Dutchmansixil, are you looking to permanently delete it, or move it to trash?00:08
DutchmanYou could make an alias in your ~/.bashrc file that goes like this: alias=trash "mv %s ~/.local/share/Trash/00:10
DutchmanThen typing "trash <somefile> would move it to your trashbin00:11
sixilHas to be a shell script. Never scripted in my life (thankfully i've programmed before) but I understand the concept of making an alias and then move whatever the argument is into the trash location.00:12
DutchmanSorry, forgot the closing quotes00:12
DutchmanWell, you could create a script doing the same thing00:12
DutchmanStart in with "#! /bin/sh" and on the next line put the 'mv' commands00:13
sixilNot #!/bin/bash?00:13
DutchmanThen set the script as executable. You can either add where the script is to your path or as root set it in /usr/bin.00:14
DutchmanYou can use bash or sh, it's not important which.00:15
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Dutchman"sh" is just more common00:15
sixilNo difference I assume then, heh.00:15
DutchmanLess letters to type... ;-)00:15
sixilHaha, I guess. :)00:15
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sixilOkay, so all I put in is the, mv "%s ~/.local/share/Trash/" and that's it?00:16
DutchmanThing is, if you put it under /usr/bin, you'll have to explicitly type the path to your user trash, as in /home/USER/.local/share/Trash/00:17
sixilWould it be USER or $USER?00:18
sixilMore than likely I'm going to put it into the /usr/bin directory to make it a global script.00:18
DutchmanSorry, &USER I think is right, you'll have to experiment. Been many years since I wrote a script.00:19
DutchmanThat's $USER, boy, I should learn to type someday...00:19
sixilHaha, trust me, I've had worse days.00:20
DutchmanAs a suggestion, I'd find a file and try the command from the terminal first, to make sure it places the file in the right Trash.00:21
sixilWorking on a helpdesk and typing "Hello, how can I help you?" when I'm not looking turned into "kr;;p/j[e vsm O jr;[ upi" lol00:21
sixilAlright, lemme quickly write this up.00:21
DutchmanLOL! I know the feeling!00:21
sixilmv "/home/$USER/.local/share/Trash/" So, quotes are in the right place and such?00:22
DutchmanI don't think you'll need the quotes unless the filename has a space in it. And in scripting I think you can use the single quote.00:23
sixilAlso, if I wanted to restore said file from the CLI, is there any way I can make sure it returns to its original location?00:23
DutchmanI'm trying it right now in a terminal to see if it goes to the right place.00:24
sixilWell, would it still be best practice to keep the quotes or just remove them?00:24
sixilAlright man. :)00:24
sixilLemme get coffee.00:24
sixilCoffee = code.00:24
DutchmanReturn it? Hmm... probably, but I don't know how that works.00:24
sixilI read something somewhere about metadata?00:25
sixilOne sec.00:25
DutchmanOkay sixil, I tried it from a terminal, and while it moves the file to the Trash, it ends up causing Dolphin to hang if you try to view trash, so something isn't being done properly.00:28
sixilmaybe the path should be: /home/$USER/.local/share/Trash/files/ ?00:30
DutchmanI've trashed a file normally, to see how Dolphin does it, and try to figure out what else might need to be done.00:30
sixilTry changing the path to that path I quoted.00:32
sixilMight do something.00:32
DutchmanIt seems Dolphin creates a "Restore" metadata file in the other folder, /info, and if it's missing then Dolphin hangs. And yes, the deleted file itself goes into /Trash/files00:33
DutchmanYou'd probably have to create a script that also generates the info file, just to keep Dolphin or any other file manager happy.00:34
sixilWell, that's kinda good haha.00:34
sixilI need to create a restore script too!00:34
sixilHm, for some reason I can't even save this .sh file into /usr/bin00:35
sixilNot root I guess.00:35
DutchmanI'm curious if there's another CLI command that would do the same already, something that basically does what a file manager does from the command line.00:35
sixilI am assuming that if I put my username into the "root" group, I need to log out and log back in to make the settings live in Kubuntu?00:39
DutchmanBetter to use 'sudo' than change group permissions, it's easier and more secure.00:40
