mmccok, I have to go cook some dinner, but here are a few merge proposals for review if anyone wants: one in control panel and three in win-installer:00:18
mmccThe first two win-installer ones are short and obvious. the last one isn't too big either, but testing it requires also checking out lp:ubuntuone-cocoa-menu00:20
ralsinammcc did a couple, doing one more in a bit01:46
ralsinaI meant, mmcc, I did a couple ;-)01:47
karniI started with Pauls, but I feel to weak for that first large one. Maybe Mike can pick it up.01:48
ralsinakarni: you claimed to have left 4 hours ago, dude :-)01:50
karniralsina: I did, no worries. I was procrastinating for last 3.5h :)01:51
karniI'm way after EOD, that wasn't official work :) (trying to review code is not work :D )01:51
ralsinaIT IS01:51
karniprocrastinating is a wrong word selection. I was *resting* :)01:51
karninight ralsina o/ :D01:51
ralsinawell, I can't say anything, I am supposed to be on a sick day ;-)01:52
karniralsina: EXACTLY! ;P01:52
karniralsina: You leave and get better! :)01:52
ralsinait's what 4 AM over there?01:52
karni2:52 AM01:52
karniI'm about to get some sleep, yeah :)01:52
ralsinapuking is *boring*01:52
karniThat's easy to believe.01:53
ralsinaI mean, no variety01:53
ralsinaI'll go rest01:53
karniYou should :) I'll do the same.01:53
karniHave a nice evening, ralsina o/01:53
ralsinagood morning karni! ;-)01:53
SnapSnapI've removed Ubuntu One from my system, but it continues to tell me it's syncing.04:06
SnapSnapI used u1sdtool --quit to stop the daemon, but I have to do this every time I restart my computer04:07
karniSnapSnap: try $ sudo apt-get purge ubuntuone-client04:13
karnigotta go now, I'm falling asleep04:14
SnapSnapkarni, thanks04:14
mvogood morning07:13
karniMorning folks o/09:04
gatoxgood morning!09:18
mvohey karni and gatox, good morning!09:27
gatoxmvo, o/09:29
JamesTaitGood morning all! :)09:31
mandelmorning all!09:42
karnihey mvo :) hi rest o/10:01
mvohey karni, mandel and JamesTait10:01
mandelmvo, hello hello!10:02
mvomandel: https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/unity/sc-launcher-integration-fixes/+merge/134931 - just fyi in case we want to do something like that at some point for music download display (but honestly, no idea how that would look like or work)10:05
mvo(i mean design wise, I have a vague idea how it would work in code)10:05
mandelmvo, AFAIK is out of scope, but gatox and I think we will get a lot to show in a few days, at that point we can make the decision10:06
mvomandel: cool!10:06
ralsinamvo: nice branch!10:24
ralsinamandel: our development scope is based on what I think we can get done. If things move faster, scope enlarges. This is so you guys don't get bored ;-)10:24
mandelralsina, ok hehe10:35
mandelralsina, we might get some stuff done and finished, we need to rethink what will happen with the preview state machine, it might need a full re-write and that is something that we have to discuss10:36
mandelralsina, in case it won't be used in the newest version...10:36
ralsinamandel: ok, you scared me now.10:36
ralsinamandel: full rewrite doesn't sound like something we should tackle now. Could you ask neil about plans for it?10:36
ralsinamandel: as if "is this going to go away/ get rewritten/die in a fire?"10:37
mandelralsina, yes, first I want to see what we have by the end of the day and an example of the possible problems, as I already said, the dash was not designed for long user journeys...10:37
mvothanks ralsina :) fixing this was on my mind for some time, I'm really happy I finally found the time to sit down and do it10:46
ralsinamandel: indeed.10:48
ralsinamvo: I am not confident enough to review it maybe mandel can take a look, and of course some native unity guy10:48
mandelralsina, sure I can take a look while unity compiles...10:49
* mandel drops the wooden sword..10:49
ralsinamandel: haha10:49
ralsinamandel: well, gatox has his hobbit sword, doesn't he?10:49
mvoralsina, mandel: feedback welcome of course, but I think for it to land one of the core unity devs should bless it10:49
gatoxralsina, no! it's anduril!10:50
mandelmvo, indeed, we need a unity developer.. that is why I'm not a huge fan of the currect arch of the system, it would be nice that we worked as plugins and not work on the trunk of unity itself..10:50
ralsinagatox: not dart? Dart is cool, glows when there's a troll nearby! Awesome for internet usage!10:50
