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Glinki need help mk desktop and pannels are crashing00:40
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Glinki need help01:02
Glinkmy desktop in my session guives this error:01:02
Glinkglink@glink-M7X0SUN:~$ xfdesktop  (xfdesktop:6054): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_file_get_path: assertion `G_IS_FILE (file)' failed  (xfdesktop:6054): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_file_get_path: assertion `G_IS_FILE (file)' failed Falha de segmentação (core dumped)01:02
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innmalintI'm having difficulties with my bootloader; I guess a good starting point would be to ask what bootloader Xubuntu uses? I'm trying to get a GRUB or GRUB2 menu to show my windows HDD upon startup.01:59
well_laid_lawninnmalint: xubuntu uses grub2 and you should hold down the shift key during boot to have the menu show02:00
innmalintThanks! I couldn't find a direct answer. I02:01
innmalint*I'm sure there's a way to change that configuration, off to Google. Am I right in guessing there is a config file to edit in order to get the menu by default?02:02
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:03
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MaccerCan someone verify for me? Can anyone take a screenshot and save it to clipboard and then paste it to a site like imgur.com or application like GIMP? I sure can't without selecting the screenshot in clipman.03:54
MrHotsauceMaccer: in the latest version of xubuntu you can simply press the print screen button and a dialog should show up select the "copy yo clipboard" bubble and you should be good to go03:56
MaccerMrHotsauce: Yes I realize, but no parsable data is being copied to it. Imgur says I'm using an incorrect format until I use clipman to select it. Gimp and other applications hang as they attempt to paste the screenshot.03:59
MrHotsaucehm thats strange....i dont really know how you would fix that mine seems to work fine =\04:02
MaccerYeah... this is odd, my screenshots only paste if the screenshooter is running.04:19
unheedingI installed KDE, and now the KDE GTK settings override the Xfce appearance settings, can anyone help me?04:49
holsteinunheeding: maybe some apps start with qt prefs?.. you want to purge the KDE stuff? or theme it?04:49
unheedingI want to use a different theme in Xfce than what is specified by KDE Settings04:50
unheedingchanging the "Style" under appearance in Xfce settings does nothing04:50
holsteinunheeding: the kde apps will probably look "funny"04:50
unheedingbut if I change the GTK setting in KDE Preferences, it overrides my Xfce preferences04:51
unheedingeven when i log out of kde and switch to xfce04:51
holsteinunheeding: i would expect "issues"04:53
holsteinunheeding: i might look at something that ships both and does a good job with it.. see how they address it04:53
holsteinunheeding: i typically just install the few kde apps i need and deal with it... im not a big "asthetics" person though04:56
unheedingi just want to use different themes for GTK apps in KDE and xfce04:57
holsteinunheeding: maybe something like https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Uniform_Look_for_Qt_and_GTK_Applications ..maybe we have something like that for ubuntu04:57
holsteinunheeding: sure... im just not sure why changing them isnt working for you04:57
unheedingoh well... thanks for your help holstein05:01
unheedingi think i'm just going to nuke it05:01
holsteini would just try applying some themes and see what happens05:05
holsteintake some screenshots05:05
holsteinits challenging, since you are so far outside the default supported range of the software05:06
holsteinim sure there is a way, but it would be "easy"05:06
unheedingyeah everything works perfectly for kde05:06
unheedingi just wish that i could get everything to play nice with one another05:07
holsteinand you can... but it'll require somre research and patience05:07
unheedinglike i'd love to have KDE/GNOME/MATE/Cinnamon/Xfce/Lxde/Windowmaker all without conflicting with each other05:07
holsteini would take screenies and post them ...im still not wure what the deal is05:08