sixilDo I need to log off and on to make the changes effective?00:42
DutchmanYou shouldn't.00:42
DutchmanYou will have to set it executable though.00:44
sixilYeah I'll chmod it00:44
sixilYou do not have the permissions necessary to save the file. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again.00:45
DutchmanWhen I have to write something that needs root privledges, I do it in a termnal with 'sudo nano /usr/bin/somefilename', it asks for my passwordto start, then I make whatever changes and just save the file.00:47
sixilI was just using a text editor00:48
sixilOkay I'm using GNU nano00:49
sixilI've written the script00:49
DutchmanYou can, but start the text editor from the terminal with something like "kdesudo kwrite &'00:49
sixil...and to save? lol00:49
sixilDo I save it as del or del.sh?00:51
sixilI'll assume .sh!00:51
DutchmanThat will start the text editor already with root privledges, so you can save the file wherever you want.00:52
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DutchmanI would just name it 'del', that way you won't need to remember the '.sh' part. You'll see most scripts in /usr/bin don't have extensions.00:53
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=== Vito is now known as Vito_away
DutchmanDo you need to be able to find the file with Dolphin?00:55
sixilbash: /usr/bin/del: Permission denied lol00:55
Dutchmanchmod a+x /usr/bin/del00:55
sixilOperation not permitted.00:56
sixilAs ironic as this sounds.00:56
sixilI love Linux.00:56
Dutchmansudo chmod a+x /usr.bin/del00:56
Dutchmansudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/del00:56
sixilWorks like a charm.00:56
DutchmanDo you need to be able to read/restore from Dolphin?00:57
sixilAll CLI.00:57
DutchmanThen perhaps it would be better to create a hidden directory in the user's folder for the trashed files, rather than use Dolphin's trash.00:58
sixilWell, I think that this script should be universal.00:58
sixilAlthough, it should be cli, there is the option to also use this on all bash shell linux's.00:59
sixilLimiting it to just Kubuntu would be bad of me, lol.00:59
DutchmanThen I think the idea would be to add to the script the ability to create a folder for it to use, and test if it's there before it bins something. Know what I mean?01:00
DutchmanThat would make it universal, because the script would take care of it's own housekeeping.01:01
sixilWell I'm in a worse state.01:03
sixilmv: missing destination file operand after `/home/sixil/.local/share/Trash/files'01:03
sixilTry `mv --help' for more information.01:03
DutchmanThat, I'm afraid, is beyond what I could even try to help with here. I suggest looking around online for some scripting tutorials. What you want to do is surely possible, it's just getting the commands right.01:03
DutchmanTry adding "/" to the end of the destination line, so it uses the default filename. "files" is the folder, and it sees you're trying to replace a folder with a file.01:04
DutchmanEdit the script so the destination is /home/sixil/.local/share/Trash/files/01:05
sixilmv: missing destination file operand after `/home/sixil/.local/share/Trash/files/'01:06
DutchmanHmm? What does the script look like? The whole thing?01:07
sixilmv "/home/$USER/.local/share/Trash/files/"01:07
sixilangelforget: Hello.01:07
AMDAthlonwill kubuntu 12.10 get KDE 4.9.3?01:07
DutchmanChange it to 'mv %s /home/$USER/.local/share/Trash/files/01:08
sixilAlright, done that.01:09
DutchmanWork now?01:09
sixilGotta close the quotes i think01:09
DutchmanThere shouldn't be quotes in the script, I just place them there to show what should be written.01:10
sixilmv: cannot stat `%s': No such file or directory01:11
DutchmanAnd I always forget to close them.01:11
sixilYou're not the only one. :P01:11
DutchmanOkay, need to find out how to do variable expansion in bash, hang on...01:11
sixilWriting C# and not putting a ";" in certain places really kills.01:11
DutchmanLooking at the bash manpage now...01:13
DutchmanTry changing'%s to $f, I think I got the substitution character wrong, it should be $.01:23
sixilWell, it says missing destination file operand01:24
sixilmv $f /home/$USER/.local/share/Trash/files/01:25
DutchmanHmm? Trying on the command line...01:25