mandelralsina, mvo if you read gatox over twitter you will notice he already met an elf... she even had the bow and arrows with her!10:53
mandelgatox, to be read if you are going to be adding tests => http://code.google.com/p/googletest/wiki/AdvancedGuide11:13
mandelgatox,  we can take a look at it after lunch11:13
alecuhello, all!12:37
ralsinahello dr nick! Oops, hello alecu!12:38
* alecu missed the simpsons reference...12:39
ralsinaalecu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGYpsNpg1bw12:39
* gatox lunch12:55
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* mandel back from lunch14:21
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mandelthis is crazy... bzr is taking ages..15:18
karniWhy is a merged branch still displayed on the project branches list ? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-client-engineering/ubuntuone-android-music/v2-playback-and-misc15:18
mandelralsina, are eu + ar the only ones working today?15:18
karnioh, maybe because it's not merged into trunk, but a different one?15:18
mandelkarni, let me take a look15:19
karnimandel: Thanks15:19
karnimandel: FWIW no commits after last approval15:19
diogobaederFYI, one of my mps for today was also taking ages to show the diff, but now it's ok. So I guess LP is a bit slow today.15:20
ralsinamandel: tomorrow is natl holiday in the US but most have taken the day off15:20
karnimandel: Sometimes I see such "merged" branch and just delete it, but ideally I'd like to know "why".15:20
mandelkarni, I think the reason is because lp:~ubuntuone-client-engineering/ubuntuone-android-music/v2 does not have a series (like trunk) and therefore both branches are considered to be active against trunk (or which ever the base branch was)15:21
mandelkarni, AFAIK if the v2 branch had a series it will remove that guy or if you merge v2 into trunk15:21
karnimandel: That makese sense, thank you15:21
mandeldiogobaeder, I'm even getting timeouts.. I guess it must be the holidays..15:22
karnimandel: I'll soon deprecate trunk (v1, totally different code base) and replace it with v2 "trunk"15:22
mandelralsina, ack, standup in #u1-client, right?15:22
karnimandel: yes15:22
diogobaedermandel, that would explain it, yes :D15:22
ralsinamandel: yes please15:22
mandelkarni, you can always create a new series, lets call it v1 and keep the old code, just in case15:22
mandelkarni, then make v2 be the branch for the trunk series15:23
karnimandel: Right, I'm not removing the trunk. Just deprecating it.15:23
karnimandel: +1 I'll do that15:23
mandelkarni, that way you will have the deprecated one there in case you have to do backports etc..15:23
karniaquarius: How audio book is different form an audio track? (I never listened to an audio book)15:28
karniaquarius: In other words,how do you detect "this folder contains audio book" in a consistent way15:28
karnian album can contain tracks and album art as well. it can have really long tracks as well.15:28
aquariuskarni: there is no consistent way at all. An audiobook is just an audio track of someone reading a book.15:28
aquariuskarni: the problem is twofold: first, that on shuffle I don't want a 2 hour mp3 of someone reading Frankenstein popping up15:29
karniaquarius: How do you want it on the phone, but excluded from shuffle? allow the user to select which should not be included?15:29
karniaquarius: I have 1h+ mixes (from you tube :P)15:29
aquariuskarni: and secondly, quite a few audiobooks don't come as One Massive MP3, but as 100 really short 3 minute MP3s. So they show up a *lot* in shuffle.15:29
karniand I do want them on my playlist. it could be a concert recording as well.15:29
aquariusYep. I do not suggest that there is some magic way of auto-diagnosing whether something is an audioboko.15:30
karniaquarius: So, manual opt-out "per album" ?15:30
* karni nods15:30
aquariuskarni: that's one way. Since I have all my audiobooks in ~/Music/Audiobooks I'd like to be able to opt out once rather than once per book ;)15:30
aquariusI'd be OK with, for example, saying that audiobooks will be recognised as audiobooks (and therefore excluded from shuffle) if they have the "audiobook" id3 tag (and thus require people to add that tag to their audiobooks)15:31
aquariusthis is the back-and-forth discussion I've been having with beuno for twelve months ;)15:31
