81blackness: one minor question - when it says that the target system's hard drive needs to be mounted, do they mean the one I'm trying to open or the one that was created when the upgrade took place?01:00
kolaracdnno i already tried that i want the gui to be running but not in the background. i want tty1 the first i see and i want to switch to tty7 when needed01:00
blacknessthe one that holds the encryptedfs.01:00
blacknesstarget = where you want it to go, source = location of data..01:01
blacknesssorry i got that backwards a second ago QS8101:01
jsnI am trying ifup wlan0 (wireless, naturally) and am getting "Unsupported driver 'iwlwifi'". It worked last week. lsmod lists iwlwifi. I think it might be suspend/resume related, but I only ever suspended once. Maybe it is because I shipped the machine. HW troubles that could have loosened the wireless card?01:02
kolaracdncan someone help me. I am running ubuntu 12.10 on my system and i want the default boot up to be tty1 instead of tty7. So i do want the gui running in the background, i just want it to boot to the virtual console first. Thanks!01:02
SynthosHello,  I am having a very strange ethernet issue and I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting.  I'm on my windows partition and everything is fine, but in Ubuntu I can only get LAN access. WAN does not work.  DNS does not resolve.  What logs should I be looking in?01:03
ActionParsnipjsn: how do you 'ship a machine'?01:03
blacknesskolaracdn, please give people time to respond and or give you a guide or a solution.01:03
=== qos|away is now known as qos
blacknessActionParsnip, VIA UPS or FedEX01:03
ActionParsnipblackness: i see01:04
SynthosI'm running 12.04 LTS01:04
jsnActionParsnip, UPS is one choice. There are many.01:04
ActionParsnipSynthos: disable the ability for the network chip to wake up the OS as well as the power management01:04
Evil_EricSynthos, so am i01:04
ActionParsnipjsn: i see, should be ok01:04
ActionParsnipjsn: if you run:   sudo lshw -C network     what wifi chip are you using?01:04
jsnActionParsnip, yet, it is't OK.01:04
ActionParsnipSynthos: you set it in windows device manager01:05
laffenwhich is the most awsome videocard buy for a desktop to use with linux? more centered on price vs performance since im not a big gamer.. i have ATI radeon and its more sluggish than it should be cause of poor drivers01:06
Evil_Ericim just happy to have my samba shares back working again i have no clue what was wrong in the first place but everything pointed toward the conf file yet it was fine when i totaly removed samba and restarted everything and it all started working like it should01:06
jsnActionParsnip, lshw -C network => http://pastebin.ca/225360901:06
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toromataHello guys, I have installed ubuntu 12.10 3.2.0-33-generic-pae #52-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 18 16:39:21 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux installed on a laptop Toshiba U505, but the fan does not turn on. What I need to configure or install?01:06
ActionParsniplaffen: i'd ask in ##hardware   nvidia drivers are pretty sweet01:06
theslow1Hey, i am having difficulties mounting an external NTFS hdd01:07
mercury00jsn, is the wireless showing up is lspci, or lsusb, and is is 'physically' enabled, (it, on most laptops, wifi has a button you have to press or something)01:07
laffenok tanx, ActionParsnip01:07
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ActionParsniptheslow1: can you do it manually?01:07
QS81going to try this. will return in a bit.01:07
blacknesstheslow1, did you just ask that in debian?01:07
theslow1blackness: yes ...01:08
ActionParsniptheslow1: when you unplugged it last, did you use the safely remove feature in the OS?01:08
theslow1Actionparsnip: yes01:08
ActionParsniptheslow1: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc01:08
jsnmercury00, lspci I think shows it: 06:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection (rev 61)01:08
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ActionParsnipjsn: and does it say 'UNCLAIMED' above it?01:08
theslow1ActionParsnip: wheezy01:08
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ActionParsniptheslow1: then its debian, so not supported here01:09
blacknesstheslow1, we dont support debian here..01:09
ActionParsniptheslow1: this is ubuntu support only01:09
theslow1ActionParsnip...okay :(01:09
jsnActionParsnip, the lshw output? Does not say UNCLAIMED, it says DISABLED.01:09
blacknessActionParsnip, +101:09
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=== vibhav is now known as Guest79079
mercury00jsn, hmm, is there a button to turn on and off wifi on your computer?  on the side, or the top, or a light that turns blue or somethihg?01:10
mercury00jsn, what is your computer again, model #?01:10
ActionParsnipjsn: thats good, do you have a switch or shortcut to enable or disable wifi?01:11
=== furian is now known as shantorn
laffenActionParsnip: i dont get reply there, but i have something like a 10 year old geoforce something but doubt its better than a radeon 587001:11
ActionParsnipjsn: do you dual boot the system?01:11
toromataIs there a solution?01:11
ActionParsniplaffen: not sure, I always buy nvidia01:11
mercury00toromata, which fan is it?  cpu, case?01:12
laffenwill too after this01:12
ActionParsniptoromata: let me search01:12
=== Guest79079 is now known as vibhav
jsnActionParsnip, I don't dual boot.01:12
mercury00(always nvidia, though ati's linux drivers are not bad, I just prefer the hardware)01:12
blacknessActionParsnip, give jsn time to respond :P01:12
=== vibhav is now known as Guest84459
blacknessnot everyone can type 70+WPM ActionParsnip heh01:13
ActionParsniptoromata: seems you need the boot option: acpi=noirq01:13
ActionParsniptoromata: http://michaelminn.com/linux/toshiba-u505/   source01:13
jsnblackness, I'm 50wpm+, I appreciate ActionParsnip speed :)01:13
laffenmy 3 year old latop with internal intel video card runs better than this one01:13
synthos2I disabled all power management... in ubuntu and still seeing no wan . can you clarify what settings01:13
ActionParsnipjsn: does the system have a make and model?01:13
synthos2to disable?01:14
=== Guest84459 is now known as vibhav
jsnOne other tidbit, scanning with iwlist does work.01:14
ActionParsnipsynthos2: http://www.trishtech.com/img_art/vista_disable_wake_up_1.jpg01:14
ActionParsnipjsn: does the system have a make and model?01:14
synthos2I assume that by wake up OS you mean wake from suspend. I also disabled WOL01:15
gsrHi all.  just installed 12.10.  apt-get can't seem to find htop, synaptics, or a whole wack of other software.  According to software sources, canonical, universe and multiverse are all enabled.  anyone else having this problem?01:15
jsnActionParsnip, It's Sony, PSG-6C2L, it's a few years old.01:15
MoON_WallKi am bored of win7 n coz of .exe soft i hd to use it :( i want a linux good stable & most imp it shud update security patches whn they r released i m concern bout security :D cn you suggest me linux OS01:15
toromataActionParsnip: Thanks, let me see01:15
ActionParsnipMoON_WallK: try Ubuntu01:15
jsnI always call it a Sony VAIO SZ6, ActionParsnip01:15
mercury00ActionParsnip +101:15
MoON_WallKnah it lag withn my ram01:16
MoON_WallKi did used it01:16
synthos2want me in ubuntu or Windows?01:16
trismgsr: sudo apt-get update; yet?01:16
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
mercury00MoON_WallK arch linux?01:16
MoON_WallKarch is good in security ???01:16
jsnActionParsnip, third name? Sony VGN-SZ650N/C01:17
gsrtrism: yup01:17
jsnOh, maybe mine isn't the N/C01:17
trismgsr: which mirror?01:17
TharkisHey there.. I just installed ubuntu, but it doesn't look like a bootloader got installed. How can I install it from the live cd without having to go through the installer again?01:18
trismgsr: or actually just pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list01:18
=== qos is now known as qos|away
ActionParsnipjsn: try:  sudo rfkill unblock all01:19
blacknessTharkis, you need to load the LiveCD, and mount your SYSTEM drive, and chroot to it and type: sudo grub-install01:19
blacknesslet me get you a guide..moment please.01:19
gsrtrism: http://pastebin.com/zakSRxtY01:19
mercury00Tharkis, if you do it that way, be sure to mount -o bind /proc <your root system drive>/proc, as well as /sys and /dev (and maybe /dev/pts)01:20
MoON_WallKn yeah will counter strike run on arch lynx under wine  ???????????????01:20
jsnActionParsnip, that command succeeded.01:20
blacknessTharkis, http://blackness.sytes.net:8181/bb72d3ea-3379-11e2-874f-4f0b4692c4f6 there you go01:20
Tharkisso would it be easier to just go through the installer again? mercury00 ?01:20
mercury00tharkis, ah, so, I'd boot to the live-cd, then follow the instructions blackness linked,01:21
trismgsr: how about the output of: sudo apt-get update;01:21
bazhangMoON_WallK, ask in #archlinux . this is ubuntu support01:21
=== qos|away is now known as qos
jsnActionParsnip, lshw no longer shows disabled, but I don't know if that is from the rfkill command or from my iwconfig wlan0 up01:22
mercury00MoON_WallK, I think so, but my experience is that everyhing is much more manually configured in arch, ubuntu is more preconfigured01:22
Tharkisok thanks.. here goes something01:23
gsrtrism: http://pastebin.com/3gxcNvKA     I am on a train right now (viarail), so there is a chance its blocking some of the larger files needed to update apt, I guess01:23
bazhangmercury00, feel free to support him in #archlinux01:23
blacknessIf you follow that, it will work.01:23
ActionParsnipMoON_WallK: if you are new to linux, ubuntu is a great start point01:23
ActionParsnipjsn: can you now connect to wifis?01:23
mercury00bazhang, sorry.01:23
jsnActionParsnip, still the "unsupported driver: 'iwlwifi'"01:23
ActionParsnipMoON_WallK: if you like counterstrike then urban terror is nice :)01:24
SynthosActionParsnip, Disabling power management didn't help as far as I could tell01:24
gsrActionParsnip, MoON_WallK: so is Wolfenstein: enemy territory01:24
MoON_WallKnop i used linux mint , backtrack, ubuntu , crunchbang red hat and i am fond of linux \:D/01:24
Synthosperhaps there are other settings that I'm missing?01:24
axisyshow do I slide the active windows like stack of cards instead of zoom out into a grid.. hardly see which one to pick on a laptop screen01:24
ActionParsnipSynthos: then I suggest you run:    dmesg | less     see what happens at boot, see what is detected and not etc01:24
bazhangMoON_WallK, did you have any actual ubuntu support questions?01:25
ActionParsnipMoON_WallK: those are all ubuntu base.....01:25
ActionParsnipMoON_WallK: well, except red hat01:26
MoON_WallKyup my question was which are the best security patching linux OS i cn install for long time :D01:26
SynthosActionParsnip, I did scan dmesg and didn't notice anything, but I don't exactly know what I'm looking for.  There were some warnings from syslog, but alas I cannot simply copy and paste easily01:26
MoON_WallKne ways thank you bazhang , ActionParsnip for you help \:D/01:26
bazhangMoON_WallK, thats not an ubuntu support question01:26
SynthosI will try some other driver settings from windows and see what happens01:26
mercury00jsn, btw what's lspci -n | grep 06:00.001:26
ActionParsnipSynthos: you don't need to copy and paste naything, you need to skim read it for wifi stuffs01:27
jsnmercury00, 06:00.0 0280: 8086:4229 (rev 61)01:27
Synthos(it's wired)01:27
ActionParsnipSynthos: well, wired then01:27
sambagirlI disagree with you bazhang. http://www.moonwalkinc.com/products/moonwalk-for-linux01:28
gsrMoON_WallK, for issues not related to ubuntu technical support, see #ubuntu-offtopic01:28
TharkisHi, I just wanted to let you know it worked. Thanks for the help!01:29
SynthosAlright, off i go01:29
mercury00Tharkis, yipee!01:29
ActionParsnipSynthos: use cursors to scroll down, its a useful log01:29
TharkisI agree mercury0001:29
mercury00jsn: ok, just checking, that's a totally supported card (and I know you said it already worked before just now stopped), ilwifi talks to it, so, does it give same message when trying to enable it?01:30
trismgsr: yeah that output doesn't look right at all, it isn't trying to get quantal/universe01:30
gsrtrism: must be this crappy wifi.  will have to try again when I get home.01:31
ActionParsnip!info moonwalk01:31
ubottuPackage moonwalk does not exist in quantal01:31
jsnmercury00, worked for a long time, in fact. What command trying to enable it do you want me to try?01:31
szalnibbler_: please fix your connection, thank you01:31
gsrtrism: thanks for the help anyway!01:31
mercury00jsn, are you on cli only?  does anyting show up in network manager?  wifi is controlled via several configs inthe system,01:32
jeff123Is browsing the web with an Ubuntu 12.04 live cd a security risk? Could your hard disk be compromised?01:32
jsnmercury00, I'm CLI for this. I never had any luck with network-managre. Let me check if I just started it.01:33
simplewi changed by background and now unity appears also with it, how can i get back tht default unity purple background?01:33
sambagirli'm curious, if you have 10.10 & 10.04 servers, you probably can't upgrade can you? something would surely break i suspect.  so you would have no choice but to rebuild and start from scratch?  is there a migration option?01:33
mercury00sambagirl, I've upgraded 10.04 and 1.10 servers to 12.04 a few times,01:33
IdleOne!eolupgrades | sambagirl01:34
ubottusambagirl: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:34
sambagirljeff123 anything is possible. i would imagine the NSA or CIA or DIA or IRS or FBI have a way to get in without the cd/dvd :)01:34
mercury00sambagirl, some things could break, but it depends on what you're running01:34
ShinobiNone of my rdp views will connect to vbox remotely. It's enabled on the machine and there's no firewall. Rdesktop connects fine. Anyone have any idea why I can't connect using gnome-rdp, or remmina?01:34
molqrhey can i get the gnome-screen saver to tell me how long it was on ... basically i want to figure out how long was the screen locked for ... how long was i away from work01:34
jsnmercury00, I try to stay CLI, anyway.01:34
mercury00jsn, so I'm already making assumptions that something else isn't getting in the way of the commands, like network manager changing ssytem configurations,01:35
ActionParsnipsambagirl: i'd shoot for a clean install then restore user data etc from backup01:36
sambagirlhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades that link has nothing but really really old releases.01:36
sambagirlActionParsnip, that would require installing all the products all over again wouldn't it?01:36
sambagirlall the dependencies and all that right?01:36
mercury00jsn, if it were me, I'd probably try rmmod the iwlwifi module, then re modprobe-ing it, via cli, to see if any messages appear,01:36
mercury00jsn, checking /var/log/messages or dmesg or whatnot,01:37
jsnmercury00, I've tried. It works perfectly. lsmod is happily reporting iwlwifi01:37
mercury00jsn, ok that's a good thing,01:37
simplewi changed by background and now unity appears also with it, how can i get back tht default unity purple background???01:38
mercury00jsn, maybe pastebin output of nm-tool?01:38
ActionParsnipsambagirl: indeed, both methods have advantages and disadvantages01:38
jsnHey, wait! /var/log/messages is missing. dmesg output is fine, though.01:38
mercury00jsn, unless nm is not installed,01:38
sambagirlI imagine I would encounter some issues upgrading from Hoary to 12.xx LTS?01:38
=== kInOzAwA is now known as Guest5573
* sambagirl sighs01:39
xanguasimplew: change your background to a purple one01:39
ActionParsnipsambagirl: thats going to take AGES01:39
mercury00jsn, it's ok, I think /var/log/messages is not universal to ubuntu,01:39
mercury00sambagirl, some very serious issues01:39
sambagirlI guess I will have to just map out a plan to do new installs and try to remember everything i have done in the past on those pizza boxes...01:40
jsnmercury00, nm-tool => http://pastebin.ca/225361601:40
simplewxangua: i want to have my own background in my session but continue with the pirple one in unity01:40
sambagirlCentos, I have some centos based servers, just out of curiosity, do they persue LTS concept as well?01:40
sambagirli'll ask that there01:40
mercury00jsn, ok, unmanaged, which is ok for us for now, if you don't mind maybe pastebin /etc/network/interfaces01:41
kermithow do i install a realtime kernel?  mplayer pauses every time it reads about 5MB off disk01:41
adknight87Hi there01:42
adknight87I have a question01:42
ekAnyone here familiar with the way gParted assigns bootable MBR/partitions? I'm totally stuck trying to get my dual-boot grub menu to load. :(01:42
ekadknight87: Ask away.01:43
jsnmercury00, http://pastebin.ca/2253618   unchanged from when it was working01:43
adknight87I have a wine application that can launch protocol urls "imvu://"01:44
adknight87But I can't get xdg-open to do get it to open the link in the application01:44
adknight87I can do it via terminal01:44
SynthosActionParsnip, I have the dmesg log, the only concerning thing I can see about dmesg is [   34.995699] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready [   34.996436] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready01:44
SynthosI can pastebin the log (i copied a few logs to a shared partition)01:44
adknight87ek: What operating systems are you dual booting01:45
SynthosI'm more concerned about this from the syslog:01:46
SynthosNov 20 19:29:40 peterm-desktop NetworkManager[1227]: <warn> failed to allocate link cache: (-10) Operation not supported01:46
ekadknight87: You might want to check out the #wine or #playonlinux channels for more detailed help. They're a knowledgable bunch.01:46
adknight87This is more so the xdg-open part01:46
ekadknight87: Windows 8 and Kubuntu 12.10. Everthing installed okay, but I have no boot menu.01:46
adknight87ek: did you install windows 8 first?01:46
jsnIs there any chance that there is some constant, stuck in /proc/ from the one time I did a suspend/resume?01:47
ekadknight87: Yessir.01:47
mercury00jsn, yes, that looks just fine, do you have any options to iwlwifi in /etc/modprobe/ ?01:47
mercury00 jsn, nvmind, irrelevant, iwlwifi already working,01:47
SynthosActionParsnip, here is a segment of my syslog http://pastebin.com/X36L0iVt   (I cannot pastebin all the data as it exceed pastebin's max)01:48
adknight87ek: I was thinking about doing the same thing and i had read about the mbr deal for dual booting. Apparently you just add the grub in the windows mbr I think?01:48
mercury00jsn, is your wifi built-in?  an pci-e mini card?01:48
adknight87ek not the grub01:48
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
jsnmercury00, it is built in. PCI-E mini? I don't know.01:48
ekadknight87: My MBR seems to be completely missing and installing grub to /dev/sda1 (early sectors) and /dev/sda5 (Linux) won't work. Even after I've set them as bootable via gParted. *shrug*01:48
mercury00jsn, I have gotten similar errors when my card died.  Also, when it was physically switched off, but I can't find any info about your laptop's wifi-switch01:49
MaccerSo, I managed to break pulseaudio, but not jack. Any way to reconfigure it? I think it's because I installed a pulseaudio-jack module and added it the default.pa, but I reverted all of that and I still have no audio. Any thoughts?01:49
mercury00jsn, and to confirm, when you do a sudo lshw -C network, it no longer shows disabled or unclaimed?01:49
adknight87ek: use the startup repair on the windows install disk01:49
jsnmercury00, there is a switch. iwlist works, though, so it can't be all bad01:49
jsnmercury00, correct, no longer disabled, it hasn't shown me unclaimed01:49
mercury00jsn, does iwlist show wifi's, or empty list?01:50
jsnmercury00, it shows networks.01:50
ekadknight87: Just to replace the MBR? Can I then replace it with a grub boot menu?01:50
mercury00jsn, but you're unable to connect?01:50
jsnmercury00, correct.01:50
adknight87ek: no you add in the part for windows to know there's another operating system.01:50
jsnmercury00, but it stops with that unsupported driver message, rather than something else01:51
ekadknight87: The grub installation and configuration sees everything, it just doesn't install the bootloader into the correct place, apparently. IE: When I boot the system, it finds nothing even though I've installed GRUB.01:52
mercury00jsn, hmm, yeah I don't trust the message, just hoping to get better error output,01:52
adknight87ek: hmm what partition file formats do you have set up01:53
mercury00jsn, honestly, it seems like the card is mostly OK, and this is where things get ugly with wifi.  I'd try connecting to an unsecured network as a test.01:53
adknight87ek: I remember certain file systems not being read from grub01:53
jsnmercury00, Maybe this will help you? http://pastebin.ca/225362001:53
mercury00jsn, at this point you have to start using the split half approach,01:54
mercury00jsn, ah,01:54
mercury00jsn, what do you get 'file /dev/lan0'01:54
simplewisnt possible to disable what triggers unity wallpaper change when a user changes the session wallpaper?01:54
mercury00jsn, er 'file /dev/wlan0'01:54
ShinobiIf I upgrade my dist, will my packages work, or do I have to reinstall everything?01:55
adknight87how does xdg-open work exactly?01:55
mercury00jsn, 'file /var/run/wpa_suplicant', and 'ls -Flah /var/run/wpa_supplicant', those should be done sudo/root01:55
jsnmercury00, /dev/wlan0: ERROR: cannot open `/dev/wlan0' (No such file or directory)01:55
ekadknight87: I have an unallocated /dev/sda1 (bootable via gParted), a /dev/sda3 (Windows 8), a /dev/sda4 (Linux swap) and a /dev/sda5 (Linux /).01:56
Juanopsyhey all01:56
jsnmercury00, /var/run/wpa_supplicant is not present, either01:56
mercury00jsn (but I assume you're already root/sudo)01:56
Juanopsysome help to remote acces from ub un01:56
ekadknight87: I read about the unrecognized grub partitions as well. I've tried roughly 6 different methods to get a menu and they have all failed. Hence the reason I'm here. :)01:56
Juanopsysome help to remote acces from ubuntu to ubuntu01:56
mercury00jsn, ah, that's fine because we want them not preexisting,01:57
ekJuanopsy: Can you be more specific, please?01:57
adknight87ek: well kubuntu has the same installation method as ubuntu right? if you just give it the right partition without the swap it will make the swap.01:57
Juanopsyek: yes, I want to remote acces to a friends computer over internet... what software should I use?01:58
adknight87ek: Unless you want it a certain size then I can see you just walking through that but usually you can do that after you had made the main partition for kubuntu.01:58
ekadknight87: Yep. Same method. However, I had to do a manual installation since the installer didn't recognize my Winderz OS for whatever reason.01:58
blacknessJuanopsy, connect how? ftp, terminal, x?01:58
Juanopsyek: full control?01:58
adknight87ek: that's odd. What device is this?01:58
blacknessJuanopsy, you can use SSH for terminal, or VNC for GUI.01:59
Juanopsyek: like remote desktop01:59
mbrigdanHello, I'm trying to convert an aac file to flac with soundconverter, and a GStreamer error window pops up saying "could not initialize supporting library". Here is a paste of the console output: http://pastebin.com/MbD37gfR01:59
ekJuanopsy: SSH is what you're looking for. Console access and you can actually run X windows as well.01:59
blacknessVNC will work for you.. Juanopsy01:59
ekadknight87: ASUS X75A laptop.01:59
Juanopsyblackness: thx01:59
adknight87ek: Let me see if I can check something out. I have a Samsung Chronos 7 series. xD02:00
ekJuanopsy: Yes. SSH w/ X11 forwarding will work or a VNC, as blackness suggested.02:00
furiancould someone suggest what i would look at to identify why randomly xubuntu 12.10 closes all programs and just shows the desktop?02:00
ekadknight87: Alrighty. Thanks.02:00
ekfurian: Nothing in your logs?02:00
furianwhat lof should i look at?02:01
almoxarifefurian: /var/log/syslog is a good start02:01
ekfurian: Also, try to run a "find / -type f -iname "*.core" " command to see if there are core crash files.02:01
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Juanopsyek: whats the diference of x11 and vnc?02:02
mercury00jsn, I'd try connecting to an unsecured network for the diagnosic results, and doing the ifup with -v02:03
ekJuanopsy: A VNC is a connection that basically puts your computer securely into a remote LAN (even though it's remote..) SSH is an encrypted shell that allows you to authenticate and execute commands on the remote system.02:03
adknight87ek: should be a easy install on there I had a 8 gig onboard ssd drive and it listed it but I haven't used it. Anyways do you have anything on windows I'm thinking a fresh start by erasing the whole hard drive and getting rid of the mbr along with it.02:04
webnetim getting this when i try to install anything http://pastebin.com/9NMhHcDD02:04
Juanopsyek: thankiu man...02:04
=== MartinS is now known as Guest67529
jsnmercury00, I am actually quite unwell. It is still a few weeks until the cure, and then some time to recover. I'll have to do this tomorrow, as my stomcah will not currently leave me alone.02:05
ekadknight87: Well, I'm thinking this may have been because I deleted all of the no-sense partitions from Windows 8 immediately. For instance, the backup/restore partitions and such. They're stupid for me to have.02:05
Squall5668Hey guys, apparently grub got destroyed. I tried repairing it from a live CD but i get all sorts of errors like "gpt partition label contains no bios boot partition". Paste from Boot-Repair is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1373879/ I was just messing with mysql before all that. Note: it's a VM02:05
webnettried removing the package which wont remove without ripping out02:05
furianek, no results for that search string you posted02:05
webnetall of libre office02:05
ActionParsnipwebnet: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc02:05
jsnmercury00, thank you, and ActionParsnip, for your efforts.02:05
jsnGood night.02:05
adknight87ek: windows 8 makes to file partitions 100mb and the system02:05
ActionParsnipwebnet: on the desktop?02:05
=== Guest15537 is now known as Sclex
webnetyessir ActionParsnip02:06
adknight87ek: the 100mb is the obvious mbr location.02:06
ekadknight87: So, perhaps something got lost. However, Windows booted fine earlier even after the Linux install. It just booted directly into Winderz. After I messed with gParted and "boot-repair", I can't log into anything.02:06
ekadknight87: Right. I left 300MB at the beginning of the disk. It's still there.02:06
mercury00jsn, night02:06
ActionParsnipwebnet: is it Bhodilinux?02:06
webnetActionParsnip im running BT5 R302:07
ShinobiIf I upgrade my dist, do I lose all my software?02:07
adknight87ek: boot repair from windows? or linux?02:07
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
ekfurian: Alright. So, the programs aren't crashing. Are you sure they aren't just hidden or lost to the GUI?02:07
ActionParsnipwebnet: then ask in #backtrack-linux please02:07
webnetits based on lucid tho. they told me to ask here because its a ubuntu specific issue not bt issue02:07
ekadknight87: Linux. "apt-get install boot-repair".02:07
ActionParsnipwebnet: the package you are having issue with is not an Ubuntu package, and you aren't even using Ubuntu02:07
ActionParsnipwebnet: none of the 'ubuntu based' distros are supported here02:07
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
adknight87ek: last time I messed up my mbr I had gone into the repair console using windows start up disk and fixmbr02:08
webnetActionParsnip LibreOffice is an ubuntu package...02:08
ekadknight87: It never worked for shit... So, I went with the standard console commands for re-installing grub. However, it still presents no boot menu.02:08
ActionParsnipwebnet: equally, ubuntu is based on Debian, but if you ask for Ubuntu support in #debian you will be pointed here02:08
ActionParsnipwebnet: this channel is ONLY for canonical releases02:08
ekadknight87: That will fix Winderz, correct? After that's fixed, how did you get your GRUB menu back?02:08
adknight87ek: Run the install for ubuntu again02:09
adknight87ek: Kubuntu02:09
furianek, i feel silly, i bumped the mouse wheel and it changed workspaces, i am new to xubuntu, sorry for wasting your time02:09
ActionParsnipwebnet: the guys in #backtrack-linux will help you as that is what you are using02:09
ekBah! I don't want to re-install! Lol.02:09
webnetlike i said i was directed her by BT because BT is a toolkit rather than an OS itself its customized ubuntu. but ill try again02:09
adknight87ek: it won't overwrite data02:09
adknight87ek: I don't think02:09
ekfurian: Haha. No problem. I was going to ask about that but I didn't want you to feel insulted. :)02:09
ActionParsnipwebnet: the OS is backtrack, so your support is in the backtrack channel;02:09
webnetagain ill say i was directed here but ok02:10
furianwhat keyed me in is my other user name is here in irc02:10
ekadknight87: No. I'm sure it won't. I'm just lazy.02:10
adknight87ek: imagine how I felt when I installed kernel 3.502:10
ekadknight87: It's certainly worth a shot. I have everything backed up so it isn't a big deal. I just hate not being able to figure stuff out.02:11
adknight87ek: and nothing booted02:11
mbrigdanHello, I'm trying to convert an aac file to flac with soundconverter, and a GStreamer error window pops up saying "could not initialize supporting library". Here is a paste of the console output: http://pastebin.com/MbD37gfR02:11
ekadknight87: Yup. Been there.02:11
adknight87ek: Well all I know is you can format the hard drive all you want but the mbr is stuck on here.02:11
adknight87ek: Windows was the only method for cleaning the mbr out02:11
ekI just wanted to try everything I could to see if I could get my boot menu back.02:11
ekI don't like being stumped...02:12
ekadknight87: I'm not surprised. I've had problems like this before. If I didn't "NEED" Windows, I wouldn't give a rat's ass. But, school requires it.02:12
adknight87I always thought it was file corruption02:12
ActionParsnipadknight87: you can use dd in liveCD to wipe an MBR :)02:12
ekYou know... Internet Exploder and such. VirtualBox isn't efficient enough.02:13
ekActionParsnip: More info, please.02:13
adknight87ActionParsnip: I didn't have internet at the time just a micro sdcard with windows on it02:13
brandon420My internet is being retarded.. Can someone point me in the right direction?02:13
ActionParsnipek: on what?02:13
ActionParsnipadknight87: gotcha02:13
ekActionParsnip: Wiping an MBR.02:14
ekActionParsnip: I don't even seem to have one.02:14
ekbrandon420: Right direction for what? Sorry, I don't see anything above that you've asked.02:15
adknight87wait wait dd?02:15
ekadknight87: Yup. I can see it working if it's not mounted or at least accessible.02:15
ActionParsnipek: http://www.computing.net/answers/linux/ghost-for-linux-vs-acronis-vs-g4l/28130.html02:16
ActionParsnipek: all I did was:  http://duckduckgo.com/?q=wipe+MBR+dd02:16
ActionParsnipek: not hard....is it?02:16
brandon420My internet will go out like every 10ish minutes, and i have to restart my computer for it to work again02:16
ekActionParsnip: Thanks. I'll take a look.02:16
adknight87ek: http://www.av8n.com/computer/htm/grub-reinstall.htm02:17
brandon420What is the problem, and how do i fix it?02:17
ActionParsnipek: using the webs to search for things instead of asking frees helpers up.02:17
adknight87xD it's nice to see it on a list he can print out02:17
ekActionParsnip: That doesn't clear the MBR. In fact, it has nothing to do with what we're talking about.02:18
ActionParsnipek: it does, it puts 0s in the first 512k of drive02:18
ActionParsnipek: that is where the MBR resides02:19
ActionParsnipek: so it does clear the MBR02:19
adknight87ActionParsnip: Makes it unreadable02:19
ekActionParsnip: Well, if that's where the system's MBR is, yes. However, mine isn't there, apparently.02:19
ActionParsnipadknight87: all 0s, yep..pretty unreadable :)02:19
ActionParsnipek: then you willneed to find out and do that to the partition, rather than the disk02:20
ekUnallocated is exactly what it should be. So, unreadable would be great.02:20
ekActionParsnip: I'm trying to figure out why GRUB isn't booting into the menu.02:20
adknight87ActionParsnip: take in account he has windows still already on there.02:20
adknight87ek: you do that you'll lose the windows start xD02:21
adknight87ek: How many times have you tried installing kubuntu?02:21
ekadknight87: In my life or just on this system?02:22
adknight87ek: when the problem started02:22
ekOn this system, once. In my life, probably thousands...02:22
ekadknight87: Only once.02:22
ekJust installed it.02:22
adknight87ek: would be so much easier if I could just go through the motions then thinking about how to explain it lol02:23
adknight87ek: is this your only chat?02:23
ekadknight87: Well, yes. That's the issue. I've still got both systems installed but no menu to choose from.02:23
ekThey both work for sure.02:23
ekadknight87: What do you mean?02:24
skulltipis unity 2d going away02:24
adknight87skype msn ... brosix, jitsi,02:24
adknight87fail ymessenger02:24
ekadknight87: I have skype, AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!, etc...02:24
dr_willisskulltip:n 12.10 its gone02:24
adknight87add me on skype and I'll give ya a ordered list to try out02:25
skulltipso i need a decent system to install 12.1002:25
adknight87I keep my sn's obvious02:25
skulltipor at least video card02:25
ekadknight87: Alrighty. Gimme a moment.02:25
=== Guest31117 is now known as yaw
dr_willisskulltip:  not really. from what i hear02:25
skulltipanyway, < 97% complete downloading TF2 :) no longer beta02:26
ActionParsnipskulltip: its dead after Precise. Quantal uses 3d only02:29
skulltipnetflix doesn't work well in kde, screen is all white. going to try it in unity in a few, running 12.0402:30
ActionParsnipskulltip: i'd ask in #winehq too02:30
skulltipgood idea, thanks02:30
adknight87netflix - Virtualbox02:31
skulltipadknight87 - wine :)02:31
adknight87I got steam native :P02:32
adknight87who doesn't actually02:32
ActionParsnipadknight87: me02:32
ekadknight87: Skype is acting up, AIM, MSN, Yahoo! or ICQ, perhaps?02:32
adknight87msn xD02:32
wd12msn is down :D02:33
ActionParsnipactually down? I know its on the way02:34
Amelia25<Amelia25> anyone can tell me what are theses accounts: 100::14375:0:99999:7::: AND 101::14375:0:99999:7:::02:34
Amelia25i am puzzled02:34
ekadknight87: Added.02:34
=== Glitch_ is now known as |Glitch|
ActionParsnipAmelia25: where are those from?02:34
adknight87I got ya02:34
Amelia25they are in my /etc/shadow file02:34
adknight87I actually didn't even have the account loaded02:35
ActionParsnipAmelia25: and finally, what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc02:35
wd12brasil :D02:35
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ekadknight87: Haha. I just saw the quit.02:36
groovysorry i crashed02:36
groovyanyone know about theses 100, 101 account i posted ?02:36
adknight87empathy fails02:36
ActionParsnipAmelia25: and finally, what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc02:36