unheedingi should start a SUPERbuntu05:08
holsteinthere is a project.05:08
holsteini'll link it.. thats what i was talking about.. just look at someone who is already doing what you are trying to do05:09
holsteinKde, Gnome3, Unity, E17, XFCE, LXDE, OPENBOX et FVWM05:10
holsteinshould give you an idea of how they are dealing with the asthetics..05:10
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nyRednekwell, finished my dressing for thanksgiving07:49
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Atamiradarn it09:17
Atamirawhy cant i move the items on my taskbar? they seem stuck even tho i have unlocked the panel options09:17
knomeunlocking the panel doesn't affect that. right-click and select move to move items09:19
Atamirayeah, tried, that09:19
Atamiranot working either09:19
Transfusionalt-right click09:20
Atamiradoes what? doesnt seem to do anything on my side Transfusion09:20
Atamirai just want to move that item ie my clock to the other side of the taskbar..and it wont move09:21
knomeAtamira, after selecting move, drag and drop09:23
Atamirai can move it between taskbars..from 1 to 2..but i cant move it along the task bar for some reason09:23
Atamiramaybe its a group thing..mmm09:23
knomeAtamira, what version of xubuntu are you using?09:26
Atamiraupdated it this afternoon09:26
knomeAtamira, ok. you can always right-click the panel, select panel -> panel preferences and in the items tab, reorder the panel applets  (just pick the panel you want to edit from the dropdown box at the top first!)09:27
Atamirayes ive done that. but i want the clock in the right hand cover..right now they are all clumped together on the left hand side with this big open space on the right hand side09:28
knomeright. then you need to add a separator to the left09:29
knomeand make it expand09:29
Atamirathe separator?09:29
knomeor separator left to the clock09:29
knomeyes, the separator09:29
Atamiraoh that works..great !09:31
Atamiracan you limit or adjust the size of that separator?09:31
knomenot really09:31
knomebut you can add other expanding separators... but not sure if that's what you want09:32
Atamirano its not, but its ok. its looking the way i want it to now, t hanks09:32
Atamiradidnt know you could expand the separators09:32
knomeno problem09:32
knomei suppose it's confusing especially for new users who accidentally remove the separator09:33
Atamiraonly new to xfce. normally i use gnome09:34
ablomen_oopsHey, since the new version of xubuntu, my bookmarks in thunar, are different from those in for example gedit. I presume this means xfce uses it's own system for this now, but is there a way to link these two together?10:43
ablomen_oops(with bookmarks i mean folders dragged into the sidebar of thunar, same with the document open dialog in gedit etc)10:43
habibhey everyone. just installed xubuntu and for few hours ubuntu software center worked ok. but now install button just doesnt work. Can anyone help?11:14
TheSheep"doesn't work"?11:16
habibi click it and it doesn't respond11:16
TheSheep!doesn't work11:16
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.11:16
habibbut the software center is still working11:16
habibas i said doewn't work only button install11:17
habibi click it and it just doesn't respond11:17
TheSheepI have no idea what you mean11:17
TheSheepis it grayed out?11:17
habibit isn't active11:17
knomeisn't those applications installed?11:18
habibno it isn't11:18
habibfor example11:18
habibi type in "chromium"11:18
TheSheepis it already installing something now?11:18
habiband it gives out list of programs11:18
habibno it isn't installing11:18
habibi click to install button infront of chromium and it just doesn't respond11:19
TheSheephabib: can you start the software-center from a terminal and see if it shows any errors in there?11:19
habibi tried to launch it from term : sudo software-center11:20
habiband it gave me this: http://pastebin.com/k4Hy7gXV11:22
habiband even if i download something  .deb like, and launch it, software center opens and "install" button still doesn't respond11:24
TheSheephabib: are you doing updates right now?11:24
habibi allready did11:25
habiband id done11:25
habibit done11:25
habiblat's say i've just updated11:26
