intelgmabioterror: video playback, again, shows all the troubles i had in the first place. i basically did nothing except browsing and reading man pages00:05
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Unit193!ask | TheDifferentTurr01:04
ubot93TheDifferentTurr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:04
Ahmuckhow do i make mouse modificaions02:28
holsteinAhmuck: i think the easy way depends on what hardware... you can always edit or add a text file02:31
Slaybackwhen i try to open a file of internet radio on the web it always asks me what program i want to open with it, how can i do so it will remember it is audacious???02:36
holsteinsave and open from audacious.. set audacious as the default application02:40
Ahmuckwhat file do i edit02:55
Ahmucki need to turn my pad mouse off, or the slider on the left of the pad mouse on my laptop02:55
Slaybackholstein i tried that, how do i  set as default?02:57
Slaybackholstein i tried that, no i know how to put as default, but it wont open automaticly by that anyway02:59
Slaybackholstein  i dont know how to set as default anyway.. how?03:02
AmgineSlayback: right-click on file -> open with, select radio button at the bottom "Set selected application as default action of this file type." Select application. Click ok.03:25
Slaybackamgine that option i cant see03:27
AmgineWhere are you right-clicking on the file?03:27
Slaybackamgine where? right on the file.. on the desktop03:39
Slaybackand the Choose an application window come up but there is no "Set selected application as default action of this file type." button03:40
AmgineSlayback: try using PCManFM.03:57
Amgine(the file browser)03:57
Ahmuckknow anything about xinput?04:23
Ahmuckxinput set-int-prop 13 "Device Enabled" (132) 13 004:23
Ahmucki keep getting an error04:23
Ahmuckxinput set-int-prop 13 "Device Enabled" 8 004:36
Ahmuckis there a way to get xinput command to stick?04:39
Ahmuckto stay04:39
Ahmuckhrm, it seems my laptop has a Fn - F7 button for disabling the touchpad04:54
Ahmuckhow do i set a command for startup05:15
Ahmucki need to set numlockx on05:16
Ahmuck /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc - here?05:16
SlaybackAmgine how?06:02
SlaybackPC;amFM ??06:02
Slaybackwhere is trashcan on lubuntu ??06:38
bioterrorin pcmanfm06:38
Slaybackwhat is pcmanfm ?06:38
bioterroropen terminal and say: man pcmanfm06:39
bioterrorI assume there is a man page for that06:39
Unit193There is, but not the best.06:45
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UlkeshWe are all Kosh06:46
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touilHello everyone. I have a problem on my lubuntu 12.10 laptop which I cannot solve.15:49
touilSince I moved from ubuntu 12.04 to lubundu 12.10 on my samsung N220 netbook, all I see when I try to wake the computer after it has gone into standby is a black screen.15:51
touilThe hard disk is awaken but whatever I do, the screen stays black.15:52
touilThe wake from standby used to work perfectly with ubuntu 12.04.15:52
touilWould anyone have something to advice to try to get it fixed ? Thank you.15:53
fragalot If the Supersnap or Ultrasnap device accidentally gets activated, do19:01
fragalotnot use.19:01
fragalotHold the EnSure & SystemSURE Plus upright when taking readings.19:01
fragalotRead the Supersnap or Ultrasnap sampling device within one19:01
fragalotminute of activation.19:01
fragalotTo ensure shelf-life for up to a year, the Supersnap and Ultrasnap19:01
fragalotsampling devices should be refrigerated at 2-819:01
fragalotC (35-4619:01
fragalotSample devices will tolerate room temperature (<2519:01
fragalotC) for 419:01
bioterrorfamous gentoo flooder :(19:02
fragalotterribly sorry19:02
fragalotwas using my work laptop, putty, and accidentally right-clicked19:02
bioterroryeah, I know19:02
bioterrorit sucks!19:02
* fragalot crawls back in his hole19:03
bioterrorbest is if you accidentally paste something from another channel19:03
bioterroror private conversations :D19:04
aaasyeah don't worry he'll be dead by the end of the day19:04
fragalotbioterror: or sensitive work related information19:04
fragaloty'know, the kind of stuff that'd get you fired :P19:04
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anGe_____hello 2 everyone23:30
anGe_____can i ask a question or it's too late?23:30

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