QS81Blackness: It worked!! Thank you so much!! It worked, my data is saved!!02:36
ActionParsnipgroovy: ^02:36
ActionParsnipQS81: get a backup!02:37
* QS81 struts like Travolta in Saturday Night Fever 202:37
groovy-bash: lsb_release: command not found02:37
QS81Already did and will be moving things to my desktop later tonight.02:37
groovynot found02:38
ikoniait is lsb_release02:38
ikoniajust checked it02:38
blacknessWelcome QS8102:38
ikoniagroovy: please show me the output of "uname -a"02:38
ActionParsnipgroovy: what is the output  of: cat  /etc/issue02:38
blacknessi told you it would :) aslong as you took your time and read everything in detail :D02:38
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ActionParsnipQS81: sweet :)02:38
QS81Blackness: the learning curve with ubuntu is great but the satisfaction is oh so sweet once you do it.02:38
Amelia26sorry, i crashed02:39
ActionParsnipAmelia26: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue02:39
Amelia26Linux LWEB06 #1 Fri Sep 4 01:28:03 UTC 2009 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:39
Amelia26its a SLES sp1002:39
blacknessYes i know..this is why i love linux in general..fixing stuff is fun and Very rewarding..02:39
ikoniaAmelia26: why are you asking in #ubuntu then ?02:39
QS81now I get to retweak everything to how I want it in 12.10 but that's a small feat considering.02:39
axisyslooking for recommendation on how to replace unity with something else like gnome shell?02:39
ikoniaAmelia26: or have I missunderstood what you are asking for ?02:39
xangua!nounity | axisys02:39
QS81later all and thank you muchly!02:39
ubottuaxisys: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:39
blacknessQS81, i have my own custom setup.sh just for things like that ;)02:40
Amelia26ubuntu people are helpful :)02:40
ActionParsnipaxisys: instal gnome-shell package from the repos, log off and change the sessio02:40
Amelia26sles ppl are... is there any sles people ?02:40
mujihello fellas/femmas, i tried to do apt-get update and i get this error: http://pastie.org/540966702:40
ActionParsnipAmelia26: we only support ubuntu here, helpful or not02:40
ikoniaAmelia26: so are suse people, we don't support suse here, use the opensuse channel02:40
axisysActionParsnip: thanks02:40
ActionParsnipaxisys: you change session with the ubuntu logo near your username ;)02:41
xangua!gpgerr | muji02:41
ubottumuji: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »02:41
SazzoHi...12.04 LTS.  I have a keyboard with two SUPER(windows) keys.. Can I disable the left super key only?  Thanks.02:41
webnetand now i have been kicked from BT's chan because they said i was spamming as this is a ubuntu issue not a BT5 issue...02:41
ActionParsnipwebnet: you are using backtrack02:42
mujii did install a few custom themes02:42
ikoniawebnet: it's not an ubuntu issue, you are using backtrack02:42
webnetyes i am but ive just been kickbanned because its an issue with ubuntu not BT502:42
ActionParsnipwebnet: i'd take it up in #freenode then02:42
webnetthats what i was told that support for this kind of error should be asked about HERE02:42
webnetnot there02:43
ikoniawebnet: you where told you had installed an EXTERNAL repo02:43
webnetthen they kicked me fore continuing to ask]02:43
ikoniawebnet: that means it is not software provided by backtrack OR ubuntu02:43
mujixangua, what do i do after that?02:43
axisysActionParsnip: gnome-shell pkg asking gdm or lightdm.. since I am planning to replace unity, should I choose gdm?02:43
ikoniaso you need to deal with a.) the people who maintain the repo b.) backtrack to get support / intergration02:43
webnetyes one repo for a git toollkit which has nothing to do with the dependancy issue ikonia02:43
ActionParsnipaxisys: you can use either, lightdm is the default in Ubuntu02:43
ikoniawebnet: ok - so nothing to do with ubuntu02:43
axisysActionParsnip: thanks02:44
xanguamuji: you have the key in your paste and now you have the command to add it :)02:44
ikoniabacktrack to get compatability and the repo maintainer to fix any repo problems02:44
ActionParsnipikonia: nice pun02:44
webnetikonia no it is a ubuntu issue as LibreOffice is a UBUNTU package02:44
mujiokay so i just run it? sorry i havn't been on linux in a while02:44
ikoniawebnet: it's not an UBUNTU repo02:44
ActionParsnipwebnet: its also a Mandriva package and a Suse package and a Puppy package....so what02:45
ikoniawebnet: and installing ubuntu software on backtrack is NOT an ubuntu issue02:45
ikoniawebnet: so please - drop it from this channel02:45
webneti didnt install from a repo ikonia02:45
ikoniatake it back to #backtracklinux and tell them the information02:45
webnetso where should i go for help then ActionParsnip02:45
xanguamuji: easy as pie :) sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 40976EAF437D05B502:45
ikoniawebnet: ok - well, it's still not an ubuntu problem02:45
* Sazzo murmurs....some of us can use help. :)02:45
webnetikonia ive been banned02:45
webnetfrom bt's chan02:45
KillswitchHello, I am having problems, I run 12.04 and nameservers don't work in /etc/networks/interface but they do in resolv.conf but resolv.conf gets overwritten… How do I fix this?02:45
ActionParsnipwebnet: i'd reinstall wih Ubuntu and use that, you will then find things are a lot nicer02:45
ikonianot #ubuntu's problem02:45
SazzoHi...12.04 LTS.  I have a keyboard with two SUPER(windows) keys.. Can I disable the left super key only?  Thanks.02:46
ikoniawebnet: you where kicked, not banned02:46
ActionParsnipKillswitch: add them as you do in /etc/resolv.conf  in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base02:46
ikoniaactually you where banned, my mistake02:46
mujixangua, i did it, and than i got this: http://pastie.org/540968802:47
webnetikonia it wont let me rejoin... i get an error your are not allowed to connect to this channel02:47
ActionParsnipdoes Flannel still come in, not seen that name for ages02:47
Sazzojeez.. so change your IP and nic and go back in02:47
ikoniawebnet: talk to the operators, either way, you've had more than enough offtopic help now02:47
ikoniaSazzo: please don't tell people to evade bans02:47
Sazzoikonia, well the offtopic crap went on far too long :/02:47
webnet Cannot join #backtrack-linux (You are banned). ikonia02:47
IdleOnewebnet: right, you were banned. That doesn't change the fact that it isn't an Ubuntu problem.02:47
ikoniawebnet: I know - you've said, we can't help you here,02:47
doomlordwifi / sony vaio - at the minute i dont see my wifi networks in ubuntu.is there anyyhing  i can check to see if the wireless hardware is working02:47
ikoniaSazzo: and it's ended now02:47
xanguamuji: looks good ;)02:48
ActionParsnipwebnet: can you see a pattern forming?02:48
doomlordnetwork icon -> edit network connections ->02:48
webnetfine i guess ill live with a broken system since no one is willing to help. thanks guise02:48
ikoniaok, bye02:48
Sazzowebnet, hit a forum.. cya later02:48
Heather_question: I'm installing ubuntu server for web-hosting purposes. How much disc should I ddedicate for the OS?02:48
doomlordis there a commandline that should tell me if wireless hardware is recognized and on02:48
mujiand than when i run apt-get update i get this error: http://pastie.org/540969302:48
ActionParsnipHeather_: if you aren't comfortable in the CLI pure, use the desktop OS02:48
ikoniaHeather_: you need to do a sizing exercise02:48
ikonianot ask randomly, it's your system02:48
ActionParsnipdoomlord: sudo lshw -C network02:49
doomlordi'll try that; i've also just clicked settings->network; i see it says "wireless -> unavailable"02:49
mujixangua, and than i got this: http://pastie.org/540969302:49
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doomlordairplane mode was on02:49
doomlord(my vaio's hardware wireless switch is defintiely on)02:50
Sazzo12.04 LTS..desktop..Unity..  I have a keyboard with two SUPER(windows) keys.. Can I disable the left super key only?  Thanks.02:50
ActionParsnipdoomlord: try:  sudo rfkill unblock all02:50
xanguamuji: mmm weird02:50
ActionParsnipSazzo: sure02:50
doomlordActionParsnip, lshw - says "*-network DISABLED \n description: Wireless interface .... "02:51
mujixangua: lol yea usually i can fix errors my self and learn, but this one has me stumpt02:51
SazzoActionParsnip, any idea how?  I've looked in the kb settings and it doesn't specify....will i need compiz to do this?02:51
Heather_ActionParsnip so the server version I've downloaded does not have a desktop?02:51
ikoniaHeather_: you need to do a LOT more research02:51
doomlordActionParsnip, - thanks that helped - i see more now..02:51
ActionParsnipHeather_: no its all comand line02:52
ikoniayou appear to have just rushed in without doing any checking of what you are doing, what you are getting and how to do what you want02:52
SazzoHeather_, I aree with ikonia .. FYI there is nothing wrong with making your server in a desktop install. you can always disable the gui stuff once you achieve your server goal(s).02:52
DrManhattanif I'm running 64 bit ubuntu, I don't need the generic-pae kernel, do I?02:52
doomlordActionParsnip, - thanks - for future reference , what did rfkill unblock all do ? now i think i remember i might have actually disabled something (where i can't remember) to get rid of connection popups :)02:52
ikoniaDrManhattan: no02:53
ActionParsnipSazzo: is this what you ultimately want: http://askubuntu.com/questions/105558/how-do-i-disable-the-super-key02:53
ActionParsnipdoomlord: does what your switch should do, just in software02:53
Princeeeim a complete newbie i managed to get ubuntu 12.10 server up and running.. i havent got to the point of using a remote to ssh in yet but thats the next goal step at a time....02:53
SazzoActionParsnip, sort of.  I did find that page but it didn't specify which super key.02:53
Princeeei can say i found alot help here thou as i learn02:53
RamchandraApteDrManhattan: install the 64-bit kernel02:53
SazzoActionParsnip, I might just yank the key out :)02:53
ActionParsnipSazzo: i guess02:55
ActionParsnipSazzo: each key makes an event ID, the keys are unique02:55
mujixangua: i tried this and it worked: http://pastie.org/540971202:55
SazzoActionParsnip, I am aware.. just gotta find where that specific key assignment is being passed from.02:55
ActionParsnipdoomlord: could add it in /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' line if it's still needed after a reboot02:55
ActionParsnipSazzo: run:   xev    and press each key02:56
skulltiptf2 isn't too shabby02:56
SazzoActionParsnip, yes,.. but if I do, then what can I do result?02:56
Sazzocan i do with the result?02:56
ActionParsnipSazzo: let me see02:56
Sazzono rush man02:56
Sazzohelp others out02:56
ActionParsnipSazzo: seems you can use xmodmap to map it02:57
mujidoes anyone know how i can check wheather i have encrypted my home folder or not?02:57
ActionParsnipSazzo: here is one for caps lock, could be useful02:58
ActionParsnipSazzo: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/437802:58
SazzoActionParsnip, yep there are enough clues there.. thanks.03:00
DrManhattanRamchandraApte, yeah im installing off of the 64 bit alternate and I noticed it offers me generic-pae03:00
axisyswow.. I got soo used to unity.. needed to come back to it.. lol03:00
RamchandraApteaxisys: me the opposite03:01
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axisysnow I just need to find a way to roll through the active sessions like stack of cards instead of zoom out to a grid like tiny views with alt+tab03:04
Evil_Erichey whats the command that shows you when something breaks what broke03:05
DrManhattanwhats the GUI nowadays?03:05
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: for what?03:05
DrManhattandefault ubuntu GUI03:05
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: Gnome + Compiz + Xorg + Unity Shell03:05
DrManhattanActionParsnip, Jesus Christ03:05
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: what/03:05
* DrManhattan basically quit using linux gui around the same time as gnome303:06
DrManhattanthe closest I would get now would be some kinda ncurses app03:06
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: if you replace unity shell with gnome-panel  that is what it used to be......03:07
DrManhattannah I've tried out gnome panel03:07
DrManhattanit just aint the same03:07
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: xfce has the gnome2 smell03:07
DrManhattanthere's nothing that compares to win7 and osx for GUI in linux. its not even close anymore03:08
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: in your opinion03:08
jhonatannecesito ayudad03:08
jhonatannecesito ayuda03:08
DrManhattanActionParsnip, of course, which is what it is03:08
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: thats fine03:08
ikonia!ru | jhonatan03:08
ubottujhonatan: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.03:08
DrManhattanbut I don't really mean it in a fanboy way. I miss being able to use linux on desktop03:09
Evil_Ericwhats the command to veiw the log that shows broken things03:09
somsip!es | jhonatan03:09
ubottujhonatan: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:09
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: looks aren't important to me. I love how I can do full web browsing, media playback, cd burning and DVD playback for 3Gb space and 240Mb RAM :)03:09
DrManhattanActionParsnip, yeah, I need GAMES03:10
DrManhattanhell, I need PDAnet03:10
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: urban terror, penumbra, all the humble bundles03:10
daxusyou can use wine to play windows games03:10
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: steam is in beta03:10
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: doom3 runs native as well as others03:10
DrManhattancmon guys, im talking battlefield 3, Skyrim, GTA4 here03:10
DrManhattanActionParsnip, opengl stuff. Yeah.03:11
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1366703:11
DrManhattanback when I played counterstrike a lot I used linux and wine03:11
DrManhattanI got way better framerates03:11
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2231603:12
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: still runs03:12
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: world of warcraft gets better frames under wine03:12
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DrManhattanAdditional notes:03:13
DrManhattanRunning on Low and Medium settings, High and Ultra ended up being to too choppy with my current hardware)03:13
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQFBK1yNIxE :)03:13
DrManhattanIhave a gtx57003:13
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: congrats03:13
ActionParsnippenumbra is well worth the money, great survivor fps03:14
DrManhattanthe vid shows linux as having 1/2 the framerate on wow but still, nice03:15
DrManhattanwait, never mine03:15
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: yep :)03:16
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: personally if i 'needed games' I'd get a console which is designed for that task and use the PC for the bigboy work03:17
DrManhattanI use it for both03:18
ActionParsnipi like the separation, makes sense03:18
DrManhattanand you're not going to do much professional level video editing or audio production in linux03:18
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: there was one that won awards recently03:18
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/09/oscar-winning-video-editor-lightworks-landing-on-linux-in-october03:20
LoverWelckom www.maghrebchat.ma chta and chat voice :) /server irc.maghrebchat.ma03:20
LoverWelckom www.maghrebchat.ma chta and chat voice :) /server irc.maghrebchat.ma03:20
LoverWelckom www.maghrebchat.ma chta and chat voice :) /server irc.maghrebchat.ma03:20
FloodBot1Lover: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:20
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: an oscar....can't be bad03:20
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: "Excited? You should be. Notable films edited using the software include .The King.s Speech. and .Hugo.."   still no good?03:21
DrManhattanLightworks isn't exactly strictly linux03:21
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: just because you don't know about it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist03:21
arinovhow to remove broken packages?03:21
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: who said it hads to be specifically Linux. Its a native video editor for linux03:22
DrManhattanGood for you :)03:22
ActionParsniparinov: if you can give the output of:  sudo apt-get --purge remove packagename      pastebin the output please03:22
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: not going to do much professional level video editting in linux..... disproved. Absolutely03:22
ActionParsniparinov: something like pastebin.ubuntu.com :)03:23
arinovActionParsnip, its not in english03:23
ActionParsniparinov: no worries, paste away03:24
arinovActionParsnip, rmdir: unknown key «--ignore-if-not-empty»03:24
ActionParsniparinov: use the pastebin and paste the whole text please03:24
arinovActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1373996/03:24
DrManhattanActionParsnip, not disproved - but fanboy on :)03:26
DrManhattanMaybe you can go find me big buck bunny or some cinelerra projects too :))03:26
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: I can just gve concrete examples of things to disprove what you say, not fanboying at all. Just pointing out incorrectness. There is a difference03:31
ActionParsniparinov: is there a firebird server?03:31
ActionParsniparinov: sorry, channel03:32
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Emmanuel_ChanelI installed Linux Mint 14 Nadia, based on Ubuntu 12.10. And I want to reconfigure gwibber with resetting everything.03:32
Emmanuel_ChanelBut i cannot reset gwibber. How can I do that?03:32
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: ask in the mint channel please03:33
ActionParsnip!mint | Emmanuel_Chanel03:33
ubottuEmmanuel_Chanel: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:33
DrManhattanActionParsnip, That's nice. Still not going to do much pro level editing in linux.03:34
ActionParsnipDrManhattan: i already gave you a link how that is incorrect, move on03:34
DrManhattanActionParsnip, That's nice. Still not going to do much pro level editing in linux.03:35
Emmanuel_ChanelIf I take my problem for same as Ubuntu 12.10, what do you answer?03:35
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: its not suported here03:35
Emmanuel_ChanelI know where Linux Mint channel is.03:35
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: NONE of the 'ubuntu based' OSes are supported here03:35
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: then why ask here03:35
KI4ROWhere would one get help with Libre Office Spreadsheets?03:36
Emmanuel_ChanelI want to find answer with asking widely... :(03:37
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: its not supported here03:37
ubuntu_noobhey guys, just did full install of ubuntu and going to give it a chance, but seems like intel graphic didn't install fully03:37
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: the support for mintg is completely separate to Ubuntu03:37
ActionParsnipubuntu_noob: are you fully updated?03:38
ActionParsnipEmmanuel_Chanel: similarly, ubuntu is based on debian. If you ask for ubuntu support in #debian you wil be pointed here03:38
ubuntu_noobyes, but under details graphic driver is unknown03:38
ActionParsnipubuntu_noob: can you use a pastebin to give the output of:  sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a; xrandr03:39
ActionParsnipubuntu_noob: something like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com03:39
DrManhattanEmmanuel_Chanel, maybe someone else will be able to help you reset gwibber. Hang in there, give it some time, and don't talk about mint :)03:40
ActionParsnipor just ask in the right place....03:41
ubuntu_nooball that's pops up is (PCI)03:41
ActionParsnipubuntu_noob: give it time, your pci bus is slow03:42
jotterbot1234Hey fellas, I was wondering if anyone had time to look at my question on server fault regarding Ubuntu?03:42
ubuntu_noobk, maybe problem is should of install 64bit instead......being i3 system03:44
arinovActionParsnip, nope03:45
arinovActionParsnip, but it was installed by ubuntu software center03:45
ActionParsnip!find firebird03:47
ubottuFound: firebird-dev, firebird2.1-classic, firebird2.1-common, firebird2.1-common-doc, firebird2.1-doc, firebird2.1-examples, firebird2.1-server-common, firebird2.1-super, firebird2.5-classic, firebird2.5-classic-common (and 12 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=firebird&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all03:47
ubuntu_noobhere's the results http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1374019/03:47
ActionParsnipubuntu_noob: cool, and the rest of the command I gave, please :)03:47
ActionParsnipubuntu_noob: you can scroll the terminal using the mouse pointer03:48
ActionParsniparinov: are there any bugs reported?03:48
brightsparksI'm having difficulty getting the system to see a card reader with a memory card in it. It;s not showing up in the computer and I have looked in file Media and it's not show there neither03:48
arinovActionParsnip, only my report03:49
ActionParsniparinov: :(03:49
brightsparksAny suggestions welcome03:49
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: if you run:  sudo fdisk -l    do you see the storage?03:50
ubuntu_noobhere's the whole thing http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1374023/03:51
brightsparksActionParsnip: let me just that...03:51
RamchandraApteDoesn't ubuntu repos contain non-free apps? (like amnesia)03:51
RamchandraApte"Ubuntu applications are all free and open source — so you can share them with anyone you like, as often as you like." but non-free apps are there in the repos03:52
brightsparksActionParsnip: yes I see it03:53
xanguaRamchandraApte: in the nonfree repository, do you have an ubuntu support question¿03:53
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RamchandraAptexangua: I asked on #ubuntu-offtopic and they said ask on #ubuntu03:54
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: can you manually mount it?03:54
ActionParsnipRamchandraApte: there are some nonfree (as in speech) apps, like flash03:55
ubuntu_noobgot more updates maybe after restart can have drivers03:55
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brightsparksActionParsnip: manually mount it? not sure. How would I do that?03:55
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: what is the name of the partition?03:55
blackshirtFor some times, flash was suck03:55
ActionParsnipblackshirt: not had an issue in all my linux days :)03:56
=== bearmanstalin is now known as wml
brightsparksActionParsnip: it's /dev/sdb03:56
ActionParsnipRamchandraApte: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/amnesia/03:57
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: that is the device, you want the partition which will be /dev/sdb1   do you see /dev/sdb1 ?03:57
brightsparksActionParsnip: yes   /dev/sdb103:58
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: sudo mkdir /media/SD; sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/SD -o rw,users,uid=100003:59
ActionParsnipBry8Star{EB: what file system is the SD card using?03:59
ActionParsnipBry8Star{EB: what thing was it in last before you ejected it? A windows PC? Camera?03:59
MrELusivenessneeding help04:00
arinovActionParsnip, is there a way to remove package manually?04:00
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: wassup?04:00
linuxuz3rhow do i sign out off empathy?04:01
ActionParsniparinov: could try:  sudo dpkg -r packagename04:01
* DrManhattan puts his fists up in the air at ActionParsnip --cmon cmon put em up04:01
brightsparksActionParsnip: it says: mount: you must specify the file system type04:01
MrELusivenessill pastebin in a sec04:01
linuxuz3rhow do i sign out off empathy?04:01
ActionParsnipBry8Star{EB: what file system is the SD card using?04:01
MrELusivenessnot sure how i fubared it but so far reinstall of ubuntu look slike only option04:01
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc04:02
brightsparksActionParsnip: it's  W95 FAT32 (LBA)04:02
MrELusivenessi should have known that04:03
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: then run:  sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/SD -t vfat -o rw,users,uid=100004:03
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: and if you run:  apt-cache policy wine    what version is installed?04:03
brandon420Can someone give me any idea on why my internet is sucking hardcore the past couple of days. I have no made any recent changes, and it is the only device that seems to have this problem04:04
MrELusivenessi have 1.4 installed but it says 1.5.17 as candidate04:04
MrELusivenessyou should see what it says04:04
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brightsparksActionParsnip: yep. Thank you v much for your help.04:04
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: you could run:  sudo apt-get upgrade   and get that, then delete ~/.wine  see if it helps04:05
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: when you want to remove it, run:  sudo umount /media/SD; sudo eject /dev/sdb104:05
MrELusivenessive deleted the hidden wine many times04:05
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: you will probably find it automounts then (graceful and proper removal) :)04:05
MrELusivenessnothign seems to fix it04:05
MrELusivenesspurge everyting doesnt work either04:06
brandon420ActionParsnip, isnt it /media/user/device?04:06
ActionParsnipbrandon420: not for manually mounted :)04:06
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: get the update then run notepad to make the folder. May help04:06
brandon420oh okay. =)04:06
brightsparksActionParsnip: got it. Thanks again.04:06
SecretFirecan a signal handler can be set up to handle more than one signal type04:07
WeThePeoplehow do i fix the lib and gnash? >>> http://paste.ubuntu.com/1374039/04:07
MrELusivenessupdate to what?04:11
WeThePeopleis there a way to make 12.04 faster on my comp?04:12
MrELusivenessget a faster computer04:12
kop<--knows he's butting in ...      around here it's more like updating from what04:13
WeThePeoplemrelusivness, like something with compiz??04:13
kopWeThePeople, minimal custom kernel but all said it really isn't worth the effort04:13
MrELusivenessthat line upgraded nothing04:13
kopcompiz is a real resource drain04:14
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: use LXDE or XFCE instead, they use significantly fewer resources04:14
kop<---what he said , beat me to it04:14
MrELusivenesswel i ened to figure out what is causing that error and remove it04:16
MrELusivenessif i cant figure it out then its format time04:16
kopI still have "WindowMaker" on a couple of minimal boxes04:16
_jammy wireless networking has suddenly become unavailable. lspci output: http://pastebin.com/phngi32604:16
kopMrELusiveness, domestic troubles ?04:17
_jamin network manager, it just says "unavailable"04:17
ActionParsnip_jam: what does:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; uname -a; sudo rfkill list     output please04:17
kop_jam, sec...04:17
MrELusivenesshuh? lol04:17
MrELusivenessjust a min iam buisy donkey punching your mom04:18
MrELusivenessoops sorry ok iam back04:18
_jamrunning ...04:18
_jamActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/SBSGf8Ff04:19
MrELusivenessActionParsnip yeah i duno man that wont fix it its something else04:19
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: Lucid has little uner 6 months left on desktop04:19
ActionParsnip_jam: thanks, let me see04:19
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: if you run:  lsb_release -sc    it says lucid, right?04:20
MrELusivenesswhats lucid?04:20
xrs110.04 lucid lynx04:20
MrELusivenessit still says precise04:20
MrELusivenesswhen i put that in04:20
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: cool, then its LTS supported til April 2017 :)04:21
kopmixed sources ?04:21
ActionParsnip_jam: do you have a shortcut key or switch to enable / disable wifi?04:21
MrELusivenessi was already lts04:21
ActionParsnipkop: i'd bet so04:21
_jamActionParsnip: I'm on an X200. so strictly speaking, yes. but it has never worked04:21
MrELusivenessbut know it wont go down in ver04:21
=== pug_1 is now known as DaveR
WeThePeopleactionparsnip, yeah thats cool too, i thinkin about doing it04:21
MrELusivenesserr no04:21
ActionParsnip_jam: try:  sudo rfkill unblock all04:21
ActionParsnipWeThePeople: can you run:  sudo apt-get update    and pastebin the output please04:22
MrELusivenessive never had 10.04 on this04:22
himcesjfHi! I'm not able to get x11vnc working after recent update. I've reconfigured DM for kdm over lightdm. x11vnc fails to start on the host system. Here are the past working and current failed attempts - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1367286/ . What am I missing in the command?04:22
kopActionParsnip, been , don , did that , burned the T shirt aand fffr :-?04:22
_jamActionParsnip: that changed the Soft Blocked to no, still reads as hardblocked04:22
MrELusivenessits odd error04:23
_jamthat is to say, it has only ever affected bluetooth, not the wireless04:23
WeThePeopleactionparsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1374062/04:23
MrELusivenessi try google some more04:23
kopMrELusiveness, cat /etc/sources.lst  and see if all are the same dist04:24
ActionParsnip_jam: try unloading then reloading the driver module04:24
ActionParsnipkop: you win04:24
MrELusivenessno such dir04:24
MrELusivenessor file04:24
_jamyou happen to know the name of the module?04:25
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: why does lsb output precise when ALL your repos are Lucid?04:25
ActionParsnip_jam: read your pastebin ;)04:25
iSethDoes anyone have an elitebook 8560w with Ubuntu?04:25
MrELusivenesswhere are you seing that?04:25
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: read your pastebin, it says lucid04:25
_jamiwlwifi, yes i saw that. i thought it was different than that though04:26
delinquentmeubuntu 12.04 ... how to remove the giant side bar?04:26
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness> it still says precise04:26
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: remember ...04:26
_jamActionParsnip: no difference with rmmod/modprobe of iwlwifi04:26
MrELusivenessyou are looking at that pastebin right?04:27
ActionParsnip_jam: weird04:27
MrELusivenesswich its it?04:27
MrELusivenesswer i mean wich is it04:27
MrELusivenessyou say lucid now you saiy precise04:28
delinquentmeis the more specific term the "dickbar"  ?  I basically dont need these massive icons ... how to get rid of it?04:28
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: read your own paste: 04:23 < WeThePeople> actionparsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1374062/04:28
crazyharryis 4:3 aspect ratio better for reading ebooks or 16:9 aspect ratio ?04:29
MrELusivenessthats not mine04:29
_jamaccording to /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf, iwlwifi should load one of iwldvm or iwlmvm04:29
_jamneither are loaded04:29
blackshirt!find linux-image-3.704:29
ubottuPackage/file linux-image-3.7 does not exist in quantal04:30
kopdelinquentme, just recently logged out/in and specified in options "ubuntu classic"04:30
MrELusivenesswethepeople posted that04:30
blackshirt!find linux-image-3.604:30
ubottuPackage/file linux-image-3.6 does not exist in quantal04:30
MrELusivenessread what you posted04:30
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: then why is it on a line with your nick?04:30
MrELusiveness its not04:30
blackshirt!ubottu find linux-image-3.604:30
ubottublackshirt: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:30
xanguaActionParsnip: WeThePeople != MrELusiveness XD04:30
MrELusivenessread that link04:30
_jamattempting to manually modprobe either one of those modules results in module not found error04:30
MrELusivenessi used pastebin not ubuntu pastebin04:30
delinquentmekop, where are these options?04:31
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: says lucid for that last link here04:31
ActionParsnipxangua: gotcha :)04:31
blackshirt!info linux-image04:31
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 1 kB, installed size 31 kB04:31
MrELusivenesshere is the right link next to my name http://pastebin.com/fmVi5VjY04:31
MrELusivenesstheres nothing in my paste indicating a release04:32
blackshirt!find linux-image04:32
ubottuFound: linux-image, linux-image-3.5.0-14-generic, linux-image-extra-3.5.0-14-generic, linux-image-extra-virtual, linux-image-generic, linux-image-generic-pae, linux-image-server, linux-image-virtual, linux-image-3.5.0-14-lowlatency, linux-image-lowlatency (and 1 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all04:32
kopdelinquentme, http://jaderobbins.com/2011/04/hate-ubuntus-unity-use-ubuntu-classic/04:32
kopor something like that04:32
MrELusivenessnow either you are smokin too much of that stuff or not enough04:32
kopit's in a PM also ..04:32
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: he he in my defence it is 4:30am and I started work at 19:30 yesterday04:32
MrELusivenessoh ok04:33
MrELusivenessno problem i know you are just trying to help04:33
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: I'll think i'll grab a coffee04:33
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: trying but not succeeding :D04:33
MrELusivenessi was just making a joke cause you posted the link with the other guys name who posted it04:33
kopActionParsnip, you win today but that was much like my weekend04:33
_jami'm going to check the bios04:34
dales_paleI just installed, and it's auto-mounting the 2nd internal drive to /media/me/drive ... how can I remove this config?04:34
MrELusivenessI had my bowl earlyer  a bowl of cerial04:34
MrELusivenessand everyone was like ooooHHH a BOWL @@04:35
ActionParsnipkop: not done til 7:30am, then 2 more nights of the same04:35
kopsux till it don't04:36
* delinquentme bows04:36
ActionParsnipbut then 4 days off :)04:37
rafase282hello can someone help me with ssh? I want to set it up so I can ssh from outside my lan04:37
MrELusivenesshttp://pastebin.com/fmVi5VjY   ahem04:37
ActionParsniprafase282: port forward port 22/TCP in your routr to the IP of the system running the ssh server04:37
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: is that with wine 1.5?04:38
rafase282can I forward multiple ports?04:38
MrELusivenessany of them04:38
ActionParsniprafase282: sure04:38
MrELusivenessits liek a perma phuck04:38
rafase282i have ssh, torrent client, and i want to use the internet04:38
rafase282i had this setup log ago but i cant remember how to do it04:39
brightsparksActionParsnip: can I pick your brains - whenever I return the memory card we just mounted to the digital camera the camera says the card is full and I have to remount and of course lose everything that was on the card. Any ideas?04:39
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: did you unmount and eject it?04:39
