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AfCI just did my first Pull Request on GitHub.08:23
AfCI feel dirty.08:23
fullermdDid you wear gloves?08:53
gmarkallsometimes when i try to rebase, bzr identifies almost an entire file being in conflict when only a small portion has changed - does that sound like I'm doing something wrong?08:56
AfCIn bzr land, using rebase is doing it wrong, but anyway.09:16
gmarkalli've just noted that if i try a merge instead, it seems to pick out the lines that have actually changed09:16
gmarkallAfC: can I quote you on that?09:17
gmarkall(i'm not a fan of rebasing with bzr at all! :-) )09:17
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AfCgmarkall: sure11:22
AfCgmarkall: Bazaar takes a much stronger view of merging, and doesn't encourage people to throw history away. Some Git communities think that merging (by anyone other than the maintainer) is bad, so rebase.11:23
AfCgmarkall: my impression is that GitHub has effectively made it such that people don't have to think about this anymore, but we'll see11:23
LeoNerdI hardly ever rebase in bzr11:25
LeoNerdThe only time I do it is when I accidentally diverged history on a branch, say, between my laptop and my server by not being up-to-date first before committing locally on the laptop11:26
mgzI cherrypick specific changes from time to time, which is pretty much the same thing11:26
mgzbut easier to do safely as you have two branches at all points11:27
gmarkallAfC: thanks. when you say "people don't have to think about this anymore", are you referring to the fact that you can just click a button to merge a pull request as long as its rebased on the branch being merged into?11:28
gmarkallor do you mean that people are rebasing without thinking?11:28
AfCgmarkall: no, that it's provinding better UI around commit selection and selectively viewing history11:28
AfCgmarkall: meaning you don't have to rebase11:29
gmarkallah, right11:29
gmarkallso anyway, if a project is using bzr and wants clean history (hence the rebasing), it's acceptable to say "you're not using a good strategy, could you please start using merging instead of rebasing?"11:35
gmarkallsince i'm relatively inexperienced with bzr, i'd be nervous about telling people how to use it without being sure of what i'm saying11:35
LarstiQ_gmarkall: hmmm, telling others how to work is perhaps not the way to go11:49
fullermdNot?  Well, what's the fun in THAT?11:49
* LarstiQ_ stresses the perhaps11:49
gmarkallit does seem rather brazen11:50
* LarstiQ_ isn't sure what to suggest11:51
LarstiQ_gmarkall: how attached are they to this workflow?11:52
LarstiQ_gmarkall: rebasing can be useful, but there are reasons not to do it all the time. Perhaps dig up a post by Linus where he complains about this.11:53
LarstiQ_gmarkall: I guess I don't understand this desire for a "clean history" over real history11:53
* LarstiQ_ back to math11:54
fullermdHey, you eliminate terms in math.  That's just like making a clean history   ;p11:55
gokrI know its a bit silly to enter and ask this question but I do have quite a bit of experience of SCMs but can't really find a proper "modern" comparison of bzr and hg. If anyone can share their view on why bzr is preferrable I am interested.12:08
gokrI have used git, SVN, CVS, darcs and even hg a bit a few years back. Only dabbled with bzr but now I am contemplating giving it a more serious try.12:09
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wilxWhat does 'bzr rmbranch' do exactly?23:05
wilxWhat if I just do 'rm -rf foo' on the branch checkout and directory inside my shared tree?23:06
wilxWhat is the difference?23:06
jelmerwilx: rmbranch removes the branch, not the tree or the control directory23:08
wilxHmm, like in the shared repository's metadata?23:09
jelmerwilx: in older style bzr branches it basically removes .bzr/branch23:10
wilxOr to put it another way around: Can I safely do 'rm -rf foo work-foo' to remove the temporary foo branch from my shared repo?23:10
jelmerwilx: yes23:10
wilxCool, thank you.23:10

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