GridCubemr_pouit, ping12:42
knomeGridCube, maybe just go ahead and ask away, i'm sure he'll answer when he's around :)12:53
GridCubeP: well, mr_pouit, i was told to ask you what would it be needed to add onscreen keyboard support for out lightdm theme12:54
elfyknome_: thanks for clarifying that 13:45
mrpouitGridCube: lightdm-gtk-greeter doesn't support that for the moment I think (it would probably need to add a new entry in the accessibility menu that launches onboard).16:50
GridCubemmm ok, so, who should i bother about that?16:51
mrpouitMe. :P16:53
mrpouit(there's already Bug #905809, but I haven't had time to look)16:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 905809 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "PATCH lightdm-gtk-greeter on screen keyboard support" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90580916:56
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knomemrpouit, i wonder if you fixed the slow thunar launch already for R, can't remember ;]20:37
mrpouitknome: no, it's only fixed with the latest thunar, won't be fixed otherwise21:13
knomemrpouit, aha. will we have that in R?21:20
mrpouitPossible, since nick had some plans to release 1.6 before xfce 4.12.21:21
knomeis cherry-picking that at all possible, even if there wasn't a new release?21:23
mrpouitknome: not possible, it's solved by the sidebar rewrite. :)21:29
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knomeok, let's try to get a new release then!21:29
knomewe should start our regular meetings soon21:57
knomeregularly postponed/dismissed22:06

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