karniaquarius: music streaming API doesn't know ~/Music/Audiobooks. it knows the "albums" within.15:31
* beuno_ ignores everything15:31
karniWe don't know the paths of these files, so we don't know ~/Music/Audiobooks. only children "albums".15:32
karniI see15:32
karniI like the idea of that tag15:32
aquariusbeuno_: :)15:32
karnisuper easy for me to filter by ID3 tag field, if we get that in music API v215:33
aquariustbh I can live with just completely excluding audiobooks from music scanning if I have to (I quite often download them to the phone anyway, which is a one-click download-this-folder thing, and then play them in a dedicated audiobook player)15:33
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aquariusso I could live with .nomedia, but beuno doesn't lik ethat :)15:34
beunoyeah, and matvus aren't set up to do that either15:35
aquariusbeuno: I'm aware you have good reason to not like it; I don't think it's just you being intransigent :)15:36
beunoaquarius, that takes all the fun out of it15:36
aquariusI'd just like shuffle. That's all ;)15:36
gatoxinternet issues in my machine...... crazy things happens16:04
karnigatox: mandel did stand-up for himself and you.16:08
gatoxkarni, i know...... mandel is sitting right next to me :P16:09
gatoxkarni, thx anyway16:09
karnigatox: :DDD16:09
gatoxmandel's machine just DIED!!....... he is rebooting16:13
gatoxhe said a couple of words that i can't repeat here16:13
* mandel back16:15
karniSeems like our developer average machine uptime is going down.16:15
mandelnouveau drivers are not a smart thing to use when running the unity tests suit..16:15
* karni two last failing tests16:16
ralsinagatox: did you take the corner case vortex generator to spain? Did you declare it?16:20
gatoxralsina, jejeje16:20
* mandel reboots to use the correct 3d driver16:26
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karniIt's a pity that SQLite doesn't return constraint name when the db throws FK constraint failed exception.16:53
directhexhas u1ms changed its music provider? i get different results from u1ms in rhythmbox compared to in a browser on one.ubuntu.com16:55
directhexalso, clicking any album in u1ms in RB is broken - does nothing for about 60 seconds then gives a generic error16:56
directhexAn error has occured!16:58
directhexSorry but we have encountered an error with your request, please to try again.16:58
directhexIf you continue to receive this message then please contact our support team who will be pleased to help you.16:58
karniDarn SQLite foreign key arrgh17:07
karniCan't get it right.17:07
ralsinadirecthex: I'm afraid the person who works on the rb plugin is off today17:08
directhexi managed to find what i wanted on the web store by not using the search box, since it is missing results17:09
ralsinaabout that, maybe beuno can help you17:09
directhexbut now i can't pay. my card details get rejected with a super descriptive "Invalid card details." message17:09
ralsinadirecthex: the error in rb is caused by a music store that is hosted by 7digital, not us17:10
ralsinadirecthex: I will try to get the error routed to the right person17:10
directhexso, as an example of search being broken, https://one.ubuntu.com/music-store/search?q=greatest+video+game+music&grp=1 does not show https://one.ubuntu.com/music-store/release/2012768/london-philharmonic-orchestra-and-andrew-skeet/the-greatest-video-game-music-217:12
karniNailed it, finally.17:21
ralsinadirecthex: where are you located?17:22
directhexralsina, the UK17:23
ralsinadirecthex: hmmm then that should be available AFAIK17:24
ralsinajoshuahoover: can you help directhex with some music store issues?17:24
ralsinajoshuahoover: or point to the right person? beuno seems to be having lunch17:24
beunoknown issue17:25
beunowill take a bit work fix17:25
joshuahooverbeuno: heh, you beat me to it17:25
directhexwhich one's a known issue - the checkout not working, or search not working?17:26
directhexor RB not working17:26
beunodirecthex, search not working17:26
beunocheckout issues are not known17:26
beunowhat's up with RB?17:26
directhexclick any album in u1ms, nothing happens other than a generic-sounding error17:26
joshuahooverdirecthex: what is the error?17:27
directhex<directhex> An error has occured!17:27
directhex<directhex> Sorry but we have encountered an error with your request, please to try again.17:27