brightsparksActionParsnip: I meant to say I have to reformat it in the camera. I unmounted it as you suggested via the terminal yes04:40
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: you could check the file system for errors. Do you have a windows PC around?04:41
brightsparksActionParsnip: not at hand but later maybe - so check the file system on...?04:42
MikeS11I have problems with my flashplayer crashing. Does Firefox have a log which I might be able to use to find out more information about the problem? Where would this log be?04:42
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: check the SD card is healthy. FAT32 isn't terribly robust04:42
MrELusiveness1.4 wine04:42
brightsparksActionParsnip: I have had the same problem with using a different memory card.04:42
ActionParsnipMikeS11: can you pastebin the output of:   lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'04:43
usr13MikeS11:  You could run firefox from terminal and see what appears in the terminal as the flashplayer crashes.04:43
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: did you try upgrading to 1.5?04:44
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: I'd ask in #winehq too04:44
brightsparksActionParsnip: so you recommend mounting the card in windows and seeing if I have the same issue I take it that's what your saying? Guess I'll have to do that. Thanks.04:44
MikeS11ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1374083/04:44
ActionParsnipbrightsparks: yeah, see if you can check the file system for errors too. Remember to use the safe remove in windows too04:45
brightsparksActionParsnip: right04:45
MikeS11ActionParsnip & usr13 : When I ran firefox from terminal - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1374084/04:46
ActionParsnipMikeS11: so, dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'   only outputs flashplugin-installer ?04:46
MrELusivenessoh man ive tried it all04:46
MrELusivenessno one seems to know how to fix it04:46
MikeS11ActionParsnip: Correct. I added in the firefox packages for bonus information.04:46
MrELusivenessand the worst part is i dont know how it got that way04:46
ActionParsnipMikeS11: uninstall flashplugin-installer  then enable the partner repo and install adobe-flashplugin package, may help04:47
MrELusivenessif there is a way to fix it would be betetr than format04:47
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: are there any bugs reported?04:47
MikeS11ActionParsnip: Sure, I'll give that a shot.04:47
MrELusivenessbut i did find where others had ran into the same issue04:47
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: could try removing wine and the .wine folder, then run:  sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install wine04:47
usr13MikeS11: One problem I see is: "Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS"  (You are behind on updates, it should be Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS).04:47
MrELusivenesssome how corrupting stuff04:47
MrELusivenessi did that and with a purge too04:48
MrELusivenesspurge every ver04:48
MrELusivenessand still no change04:48
leviathannI'm trying to install a game but when I do 'sudo sh game.run' or 'sudo bash game.run' it returns this. ' ./setup.sh: 192: ./setup.sh: /home/leviathann/.setup4849: not found'04:48
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: if you run notepad instead of the winecfg app, is it different04:48
usr13ActionParsnip: That last comment may be an error on my part. I guess that designation reflects the install point.04:48
usr13ActionParsnip: Right?04:48
ActionParsnipusr13: not wholly sure, sorry04:49
=== overdub_ is now known as overdub
MrELusivenessiam starting to think my hd is cursed04:49
ActionParsnipleviathann: why are you running a game with sudo?04:49
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: try making a fresh ubuntu user, log in as that and retry as that04:49
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall04:50
MrELusivenessthere is something screwed up at root lvl04:50
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)04:50
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: its worth exploring04:50
MrELusivenessand iam not sure how cause its not like i can log in as root04:50
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: you don't have to, nor should you04:50
MrELusivenessyeah this is very odd04:50
MrELusivenessit happened after i did some make's from source04:51
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: just run:  sudo adduser test      set a password for test, log off then log in as test with the password you set04:51
leviathannActionParsnip, as per these instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnemyTerritory04:51
MrELusivenessyeah but if the error is root lvl it will effect all usr accounts new and old04:51
MrELusivenessiam going too look at the google again and see if anyone came up with a fix04:52
MikeS11ActionParsnip: hrm No good. Perhaps a different version of firefox04:52
kopI have better things to look at ...04:53
kopAP have a good one gtg04:53
MrELusivenesslook at this https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine/+question/20566604:54
MrELusivenessread down the list of the posts04:55
MrELusivenesssome unknown bug04:55
MrELusivenessActionParsnip read https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine/+question/20566604:57
ActionParsnipMrELusiveness: gah04:58
MrELusivenessits all bad04:59
WeThePeoplei got this error while upgrading to 12.04.1 subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 205:00
simplewcan anyone please explain me how can i disable unitu-greeter from having the wallpaper i set in my user account?05:05
ActionParsnipsimplew: what we you rather?05:07
nikozzzzzzUninstall i05:07
ActionParsnipnikozzzzzz: its useful for logging in....05:08
simplewActionParsnip: i would prefer to unity-greeter to keep the purple background instead changing to the same background as my user account05:08
ActionParsnipsimplew: let me search05:08
=== k is now known as Guest99715
ActionParsnipsimplew: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc05:09
simplewActionParsnip: im using quantal05:09
ActionParsnipsimplew: http://askubuntu.com/questions/64001/how-do-i-change-the-wallpaper-in-lightdm05:10
ActionParsnipsimplew: http://www.faqforge.com/linux/set-lightdm-wallpaper-that-is-independant-of-the-users-wallpaper-ubuntulinux-mint/05:10
Mephistophilushi everyone05:12
ActionParsniphi Mephistophilus05:13
simplewActionParsnip: i cant find wheres that purple background, isnt in /usr/share/wallpapers05:13
ActionParsnipsimplew: could just download one from the web05:14
=== alejandro is now known as Guest56239
rafase282im having issues portforwading the transmission web interface05:19
almoxariferafase282: are you firewalled?05:20
almoxariferafase282: router or OS05:21
rafase282if I am it would be the router only05:21
rafase282the port is 909105:21
rafase282i forwaded it but when i use my domain or the public adress it does not work05:22
almoxariferafase282: ping the client from the host and vice versa05:22
rafase282only with the internal adress05:22
brandon420sorry, can you resend that, or pm me05:22
brandon420my internet is being retarded05:22
AnOnqwqhow i can to register there05:23
brandon420./ns register email passwd05:24
brandon420./ns identify pass05:24
simplewActionParsnip: no idea what script triggers unity-greeter background change when changing user background?05:24
=== javier_ is now known as ar9
ActionParsnipsimplew: no idea, skinning lightdm is at the bottom of my worries, its on the screen for about 2 seconds so I don't care. It could be flat and grey and I'd still just log in and go05:25
ar9is there a universal live usb creator for ubuntu?05:25
rafase282its weird05:25
rafase282from the host i can ping it05:25
ActionParsnipar9: unetbootin as well as ubb-creator-gtk05:26
rafase282from the mobile network it wont do it05:26
rafase282but i can ssh to it05:26
ActionParsniprafase282: maybe the mobile network blocks pings05:26
rafase282i think it was able to ping it before05:26
almoxariferafase282: ok, ssh tunnel to it05:26
rafase282but regardless, im trying to use the hostname from the host05:26
rafase282so instead of using the local adress I use the public one or the hostname05:27
rafase282but it only works with the local adress05:27
ActionParsniprafase282: the host name will not resolve to your WAN IP unless you add it in your system's hosts file05:27
ActionParsniprafase282: you need to check the port forwarding in the router05:28
rafase282I did, and it has the right port05:28
rafase282so how do I add my new host to my sistem?05:29
ActionParsniprafase282: I can connect to your IP05:29
ActionParsniprafase282: obviously I don't have credentials05:30
=== Tux is now known as sprocketdegrease
rafase282you connected to my router?05:30
=== sprocketdegrease is now known as thunderkittens
ActionParsniprafase282: I did a whois on you and it gave a hostname. I then SSH'd to it and got asked for credentials05:30
AnOnqwq./ns register bblkpp@yahoo.co.uk05:30
ActionParsnipAnOnqwq: I'd ask in #freenode for registering help :)05:31
rafase282You scared me there for a moment05:31
ActionParsniprafase282: I can't get in, I don't have an account. But I hit an SSH server05:31
rafase282I can connect from outside the network, yet transmission will not work from outside the network05:31
rafase282yeah I have it running05:31
rafase282does it matter the port for it?05:31
ActionParsniprafase282: how do you mean 'will not work'?05:31
almoxariferafase282: tunnel via ssh05:32
ActionParsniprafase282: what are yu trying to do with transmission?05:32
rafase282well im trying to use an app from my phone to send .torrent files to my server at home so it can download the torrent without me having to do it from my server05:32
ActionParsniprafase282: I do the same, did you enable the web UI?05:32
rafase282so currently i am unable to do it unless im on the lan05:32
ActionParsniprafase282: and what port is it using?05:33
rafase282it was working before i had to restart the server05:33
rafase282but idk what am I missing this time05:33
zabomber1rafase282: you are looking to setup a PPTP VPN05:33
ActionParsniprafase282: then match that port in the port forwarding the same way you setup SSH05:33
rafase282idk how to set a vpn05:33
rafase282i was using ssh for updating and stuff05:33
rafase282samba for file sharing05:33
rafase282and transmission-cli with the web ui05:34
zabomber1rafase282: http://darrynvt.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/setup-l2tpipsec-vpn-ubuntu/05:34
ActionParsniprafase282: you can use SFTP which you get with openssh-server and access your data from anywhere05:34
zabomber1thats the guide i used to setup my vpn05:34
zabomber1it worked 100%05:34
rafase282the port match tho05:34
ActionParsniprafase282: have you configured any firewalling on the server?05:35
hdsdoes anybody know about mactime command from tsk?05:35
rafase282I dont know the commands for transfering files like that05:35
rafase282Action, no05:35
ActionParsniprafase282: nautilus can do it, no need for 'commands'05:35
rafase282My security must suck05:35
ActionParsniprafase282: you have a router so you'll be fine05:35
rafase282well the whole thing is to acces my files away from home05:35
rafase282my own cloud05:35
brandon420rafase282, check your pms05:36
rafase282the server is with arclinux-arm tho05:36
ActionParsniprafase282: tried changing the port number then resetting up the port forward?05:36
rafase282my desktop with ubuntu05:36
=== hotfloppy is now known as Guest881
rafase282but i use my android phone more often to pass files around05:36
ActionParsniprafase282: so how is this an ubuntu issue if the server is arch?05:36
almoxarifeActionParsnip: :)05:37
rafase282Action, it is not a OS issue05:39
rafase282the thing works on a local network05:39
ActionParsniprafase282: but this channel is OS specific05:39
rafase282well Im talking from an ubuntu machine from which im testing and can only acces with the local ip instead of the public ip, does that counts?05:40
ActionParsniprafase282: the server OS is arch05:40
ActionParsniprafase282: if you are having issues with the server then ask in the arch channel05:41
=== matt_ is now known as Guest33161
AnOnqwqsome help thr plz05:50
=== Guest33161 is now known as tux
=== tux is now known as Guest82490
* cousin_luigi recently upgraded from precise to quantal and now the hard disk is rather noisy on startup.05:53
cousin_luigiAnything new in the controller module or is it an upstart vagary?05:54
dr_willisnothing ive ever heard about cousin_luigi .05:54
cousin_luigiI see.05:55
AnOnqwqsome help05:55
juniourgud morning :)05:55
dr_willisupstart laumches services in parallel when it can. like it always has05:55
dr_willisi will mention  that ive found hard drives to be the weakest link in the hardware of a system05:56
cousin_luigidr_willis: I'm aware of the issue, but it's otherwise functional.05:56
dr_willisive seem them die without any real warning ;(05:56
dr_willisa hd suddendly making lots of noise would be so mthing to definatly keep an eye on05:57
cousin_luigiThe close correlation between upgrade and noise makes me wary of that.05:57
cousin_luigiIt's not the usual clicking sound when the voice coil is starting to fail.05:57
almoxarifei am assuming the big boy talk will lead somewhere interesting?05:59
AnOnqwqsome one cam give me a help plz?05:59
dr_willisAnOnqwq:  state the problem and see who can help.05:59
AnOnqwqme i use the ubuntu "anonymous-os 0106:00
AnOnqwqand i want to know more abot the os06:00
MrELusivenessoops sorry about the capos06:00
dr_willisive never  heard of  'anonymusOs' i imagine its som e ubuntu variant thats NOT supported by this channel.06:01
AnOnqwqanonymous OS06:01
ActionParsnipAnOnqwq: isnt that BSD based?06:01
cousin_luigiI thought it was the one with tor and all that jazz.06:01
MrELusivenesswhere you seing that?06:01
ActionParsnipkaos.theory's Anonym.OS LiveCD is a bootable live cd based on OpenBSD that provides a hardened operating environment whereby all ingress traffic is denied and all egress traffic is automatically and transparently encrypted and/or anonymized.06:01
cousin_luigiBut probably ubuntu based.06:01
almoxarifeMrELusiveness: take it to #wine06:02
ActionParsnipAnOnqwq: that ^06:02
MrELusivenessthey dont knwo either06:02
almoxarifeMrELusiveness: take it to #windoz06:02
AnOnqwqthx very much06:02
ActionParsnipAnOnqwq: its a question, is that what you mean?06:02
MrELusivenessand I am in winehq06:03
AnOnqwqis stabile or have trojan?06:03
ActionParsnipAnOnqwq: then how is that Ubuntu? 1. It's not Ubuntu 2. It's not even Linux, It's BSD....so why ask in a channel which ONLY supports Ubuntu?06:03
AnOnqwqsorry but i dont know that06:04
AnOnqwqim new and i want to learn ubuntu06:04
ActionParsnipAnOnqwq: try on of the bsd channels06:04
ActionParsnipAnOnqwq: then install Ubuntu if you want to learn Ubuntu....06:05
dr_willisAnOnqwq:  start by using ubuntu then?06:05
dr_willis!manual | AnOnqwq06:05
ubottuAnOnqwq: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:05
ActionParsnipAbyssOne: why are you grabbing Anonymous OS which isn't Ubuntu, when you want to learn Ubuntu...it makes no sense at all06:05
ActionParsnipI can't think of something more wrong, asking for BSD support in an ubuntu support channel06:09
dr_willisasking for relationship advice in #foreveralone   :0 More wrong....06:10
* dr_willis just made up #foreveralone i dont evne know if its a channel on freenode. ;)06:11
ActionParsnipdr_willis: it can be ;)06:12
dr_willisoh yea. a support question. if ones runs xbmc. has anyone else noticced it disabling the second monitor? seems to turn off twinview here for me, it used to run properly on monitor #206:13
almoxarifedr_willis: the beta?06:13
ActionParsnipnot used xbmc in ages. I use vlc + web UI + android phone :)06:14
almoxarifefrodo is not ready for prime time06:14
dr_willisi dont think its the beta. i dont  think i got the ppa enabled06:14
almoxarifecable=120US, xbmc=free, :)06:15
underkhow can I install splinter cell on windows?06:15
dr_willisill have to double check when i get home06:15
almoxarifeunderk: with a stake?06:15
dr_willis!wine | underk06:16
ubottuunderk: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:16
lotuspsychjehowto remove zeitgeist without corrupt unity-desktop?06:16
ActionParsnipunderk: check the appdb for compatibility06:16
underkoh man you're nice with me :D06:16
ActionParsnipunderk: not all apps run, some rungreat, some won't even install06:17
underksadly I know this06:18
underkI just wanted to check if you would raged at me like bds-guy06:18
almoxarifei took the 'cross-over' deal, nice app06:18
lotuspsychjewhere is wobbly windows hidden in 12.10?06:18
almoxarifeunderk: you didnt say 'wine' at first06:18
dr_willis!ccsm  | lotuspsychje06:19
ubottulotuspsychje: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz06:19
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: install compizconfig-settings-manager06:19
underkbut cross-over seems nice indeed.06:19
dr_willisthe ccsm tool can break things.. be carefull with it06:19
lotuspsychjedr_willis:ive installed ccsm, didnt find wobbly windows on 12.1006:19
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: run:  dpkg -l | grep compiz | grep plug06:20
Jezzzhi all06:20
dr_willismay be extra plugins.. i find wobly windows the sort of thing best frogotten06:20
almoxarifewobbly windows? why?06:20
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: then run:  apt-cache search compiz | grep plug     see what is different06:20
Jezzzcryptsetup: WARNING: failed to detect canonical device of /dev/sda106:20
Jezzzcryptsetup: WARNING: could not determine root device from /etc/fstab06:20
Jezzzshould I be concerned with those errors?  google is of little help06:21
underkhey wondering what IRC client you like?06:21
almoxarifeJezzz: warning is not as bad as 'fatal'06:21
dr_willisunderk:  depends on your needs06:21
ActionParsnipunderk: irssi and pidgin here06:21
brandon420Can someone help me fix my dns?06:22
Jezzzalmoxarife:  well, had a couple kernel panics today06:22
dr_willis i tend to use weechat06:22
Jezzzalmoxarife:  not sure if it's related06:22
ActionParsnipbrandon420: you can set nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces too06:22
brandon420ActionParsnip, what would i set them too?06:23
almoxarifebrandon420: fix what?06:23
brandon420i can use irc06:23
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip:you think its in compiz-plugins-extra ?06:23
ActionParsnipbrandon420: whatever you like, you could use if you desire06:23
brandon420but the actual internet is really unstable06:23
underkdidn't know irssi, that  seems cool !06:23
almoxarifebrandon420: the (nm) applet will allow you to set your own DNS06:23
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: try it, it's free :)06:23
lotuspsychjelol ok tnx06:24
brandon420almoxarife, does it matter what i set it to?06:24
almoxarifedoes irssi have a gui?06:24
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: it runs in a terminal06:24
MaGeD_Hello noob question : is there anyway to configure " rar " to rar files without compression "-m0 " using the right click context menu not with commands ,, i know how to do it with command " rar a -m0 "06:24
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: pidgin has a gtk gui06:24
brandon420xchat <306:24
dr_willisirssi and weechat are text/ncurses based type interfaces06:24
almoxarifebrandon420: no, but it would help if it actually dishes out dns06:24
ActionParsnipMaGeD_: you can use nautilus-scripts to do that type of thing06:25
almoxarifeso i could run irssi in my gui cli?06:25
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: sure, you can have a tab, or a separate terminal running IRSSI06:25
dr_willisalmoxarife:  you cantoma  run terminal apps in a terminal. ;) yes06:25
almoxarifei will stick with konversation06:27
MaGeD_ActionParsnip : Thanks , will google that06:27
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: irssi is handy if you are at work and can ssh to your system :)06:27
almoxarifeActionParsnip: not me, i would ssh to the home makina and run something in a gui, terminal is scary06:28
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: not really06:29
dr_willisscary is people who dont want to learn .;)06:29
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: you'll run issi then type:  /connect irc.freenode.net06:29
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: and you can switch nick and join channels..06:29
dr_willisznc and screen are handy tools to go along with irssi and weechat06:30
brandon420almoxarife, thanks man06:30
brandon420that worked.06:30
brandon420set it to
almoxarifehow is 'fish' diff from 'sftp' , i noticed the option on dolphin, so i set it up, i dont see a diff within dolphin between the two06:30
almoxarifebrandon420: time for the next phase, a nice dns cache with filtering, dnsmasq?06:31
brandon420what does that do?06:31
almoxarifebrandon420: it stops evidoers from invading the web browser06:32
almoxarifebrandon420: the cache remembers recent pages you visited, so you dont have to go to a dns server again, the filtering is a matter of taste, what dont you want to have the browser open?06:33
adysinhay fiend ..06:34
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: also if you put web cache in tempfs you get a pretty slick web connection :)06:37
brandon420almoxarife, that sounds a bit extreme for my needs06:37
brandon420my internet at home is fine06:37
brandon420my sisters makes me want to jump off a cliff06:37
almoxarifeActionParsnip: explain that, how what where? you are over my head06:37
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
disaconnexanyone have some "steam://install" commands for some steam games? the list of games available is empty but i can install if i know the commands06:38
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: what browser do you use?06:39
bazhang!steam | disaconnex06:39
ubottudisaconnex: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.06:39
almoxarifeActionParsnip: two, chromium and rekonq06:39
almoxarifeActionParsnip: mostly rekonq06:39
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: if you look in ~/.cache  do you see a folder for chromium?06:39
almoxarifeActionParsnip: yes06:39
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: what is the folder name?06:40
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: close all chromiums and run: sudo mkdir /run/chromium ; sudochown $USER:$USER /run/chromium; rm -r ~/.cache/chromium; ln -s /run/chromium ~/.cache/chromium06:41
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: basically it makes a folder under /run and makes it owned by your user, then symlinks a new empty folder to the tempfs.06:41
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: the folder is lost at reboot (clears temp cache) but your RAM now holds your temp internet files. If they are used then they will load from RAM (faster than your crappy HDD)06:42
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: also, if you use an SSD, it reduces wear as you are not writing temp web guff to the SSD, prolonging life06:43
almoxarifeActionParsnip: i got it, i will try it with rekonq, thats the one i mosty use, chromium i use for business only these days06:44
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: same bag, make a folder06:44
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: I have the comamnds in /etc/rc.local so that the folders are recreated on bootup06:45
almoxarifeActionParsnip: is the diff apperciable?06:45
ActionParsnipalmoxarife: should be. why waste time writing to HDD the to RAM :)06:45
almoxarifealmoxarife: what keeps the cache one from getting re-wrote?06:46
almoxarifeActionParsnip: that was for you :)06:46
* dr_willis wonders how the changes to /run/ survive a reboot.. or did i miss somthing06:47
almoxarifethe /etc/rc would06:47
* dr_willis rereads 06:47
almoxarifedr_willis: yes, you missed it06:47
ActionParsnipdr_willis: I add commands to /etc/rc.local to recreate and re-chown06:49
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=== Allu is now known as Guest12245
=== Guest12245 is now known as Paskakasa
underkhow much time did you used linux ActionParsnip?06:50
PaskakasaHeyy Jeyy Gayy!06:50
aleksipelkonenTerve kaikillett556jiohoy2g06:52
aleksipelkonenju frdåde06:52
FloodBot1aleksipelkonen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:52
PaskakasaAllu Is Gay!06:53
lotuspsychje!se | aleksipelkonen06:53
ubottualeksipelkonen: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntustöd hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se. Tack!06:53
ActionParsnipunderk: about 12 years06:53
dr_willisand get your cat off the keybord06:53
ActionParsnipunderk: started with Mandrake 7 :)06:53
ActionParsnipwhen kde was awesome06:53
underkloll ;p06:53
PaskakasaHomot on Täälää Paittii 606:54
brandon420awesome cat though06:54
underkI haven't touch much KDE 306:54
lotuspsychjePaskakasa:stop that06:54
underkand I don't know why people says it was better than KDE406:54
bazhang!ot | underk06:55
ubottuunderk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:55
dr_willispeople always say the old ways were better.... now get off my lawn you kids!06:55
jakepetroulesfor debian/changelog the manual says "distribution(s) lists the distributions where this version should be installed when it is uploaded - it is copied to the Distribution field in the .changes file. See Distribution, Section 5.6.14."06:55
underkah ok :(06:55
jakepetroulescan i leave that part blank?06:55
ActionParsnipdr_willis: sometimes they are06:56
ActionParsnipdr_willis: did you sign the broadco petition back in the day :)06:56
lotuspsychjebazhang: ive tryed to add a trigger last time on zeitgeist, it didnt change since06:57
bazhanglotuspsychje, I did not see it, care to re send it?06:57
joehehello, all06:58
lotuspsychjebazhang:well it was on previous ubuntu version, zeitgeist changed on 12.10 so it wouldnt be correct anymore06:58
underksorry to be off topic, so thank's ActionParsnip, you're nice06:59
lotuspsychjebazhang:would be handy to have a !zeitgeist trigger for proper removal06:59
ActionParsnipunderk: I try06:59
joehei try to use Pin: origin in my apt , but it seems not working after i checked with apt-cache, anyone could help me ?06:59
ActionParsnipunderk: thanks :)06:59
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto07:00
lotuspsychjedr_willis:you know a package for extended indicators?07:01
dr_willisextended indicators?07:01
lotuspsychjedr_willis:yes like alternative ones (weather, battery,cpu)07:02
dr_willisaskubuntu.com has a list of 'indicator-applets'  search for indicator applet, and sorrt by 'votes'07:02
bazhanglotuspsychje, apt-cache search indicator07:02
dr_willissearch the repos for 'indicator applet' also07:03
xroHi, i have an ubuntu 12.10 64bits... i need the liblept3 package. As i can see it s not in the depot, rigth? should i download it from he web?07:03
dr_willisxro:  if somthing is not in the repos. next would be find a ppa for it. or use source to compile it07:04
joehehi ubottu,  yes , but it seems 'Pin: origin"" ' does not work in my Ubuntu.07:04
bazhangxro, what do you need it for07:04
dr_willisjoehe:  ubottu  is just a factoid bot.07:05
waynemclHi, where in xchat does one add a new IRC server please?07:05
joehei have set this under /etc/apt/preferences.d/, but it seems not working.07:05
bazhangwaynemcl, try in #xchat07:06
waynemclthere for xchat-gnome too?07:06
xrobazhang, i would like to use : python-tesseract, and liblept3 is needed...07:06
lotuspsychjeindicator-multiload is so nice tnx guys!07:07
Heather_I'm following this guy to fix ubuntu install. Says I need a unformatted filesystem with bios_grub flag. I'm using gparted and I'm guessing that the bios_grub should be put as label?07:09
dr_willisa label is not the same as a flag Heather_07:13
dr_willisim not sure you can set a label on a unformated filesystem eiher. ;)07:15
=== javier_ is now known as ar9
ar9im trying to use but everytime i run it it gets stuck completely07:16
ar9to use dd07:16
reiseihi, all! Can you describe how sound is played in ubuntu? What system and libs it uses?07:18
=== matt_ is now known as Guest20828
Guest20828in xubuntu how do i phone a shared folder over a netwrok it keeps asking what program to use but wont work07:18
Guest20828in xubuntu how do i phone a shared folder over a netwrok it keeps asking what program to use but wont work07:18
FlannelActionParsnip: I do.  I spoke with you a few days ago even!07:19
ActionParsnipGuest20828: pcmanfm can access samba shares07:19
Guest20828not phone open07:19
ActionParsnipFlannel: just couldn't remember, been a long 2 days07:19
SpaceRocketI added the OpenDNS ips in the interface settings but still not working when I check on the OpenDNS website07:20
dina_good morning07:20
dina_i am trying to install vue on ubuntu07:20
=== mrenouf is now known as mrenouf|away
foo357scripting question I get a list of files from doing a bit of piping and I have a directory stored in a variable, how can I pass these arguments to cp so it will copy the files to the folder?07:26
SpaceRocketdina,  check this URL for downloading in installing VUE http://vue.tufts.edu/download/index.cfm?fromvue=107:26
xroIs someone using pathon-tesseract, it needs a lot of missing package --> liblept3, libtiff5 ... is there a simpe way to make it works?07:29
monkzeroHi, very new to the linux world. I have an issue that in terminal I'm flooded with "[drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: PMC - unhandled INTR 0x00040000" all i know is that nouveau is my video driver. but I cant figure out how to stop this. thanks for any help.07:29
=== gvim is now known as Guest60215
dr_willismonkzero:  i recall /etc/sysconfig (i think thats the name) has some kernel logging level options. ive had to edit it in the past to stop error message floods.07:37
=== qos is now known as qos|away
dr_willisnot on ubuntu right now so i cant verify the name07:37
=== qos|away is now known as qos
MiteshShahwhen I remove php* its remove some of lightdm packages any idea?07:51
MiteshShahsudo apt-get remove --purge php* its remove php as well as lightdm packages so after that I face no login session.07:53
MiteshShahI'm wonder why its remove lightdm packages?07:53
btralاه. ه اش رث ش بهمث فاشف ئشنثس هف ش سزقهحف.08:01
btrali have a file that create it a script?08:01
btralhow find file maker of a special file?08:01
dr_williswhat sort of special file?08:03
btralhow see maker of files?08:04
btralmaker is a script08:04
dr_willisls -l shows sho owns a file..08:04
dr_willisshows who owns...08:04
btraldr_willis: no i dont want to see it's owner. i want to fine what script genereted it.08:07
dr_willisit dosen work  that way08:08
btraldr_willis: ok. thank you08:08
dr_willisunless the scrip somehow put in some comments..08:09
dr_willisscript runs as user bob... files made would be owned by bob normally08:09
killerwhen i try to run a nes rom in 12.04 , i get palattedtexture not found --->"http://pastebin.com/f1EUr3bS"08:11
=== whitman is now known as whitman_
=== whitman_ is now known as whitman
ServerSageSo I have a funny question.  My washer & dryer talk over a serial port, and I've been thinking about some kind of device to sit between them and monitor the communication so that I could text or email when the washer is done.  Does anybody know of a device that allows snooping a serial connection?08:22
adknight87I have a question about how links are loading applications08:23
adknight87Links from browsers08:23
almoxarifeServerSage: want to text the washer or the dryer?08:24
dr_willisServerSage:  sounds like a good job for a raspberry pi  ;)08:26
almoxarifeadknight87: thats a good question, i think chrome/chromium depends on xdg, konqueror depends on mimetypes(not totally sure) , rekonq(beats the hell out of me)08:27
adknight87Okay so I've been working on xdg-open08:28
almoxarifeadknight87: imagine that :)08:28
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
adknight87Anyways I have a wine application that can launch with a protocol link attached to it.08:28
adknight87But when I set up the x-scheme-handler I'm not sure what I'm doing08:30
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
almoxarifeadknight87: you sure it does not already exist out on the internet tubes?08:30
adknight87I know it works half way because it brings the application to the front but it doesn't open the link as if I were to type the whole command into terminal08:30
adknight87This is my last resort08:30
adknight87Nothing explains the exec= "my file" __ <--- example %u08:31
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
matcoutoHi y'all. my system suddenly crashes. Is there any log file that holds this kind of error/information that I could check and see whats going on?08:31
almoxarifematcouto: look at /var/log/syslog08:32
=== yavor is now known as y4h0
almoxarifematcouto: look at /var/log/syslog kern.log too08:32
adknight87The only thing I came close to anything like the application I'm using is steam08:33
almoxarifeadknight87: you might try ##linux, but they will require more info than you provided here08:34
adknight87alright brb08:34
SpaceRockethow to set the DNS IP permanently ?08:35
almoxarifeSpaceRocket: via the 'networkmanager' applet08:35
SpaceRocketalmoxarife, I did but when I verify that I'm using OpenDNS it fails08:35
almoxarifeSpaceRocket: i dont know what you are trying to do, you asked a question and i gave you the simple place to make the entry08:37
matcoutoalmoxarife: a lot of ACPI ERRO in the kern.log. Would it have anything to do with these crashes?08:38
almoxarifematcouto: no idea, but it cant be good to see alot of those errors08:39
dr_willisadknight87:  ive seen the %u and other variables defined in some gnome docs.  nautilus scripting info perhaps.08:39
adknight87think you can point me to them08:40
dr_willisnope.... on my phone.08:40
almoxarifeadknight87: the %u is something that is picked up from source app, if that makes sense08:40
ServerSagealmoxarife: I want to text me when they talk to each other.  :)08:41
ServerSagedr_willis: Thats the plan, I have one sitting on my desk.  Just need the hardware to do it.08:41
llutzadknight87: http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html08:41
almoxarifeServerSage: if you can tap in between then run wireshark,08:41
dr_willis %u ciuld be url    ie a path to a file. or http://  type thing08:41
adknight87Suppose to work then but it doesn't08:42
ServerSagealmoxarife: Thats the bit I'm unclear about, how to tap in.  Is it enough to just put a connector in the middle?  Or do I need a box to read it?  I'm not much of a hardware guy.08:42
almoxarifeServerSage: is it ethernet line?08:43
ServerSagealmoxarife: Serial08:43
ServerSagealmoxarife: Ethernet would be simple.  :P08:44
almoxarifeServerSage: i am not sure, you sure we are talking washer and dryer?08:44
ServerSagealmoxarife: lol.  Yeah, it's a washer and a dryer.  When the washer finishes it passes what was in the washer on to the dryer.  So if you have the washer set to blankets, the dryer gets set to blankets automatically.08:45
etag_yo can anyone help me with remote veiwing?08:45
ServerSagealmoxarife: I'm hoping to exploit that and when it sends the info also fire a text to me or the wife saying, "Hey, washer is done.  Go put the clothes in the dryer you lazy bugger!"08:45
