TheDrumsapachelogger: Did you actually need a ubot*?00:00
Riddelldon't we?00:02
Riddellwho will do the !ninjas and bug 123 foo?00:02
apacheloggerwe did not, we do generally though :P00:03
Pj__Heya, greetings everyone! Out of curiosity, as I am not sure if I should stay with 12.04 or upgrade to 12.10 and didn't find any information on this on the web: Are there plans to update KDE SC (including e.g. kdevelop) to 4.10 or beyond in 12.04?00:29
apacheloggernot really00:38
apacheloggertraditionally we only backport KDE SC +100:39
apacheloggerso 12.04 gets 4.9, 12.10 gets 4.11 etc.00:39
Pj__ah ok, thanks a lot!00:42
shadeslayerhavent seen SteveRiley after UDS slot02:07
shadeslayer*a lot02:07
shadeslayergosh, silly autocomplete02:07
shadeslayeranyway, I hope we didn't scare him off :-)02:08
shadeslayerScottK: in here : https://launchpad.net/~rohangarg/+archive/experimental02:12
shadeslayerI will upload sometime today ... probably after lunch ... just want to make sure I didn't miss anything02:14
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RiddellBlizzz and anyone: how's this message for people running owncloud on precise when they upgrade? http://ec2-50-19-40-243.compute-1.amazonaws.com/owncloud/10:19
shadeslayerScottK: digikam uploaded10:26
BlizzzRiddell: i've never seen that message. this upgrade to or from precise?10:28
RiddellBlizzz: well I just wrote the message10:28
Riddellit's an update for people using owncloud 3 in precise to remove the insecure owncloud 310:28
Blizzzah, i see10:29
Tm_TRiddell: add link to reference of the security issue (security notification, bug report, something) and I'd be happy with it (:10:30
RiddellTm_T: I'm not sure owncloud has a maintained list of security issues, they just say to upgrade to the latest10:30
Riddellwhich alas can't be done for precise10:31
Blizzzmaybe pointers that config file (and db) is also kept? you could also point to the OBS repository where packages for *buntu are provided as well and are always up to date.10:31
Blizzzsecurity advisories can be found here: http://owncloud.org/security/advisories/10:32
* Riddell types10:33
RiddellBlizzz, Tm_T: how's this? http://ec2-50-19-40-243.compute-1.amazonaws.com/owncloud/10:42
Blizzzlooks good10:43
Riddelldantti_laptop: you had an issue yesterday?11:56
RiddellScottK: owncloud removal bug 107915011:57
dantti_laptopRiddell: an issue with ?11:57
Riddelldunno I remember you asking something and nobody replying11:57
dantti_laptopah my co worker that didn't had oxygen in his available options?11:57
dantti_laptopit was quite odd, he had the same oxygen packages that I do but still it was not available as a theme11:58
Riddelldantti_laptop: as a widget theme?11:58
dantti_laptopbesides that his vpn only worked on cinnamon11:58
Riddellmaybe qt isn't picking up the path for plugins from kde12:00
Riddellit should be listed in ~/.config/Trolltech.conf12:01
dantti_laptophmm ok, he is not here right now, once he arives I'll take a look at that path12:02
dantti_laptopRiddell: btw I think "This package is part of the KDE education module." is wrong, I think graphics module would be better12:45
dantti_laptopfor colord-kde...12:45
Riddelldantti_laptop: doh, looks like a copy and paste error12:46
Riddellit's not part of any module is it?  it's extragear?12:46
dantti_laptopit's in playground12:47
dantti_laptopI think it might end in extragear /graphics12:48
dantti_laptopsince there is the oyranos alternative and it doesn't seem one of the two will be elected as default of KDE so soon12:48
dantti_laptoptho colord is currently the default of every gnome distro out there..12:49
jussi01-nomHrm, I think I just found a small Kontact bug that could fit in agateau's extra bits bug thing...12:49
jussi01-nomThe checking for attachments words should not include quoted text...12:50
dantti_laptoponly distro that I think ships oyranos is openSUSE KDE spin, but they already have packages for colord-kde and as the gnome version uses colord I think they might drop oyranos as well12:51
oydantti_laptop: where do you havethese informations from?12:52
dantti_laptopI'd love to see the oyranos guy helping to get the colord-kcm module improved, but doesn't look like this will ever happen..12:52
dantti_laptopoy: which one?12:52
BluesKajHey all12:52
dantti_laptopoy: from opensuse it's just expeculation..12:52
oyOyranos is only distributed in openSUSE KDE spin12:52
dantti_laptopright so I'm not wrong :P12:53
dantti_laptopthat's what I knew about it..12:53
