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benjiThis looks like it might be nice: http://vojtajina.github.com/testacular/12:55
gary_posterfrightening name13:06
hazmatsome similiarities for both.. remote control browser testing13:07
hazmatyeti has support for mocha as well13:07
benjiyeti looks good too; I like the code coverage support (hopefully it can also tell you which lines were covered)13:09
gary_posterbcsaller, I'm afraid I started my review before Nicola's came in, so you'll need to do the reconsiliation14:15
bcsallergary_poster: thanks, and np14:15
teknicooh, I didn't tag myself as reviewer on the card, sorry about that14:16
teknicowell, should anyone feel like writing more docs, they need to know that they'll not be (left) alone in such a woeful endeavor ;-) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bcsaller/juju-gui/framework-docs/revision/26114:21
bachey gary_poster got a sec to talk about a problem with re-rendering the picker?14:21
gary_posterGood stuff teknico, thanks14:22
gary_posterbac sure14:22
gary_posterbac juju-ui is open14:22
benjigary_poster: I did a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~bjornt/lp2kanban/bugs-to-cards/+merge/135909; but I think that's it for me today.  I'm going to have to bow out.14:39
benjiI'll be checking email and IRC periodically.14:40
gary_posterok benji.  feel better and thanks for review14:43
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gary_posterHey Makyo.  Would you be amenable to moving the regular daily meeting time to half an hour earlier?  I have a conflict with the current time every other Wednesday (including today :-P )15:00
gary_posterI ask you first because it is closest to your starting time15:00
MakyoThat's fine.15:00
gary_postercool thank you15:00
MakyoWill be having the window guys come in a few to do proper measurements, but they should be out by then.  Said 5 minutes.15:01
gary_posterbac bcsaller benji frankban goodspud hazmat jovan2 teknico, I'm moving the daily meeting time half an hour earlier unless you all object.  I have a conflict with the current time every other Wednesday.  Please lemme know if this is OK or not.  I want to make the change today, since I have a conflict today.15:02
goodspudIt's fine with me15:02
gary_poster(that will mean that the call is in 28 minutes, not 58)15:02
jovan2ok with me15:03
teknicothat's ok15:03
gary_posterthanks everyone.  that only leaves bcsaller, hazmat and benji.  hazmat and benji are not around, so I will optimistically make the change now.15:05
bcsalleroh, its fine with me15:05
goodspudMakyo, I've noticed a vastly different rendering quality of the GUI between Chrome (great) and Firefox (poop). Has this been noticed before or raised as a bug?15:05
gary_poster:-) thanks bcsaller 15:05
gary_postergoodspud, heh, you should have seen FF before Makyo did magic spells on it.  Seriously.  Unusable.15:06
Makyogoodspud, Yes, it's an incremental change process on that.  It's still better than it was, and hopefully it'll get better still.15:06
MakyoIt was....awful.15:06
gary_posteryeah :-)15:06
goodspudI have full confidence in you15:07
goodspudStoopid browser compatibility issues. Why can't they all just get along!15:08
Makyogoodspud, yeah.  It's all FF internals, too, which is disappointing.  It's like they don't even care! :)15:09
gary_posterhey bcsaller, I'm thinking of moving "the topology/service prototype" card to Done-done.  Maybe the deliverable was the reviews?15:12
bcsallergary_poster: that makes sense to me15:13
gary_posterHey Makyo, any way we can see those UX check cards moved by the time we start our call?  I'm happy to make anything I can do to help my top priority :-)15:14
gary_posterI see one card move of happiness...15:15
goodspudgary_poster, speaking of "cards", any chance I could get access to the Kanban board again? Do we have enough licences? 15:15
gary_postergoodspud, oh, good question.  I'll start and get back to you15:15
goodspudgary_poster, chur bru (he says with a kiwi accent)15:15
Makyogary_poster, Yeah, sorry, spaced that in my haste.  mattuk1972 (or if goodspud is willing/able/etc), willing to take a look at something really quick?15:16
mattuk1972makyo, sure15:17
goodspudMakyo, free and willing15:17
goodspudI'm sitting next to mattuk1972 so we can look together15:17
MakyoI made a subordinate on http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/ and added relations.  The branch allows you to click the relation indicator to keep those relations visible, so you can drag stuff around and clarify or whatever.15:18
Makyojovan2 was okay with the interaction, but wanted to clarify that the indicator change (text to blue, bold, italics) was enough of an indicator of a toggle, or should we do something different?15:18
gary_postergoodspud, you should have access using your previous credentials.  You still know what they are?15:21
goodspudgary_poster... um... let me try15:21
goodspudgary_poster. Sorted15:22
gary_posterawesome goodspud 15:25
goodspudThank you15:26
goodspudAnd Makyo, we are discussing your question.... please hold caller.15:26
Makyogoodspud, *smoothjazz*15:27
gary_posterbac bcsaller benji (probably not) frankban goodspud hazmat (probably not) jovan2 Makyo mattuk1972 teknico call in 2, or once I get back from restarting my computer...15:28