DutchmanStrange, I don't get an error when I run it on the command line that way...01:27
DutchmanI think it's the replacement variable, "$f", I probably still have it wrong. Of all the luck, you get an inexperienced bloke like me trying to help. ;p01:28
sixilHold on01:30
sixiluntil [ "$#" = "0" ];do01:31
sixil    mv $1 "$HOME/.local/share/Trash/files"01:32
sixil    shift01:32
DutchmanIs that working?01:36
sixilIt's moving the file.01:37
sixilI think that $1 made the difference.01:37
DutchmanYep, I had the variable wrong.01:38
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sixilWonder how I could jazz this code up now.01:38
sixilAny way to return the name of the file name in an echo line?01:40
sixilFor example01:40
DutchmanWell, I'm thinking you want to make it portable, distro independent, so having it create it's own trash folder would give it that.01:40
sixil"The file: bla.jpg, has been moved"?01:40
DutchmanYeah, should be something like 'echo $1 "has been moved"'01:41
sixilHaha, you would think.01:42
sixilJust says "has been moved"01:42
DutchmanIf memory serves me (which I wouldn't bank on) the variable $1 should still contain the filename until it's replaced. You may have to have it all on one line though, like 'mv $1 /blah/blah && echo $1 "has been moved"'01:44
sixilI'll try.01:45
DutchmanOr it may have to have the variable contained, I think it's with braces {}01:45
sixil&& worked01:46
sixilWhy are all Linux gurus bearded men that look like Captain Birds Eye?01:47
ubot93#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!01:48
DutchmanI think it's a requirement.01:48
sixilLooks like it.01:49
sixilNow the only thing to do..01:50
DutchmanGrow a beard?01:50
sixilIs to create a restore script that will restore the file to it's original location.01:50
bazhanglets get back on topic01:51
DutchmanThat will be harder, because you need some way of recording it's original path.01:52
sixilI'm assuming that can be achieved using meta data01:52
DutchmanIf you have any files you trashed with Dolphin, look at the "info" folder and you can see how the GUI does it.01:53
DutchmanEach deleted file has a corresponding "restore info" file.01:53
DutchmanIt stores the deletion date and original path, with a ".trashinfo" extension.01:55
sixilHold on01:55
sixilYou're right01:55
sixilI need to delete this file into a specific folder01:55
sixilNot the global trash!01:55
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sixilBut into a folder called dustbin01:56
sixilSo can I modify the path to make a folder then?01:57
sixilOr do I need to specify mkdir?01:57
DutchmanWell, my thought was to use an "if... then... else" function to test for a default folder for the dustbin, and it it doesn't exist, create it with a "mkdir", if it does, just use it.01:58
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sixilIf [condition] right?02:00
sixilbroken down with ";"02:00
sixilif [condition]; then [mv... bla]; else mkdir bla && mv.. bla02:01
DutchmanYeah, but don't ask me how it would go, I just don't honestly know. Many of the scripts in /etc use if-then routines, perhaps look at some of them to get an idea of syntax.02:01
sixilSurely if there is a directory using mkdir, it'll ignore it no?02:02
sixilAlso, I'm assuming 'readlink' just reads the path?02:03
DutchmanWell, I think the first thing to do would be test for the directory, see if it exists. Sort of: "if exist ~/.dustbin, then "", else mkdir ~/.dustbin". That way it checks for the existence first, and if it's there, it bypasses the mkdir and runs the rest.02:04
DutchmanThat's why I suggested checking scripts in /etc, there's lot's of startup services that check for existence of files before they execute, there should be plenty of examples in the /etc scripts to get ideas from.02:07
DutchmanTake a look at "/etc/profile"02:10
DutchmanHup, supper is calling me. Gotta run, but I'll be back later. Really interested in how you make out sixil.02:12
sixilAlright man.02:13
sixilThanks for the help dude.02:13
DutchmanWill you be here for a while yet?02:13
sixilAll night dude.02:13
DutchmanAlright, chat at ya later.02:13
sixilI'll hold off until you're back. :P02:14
personalif i wanted to change the size of the text in the windows, dialog boxes etc., where would i go to do that?02:39