TheSheepupdates also count as installing new software, and while they run, you cannot install anything else11:27
habibbut if it's done?11:28
habibthe update11:29
TheSheeptry it now11:29
habibi'll try to reload11:39
habibi've reloade pc and software center still doesn't give respond when i clik install11:49
djtfWhat are you trying to install?11:49
habibchromium or java11:50
habibdifferent programs only to get it working11:51
bazhang!info chromium-browser11:51
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 20.0.1132.47~r144678-0ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 22391 kB, installed size 82066 kB11:51
bazhanghabib, ^11:52
bazhangsee above11:53
bazhang!java | habib11:53
ubottuhabib: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.11:53
habibi'm trying other programs12:05
habibstill doesn't work12:06
bazhanghabib, install from ubuntu repos, not from some random 3rd party site12:10
bazhanghabib, I just told you the correct package name to install12:10
bazhanghabib, and gave you  a link to read on installing java. Please read it.12:10
bazhanghabib, chromium-browser    <---------- the package name12:11
habibhow to set correct repos then?12:11
bazhangin the package manager12:12
habiboh come on)) i'm third week in xubuntu)12:12
bazhanghabib, then you should read some links on basic ubuntu usage12:13
bazhang!repos | habib12:13
ubottuhabib: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories12:13
bazhang!software | habib12:13
ubottuhabib: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents12:13
bazhanghabib, you should read those, then try to do what I have advised in respect to chromium-browser and java12:14
Atamiraok odd. i loaded a cd to play earlier, and now i end up with two icons. one of the actual disc, and one that says its the disk but its empty and yet will open and close my dvd player . even tho there is nothing in the dvd player12:17
habibok bazhang look. what if i install xubuntu with correct internet connection and first time software center worked ok. then xubuntu checked for updates, installed it, and then software center stoped to work? I can chose any program u say and it wont install12:34
habibi know about ways of installation12:35
habibi know about apt-get and synaptic12:35
GridCubehabib, wich version of xubuntu are you using, i had a similar problem at the first weeks of 12.0412:40
GridCubei see, please try to launch usc from a terminal and see the warnings it gives you, disregard the ones about gtk312:41
GridCubeparticularly look for warnings regarding the gnome-keyring12:42
habibGridCube, http://pastebin.com/k4Hy7gXV12:42
GridCubelets see12:42
habibthere even button "use this source" is gray12:44
GridCubehabib, try launching usc using sudo12:45
GridCubegksu actually12:45
habibsame thing12:47
habiband it says that i have no network connection12:49
GridCubehow very weird12:51
GridCubehabib, do you have external ppa's¡12:52
habibwhat is it?12:52
GridCubea ppa?12:53
GridCubeif you dont know then you dont have them12:53
habibyeah and allso i tryed this. i went to chrome.google.com and it offered me chrome stable version for linux12:54
habiba .deb kind12:54
habibi downloaded it12:54
habiband opened. and it opened in ubuntu software center. but install button is gray12:55
GridCubehabib, mmm yes, try this13:03
habibso it doesn't work13:03
habibi did13:04
GridCubesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove13:04
GridCubeyou have something blocking you somewhere13:04
GridCubehabib, ?13:11
habibGridCube, in progress13:12
habibdidn't work13:13
habibafk 5 min13:13
GridCube:) habib try this http://freshtutorial.com/solve-unable-lock-administration-directory-varlibdpkg/13:14
habibdidn't work)13:30
ali1234i'm trying to install xubuntu 12.10 in virtualbox and it just hangs at the first step of the installer: http://ubuntuone.com/2t8PX13u46VjjYhS9GJAD013:32
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ali123420 minutes13:39
GridCubeali1234, how much memory have you given to the vbox?13:41
GridCubethats a lot, and for video the same?13:42
ali1234it was enough for mint and ubuntu13:42
ali1234for video?13:42
GridCubemmmm it should be enough, but more wouldnt hurt13:43