directhex<directhex> If you continue to receive this message then please contact our support team who will be pleased to help you.17:27
beunojoshuahoover, RB is using the old store17:28
joshuahooverbeuno: right17:28
beunoall of that should live in 7D itself17:28
beunoso all them17:28
ralsinabeuno: the 7digital store seems to be somewhat down :-/17:29
beunothere you go17:29
* joshuahoover contacts 7d17:32
karniEasy to review, involves some direct use of SQL. Don't worry about new line count, some are simple substitutions.17:35
karniThe interesting part are src/com/ubuntuone/android/music/provider/dao/* and src/com/ubuntuone/android/music/service/SyncService.java17:36
ralsinakarni: looking...17:41
mandeleod over here for me and gatox18:02
mandelralsina, FYI things are moving along quite nice18:02
ralsinamandel: \o/18:02
ralsinahave fun guys, don't break anything18:03
karniralsina: I'll try to have simple name refactors in separate commits next time. commit 25 and 26 are most interesting (last two)18:07
ralsinakarni: yes, noticed18:07
ralsinakarni: looks good from a code review18:08
ralsinakarni: but I don; thave a way to build android things yet (I need to do that soon)18:08
karniralsina: only rev 23 contains trivial refactors, of of the four18:08
karniralsina: Right. FYI all tests (including these added in this MP) pass green18:08
ralsinakarni: I believe you, so +1 :-)18:08
karniI'm happy to help out when you have more time to set things up.18:08
karniralsina: tnx :)18:09
karnialecu: If you'd like to give this a second review, that'd be nice :) https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntuone-client-engineering/ubuntuone-android-music/metadata-caching-optimisation/+merge/13547718:09
karnialecu: FYI commit 23 is some refactor noise, so consider looking at single commit diffs18:10
karniroasted_: hi there o/18:19
roasted_I reinstalled Ubuntu One last night.18:20
roasted_I have 9 things on the main page under power usage statistics. Ubuntu One isn't even listed in the top 9.18:20
karniroasted_: FYI I'm still looking into the battery issue, wan't able to reproduce (yet)18:20
karniroasted_: Iiiinteresting18:21
roasted_Whereas without using it before it was #1 for battery consumption.18:21
roasted_Above screen, android system, everything.18:21
roasted_I reinstalled it last night and haven't touched it, aside from signing in.18:21
karniroasted_: We'll keep an eye out on complaints on support tracker.18:21
* karni hasn't looked for a few days, due to sprint in London amongst others18:22
roasted_karni: I'll keep an eye out as well, but right now it honestly seems to be okay.18:22
karniroasted_: Thanks for getting back to us :)18:22
roasted_What I did, if it's relevant, was did a fresh install of 4.2 (not an incremental upgrade) and restored all of my apps+data with the free edition of Titanium Backup.18:22
roasted_Perhaps something got wacky during the restore? Who knows.18:22
roasted_In fact, for fun, I'll nuke UbuntuOne again and restore it from TiBackup and see if the battery issue comes back.18:23
karniroasted_: Yes, that is possible, although it should have never gone heywire18:23
karniroasted_: Perfect :)18:23
karniThank you18:23
roasted_Agreed - but if it's something I can replicate it'd be something worth elevating, whether to you guys or TiBackup, whichever it's fouling out at.18:23
roasted_Not like it takes me much time - a few clicks and ofrget about it for a day. :P18:24
roasted_I have a long weekend coming up, plenty of testing time.18:24
roasted_I'll pop in later and let you know what the findings are.18:24
roasted_thanks for your insight karni18:24
karniroasted_: Thanks man! Thank you so much.18:25
roasted_take care!18:25
karniroasted_: If I'm not around, I'll get back to your messages (I have an IRC session)18:25
karnioops ;d18:25
* karni calls it a day, catch you guys tomorrow morning (or late evening :))18:26
ralsinabye karni!18:30
alecuhey all, I'm back from lunch, but my head has been feeling awful the whole day, so I'm taking the rest of the day off.18:45
ralsinaalecu: take care man.19:10
ralsinaEOD for me too. Bye!21:05
directhexturns out "Invalid card details" means "transaction declined by over-zealous card issuer anti fraud people"22:04
karniWe've had delta since what.. a year? post from 6 weeks ago: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/blog/2323:09

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