oythat's plain wrong, you speculate nothing else :-(12:53
dantti_laptopI did, there are no fedora packages, nor ubuntu, debian...12:53
dantti_laptopat least I could not find any official one12:54
oyone can google and will find packages for them12:54
dantti_laptophttp://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=oyranos no result, http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=oyranos no result12:56
dantti_laptopodd I searched for a fedora package some time ago but could not find it..12:57
oyok, not officially in debian, but I am working on that to get solved12:57
dantti_laptopoy: a shame we didn't met in person, I don't believe we would be able to get rid of this oyranos vs colord but maybe sharing some ideas.. :)13:01
oydantti_laptop, we (Oyranos + OpenICC) have invested quite some work on concepts, code and popularisation of colour management on Linux with quite projects near to KDE13:01
dantti_laptopI undestand that, unfurtunately I believe it would be the default  on instalations if you have targettered gnome first (not that I like the idea but it's true)13:03
oyso the question is more of, why do colord-kde peple try to bite Oyranos so often13:03
* oy wonders to read that in a KDE dedicated channel13:03
dantti_laptopI'm not trying to bite Oyranos, I just think that since imo colord got a broader acception joining forces would be nicer..13:05
oydantti_laptop, that might have been a interessting discussion on the CM hackfest in Brno13:06
dantti_laptoplike colord-kde kcm could really use your skills and have those nice graphics that the gnome version has13:06
oydantti_laptop, colord is just a simple DB backend13:07
dantti_laptopsure, and imo that's all I need13:07
oywhy not work on merging the DB access?13:07
dantti_laptopcomplex things easly break13:07
oywith a joined DB, colord-kde and KolorManager would interface the same stuff13:08
dantti_laptopsure, but then it's just dumb to have two interfaces...13:09
oydantti_laptop, richard (the author of colrod) stated it is a very simple daemon13:09
dantti_laptopI can't think of why it shouldn't be a very simple daemon..13:10
oyhm, Oyranos does a lot more then colord: http://www.oyranos.org/features/13:10
oyI code since quite some years photography and colour related stuff13:11
dantti_laptopit does, but pratically what does really matter? why apple designers don't care of not having complex settings for different ICC sets?13:11
oyapple does behind the scenes a lot, but they are criticised as well13:12
dantti_laptopI really believe you have more knowledge on the matter than me, but I like things simple13:13
oycolord-kde copys the "No option is a good option" approach from Gnome to KDE13:13
dantti_laptopI don't see what extra options are actually usefull on the normal day use..13:14
dantti_laptopif it was a killer feature I bet richard would have added13:14
oythere are others around who need some of those options for their dayly to work13:14
oythat is assumption, fact is colord lacks a lot of useful features we have in Oyranos explored and implemented13:15
oypart of that now goes into the KDE desktop -> KWin + colour managed printing in Krita13:16
mikhas"No option is a good option" is a flawed understanding of "options increase maintenance". And whether the options are available directly in the application UI or in dconf-editor is entirely besides the point.13:16
dantti_laptopfor example the policy thing, look at power-devil, it got much better once it droped this complexibility...13:17
oymikhas: the piont is, there is no excuse for lack of certain options13:17
BluesKajnow there's anew word ":)13:17
oydantti_laptop, policies in Oyranos are simply a set of options, no complexity involved13:19
mikhasoy, I agree, it's just really really difficult to find the balance between "no options" and "so much flexibility that all development effort just goes into making sure all the options work"13:20
dantti_laptopit's complex since you open the kcm module and don't know what to do13:20
dantti_laptopthe important thing is assigning an ICC profile to a device and that's not explicity on the first page13:21
dantti_laptopmikhas: or that the user understand that13:21
dantti_laptopoy: we will then discuss UI design...13:21
oymikhas: typical non needed options sorts out with time, (as long as they do not bit rot)13:22
oydantti_laptop, Oyranos has developed concepts, that only expert user need to look at the KolorManager UI13:23