dr_willisetag_: give us more details08:46
etag_i have a vps that is running 12.04 and i would like to use a remote desktop08:46
dr_willisServerSage: some samsung appliances can do that ;)08:46
etag_i'm trying the xrdp but i get 'failed to load session ;ubuntu'08:47
etag_i'm useing win7 btw...08:47
etag_any ideas?08:47
ServerSagedr_willis: Unfortunately I don't have a samsung washer/dryer.  lol.  I'm pretty sure the wife isn't going to buy a new washer/dryer just to get this.  Thought it'd be a great task for the pi though.08:47
dr_willisetag_: ssh and x forwarding would be easier to get going08:47
almoxarifeServerSage: this is talking out my xxxxxx, if its serial then you need to receive the serial and then send it as received to the dryer :), meanwhile you would need something to send the received serial to txt, no idea how you are going to splice in though08:48
etag_ok...i have ssh...what is x forwarding? and the issue is that i don't do very good at ssh08:48
ServerSagealmoxarife: You're actually a genius, the answer was right there and I totally missed it!08:48
etag_which is why i would like the remote desktop08:48
almoxarifeServerSage: genius, yeah, thats me08:48
ServerSagealmoxarife: Two serial ports on the pi, one that reads from the washer, the other than feeds the dryer.  The pi just acts as a relay between them, and sends the text/email.  Brilliant!08:49
ServerSagealmoxarife: I was making it WAY too complicated.08:49
dr_willisrun app on server... see it ls gui on local box   is x forwarding  basically08:49
almoxarifeServerSage: yes, thats what i said, :)08:49
etag_so is there another way? or what do i need to do?08:49
petanis there a way to make system handle gracefully OOM?08:49
petanlike it kill the processes that are not crucial08:49
ServerSagealmoxarife: lol.  Thanks for the kick in the brain.  Much appreciated.08:49
etag_wait? what?08:50
almoxarifeServerSage: welcome :), say hi to the washer for me08:50
petantalking about server now but it's generally linux wide08:50
dr_willisetag_: install xming on windiws. install sshserver on the server08:50
ServerSagealmoxarife: The dryer may get jealous.08:50
almoxarifetrue, dryers are touchy that way08:50
fiveopGot ndiswrapper setup and found a driver for my chipset (Dell 1704 ...). Now when I load that driver (.inf) via ndisgtk, ndiswrapper -l says 'driver intalled, device (...) present', but when I modprobe ndiswrapper nothing happens (regarding iwconfig) and the kernel log tells me that ndiswrapper could not prepare and subsequently load the driver.08:51
etag_server has ssh08:51
ServerSageI'm sure there is a line about dryers and women there, but I'm not touching it.08:51
almoxarifeServerSage: wh do you want to know what the washer is saying?08:51
fiveopWhat next08:51
etag_so get xming?08:51
ServerSagealmoxarife: I don't need to know *what* it is saying, just that it is saying something.  That way, when the washer talks to the dryer I know it's time to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer.08:51
dr_willisetag_: err  .. yes...08:51
etag_ok...then what...once i have it...08:52
almoxarifeServerSage: got it, makes sense08:52
dr_willisServerSage: that should make it easier08:52
ServerSagealmoxarife: Sounds silly, but our washer/dryer are in the garage, and even at it's loudest we can't hear the buzzer.  And of course we forget all about it.08:52
dr_willisetag_: install it.. read its docs.. run it.. cinnect to server08:52
almoxarifeServerSage: got it, i am guessing a wind up alarm clock would not be an option08:53
ServerSagealmoxarife: How very 1980 of you.08:53
almoxarifetoo steampunk :)08:53
dr_willishour glass...08:54
ServerSagealmoxarife: Why solve a problem with a $3 clock when I can solve it with a $30 pi and a $700 cell phone?08:54
qmranyone know why my galaxy nexus isn't transferring files?  it's connected "as a camera", and nautilus can see and thumbnail the files, but I can't transfer them08:54
almoxarifeServerSage: if you would, please share the conversation the washer had with the dryer when you violate their privacy08:54
ServerSagealmoxarife: I'm expecting sweet nothings.  "Mmm, baby, I'm so wet."08:54
almoxarifeServerSage: easy, its a moderated forum08:55
dr_willishook the buzzer wires to a wireless dorbell....08:55
ServerSagealmoxarife: Washers get wet, no denying it.08:55
tf198ServerSage: Or a photoelectric sensor over the neon indicator08:55
adknight87okay so I've had the right idea but what does it look like when I click on a link say custom://special/link08:56
ServerSagetf198: Already thought of that.  The indicator comes on at different times throughout the cycle.08:56
tf198ServerSage: Doh!08:56
almoxarifeServerSage: i like it, its a off the wall idea that might sell someday08:56
adknight87Thanks btw for whoever that was linking me to the page08:57
ServerSagealmoxarife: I'm pretty sure we'll see it built into washer/dryer setups in the not too distant future.  I'm sure my washer will have a more active twitter feed than me soon.08:57
gogetalol tweeting washer08:57
ServerSagegogeta: You laugh, plenty have done it.08:58
almoxarifeServerSage: the washer does not whisper sweet nothings at the washer while in the progress of washing? that could throw a wrench into the mix08:58
almoxarifeat the dryer.......08:59
ServerSagealmoxarife: That I won't know until I snoop on their conversation.  From the looks of it, it only happens when it finishes (based solely on the dryer turning on and saying "receiving info from washer")08:59
almoxarifeServerSage: i still think you are violating some EU law09:00
ServerSagealmoxarife: Good thing I'm not in europe.09:00
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dr_willisive seen serial port splicers with led  activity lights ages ago09:01
almoxarifethere you go, ubuntu/android marriage, washer snooping09:01
tf198ServerSage: http://www.lammertbies.nl/comm/cable/RS-232-spy-monitor.html09:01
ServerSagetf198: You are a google god.  Do you know how long I searched to find something like that?09:02
adknight87%u %U %f %F all don't work09:02
tf198ServerSage: 'wiretap rs232'09:02
ogzyat an asus laptop i installed ubuntu 12.10 and not it only opens if i add the acpi=off as a kernel parameter, how can i detect which driver is causing the problem?09:02
dr_willisif its a 232 port09:02
etag_ok dr_willis can you tell me how to use this?09:03
ServerSagedr_willis: The instruction manual indicates it is, though they may use the term loosely.09:03
etag_i have it and it's installed...i read the docs but i'm not getting it..09:03
dr_willisetag_: use what exactly09:03
etag_how do i make it work? the xming09:03
SpaceRockethow to disable resolveconf and use specified DNS server?09:04
dr_willisrun the xming wizard.. enter ip. have it run a gui app likr xterm09:04
ServerSageThanks to all for the info, back to coding.09:04
dr_willisor gnome-terminal09:04
ewookServerSage: why don't you just pick up the vibrations from the cylce? and time it that (if silent or still for X, text me (or, if buzzer comes on telling me "woha, somethings wrong/I'm done")) ?09:04
etag_it has startx would that work?09:04
ewookand time it...09:04
dr_willisetag_: run a specufic app like xterm......09:05
ServerSageewook: Mainly because I have everything I need to do a serial snoop, I don't have anything for picking up vibrations.  But it's an idea.09:05
etag_oh ok...09:05
ewookServerSage: do you have a moving knob, indicating that the cycle is done?09:06
dr_willisget thebasics working first..09:06
ServerSageewook: Nope.09:06
ewookServerSage: darn. then it would have been really easy.09:06
etag_it just closes and gives me nothing...09:06
adknight87how do i get a protocol to launch a special url from a browser that the program uses like http09:07
dr_willismicrophone to hear the buzz...09:07
ServerSageewook: Indeed, unfortunately it's all electronic.09:07
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ServerSagedr_willis: Meh, the serial port snoop is pretty simple given the cable tf198 sent the diagram for.  I think I'm set.09:07
dr_willisetag_: xterm is installed?09:07
ewookServerSage: well, not really unfortunately :p. whack that washer open ;)09:07
adknight87I mean from a browser link to program and program uses url to go where it needs to go09:07
almoxarifeSpaceRocket: you tried changing dns at networkmanager?09:07
ServerSageewook: I'm pretty sure the wife would take a bat to my cranium if I took a screw driver to the new washer dryer.  lol09:08
SpaceRocketalmoxarife, yes I did09:08
ewookServerSage: send her to a spa over the weekend.....09:08
ServerSageewook: I like the way you think.09:08
adknight87serversage: adriuno09:08
ServerSageadknight87: Again, I'd have to buy the arduino stuff.  I have a pi.09:08
alonhi, is there a way to return to factory-defaults in ubuntu?09:08
almoxarifeSpaceRocket: and that did not work?09:08
adknight87serversage: ooo09:09
dr_willisget a baby monitor so you hear the buzzer  in he back rooms... ;)09:09
etag_so do i use putty or the ssh09:09
adknight87serversage: WHY aren't you doing anything fun with it09:09
ewookServerSage: my warranty is soon out on my machines, so I'm wacking mine open and putting an arduino with xbee at the washer/dryer :p.09:09
tcmi have a problem with my ubuntu server it won't start and i can't found any log can you help me ?09:09
ServerSageadknight87: I thought washing machine monitoring WAS fun.09:09
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ServerSageewook: If I can get away without voiding my warranty I want to.  lol09:10
adknight87serversage: if they can bluetooth cordless phones to pick up calls09:10
ServerSageAnyway, I really gotta get back to work.  Thanks for the conversation folks, you have lead me down a path that I'm sure my wife will hate.09:10
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almoxarifeServerSage: does the toaster talk to anything else? always wondered what a toaster would have to say09:11
adknight87A single URL. Local files may either be passed as file: URLs or as file path. <---- what's that mean exactly09:11
dr_willisalmoxarife:  like the one on  'red dwarf' ? ;)09:11
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
almoxarifedr_willis: i used to watch that show too :)09:11
etag_dr_willis it's not doin it...09:11
dr_willisadknight87:   url path =  '/path/to/file' or 'file://path/o/file'09:12
=== schrodinger_ is now known as schrodinger
dr_willisso thats what a file URL means exactly09:12
adknight87Exec= "application" %u would execute as $ application url://link09:13
adknight87dr_willis: so this ----> Exec= "application" %u would execute as $ application url://link09:15
blackshirt!find samba409:17
ubottuFound: samba4, samba4-clients, samba4-common-bin, samba4-dev, samba4-testsuite09:17
almoxarifeadknight87: are you dealing with url's or file extensions?09:17
blackshirt!info samba409:17
ubottusamba4 (source: samba4): SMB/CIFS file, NT domain and active directory server (version 4). In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0.0~beta2+dfsg1-3 (quantal), package size 1670 kB, installed size 10842 kB09:17
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etag_dr_willis help...it's not working...09:17
=== wesley is now known as Guest91404
adknight87almoxarife: I'm setting up a default application to open a link location for a program that is sort of like a browser09:18
BustacapAnyone know how to fix this stupid package error everytime I use apt-get: http://pastebin.com/RHBNhejm09:18
almoxarifeadknight87: ok, link should be url09:18
blackshirtbustacap, i'm sit on handheld devices, and can't look at your pastebin, sorry ... but maybe you want share here ..09:19
adknight87almoxarife: when I run env WINEPREFIX="/home/jgfarnden/.wine" wine "C:\\users\\jgfarnden\\Application Data\\IMVUClient\\IMVUClient.exe" imvu://room/user/chatroom <--- it loads the page for the chatroom in the program off of terminal09:19
gartralBustacap: try sudo dpkg --conigure -a09:20
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
etag_umm is there any other gui things other then xterm?09:20
kushal_k`Bustacap: while I have never seen the error message you are getting, you can run fuser /var/cache/debconf/config.dat to check if another process is using that file09:21
BustacapOk kushal_k`09:21
Bustacapkushal_k`: nothing came up.09:21
adknight87almoxarife: but I can't seem to get chromium-browser or ubuntu which ever the two when I make it launch from a browser won't open that link in the program09:21
gartralBustacap: try sudo dpkg --conigure -a09:21
Bustacapgartral: tried. Just gives me the same error.09:21
almoxarifeadknight87: so you want chrome to open url's imvu: with a wine app, that it?09:22
blackshirtbustacap, kill other process using it09:22
adknight87almoxarife: YES! I can do it in terminal09:22
blackshirthello etag_09:23
Bustacapblackshirt: there is no other process using it...09:23
etag_do you know any other things like xterm that i could run?09:23
blackshirtbustacap, sorry, i am not looking your error09:23
blackshirtetag_, sure, gnome-terminal ?09:23
inner_peacei need help09:27
inner_peaceis any one here to help me09:29
lhavelundinner_peace: Just state your issue in one line, include as many details as possible, and someone should be there to help.09:29
adknight87almoxarife: ?09:29
almoxarifeadknight87: yes?09:29
adknight87almoxarife: YES! I can do it in terminal09:30
adknight87almoxarife: But I can't get it to work with xdg-open09:30
blackshirt!ask | inner_peace09:30
ubottuinner_peace: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:30
almoxarifeadknight87: i cant think of any thing that might help, sorry dude09:31
adknight87almoxarife: it's cool xD xdg-open seems very vague to me09:31
almoxarifeadknight87: that terminal line is all wine apps right?09:31
adknight87almoxarife: no it's to the specific application ran in wine09:32
qmr2nd time:  does any have any idea how to connect Galaxy Nexus to Ubuntu?09:32
dr_willisqmr:  newer android devices need to use the mtp  tools i belive09:32
dr_willisi just use wifi.. its faster then a usb cable09:33
inner_peaceok i work with a red hat distribution and some one edit the fstab file with new mount under / root direct  after this redhat can not find file system09:33
almoxarifeadknight87: that terminal line sets up a 'env' and executes a wine app with a url09:33
inner_peacei tried to edit the fstab file but it is read only ????09:34
qmr1)  yes, MTP.  great.  I already know that.  2)  I am very curious how wifi is faster than USB for you09:34
xrs1adknight87,  it seems to work if you know the absolute path09:34
llutzdr_willis: your usb is broken then09:34
almoxarifeadknight87: can you go about it via gconf? declare the url and command line to execute?09:35
dr_willisllutz:  no idea on hat. a 4gb movie was quickly copied.. plugging it in took longer..09:35
blackshirtinner_peace, even after reboot ?09:35
qmrdr_willis: then you are doing it wrong.09:35
adknight87almoxarife: It is the absolute path to the program in wine. I can add on a link from a protocol the program it uses to go to a place in the programs browser. ie: imvu://whateverlink/ishere09:35
blackshirt!ot | inner_peace09:35
ubottuinner_peace: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:35
llutzinner_peace: sudo nano /etc/fstab09:36
adknight87almoxarife: Yes and I've mocked the steam application way to launch steam:// links in the program09:36
dr_willisqmr:  or its the old slow usb transfer bug again.. had it ages ago..09:36
qmrSo Ubuntu is doing it wrong.  What a surprise.09:36
DrManhattanis there actually steam for linux yet?09:36
dr_willisDrManhattan:  yes09:36
qmrDrManhattan: there is a beta09:36
adknight87almoxarife: although when I go into gconf to see how steam does it there's nothing to mimic ther's no scheme09:37
almoxarifeadknight87: this is all out of my scope, i run kde, no gconf, no wine, so i cant help09:37
inner_peacellutz , i try it but when i save it tell me this read only09:37
DrManhattancurious - what games are available?09:37
dr_willisinner_peace:  remount your filesystem in rw mode09:37
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.09:37
adknight87almoxarife: lol it's alright better to have suggestions then none at all so I'm thankful09:37
llutzinner_peace: mount|grep " / "09:38
adknight87xD was that a chat bot posting that?09:38
almoxarifeadknight87: you could just start the wine browser that is set to start that app, bypass the linux chrome app09:38
dr_willisthe !stuff are bot triggers adknight8709:38
adknight87almoxarife: It's a messenger that has a some special 3d browser in it. on their home site they have links to public chat rooms that open up in the program from the website.09:40
adknight87almoxarife: as in I click a link to a chat room in my chromium browser the messenger goes to the chat room09:40
almoxarifeadknight87: does the windows chrome react to it correctly?09:41
hamidii've a question please.09:41
hamidii've a virtualbox server.09:41
hamidii've setup samba on it.09:41
FloodBot1hamidi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:41
hamidii changed the adapter from bridge to NAT.09:41
hamidii had to add an additional adapter with type host only adapter so that Windows host may access the ubuntu 10.10 server.09:41
hamidinow samba can't access the shares i've setup on ubuntu.09:41
hamidiwhat can i do?09:41
adknight87almoxarife: I've got it to the point where it brings the messenger application to the front but nothing happens09:41
almoxarifeadknight87: does it need to be chrome? what about a browser that can use mimetype?09:43
adknight87almoxarife: Mimetyoes are global09:43
adknight87almoxarife: I've tried application/imvu=IMVU.desktop09:44
compdochamidi, you need to figure out your networking, sounds like09:44
etag_anyone know xming09:44
adknight87almoxarife: that didn't work at all but then I do x-scheme-handler/imvu=IMVU.desktop and that works09:44
adknight87but only partially09:44
adknight87application is then brought to the front but nothing happens09:45
almoxarifeadknight87:  i dont know about that, i have konqueror here following the mimetype rules, the other browsers do not, i have my own issue with a url(sort of) its actually aa file extention09:45
adknight87kde does it differently I was just reading that over09:45
almoxarifeadknight87: true, so we are back to apples and oranges09:46
adknight87kde-open is what you use right?09:46
almoxarifeadknight87: i use kde period!09:46
lhavelund!cn | huhongxing09:47
ubottuhuhongxing: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:47
adknight87almoxarife: wouldn't it nice if everyones stuff worked right?09:47
llutzadknight87: how boring :)09:47
almoxarifeadknight87: i notice what chromium cant do on kde, konqueror can open so much more, yet i depend on chromium for actual business web09:47
adknight87llutz: But of course we still have the fun bugs09:48
huhongxingis anyone here to help me ?09:48
adknight87almoxarife: Question is what is xdg-open doing exactly to run the exec?09:48
almoxarifehuhongxing: did you ask a question?09:48
hamidihi! i've a question please. i've a virtualbox server.  i've setup samba on it.  i changed the adapter from bridge to NAT.  i had to add an additional adapter with 'host only adapter' type so that Windows host may access the ubuntu 10.10 virtual server.  now samba can't access the shares i've setup on ubuntu.  what can i do?09:49
adknight87hamidi: nat don't work xD09:49
hamidithere must be a way, no?! :(09:50
cookie1980hamidi: you have to be on the same subnet09:50
adknight87hamidi: same network09:50
hamidichanging route table or something09:50
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flynsarmyHey i'm trying to use lsblk -o NAME,MODEL,LABEL,FSTYPE,MOUNTPOINT but the label column is emtpy even after I use a2label. any ideas wy?09:51
almoxarifehamidi: say it in the context , host/client, what is connected how?09:51
hamidiisn't there a way to force samba to connect through an adapter to an ip which is not in the same network?09:52
etag_how do i remove the suid bit when running something in ubuntu?09:52
almoxarifehamidi: either nat or bridged should09:52
adknight87hamidi: can you ping that address09:52
cookie1980hamidi: why don´t you just put your virtual machine in your network? any security concerns?09:52
hamidilet me say the ips09:52
hamidihost ip:
adknight87hamidi: jst go bridge and all problems are solved09:53
hamidiguest NAT ip:
hamidiguest 'host only' ip:
hamidii can ping from host09:53
hamidii see the samba shares also09:53
hamidibut i just see the name of shares09:54
hamidiand i can't enter into the shared folders09:54
adknight87hamidi: check permissions09:54
hamidiadknight87: i know that with bridge i won't have any problem as i didn't have before09:54
flynsarmydoes a2label work with lsblk?09:54
hamidii changed the bridge to nat because i need it to be nat09:54
adknight87you figure a router would handle nat for ya09:55
almoxarifehamidi: the host has two ips?09:55
flynsarmyerrr, e2label09:55
hamidino the server is a virtualbox server09:55
hamidijust a host with a virtual box09:55
hamidino router exist09:55
hamidithe host yes has two ips09:56
hamidi192.168.56.101 also09:56
adknight87subnet it is then09:56
hamidisubnet is 192.168.56.xxx09:57
adknight87on everything?09:57
hamidididn't figure out what u meant, sorry09:57
juniourhamadi nat connection automatically configured09:57
adknight87That's what I was thinking09:57
adknight87it's handled by virtualbox09:58
hamidiso what can i do?09:58
adknight87I was wondering if he knew that09:58
juniourin bridge you can change ip09:58
hamidii'm a newbie in linux a bit09:58
juniourbut it must be of your router09:58
adknight87He has none09:58
adknight87it's a internal network09:58
juniourlike 192.168.0.xx09:58
almoxarifehamidi: one of the client connections should be 'bridged' to talk to the network, nat is at the mercy of the host configuration09:59
adknight87I don't see how it's going to work out if he doesn't have a switch or router10:00
adknight87Maybe that loopback10:00
almoxarifeadknight87: bridged gets dhcp from the router10:00
adknight87He has no router10:00
almoxarifeadknight87: oh10:01
juniouri told earlier10:01
adknight87so he'd have to make himself a dhcp server from the virtualbox10:01
almoxarifenevermind everything i said10:01
juniourwhat he is trying to do10:01
adknight87you really don't need a dhcp server though10:01
almoxarifeadknight87: thats running 'nat'10:01
adknight87Sounds like he's running a local server for fun10:01
adknight87is he even still here10:02
almoxarifesome people dont share the complete picture, for some reason :)10:02
juniourif he wants to run local server in he must switch to bridge10:02
VirungaHi, i'm using a framework that uses apt-get to install packages, one package fails the installation but i can't understand why. /var/log/dpkg.log shows nothing. Could you tell me where i can find any information?10:02
adknight87all I see is redundancy10:02
hamidiyes i'm here10:02
hamidino it's not for fun! :(10:02
adknight87Like I said from the start10:02
kilzmay i know the latex ubuntu version10:03
adknight87BRIDGE the connection10:03
almoxarifehamidi: you are not behind a router?10:03
compdocdoes anyone recommend a music streaming package? one that streams to any OS?10:03
almoxarifecompdoc: xbmc10:03
Virungakilz: use apt-cache showpkg10:03
hamidithere's a router in class 10.25.25.xxx which acts as dhcp10:03
juniourhamidi how you are browsing the net10:03
hamidibut it doesn't work for virtual server10:04
almoxarifehamidi: are you behind that router?10:04
adknight87not the complete picture10:04
almoxarifehamidi: are you behind that router?10:04
juniourthrough routeror switch or etc10:04
adknight87I'm amused10:04
adknight87I don't know any router standard with that ip set up.10:05
hamidibehind that router? what is it?10:05
adknight87How do you connect to the internet hamidi10:05
almoxarifehamidi: where do you get dhcp?10:05
juniourhamidi you have router  they are asking10:06
hamidiit's a router in the same network: 10.25.25.xxx10:06
hamidii think it's 25410:06
hamidiwe connect to internet by lan10:06
hamidiby using cyberoam10:06
hamidiand this is exactly why i change bridge to nat10:07
kilzvirunga: how10:07
Virungakilz: did you read the man?10:07
hamidibecause i wanted virtual servers to see internet either10:07
hamidiand have not to run crclient each10:07
adknight87Bridge > Set up ip address with domains "," <--- those are googles dns servers10:07
juniourhamidi type ifconfig10:08
hamidibecause i've only one use which may connect to the internet at the same time and this user is connected through host already10:08
juniourand check you ip10:08
almoxarifehamidi: for the vbox(client) to see the internet usually one sets it 'bridged' , but you dont want to do that or do?10:08
Name141-Hello, I'm running a live ubuntu cause I got "disk read error" trying to boot.  The drive shows up in BIOS (only at times) , but not in fdisk -l .. I assume since this happened since a breaker threw, the disk is dead? is there any other things I could try to 'bring the drive up' or mount it ?10:08
hamidiok ifconfig gives me the following ips:10:08
juniournot the guest i want for the host10:09
hamidioh u mean ipconfig?10:09
adknight87ifconfig <interface> <ip_address> [ netmask <netmask> ]10:09
juniourhamidi you have hsot windows10:10
almoxarifehamidi: does the host belong to the network 192.168.56.xxx?10:10
hamidipaste the whole?!10:10
almoxarifei give up10:10
juniouryou are connet to
flynsarmywhy is lsblk not showing my drive labels even when using -o LABEL10:11
juniourif you want a bridge connection in guest os ip should be 192.168.56.xx10:11
hamidiwhy do u mean redundancy?!10:11
adknight87I wonder if he switched to bridged network on his virtual machine10:11
almoxarifeName141-: sounds like the drive is toast10:11
adknight87your real computer is hooked up to that cat510:11
adknight87so set that program virtual box to bridged network10:12
hamidii gave the reason i can't change it back to bridge. if so i'll lose internet for virtual server10:12
adknight87Wait wait10:12
adknight87So you are telling me that your physical computer has no internet10:12
adknight87and your virtual machine does?10:12
hamidithe physical computer has internet10:13
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
adknight87CHANGE IT TO BRIDGE10:13
hamidino physical does have but virtual has no access to internet10:13
adknight87and change the ip concurrent to the physical network you are attached to10:13
hamidithe only way i may give the virtual servers internet is to share the host's internet via NAT10:13
juniourhamidi you want the internet access to virtual os10:13
adknight87Bridged with dns servers set up10:14
adknight87That's how you do10:14
almoxarifehamidi: or via bridged, unless the router does not allow you to connect, hence no internet10:14
hamidiit's not directly connected10:14
Name141-almoxarife: me too.  I can access the CD which is SATA, so I guess the SATA controller didn't fry.. and the NIC and video card works, etc10:14
almoxarifehamidi: so you want internet via 'nat' , because the host has internet10:14
hamidieach mac must use user/pass to connect10:14
hamidiand i've only one user10:15
adknight87Hey hamidi do you have to sign in to use the internet before you browse10:15
hamidialmoxarife: exactly10:15
inner_peacecan i mount partition under root direct rather than / mnt  or   /media  is it applicable ?10:15
hamidiadknight87: exactly10:15
almoxarifehamidi: ok, so your host must offer up dhcp to the client(vbox) so that it can access the internet10:15
juniourhamidi so you have to use nat for that10:16
dr_willisinner_peace:  yiou mean mount it i / ?10:16
dr_willisinner_peace:  yiou mean mount it  to  / ?10:16
hamidithe virtual servers may use NAT to access the internet, but in this case samba doesn't work10:16
juniouras you said you have to sign in before browse net10:16
juniourya it will not work10:16
inner_peacedr _willis  yes exactly10:16
adknight87smells fishy for people to sign into something just to browse the net10:17
juniourhamidi you want to aceess the sharefolder for host10:17
hamidiif they use NAT, only one sign in which takes place at host is enough10:17
dr_willisinner_peace:  i dont think you just swap / around. you could do A Chroot10:17
almoxarifehamidi: samba , which is the samba host, the vbox or the actual host?10:17
hamidiand the virtual servers won't need to sign in separately10:17
dr_willisadknight87:  my routers 'guest' feature does that10:17
hamidino! i need to access server's files in host10:18
adknight87dr_willis: shush xD you would come up a netgear10:18
sir-mehey i can't watch hd movie on my netbook, how can i convert the movie to play without lagging and loosing sound on the netbook10:18
almoxarifehamidi: so your vbox(host) is the samba host10:18
hamidithat's it and i can't help10:18
dr_willisadknight87:  is a cisco i belive10:18
juniourhamidi you run server in guest and you want to access in host10:18
inner_peaceDr _willis   :you mean it isnt applicable10:18
almoxarifehamidi: is the vbox(host) firewalled?10:19
adknight87dr_willis: I stand corrected10:19
dr_willissir-me:  winff, arista, ffmpeg, mencoder.. all can convert10:19
adknight87hamidi: it's like hotel internet10:19
inner_peacei dont understand swap in your answer so please explain more10:19
almoxarifehamidi: is the vbox(host) firewalled?10:19
hamidijunior: yes10:19
dr_willisinner_peace:   swap = swich = change out10:20
hamidithe host in a windows which is installed in a physical machine10:20
[awall]anyone here have source google bypass?10:20
hamidithe host is a windows which is installed in a physical machine10:20
adknight87The only way I can see this network working is if he had a second router10:20
juniourhamadi you can acces the file in host but gust will not have inter net k10:20
juniourjus do wt i say10:21
almoxarifehamidi: host=machine running vbox, client=vbox os, which is the samba host?10:21
juniourhamidi change connection to bridge10:21
almoxarifei think its the host10:21
almoxarifehamidi: host=machine running vbox, client=vbox os, which is the samba host?10:21
juniourhamidi change ip->192.168.56.xx subnet
rnamFI'm getting proxy error when grabbing some packages10:22
adknight87bet it's on the client10:22
rnamFi havent setted any proxy, any clue?10:22
almoxarifehamidi: its not a yes or no question10:22
juniourgetway ->
hamidiif i switch to bridge virtual machines lose access to internet10:22
adknight87xD I'm laughing my arse off10:22
adknight87not on your host10:22
inner_peacedr_willis : i know swap is a virsual memory  as i new with linux  but i will search on it  thanks10:23
juniouryou have to do the above step in guest os10:23
adknight87Makes me wonder if he's on his client right now10:23
archangelpetrodoes anyone know of any package/applications/tools that will transcribe to text from Mp3? or other audio format?10:24
buntuhow to create polls on launchpad team?10:24
dr_willisinner_peace:  i don mean mswap as in a swap partion. i mean 'swap' as in  the 'verb'   mesaning to 'change places with'10:24
archangelpetrois there one?10:24
hamidioh i can't follow what u say. it's too crowded. i confused. how can we port to a better place?10:24
rnamFErr http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/main linux-firmware all 1.79.110:24
rnamF  502  Proxy Error [IP: 80]10:24
almoxarifeadknight87: makes me think he wants to get out via his machine with a virtual, but cant get the machine to cooperate with the dhcp settings for the virtual10:24
=== stijndg is now known as StijnAWAY
rnamFanyone can help me with this error?10:24
almoxarifeme done though10:25
adknight87almoxarife: He likes using his client then host10:25
buntuguys plz, do you know how to create polls on launchpad team?10:25
hamidiwould u please come with me to #ubuntu-beginners?10:25
inner_peacedr_willis : ah i got it  so i can mount like that / inner_peace10:25
adknight87dr_willis has left the building by the way10:26
almoxarifehamidi: you are way beyond beginners with the issue at hand10:27
=== seemawn_ is now known as seemawn
adknight87hamidi: http://www.fdlinux.com/networksetuphowto.html10:28
almoxarifernamF: i didnt get an error, but i just went in via web10:28
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
rnamFhow do i set it to go via web10:28
rnamFthrough terminal?10:28
adknight87rnamF: change your sources in your software settings10:28
adknight87Set it to best location10:29
rnamFwhat's the file? sources.list ?10:29
almoxarifernamF: no, what i mean is that i just checked to see if the site was alive via the web browser, and it is10:29
VirungaHi, i'm using a framework that uses apt-get to install packages, one package fails the installation but i can't understand why. /var/log/dpkg.log shows nothing so is term.log. Could you tell me where i can find any information?10:29
adknight87Deja vu10:30
adknight87I wonder who the youngest person is here10:31
almoxarifeits not me10:31
almoxarifeVirunga: the install fails or the app fails to start?10:32
Virungaalmoxarife: the install fails, the app says apt-get returned 10010:33
adknight87probably me10:33
VirungaSomeone ate the log, damn. :)10:34
DNDguys! i have HP elite 8200 with windows 7. i wanted to dual boot it with ubuntu 12.0410:34
DNDi did shrink the C: partition but when setting up partition in ubuntu the unallocated space says "unusable"10:35
DNDwhat's the problem?10:35
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
llutzDND: how many partitions do you have?10:35
DNDinitially windwos has 4 partitions. 1 is C: the two others are 100mb each which is system partition hidden. then last is the hp recovery 8.7gb10:36
llutzDND: you can have a max of 4 partitions, change one into an extended with logical drives if you want to install ubuntu10:37
llutzDND: in your case that means to reinstall windows i guess10:37
DNDbut this is new computer with preinstalled OS10:37
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
DNDi want to preserve windows and the recovery partition :(10:38
adknight87welcome back dr_willis10:38
DNDso formatting the whole drive will solve this problem?10:39
dr_willisnormally im on my znc server so you never see me leave. ;-)10:39
DNDthen purchase another windows?10:39
llutzDND: change partition layout10:39
adknight87guess I'm lucky today10:39
adknight87Download same copy of windows use key that came with machine10:40
DNDim reading this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168644010:41
adknight87I'd have to say the recovery partition is for the drivers!10:41
almoxarifeDND: unusable i believe means 'not formated to ext4' ,10:42
llutzalmoxarife: unusable as in "unallocated space, but already 4 partitions present"10:43
adknight87he could always backup the recovery partition10:43
albinki need help10:43
llutzadknight87: lots of ways but he has to remove at least 1 partition10:44
albinkrsyslog not logging to /var/log/auth.log after upgrading from 10.04 to 12.0410:44
albinkstrace of the forked process says Permission denied10:44
adknight87So ubuntu doesn't like 5 partitions on one physical hard drive10:44
albinklog file is zunder root.adm ownership10:44
llutzadknight87: thats not a ubuntu-thing10:45
almoxarifewhat is wrong with an extended partion?10:46
llutzalmoxarife: nothing, but he needs to change his parttion layout for that10:46