ali1234i don't really see how you can run linux in less than 2GB on 64bit13:43
ali1234this machine has 16GB and it's only just enough13:43
GridCubei do, 1.5 P:13:43
GridCubenah, you dont need that much13:44
ali1234VMs i'm not just using for scratch testing i normally give 4 or 8GB13:44
ali1234but anywhoo13:44
ali1234maybe it's because i'm reusing the disk image that i just installed mint on13:46
ali1234the installer does say "you already have ubuntu 12.10 installed" so maybe mint confuses it due to being incompatible13:46
ali1234^ it says that *when it works* i mean :)13:47
ali12345 days battery from SGS... amazing13:48
ali1234that's almost half what my C7 can do :)13:48
GridCubeali1234, it should give you the option to install alongside with no problem13:48
GridCubebut i dont know mint13:48
ali1234it doesn't give those options any more in 12.1013:49
ali1234you now get "erase ubuntu 12.10 and install" or "something else"13:49
ali1234where something else => manual configuration13:49
ali1234when i installed mint that's what it gave me. mint is 12.10 but not a proper respin like xubuntu13:49
GridCubemmmm no.  it should give you the option13:50
ali1234well, only if xubuntu patched it back into ubiquity13:51
ali1234now wiping host drive with dd...13:58
ali1234so does xfce use gtk2 or gtk3 themes?13:59
TheSheepali1234: xfce uses gtk2, but xubuntu ships both gtk2 and gtk3 applications14:04
ali1234but which does it use fr themes?14:04
TheSheepali1234: as I said14:04
ali1234so it will have all the same problems that MATE has, when using gtk3 applications?14:05
TheSheepI have no idea what is MATE and what problems it has14:05
ali1234MATE is a desktop based on gtk214:06
ali1234when you run gtk3 applications under it, they appear unthemed14:06
TheSheepali1234: xubuntu ships with themes that support both gtk2 and gtk3, so as long as you don't try to use a custom theme that lacks gtk3 support, everything works fine14:07
ali1234you can force an override by setting symlinks in /home but because gtk2 and gtk3 has totally different themes, anything done in gtk3 (which is pretty much everything) never looks like the desktop14:07
ali1234yeah, that's the problem. i don't want to use the default themes14:07
ali1234i want to use radiance, but it has no properly working gtk2 version14:08
TheSheepali1234: then use non-default themes that have gtk3 support14:08
TheSheepali1234: I use radiance even as we speak and it looks fine14:08
ali1234so i end up using radiance for gtk3 and clearlooks for gtk2 and it looks like ass14:08
ali1234well, we shall see14:08
ali1234if i ever get past the first screen of the installer14:08
TheSheepgood luck14:09
razvanhow to make my flash based games to work more smooth... ??14:10
razvanonline flash games14:10
GridCubeuntick hardware acceleration on the flash options14:11
ali1234wiping mint from the drive allows the installer to work14:11
ali1234had to dd zeros over it14:12
razvanok thanks14:13
ali1234ok, now it is stuck at "retrieving file 43 of 117" - which is odd because i told it not to download anything, because the VM does not have an internet connection14:30
ali1234been stuck for 15 minutes now14:30
recon_lapali1234: have you tried pressing esc?14:32
ali1234i have now14:32
ali1234as i expected, it did absolutely nothing14:33
ali1234oh, wait, there's a skip button now?14:33
ali1234ok, clicking that a couple of times made it continue14:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1081632 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity hangs forever if you try to install on a computer with Mint 14 installed." [Undecided,New]14:39
ali1234affects main ubuntu isos too14:40
ali1234oh, xubuntu finished installing14:40
ali1234then the installer dumps you at a command prompt? seriously?14:40
GridCubeit should have worked14:41
GridCubeyou probably just need to make a new virtual disk, i've never had this much problems14:42
ali1234what's the difference between xubuntu session and xfce session?14:44
ali1234why has it popped up a notification telling me there is information available? why not just put the information into the notification?14:45
TheSheepali1234: the difference is in the default layout of the panels14:46