oyon the opposite, colord and thus colord-kde fully require, that all users have to understand CM and use the UI13:24
dantti_laptopif only experts should be using KM how are they supposed to calibrate the UI?13:24
BluesKajI'm amazed the word "functionality" hasn't crept into this discussion yet  :>)13:24
dantti_laptopor switch between profiles?13:24
oyBluesKaj, discussion is good13:24
dantti_laptopsure, I just had an idea of improvement for colord-kde :P13:25
oydantti_laptop, experts can do that and that is fine, np13:25
BluesKajoy , no doubt , but i was just trying to lighten things up some 13:25
oydantti_laptop, but normal users are not interessted of CM and should not13:26
dantti_laptopI don't think they shouldn't care13:26
* oy kindly understands BluesKaj13:26
dantti_laptopit's so nice to see my monitors looking the same13:26
dantti_laptoptho I don't do any painting/photo related stuff13:26
oydantti_laptop, anyway, there are different concepts and approaches, I do not see that my ideas would get a chance in a colord only world13:27
RiddellBlizzz: I'm updating owncloud 4.0.7 in ubuntu 12.10, do you know why webodf was removed from the tar?13:27
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dantti_laptopoy: well, lot's of debian developers said the same thing about packagekit 4 years ago, no debconf support, no media change, no way of showing which packages would be removed during an installation...13:30
dantti_laptopI persisted and solved all the issues...13:30
dantti_laptoprichard might say no at first but not because he doesn't like the feature, but maily the way it's implemented..13:30
dantti_laptopmaybe it's worth looking at all the features you actually think it's usefull and discuss those13:31
dantti_laptopin the end sharing code would mean easier to maintain...13:32
oythe other way around, what would you convince to use KolorManager / Oyranos?13:32
dantti_laptopoy: what would convince me to use oyranos it's a hard question since all I like is to see my monitor color corrected, but if the kwin patch worked well upstream that would be a plus, tho afaik it will just use that X atom so colord would still fit..13:35
dantti_laptoptwo things I miss in colord-kde are profile graphics and the calibration tool enterily in qt/kde, the latter is on it's way, the former I'm too busy to do right now..13:36
dantti_laptopbut last time I checked you only had one graph, also Apple has those graphs in 3D quite cool :P13:36
oycorrect, the ICC Profile in X spec is nicely shared13:36
oyG-C-M reuses my code from ICC Examin for 3D profile views13:37
oywith ICC Examin being installed that is used in KolorManager a button click away13:37
oyyou can use that too in colord-kde, but oh, ICC Examin uses extensively Oyranos13:38
* oy needs to leave for food now13:40
BlizzzRiddell: tbh no13:57
BlizzzRiddell: in 4.0.9 it is included, part of files_odfviewer app13:59
dantti_laptopRiddell: it seems there's no colord-kde-dbg, is that expected? there is one bug report in LP that I have no clue without a BT.. I actually never saw a kded crash because of it..14:01
Riddelldantti_laptop: -dbg packages are from debian and have to be manually maintained, ubuntu has also -dbgsym packages that get made automatically14:04
Riddellsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash14:04
Riddelldeb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com quantal main restricted universe multiverse14:05
Riddellshould be the magic line14:05
RiddellBlizzz: that's just the compiled version, the src has disappeared14:06
Riddellwas apps/files_odfviewer/src in 4.0.714:06
BlizzzRiddell: maybe frank split it off, I will ask him14:09
RiddellBlizzz: thanks, means we can't ship it since it doesn't have source code14:14
BlizzzRiddell: while i'm waiting for his answer, doesn't it make more sense to go directly to 4.0.9 or is it not possible?14:16
RiddellBlizzz: for simplicity I was wanting to stay in sync with debian which is 4.0.8+patches and I think it's equivalent to 4.0.914:18
RiddellBlizzz: I'm asking Thomas Mueller what his plans are for 4.5 in debian14:19
RiddellBlizzz: presumably 4.5 is the current stable?14:19
RiddellBlizzz: is Thomas Mueller an owncloud inc dude?14:19
RiddellBlizzz: got an answer from thomas on the webodf issue14:23
Riddell"The full sources from git have been removed as from my point of view the unminified javascript                                                               14:23