compdocadknight87, if all the partitions are mbr, its nothig to do with ubuntu10:46
llutzadknight87: the MBR can not hold more than 4 (primary) partition-entries, thus the limitation.10:47
compdocyou can use a gpt partition too10:47
adknight87It's a cap10:47
adknight87OH NOS!10:47
llutzcompdoc: even than he will lose his data, or can you convert bios->gpt on the fly now?10:48
compdocoh, well no, he will lose his data if he tries10:48
stroodlepupanybody here owns an asus k55vd laptop?10:49
adknight87more then 4 partitions there10:49
llutzadknight87: you see the "extended" there? thats the way out of the limitation, 3 primary + 1 extended for logical drives10:49
llutzadknight87: an extenden partition is a special kind of primary10:50
adknight87true :P10:51
adknight87but is it a partition?10:51
llutzadknight87: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_partitioning10:51
adknight87I read it llutz10:51
adknight87along with the ebr10:51
adknight87I'm just having fun10:51
stroodlepupneed help please :)10:51
adknight87What's wrong with your laptop install stroodlepup10:52
adknight87Sounds like a appetizer10:52
almoxarifeadknight87: you are right, you are the youngest, smarten up10:53
nowonmaistroodlepup: what's the matter?10:53
adknight87almoxarife: Pickin on me now I feel so special lol10:54
FloodBot1newestnick: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:55
adknight87almoxarife: I think I've had the most hard headed laptop to install ubuntu on10:55
stroodlepupa friend of mine was installed linux on his asus k55vd laptop...10:55
newestnicklogging in auth.log stoped working after upgrade to 12.0410:55
newestnickis it normal for rsyslog to run under syslog user10:55
stroodlepupit suddenly became an overheating power hog...10:55
newestnickand not having permission to write in auth.log10:55
newestnickwhich is under root.adm ownership?10:56
=== Guest17265 is now known as YinCh3ng
newestnickin strace it says permission denied10:56
almoxarifestroodlepup: in terminal run 'top' , what is the top process shown?10:56
newestnicki wonder how that worked earlier before upgrade10:56
almoxarifehence 'top'10:56
newestnickis anyone willing to help?10:56
almoxarifestroodlepup: use 'sudo top' just in case10:57
almoxarifethe paste to bin app, whats it called?10:58
stroodlepupI can't paste it10:58
stroodlepupbut let me explain...10:59
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:59
adknight87-j16 does what exactly10:59
almoxarifethanks OerHeks10:59
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their devlopment, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.10:59
almoxarifenewestnick: why do you think its not logging?10:59
newestnicki can see11:00
newestnickin empty log file11:00
newestnickthe problem is11:00
stroodlepupit had 7 installed, and then we dual installed linux mint on it, thinking that it has faster performance and better battery use...11:00
newestnickstrace says permission denied on auth.log11:00
almoxarifenewestnick: ok, empty is a good indication11:00
stroodlepupthe exact opposite happened11:00
adknight87Thank you for who ever said top11:00
newestnickrsyslog runnign under syslog user?11:00
newestnickand auth.log root.adm ownership 064011:00
adknight87always wondered how to get the process list with pid11:00
newestnickhow did it work earlier11:01
stroodlepup5hrs batt life on 7 became reduced to half11:01
almoxarifestroodlepup: so the mint is acting up?11:01
stroodlepupmaybe. not so sure...\11:01
stroodlepupwe plan to install 3.2 pae11:01
newestnickshould i add syslog user to adm group and change to 0660 permissions11:01
newestnickit would work the11:01
stroodlepupit has 8gb of ram11:01
almoxarifestroodlepup: what did the mint-help channel people say?11:02
newestnickbut i don't know form the security side, if it's good11:02
stroodlepupnothing! that's why I'm here :)11:02
adknight87almoxarife: What kind of laptop did he say he have11:02
almoxarifestroodlepup: did you run 'top'?11:02
almoxarifename the processes from the top, stroodlepup11:03
almoxarifestroodlepup: did you run 'sudo top' ?11:03
adknight87why is this so hard11:05
stroodlepupran htop instead...11:05
almoxarifegreat, whana share the info i requested?11:06
stroodlepupit has no pae kernel, 8gb ram core i7 cpu11:06
OerHeksmaybe this page is any help finding cpu usage > http://askubuntu.com/questions/68741/finding-cpu-usage-from-top-command11:06
adknight87what operating system are you running stroodlepup?11:06
almoxarifestroodlepup: nevermind the hardware, the processes,11:06
stroodlepupstill uploading it11:07
llutzps aux | sort -r -k 3,3 | head -n 5 |pastebinit11:07
adknight87almoxarife: if I'm thinking correctly his laptop has a beefy graphics card which is both the heat and battery problem11:09
adknight87Like my laptop right now is at 183 degrees11:09
almoxarifeadknight87: thats the problem with thinking! :) , i just wanted something simple, like the top processes, but its like pulling teeth11:10
newestnick7no joins11:10
adknight87almoxarife: this place is like pulling teeth11:11
newestnicku say that11:11
almoxarifeadknight87: my lappy gets real hot when i play video, stream, but thats expected, the graphics is onboard11:11
adknight87almoxarife: I have hybrid remember though the intel I'm having trouble working on11:12
adknight87ati Radeon HD 6490m11:12
adknight87but this fglrx driver reports 740011:13
almoxarifecmd: Graphics:  Card: Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller11:13
almoxarifecmd:            X.Org: 1.12.3 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution: 1600x900@60.1hz11:13
almoxarifecmd:            GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset GLX Version: 2.1 Mesa 8.0.411:13
almoxarifethat was not suppose to go out, sorry11:14
stroodlepupalmoxarife: seen it?11:14
adknight87OpenGL vendor string: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.11:15
adknight87OpenGL renderer string: AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series11:15
adknight87OpenGL version string: 4.2.11978 Compatibility Profile Context11:15
almoxarifestroodlepup: seen what?11:15
TJ-stroodlepup: There are reports of that Asus model having oveheating problems, have you confirmed the air outlets are clean, and that the fan is operating the same way with both Windows and with Ubuntu?11:15
newestnickso no help with my logger :(11:15
stroodlepupit does not do the same with win711:15
stroodlepupTJ, it seems that it only happens with linux11:16
TJ-stroodlepup: OK, that indicates that the fan control probably isn't working as intended11:16
adknight87acpi problems11:17
stroodlepupacpi problems?11:18
stroodlepupnot a kernel thing?11:18
stroodlepupnewestnick what about logger?11:18
newestnickno luck11:18
TJ-stroodlepup: Can you pastebin the result of this command? "ls -l /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/*/device"11:18
stroodlepupcan't already back to win7...11:19
stroodlepupprobably need to continue this tomorrow11:19
adknight87I take that back his laptop is stubborn11:19
almoxarifestroodlepup: i got an idea, the os is mint, or win7, how about you allow #mint-help or #windoz a chance to fix your issue11:20
TJ-stroodlepup: You would boot the laptop using a liveCD/ISO image11:20
stroodlepuplike i said, it was a ghost town, and it did not have problems with 711:21
adknight87almoxarife:  have any pointers for getting rid of the jagged edges11:23
almoxarifestroodlepup: install ubuntu11:23
adknight87almoxarife:  makes my intel graphics look better11:24
almoxarifeadknight87: what jagged edges?11:24
adknight87I have tearing with my graphics11:24
newestnickinstall proprietary drivers11:24
adknight87intel graphics doesn't tear this bad11:24
almoxarifeadknight87: streaming 1080p?11:24
adknight87moving windows11:24
newestnickstreaming 1080p lol11:24
almoxarifeadknight87: anything?11:25
newestnickhe is moving his windows can't u see11:25
adknight87btw newestnick I have the beta drivers from amd11:26
newestnick can anyone assist me with my logger prob?11:27
newestnickrsyslog doesn't log anymore to auth.log11:27
newestnickrsyslog runs under syslog user?11:27
newestnickis that normal?11:27
almoxarifeadknight87: what DM you using?11:27
newestnick'cause, auth.log is in root.adm ownership11:27
newestnickand stracing rsyslog process shows permission denied11:28
newestnickwhen trying to log in11:28
newestnickwhat should i do?11:28
newestnickany suggestions11:28
rsiskaHello. Where is the global settings in ubuntu? Everything I set up in gnome-control-center works only on gnome and unity.11:28
almoxarifeadknight87: kde? gnome? what?11:29
bazhangrsiska, what version of ubuntu11:29
rsiskabazhang: 12.04.111:29
newestnickno help for me???11:29
=== rafael is now known as Guest17552
TJ-Tearing is usually solved by enabling 'wait for vertical sync'11:29
bazhangrsiska, are you referring to system settings? what did you wish to change11:29
bazhang!enter | newestnick11:29
ubottunewestnick: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:29
almoxarifeadknight87: with compiz?11:30
rsiskabazhang: mainly disable touchap tap. Also in all other WMs (dwm, icewm, *box) Alt+Shift swtiches to Russian, which isn't in among my layouts...11:30
adknight87almoxarife: yes yes lol I there was no tearing on the intel graphics on compiz11:30
bazhangrsiska, did you have ibus installed? that sounds like ibus behavior11:31
bazhangrsiska, let me check my system settings for the touchpad settings11:31
almoxarifeadknight87: so use intel11:32
rsiskaAccording to apt-cache, I have ibus 1.4.1-3ubuntu1 installed.11:32
adknight87almoxarife: doesn't play steam games on intel card11:32
bazhangrsiska, so you may wish to disable that to avoid in future. as far as the touchpad settings under mouse and touchpad is where you would set it11:33
almoxarifeadknight87: dont use compiz?11:33
adknight87almoxarife: tried metacity still get tearing11:34
almoxarifeadknight87: again, i am using kde, for light i use qtrazor11:34
adknight87almoxarife: I don't think it's the window manager11:35
rsiskabazhang: so, is it safe to uninstall ibus?11:35
* almoxarife does not steam11:35
bazhangrsiska, sure it is. or just disable it/change the enable hot keys11:35
=== dark3n is now known as dark3n|off
adknight87almoxarife: needs to11:36
TJ-adknight87: That PC has dual graphics? Intel/AMD ?11:38
adknight87TJ: Hybrid actually11:38
adknight87TJ: And still working on getting the intel graphics to work correctly. the old drivers with the old kernel worked almost perfectly until I upgraded to 3.5 and everything failed.11:39
BrixSati need help with graphics card (Intel Corporation Device [8086:0be2] (rev 09))11:40
TJ-adknight87: Same thing, different terms :)   Have you configured the AMD/ATI driver to sync to vertical retrace? Apparently the catalyst driver has a specific option, too, something like "prevent tearing on desktop"11:40
bazhangBrixSat, whats the specific issue. please be very clear11:40
rsiskabazhang: no luck... I have ibus killed/uninstalled. When I open gnome-control-center other WMs, I can _see_ that touchpad clicks are disbled, but they aren't :(11:40
BrixSatbazhang:  i have xorg in low graphics mode11:40
TJ-adknight87: also, for the hybrid issue, check out post #503 of this forums thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1232476111:40
adknight87TJ-: I've played around with v-sync and everything else11:41
gustav__rsiska: Run gnome-settings-daemon. It will load those settings into X.11:41
adknight87I know it's a issue11:41
adknight87I've been following that thread forever11:41
TJ-adknight87: OK... are there any clues in the /var/log/Xorg.0.log or ~/.xsession-errors logs?11:41
rsiskagustav__, That was it! Thank you very much!11:42
BrixSatbazhang:  any help?11:42
gustav__rsiska: Welcome, sir. :)11:42
bazhangBrixSat, with what11:42
BrixSatbazhang:  with my graphics card that only shows low resolution11:42
TJ-adknight87: Is the tearing on an internal LVDS panel, or external on HDMI, DVI or VGA?11:43
bazhangBrixSat, what resolution are you getting, and what were you expecting; how old is that card11:43
BrixSatbazhang: 1024*768 would expect 1360*76811:43
TJ-8086:0be2 is GMA360011:43
BrixSatbazhang:  my card has less than a year11:44
bazhangBrixSat, and the second half of my question?11:44
adknight87TJ-: There's a link problem but I've solved that11:44
bazhangBrixSat, what have you tried? xrandr? setting a customized xorg.conf?11:44
TJ-adknight87: OK... without clues in the logs its like throwing darts whilst dizzy and blindfolded  :p11:44
BrixSatbazhang:  im in xorg.conf but dunno what to change here11:45
adknight87TJ-: SCOTTY11:45
TJ-adknight87: Can you pastebin the current /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?11:45
adknight87prognosis? lol11:48
Kartagis!find libtiff511:48
ubottuFound: libtiff5, libtiff5-alt-dev, libtiff5-dev11:48
TJ-adknight87: Have you tried removing /etc/X11/xorg.conf to a safe place and letting the driver auto-configure? There are reported errors as a result of the current xorg.conf11:50
adknight87xorg would end up empty11:50
BrixSatbazhang: My xorg.conf is the one generated by xorg11:50
TJ-adknight87: I also think you've got a mix-up of driver versions... "PowerXpress: Diagnostic output from /usr/lib64/fglrx/switchlibGL:11:50
TJ-library file /usr/lib32/fglrx/fglrx-libGL.so.1.2 not exist, can't switch"11:50
TJ-adknight87: no xorg.conf would be preferable. X should auto-configure itself these days11:51
adknight87TJ-: it's a link to the file11:51
adknight87let me go and seek out if the link is still there11:51
TJ-adknight87: There's also segfaults reported. You need to sort those out by cleaning up the driver issues. No wonder you're getting tearing :)11:52
adknight87TJ-: it's beta drivers give me a break LOL11:52
TJ-adknight87: segfaults means serious - that's not a 'beta' driver issue, its more like a bad installation issue11:53
adknight87What? I've removed everything from the last install so it was a fresh install of the beta drivers11:54
adknight87Btw I'm not having issues now this actually works it's when I switch over to the intel graphics that is when I get all the oops I can do crap errors11:55
newestnickhey guys? Is it normal for ubuntu's 12.04  rsyslog to run under syslog user?11:56
newestnick'cause upgrading from 10.04 broke loggin11:56
newestnicki had to switch rsyslog to run under root so everything could continue working good11:56
newestnickis it ok or there is a purpose for rsyslog to run underprivileged?11:57
TJ-adknight87: Well that PowerXpress is the switcher code to the IGP so that explains the issue. It is likely that the drivers aren't correctly configured for hybrid operation, and probably you're ending up with the VESA driver rather than the Intel driver for the IGP11:58
TJ-newestnick: rsylogd should run as the user syslog. The auth.log should be owned by syslog:adm11:59
adknight87I'm on the ati card at the moment11:59
newestnickit is owned by root.adm as other log files from old 10.04 version11:59
adknight87update-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/lib/fglrx/ld.so.conf because link group x86_64-linux-gnu_gl_conf is broken.12:00
newestnickshould i chown the files? that doesn't sound nice. i started rsyslog under root as before, is tah ok????12:00
newestnicki don't see any reason why rsyslog shouldn't run as roiot12:00
TJ-newestnick: rsylogd runs as an unprivileged user for a good reason.12:01
newestnickon every other distro and even old ubuntu it runs under root12:01
newestnickhm? which is that12:01
icerootnewestnick: the user "syslog"12:01
newestnickand for other distors there isn't that "good reson"12:01
newestnickno i meant which reason :) lol12:02
GenesisAquarionmy wifi is not remembering the password or something like it12:02
icerootnewestnick: the reason is "dont use root if it is not needed"12:02
GenesisAquarionI can connect to the wifi but it's not stsying12:02
newestnickbut why didnt' the ubuntu upgrade then chown the files it needed or at least said there will be privilege dropping12:02
newestnickit left me confused with rsyslog not logging anything to syslog or auth.log12:03
newestnickso changing ownership of log files is safer option????12:03
icerootnewestnick: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rsyslog/+bug/407862  that?12:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407862 in rsyslog (Ubuntu) "Messages not being sent to system logs" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:05
katsuneanyone here experienced muffled sound in the 12.10?12:06
TJ-newestnick: I suspect the issue is the logrotate configuration recreating the files as root:adm See bug #40786212:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407862 in rsyslog (Ubuntu) "Messages not being sent to system logs" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40786212:06
TJ-newestnick: See comment #7812:06
ithilras_Luthiendoes anyone know how to compile the kernel?12:07
TJ-ithilras_Luthien: From git or from source package?12:08
=== tiagohillebrandt is now known as tiagoscd
ithilras_Luthiensource package12:08
katsunemuffled sound on the 12.10?12:08
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
TJ-ithilras_Luthien: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile12:09
katsuneTJ, do you know how remove the muffled sound on the ubuntu 12.10?12:10
blazemore!patience | katsune12:10
ubottukatsune: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:10
TJ-katsune: Take the pillow off the speakers? :p12:11
katsuneokay I'm sorry thanks,12:11
katsuneTJ, no I mean whenever  there is a sound like a character talking, there's a muffled sound on the background and then stops when the character also stop talking12:12
TJ-katsune: does it happen for all sounds or just from specific applications? If the latter, you should investigate their sound-settings12:16
BrixSatbazhang: ?12:17
vectorshelvehow can I find out if someone is trying to access my machine remotely.. I mean ssh into my ubuntu machine ?12:22
thesadmafiosovectorshelve: check your firewall logs12:22
thesadmafiosovectorshelve: also, if you don't have ssh server software on your side you should be fine12:23
vectorshelvethesadmafioso: $ ps -e | grep ssh   832 ?        00:00:00 sshd  1690 ?        00:00:00 ssh-agent12:23
thesadmafiosovectorshelve: that likely has to do with OpenSSH12:25
vectorshelvethesadmafioso: ok12:25
vectorshelvethesadmafioso: how can I firewall logs12:25
thesadmafiosoIt's probably a deamon to handle multiple SSH connections and other underlying functions of your SSH implementation, so to speak12:26
vectorshelvethesadmafioso: how can I view the ssh logs ?12:26
vectorshelvethesadmafioso: wont that help me find out if someone accessed my machine remotely ?12:26
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest78302
thesadmafiosovectorshelve: You may want to try using the "log file viewer", it is in your main system menus most likely12:27
vectorshelvethesadmafioso: could u help me with where exactly can I find it12:27
thesadmafiosothat will help you to look at many of your system logs, in real time, and you can also apply filters to it12:27
Guest78302hi all12:27
Guest78302anyone here12:27
Guest78302any chinese12:27
Guest78302it seems not so many people in this channel~12:28
thesadmafiosothis channel is very busy12:28
thesadmafiosoif you have a question just ask :)12:29
thesadmafiosoyou may have to wait a while for a response, but there are some very knowledgeable folks here12:29
xckpd7question: Let's say I have a dedicated server.... is there something that would allow me to share files with someone remotely?12:29
xckpd7without giving them my pass + username....12:30
brontosaurusrexxckpd7: http, ftp, ssh12:30
Guest78302it's just the first time my joining this channel. Just to say hello and be a guest12:30
thesadmafiosoxckpd7: sftp, ssh12:31
jahi guys. How does Ubuntu know my location at installation time?12:31
Brainiarc7Hello people, who has used OpenCL SDKs on Ubuntu?12:31
Guest78302shenyao, r u chinese12:31
adknight87Odd intel graphics work now xD!!12:31
thesadmafiosoxckpd7: if you're running something like CentOS you could set up SSH for the person12:31
ubottuThe Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it12:31
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:32
Guest78302I just installed ssh on my ubuntu 10.04,12:32
ms_hi dude. in which distribution of ubuntu, python3.2 is installed by default, please?12:32
Guest78302anything further to do ?12:32
brontosaurusrex^ Guest7830212:32
xckpd7thesadmafioso: hmmm how about if I don't care if anyone else sees the file12:32
xckpd7thesadmafioso: like make it public of sorts... like I could easily just put the file on my Dropbox public folder but it will take too long12:33
=== Guest78302 is now known as falling3000
xckpd7thesadmafioso: so I want the concept of a public folder (no logging in like at all)12:33
xckpd7thesadmafioso: preferably just a link12:33
brontosaurusrexxckpd7: a web server with enabled directory lister, lighttpd for example12:33
thesadmafiosoxckpd7: ^ yep12:34
thesadmafiosobrontosaurusrex: something like nginx support that kind of thing too, no?12:34
ms_eh oh. dude. in which version of ubuntu, python3.2 is installed by default, please?12:35
ashvalahey, is there a dedicated MacTel channel here?12:36
jaanybody knows how does Ubuntu know my location at installation time?12:36
dr_willis!info python12:37
ubottupython (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.7.3-0ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 162 kB, installed size 658 kB12:37
dr_willisi think 3.x is in the repos also12:37
dr_willisja ip lookup i imagine12:38
thesadmafiosoja if you're connected to the internet during your install then it probably looks up your IP and makes an educated guess ^_^12:39
jadr_willis: thesadmafioso: ok, thanks12:40
FrostbyteHi there, I have a persistent live usb made up, for a month or so - and as of latelly I've been noticing huge lags and I/O with flush-8:16 taking up almost all the cpu - is there anything I can do to lighten it up? (And if possible any other optimisations to reduce disk I/O since I run from USB)12:40
TJ-!info python3 | ms_12:41
ubottums_: python3 (source: python3-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default python3 version). In component main, is important. Version 3.2.3-5 (quantal), package size 32 kB, installed size 213 kB12:41
xckpd7brontosaurusrex: I think I already have apache, but it's just being used on one utlility / application running on one of my ports (e.g. site.site.com:10000)12:41
xckpd7brontosaurusrex: so I just now need to configure it to serve files (don't care if it's password protected) on another port?12:41
katsuneFrostbtye, maybe your flash drive is slow, how about using a usb 3.0 flash drive12:41
TJ-Frostbyte: Is it getting full? If there's lots of random I/O going on that could be upsetting any flash wear-levelling the device does12:42
Frostbytekatsune: I didn't have any problems a few weeks ago12:42
FrostbyteTJ- : nah, casper-rw and home-rw partitions do have free space left\12:42
FrostbyteI have also installed preload, but doesn't make any difference12:43
xckpd7brontosaurusrex: cuz right now I'm getting the "It Works" Apache page when I go to my domain12:43
TJ-Frostbyte: how about the underlying flash wear-levelling though? Every time a block is unlinked a new block is used to contain the modified contents12:43
ToyImpGood morning =)12:43
Frostbytethe flash drive is around 2 months old, since it's purchase12:43
FrostbyteTJ- could it have worn out already?12:44
Frostbytebtw, when I don't see flush-8:16 in conky, the system responds blazing fast12:44
FrostbyteI only face those spikes, and I don't know where they come from12:44
TJ-Frostbyte: Well, lets imagine it doesn't do wear-levelling. That could imply the same physical flash blocks are being erased and re-written to... and they can wear out in less than 1000 erase cycles, especially for MLCs12:44
TJ-Frostbyte: alternatively, it may be just that you've got a process that likes flushing data to disk, maybe a swap file? Not a fab idea to put swaps on most flash devices.12:45
Frostbyteno swap used, at least gnome-system-monitor shows swap is 012:46
FrostbyteI made sure there's no swap12:46
FrostbyteI did a quick googling and figured that it writes from RAM to disk, but I can't figure why now.. all of a sudden12:46
FrostbyteI'd appreciate it if you could help me investigate12:47
katsuneFrostbyte: I would say monitor your processes first,.12:47
thesadmafiosoThe ubiquitous question of "why" . . . it gets me every time ~_^12:47
qdbhello. i installed ubuntu 12 04, updated, switched to russian, but after a restart it has changed to english, and russian is not selectable any more. what i made also: installed 2 brother printer drivers from brother site, installed gnome-panel, and tried it.12:50
TJ-Frostbyte: First thing is to use something like iotop to see what's the most active12:50
YokoBRfound out that ati proprietary drivers (legacy) are not compatible with Xorg 1.13, so i'm going to Mint :(12:50
TJ-Frostbyte: Does the system have enough RAM? If it is under pressure the kernel will evict pages from its cache and then have to fetch them again later when needed12:51
FrostbyteI'm currently booting the persistent USB under a P4 @ 3.0GHz with 2GB ram12:51
Frostbyteshould be sufficient, since conky shows I'm only using around 500+ mb out of 2GB12:52
BluesKajHi folks12:52
Frostbyteeven under peak conditions12:52
Frostbyteas for CPU resources, most of the time, I see Xorg, compiz and the flush-8:1612:53
Frostbyteexcept when I have a chromium in background12:53
TJ-Frostbyte: OK, but how about the cache usage? The 'free' memory is used by the kernel for cache and buffers and gets evicted when some process needs more RAM. As I said, try iotop see if it gives any clue as to which process is responsible for forcing the flushes - if they are the reason12:53
FrostbyteI'm apt-getting iotop now12:53
Frostbyteit's gonna take a while12:54
=== Chucrute301 is now known as sabdfI
TJ-Frostbyte: That flush-8:16 tells you which device it is 8 is the major number, 16 is the device number. check that with "ls -l /dev/block/8:16"12:55
Frostbyteokie, just a sec12:55
sabdfIYou are a engine?12:56
Frostbytelrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 Nov 21  2012 /dev/block/8:16 -> ../sdb12:56
=== sabdfI is now known as Chucrute301
Frostbytelet's see what is sdb12:56
TJ-Frostbyte: and what does sdb translate to as a physical device on that system? Is it the USB device?12:56
=== Chucrute301 is now known as sabdfI
Frostbytejust a sec, gonna run gparted to see12:58
TJ-Frostbyte: no need, just do "grep sdb /var/log/kern.log"12:58
Frostbytesdb is my usb, ye12:59
adknight87TJ-: I installed the ubuntu's sources fglrx I get 260fps on glxgears but on the beta I get 1460fps.12:59
FrostbyteI couldn't figure from the kernel log, since I'm a newb still - so gparted told me :P12:59
=== zzecool_ is now known as zzecool
TJ-Frostbyte: :D12:59
FrostbyteTJ- could it be that it's because I converted it from ext3 to 4?13:00
TJ-adknight87: 260? sounds like the 3D accelerated driver isn't in use there, even if installed13:00
FrostbyteI experimented wit hthat recently13:00
TJ-Frostbyte: It's possible, yes. ext4 does enforce some flushing due to sync issues13:00
adknight87TJ-: I stuck with the new drivers xD I'm happy13:00
=== sabdfI is now known as Chucrute301
FrostbyteTJ-: aw kr@p13:00
TJ-Frostbyte: But I thought that applied to ext3 as well, but its a while since I read up on that side of things13:00
Frostbyteshall I whoop back to another format?13:01
TJ-Frostbyte: No. Not unless you can *prove* that is the cause of the issues of slowness, which is, as I understand it, your primary issue?13:01
Frostbyteyea, the lockups13:01
FrostbyteI have iotop running13:01
Chucrute301Hi frostbyte who you maked battlefield3?13:02
adknight87TJ-: you know how xdg-open works exactly when running a mimetype link13:02
FrostbyteChucrute301: To clarify, frostbite was the BF3 engine - frostbyte is a codename for some mushkin dimms :P13:02
TJ-flushes are done in the background, so lockups is a weird one unless the kernel is freezing. Have you checked /var/log/kern.log carefully for any indication that the kernel is reporting problems at the moments the lock-ups occur?13:03
Chucrute301Frostbyte is the new version 8x more powerfull13:03
Frostbytewell, didn't take it from there at least :D13:03
TJ-adknight87: It examines the configuration in /etc/xdg/ for mime-types, I seem to recall13:04
adknight87and how would I run a application to open a link from a mime?13:05
Frostbytefor some reason now it's gotten responsive.. lol, damn you murphy and your law13:07
TJ-xdg-open is used on the desktop to start the matching application. You can associate mime-types with applications using Nautilus. Select the data file, do Properties > Open With...13:08
Chucrute301Frost you use ubuntu?13:08
FrostbyteTJ-: Dunno if it gives any clue - but I sometimes see [sync-supers] and a zeitgeist-fts getting momentarilly 99% io13:08
TJ-Frostbyte: hehehe I know the feeling. PCs run scared of me and start behaving in case I thump them :p13:08
Chucrute301Themafioso e foda13:09
adknight87its a url I'm openning up and then letting the program use it13:09
TJ-adknight87: Well URLs will be associated with a web-browser by default13:09
Chucrute301Frost you uses gnome or unity?13:10
FrostbyteChucrute301: unity13:11
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest71155
TJ-adknight87: For URLs you can set the handler using gconf-editor and navigating to /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/<protocol>  or creating a new one there, using the others as a template for what you need to do13:11
adknight87Doesn't exactly work13:12
adknight87I have it already in but it does nothing13:12
D_Russcan anyone help me with my printer problems?13:13
D_Russcanon printer13:13
adknight87TJ-: I did add it into the mimetype.list file under x-scheme-handler/imvu=IMVU.desktop13:14
TJ-adknight87: ahhh, you'll need xdg-mime for protocols13:14
FrostbyteTJ-: I have disabled ext4 journaling btw13:14
FrostbyteI can't figure why it's still a snail :p13:14
TJ-Frostbyte: I doubt its the journal13:14
Chucrute301Anyone is having problems under unity?13:14
iceroot!details | Chucrute30113:15
ubottuChucrute301: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:15
adknight87unity runs great for me.13:15
Chucrute301Unity is veru unresponsive and slow on my pc13:15
D_Russunity runs fast and smooth13:15
Chucrute301I have installed my nvidia drivers13:15
D_Russbut my printer doesnt work13:15
D_Russand its driving me insane13:15
Chucrute301Using 12.1013:16
D_Russi plug it into a windows machine and it works instantly13:16
rkrishnaHI all, any idea how to modify time slice allocation per process13:17
Chucrute301I have a 9800gt and a i3 :(13:18
Chucrute301Why my unity is slow13:18
FrostbyteTJ-: Perhaps since compiz and Xorg do consume some cpu from time to time - switching to a lighter interface than unity might help?13:18
RamchandraApteChucrute301: My integrated runs unity nicely.13:19
RamchandraApteChucrute301: you can try unity-2d with no window effects13:19
adknight87TJ-: its not a document or file its a protocol link.13:21
=== dan__ is now known as Guest76142
Frostbyteanyhow, if it does occur again I'll be coming back with new info13:24
Frostbytedamn my luck >.<13:24
xckpd7question: I added a new user in ubuntu and I'm trying to log on with it... I'm absolutely sure I'm entering in the password correctly.... do I need to grant privilege to access certain folders for it to be successful?13:25
xckpd7cuz it's saying permission denied13:25
thesadmafiosoit may be locked13:25
xckpd7I did sudo adduser and added a pass13:26
thesadmafiosotry switching to your admin account and looking at the new user account13:26
xckpd7how once I'm on there13:26
thesadmafiosowhat are you running?13:26
bkc_everytime someone says "unity" I start thinking about unity3d (the game engine)... it's quite annoying -.-13:26
xckpd7ubuntu 12.04.113:26
thesadmafiosowell, i run 10.04 but for me from the panel it's "system > Administration > Users and Groups13:26
xckpd7thesadmafioso: terminal13:27
xckpd7thesadmafioso: I don't have the gui stuff13:27
theadminxckpd7: Well, you should make sure the login shell is set to something sane (/bin/bash, /usr/bin/zsh or such), that the home folder exists13:28
TJ-adknight87: Is the .desktop files associated with your x-scheme-handler/... being read?13:28
theadminxckpd7: If you used the "adduser" script it should've taken care of that for you, if you used the old "useradd" way you may need to set all that stuff manually13:28
thesadmafiosoxckpd7: man usermod may help also13:28
thesadmafiosotheadmin: didn't know that difference between adduser and useradd :P13:29
xckpd7theadmin: I just did $ sudo adduser foo13:29
xckpd7theadmin: and added a password13:30
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
theadminthesadmafioso: iirc "adduser" comes from FreeBSD or something as a matter of fact, and has been ported to Linux. May be wrong though.13:30
xckpd7theadmin: and I think that adds a home directory when you finish that13:30
xwalkI'm having some trouble with Network Manager. It's not starting automatically at boot.13:30
theadminxckpd7: Hm, ok... yeah it should13:30
theadminxckpd7: Well, what if: [ -e ~username ] && echo "Home folder exists"13:31
xckpd7weird... ok I think I know the problem13:31
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest62437
xckpd7well actually scratch that, let me describe anyway13:32
thesadmafiosoxckpd7: maybe you can "usermod -L " to disable password and try to see if it drops you in?13:32
xckpd7I just did su <user> and that worked fine13:32
xckpd7though it didn't kick me out of my own home folder...13:32
theadminxckpd7: That's not surprising, su doesn't update the environment13:32
theadminxckpd7: Use "sudo -iu username" instead.13:33
c0drgood morning13:33
xckpd7theadmin: that still logged me in but did kick me back out to it's proper user folder13:34
xckpd7theadmin: so why am I not able to login with that username, but I can switch to it?13:34
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=== CyberSix_ is now known as CyberSix
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit13:34
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theadminxckpd7: Well, yeah, that's correct. Ok then, the problem may be in the login shell... Try: sudo chsh -s /bin/bash username13:34
thesadmafiosoxckpd7: I think usermod also allows you to specify what shell you want to login to for a user13:35
=== cereal- is now known as cereal
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
xckpd7theadmin: username being the one I'm setting up right now13:36
=== io___ is now known as io__
thesadmafiosotheadmin: does "sudo -u" flag update the environment for the specified user?13:36
theadminthesadmafioso: "sudo -u" means "run as specified user instead of root"13:36
theadminxckpd7: Yes, not your username, the username of the new user13:37
xckpd7theadmin: ok, now try to login with it?13:37
theadminxckpd7: Yeah13:37
thesadmafiosotheadmin: got it, thx13:37
xckpd7theadmin: this might be easier: http://www.torrent-invites.com/seedbox-tutorials/203543-dedicated-server-kimsufi-ovh-seed-box-setup-rutorrent-autodl-irssi-znc-ubuntu.html13:38