TheSheepali1234: the xubuntu one has the layout based on old ubuntu, with narrow panels at the top and the bottom of the screen14:46
TheSheepali1234: the xfce one has xfce's default layout14:46
ali1234that's not true14:46
ali1234the xubuntu session has a thin panel at the top and a dock at the bottom14:47
ali1234and the xfce session has identical panels and the default xfce mouse background instead of the xubutu background14:47
ali1234yes, the dfference is it has a different background image14:47
GridCubeand menu icons and options14:48
GridCubeand themes14:48
GridCubeand support for default software and settings14:48
ali1234yes, the theme is quite different14:54
ali1234xubuntu session looks like this: http://ubuntuone.com/7VwYXGwp0VHjHJxNDNYFzj14:58
ali1234xfce session looks like this: http://ubuntuone.com/6yGTfJQriTroUEBk0wiWLq14:58
ali1234< beginning to wonder if anyone else here actually uses xubuntu14:59
baizonali1234: what theme is this?15:00
ali1234no idea15:01
ali1234it's what you get when you install xubuntu15:01
ali1234i haven't even looked in the settings yet15:01
GridCubeali1234, we do, you mixed things up15:02
GridCubethats not the default theme, the default theme is greybird15:03
GridCubeyou changed it15:03
ali1234right, ok15:03
ali1234i changed it15:03
ali1234i'm just making stuff up to troll you15:03
bazhangali1234, no need for that15:04
GridCubeali1234, i dont see why you would but if it makes you feel better15:04
GridCubeali1234, you *had*  to do something, are you using a different /home/ than the default? are you carrying config files from mint?15:04
ali1234no, i wiped /dev/sda with dd in order to make the installer even work, see the bug i posted15:07
GridCubeyes i remember now15:07
GridCubewell i dont know ali1234 but thats not the default theme, you have there, something is wrong, but i dont know what that is15:07
frogman1984JOIN /python15:10
bazhang /join #python15:12
bazhangfrogman1984, ^15:12
frogman1984yes, fail typing.... :-(15:16
ali1234cool. theming seems to be flawless15:51
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nantoui need help with log, cue and ape files16:20
nantouseparate em16:20
baizoni dont understand your question16:21
nantoui have several log, cue and ape files. I want to extract the single FLAC files from each of the log, ape and cue files16:22
ali1234ape is an audio format, cue is a file which describes tracks on an audio cd16:24
ali1234so i'm guessing the question is "how do i split an ape audio file into tracks based on the cue file?"16:24
ali1234check comments also, people seem t think there are better ways16:25
kj4 17:06
bleuboxanyone here have experience with a broken package manager?17:31
bleuboxi was mid-update and the power cord got yanked, causing something to go wrong with libqt17:31
bleuboxthe usual sudo apt-get install -f doesn't help, i'm afraid17:32
v1adimiruh sudo apt-get --help17:32
v1adimirand purge the downloaded17:32
v1adimirmaybe :)17:33
bleuboxpurge the downloaded?  through clean?17:34
genii-aroundI'd suggest to delete all the files in /var/lib/apt/lists   too17:34
bleubox(and thanks)17:34
bleuboxhm, okay17:34
v1adimirbleubox: not 100% sure17:35
bleuboxvladimir: okay, thanks :)17:35
v1adimirbleubox: man apt-get says 'purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and purged (any configuration files are deleted too).' so looks like i was totally wrong17:35
bleuboxvladimir: ah, man. how useful it is. okay, that makes sense17:36
v1adimirbleubox: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-ubuntu-linux-clear-the-package-cache/17:36
v1adimirsorz i was too hasty to reply :\17:37
siimcan someone please help me, I cant get my wireless to work.17:45
siimnon of the network is showing up on that tray icon17:45
bleuboxsiim: is this a new install?17:46
siimi got it to work somehow(noob) but after restart it wont work anymore and i dont remember what did i do17:47
bleuboxsiim: i've had problems getting xubuntu to remember my settings too17:47
bleuboxsiim: i'm also new at this17:47
bleuboxsiim: but I'll try to help17:47
bleuboxsiim: so the network icon shows up but no networks show up there?17:48
siimonly that one wired network im using right now17:48
bleuboxgenii-around: i think you had the key there17:49
