Lennie_Can anyone tell me where this file went ?: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com//ubuntu-server/daily/current/quantal-server-amd64.squashfs because I got a maas-import-pxe-files which can't find it00:24
Lennie_There isn't even a quantal directory at: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/00:24
sheldonlWhat version are you on 12.04 or 12.10?00:29
sheldonlFor any developers that are listening.... you should *really* have MAAS configured *by default* to be an NTP server00:31
Lennie_that is 12.1000:31
sheldonland in the cloud-init.conf of the ephemeral images force a time sync to the maas server.00:31
sheldonlI don't know about 12.10 but in 12.04 there is only maas-import-isos and maas-import-ephemerals00:32
sheldonlI didn't need to do a maas-import-pxe-files00:32
Lennie_maas-import-pxe-files actually calls both I think ?00:32
sheldonlFor the developers..... I got stuck on the time server    issue for days.00:32
sheldonlDon't know. I know next to nothing about MAAS, juju, etc. Just learning.00:33
Lennie_sheldonl: what about timezones ? I think I've seen a machine installed yesterday with the wrong timezone00:33
sheldonlThe official documentation sucks. The only way I got it working was by following a blog post.00:33
sheldonlI've been forcing things by mounting the images and setting the defaults manually.00:34
sheldonldon't know how passing the time zone is done.00:34
sheldonlcheck the pxe boot configs to see if it's done there.00:35
bigjoolsLennie_: squashfs support is removed in the SRU that's coming, comment out the relevant lines in the configs in /etc/maas/00:38
Lennie_I wanted to tell bigjools thank you, but I guess he'll be back soon ?00:40
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sheldonlMAAS deployment of ssh keys doesn't seem to work (neither does the juju bootstrap.) Any idea what is going wrong or where I can find what the issue might be?14:18
roaksoaxrvba: that package that you uploaded to experimental ppa, is it from trunk or from stabilization branch?17:06
rvbaroaksoax: trunk.  The packages we want to SRU (when all the QA will be done) are in the testing ppa.17:09
roaksoaxrvba: right, if it is trunk then i think they should be tested in raring since they will be uploaded to raring17:09
rvbaroaksoax: yeah, I know but https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tgt/+bug/1081495 prevents me from using raring atm17:10
rvbaroaksoax: and since I have to continue testing stuff, this was the easy way to get going.17:10
roaksoaxrvba: alrgith17:10
roaksoaxrvba: did you copy the mpackages from experimental to testing, or were new packages uploaded (SRU ones)17:11
rvbaroaksoax: new uploads I think.17:13
roaksoaxrvba: alright, most SRU's have been filed. We only have python-tx-tftp to go17:13
roaksoaxand the rest are in queus and stuff17:13
roaksoaxso we should be close17:13
rvbaroaksoax: one question: are we planning to SRU the js package in precise or not, I forgot…?17:14
roaksoaxrvba: i'm ujploading them just now (yui3,raphael) to -proposed, so couple weeks till they get processed17:14
rvbaroaksoax: all right, great.17:14
roaksoaxrvba: btw.. we will have to treat config files differently17:16
roaksoaxrvba: planning to get them installed in /usr/share/maas/conf17:16
roaksoaxand the cp'ed to /etc/maas17:16
roaksoaxin postinst17:16
rvbaroaksoax: we still need to backport a couple of revision to the 1.2 branch.17:16
roaksoaxrvba: yeah that's fine. I still need to get in the CDU stuff added to MAAS17:16
rvbaAll right.17:17
rvbaroaksoax: why the change to the config files?17:17
roaksoaxrvba: because it goes againts policy (modifying config files on postinst) so we need to stop treating them as conffiles for packaging purposes. this way we won't see the upgrades requesting user input to overwrite a config file17:18
roaksoaxwe will simply do it17:18
roaksoaxand preserve the old one17:18
rvbaroaksoax: ok then. beware of the fact that packaging changes need to be landed on trunk packaging, backported on the quantal packaging branch and on the precise packaging branch.17:20
roaksoaxrvba: i know17:20
rvbaroaksoax: if the change is significant, maybe it's worth getting in touch with Julian first.17:20
roaksoaxhe is aware\17:20
roaksoaxi already emailed of this before17:20
roaksoaxeither way I17:20
rvbaAll right then.17:20
roaksoaxeither way I'17:21
roaksoaxeither way I'm the one who uploads to the archive17:21
roaksoax\so I need to review everything ebfore I upload17:21
roaksoax review/test17:21
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