tsimpson_System Settings -> Application Appearance -> Fonts02:40
personalomw thanks02:41
personalthat worked! thanks so much! everything was like size 9. couldn't read a thing. now size 14 and i can read it02:44
personalum trying to add a printer but that text is still like size 9. i cant read it to see which print driver to select. how do i fix that?02:46
tsimpson_I don't know, I haven't had a printer in years02:51
personali'm squinting hard at the dialog and it looks like the printer is not in the list. can anyone help?02:52
personaltsimpson_, thanks for the help you have given. every little bit helps02:52
personalthe printer was originally there and working except paused, i got it unpaused and it said it could not find the printer (URI?). so i removed it to re-add it. now i think i messed up and am in trouble. help?!02:54
personali'll have to come back to this later. thanks again bbl03:00
AlexZionhi everyone , for some reason I need to open by konsole command, a browser window on a specific url in full screen mode, I know how to do it in normal way , but not for the fullscreen mode someone can help me ?05:28
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AlexZionwell I found kstart which should do all I need ...05:38
Unit193!ch | hechao05:42
ubot93hechao: The Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it05:42
ubot93如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:42
hechaoI'm Sorry,Thanks05:46
DutchmanStill here sixil?06:17
CosmicBI've lost the icon I had in the tray for KDE IM Contacts, kubuntu 12.10, kde 4.9.3, I can't seem to remember the name of that binary06:57
CosmicBcould it be /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-application-service ?06:57
CosmicBhmm, it must have something to do with telepathy06:59
Tm_TCosmicB: you probably mean "instant messaging presence"07:00
CosmicBTm_T mabye (?)07:00
CosmicBthe im client works, but I don't have the icon in the tray07:00
Tm_TCosmicB: rightclick systray -> system tray settings -> display07:01
Tm_Tand enable that (:07:01
CosmicBah Tm_T THNX, that worked07:02
CosmicBIt happened when I switched default monitor (got two of them)07:03
cortexA9what version of KDE have kubuntu daily ?07:27
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slaptmanhello i am a noob at KDE ..I have been using XFCE,LXDE,GNOME,etc but wanted to try KDE out.On a fresh install there is a big box on the left side of the screen where i think i am abl to put shortcuts to applications,but i accidentally closed it or removed it.How do I get that back?07:56
lordievaderslaptman: You can create/edit shortcuts under System Settings -> Shortcuts and Gestures.07:58
slaptmanthank you07:59
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cluelesscoderhello, anyone around?08:44
cluelesscoderI just installed Kubuntu and it has been a frustrating experience (coming from Linux Mint KDE 13)08:45
cluelesscoderguess not, ok bye, time for bed08:47
lordievader!patience | cluelesscoder08:47
ubot93cluelesscoder: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.08:47
cluelesscoderyeah, it's too late08:47
cluelesscoderI've gotta hit the hay08:48
cluelesscodermight be back later08:48
cluelesscoderthe issues seem to have resolved; probably due to not formatting my /home partition when I came over from the Mint version08:48
cluelesscodernow I'm wondering why my computer refuses to boot from my LiveUSB... I guess maybe because it recognizes that I already have Kubuntu installed?08:49
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MmikeHow can I make dolphin be in 'detailed' view by default?10:13
thelionroarsI seem to have managed to associate files with Kate somehow - for example in my firefox downloads tab, when I try to open containing directory it will open Kate and display an error popup10:44
thelionroarsanyone know how to fix this?10:44
thelionroarslol ok, fixed it10:48
BluesKajHey all12:52
thelionroarsgreetings and salutations12:59
thelionroarsclose enough :)13:00
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JuJuBeeI am having problems with process /usr/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/ :0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt7  getting up to 100% frequently.  It seems related to Rhythmbox and or EasyTag.  When using Rhythmbox if I alter the mp3 tags I see this process spike.  If I use EasyTag it always spikes and the system gets slow.13:47