bleuboxgenii-around: thanks!17:49
bleuboxsiim: do you know much about networks? does yours broadcast its SSID?17:50
genii-aroundbleubox: Glad to assist.17:50
siimsorry no17:51
bleuboxsiim: i'd suggest trying to manually create a new wireless network through the menu bar item and add your network that way17:53
siimhow to i connect to it .. im actually  trying to do an adhoc17:55
siimi dont have my own wifi here17:56
bleuboxsiim: i'm afraid you're outside my expertise, then. i'm not sure how to do ad hoc17:58
bleuboxsiim: sorry17:58
barneyI am setting up a lenovo w530 laptop and trying to get the vga to work ... My second screen is now showing the "boot" background but how do I get it to duplicate the laptop screen?17:59
GridCubetry setting them up using arandr18:01
barneyThanks will give that a try ...18:02
GridCubealso check the keyboard fn keys, they usually cycle between modes18:03
david_OK .. I installed arandr but found that I could simply drag windows from one side to the other. My problem really is that I want to be able to duplicate my laptop display on a second display ... any ideas there?18:17
nantouHELP! I am splitting a CUE-APE file into several audio files. I am following the instructions that can be found at http://www.webupd8.org/2009/04/split-ape-and-flac-files-in-ubuntu-and.html, but I have a problem with the MAC package, as xubuntu 12.10 says it is dangerous for the system. Where can I find a stable MAC package? alternatively, what other way of splitting the APE-CUE would you suggest?18:26
recon_lapdavid_ thought that was the default behavior.18:29
recon_lapdavid_ opps, I use xrandr18:33
nantoupacman -S cuetools shntool flac wavpack mac mp3info vorbis-tools <-- executes pacman the game, how do I install that bundle of files?18:34
genii-aroundnantou: *buntu ditributions use apt-get, not pacman18:36
genii-around!apt-get | nantou18:36
ubottunantou: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)18:36
nantouthx genii-around , any idea where to find a stable mac? Unable to locate package mac18:38
genii-aroundnantou: It would help to know what that package was for on the platform you are trying to run the instructions for.18:42
nantougenii-around, i am discovering things as I write, and I cannot explain any better18:42
genii-aroundThe URL you gave earlier does not contain the "pacman -S cuetools shntool flac wavpack mac mp3info vorbis-tools"  command you were trying, so it's a bit difficult to assist with incomplete information.18:44
nantouo sorry18:48
nantougenii-around, please disregard the pacman line18:49
genii-aroundnantou: It seems this "mac" package is the codecs for the APE proprietary format. https://launchpad.net/~g-christ/+archive/ppa seems to have a current version.18:53
nantouthanks genii-around , but the line "Using this PPA can break your system without prior notice!" scares me18:54
genii-aroundnantou: Yes, since Personal Package Archives are not officially sanctioned packages, installing them can be dangerous since they are not audited and so on. But the majority of them are very safe.18:57
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ali1234can i make "Action Buttons" show an icon instead of my full name?18:58
nantouSaving tracks to "./Brahms - Pollini/1980 - DGG 419 470-2" <-- what does the "." mean? I cannot find the directory19:18
nantouit is not .Brahms <--19:18
nantoubut with a forward slash19:18
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well_laid_lawnnantou: ./ means the current directory19:36
xubuntu663hey guys! anyone can help me making a clean install of 12.10 on a laptop??19:36
knomexubuntu663, is there a specific problem?19:38
xubuntu663i have the iso burned on a cd, i boot through the cd, select install bu tehen nothing happens!19:38
xubuntu663just a underscore flashing..19:38
nantouwell_laid_lawn, then I have a problem, new files are not there19:38
xubuntu663well, the laptop has WinXP already installed, but i want to format and install Xub19:39
xubuntu663knome, do you have a solution for me?19:40
well_laid_lawnxubuntu663: sounds like it might be a graphics driver issue19:43
xubuntu663hummm... and the graphics driver prevents the xubuntu boot installer to proceed with a clean install?19:44