Riddellis enough to fulfill the requirement to change the code.                                                                                                     "14:23
Riddellhmm not sure I agree, it might not be competely minified but there's no white space in there14:24
BlizzzRiddell: yes, Thomas is the right place to ask, Frank just pointed me to him as well. He is a community member and does really a lot for us.14:24
BlizzzRiddell: the only problem with minified js is that it's hardly readable, but should be effectively the same as the original14:27
Blizzzi'd have also my doubts about it being good enough as src14:28
ScottKRiddell: Did someone accept owncloud already?15:27
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RiddellScottK: hum it got rejected16:56
Riddell"This upload queue does not permit SECURITY uploads."16:57
Riddellthere must be a secret to uploading to quantal-security I'm not aware of16:57
RiddellScottK: but owncloud still in queue for precise and oneiric17:45
Riddellrbelem: this git thing has defeated me18:12
rbelemRiddell: :-D18:12
Riddellrbelem: how do I get this diff? https://github.com/rbelem/icecream/commit/ef289875f2ce20801b44acc35d0e9a6c117e180418:13
Riddellor can you just give me the new .orig.tar and .debian.tar ?18:13
rbelemRiddell: i will give you the .orig.tar and .debian.tar18:13
rbelemone second18:13
danimo_rbelem: will you upstrem the changes?18:35
danimo_rbelem: (icecream)18:36
rbelemdanimo_: yup18:36
danimo_rbelem: great :)18:36
* danimo_ is Upstream18:36
rbelemdanimo_: awesome :-D18:36
rbelemdanimo_: me and ragner, coworker, are working to make icecream build android18:37
rbelemdanimo_: we already got it compiling, we are polishing the patches18:38
rbelemhe already sent two18:38
rbelemthat were merged already18:38
danimo_rbelem: cool18:39
rbelemdanimo_: we built android from cold build in 16 min18:40
danimo_rbelem: seen it, coolo did it18:40
danimo_rbelem: nice!18:40
rbelemRiddell: i'm adding more changes that i made18:45
ScottKRiddell: Only the security team can upload to security.18:51
Riddellyeah just read it18:52
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ronnocshadeslayer: Ping19:01
Elv1313Hi, I get floods of email saying that my packages doesn't install on Ubuntu 12.10. I can confirm this. Look like kdelibs5 package name changed19:14
Elv1313Is there a backward compatible way to keep a single "debian" directory for all debian/ubuntu versions?19:15
xnoxDepends: foo | bar19:15
xnoxif bar got renamed to foo19:15
Elv1313Out build system automagically push on launchpad, but does not seem to support different packages for different distros19:15
xnoxsure it does.19:16
xnoxah ok.19:16
xnoxElv1313: so use | for or.19:16
xnoxElv1313: Build-Depends: foo | bar19:16
Elv1313so kdelibs5 | kdelibs5-data?19:16
xnoxElv1313: that looks wrong. as both packages exist since forever.19:18
Elv1313"kdelibs5" is not in Ubuntu anymore19:18
Elv1313it is there only if you upgraded early in the dev cycle, somehow19:19
Elv1313I guess it is why the packages seem to work for existing users, but not those with clean install19:19
xnoxsomebody who knows kdelibs5 should suggest what's the correct dependency19:20
Elv1313I guess it is kdelibs5-data19:20
RiddellElv1313: it shouldn't have to depend on any library19:22
Riddellthey'll get added in magically by the ${shlibs:Depends}19:22
Elv1313ok, cool, those packages are old19:22
Riddellso just remove "libqt4-dbus, kdelibs5, kdepimlibs5,"19:22
Elv1313Riddell: While you are there, I should merge my Umbrello branches as soon as the git is official19:23
Elv1313So I got 5 branches so far19:23
Elv1313I spent the last few weeks rewrting and rebasing them on top of what is now the umbrello-soc and thunk hybrid19:23
Riddellhum, I realise I've no idea how the git transition is getting on19:24
Elv1313I spoke to the student working on git, he should be done soon19:24
Elv1313speak to darknight_ on #kde-git, he is there often19:24
Elv1313the rules for most of kdesdk seem to be ready19:25
rbelemRiddell: where should i send the files?20:25
ScottKOK, so I fixed the qreal/double issues (so far) in cantor on armhf, but then I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/1395372/ now.  Suggestions?21:13
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rbelemRiddell: http://media.rbelem.info/icecc_0.9.8~git2012111901-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz21:43
rbelemRiddell: http://media.rbelem.info/icecc_0.9.8~git2012111901.orig.tar.bz221:44

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