Kvaks_I have the same problem with deluge-gtk13:54
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KvaksI don't have a solution, though. Other than restarting the application, which helps for a while.13:56
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JuJuBeeKvaks: Yea, that is what I do, sometimes log-out/in14:09
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z3d3Hi for all15:25
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thorHi, is it not possible to set up a custom partition table with encrypted LVM or LVM?16:04
thorfrom the standard disk that is16:04
simplewi have gpg-agent running, still 'debuild -S' continues prompting for the gpg key becuase it asks twice fot the gpg key, can anyone clarify?16:16
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ManDayDoes kubuntu come with a VNC server which can perform reverse connects?17:03
Tm_TManDay: reverse connects?17:07
ManDayTm_T: Where you (who shares your desktop) can initiate the connection17:08
ManDay(for example when you, who you want to share the desktop, are behind a firewall)17:08
ManDayotherwise, I'll just get x11vnc17:09
Guillem_I get a popup for every notification, and I wish they only were shown at the system tray "i" menu. I've selected "Tray icons only" at system_settings->Notifications->Other Notifications17:37
Guillem_what am I missing?17:37
Guillem_hmm at least I see now that the popups can be dragged arround, so I can place them at a zone where they do not anoy me...17:50
cjaeanyone else having dolphin freeze when maximized?17:54
cjaethink it was after the last update17:54
cjaesorry no it was just my /etc/fstab17:57
rorkGuillem_: other programs might still send standard notifications, for most KDE programs you have to deselect them in the Settings > Configure Notifications menu17:58
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voltyhi, how can I relaunch input actions daemon without loggout out?18:18
byrk0ffhow i can reinstal kde plasm?18:21
byrk0ffsome1 can tell me?18:21
voltyanother prob., akonadi isn't working, seems it cannot connect to dbus  (with backports)18:23
byrk0ffstartx not work18:24
voltybyrk0ff: state the message18:25
volty(the error)18:25
byrk0ffthe problem is on my side, because the uninstall mysql and with it the packets which are responsible for kde plasma18:26
voltyno way: mysql and kde plasma are quite different things18:29
voltykde plasma is on top on xorg and kde, anyway have to go now :(18:32
byrk0ffI know, but when you uninstall kde fell18:32
lordievaderGood evening18:40
KatbuntuHi lordievader.18:43
lordievaderHey Katbuntu, how are you doing?18:43
KatbuntuAsking if FreePascal is better than GPC :P18:44
KatbuntuI want to program in old languages like Pascal or ADA!18:44
lordievaderKatbuntu: Ohh, cannot help you there, sorry.18:44
OerHeksKatbuntu, try fp-ide + fp-compiler >>  http://fusharblog.com/installing-free-pascal-in-ubuntu/18:46
KatbuntuI'm installing it.18:46
Katbuntufp-ide looks very turbo-pascal-ish :P18:46
Katbuntuoooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet memories18:46
KatbuntuI also downloaded Lazarus.18:47
OerHeksThat is also a good idea18:47
KatbuntuNo, it isn't haha18:47
KatbuntuIt's very Delphi-ish...18:47
OerHeksI am not a pascal programmer18:47
KatbuntuI preffer fp-ide, it's sweetie.18:47
KatbuntuAnd for ADA there's GNAT, although I never programmed with ADA... Never, never!18:48
KatbuntuI have a Turbo-Pascal book of my mum.18:48
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ManDayHas anyone used telepathy-raika?19:22
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ozzzyso... is kubuntu supposed to drive all 4 cores to 100% and lock up the system when copying files?22:42
sparajurihello world23:04
sevenhill_Hello, could someone help me about this one : http://pastebin.ca/2257645 how can i compile it without problem ??23:14
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sam_Hi, I'm trying to replace KDM with a login script that automates login for a multi-user setup23:51
sam_anyone have deep understanding of KDM or Xsession?23:54

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