xubuntu663the graphics card is a laptop mobile ATI Radeon19:45
well_laid_lawnI don't know that much about ati but that should be ok19:45
well_laid_lawndid you check the cd?19:46
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows19:46
xubuntu663nop... i didn't check the cd..19:47
xubuntu663i just downloaded from the official site then burned it19:47
well_laid_lawnweel give it a check it might not have burned right19:47
VividRealityHello, I just bought a new screen, but the preferred resolutions aren't available, how do I get them?20:13
xubuntu663dont know how to use md5sum.... :| forget it... i'll install winXP instead20:14
VividRealityI have an AMD HD 9650 graphics card.20:15
VividReality6950* whoops.20:16
VividRealitySo I would think it could handle the resolution.20:16
VividRealityThe screen can go up to 1920 * 108020:17
knomeVividReality, do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?20:17
VividRealityHow do I know if I do?20:17
knomeVividReality, try to open that in a text editor, or 'ls' for the directory it in the terminal (ls /etc/X11)20:18
VividRealityShould I use that driver then?20:18
VividRealityInstead of AMD propetiary?20:18
knomeVividReality, no, this is not about drivers. if you have an old xorg.conf, that might be the reason why you're not having the new modes visible20:19
VividRealityOh okay, thank you.20:19
knomeVividReality, but let's check that first20:19
VividRealityDo you mean this? xorg.conf.original-020:19
knomeno, just "xorg.conf"20:20
VividRealityNo I don't.20:20
knomeif you type 'xrandr' in a terminal, do you see your new display with appropriate modes listed?20:20
knome(if you want to paste it, please use a pastebin)20:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:21
VividRealityIt seems it lists my old screen20:21
VividRealityIt thinks it's a CRT20:21
VividRealityAnd not the appropiate modes, no.20:22
VividRealityHere you go http://pastebin.com/pY4A1HEi20:23
david_Does anyone here know the location of the configuration files for desktop launcher items?20:24
knomeVividReality, what happens if you type 'xrandr --output CRT1 --mode [insert some mode you're not using now]' ?20:25
knomedavid_, application launchers are at /usr/share/applications/20:25
VividRealityxrandr: cannot find mode 1920x108020:26
knomeVividReality, try one of the modes listed in the output, to see if your monitor is "CRT1" :)20:26
VividRealityOh I am sorry.20:26
david_knome, I created a custom launcher with specific arguments. I am remotely logged in and wanted to get the args I used.20:27
VividRealityIt seems to be the one :P20:27
knomedavid_, i suppose those are in ~/.local20:27
VividRealityIt set my monitor to that mode.20:28
knomeVividReality, try adding the new mode with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions20:28
david_knome, This is a launcher in the panel.20:29
knomedavid_, those should be in the same place, the files are called ".desktop"-files, because that's the file extension20:30
knomedavid_, ~/.local/share/applications20:30
bearly230Hello all, would anyone have an idea why on a clean install of xubuntu 12.10 the default file manager is slow to open. IE takes up to 2 mins to open the first time or if it's been closed for a while.20:31
david_knome, Thanks for your help. You got me in the right direction. It was .config/xfce/panel/launcher-[id].rc20:32
knomedavid_, sure, np20:32
david_bearly230, Are you trolling? IE?20:33
knome"i.e." == "id est" == "for example"20:33
knome(i imagine...)20:33
david_I hope20:34
bearly230david_: No I'm not a troll, I'm serious. This is a new machine, where I put xubuntu on it this morning, only thing I've done is the patches, and installed libreoffice. But if I go to open the file manager to open one of my documents. It will take up to 2 mins the first time I open it. If I've had it closed for a while it will be slow to open again. But once it's opened I can open / close no problem until it sits for a while.20:35
bearly230david_: doesn't happen on my laptop, just this new hp machine.20:36
knomebearly230, if you're not using network drives, installing gvfs-backends should make it open much faster20:36
bearly230Thanks I'll give that a try.20:36