xckpd7theadmin: I think I need to change the sshd_config file to allow the user?13:39
theadminxckpd7: Oh, you're using ssh, why didn't you mention that13:39
theadminxckpd7: Yeah, might be it...13:39
xckpd7theadmin: sorry... didn't know to say13:39
bdi_Hello...i seem to remember that in older versions i could resize icons in nautilus. Did they remove that feature?13:39
=== __NiC is now known as _NiC
theadminbdi_: I think so, though you still can zoom in/out with ctrl+scroll13:40
thesadmafiosoctrl +/- :P13:40
bdi_theadmin, ah thx13:40
qdbhello. i installed ubuntu 12 04, updated, switched to russian, but after a restart it has changed to english, and russian is not selectable any more. what i made also: installed 2 brother printer drivers from brother site, installed gnome-panel, and tried it.13:40
xckpd7theadmin: that didn't work... I literally followed that configuration to set it up13:43
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit13:43
theadminxckpd7: Ah damn... Well sorry I have no idea13:43
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=== Tzunamii_ is now known as Tzunamii
theadminxckpd7: Quite weird honestly, ssh allows logging in as anyone but root by default :/13:44
pingbathi, I am getting "Buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block 0" despite having "blacklist floppy" in blacklist.conf13:44
xckpd7theadmin: yeah... I think the guide I'm following might have had me add something at the very beginning...13:44
pingbatmodprobe -r floppy gives "FATAL: floppy is in use"13:45
pingbatprobably should have waited until after the split :-(13:45
skulltiphow do i keep nautilus from trashing my desktops on blackbox, openbox, etc..  somehow it gets run and i can't right-click to bring up any menu except the one which says 'create new folder, change desktop background, etc'13:46
pingbatI am getting "Buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block 0" despite having "blacklist floppy" in blacklist.conf13:49
pingbatmodprobe -r floppy gives "FATAL: floppy is in use"13:49
llutz_theadmin: "ssh allows logging in as anyone but root by default..." ubuntu comes with "PermitRootLogin yes" by default (well, with a locked root-account, but...)13:49
WeThePeoplehow do i unlock all processes?13:49
theadminllutz_: Oh, I didn't know that, thanks13:49
theadminWeThePeople: What do you mean by "unlock a process"?13:50
xckpd7theadmin: one more question? I think to setup my current username, I edited "visudo"... could that be it?13:50
theadminxckpd7: Eh... Long as "visudo" accepted your modification there should be no problems... Besides, sudoers don't affect the login in any way13:50
xckpd7theadmin: gotit. thanks13:50
=== NimeshNeema is now known as NimeshNeema_
Vista_i am trying to do something based on whether process xbmc.bin is running above 12%13:51
Vista_got this : if [ ps -C xbmc.bin -o pcpu= | awk 'NR>1' -gt 12 ]; then but not working13:52
WeThePeopletheadmin, http://imgh.us/screen_3.png13:52
wood_quinnIs there a way to permanently disable gtk-filechooser's creation of ~/Desktop ?13:52
=== tdubz is now known as thomas
WeThePeopletheadmin, i think that error is from syn. lol13:53
WeThePeoplesynaptic package manager13:54
theadminWeThePeople: Well uh, that happens when you have multiple package management tools running at the same time (apt-get and synaptic, for instance)13:54
WeThePeopletheadmin, which i do not13:55
WeThePeopleonly spm13:55
theadminErrr... I forget where the lockfile is :/13:57
qdbhello. i installed ubuntu 12 04, updated, switched to russian, but after a restart it has changed to english, and russian is not selectable any more. what i made also: installed 2 brother printer drivers from brother site, installed gnome-panel, and tried it.13:59
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=== Guest39211 is now known as andytheg
xckpd7theadmin: wow I just needed to reload ssh14:00
xckpd7theadmin: works now, thanks14:00
theadminxckpd7: hah14:01
theadmin!yay | xckpd714:01
ubottuxckpd7: Glad you made it! :-)14:01
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=== acidflash__ is now known as acidflash
andythegdoes anyone know of a way to do anonymous blind file uploads with a drag and drop web interface?14:05
Touhou11andytheg: As in the user is blind?14:05
andythegthat i run locally on my machine?14:05
andythegmaybei should ask in ubuntu-offtopic14:05
andythegoh no, as in they have no 'read' permission on the direectory14:06
andythegthey cannot see into the folder they are dropping off the files.14:06
andythegit is probably very bad word to choose14:06
andythegbut i didn't know how else to describe it succinctly14:06
YokoBRhey guys, isn't gallium3D dead?14:06
Touhou11andytheg: There are flash/html 5 uploaders which let you drag and drop, and not showing a listing is up to the person coding the webpage14:06
andytheghi YokoBR14:07
babyswizzplease am running lxde and i can see a uxterminal, xterminal and lxterminal, please wats the difference14:07
andythegTouhou11, yea, i was hoping for more 'bundled' software .. but thank you.  i will keep that in mind as a 'roll your own' alternative.14:07
Touhou11andytheg: SWFUpload is a very popular one14:07
andythegTouhou11, i hate flash :)14:08
andythegbut thank you.14:08
andythegi will look that up and find an html5 equiv14:08
theadminbabyswizz: uxterm and xterm are "traditional" terminals, some script might want them present. Generally, they are feature-less (bad color support etc), so just stick to LXTerminal14:08
Touhou11andytheg: Fair enough, though more users probably have Flash than HTML 5 capable browsers14:08
Touhou11andytheg: Depends on your audience14:08
theadminTouhou11: Pretty much any browser is HTML5-capable nowadays14:09
andythegTouhou11, gaaah.... evil.. my eyes.14:09
andythegTouhou11, thank you for saying that.14:09
Touhou11Apart from every user still on XP with Internet Explorer 8 (a lot of people)14:09
andythegYokoBR, did you ever figure out the dns speed issue?14:09
theadminTouhou11: You don't want those people on your webpages :P14:09
andythegTouhou11, xp ... gah .. my soul.14:09
YokoBRandytheg, sure! It's solved, finnaly! it was the dns forwarder... it was set to an windows server and it's service was stopped. That's why i hate windows.14:10
razvanhow to make my flash based games to work more smooth... ??14:10
WeThePeoplerazvan, ram disk14:10
=== Shift_____ is now known as _dns
razvan1 gb ram....     250 gb disk14:11
llutz_andytheg: http://www.plupload.com14:12
babyswizztheadmin, so basically there is nothing you can do with lx terminal that you cant do with uxterm or xterm and vice vasa14:12
andythegllutz, interesting!!14:13
=== kiran_ is now known as Kiranvotio
b0otcan someone recommend what they feel is the best distributed chat program with great clustering ability?14:14
razvanif i untick hardware acceleration on the flash options....it will make my online flash based games..run more smoothely??14:14
wastrelb0ot: like IRC?14:14
yeats!best | b0ot14:15
ubottub0ot: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:15
b0otwastrel, I'm looking for something where you have a contact list14:15
Touhou11razvan: In theory hardware acceleration makes it faster, depends on your hardware though. Just try it. Flash on Linux generally runs like ass compared to Windows/Mac unfortunately14:15
b0otyeats, "what they feel is the best"14:15
yeatsb0ot: "Do NOT take polls in the channel" ;-)14:16
b0otI wouldn't consider that a poll, I'm sorry my question angered you14:16
andythegYokoBR, good man bro! i'm glad you figured it out -- i was like.. i don't know anything your saying :)  good thing you solved it.14:16
YokoBRandytheg, thank you :D14:16
yeatsb0ot: a better way to ask would be to provide the details of your situation and perhaps someone can recommend a good solution14:17
Silox|Hai. Yesterday, I upgraded my Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10, removed unity and installed gdm, gnome-shell, extensions, etc etc. What would happen if I upgrade to 12.04? Will Unity get reinstalled and will I loose al my gnome-shell extensions?14:18
slowcWhat's an "ubuntu"?14:18
yeatsSilox|: an upgrade *should* just upgrade your currently installed packages (including any new dependencies)14:19
yeats!ubuntu | slowc14:19
ubottuslowc: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com14:19
slowcOk then.14:19
Kiranvotio<slowc> Ubuntu == Humanity14:19
slowcThank you.14:19
slowcWhat games does it have?14:20
Silox|yeats: But ... When I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10, it installed Unity. Which I didn't have. So it didn't just upgrade the packages I already had, did it?14:21
Kiranvotio<slowc> it comes with simple games like sudoku14:21
slowcand what does "Ubuntu == Humanity"14:21
Kiranvotio<slowc> Ubuntu means humanity in african language14:21
slowcSo it's like an old OS then?14:21
yeatsSilox|: I never had to do that, so I'm afraid I don't know - I'm just telling you what I understand *should* happen14:21
slowcthats just plain weird.14:21
Krabbefar better.14:21
huehuewhat type of cool things can I do with 'ubuntu'14:22
Silox|slowc: Are you mocking us?14:22
wastrelweb pages14:22
slowcWell, I'll install it. See how it goes.14:22
thesadmafiosoSilox| I was just about to ask the same haha14:22
Touhou11huehue: Hack the Gibson14:22
huehuewhat's a 'gibson'14:22
thesadmafiosoGibson is a rad dude who wrote Neuromancer.14:23
slowcNot at all Silox14:23
Silox|Ah, then it's fine, slowc.14:23
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:23
thesadmafiososlowc ubuntu linux is a version of the linux computer operating system14:23
slowcSo, on the page, is there an exe or something?14:23
huehueI'm asking what I can do with 'ubuntu'14:23
huehueplease explain to me how that is off topic14:23
Kiranvotio<slowc> are you here for help14:23
Silox|Kiranvotio: He's here for mocking.14:24
thesadmafiososlowc if you have some questions you can /msg me14:24
yeatshuehue: do you have a support question?14:24
slowcadvice on if i should use it, how to install, things like that?14:24
_dnshuehue ,try some youtube videos14:24
huehueI'm asking what can do with 'ubuntu'14:24
slowcSo, is there an exe or is it in a .msi?14:24
yeatshuehue: that's not really a support question - there are many "what to do after installing ubuntu" posts on the web that will guide you14:24
Silox|slowc: It's a bat.14:24
slowcahh cool14:24
Kiranvotio<slowc> it has a great UI that can be understood by a child and i am sure that you can understand14:24
Kiranvotio<slowc> no linux installations start with msi14:25
slowcWhere is this .bat then?14:25
Touhou11Kiranvotio: Wubi might14:25
designbybeckWhich drive should I use for NVIDIA? http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=4071614:25
Kiranvotio<slowc> do you install windows using Msi or Exe package then you are great14:25
designbybeckdriver that is14:25
slowcWell, when I upgrade I use the disk14:25
thesadmafiosook well in light of our recent visit from slowc, I am gonna just get on out of here14:25
slowcIt has an exe to run the upgrade.14:25
blup1I  got problem14:25
thesadmafiosohave a good day all14:25
yeatsdesignbybeck: probably 'nvidia-current'14:26
Kiranvotio<slowc> you are the only one who recognised a .bat during installation14:26
designbybeckthank you yeats14:26
slowc~OH FUCK14:26
blup1I have 62 processor. now, if I download regnum online, in 32bit version it works. but if I download it in 64bit version, it says graphic card error..... why?14:26
slowcJust realised what ubuntu is14:26
slowcI'm an idiot lol14:26
yeatsdesignbybeck: that's the stable version of the proprietary driver14:26
Kiranvotio<slowc> are you installing14:26
slowcsorry guys14:26
FloodBot1slowc: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:26
slowcI thought it was a program14:26
bazhangslowc no cursing here14:26
designbybecki had it working a few weeks ago yeats then I did an update and it broke my desktop! I coudln't login or see anything excpet the wallpaper14:27
huehueso I could just dd this to a flash or dvd and use it?14:27
Kiranvotiosomeone please ban <slowc> from here14:27
Touhou11! ot | Kiranvotio14:27
ubottuKiranvotio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:27
slowcHey, it was an honest mistake. I can see that from the dl page there is an install that works to run ubuntu INSIDE of windows/14:28
wastrelsomething about wubi14:28
bazhangslowc, thats wubi14:28
bazhang!wubi | slowc14:28
ubottuslowc: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe14:28
slowcAgain, I'm sorry for any issues for my very n00bish questions14:28
zipperWhat's the status of Wayland in Ubuntu 13.04? Will they at least try to make it System composer as it was planned for 12.10. As far as I heard it was not discussed on the UDS..14:28
ZumochiHello! I just did a fresh installation of Ubuntu desktop 11.10 i386, and all I get is a blinking cursor. I don't even see the GRUB boot menu, neither can I 'force' into it by holding shift during the boot process... Note that apt gave an error when configuring the sources.list, this is quite possible because the machine doesn't have internet! Any help?14:29
yeatsdesignbybeck: if that happens again, just ask about it in here - there are many in the channel that have expertise with getting (and keeping) nvidia working14:29
bazhangzipper, unclear at this point; 13.04 issues in #ubuntu+1 please14:29
designbybeckthank you yeats , and yes they helped me last time as well!14:29
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
rkrishnaHi all, any idea how to modify time slice allocation per process14:30
slowcCan i dd this "wubi" to a flash drive then?14:31
wastrelrkrishna: something about process scheduling or nice14:32
Kiranvotioslowc you can make a bootable flash drive using the usb creator14:32
bazhangslowc, did you read the wubi link I gave you?14:32
Touhou11slowc: Are you just trolling?14:32
Touhou11Seems like it14:32
Kiranvotiothat stick can be used to install the os on any computer14:32
slowcBut I think making my PC 2dual boot"14:32
bazhangKiranvotio, thats a bit different with wubi14:32
slowcwould work better14:32
slowcSo thinking of installing from a usb14:32
bazhangslowc, correct14:33
yeats!dualboot | slowc14:33
ubottuslowc: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:33
designbybeckworked perfectly yeats14:33
bazhangslowc, best to dual boot, ie skip wubi14:33
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
yeatsdesignbybeck: great!14:33
slowcI'll give it a go14:33
benj_has anyone successfully enabled subpixel font antialiasing in Chromium? (on 12.04 here)14:33
designbybecknow I can use CUDA GPU Rendering in Blender!14:33
Touhou11benj_: Should be enabled by default14:34
benj_Touhou11, probably should be, yes14:34
brandon420Can anyone help me get cheese working, or know of a alternative?14:35
_dnsyour cheese is not working?14:35
slowcdownloading the ISO at 2.3MB a second is pretty nice. Will have it shortly to install14:36
brandon420it crashes everytime i try to take a video14:36
=== gartral|Away is now known as gartral
* tcm test14:38
* tcm abyss test14:38
=== mrenouf|away is now known as mrenouf
roasted_Question - Let's say I'm currently running a mdadm raid array in mirror, 2x500. Let's say I want to remove those drives and add a new array, 4x2TB @ raid5. So I install those drives, sync them, etc etc whatever, they're running with a mount point and file system. What's the best way to port the data? Can I plug one of the 500's into a USB/SATA bridge and transfer from there? Will the data be there with one drive off USB like that?14:42
_dnsrun cheese from command line, and post crash message please.14:42
Priceyroasted_: I would probably just use 'dd'.14:44
roasted_Pricey: but, from what to what? Can I hook up a formerly raid'd drive via USB/SATA bridge like that?14:44
icerootroasted_: yes, the drives from a raid-array are normal hdds/filesystems, so you can use them alone14:47
icerootroasted_: when using mdadm14:47
roasted_iceroot: nice! thank you.14:48
icerootroasted_: for hardware raid and sometimes fakeraid its not possible but for software-raid like mdadm yes14:48
=== brontosaurusrex_ is now known as brontosaurusrex
babyswizzplease i use lxde and i want to put some programs at the buttom left of my taskbar where i can find my browser,file manager etc so i can reach these programs easily15:04
t432Are able to use a phone's 3g on a pc?15:10
babyswizzhow do i make a directory using the terminal15:11
llutz_babyswizz: mkdir dirname15:12
Tellmarchyou mean use the phone as a modem?15:14
Tellmarchit depends on the phone, and your mobile provider15:14
babyswizzhow do i use my keyboard to switch between windows in lxde15:15
Tellmarcht432, but for mine, I just plug it with usb to ubuntu, and it works very easily15:15
brandon420oh fml, here goes a day of time outs again15:15
brandon420anyone good with znc15:15
gauchehello yall15:16
llutz_!anyone | brandon42015:16
ubottubrandon420: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:16
brandon420babyswizz, tried alt+tab?15:16
gauchehow do i get synaptic functioning?  it stalled downloading a font15:16
t432I mean use the 3g connection of my phone on the pc15:16
brandon420llutz, this is not the znc channel, so figured i would ask.15:16
brandon420gauche, kill the process and try again?15:17
llutz_brandon420: please avoid meta-questions15:17
Tellmarcht432, well, on android, there is a setting to use the phone as a modem for instance. Then you just plug it to your pc. you can also use the phone as a wifi hotspot15:17
gaucheit threatens a broken system when i press ctrl plus c :C15:17
brandon420gauche, But you weren't installing a system package or updating...15:18
gauchewell i selected wine so i dunno br15:18
brandon420gauche, also, why not download the font, double click it, and click "add font"15:18
john_doe_jr1I'd like to upgrade my version of python in synaptic...how do I do that15:27
=== joey is now known as Guest70992
arabiI have three file managers in my system.. Nautilus Caja and Nemo15:31
arabihow can remove others and set caja as my default15:31
arabipls help15:31
auronandacearabi: mate isn't supported here15:31
slowcSo ubuntu broke my windows install. Cheers guys15:32
arabithat means I wanna get rid of ubuntu and better use mint right15:32
arabilemme try that way15:32
slowcSo can someone help me?15:33
wepserverNICK <bantutu>15:34
wepserverNICK bantutu15:34
auronandaceslowc: we'd need more details15:34
slowcWell, can I edit USE flags and then emerge a C compiler to handle the manual compiling?15:34
auronandaceslowc: what did you do?15:34
wepserverhow to change the nick name some15:34
auronandacewepserver: /nick whatever15:34
=== urkki_ is now known as Finnish
slowcbut other slash15:34
wepservernick buntutu15:34
slowcuse a forward slash before nick15:35
=== wepserver is now known as banbutu
slowcthese bad boyz15:35
slowcgood man15:35
banbutu;) tankx15:35
BluesKajslowc, open a terminal and type or copy anbd pastes , sudo os-prober , then sudo update-grub15:35
john_doe_jrhow to you upgrade a package in ubuntu?15:36
slowcI cant atm, my terminal is doing stuff15:36
BluesKajslowc, open another terminal15:36
banbutudo any one like the new amazon ubuntu theme up i donẗ ..15:36
auronandace!latest | john_doe_jr15:37
ubottujohn_doe_jr: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.15:37
banbutuAmazon is Evil ...like google15:37
auronandacebanbutu: if you want to turn it off go ahead15:37
banbutui did .. :)15:38
mneptokbanbutu: then you have no support issue. so move discussions of your thoughts on Amazon and Google to #ubuntu-offtopic15:38
banbutuoki doki ...15:39
mneptokbanbutu: thanks15:39
slowcIt gave me15:39
banbutudo go evil .. :) and keep ubuntu free15:39
slowc/dev/sda1:Windows 98SE (loader):Windows:chain15:39
slowcThat don't look right15:40
banbutudo go evil .. :) and keep ubuntu free15:40
auronandacebanbutu: you also have the freedom to not use ubuntu15:40
banbutudont .. )15:40
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:40
john_doe_jralright I currently have python 315:40
banbutui now but i like every thing about ubuntu ---15:40
john_doe_jrI currently have python 315:40
john_doe_jrsorry keyboard is messing up15:40
mneptok!offtopic | banbutu15:41
ubottubanbutu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:41
john_doe_jrI currently have python 2.7.3 and need 3.2…I did a sudo apt-get install python 3.2 but when I do python —version…it still says python 2.7.3…any ideas why?15:41
auronandacejohn_doe_jr: because that is the default python15:41
slowcFuck this, I'm going to go back to gentoo. That shit just works15:42
seshdroidtype in python315:42
john_doe_jrfound the answer: You can simply type python3.2 instead of just python to use python 3.2.15:42
xangua!language | slowc15:42
ubottuslowc: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:42
slowcFuck that noise. You guyz suck15:42
xomniversehi, anyone here? having an issue with a webcam and google is failing me15:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:43
Erik_Dxomniverse: ^15:44
xomniverseI get the following error in VLC when I attempt to capture video from my webcam: "VLC is unable to open the MRL 'v4l2:///dev/video0'. Check the log for details." The webcam works fine in other applications, such as Cheese.15:44
calmpitbulldamn this is nice15:45
UbuntooingI've found that VLC has been rather odd for me recently15:45
UbuntooingHave you tried reinstalling it?15:45
xomniverseno, but I can. I just installed it though.15:45
UbuntooingTry it.15:46
UbuntooingSomething could have gone wrong when it installed/15:46
xomniversethat worked, now I feel like an idiot15:46
xomniversehow bizarre15:46
seshdroidhow did you install it mate?15:46
xomniverseused the software center15:47
Ubuntooingdw about it, these things happen15:47
wastreli like mplayer15:47
seshdroidoh ok, did you get any errors while you installed it?15:48
seshdroidlike were there any dialog boxes that popped up while it was getting installed?15:48
xomniverseno, seemed to install just fine15:48
UbuntooingI'm guessing it would have only thrown an error if installed from terminal.15:49
xomniverseand it was working fine for watching videos, etc15:49
seshdroidthen what is the problem?15:49
xomniverseit wasn't working for viewing video from my webcam15:49
riegersnhaving strange issue with reverse-i-search, sometimes it only lets me type in a few characters, before it stops. for example, if I try to type "clean" it stops showing my input after "clea" and any other key presses seem to do nothing15:49
seshdroidwhat was the file extension your webcam videos had?15:50
xomniversenone; I wasn't trying ot watch previously recorded videos. I was trying to view a live stream of the webcam via the Open Capture Device option15:50
seshdroidok i get it...15:51
seshdroidhonestly, I havent tried it that way.. let me try it now and I'll get back to you if I have the same problem15:51
seshdroidwell it seems to be working fine for me mate15:52
xomniversereinstalling fixed it for me15:52
xomniversestrange thing though15:52
seshdroidlol yeah .. sometimes its like that15:53
seshdroidglad that you got it resolved15:53
seshdroidrecently had a tough time dual booting win7 64 bit Ubuntu, Glad that I could solve it using fixparts and its worked like magic15:54
seshdroidinstaller simply refused to show the presence of Win 7 during install15:54
nikolamI am very angry to ubuntu install procedure. It failed to install GRUB to /dev/sda (it did not make system partition active) and left me with unbootable system after install.15:55
seshdroidglad that it was finally resolved15:55
nikolamAfter I booted with other cd and made partition active, it now complains "Bad PBR sig" and halts again.15:55
JasonC_after installing win8 i need to reinstall grub so i will get it through livecd but i dont know how to make it bootable as i cant find the iso15:55
JasonC_can anyone help?15:55
nikolamIsn't that really bad? It is 12.04 LTS install15:55
seshdroidi think it has something to do with the way win7/8 is installed...15:56
nikolamJasonC_, install win8 inside virtualbox.15:56
=== ceco_ is now known as vyrgozunqk
JasonC_no i already have windows 8, i just need to change the bootloader to GRUB15:57
UbuntooingYou could use easybcd instead15:57
nikolamif there is any systme you can boot, you can make eather cd or USB boot drive with unetbootin tool.15:57
JasonC_Ubuntooing: is that in reply to me?15:58
UbuntooingRather than messing about with live cds trying to get grub reinstalled, just download easybcd and run it.15:58
nikolamAnyone knows what "Bad PBR sig means" From my perspective, it is like "Ubuntu is now worse then Microsoft".15:58
seshdroidI think that link has the answer15:58
UbuntooingIt will edit your mbr15:58
seshdroidanyways good night friends ... hope you have fun :)15:59
JasonC_thanks guys for giving the info, ive actually spent the past 2 weeks waiting to buy a usb which i did today and now i find out i can do it much easier -_- the channel was very unfriendly last time :P16:00
UbuntooingSome ubuntu geeks get funny about helping new people16:00
UbuntooingIt's quite funny actually16:00
blazemoredWhy has mount.ntfs just started flatlining 100% CPU usage?16:05
blazemoreEven irssi is lagging. I'm in the process of rsyncing 160GB of files onto an NTFS filesystem from the Internet16:05
UbuntooingSeems to fit your issue16:06
nikolamblazemore, why dont you do that to some linux fs. and then copy to ntfs. Ntfs on Linux uses FUSE, that is slow.16:08
luisthey guys… how can i create a customized ubuntu image with some of my own packages? i have a list of all packages i want inside it (official + customized) and i have all the repositories which i can download these packages16:09
SmokeyDhey everyone. Should I just be able to connect a SATA drive to the mainboard while the computer is running and have it working?16:09
=== J is now known as Guest59779
blazemoreluist: Look at Remastersys16:09
blazemoreSmokeyD: No16:09
UbuntooingSmokeyD: No.16:09
luistblazemore: i was looking but its used to clone images right?16:09
UbuntooingJust take the 30 seconds and shutdown to do it.16:09
Rockhoundi want to uninstall ubuntuone but worried if thic action effect on my machine?16:10
nikolamyes, luist  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization16:10
DominciiHey, could someone explain Gentoo to me?16:10
yeatsDomincii: '/join #gentoo'16:11
MonkeyDustDomincii  ask in #gentoo16:11
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)16:11
nikolamDomincii, gentoo's like to compile everything from source. It is linux distribution like ubuntu. see #gentoo16:11
luistnikolam: well it's really about livecd…. can i install these too?16:12
SmokeyDblazemore, I thought sata was hot swappable?16:12
Ubuntooingesata is.16:12
BluesKajSmokeyD, usually it is16:12
UbuntooingI don't think plain sata is though16:12
blazemoreSmokeyD: Not inherently. Only hot swappable drives, and eSATA (in theory)16:12
nikolamSmokeyD, read some. i guess os16:13
Rockhoundi want to uninstall ubuntuone but worried if this action negative effect on my machine?16:13
SmokeyDnikolam, read some what?16:13
=== erry is now known as screen_nickname
blazemoreRockhound: Ubuntu already comes with Ubuntu One16:13
=== screen_nickname is now known as erry
nikolamSmokeyD,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization16:13
SmokeyDnikolam, live cd customization? Why would I want to read that?16:13
=== Ig0r is now known as niee
Rockhoundwell i know abt this but i want to uninstall it but confused uninstalling ubuntuone is safe or not?16:14
nikolamsorry SmokeyD wrong guy.16:14
kloeshello all16:14
SmokeyDnikolam, :) ok16:14
kloesI made a encrypted install of ubuntu with only root account for login16:15
luistnikolam: can i use UCK to make an image without having an image installed already? :P16:15
SmokeyDblazemore, BluesKaj, Ubuntooing ok thanks for the info16:15
kloesnow it does not allow me to login16:15
Ubuntooingbefore you go16:15
kloesis there a way to reset root password16:15
kloesand you should fix that bug in the netinstall16:15
UbuntooingThe other issue with justy plugging it in would be the risk of esd16:16
nikolamluist, I made costomized ubuntu cd once, to be able to controll installation from serial port. I think I was doing that on Installed system. You have multitude options to install.16:16
SmokeyDUbuntooing, esd?16:16
Ubuntooingelectrostactic discharge16:16
Ubuntooinggenerally playing with the board with it on is a no no.16:16
=== bipolar_ is now known as bipolar
luistnikolam: thats the problem… i dont want to install an ubuntu image to customize it and re-gerenate another images.. thats a big waste of time16:17
SmokeyDUbuntooing, ok, yeah, static electricity could cause a spark to transfer to the mainboard and fry stuff I guess. Thanks16:18
luistnikolam: i want to run an script with a list of packages, the packages and build the image with those packages… sounds simple enough16:18
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
e-dardHi, is there a simple way for me to tell if my box is blocking outbound connections on a certain port?16:20
e-dardI can't tell if the problem is on the external server of my internal server16:20
llutz_e-dard: sudo iptables -L OUTPUT16:20
nikolamluist, sounds like jeos, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JeOS You can always export from synaptic list of installed packages with synaptic and install them on other machines. Cached packages are in /var/cache/apt/ adding with dpkg -i .16:21
e-dardllutz_: OK, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375118/16:21
e-dardllutz_: looks like everything is open, right?16:22
llutz_e-dard: looks like, yes16:22
e-dard[related question] Is anyone aware of any special configuration needed on EC2 to allow instances to connect to other machines on arbitrary ports?16:23
luistnikolam: i dont see how is JeOS related to this :T16:23
nikolamluiscelis, well you get list of packages from exporting it from synaptic. and install "script" is running dpkg -i *.deb on packages copied form apt cache.16:25
nikolamor just put list with work to aptitude etc16:25
nikolamluist, i was thinking of you16:26
luistnikolam: well i have the list already… just have to create the system out of it16:29
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
nikolamluist, eather you want to make your own boot cd/dvd or you want to prepare VM image, trere are docs on help.ubuntu.com16:31
=== Sietse_ is now known as Sietsem
delinquentmeso I've got a VM on 12.04 ... and I just recently updated the graphics drivers ... and now when I go to run the UI for the VM  ( $ startx )  it hangs on a black screen after running the command16:32
=== alin|mobile is now known as alinmear
delinquentmeIs there an easy way to disable the graphics driver I installed?16:32
nikolamdelinquentme, what is VM? Virtualbox virtual machine?16:33
delinquentmenikolam, correct16:34
juniourdelinquentme run in safe mode w16:34
nikolamdelinquentme, try asking on #vbox  they often get Vnox updated when vbox addons kill the VM.16:35
nikolamdelinquentme, and hos OS is Ubuntu?16:36
nikolamI had some trouble recently with ubunut inside vbox. Seems that recent ubuntu got clever" and installd it's own vbox addons inside vbox16:37
nikolamI had much grief completely removing those addons before installing vbox ones, but I managed it.16:37
nikolamit is just interesting what host drivers have to do with VM ones.16:38
nikolamyou installed new drivers on host or in guest?16:38
juniourhe installed in guest16:38
juniouri think16:38
delinquentmenikolam, on the guest16:38
nikolamdelinquentme, and wht you installed? vbox addons?16:39
juniouri hink he has intalled additional drivers16:39
nikolamI think vbox also have snapshots to take before doing something new16:39
juniourdelinquentme dont install additional drivers in guest16:40
Dell_D510does any one know about modem drivers16:40
delinquentmejuniour, noted16:40
nikolamhe must firstly remove dhose drivers that come with ubuntu before installing vbox ones. Also vbox addons driver for vbox guest must match vbox version, so downloading ones from virtualbox.org is good move16:40
JasonC_hi about 15 minutes ago, i got told to download easybrc to dualboot my OS's but i have no idea how to boot into ubuntu :P im supposed to do it through grub4dos right?16:41
juniourdelinquentme install addtional guest drive of vb16:41
JasonC_hi about 15 minutes ago, i got told to download easybrc to dualboot my OS's but i have no idea how to boot into ubuntu :P im supposed to do it through grub4dos right?16:43
delinquentmeso I did this: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg16:44
delinquentmebut I'm getting no "steps" to go through as mentioned here:16:44
nikolamJasonC_, I usually use unetbootin to add ubunut after already present other system It recognizes other system and installs right.16:44
shadow98how can i restart vino-server16:45
shadow98it is using 100% cpu16:45
shadow98im able to ssh in just fine16:45
Dell_D510please can anyone help me16:45
JasonC_would you be able to help me along the way with what to do as the other softaware i got was very user unfriendly16:46
shadow98i don't want to have to reboot the whole thing16:46
nikolamdelinquentme, why would you install nvidia driver in VM? Vbox represent its own interfaces to VM.16:47
designerhhello every one16:47
JasonC_nikolam: u have a weird problem, i have ubuntu files but i cant find the iso file :P do you know where it might be? :P i have the wubi file though, but i originally installed it via BIOS16:48
nikolamDell_D510, go to help.ubuntu.com It depens on your modem type, EXternal serial modem always works.16:48
SaahkaliCan i use xfd-format  ".dsk" floppydisk-images in bosch-emulator, or should I modify them someway16:49
designerhwhy my computer hanged where  i clicked on Dash home?16:50
shadow98how can i restart vino-server???16:50
nikolamJasonC_, iso is the image for burning to cd. wubi image is a file used to run ubuntu from windows on top of ntfs. it is advised to use .iso to burn eather cd/dvd or USB drive with unetbootin, make new partition and install linux separately (dual boot)16:50
Dell_D510tried and failed16:50
pigeonarasrestart compiz16:50
delacI always seem to get some terminal output (like "checking battery state...") when I log out. Any way to prevent that and just show  the dots?16:51
JasonC_nikolam: i already have ubuntu, i just cant find the iso, its gone i think!16:51
phlegmGood morning wizards. ANybody know where the default shares MYHOUSE are configured from16:51
=== hotfloppy is now known as Guest85472
nikolamdesignbybeck, test your memory. Use bootcd/usb live and test memory. See if your computer is not overheating. Otherwise, please report a bug on launchpad.net/ubuntu16:51
designbybeckHmmmm nikolam16:52
=== phlegm is now known as phlegmish
nikolamJasonC_, you can search for it, or you have a large disk and lost it somewhere. It is like asking us to find a disk in your house :)16:52
designerhhow can i solved this problem pleas?16:52
phlegmishGood morning wizards. ANybody know where the default shares MYHOUSE are configured from16:52
nikolamdesignbybeck, you can also use ubuntu-bug <package name> to report more data to devs about your issue16:53
designerhi install ubuntu 12.1016:53
nikolamsorry designbybeck was thinking about designerh16:54
JBzhHi. I would like to use the DSA key I generated with putty-keygen on Windows, but yet I can't.16:54