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bacteknico: that's a cool site15:47
teknicobac, it is, isn't it? :-)15:47
teknicoadrian is a frickin' genius :-)15:48
bacteknico: have you annotated any?15:49
teknicobac, not yet, I discovered it yesterday15:50
teknicobac, http://www.holovaty.com/writing/soundslice/15:50
Makyobcsaller or gary_poster - Should I look into starting one of the component framework cards, or stick with story 1?15:55
Makyo(I ask because I don't have much experience with charming, though I suppose there's no time like the present)15:55
bcsallerMakyo: its still a little too soon I think, I'd like to land the doc and then talk through the plan15:56
Makyobcsaller, alright15:56
teknicogary_poster, I'm looking at working on #1074425, any chance of an intro to the subject?15:57
_mup_Bug #1074425: Make charm turn off console and any other debug code <deploy-story> <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1074425 >15:57
gary_posterMakyo, maybe you could pair with teknico on that one?15:58
gary_posterteknico, Makyo I can talk in half an hour15:59
gary_posterI have a mtg in 115:59
teknicogary_poster, ok, thanks15:59
goodspudMakyo, you free for a chat? Hangout is currently free16:17
Makyogoodspud, Yep, hopping on16:17
gary_posterMakyo, lemme know when you are off call and I'll start one with you and teknico 16:28
gary_postercool.  teknico you available?16:28
teknicoI am16:28
gary_posterMakyo, teknico, to the juju-ui batcave!16:28
teknicofrankban, care to come up to the juju-ui room for a little while?16:42
frankbanteknico: joining16:43
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frankbanMakyo, teknico: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1394865/16:54
teknicofrankban, thanks16:54
teknicoMakyo, what do you see at https://enigma.admin.canonical.com/ ? :-)17:36
Makyoteknico, nothing :P  I'm talking with IS about it.  Plowing through the source of the charm meanwhile.17:36
Makyoteknico, I should have access, but don't.  They're on it.17:37
teknicoMakyo, oh, so you're on it already, great17:37
teknicoMakyo, I see a Django 404 page with DEBUG = True :-)17:37
MakyoWhups :)17:38
Makyoteknico, ping (if you're still around; will email otherwise)18:04
teknicoMakyo, yep, still here18:04
Makyoteknico, There's already a config/config.js.template in the charm, it looks like.  If we go the JSON route, we'll have to take that into account.18:05
teknicoMakyo, oh right, we're using templating right now to generate it18:06
teknicogood catch18:06
gary_posterMakyo, everything going ok?  Please feel free to ping me if you think it might help19:40
Makyogary_poster, going well, doing some testing with JSON stuff.  I do have a question, though; should I land the bzr file check branch from yesterday, or wait for input when benji's feeling better?  It's a slack task, so no biggie.19:43
gary_posterMakyo, land it IMO.  I think he will like it, and if not he can file a bug :-)19:44
Makyogary_poster, alright :)19:44
Makyogary_poster, also, IS is working on getting me set up with canonistack.  I should be, but am not, somehow; the scheduled downtime window was in the way.19:51
gary_posterMakyo, :-/ ok.  You are doing ok with LXC/EC2?19:51
Makyogary_poster, I don't have an EC2 acct yet, trying with LXC currently19:52
gary_posterok.  slow19:52
MakyoYeah :/19:52
bacgary_poster: did you hear any more from gmb about kanban and blueprints?  i did not.20:32
gary_posterme either bac20:32
bachey gary_poster, for a charm, when does the is_subordinate property get fleshed out?20:54
gary_posterno idea bac.  bcsaller ^^^ ?20:54
bacmy filter is not working as is_subordinate is undefined for all charms when the charm panel renders the results from the charm store20:54
bacfor some this is provably wrong (eg rsyslog-forwarder)20:55
gary_posternm bcsaller 20:55
gary_posterI thought this was in the charm20:55
bac-on- the charm20:55
gary_posterbac, one sec lemme look20:55
gary_posterthis may end up being more complicated than you had hoped :-/20:56
gary_posterbac, I think a call may be in order.  juju-ui?20:57
gary_posterhazmat, you around?  bac and I have some charm store search questions for you21:19
hazmatgary_poster, shoot21:20
gary_posterhazmat, could you join juju-ui?21:20
gary_posterbug 108425621:31
_mup_Bug #1084256: Please include subordinate flag in search results <charmworld:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1084256 >21:31
gary_posterbug 108425721:32
_mup_Bug #1084257: Allow queries on whether a charm is subordinate <charmworld:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1084257 >21:32
hazmatbac, gary_poster subordinate:true is live21:38
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gary_posterhazmat cool thanks.  Works nicely.  the subordinate flag in search results is the immediate blocker21:40
hazmatgary_poster, 10m21:40
gary_posterawesome thanks21:40
hazmatgary_poster, bac subordinate in results is live21:44
hazmatfield only present if true21:44
gary_posterhazmat looks great to me.  Thank you!21:45
gary_posterbcsaller, you available for a quick call to check up on both of our progress?21:58
gary_posterbcsaller, juju-ui is open21:59
gary_posternight all22:23

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