bearly230david_: says it's already installed and newest version.20:37
knomebearly230, sorry. i meant *uninstalling*20:38
knomebearly230, i'm not thinking too straight anymore20:38
bearly230k will give that a try.20:38
bearly230knome: brb going to restart and check it out.20:39
bearly230That worked, thanks.20:49
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MacsterTrying to install Xubuntu and get this error: This required the following features not present on the CPU, pae, Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your cpu22:01
knomeMacster, 12.10 needs pae support. you can install 12.04 with non-pae though and upgrade22:01
MacsterOld IBM Thinkpad T4222:01
knomeyes, not all older machines/CPUs have PAE support22:02
Macstercool, good to know, thanks22:02
knomeunfortunate, but there's not much we can do about it since we don't have the workforce to maintain a non-PAE kernel ourself22:02
knomebut 12.04 will always work, and upgrades from that will work too22:02
Macstercool, thanks for the info22:03
knomeno problem - enjoy22:03
MacsterThere's not enough ram in this old lappie to warrant using a pae kernel anyway so good to know22:05
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prplI have an ext4fs partition that I created for storage but it's owned by root and Thunar does not offer the "change of ownership" option that Nautilus does. How do I resolve this please ?23:27
prplI have spent time googling this23:28
toraxyou can change the owner with chown23:29
prplopennterminal at the location ?23:29
prplany tips torax ?23:30
prplEveryone myust hyave to do this23:30
knomeor, see what fstab says23:31
knome(if it's automounted)23:31
prplit is automaounted23:31
prplI can see it and open it but cant writ5e to it23:31
prplI dont recall this as an issue before23:32
prplthanks for the link..I did read it before but was hoping for some hidden gui trick before I tried chown23:35
prplMaybe I'll just reformat to ntfs23:36
knomei wouldn't suggest that if you're using the drive with linux23:37
prplIts just like a windows partition....23:37
prplYou mean defragging ?23:38
knomeno, i mean i wouldn't suggest ntfs23:38
knomethere might be some problems with ntfs and linux23:38
prpllinux meaning xubuntu ?23:39
knomexubuntu, too23:40
prplI am actuallyb trying to move away from partitioning storage in ntfs23:40
PhoenixSTFprpl, xubuntu is linux based kernel. so everything that goes for linux, xubuntu inherits23:40
prplI am used to dragging a windows xp around so it works best as a share between xp and linux23:41
prplntfs that is23:41
prplSo out of habit I create ntfs storage partitions23:42
prplThe ext4 requires permission alteration. In nautilus it's a piece of cake23:42
PhoenixSTFwell if dropping windows is not a option, you can always make a exfat partition with your home windows folders23:43
PhoenixSTFi don't know if exfat works on linux23:43
PhoenixSTFotherwise, fat32 works just fine23:43
prplfat has the 4gb issue though I want to figure out the exta...no xp on this hdd23:44
PhoenixSTFthen is ntfs... dont install linux on a ntfs23:45
prplI have xubuntu on a 10 gb partition...ext4...and another partition 30 gb ext4 that requires ownership adjustment so II can access it as username23:46
prplthats where I am now23:46
prplthe second empty partition is root owned23:47
prplI am used to nautilus wher it can be easily changed, the ownership ...23:48
prplI must learn how to change the ownership using the chown command I believe but now must figure out the actual content of the command  that follows sudo chown23:49
prpl-R username: group directory....what is the group and is the directory the UUID of the partition ?23:53
recon_lap group is the group you what the directory to belong to and directory is the directory you want to change, -R is recursive23:56
recon_lapprpl: UUID's would be used at the partition level in fstab23:57
prplrecon_lap...I renamed the partition to "26GB_EXT4_Storge" so I know what it is at all times23:58
recon_lapprpl: I not really a expert, but you at the file system level now, so you working from mount point23:59
prplso its location will be /media/26GB_EXT4_Storge "23:59

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