designerhany body there16:54
=== gonyere_ is now known as gonyere
nikolamJBzh, try seahorse16:54
phlegmishTrying to share some samba folders to my new OPPO player. I can see the default Ubuntu shares for MYHOUSE but not my samba ones. NO idea where the MYHOUSE comes from or how it is configured. It basically just shows my music, docs etc.16:54
JBzhI can use this key with putty in Ubuntu but not with just ssh in bash16:55
=== alinmear is now known as alin|mobile
PiciJBzh: If you open the key file with puttygen in windows, you can export it as a regular keyfile16:55
JBzhnikolam: it accepts a putty generated key ? (I exported it to an openssh format too)16:55
nikolamphlegmish, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba16:56
JBzhPici: yes, that's what I did, exported it to a "id_dsa" file, then back to Ubuntu copied it into ~/.ssh/16:57
nikolamJBzh, I mostly use gpg keys from thunderbird/eingmail But I see it include others too. test it. and see if it fits.16:57
compdocvlc can be used on a server to stream music? is vls something different?16:57
nikolamJBzh, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys16:57
Dell_D510nikolam I have an internal modem not an external one16:57
JBzhwell, I'll keep on reading, thanks16:58
peepsaloti'm trying to use audacity and there is no file menu to load a file16:58
nikolamDell_D510, see if it is supported. if it is on usb or not. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto16:59
phlegmishhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba doesn't help me. I know how to use and configure samba. There is nothing in my samba config file for MYHOUSE. It seems to just come out of the box with the new Ubuntu.17:00
phlegmishNot sure where it is setup17:00
ikoniaphlegmish: what ?17:00
ikoniaphlegmish: if you know how to configure and set it up, what's the problem17:00
nikolamphlegmish, last time I did that i was editing config file for samba and restarting samba itself before it shows up.17:01
Terry__Where can I get a really good publication for the very basics of Ubuntu for a long time windows user?17:01
blackbird34Hi. Is it possible to use the GRUB command prompt to log in to a BASH shell on Ubuntu?17:01
=== Dell_D510__ is now known as Dell_D510
ikoniaTerry__: https://help.ubuntu.com17:02
ikoniablackbird34: no17:02
shantornhi could some one please give me some guidance, I have Xubuntu installed on a shuttle xpc, when i plug in my ipod gen 2 touch "lsusb" shows it mounted but gtkpod and banshee do not register it. what can i do to get access to it?17:02
blackbird34Terry: http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:02
phlegmishsigh..... I have my smb.conf file setup to show some directories I want shared. Somehow it also shows MYHOUSE from both ubuntu boxes here when browsing. I don't want these to show up but they do and they are nnot in my samba config files. It seems like there is some sort of default sharing happening with new versions17:02
nikolamTerry__, last time I put long time windows user to ubuntu i gave him no manual. :) I think everything is on help.ubuntu.com and on www serach basically.17:02
ikoniashantorn: ipod support changes all the time17:02
blackbird34ikonia: is there any way of getting at my files from GRUB then? I can't boot past GRUB http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=12366192#post1236619217:03
shantornikonia, i have an ubuntu 12.10 install with unity on another pc and it works fine17:03
ikoniablackbird34: , grub is a boot loader, nthing more17:03
ikoniashantorn: what OS is the problem machine17:03
=== alejandro is now known as Guest5911
shantornbut that pc is failing so i am trying to migrate to this pc wiht xubuntu 12.1017:04
ikoniashantorn: are the media players looking at device files ?17:04
shantornlike i said i was suprised becuase lsusb list it mounted17:04
phlegmishFound it. The shares are defined in the background using the "net usershare" command and the definitions are saved in /var/lib/samba/usershares/ . Therefore, shares defined with this method are not visible in smb.conf.17:04
shantornthe see no devices17:04
ikoniashantorn: why is that a surprise17:05
ikoniashantorn: lsusb doesn't say if a device is mounted17:05
ikoniashantorn: it just shows a device inserted into the socket17:05
shantornright i know what i meant i didnt say it right sorry17:05
Terry__OK, thanks for the info.  I found an old version of ubuntu in the back of a Ubuntu book.  I tried to upgrade to 12.10, saved the download but can't figure out how to install it.17:06
suhaibanyone knows how to get openbox menu back after opening nautilius ?17:06
ikoniaTerry__: installing an old version doesn't seem wise17:06
ikoniaTerry__: just download the current supported version, burn it and install it17:06
gianky123ciao a tutti hello17:07
Terry__I put it on a thumb drive used another computer to make a DVD, but this computer will not seem to boot up to it.17:07
ubottugianky123: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:07
ubottusuhaib: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:07
nikolamTerry__, try CD image , unetbootin17:08
Terry__I am not familur with the term unetbootin....?17:09
ikoniaTerry__: does the machine you want to install to have a DVD drive ?17:09
nikolamTerry__, google it. helps. unetbootin.sourceforge.net17:10
PIRATA_WEBhola buen dia a todos17:11
Terry__Yes...that is how I orginally got this verions on the machine, but I can't seem to upgrade, I keep getting "failed to fetch or Could not download all the repository indexes17:11
ikoniaTerry__: that's not what I said17:11
ikoniaTerry__: I told you to download the current version and install it17:11
ikoniaTerry__: not upgrade an old and probably unsupported version17:12
PIRATA_WEBquisiera saber si alguien sabe que es un servidor de tacas?? o tak17:12
Terry__I have downloaded the current verions  12.10 but I can seem to figure out how to make it run.17:12
ikoniaTerry__: have you burnt it to a DVD ?17:12
ikonia!install | Terry__17:12
ubottuTerry__: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate17:13
PIRATA_WEBWhat is a server taka?17:13
jgcampbell300anyone here know how to install cent os from inside ubuntu on a iso with out useing a usb or cd ?17:13
ikoniajgcampbell300: can't do it17:13
jgcampbell300ikonia, ty17:13
PIRATA_WEBDo you know someone who is a server taka?17:14
ikoniaPIRATA_WEB: #defocus17:14
Terry__I had to put it on a thumb drive and burn it on to a DVD with another computer, but his machine does not seem to see the DVD!  Maybe I am not using the right kind of cd or DVD?17:14
ikoniaTerry__: quite possible, read the link ubottu sent you17:14
brandinhessAnyone here familiar with bash scripting?17:14
nikolamjgcampbell300, install virtualbox or kvm/qemu adn make it boot from .iso.17:14
ikoniabrandinhess: the people in #bash are17:15
brandinhessIs that a channel on this server?17:15
brandinhessok, thanks17:15
nikolamTerry__, one burns .iso directly to dvd. Maybe machine has a CD , or you did not burn it right. something of that.17:15
jgcampbell300nikolam, ya was trying to work around that but looks like im just going to have to figgure out why my 64g usb will not boot on this computer17:15
=== bkc__ is now known as bkc_
nikolamjgcampbell300, it is usually about setting bott drive in BIOS/otherboard setup17:16
nikolamjgcampbell300, but it seems like separate issues. unless you want to install inside VM and then boot tha tinstalled version from usb?17:17
jgcampbell300nikolam, bott drive ? dont know about that but i can use my 2g drive to boot from but not the big one17:17
ikonia"boot" drive17:18
nikolamjgcampbell300, yes, it seems like something with your motherboard. I would try partitioning drive to smaller parts or something And check what mobo produces say.17:18
ezioaI'm having horrible wireless in Linux but great in Windows.17:19
ezioaanyone know why that would happen?17:19
jgcampbell300nikolam, kk thanks .. will check it out now17:19
nikolamalso check what is the tool you were making usb boot drive with.17:19
SwedeMikeezioa: probably driver problem.17:19
nikolamezioa, i ma not sure, maybe you could complain to manufacturer site, since they are usually ones that do not make driver behave right.17:20
morphisshi bros and sis........im Morphiss binbash.......!!a greeting for ALL ;)17:20
pznwhen I do "netstat -tln" and I see this "tcp 0 0 :::1234 :::* LISTEN" does this mean that it is listen in tcp port 1234 in ipv4, ipv6 or both?17:20
SwedeMikeezioa: you could look into using backported drivers from a newer kernel, but it depends on what ubuntu version you're using.17:20
jgcampbell300well im gona go double check my bios ... thanks for the info17:20
nikolamezioa, I figured something like that on some occasions. Try choosing best supported hardware for Linux, avoid unfriendly manufacturers.17:21
SwedeMikepzn: I'd imagine so. I only have dual stack stuff listen, so I don't know what an IPv6 only service would show as.17:21
brandon420Can someone help me identify and troubleshoop my dns problems?17:22
nikolamikonia, I just got SAME error on booting fresh installed Ubuntu 12.04, that I was getting when installing it in Virtualbox: "error:sparse file not allowed" Press any key to continue. In both cases it is Btrfs FS on disk. (Hardware and VM)17:23
pznSwedeMike, thanks17:25
brandon420Can no one really help me with my internet problems?17:26
=== duckydan_ is now known as duckydan
nikolambrandon420, usually helps contacting your ISP, but if it is ubuntu related...17:29
brandon420nikolam: it is, i am on a windows computer and it is working perfectly.17:29
nikolamand.. brandon420 ...17:30
brandon420nikolam: I keep getting stuff like this in my routers logs. dhcpd: DHCP server received REQUEST from 00:1B:9E:25:D3:6C, 12:14:25, 2012-11-2117:31
=== buzzmandt is now known as help
brandon420I am not sure what to say other than my internet seems to be fading in and out. sometimes it works, others it doesnt17:31
=== help is now known as Guest74642
=== Guest74642 is now known as buzzmandt
dchernivbrandon420, what does dmesg say?17:32
dchernivbrandon420, those messages from the router are normal17:32
nikolambrandon420, do you have ubuntu installed? if it is on router, maybe again asking your ISP. try fixing your LAN address for your computer. If it is wireless router, set password on it.17:33
brandon420i do have ubuntu installed, and i dont think it is the router because other devices connected to the same one work perfectly.17:34
brandon420nikolam: one sec and i can let you know what dmsg says, do you need the entire log?17:35
brandon420nikolam: wlan0: ipv6 duplicate address dtected17:35
brandon420how would i fix that?17:35
nikolamdcherniv, asked dmsg , post on pastebin.17:35
brandon420oh sorry17:36
brandon420dcherniv: do you need the entire log?17:36
dchernivbrandon420, sure pastebin doesnt charge per character. paste the whole thing17:37
dcherniv!pastebin | brandon42017:37
xakahow do i check that device is SSD?17:37
brandon420dcherniv: i have to type the entire thing...17:38
brandon420says that i have a duplicate ipv6 address17:39
john__hi all17:40
dchernivbrandon420, you cant copy/paste? open terminal run dmesg > dmesg.log. open dmesg.log and copy paste to pastebin.com17:40
dchernivbrandon420, would be useful to see the entire thing17:41
john__seems to work17:41
brandon420dcherniv: the ubuntu computer does not connect to the internet17:41
=== _weldan is now known as ___w
john__Can't get my network working17:41
john__Can't get it working atg all17:42
dchernivbrandon420, is it wired or wireless?17:42
john__seem to need some help17:42
brandon420dcherniv: i prefer wireless, but i am currently sitting beside the router17:42
blup1Why is RuneScape so slow on Linux? on windows it was faster, do I have the wrong plugin?17:43
john__i prefer wireless too17:43
dchernivbrandon420, does wired internet work on that linux machine?17:44
brandon420dcherniv: slowly.17:44
brandon420dcherniv: i will try and paste that log for you.17:44
kaustavhi all!! i am facing a problem registering my vm image in ubuntu 10.04 running xen 4.1.2, eucalyptus 1.6.2, euca2ools 2.1.1..17:45
brandon420dcherniv: would this include personal infomation? Should i pm it to you?17:46
* dcherniv away \17:46
dchernivbrandon420, theres no personal info in dmesg17:46
dchernivbrandon420, you can link to pastebin here. maybe someone else will have a look and can help figure it out17:47
brandon420dcherniv: http://pastebin.com/R9fDaXf917:47
Justin_jtb7rmvhi guys17:48
=== tmccurdy is now known as b0ot
b0otHow would I get the package gtkmm-3.0 for ubuntu17:49
trismb0ot: libgtkmm-3.0-dev17:50
b0otCouldn't find package libgtkmm-3.0-dev17:51
trismb0ot: which ubuntu version?17:51
aleksandar22gnome shell 3.617:52
aleksandar22no switch language applet17:53
buzzmandthow do i recover my irc password?17:53
trismb0ot: not available until 11.10 at least17:53
kaustavhi all!! i am facing a problem registering my vm image in ubuntu 10.04 running xen 4.1.2, eucalyptus 1.6.2, euca2ools 2.1.1..17:53
ScuniziAre there different printer default settings for Unity and KDE? I know the backend is all CUPS but is there an overlay that independantly designates the default printer with each DE?17:53
gordonjcpbuzzmandt: for nickserv?17:53
b0ottrism, would installing from source work?17:53
buzzmandtgordonjcp yes17:54
kaustavplz check http://pastebin.com/Ujz5ELXC and http://pastebin.com/GEET8u3517:54
trismb0ot: you could probably get it building from source, but you'll need a bunch of other libraries, it probably isn't straightforward17:54
aleksandar22anyone to help me?17:54
DJonesbuzzmandt: You need to ask in #freenode about password recovery17:54
qdbhello. i installed ubuntu 12 04, updated, switched to russian, but after a restart it has changed to english, and russian is not selectable any more. what i made also: installed 2 brother printer drivers from brother site, installed gnome-panel, and tried it.17:54
brandon420dcherniv: anything?17:54
zxcduc1Can you help me, please? How can I mount nrg file?17:55
aleksandar22zxcduc1: Try CDEmu17:56
dchernivbrandon420, looks weird but ok17:56
Dr_Williszxcduc1:  try mounting it as you would an ISO file.17:56
dchernivbrandon420, does wireless disconnect or is it just slow17:56
Dr_Willis!iso | zxcduc117:56
ubottuzxcduc1: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.17:56
brandon420dcherniv: it connects, but no internet17:57
brandon420everything times out17:57
delacis there a way to "detach" integrated usb devices seen in lsusb?17:57
brandon420but the wired seems to be perfect..17:57
brandon420i stand corrected17:57
dchernivdelac, no as far as i know17:58
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
POVaddctdelac: there is, wait17:58
dchernivdelac, you can unload kernel modules for a device but you cant physically disconnect it17:58
delacdcherniv: what might the module be?17:59
ranjanHi all, anybody from India,?? Can anyone tell me where i can get Linux T-Shirts shipped in India17:59
POVaddctdelac: sorry, i was wrong. usb devices can only be detached from their drivers.17:59
brandon420God I hate that i am going to have to reinstall cause of this bs17:59
POVaddctdelac: they won't disappear in lsusb output18:00
b0ottrism you wouldn't happen to know if wheezy supports it?18:00
dchernivbrandon420, why reinstall?18:00
trismb0ot: yes it should18:00
dchernivbrandon420, try disabling ipv6 first18:00
dchernivbrandon420, http://www.noobslab.com/2012/05/disable-ipv6-if-your-internet-is.html18:00
brandon420how would i do that?18:00
trismb0ot: http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/libgtkmm-3.0-dev18:01
dchernivbrandon420, above link18:01
zxcduc1ubottu sorry, not work for me. I get an error: need to specify the file system type18:01
ubottuzxcduc1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:01
dchernivdelac, depends on what device it is18:01
brandon420dcherniv: okay, give me a mintue18:02
brandon420dcherniv: i have to reboot to activate that, correct?18:02
=== ctyler_ is now known as ctyler
hangdeadmanHow do I uninstall cinnamon desktop from ubuntu 12.04?18:03
dchernivbrandon420, yea just reboot18:03
Dr_Williszxcduc1:  there are nrg to iso converteres out there also. not neeeded one in ages18:04
Dr_Willishangdeadman:  how did you install it?18:04
delacdcherniv: Microdia Sonix USB Camera. I already tried to rmmod uvcvideo, but that doesnt detach it as usb device18:04
Dr_Willis!find nrg2iso18:04
ubottuFound: nrg2iso18:04
Dr_Willis!info  nrg2iso18:04
ubottunrg2iso (source: nrg2iso): Extracts ISO9660 data from Nero ".nrg" files. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-4 (quantal), package size 6 kB, installed size 64 kB18:04
Dr_Willis!info iat18:05
ubottuiat (source: iat): Converts many CD-ROM image formats to iso9660. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.3-7 (quantal), package size 6 kB, installed size 64 kB18:05
notorei have directory named .pulse in home directory which uses quite a lot space, can I delete it? or maybe its somethign important?18:05
=== basso_ is now known as basso
POVaddctdelac: what do you want to do? disabling the camera completely? maybe there is a bios setting for that18:07
hangdeadmanDr_Willis: I installed in terminal18:07
=== mani is now known as Guest5545
brandon420dcherniv: that didnt work.18:07
dchernivdelac, lsusb -t should show you the kernel module the device is using18:08
dchernivbrandon420, what does dmesg say?18:08
=== oso is now known as Guest79276
hangdeadmanfrom unity18:09
brandon420_dcherniv, http://pastebin.com/JrJnuPqr18:10
POVaddctbrandon420: looks more like a wireless problem between the wireless router and wireless card in the computer "wlan0: associating with AP with corrupt beacon"18:10
brandon420POVaddct: how would i fix that?18:11
POVaddctbrandon420: but i don't know how to solve that. maybe the router itself is the problem18:11
brandon420POVaddct: It works perfectly at my house, and the router is fine with a windows computer.18:11
dchernivbrandon420, run sudo ifconfig after you connected to the router, try to ping your router18:12
hangdeadmanI installed cinnamon, kde plasma, MATE, and several other desktop environments from Unity in order to try them and decided to stick with unity, How do I remove the rest? they were all installed from the terminal.18:12
brandon420dcherniv: on wireless?18:12
dchernivbrandon420, yes18:12
zxcduc1great, I mounted nrg file by cdemu. Thank all. Sorry if my english is bad :)18:13
POVaddctbrandon420: i guess the wireless problem is also causing the ipv6 duplicate address thing. ipv6 is doing DAD (duplicate address detection) when an interface is coming up. if the wireless router returs your own networks packets back to you, DAD will see that as duplicate address18:13
Justin_jtb7rmvhow do u setting up irc server18:13
brandon420Justin_jtb7rmv: google unreal ircd. There are tons are tutorials18:14
brandon420Justin_jtb7rmv: give me a second and i will find the one that i used, you on ubuntu server?18:15
Justin_jtb7rmvhow do u setting up irc server in linux18:15
brandon420dcherniv: i get a return ping, and in good time18:15
brandon420dcherniv: ping, right?18:16
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
genii-aroundJustin_jtb7rmv: Might want to take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/irc-server.html18:17
dchernivbrandon420, whichevere ip your gateway is18:17
brandon420dcherniv: then yea, that part is working.18:17
GandalfBBobweaver, good eveaning... fancy anthor stab at helping me with my video problem?18:17
dchernivbrandon420, run route and ping the default gateway18:17
tobias_93I can't get a samsung 2494sw monitor to work. Do I need a special driver?18:17
bobweaversure GandalfB18:17
hangdeadmanI installed cinnamon, kde plasma, MATE, and several other desktop environments from Unity in order to try them and decided to stick with unity, How do I remove the rest? they were all installed from the terminal.18:17
brandon420Justin_jtb7rmv: http://pastebin.com/R9fDaXf9    this is the one that i used, and it worked perfectly.18:17
GandalfBBobweaver, yay!18:17
dchernivbrandon420, also what wireless channel your router is set to?18:17
bobweaverGandalfB,  did you add ppa ?18:18
brandon420dcherniv: automatic18:18
waffles881running arduino IDE 1.0.1 in ubuntu 12.10, and when i try to use the drop down menus and drawers for the menus, I cannot scroll down to see the entire contents of the menu, it just flies off the bottom of the screen18:18
Justin_jtb7rmvhow do u setting up irc server in linux18:18
GandalfBBobweaver, well I seemed to got to the point now, were the desktop was even lower reslotion than before.18:18
bobbywilson0I am having issues with getting postgresql running on 12.04 I have postgresql and postgresql-client installed, but nothing is in /etc/ about postgres except /etc/postgres-common/18:18
GandalfBBobweaver, yes I think thats the last thing I did. what is ppa?18:18
InspectorCluseauhangdeadman, if you intalled with apt-get install then use apt-get remove18:19
hangdeadmanI installed cinnamon, kde plasma, MATE, and several other desktop environments from Unity in order to try them and decided to stick with unity, How do I remove the rest? they were all installed from the terminal.18:19
notorei have directory named .pulse in home directory which uses quite a lot space, can I delete it? or maybe its somethign important?18:19
bobweaverGandalfB,  did you open nvidia settings and change the resolution ?  or gnome-control-center and click on display and change the resolution ?18:19
brandon420dcherniv: what triggers do you need for the route?18:19
dchernivjust route18:20
hangdeadmanInspectorCluseau: Thanks, will try18:20
GandalfBBobweaver. no, for some reason, the desktop looks zoomed. so the gui at the side or bottom is hidden18:20
GandalfBBobweaver the logon prompt is rather huge in middle of the screen, now using GDM instead of lightdm18:20
adan0sbrandon420: try route -n or ip r18:21
GandalfBBobweaver, but I can access the terminal, and file system, by creating a folder on dekstop18:21
GandalfBBobweaver, so I can I load the nvidia settings from terminal, or any of the other gui's for setting graphics settings?18:21
delacdcherniv: unfortunately the Driver part in lsusb -t for the contains only the uvcvideo. rmmodding it wont remove the usb device from the list18:21
bobweaverGandalfB,  do me a fav and drop to tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1)   then apt-cache policy nividia-current | pastebinit18:21
GandalfBBobweaver, I will do that now18:22
dchernivdelac, and it shouldnt remove it from lsusb18:22
dchernivdelac, it should disable the camera though18:22
bobweaverGandalfB,  if you can run terminal then that should also work18:22
xangua!puregnome | hangdeadman18:22
ubottuhangdeadman: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu18:22
bobweaverGandalfB,  also run   /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p | pastebinit18:23
delacdcherniv: it does disable it, but I was hoping for even more deeper disconnect. I'm trying to determine what device causes a "mount click" on login18:23
socrates_johnsoni am capturing video from a vcr using vlc in ubuntu 12.04. does anyone know how to reset the time counter in vlc (to 00:00:00). it just continues to increase so it's hard to tell how long you've been capturing18:23
dchernivdelac, a mount click?18:24
brandon420_dcherniv, http://pastebin.com/R6we0Eb018:25
bobbywilson0is there a way to manually generate the /etc config that is supposed to be automatic?18:25
bobbywilson0for postgresql18:25
GandalfBhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1375377/   is the apt-cache policy nividia-current18:25
delacdcherniv: something causes a similar click as heard when you mount/umount a usb stick, when I login18:25
adan0sbrandon420_: which IP did you ping? (gw) or (self)?18:26
GandalfBhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1375385/   is the unity_support_test18:27
bobweaverthanks GandalfB18:27
adan0sthat'd mean you'd ping yourself within your own IP-Stack18:27
brandon420_when i did "ping" i pingged 04 the other two commands i just posted, i didnt ping anything particular18:27
GandalfBBobweaver, did you get those ok,  juggling keyboards :)18:27
brandon420_adan0s, ^^18:28
bobweaverGandalfB,  lsmod | pastebinit18:28
GandalfBBobweaver, ok one sec18:29
dchernivbrandon420, try ping
GandalfBBobweaver, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375392/   is the lsmod18:29
brandon420dcherniv: host unreachable18:30
GandalfBBobweaver, ( just a side note question, is it possiable to scroll the ctr+shft+f1 terminal up?)18:32
brandon420dcherniv: same18:32
bobweaverGandalfB,  sudo modprobe nvidia18:32
adan0sbrandon420:  dcherniv: sure you didn't mean
adan0swoah, this EDGE connection is really ... unstable18:33
brandon420adan0s: that ip was unreachable aswell18:33
dchernivadan0s, brandon420 ah damn my bad18:34
adan0sbrandon420: well .. that's strange then18:34
bobweaverGandalfB,  you can use less    example:   dmesg | less18:34
GandalfBBobweaver, "FATAL: Module nvidia_current not found18:34
bobweaverthen use the up and down keys and and q to quit18:34
adan0sbrandon420: is your wlan0 configuration static or based on DHCP?18:35
adan0sbrandon420: just don't know which subnets you're using at home ;)18:35
brandon420based on DHCP both ip4 and 6 are set on sutomatic18:35
rhin0ssh -t user@ "cd /home/user/m" <- anyone know how to ssh then change directory?18:36
rhin0ssh then issue command ^ that doesn't work18:36
bobweaverGandalfB,  with gui going what happens when you run    sudo nvidia-setting18:36
qdbhello. i installed ubuntu 12 04, updated, switched to russian, but after a restart it has changed to english, and russian is not selectable any more. what i made also: installed 2 brother printer drivers from brother site, installed gnome-panel, and tried it.18:37
GandalfBI will try18:37
adan0sbrandon420: do you get any response when doing "ping6 -I wlan0 ::0"?18:37
brandon420adan0s: adan0s http://pastebin.com/gr5Pqb6p18:38
adan0sin most setups the router (and maybe other hosts) should response i think18:38
adan0sdamn, or was it ::2 *grml*18:39
FlyOnZeWallrhin0, are you just going to run the command and then log out?18:39
FlyOnZeWallrhin0, or are you going to log in, then run the command, then stay logged in?18:40
rhin0well I just gave up - wanted to run it and stay logged in18:40
jbwivhi guys. I've just installed 12.10,  and things look good except for animations. I have three monitors powered by a Radeon 6700, and even with the proprietary drivers, window animations (fades, minimizations, etc) are very sluggish. Any ideas what needed to be tweaked to fix?18:40
dchernivbrandon420, try disabling encryption on the router and switch the channell to 1118:41
FlyOnZeWallrhin0, then you could just set the command in .bashrc18:41
rhin0ah ok18:41
rhin0you're right18:41
rhin0just wanted to change directory thats all -- excellent18:41
brandon420adan0s: network unreachable18:41
GandalfBBobweaver, it says command not found18:41
rhin0ty FlyOnZeWall18:41
GandalfBBobweaver, when i run sudo nvidia-setting18:41
bobweaverok GandalfB  follow this line by line plz18:42
bobweaverGandalfB,  sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)18:42
bobweaverket me know when headers are done installed18:43
GandalfBBobweaver,getting the linix header, done18:44
bobweaverGandalfB,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current18:44
bobweaverlet me know when re-configured18:44
GandalfBBobweaver, ok that has finished18:45
bobweaverGandalfB,  cd /etc/X11/  && sudo rm xorg.conf18:45
brandon420dcherniv: nope=/18:46
GandalfBBobweaver, done18:46
bobweaverGandalfB,  sudo nvidia-xconfig18:46
bobweaverGandalfB,  then open a new terminal plz18:47
patchello! rdiff-backup and --tempdir option question, can someone help please?18:47
dchernivbrandon420, weird, sounds like you get ip and everything too18:47
dchernivbrandon420, hm18:47
GandalfBBobweaver,ok, it said new configuration file was writen18:47
GandalfBBobweaver, new window opened18:47
goddard1i have an issue18:47
bobweaverGandalfB,  cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf  | pastebinit18:48
GandalfBBobweaver, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375436/   is the cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf18:49
bobweaverGandalfB,  /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p18:51
bobweaverwhat do you see ?18:51
geezHi just installed the pendrive Ubuntu on my flash drive. But no happy. Attempts to boot just shows the boot prompt and claims system image not found. Any ideas?18:51
brightsparksHi. I have connected my digital camera via usb cable. The camera ( two of them for some reason?) shows in My computer but at the moment I am not able to mount the device. Any advise welcome18:52
GandalfBBobweaver, I see Xlib: extensoin "GLX" missing on display " :0.0".18:52
GandalfBBobweaver, Error: GLX is not avilable on the system18:52
bobweaverGandalfB,  switch back to lightdm plz18:52
brightsparksit says in an error message: Unable to mount location: Error initialising camera: -60: Could not lock the device18:53
brightsparksand  Error initialising camera: -1: Unspecified error18:53
bobweaverGandalfB,  also please do this          modinfo nvidia_current | pastebinit18:54
GandalfBBobweaver,what is the best way to do that -18:54
bobweaverGandalfB,  dont worry about lightdm for the minute plz run      modinfo nvidia_current | pastebinit18:55
brightsparksok I unplugged the usb cable and reconnected and now the device has mounted successfully...18:56
bobweaverGandalfB,  let us also see       withdrivers=$(lspci -vnnk | grep VGA) && echo  $withdrivers | pastebinit18:57
GandalfBBobweaver, ok, modinfo nvidia)current is staying "Error: modinfo: could not find module nvidia_current"18:58
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brightsparksok I can see the picture files on the camera media card but I am unable to transfer them to my computer - unspecified error message but previously I had an error message saying that I didn't have permission to move the files.18:58
bobweaverbrightsparks,  where is sd or whatever card mounted ?18:59
dr_willis_its possible it got mounted with options where the user cant fully access the device. but the root user most likely could18:59
dr_willis_the mount command should show what optionsit was mounted with19:00
brightsparksbobweaver: if I go to the root Media folder a folder called SD is showing there19:00
bobweaverbrightsparks,  can you pastebin the output of          mount19:00
brightsparksbobweaver: paste the out of what mount??? There seems to be a word missing19:01
GandalfBBobweaver, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375463/19:02
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brandon420Can anyone help me with my wifi?19:03
=== f00dMonsta__ is now known as f00dMonsta
cuddylierIs it possible to see the bandwidth used by a certain process?19:03
john_doe_jrhow to you change the application that a program is using to open a file when the application is not listed in the "open with"19:03
brightsparksbobweaver: this was your last message can you repeat instruction please  <bobweaver> brightsparks,  can you pastebin the output of          mount19:04
bobweaverGandalfB,  open terminal and enter in         unity --replace                   screen will flicker a couple of times but then  does it seg fault on you ?19:04
bobweaverbrightsparks,  all you need to do is open a terminal  (ctrl+alt+t) then enter in  "mount"    then copy the output and pastebinit19:04
bobweaver!pastebin | brightsparks19:04
ubottubrightsparks: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:04
brightsparksbobweaver: sorry I just realised that's what you meant ha ha ha  will pastebin it now...19:05
bobweavernp it is good to ask questions if you are not sure about what you are doing brightsparks19:05
GandalfBBobweaver, it just lists a line of errors regarding Xlib and glxguery19:05
bobweaverGandalfB,  ok19:06
bobweaveris nvidia loaded ?    lsmod | grep nvidia19:06
bobweaverGandalfB,  ^^19:06
GandalfBBobweaver, uts bit returned to the command prompt19:06
bobweaverGandalfB,  easy way to get back to light dm  is to rm it and gdm and re-install       sudo apt-get --purge remove gdm lightdm && sudo apt-get install lightdm19:07
GandalfBBobweaver, nothing is returned with the  nvidia grep19:08
bobweaveryeah because it is not loaded GandalfB19:08
dr_willis_err... sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm    will let you select what DM to use19:08
john_doe_jranybody got an answer?19:08
brightsparksbobweaver: http://pastebin.com/D3Lywjhk19:09
GandalfBBobweaver, so to clarify you want me to run " sudo apt-get --purge remove gdm lightdm && sudo apt-get install lightdm"19:09
bobweaverGandalfB,  in *nix we call drivers modules  so  ls = list and mod = modules(drivers)  so  ls+mod  list all mods loaded in system19:09
dr_willis_john_doe_jr:  other then check askubuntu.com ? ;) not really.19:09
bobweaverGandalfB,  also what dr_willis_  said above will work19:09
OerHeksjohn_doe_jr, those are called mimetypes > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingMimeTypes19:10
bobweavereither one will woek19:10
bobweaverwork *19:10
brandon420_adan0s, Not trying to jinx myself, but i think i fixed it19:10
dr_willis_one is just a whole lot quicker. ;P19:10
brandon420_Wifi has been working for 4-5 mintues without hickups19:10
bobweaverlol dr_willis_  one also does not eat up bandwidth :P19:11
bobweaverbrightsparks,  can you plz do a      ls -al  /media/SD19:11
bobweaverand pastebin that plz19:12
brightsparksbobweaver: ok19:12
GandalfBBobweaver, rebooting into lightdm19:13
dr_willis_rebooting? 'sudo service gdm stop' then 'sudo service lightdm start'19:13
bobweaverGandalfB, cool  hopefully nvidia will load  ,  I can not see why the mod is not loading frustrating .19:13
bobweavertake it easy all19:13
brightsparksbobweaver: http://pastebin.com/Qve14S8U19:14
GandalfBBobweaver, nope, its not loading :(19:14
bobweaverdang it19:15
genii-aroundbobweaver: May need nomodeset appended to grub for nouveau not to load19:15
GandalfBis there gui that configures drivers?  I did see one the other night?   can I force load that gui?19:15
bobweaverGandalfB,  cd /etc/modprobe.d && cat * | grep nvidia19:15
bobweavergenii-around,  no because it is not loaded either19:16
bobweavergenii-around,  here is lsmod from system  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375392/19:16
genii-aroundbobweaver: Did they have build-essential, kernel headers, and dkms installed before installing nvidia-current?19:16
bobweavergood question I just had him install headers19:17
bobweaverGandalfB,   ^^19:17
bobweavergenii-around,  by all means plz help out19:17
genii-aroundbobweaver: I have limited time here at work, unfortunately19:17
bobweaverfigure that d/control would pick up all Depends:   if not that is Huge bug19:18
GandalfBBobweaver, ok do you want me to pastebin the output from that grep?19:18
bobweaveryeah GandalfB19:18
bobweaverand thanks19:19
brightsparksbobweaver: hi -did you get that last pastebin? http://pastebin.com/Qve14S8U19:19
bobweaverbrightsparks,  yeah it says that there is nothing in there19:19
GandalfBBobweaver, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375508/19:20
trismGandalfB: dkms status; is also interesting if you haven't already pasted that19:20
xxxis there a terminal code to see which grapical enviroment i use in ubuntu 12.10?19:20
bobweavertrism,  no GandalfB  has not and that is a great idea19:20
GandalfBBobweaver, ok how do I do that, dkms status | pastebinit?19:21
brightsparksbobweaver: er...what does that mean bob? Like I said I have mounted the visible camera and media and can see the files but can't transfer them to a folder on my computer ??19:21
bobweaveryeah but make sure that it is installed 1st GandalfB19:21
GandalfBBobweaver, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375516/19:22
genii-aroundGandalfB: apt-cache policy dkms | pastebinit19:22
brightsparksbobweaver: as a matter of interest if I take the media card out of the camera and put it using a reader into the computer I can copy the pictures on the computer but then when I put the card back in the camera the pictures have all been erased and  have to reformat the card19:23
bobweaverbrightsparks,  I am sorry but in you past all I see is nothing19:23
brandon420adan0s, seems to be working now. =D19:23
brandon420hope i dont jinx it19:23
bobweaverbrightsparks,  I am not the best at media cards TBH maybe someone else can help19:24
GandalfBgennii-around, http://paste.ubuntu.com/137551819:24
brightsparksbobweaver: ok thanks anyway19:24
trismGandalfB: yeah added means it hasn't built yet, are we sure the headers are installed? dpkg -l 'linux-headers*'19:24
brightsparksbobweaver: I was also hoping there might be a terminal command I could use that would give me absolute control of what I am seeing there and move stuff around without getting resistance19:25
GandalfBtrism, I've run that, but the output is not meaninful to me, want me to pastebin it19:26
bobweaverGandalfB,  yeah pastebin it plz19:26
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GandalfBBobweaver, Trism, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375532/19:28
trismGandalfB: ah yeah, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r);19:28
trismGandalfB: you have one of the packages but you need the arch specific version too19:29
trismGandalfB: you may want linux-headers-generic too so future kernel upgrades will rebuild the nvidia module19:29
trismGandalfB: make sure you type that command exactly, I see bobweaver posted it earlier19:30
GandalfBtrism, do I get that with apt-get install linux-headers-generic ?19:30
trismGandalfB: yes19:31
GandalfBthanks... learning slowly :S19:31
ubottuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages19:32
bobweaverGandalfB,  all that $()  means is grab the output of something and use it. so in this case  you are asking for the output of uname -r19:32
bobweaverwhich is kernel version19:32
bobweaverif that helps19:32
trismGandalfB: after that, check: dkms status; to see if the module built19:33
trismGandalfB: it should say: nvidia-current, 304.64: installed19:34
whomprecently i installed ubuntu 11.10 on my computer. when i boot up, it takes me to a grub page, where i choose between ubuntu and windows. however, no matter what i pick, it tells me, "error: no such partition" and takes me back to the grub screen. what should i do?19:34
GandalfBtrism, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1375547/19:34
whompit's a dell laptop that previously had windows 7 on it (now the hard drive is split into 2 partitions)19:35
GandalfBtrism, looks like it has to me19:35
trismGandalfB: yep looks good to me too19:35
GandalfBso reboot and hope?19:35
v0lksmanhow would I determin the version of the igb driver I'm using?19:35
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bobweaverGandalfB,  you can load mod ?    sudo modprobe nvidia19:35
whompdoes anyone have any ideas?19:36
trismGandalfB: definitely a good idea to reboot after rebuilding the nvidia module19:36
GandalfBBobweaver, sudo modprobe nvidia didn't give me any output19:37
bobweaverGandalfB,  listen to trism  he/she/whatever is AWESOME !19:37
GandalfBok rebooting (so pleased this is just a learning box lol)19:37
bobweaverIs there a way to add a alais for dput like mentors but for your own ppa ?19:38
* bobweaver launchpad name is long and have to type it out all the time :) 19:39
GandalfBtrism, yay freak yes fixed19:39
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bobweaverso like I have ppa: jospehjamesmills/ubuntutv     I would like it so that when I do dput ppa:josephjamesmills/ubuntutv <sources.changes >    that I can just do       dput ubuntutv <sources.changes >19:40
bobweaveris that possible ?19:40
trismbobweaver: I believe so, mentors/ppa is just listed in /etc/dput.cf, just add one without the %(ppa) part19:40
GandalfBThankyou Trism and Bobweaver19:40
trismGandalfB: excellent, glad to hear it19:41
pratik_narain"which python" reports /usr/local/MGLTools1.5.6rc3/bin/python" on my system. How can I make "/usr/bin/python2.7" default python again? google search turned out nothing and I am new to python. Please help.19:41
bobweaverThat is great to hear GandalfB19:41
bobweaverthanks trism  looking into that19:41
bobweaverit is what I thought but best to ask questions 1st :)19:41
trismbobweaver: never messed with it myself, I just remembering seeing something about it on launchpad a long time ago, seems there is a: man dput.cf; too which might help19:42
GandalfBTrism or Bobweaver, is there anyway I can load config panal for the nvidia now?19:42
bobweavertrism,  it worked \0/19:44
trismbobweaver: nice!19:44
trismGandalfB: nvidia-settings?19:44
crackerjackzfor some reason when i close my laptop lid then open it back up my sound stops working... is there a way to restart the pulse audio server with out having to reboot my computer?19:45
artturnip700Can Ubuntu 12.04 64bit fit onto a standard CD?19:45
GandalfBTrism, I kinda want to learn how I fecked it up in first place, and I think I found a part of gui that let me choose a driver, but I cant remember were it was19:45
artturnip700Rather than a DVD19:45
crackerjackzartturnip700: pretty sure fits19:46
pratik_narain"which python" reports /usr/local/MGLTools1.5.6rc3/bin/python" on my system. How can I make "/usr/bin/python2.7" default python again? google search turned out nothing and I am new to python. Please help.19:46
crackerjackza cd-r is 700 MB19:46
bobweaverGandalfB,  you should file a bug that Build depends is not calling linux headers so package is not installing correctly but you should file on Ubuntu version and not x-swat19:46
artturnip700Thanks, I'll give it a whirl now.19:46
bobweaverI would do that helps others out19:46
bobweaverBut that is just me19:46
crackerjackzartturnip700: just check the size of the file.. i believe it's like 698 MB19:46
crackerjackzso it should fit... if it's more than 700 mb then it won't fit19:47
artturnip700Yep, looks like it. But aren't ISOs archives?19:47
crackerjackzartturnip700: yes, it's a .iso19:47
bobweaverGandalfB,  ubuntu-bug nvidia-current=304.51.really.304.43-0ubuntu1                will so all that But I am not sure if you can use version # in ubuntu-bug19:48
GandalfBBobweaver, I wouldn't know were to start with doing that :Z19:48
crackerjackzartturnip700: what do you want to do exactly?19:48
bobweaver!bug | GandalfB19:48
ubottuGandalfB: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:48
crackerjackzis there a way for me to restart the pulse audio server with out rebooting?19:48
jbwivhi guys. I've just installed 12.10,  and things look good except for animations. I have three monitors powered by a Radeon 6700, and even with the proprietary drivers, window animations (fades, minimizations, etc) are very sluggish. Any ideas what needed to be tweaked to fix?19:48
overcluckerartturnip700: iso's aren't compressed, if that's what you are thinking.19:49
NisstyreAre there any JS linting tools in the Ubuntu repos? tried "apt-get install jslint"19:49
artturnip700Thanks, Solves my problem.19:49
trismGandalfB: it is okay, it is bug 106834119:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1068341 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "No way to specify correct dependencies for dkms packages (nvidia driver install fails to get matching header)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106834119:49
bobweaveror 106845619:49
artturnip700Would you say that Ubuntu 12.10 is worse than 12.04?19:50
bobweavertrism,  a good old preinst should fix that ?19:50
* bobweaver looks at package 19:50
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GandalfBok- the bug / issue dosn't mean much to me :S19:51
trismbobweaver: the problem is in quantal linux-headers-3.5.0-17 is installed by default, which provides linux-headers so satisfies the dep, but it doesn't also have the arch dependent headers19:52
trismbobweaver: i think it is partially a problem with the iso since I see no point in having the arch independent headers installed by default with the arch dep ones19:52
crackerjackzbrb gotta run to the store before they close19:53
bobweavertrism,  can Build Depends have things like linux-headers-$(uname -r)19:53
GandalfBTrism, ok - I've found were I broke it.   it was in the software sources dialogbox, under additonal drivers, I changed the driver for the nvidia card19:53
newbie211Any soul here....?19:53
trismbobweaver: no, see comment #7 of the bug19:55
trismGandalfB: yeah it is unfortunately a bit buggy, but as long as you have linux-headers-generic install you should be good from now on19:57
bobweavertrism,  yeah that is a problem lol19:57
* Evil_Eric waves towards trism19:57
trismEvil_Eric: hi there19:58
v0lksmanhas anyone had problems using the i350 intel ethernet adapter with 12.04?19:58
v0lksmanI can't seem to get it to link (not a problem on the remote side of the wire)19:58
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Evil_Erictrism, hey there hows things going19:58
v0lksmanin fact it links UNTIL ubuntu takes over the hardware...19:58
GandalfBTrism,  ok can  I quickly paraphrase the problem / soultion to see if I have learned correctly.19:59
kmels_hi, does someone know the command line for the Disk Analyzer Utility? this one: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/check-your-disk-usage-on-ubuntu-with-disk-usage-analyzer/20:01
GandalfBTrism, Bobweaver.  so if I've understood this correctly,  when I changed the drivers in the software sources dialog, it tried to install the new packages,  these were dependant on linux-headers and linux-headers-generic, from reading, linux-headers-generic is not correctly installed in 12.10 distro, so by getting and isntalling those we corrected the issue.    Bobweaver used lsmod and lspci to identify that I20:01
GandalfB had nvidia card, but the modual (driver) not correctly loaded.20:01
GandalfBTrism, Bobweaver, is that roughly right?20:01
bobweaverkinda GandalfB  because headers where not installed dkms could not install nvidia-current it is all in the bug that trism posted above20:02
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DJoneskmels_: Try baobab That brings up disc usage analyser20:02
GandalfBBobweaver, thanks, not bad amount learnt for my second day on linux :)  Thanks all - got to dash and eat some dinner!20:03
kmels_DJones, thank you, that was the one!20:04
DJoneskmels_: You're welcome20:04
newbie211Pond mere debo....bokacoda20:06
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newbie211I am a Windoes 8 fan...20:14
theadminnewbie211: Then this isn't the place for you.20:14
dr_willisyou have our condolencs...20:14
* dr_willis needs auto spell check for his irc client20:14
newbie211Dr. I am having a stomach ache..20:14
tomshredsHi, I'm installed a web server using tasksel install mail-server. But now I want to setup mail forwards. I don't even know which config to edit, it installed postfix, dovecot, etc...20:14
theadmindr_willis: Don't think WeeChat has one20:15
dr_willisEat 4 chocklet chip cookies and a glass of milk, and if you are still alive, call me in the morning. newbie21120:15
tomshredsCould someone tell me how I could properly make forwards like me@mydomain.com to toto@gmail.com, hehe@live.com ? please20:15
dr_willistheadmin:  yea. Im getting SO used to how android works that i actually miss the word suggestion feature. ;)20:15
newbie211he he he he he he he20:15
dr_willistheadmin:  i wonder how one could impliment that on Ubuntu20:15
dchernivtomshreds, read up on postfix config, shouldnt be too dificult20:16
theadmindr_willis: I've seen apps that do it on Windows so it should be possible20:16
dr_willistheadmin:  yea. just not sure how it work along with my terminal ;) guess it could be made part of the global menu feature to show suggestions in the top panel area20:16
dr_willisbut it would be better if it was near whever you were typing ;P  to the BrainStorm site!20:17
tomshredsI thought I could setup a /etc/postfix/virtual.db but it says error: open database /etc/postfix/virtual.db: Invalid argument20:17
dchernivtomshreds, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-bsd-postfix-forward-email-to-another-account/20:17
stobixyo. how on earth do I change the terminal keyboard layout? As a normal user, loadkeys isn't allowed to do stuff, as super user, loadkeys can't find the keymaps!20:18
Rmblrwithin X?20:19
tomshredsdcherniv: thanks :)20:19
stobixRmblr: terminals, not emulators. :)20:19
Rmblron a real terminal, loadkeys should work20:19
dchernivstobix, or udev20:20
stobixRmblr: indeed it should. I've never encountered this before the ubuntu switch of mine.20:20
dchernivstobix, /etc/default/keyboard20:20
stobixdcherniv: oh, good.20:20
newbie211Is there any institute that teaches Ubuntu/Linux for sake...in India...?20:21
theadminnewbie211: Why the heck would you need an "insitute" to teach you? You can pretty much learn it by clicking around :/20:22
stobixdcherniv: ehm. Do you say that ubuntu has it set up so that xorg manages terminals?20:22
stobixah, nevermind. sloppy reader.20:22
dchernivstobix, udev not xorg20:22
newbie211I need to attend a class cause thats the best way to learn...20:23
stobixdcherniv: Ah, nice, I got it. I foolishly read half of /etc/default/keyboard before coming back here screaming nonsense.20:23
newbie211I need a teacher with a cane in his hand and spectacles on his nose....20:24
bobweavernewbie211,  there is Ubuntu Classroom if that helps at all20:25
bobweavernewbie211,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom20:26
bradyIs there a way to get a command-line version of the options I have specified with the graphical print dialog from evince? I want to save certain print settings with lpoptions.20:29
newbie211Can I play IL2 sturmovik in Ubuntu...?20:30
newbie211I am a great fan of te game...20:30
newbie211Windows beats any Linux version hands down in games....20:31
dchernivnewbie211, ehh yes you can20:31
newbie211HOW !!!! WOW !!!!20:31
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:31
jarcoHello people. I just installed ubuntu 12.10. Its working ok with the basic graphics driver on my radeon hd5830. The only thing is that the fan is running at a high speed all the time. Any solutions for this?20:32
newbie211Yeah heard of that20:32
adknight87__jarco: solution would be to disable acpi20:33
newbie211Will it run all the games ...smoothly even 3d games...and high end ones...? I am not interested in tetris type games20:33
dchernivnewbie211, it usually has no problem running games 1-2 years old. runs civilization 4 just fine here20:34
jarcoadknight87__, will that have other disadvantages on my system (desktop). I read via google it has something to do with power managment20:35
theadminjarco: I wouldn't worry about that, sure it's noisy but eh20:35
theadminI have this "problem" and it doesn't cause me much discomfort20:35
adknight87__jarco: having the fan on isn't something to be worried about20:35
jarcotheadmin, its Too noisy I sleep in this room20:35
theadminjarco: Power the machine down?20:36
jarcotheadmin, NEVER!20:36
jarcoI run sickbeard etc at night20:36
jarcoadknight87__, I meant is it a problem to disable acpi?20:36
adknight87__jarco: Lets say it's definitely not able to cool itself down20:37
theadminjarco: You can change the settings in /etc/sensors3.conf and run "sudo sensors -s", but I can't read any of the madness in there20:38
stobix_haha, loadkeys is a BITCH on ubuntu. Why, yes, I would like a keymap where each keys is a 113 line definition!20:38
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jarcoI just want the noise to go down. With the old system (12.04) i installed the amd drivers to solve it. But when i do that now the unity interface isnt loaded20:38
newbie211OK thanks for the links ...I will try and give Ubuntu a GO...20:39
g3ntekhello everyone20:42
theadmin!info libfaac0 precise20:42
ubottulibfaac0 (source: faac): AAC audio encoder (library). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.28-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 38 kB, installed size 104 kB20:42
g3ntekwho can help me on installing VideoCard drivers Nvidia 640M  Linux ubuntu 12.10 ? :)20:42
jarcois this a good solution fot the problem i mentioned earlyer? http://askubuntu.com/questions/207741/fan-speed-in-12-10-too-loud20:43
theadming3ntek: Just open the "additional drivers" utility that comes with Ubuntu20:43
schultzais there a chat channel for !wine that i can get into?20:45
g3ntektheadmin, how can i find that add drivers? on 12.10 ?20:45
theadming3ntek: Hit the Super key and type "drivers" in, it'll show up20:46
theadminschultza: #winehq20:46
g3ntektheadmin, not found20:46
theadming3ntek: Eh... "gksudo jockey-gtk" from terminal20:47
g3ntektheadmin,  yea i did it from terminal but nothing happend20:48
dr_willisg3ntek:  on 12.04 or 12.10 ?20:49
g3ntekdr_willis, 12.1020:49
dr_willisin 12.10 - its under the Software-sources manager tool in a tab20:49
theadminOh wow, crazy place to put it20:50
jarcoGuys I solved my problem. Thanks for trying to help me20:50
dr_willisthey should have made a link from jockey-gtk to call that softare-sources tool and select the rght tab. ;)20:50
g3ntekdr_willis, yea i found it thanks but there aren't any founded drivers for me ? :(20:50
g3ntekdr_willis, how can install Nvidia driver?20:51
dr_willisg3ntek:  you could just try installing the nvidia-current package and see if it works20:51
dr_willisthats all i ever really do. ;)  'sudo apt-get install nvidia-current' then reboot20:51
g3ntekon 12.04 u doing that? or 12.10 ?20:51
theadmindr_willis: Aren't you supposed to do some madness with "nvidia-xconfig"?20:51
dr_willistheadmin:  in 12.10 i dont enve need to run nvidia-settings to get twinview working by default. ;)20:52
g3ntekdr_willis,  after running nvidia-xconfig from terminal im rebooting and my resolutions limits to 640 max..20:52
theadmindr_willis: Crazy computers.20:52
g3ntekdr_willis,  then why 12.10 my resolution after installing limits on 640x48020:53
riqdiizHow do you run a script in terminal?20:55
jilebedevHi there. I'm attempting to change the uid of a user. I'm using `usermod -u newuid username` to do this: this errors with "User username is currently logged in". However, `who -a` does not report the user logged in, and `ps aux | grep username` returns nothing. Any ideas?20:56
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guntbertjilebedev: I never tried that, why do you want to do it?20:59
b4chwhere is /etc/inittab ? or where do we now set ~:S:wait:/sbin/sulogin in 12.04 ?20:59
sweet_kidriqdiiz: chmod 700 <scriptname> followed by ./<scriptname>21:00
bekksb4ch: There isno inittab anymore since upstart.21:00
stobixriqdiiz: do you have the script in a file?21:00
b4chand single authentication setting is where?21:01
b4chit used to be in /etc/initta21:01
stobixjilebedev: brute force change the uid in the /etc/passwd /etc/group and so on?21:01
bekksb4ch: I dont know, I never used it.21:02
OerHeks!upstart > b4ch21:03
ubottub4ch, please see my private message21:03
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SolarisBoyshirt wrong place21:05
v0lksmanoh boy conf call!21:06
tqrstwill anything burst into flames if I install the 12.10 packages for subversion and libapache2-svn on a 9.10 box?21:06
tqrstSolarisBoy: for a good time?21:06
ConstyCan anyone explain to me why in ubuntu, a game would require the GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode extension, yet it doesn't show up on any glxinfo I've seen? I see GL_EXT_texture_sRGB, but not with _decode. Are the extensions the same?21:06
dr_willistqrst:  thats most likely not a good idea to mix release packages.21:11
dr_willistqrst:  safer would be to find a ppa, or use source21:11
stobixhm. How can I make the kernel NOT dump out dmesg-like messages on my current virtual (non-X) console (whichever one is current at the moment)?21:11
genii-aroundstobix: What sort of messages are appearing?21:12
dr_willisstobix:  see the following file... for low level messages flooding the console (first setting)21:12
dr_willis# /etc/sysctl.conf - Configuration file for setting system variables21:12
dr_willis# See /etc/sysctl.d/ for additional system variables21:12
tqrstdr_willis: guess I'll go for wandisco's ppa instead then, thanks21:12
arnsaHello, what's this Firefox on the left side? https://raw.github.com/simukis/gnome-shell-theme-min/master/min.png Why is it blue? It's like Chromium.21:12
stobix[33498.222478] ieee80211 phy0: >brcms_c_ampdu_dotxstatus_complete: Pkt tx suppressed, ...21:12
dr_willisI had some flakey hardware that was making the kernel constantly spit out messages. had to fix it  by uncommenting a line for low level messages21:12
dr_willismy consoles were totally unuseable due to the messages comming in21:13
stobixdr_willis: ah, nice. I'll look into it.21:13
genii-aroundAh, ethernet adapter warnings21:13
dr_willisgotta love laptops with flakey webcams21:13
dr_willisif i smacked the laptop hard. the cam would work. :) till i shut the lid.21:13
stobixaah, so that's what my "adapter" was...21:13
genii-arounddr_willis: I had same but with ums_realtek driver for card reader :-/21:13
dr_willis# Uncomment the following to stop low-level messages on console21:14
dr_willis#kernel.printk = 3 4 1 321:14
dr_willisUncommented that. and rebooted. ;)21:14
* stobix has a builtin webcam. He's never ever thought about trying to get it to work.21:14
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stobixhaha, really? And that is not set by default? Loool21:14
arnsaHello, what's this Firefox on the left side? https://raw.github.com/simukis/gnome-shell-theme-min/master/min.png Why is it blue? It's like Chromium.21:14
dr_willisim not sure if theres anything else that may hide..  Im not sure how the #'s relate. all i know is that if i webt to my console i had a constant stream of messages/warnings/wrrors about some device. and uncommin that shut it up. ;) and it was my webcam.21:15
guntbert!repeat | arnsa21:15
ubottuarnsa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/21:15
dr_willisarnsa:  firefox has themes you can setup to make it look like chrome21:15
arnsaguntbert, see? Repeating helps.21:15
arnsadr_willis, any links?21:16
tqrstdr_willis: actually, that one doesn't even go as far back as karmic koala. Guess I'll use source.21:16
dr_willisarnsa:  firefox plugin site.21:16
dr_willisputting forth a little effort helps, :)21:17
kbrosnanarnsa: nightly Firefox21:17
arnsakbrosnan, thanks!21:17
kbrosnanarnsa: http://nightly.mozilla.org/21:17
tolmunI cant find the command which display "What happend on day in history".21:17
kbrosnanarnsa: looks like they made a custom icon21:17
arnsakbrosnan, what's the difference between simple and nightyl ff?21:18
anteayaI just installed ubuntu 12.04 server and was unable to configure my network settings to use my ethernet connection, so I skipped it and now post install I need to get my server talking to the internet. Note the server is on its own hard disk so I have to find instructions and print them then power down and swap hard drives. Thank you.21:18
guntbertarnsa: please keept to the topic of this channel: ubuntu support21:18
anteayaSo I am looking for assistance finding instructions to connect ubuntu server 12.04 to the internet via ethernet.21:18
dr_willisanteaya:  what sort of network card?21:19
anteayadr_willis: I don't know, how can I find out?21:19
g105bHow do I find the model name of my laptop? There's a fix I need to do to get the backlit keyboard working, but it has differnt instructions depending on a minor model number difference21:19
dr_williswired ethernet should just be plug and go.. unless its some weird NIC. or other unusual connection21:19
anteayadr_willis: I assume that is the hardware which will be accessible from this OS?21:19
dr_willisg105b:  sticker on the bottom perhaps?21:19
dr_willislspci command shows most devices21:20
dr_willislspci | grep  net21:20
dr_willisor Net ;)21:20
dr_willis05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)21:20
dr_willismy output for my wired nic.21:20
anteayadr_willis: 03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)21:21
dr_willisYour server has a wireless card?21:21
anteayadr_willis: I am operating out of my laptop21:21
anteayadr_willis: setting up a development env for openstack, need to use a server under it21:21
anteayadr_willis: swapping hard drives on my laptop21:22
dr_willistheres wireless command/tools to configure wireless via the cli. ive not used them in ages21:22
g105bthanks dr_willis21:22
anteayadr_willis: can I use eth0?21:22
dr_willishttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1124503   Setting up wireless on Ubuntu Server21:23
dr_williseth0? you just said you were using wireless...21:23
anteayadr_willis: my ethernet connection requires a username and password from me, which I couldn't figure out how to enter during installation21:23
anteayadr_willis: I have both, my card has both, does it not?21:23
dr_willisanteaya:  if it needs info from a browser window/session to connect. theres command line browsers like lynx and w3m21:23
theadmindr_willis: (s)he's probably talking about a VPN of some form21:24
dr_willisanteaya:  if you can run a wire.. then it should just work.. unless you got some weird connection21:24
anteayadr_willis: I just returned the results of lpsci | grep Net21:24
anteayatheadmin: I am not using VPN21:24
theadminanteaya: Well, your wired connection needs a name/password... PPPoE?21:24
nylcan someone tell me what is the cause that the latest nvidia drivers crash unity?21:25
dr_willisbbl.. off to the store.21:25
anteayatheadmin: yes, I enter my username and password to connect to my ISP21:25
anteayadr_willis: thank you21:25
dr_willisanteaya:  how is your wireless connecting to the internet? a router?21:25
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dr_willisor your isp has some special hardware/devices?21:26
anteayadr_willis: If I use wireless, I take my ethernet wire and stick it in my wireless router21:26
dr_willisso your isp provided some special router that connects HOW to their service?21:27
anteayadr_willis: If I am not using wireless, I take the ethernet cable that runs from my dsl modem and put it in the port in my laptop21:27
dr_willisDSL... ok. now we are getting some facts. ;)21:27
peepsalothi, i upgraded to quantal yesterday and today when i loaded a youtube video in firefox it asks if i want to" install youtube"  what is this even talking about21:27
anteayadr_willis: sorry, I am trying, I am giving you the best info I have and am willing to find better info21:27
dr_willisanteaya:  my routers let me plug a wire from the PC.. into the ROUTER -> then into my ISPS box.21:28
guntbert!webapps | peepsalot21:28
ubottupeepsalot: Ubuntu Web Apps enable developers to create web applications that run in web browsers. They provide close integration to the Unity shell for functions such as launch, notifications and controls. - more info at http://developer.ubuntu.com/community/ or #ubuntu-webapps21:28
dr_willisgotta run the wife to the store... shes yelling. good luck21:28
anteayadr_willis: I think I can do that, I just haven't done that before21:28
anteayadr_willis: thanks for your help21:28
peepsalotdo webapps do anything if i'm not using unity21:28
FergusLevening !21:29
fission6is there aa restart log or something i can check, somehow my ec2 went down mysteriously21:30
guntbertfission6: look into /var/log/syslog21:31
fission6thank you21:31
fission6guntbert: am i looking for something specific21:32
fission6looks like log doesn't have anything21:33
fission6just form last few hours21:33
nylerm nvidia no go for 9600gt21:34
ubottulilla: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:43
bearlockhomesI'm having an issue with a usb-vga graphics connection in 12.10 and was wondering if anyone would be able to help?21:43
ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: does it show in the output of:  sudo lshw -C display21:44
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: no. but it is identified for lsusb21:45
bearlockhomesmuch of the issue is summarized here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1050566, but it stands unresolved21:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1050566 in linux (Ubuntu) "0711:5100 sisusbvga driver not working with StarTech USB2VGAE2" [Medium,Incomplete]21:46
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ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: cool, any results online for the 8 character hex ID?21:46
=== _w is now known as weldan
* Evil_Eric waves in ActionParsnip's general direction21:46
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: 0711:510021:47
john__wishiwash oh crap21:47
arnsaHow can I check if there's a new version of a program and if there's, I'd update it through terminal?21:48
nylmanually installed nvidia drivers21:48
nylhope it works now21:48
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yeatsarnsa: 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' will upgrade you to the latest versions of all packages21:49
yeats"latest" = "latest within a given release"21:49
designbybeckI have a 4GB jumpdrive that is corrupt but I can't change or delete the partition? :http://www.pasteall.org/3742821:50
xrs1if you want newer that what's in the repo, download from developer's site and manually install21:50
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: One point that I noted in the bug report was that the ID needed to be added to the driver table under sisusb_table, but I'm not sure how that is done. Any ideas?21:50
nylmanual drivers work loololololololool21:50
designbybeckThat is the error I get21:50
ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: seems to use the sisusbvga driver21:50
ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: you may need an xorg.conf to make it fly21:50
simplewi run "sudo init 3" and nothing happens, why?21:51
xrs1designbybeck,  try installing and running testdisk21:51
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designbybeckxrs1 should "Disks" within 12.10 allow me to format it/fix it?21:52
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: That was alluded to in much older versions (circa 9.10) with the same issue but figured enough of xorg had updated through 12.10 for that to not be necessary.21:52
jamescarram I misreading the free output here?21:52
xrs1don't have anything called "Disks" in my 12.10 distro21:52
designbybeckxrs1:  I don't care about the content I just want to format it so I can try a new Distro21:52
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: I'll give it a try. Just as a refresh xorg conf should go in the dir /etc/x11/xorg.conf?21:53
xrs1testdisk should fix whats wrong21:53
jamescarrMem:  65962096k total, 57713412k used,  8248684k free,  6042508k buffers21:53
ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: xorg.conf can be necessary, if one xists it wil be obeyed21:53
genii-arounddesignbybeck: Or just sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd bs=512 count=121:54
xrs1gparted doesnt work?21:54
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: Sounds good. Thank you for your time.21:55
genii-arounddesignbybeck: ( will wipe just the MBR so gparted thinks it's unpartitioned )21:55
ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: is the system a laptop?21:55
Jordan_Udesignbybeck: genii-around: Wiping the MBR won't remove the GPT signatures.21:55
designbybeckgenii-around:  Jordan_U how do I see which my USB is mounted as?21:56
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: yes, thinkpad t500 ATI radeon21:56
Jordan_Udesignbybeck: "mount"21:56
ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: makes sense then21:56
designbybeckwow Jordan_U simple! I didn't know that would display that! where has that command been the past 4 years!21:56
genii-aroundJordan_U: Ah, interesting. I don't have any GPT stuff yet, not overly familiar.21:57
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: could you elaborate? Is there something related to lenovo drivers?21:57
Jordan_Udesignbybeck: I would recommend using "fixparts" (from the gdisk package) to remove the GPT signatures. Then parted will be happy and you can do whatever you want from there.21:58
designbybeckhmm I see /dev/sda1 but isn't that my harddrive?21:58
ActionParsnipbearlockhomes: i was just going to suggest a PCI video card if the system was a desktop21:58
designbybeckso I need to install gparted in 12.10 correct Jordan_U ?21:58
designbybeckdoesn't seem to be installed by default21:58
bearlockhomesActionParsnip: Gotcha. Thanks again.21:59
Jordan_Udesignbybeck: Yes (it comes in the LiveCD environment, but isn't in the installed system by default).21:59
TommehMHow would I change the bitrate of a .FLAC file?22:00
designbybeckThanks Jordan_U that worked22:01
Jordan_UTommehM: That's a somewhat odd request, given that flac is a lossless format (and reducing bitrate would almost certainly require loss of quality).22:02
stobixTommehM: Can you? I mean, flac is lossless, why would it have different bitrates?22:02
WeThePeopledoes this look ok?>>> http://imgh.us/hdd.png22:02
Jordan_Udesignbybeck: You're welcome.22:03
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_r00t_WeThePeople: is that supposed to be an aligned ssd ?22:05
WeThePeople_r00t_, no its a hdd22:05
WeThePeoplejust wonderinf what that 1mb is doing at the front22:06
Jordan_UWeThePeople: That is for alignment purposes. http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/advice.html22:07
FlynsarmyI'm on 12.10 on a dell xps 15z. When i boot my laptops touchpad and keyboard don't work, only external mouse/keyboard. ideas?22:07
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: are there bugs reported?22:07
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: a bit new to this, where do i search for the bugs?22:08
xrs1that 1MB is system reserved space (grub can have issues installing without it)22:08
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: did you follow this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15z22:09
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: seems the touchpad needs a little tweak in config files to work22:09
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: have you used that link before?22:10
FlynsarmyActionParsnip: in 12.04 i had to use acpi=noirq boot option. in 12.10 if i use that it won't boot, if i don't use that it boots but only external mouse/keybaord work. and yes, i've used that link beore22:10
ActionParsnipFlynsarmy: did you use the trackpad fix?22:10